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Arsenal close to landing striker | Two French stars hint at exit | The Hig versus Rooney… who would you take?

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A French exodus is on the cards people… they all want out… they’ve seen the lack of ambition and they want to say goodbye. Next seasons plans… all big scuppered. Pack your bags people it’s over… Just kidding, there have been negative mutterings in the press from Sagna and Koscielny. Both players have come out… Read more »

Koscielny attracting Bayern glances | Michu on the radar, or an easy rumour? | Cesc ruled out… for the moment

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Well hello summer! Good morning and welcome to the Tuesday post. Loads of stuff going on today… including me exploding a box of pasta in my gym bag. Did I just squeeze in an accident that highlighted my healthy lifestyle? I think I did… First up on the ‘heeeeelllll yeaaaaahhhhhh!’ list is the fantastic news… Read more »