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Half striker the way forward?

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Jeez, there’s simply no consistent message at LG Towers, Geoff chimed in with his two pennies on Cesc. Well I would have him back in a heartbeat. Why? We always have half our midfield injured, that won’t change, ever under Wenger.

Would you take a veteran striker? | Wenger signs, hooray!

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Hey, happy Friday you absolute darlings. On the menu today is something well seasoned, expensive and useful. Who’s that? Eto’o. He’s leaving Chelsea because they think he’s useless, but he’s not having it. I said he’s not facking having it. He wants to stay in London and prove he’s not an past it African superstar… Read more »

Jens picking on Ramsey

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Jens Lehmann is suggesting that it’s too early for Aaron to make a move to the continent. Why? Because he gets injured too often. “So when you want to be a top player you need to try your luck somewhere else and you want to find out if you can manage to be successful somewhere… Read more »