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Double Ligue One raid on the cards?

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Hit the midweek feels like I’ve stolen a day. Sweet feeling. Arsenal news is as usual, at a premium. The season nearly sewn up, much of the focus has centred around what we need next season. Thierry thinks we need a new spine, Gary Neville thinks we need to reinforce the spine and Phil Neville… Read more »

Sensational mental strength from Arsenal

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Not going to lie hear ladies and Gents, I had my doubts about yesterday’s result. We don’t do things the easy way. Arsenal this year, so far has been all about ease and simplicity. Could we really maintain our focus? Hull were and are firmly in the mix of a relegation battle. Arsenal are all… Read more »

How brutal will Arsenal’s summer be?

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Ivan has been in the press again outlining his vision for the club and what he thinks he should be holding dear. “When we talk about the destination, it’s not winning a Champions League, it’s making fans proud,” “It’s about making the people at the football club proud of what we do and how we… Read more »