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When is ‘nothing’ ever the solution?

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Yeah man, it’s a mother f*cking staycation for me today. The process by which you accrue masses of holiday and have to sit at home and find things to do. No joke, I bought a banging new mop the other day and I’m actually excited about using it. What have I become? Anyway, that aside,… Read more »

Papering the cracks Wenger sledgehammered into our set up

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Faith. It’s a beautiful thing. When you’re an Arsenal fan, it’s often the only thing. Last night, post game, in my Gooner Whatsapp group, the crescendo to the evening was… ‘great spirit’ ‘Quality’ ‘Togetherness’ ‘Big. Balls.’

I’m losing my edge

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Happy 65th Arsene. The big 65. Wow. Huge achievement. You’ve done some things. Won stuff. Made some cash money. You’ve got it all. Question though. I have questions. How long do you go on for? When is it right to hand over to someone new? When does continuity become detrimental? When are you just holding… Read more »