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Arsenal land their moment…

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When you obsess about Arsenal everyday, over this particular time period of our clubs history, you can find yourself getting pretty beaten down by the situation. Arsenal, over the past 9 years lost some of its sparkle. Not because I don’t love the club anymore, but more because the relationship has been damaged by lots… Read more »

The next chapter starts today…

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It’s FA Cup final day. I can’t quite believe how excited I am… I just fist pumped and shouted ‘Arsenal’ coming up the stairwell earlier. What a melt. This. This is what being a football fan is all about. One of the most special days in football. Going to see something magical happen is the… Read more »

FA CUP FINAL EVE | Brendan Rodgers tie…

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Massive LOL moment of my evening. ‘I’m not telling you whether Henry Winter is good at 5 aside football, because you’ll put it on your blog’ It’s true, it’s all about the important stuff on Le Grove.