Arsenal vs Chelsea preview: Time to turn the tables

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It’s very difficult to replace the passion of a North London Derby, but for me, playing Chelsea is right up there for pure hate stakes. At least with Spurs of late, you could kind of respect their playing style… and we normally beat them. Chelsea? Mostly getting the better of us, mostly under horrible circumstances, mostly with a nasty air of arrogance.


Mourinho a nasty little man. News?

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EXPLOSIVE news in the press yesterday as journalist Rob Beasley DROPS some severe TRASH on the internet about JOSE AND WENGER.

I’ve read the snippets and I’ve watched Big Rob in action on the box many times in the past. The Sam Allardyce of writing.

Here’s the short version. He’s not making stories up. Most of what you’re reading is true. But here’s the reality, who didn’t know most of those things?

Jose Mourinho wanted to meet Wenger in a dark alley? I mean, hardly shocking, this is a guy who eye gouged the late great TitoVillanova in a Classico. He has no class whatsoever. I wish I could print what I was told about his shenanigans when he was at Porto, but again, unsurprising. The guy is grim beyond words.

‘Behind the scenes, he’s very much loved’


Oh Benzema, leave it out

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‘Arsenal revive bid for Benzema’

Mate, we don’t even need you. Yah get me?

We have Lucaz Perez who is basically Suarez you see.

Jokes aside, why would we drop £40m for a player of 28.7, who has serious injury problems that would likely be exacerbated by a new, faster league? It’s just paper fodder in my opinion. And look, my opinion is always right.

Apologies for the website downtime. A plugin I didn’t want to install crashed it. Marvellous. I really have zero tech skills to fix these things, shout out to the team at Tagadab for understanding the internet and stuff.

I was looking at some stats, we’re having our best year for uniques so far and it’s only September. 1.3m people have come to the site so far this year (uniques, not reads), which is pretty damn cool.

Worrying news about Aaron Ramsey. Wenger is ‘increasingly alarmed’ about his persistent brokenness. This time, it’s about his hamstring, which hasn’t recovered in time for the Chelsea game. I mean, no problem, we have a backlog of names to fill in for his consistent absence… worry is that he’s a very good player who can’t stay fit.

I’d say that’s his fault, but I’d heard that he was bitching about being unfit in the build up to the Liverpool game… and we also know that his complaints were ignored at halftime. Doesn’t really set you up well to defend the manager here.

I love Aaron, but in my opinion, we should have sold him in the summer. He’s at the peak of his powers, he’d command a mega fee, he’d make way for us to land a superstar Wenger knew how to get the most out of. Shunting him out on the right doesn’t do him justice and it upsets him. Give him to a manager who could work with him, beat the discipline into him and make him the powerhouse we know he ‘could’ be.

Oxymoron there, what a treat.

There’s an absence of team news about. Chelsea the talk is about how Cesc feels frozen out by Conte. Also some LOL that Courtois wants to leave Chelsea because he feels half Spanish. The article I read pointed to selling Cech a mistake… maaaaate, not sure I’d go that far based on 2016.

Right, I am heading off… in PITCH AND on a very exciting brand that is VERY relevant to my life. So I’ll be in and out of this over the next few weeks.


Big love. xx