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Sanchez the striker comes good

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My first game back in the action didn’t disappoint. Well, from a result perspective at least. Also worth noting the calibre of bar staff at The Che pre game lived up to the usual high standards. Line up had an Ozil on the left again, a Cazorla in the middle and a Sanchez through the… Read more »

Point masks the sad reality. Nothing has changed.

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Uuuuurrrggghhhhh… I worked right up until the wire yesterday, so when I rolled into the pub, I missed the team sheet, but I could see that many of my favourite players were in the starting line up. The big change was that Sanchez was played through the middle. We started with Chamberlain on the right,… Read more »

M-m-m-mario? | Cavani for… Giroud?

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No, don’t get mad Pedro, don’t get allllll crazy. It’s Friday, chillax mate. Go get laid. Have a smoke. NO. I refuse. Liverpool have just snared Mario for £16m and £90k a week (rumoured). Skillful, fast, powerful and Premiership proven. … and we’ve moved for no one.