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Is Wenger fooling himself on squad strength?

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Happy Friday my darlings. Right, first up we have the news that Wenger will not sign any new players unless they bang on his door. This is awkward as Wenger hasn’t shared his address. Lio is pottering around London making a fool of himself as we speak. It’s a shame Arsene. You could have just… Read more »

Sorry, Abou.

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Quick one today, more work shiz on my plate. Amy Lawrence has penned an interesting take on About Diaby drawing parallels between the Rosicky injury situation back in the day… For me, harsh as it may sound, you have to give it up. When someone contributes nothing for the best part of four years at… Read more »

Liverpool planning a move for Arsenal striker

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Oh hells yeah, this is a morning post… before 9am. How you feeling about that? Pretty good, I hope. I find it amazing that every time Arsenal build up a bit of a steam, someone in the media tries their damndest to create a story out of nothing. Phil Neville kicking off about Rosicky’s ‘no… Read more »