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United vs Arsenal Preview

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“Sometimes I think: ‘What does he do all day?’ That’s Arsene talking about retirement and referencing Alex Ferguson. I hope that doesn’t mean he’s planning on extending his contract. But, it probably does. I’ll crack into that at another time. Today, it’s all about the big one. Manchester United away. I think the story is about… Read more »

Arsenal vs Barcelona: how good are we?

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Happy good morning to ya’ll! Today we have a special guest, Simone has been contributing to various Arsenal blogs around the web. This is her first installment for Le Grove. Enjoy! Despite the loss to Swansea I feel good about the team going forward. I think that this squad, along with all the supporting staff,… Read more »

Will Wenger shoot for the stars, or trust in growth?

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I had a pretty bad feeling before the Swansea game. We’d won a lot of games this year. United vs Arsenal wasn’t quite tantalising enough for Sky Sports, there wasn’t enough drama there. Monday night games are always the pits. … and Swansea under Monk are very pragmatic and I guess he’s trying to prove… Read more »