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Wilshere makes cheeky comment | Tradition vs triviality | Building a better England

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Welcome to a Monday post. We’re deep into international week and it’s dragging like it normally does. I feel like all I’ve done over the past three months is complain about the constant interruptions around the Premiership. Spain, playing Equatorial Guniea? Are you f*cking kidding me? What a totally pointless match. Canal+ apparently said they… Read more »

3 Strikers head up the list… who would you have? | Friday Challenge

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Arsenal are looking at strikers. The calibre isn’t quite Lewandowski and Suarez, but it’s good… The names that are foghorning loudest in the newspapers are Edin Dzeko, Hernandez and Benzema. Personally, I’d love to see Dzeko at Arsenal. He’s powerful, a solid finisher and he’d have something to prove at Arsenal. He’d also allow us… Read more »