Fan Q&A: Chance to expose CEO rationale for support of Wenger’s anti-progress regime

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courtesy @allthatchas

courtesy @allthatchas

Some BIG traffic to the site yesterday to read me dropping 1600 words like it was 2011 and attention spans hadn’t shrunk.


My big hope off the back of the post is firstly, fans will understand that the catalyst for change vision Ivan put forward is dead. Pleased that’s looking like the case.

Secondly, they’ll see just how anti-progress our manager is. His number one priority is keeping the band together, winning is distant to that. All he cares about is self preservation and having fun with his pals with no stress or accountability. If he truly was his own biggest critic, he’d have fired his backroom team, simple as that. He’d also not have a problem with a DoF coming in to help him push forward.

Thirdly, and here’s the big one, I want the fans at the Q&A on June 29th to read the facts, and really drill Ivan G with proper questions that will force answers (I know, unlikely).

What data points tipped the manager into hiring another person in a fitness team that has dramatically reduced our injuries over the last 3 years?

Why have we not hired in the areas that are far more obviously broken?

> Keeping coach: Gerry Peyton has overseen some pretty calamitous keeping careers. He also saw off Fabianski who preferred to train under Tony Roberts (ex-Arsenal), a better coach, who had to move on to pastures new to get a promotion. The big horror stat is that under Peyton, Petr Cech, one of the greats, conceded 20% of his Premier League total with us in 2 seasons. Why have we not fired him?

> First team coaching: It’s clear that we’ve not moved with the times. Where are our young, fresh, forward thinking coaches, kicking us on with new ideas? The team doesn’t know how to press. The manager says our routine hasn’t changed in 16 years. The team doesn’t know how to transition between formations. They’re consistently found out as footballistically dim on the pitch. They’re not motivated. Why are we not injecting new ideas into our approach?

Players quite simply are not developing under our coaches these days. Bellerin has gone backwards. Aaron Ramsey, an undoubted talent went from player of Euro 2016, to a benchwarmer. Welbeck still can’t finish. Unless you come to Arsenal as a finished product, you regress. Even Ozil and Sanchez come with issues that haven’t been resolved. Alexis is selfish (and GREAT) and Ozil can’t motivate himself.

> Scouting Network: The more money we bring in, the worse we get at spending it. Last summer, we signed Lucas Perez last minute and he’s being binned off after a drab season. We signed Mustafi from a bang average Valencia side after seeing him have a good international tournament and he’s been poor. We also signed Xhaka thinking he was a box to box midfielder, despite having no physical attributes or experience playing that role. That aside, we rolled into the season with Santi Cazorla not backed up, we consistently buy average youth players who don’t develop into first teamers, and we’re being pipped to great players by clubs with more up to date scouting networks. Dembele would have been ours 15 years ago. Same for Auba and Kante. We’ve not even maintained our grip on the French market, let alone ventured into the fruitful Eastern European leagues (and please, Bielek, Fabianski and Chezzer can hardly be called successes).

One of the reasons consistently highlighted by the media for us not moving Wenger on, was our backroom infrastructure is outdated and inefficient. Questions here:

Why haven’t we signed a DoF like every major club in Europe? 

What was the rationale for allowing Wenger to continue to have so much power, despite consistent failure both domestically and at home?

How does the club ever expect to succession plan if it continues to further entrench a failing managers value by making the club totally dependent on him?

Then I’d love to know this:

What is the tipping point for change at Arsenal?

We’ll never land answers to any of the above, but my key hope is that the fans selected to go really think about their questions. Don’t roll with the bullshit you’re seeing in the press, because it’s cheap veneer for another summer of failure.

The transfer stories aren’t looking good. All the lead papers are talking about our deals being held up as Ozil and Sanchez ponder their futures. From what I understand, Sanchez hasn’t given a rats arse for months. The club knowing that, should move him on and get a replacement before they’re all hoovered up. For me, regardless of what the Ozil-toligists think, the German doesn’t show enough, consistently. A sublime talent, but in a broken set up, playing a dated role, with a manager who can’t motivate. Surely it’s time to say goodbye and find a player more suited to a system that has to work with little input.

Lacazette, Lemar, and Arda Turan all sound like interesting names. But we are not 3 players away from dominance. In fact, the very idea of shifting tracks to players being the issue is absurd. We have so many issues that aren’t going to be addressed with big names.

Arsenal are a hopeless indulgence of an old dictator… but hey, at least new names give you a little bit of hope.

See you in the comments.


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Another post, another sad story to acknowledge. This time, a nutter ploughing into a group of people near a mosque in an apparent ‘revenge’ attack. Utterly shocking and sad. I’m glad the PM is calling it out for what it is, terrorism. There’s no such things as an eye-for-an-eye when it comes to innocent people. There’s nothing noble in homegrown radical hate preachers because they look like you. There’s nothing glorious in calling this out as a civil war, because it’s quite simply not.