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Below is some of the other stuff we’ve been up to.

Metro – Arsenal transfer news 2011/12: Mid-window report card and grade 

Metro – Arsenal summer 2011 transfer report card – Mikel Arteta? Andre Santos?

Mirror – Do Arsenal fans still trust Arsene?

Mirror – Arsenal fans fume as Wenger signs another kid

The Sun – Arsenal Fan Sells Denilson

Sabotage Times – Adios Cesc

Sabotage Times – Farewell Nik B

Sabotage Times – David Dein

Times – Paying the Price for Supporting Arsenal (paywalled)

Times – It’s make or break for Arsene Wenger (paywalled)

Sabotage Times – Bye Bye Eboue

Arsenal America Podcast – First one / Second one

BBC Sport – Deadline day drama at Arsenal HQ

Telegraph – Arsenal fans have punch up with each other after fan unfurls banner calling for Arsene Wenger to leave club

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