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The worst thing possible for Arsenal is happening at Barcelona

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Bad news people. Danni Alves is leaving Barca at the end of the season. Actually, this could be good news. He might be leaving at a point Barca require more experience. So they might go and spunk £30m on someone young enough to keep Bellerin out of contention for a place at Barca. SHARE:Email

Is the change at Arsenal real?

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Happy good Monday to you! I had a great post lined up. Then work got in the way. I can’t sneak off yet and write posts. Don’t worry though, I’ll learn the tricks soon enough. They won’t hold me back… All I wanted to say today is… CITY LOST SHARE:Email

The new Lio Messi, to Arsenal?

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… I saw Michael Owen say Sterling was better than Ozil yesterday. I’m not sure anyone on that planet would agree there. I mean, they’re not even close in similarity when it comes to style of play. Technically, Ozil is better than most on the planet. What a bizarre man Owen has become. His hatred… Read more »