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Will Szczesny keep the number 1 spot?

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Goooooooooood morning, INTERNET. How’s it going? Are you full of metaphorical beans? I know I am. I don’t really know why. Maybe I’m just loving life. Maybe the alcohol is still in my system. Maybe… just maybe, it’s because I’m writing for you.

Reus for £20m | Danny is Welbz happy

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Ok, ok… So seems it wasn’t only me who sees the PR machine covering the tracks of the darling of English football… Guvnor Wenger. WHO LOVES ENNNNGGGGGGGUUUUUUUURRRRLLLLIIIIISHHHHH PLAYERS. Geezer. Interesting thought, who was the last manager who went for an English core?

Is it just me seething about Arsene?

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I can’t deal with this. Still struggling to keep it all in people. Story this morning about Welbeck being evidence of Arsenal undertaking and ‘English Policy’… Jeez, this really gets me. The theory is version two of Arsene signing children back in the day. The idea back then was of you bring in kids, pay… Read more »