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Glorious failure…

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Ahhh well, we didn’t expect to win did we? The shame of it is, that once again, there was a mitigating circumstance standing in the way of what was once again, a ‘glorious failure’. (Alex coined that) I can’t write this report with any sort of neutrality, because I haven’t seen the game back and… Read more »

Gibbs attacking as our left midfielder?

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So the big one is here, Arsenal take on Bayern Munich, Europe’s best team. The team that beat us last ¬†year. The team everyone wants to watch. After seeing City taken out of the competition last night by a Barcelona who were a long way off their best; there was a sharp reminder that at… Read more »

Bayern: We can win. Yes we can. WE CAN

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With the excitement of a win at Liverpool, I forgot to high five Wenger on his response to Mourinho… Arsene said he was embarrassed for the Portuguese… which is a pretty awesome burn. Jose is a winner, he doesn’t care how it happens, which makes him behave like a brat… that could be eye gouging,… Read more »