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Chelsea fans are not racists. Racists are racist.

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Quick post this morning, I’ve been out meeting ship designers. You know how it is, when you’ve got cash to burn… who doesn’t need a ship in their life? Anyway, first up. City boy goes to Paris for an AWAY DAY WITH THE FUCKING TOP BOYS #Lads #Banter #StoneIsland City boy gets totally smashed City… Read more »

Santi to leave. A bad idea?

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Happy good morning to you my dears. Pedro back in the hot seat again after a delightful sabbatical of doing nothing on my tube journey in for two days. Right, so, what’s been going on?

Can Arsenal second string destroy Middlesbrough?

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How’s it going you romantic bunch? Good? Oh me? Ahh, all the ladies. You know how it is. Literally, like, all of them. At my door. With plans and stuff. Such a good night. Wild man, like a Leo DiCaprio beach party or something.