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New kit news | Would Arsenal go for Rooney? | Ding dong, Fergie’s gone! | Spurs choke, can take 6 points?

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Well, well, well… the day Manchester City tell the world they plan to launch full in stadium WIFI, Alex Ferguson kills the launch party by selfishly announcing his retirement from football. A monumental moment in football. One of the biggest in Premier League history. Think what you like about the man, he’s the greatest manager… Read more »

Players not working for the manager | The manager not working for the club… he’s working for himself

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Well, well. Beaten again. Wenger’s worst points total up until this point in a season ever. It’s getting easier and easier to write these posts because dissecting Arsenal isn’t a challenge anymore. A 14 year old school boy could manage it because our approach to games is so basic, predictable and easy to work around…. Read more »