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Welcome to Arsenal, welcome to the self-preservation society

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The Telegraph is at it again, like clockwork, with the ‘greatest transfer budget of all time‘ article is out… remember last year when I plotted the warchest story against 7 years? Amazing. Comments like this make me laugh, because they’re aimed at fans who don’t know any better. ‘Kroenke, the majority owner, is convinced that… Read more »

Liverpool showing the way…

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So much action this weekend?! Yesterday, Spurs were totally destroyed by Liverpoool. They barely worked for it as once again, Tim Sherwood offered up nothing tactically. Say what you want about AVB, at least there was a hint he had an idea about management. Poor Sherwood sits in the stands like a sulky brat teenager… Read more »

Arsenal Chasing top 4, not the league – A point is good

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So I missed the pregame protest. As I understand it, it didn’t go well. Shockingly, not many people showed up. I mean honestly, I don’t get it. 7,000 people on Twitter say they’ll be there. The moment comes, and they don’t show up? Absolute shocker. 12 people showed. Like the unpopular kids birthday party (my… Read more »