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2 year ban?

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Good morning, I’ve started writing this early, but if it’s late, that’s because I had to go to a damn early meeting. So what’s happened in the last 24 hours worth talking about? Well, I saw a long haired pug. Blew my damn mind.

Joel Campbell one of the best emerging World Cup talents?

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Oh dear, two day hangover has set in. But fear not their is SO MUCH news to smash though. There’s not. It’s really dead out there. Arsenal have sold Carlos Vela for the second time. The party man from Mexico is going to stay on in Sociedad, we’ve sold his buyout clause for £8.8m, which… Read more »

It’s not Roy…

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Super short post today because I hit the big 30 and Arsene Wenger has just given me the bad news on my new deal… it’s rolling pay as a play. That man is a total joke… England are now officially out of the World Cup. I find this sad, but not unexpected. What is interesting… Read more »