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Wenger was a genius, never a tactician…

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Arsene Wenger is back on the defensive! “I started to manage a team at the top level in 1983. If I am completely useless tactically, I am a genius [because] I can hide it very well. See, he makes a bit of a low grade point here. I think the reason he had so much success in… Read more »

It’s banner time…

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You know what I love? Waking up and the only drama about an Arsenal game is a banner. … no issue with the score. A win. A marvellous three points that puts us back in contention for the top four trophy. Sweet, sweet happiness.

‘What can you do about it?’ says a man paid £8m a year to know

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Happy afternoon. Why’s the post late? Because I drank all the beer last night and ate all the chicken. Posh chicken from Bird Restaurant. It’s a scene there… like the inner workings of a morbidly obese persons dream… fried chicken everywhere… amazing. Anyway,  back into football… and this weeks addition of ‘Say what?’ ‘Szczesny hasn’t… Read more »