Career noose around Wenger’s neck, only fans can kick out the chair

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Like it or not, I am here to sooth your day, because I see the potential for change, even if you don’t.

Call me naive, call me a believer, call me what you want. But football is business, Stan is a businessman. If you think what’s going on right now makes good business sense, well, you need to pay more attention. Even the blandest, most uninterested, boring of businessmen, can spot a dead man walking.


Massacre at the Lane. Will Wenger’s head roll?

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Hard to be anything other than thoroughly distraught at the embarrassing carry on at White Hart Lane. Part of me thought we’d win because it’s just so very Wenger to oversee a terrible season because of his antiquated thinking, then pull something out of the bag at the death that makes you feel great. The ultimate bully, dressing up progress as a lighter form of abuse.

Well, the usual well trodden path was not to be. Not this season. Our soft underbelly was well and truly exposed as Spurs missed gilt edge chances in the first half, but took them in the second with ruthless effectiveness. This was the reality of our changed formation. Sure, on the face of it, change looked aesthetically pleasing. It felt like a much-needed gasp of fresh oxygen in a stuffy room. But the cold hard reality of the situation is this: you can make surface changes, but in the big bad world of elite sport, if you don’t understand how to educate players on your system, it’ll only be so long before you’re aggressively exposed as a fraud again.

Arsene Wenger was taught a lesson by a better manager. His players were taught a lesson by lesser talents, though you have to say, after this season, it’s hard to call them lesser. They might cost half the money to keep happy, but they showed more fight, more technical prowess, and more guts to deal with the big game situations.

6 losses in 12 games for Arsenal. 5 losses in 6 away games. Our worst streak since Wenger took over. Not hard to see why. Starting with Olivier Giroud in a big game rarely pays dividends, especially not against good defences, namely, because he’s a bit shite and slow. He should have been sold last year. Kieran Gibbs on the left, I mean, are you f*cking kidding me? Biggest bottle job since Gallas sat on the halfway line vs Birmingham. Aaron Ramsey, it’s over for him, hasn’t scored in the league since Spurs last year. Mesut ‘big game’ Ozil nullified again, someone take that deal away from him, he’s not worth it, Jose was right, total coward. I mean, what a mess. The players were clueless, they pressed well for all of 23 minutes, then didn’t fancy it. When we finally conceded, we ploughed into full-on panic mode, falling back into standard Wenger. Nobody there to take a lead, no one taking accountability, and errors dropping like we were some sort of league newbies.

It’s clear we need a change. The board need to fire Wenger because that was another unacceptable black mark in a season packed full of them. He can’t train players how to be disciplined because he doesn’t know how to. He can’t train them in a modern 3 in the back, becuase he’s old fashioned. He can’t teach players to give a fuck because he doesn’t have an elite mentality and he’s a weak presence. Sportsmen sense that. They know there are no consequences, at worst, they’ll keep your £90k a week on loan at some pony south coast club.

We need to change the players, half of them aren’t fit to wear the shirt talent wise, the remainers are clearly done with the manager, and are part of the terrible culture of accepted mediocrity.

There needs to be a drastic rethink about our identity in the game.

To the outside world, we look like the personal fiefdom of an old man who needs to be put out to pasture. Wenger hasn’t lost the plot, he’s just not very good. There’s nothing wrong in him wanting to keep his job, but there’s something dreadfully corrupt in our owner wanting to give him a new contract.

Arsenal are not a sporting entity under Arsene Wenger. We stand for nothing. We exist for the pleasure of a demagogue. One that cares little for winning. One that has built Ivory towers so high and strong, he is accoutable to himself, and dissent from the CEO is reported on as a threat to the f*cking CEOs job. It’s a staggering when you think about it. We are being held hostage by a captor who has nowhere to go, which is why he’s so damn dangerous. Paralysed by fear of the afterlife – he’d rather take his reputation and the club down the toilet – than leave on something resembling a high.

You see, here’s the thing, I don’t want my Arsenal back, because that’s regressive thinking. I want an Arsenal I can believe in, one that has me thinking about it with pride, one that has me hooked on excitement all week. I want to know I’m connected to a club that cares about progress as much as I do. I want to know that this fire I have for the crest is worth something, because life is short. I want something I’ve been attached to for the majority of my life to be more than just a shining star in a dreary property portfolio.

Anyway, I’m kind of done with ranting about this. There is no argument about the green grass not tasting better elsewhere because we’re sinking into acidic fecal matter in a barren field next door to a beautiful green meadow called progress… and we can all see that field. Wenger has dodged the bullet of failure for the last 3  years. This season however, the ravens came home to roost, and now Wenger is naked. No armour, no excuses, just exposed, naked in the middle of the pitch at The Emirates, with Spurs fans singing song about him staying.

The massacre at the Lane should be his end game. His head should fall for that disgrace today. It won’t though, the king that never dies. The story that never ends. Such a sorry chapter in our clubs history.

What next? United at home. Southampton away. Stoke. The death spiral didn’t disappear, it just delayed by a week. The players are going to struggle to come back from that defeat, the fans won’t forgive yesterday, so we just have to see how bad this gets from here on in. Imagine the FA Cup final?

I’m thoroughly deflated. I have no more to give today. So I’ll see you in the comments.

Pete x