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Is the change at Arsenal real?

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Happy good Monday to you! I had a great post lined up. Then work got in the way. I can't sneak off yet and write posts. Don't worry though, I'll learn the tricks soon enough. They won't hold me back... All I wanted to say today is... CITY LOST SHARE:

The new Lio Messi, to Arsenal?

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... I saw Michael Owen say Sterling was better than Ozil yesterday. I'm not sure anyone on that planet would agree there. I mean, they're not even close in similarity when it comes to style of play. Technically, Ozil is better than most on the planet. What a bizarre man Owen has become. His hatred... Read more »

Arsenal destroy Liverpool and the 'top team bottle jobs' tag

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Yesterday was huge. Huge for many reasons. This seasons momentum. Next seasons Champions League. Skipping the qualifying stage. Setting the stake in the ground as Premiership contenders next year. The team line ups slipped in our favour. Liverpool started with Kolo and Sakho at the back. They went with the lone striking option of the... Read more »