Elite club purgatory

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via @Arsenal Instagram

via @Arsenal Instagram

Ahhh, the interesting, slightly strange news keeps rolling in as Arsene Wenger tied Olivier Giroud down to a new three year extension. Now, don’t get me wrong, Giroud has often made me question my sexuality, but not in the same way Thierry did… and that’s the problem, right?

Giroud is 28 now, he lacks any sort of speed and his finishing / touch will likely never reach the heights. Just seems odd that Wenger knows all these things and still ties him down to a new deal. Surely that money would be spent better on bringing a super talented kid in who has explosive pace, agility and the potential to be something great? I know we have that in WELBZ, but for me, dat guy is already ahead in the pecking order. Chasing a game with Olivier has been fruitful… but jeez, he’s an expensive super sub.


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