3 items on the agenda for Arsenal this weekend

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My gaaaawd. I woke up this morning after a night out drinking on my own and felt embarrassed. Then I realised something, I didn’t know a soul I met last night and I’ll never see these people again. So why do I care?

I don’t.

So don’t worry. Life is good right now.

Anyway, a quick burst of a post today.

Let’s do… things we need to sort for the weekend.

1. We have to kick on…

People say that a league cup loss doesn’t impact the first team and they might be right. Or, they might be wrong. Badly wrong. Losing Chamberlain and Theo Walcott from your starting 11 changes the whole dynamic of your set up. You no longer boast scary pace. The team can’t press at the speed it previously has so the shape changes.

How will Arsenal cope without key players? How will they readapt to life with Giroud? What will the players feel?

2. Who will come in?

Bringing Gibbs or Bellerin feels a bit radical for me. Whenever I’ve seen Gibbs in midfield, he’s always looked a little flat. Bringing Bellerin out of a very tight defence feels a bit like a bad move for me. Could we see Joel Campbell given a chance? The man from Costa Rica has been desperate to make a mark for years. This could be his Coquelin moment. Or it could be his Carlos Vela moment. Big opportunity to show he’s worth it.

You’d think this is the sort of game Gnabry could be in for… but he’s out on loan. Wenger mentioned that Tony Pulis isn’t happy with the German wideman. Interesting, because I know Arsenal weren’t happy with his attitude when he was with us. If he can’t turn it on for WBA, he shouldn’t be getting anywhere near our first team. Another example of too much too soon.

3. What will the others do?

So West Ham take on Watford. A tough game you feel is ripe for them losing. Then we have the banter fixture of the weekend. Jurgen Klopp takes on the failing Chelsea… could it be the match that loses Jose his job? I mean, that’d be incredible, right? What’s more incredible is the story about Brendan Rodgers being lined up to take over as interim. IMAGINE THE SCENES. United go to Palace which is a potential banana skin. Leicester take on West Brom. City take on Norwich.

It’s gonna be a fun weekend. Let’s hope it’s spooktacular.

… grade A banter, all over your face.

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