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Signing Arturo Vidal would be a very selfish move

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Welcome to Monday. It’s a roaster over here in London. The tube was positively cleansing this morning. If you drank all the beers yesterday, more fool you, you’ll be needing a fresh shirt. The world of football news appears not to have moved any stories on… Arturo Vidal is hot on the lips of everyone… Read more »

Conflicting Schneiderlin reports?

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Well happy good morning to each and every one of you beautiful souls. Who caught Kanye last night? What a bore. Throw on a CD and one man on his own for an hour and a half. Where’s the showmanship? It’s always amusing commenting on things like music when you’re a football blogger. Online people seem… Read more »

Are we going to ship out two keepers?

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Someone asked me earlier on what my thoughts were on Liverpool’s new signing? I said, ‘Fir-mi-no’ How about that for some ‘hit for six’ banter in the AM? You loved it. Don’t pretend you won’t be dropping that joke in your Football Whatsapp group. SHARE:Email