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Sign Eva Carneiro… and then some players

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Morning all, Alex here checking in from Bilbao. Its not actually that sunny here if I’m honest, more tepid and rainy. I’m also here courtesy of #MSMlostluggage challenge and am about to go out and look for a toothbrush and toothpaste as my mouth currently tastes like Jose Mourinho’s soul.

Chelsea disgrace themselves | Arsenal finally move for DM

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I understand that Jose Mourinho has this thing where he makes all the attention in the press about himself so the players don’t feel the pressure of critique, but the his behaviour of late has really brought his reputation further into the gutter than it already was. Firstly, the attack on the wife of Rafa… Read more »

Arsenal: Those performances are Wenger standard

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Football. You miserable beast. What a day on Sunday. Met up with my Arsenal family. Had some good time beers. Headed to the game brimming with positivity. Then, boom. Over. Realities of the season kicked in. Now, I want to temper this with a dose of reality. I think that was a blip. I don’t… Read more »