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Özil is back | Big fitness tests ahead for Wenger

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Well a very good morning to you. I’ve returned, off the back of a victory to talk Aston Villa away. The main thoughts before the game were as followed. Arsenal: Better players, low confidence, fatigued Villa: Worse players, high confidence, fresh

Aston Villa Preview – Fear the Beard

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Goooooood morning from me. I live with an Aston Villa fan. One mopier than me when it comes to the beautiful game. As Villa are doing very well at the moment, it feels like he should definitely be contributing to the blog to help us understand in a bit of depth just how Roy  Keane… Read more »

The lessons of Dortmund | Wenger is elite mediocrity

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I don’t do away days normally. I don’t have worry in saying that the main reason is because I’m not dedicated enough to spunk half my salary following my team to some of the least inspiring places in Europe. However, Dortmund was the place I wanted to go because of their whole approach to football… Read more »