Dick Law pays terrible price for ‘your mum’ joke

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Hey, don’t even talk to me about your day, because mine has been more hectic.

Right, so what do we have in the world of Arsenal today?

Not much really. It’s a bit quiet.

Have you ever seen a 51 year old man get told off by a journo? No? Try this. Nigel Pearson getting a metaphorical ass slapping.

Ever been, like, really embarrassed because when you were negotiating that pay rise at PC World, your mum burst in the room and slapped your boss? Jeez, Ainsley Maitland-Niles, I feel your pain bro.

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Ainsley, don’t worry, my dad once came home pissed when I was sharing pizza with four mates and asked whether he’d just ‘walked into fat club’ because there was ‘a lot of obesity’ in the room. Bad times. Especially as I was very skinny as a child. it was clear who is was talking about.  you get over it.

Know this Ainsley, you get over it, but your football career goes down the pan.

There’s talk about Schneiderlin going over to Spurs. Yeah, sure newspaper liars, I bet he’s going to leave Southampton to go to a club that is even more unlikely to make the Champions League. He’ll be coming to Arsenal. Well, that’s what I hope and I’ve heard he wants to follow.

In other news, if Morgan buggers off to Spurs, after we all stop hating him, you’ll come to me and say, who could we sign next? Well, I’ll say, how about the injury-prone Gundogan, who has just decided not to renew his contract with Dortmund?

If you were to say, hey, what’s the best way to react when your team mate scores?

I’d probably say this reaction isn’t it.

Right, that’s all I have time for today. Have a fun Thursday night, and remember to tell all your friends that Le Grove is cool.