Champions League, Transfers and worst footballer haircuts

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Morning all, what’s cracking? It’s Alex here to try and talk you through your post Champions League comedown. Well that final was a bit of alright wasn’t it? Two teams loaded with talent played out a very exciting final.

Messi was brilliant without being extra-terrestrial; Neymar, Suarez, Iniesta all world class; Dani Alves still a prick. That’s four Champions League titles in under 10 years, a phenomenal return and absolutely nothing to do with performance enhancing drugs or extremely lenient UEFA referees. I’m only joking of course, but I have been wondering lately if Spain, Barcelona and Madrid’s utter footballing dominance since 2008 is really just all about the amazing players they’ve had at their disposal. Sometimes watching those games, the speed at which they play seems improbable – the fact they are able to maintain that speed for 90 minutes, superhuman. Of course this is all just speculation. After all, it seems unlikely that a sport which is governed by an organisation as venal, self-serving and downright corrupt as FIFA could be guilty of the kind of doping cover up that has afflicted cycling and athletics.

As for Juventus, well they are just a very good team aren’t they? I was excited to see Pogba as I’ve never really seem much of him. I was expecting Viera/Yaya Toure type player but was informed he is more a Sterling-type player. I’m no more enlightened after last night’s game tbh. I was impressed by Marchisio, and not so much by supposed Arsenal target, Vidal, who made a proper Alex Song of it. Not much composure, given the occasion.

So now what do we do for the summer? Well there is the women’s World Cup but I need some Arsenal news. There’s all kinds of transfer nonsense going on today. Fernando Llorente (no thanks), Karim Benzema (Yes please). So let’s keep it simple, here’s a summer wish list of both ins and outs:



What do you reckon to that? All those “ins” are seemingly possible so it would be great to make it happen. Those first three positions are absolutely key for me – a world class keeper, a DM to support Coquelin, and a world class centre forward who is quick but can also hold up the ball, and can shoot. Benzema is one of few strikers in the world who can do that. We have a good relationship with Madrid (thanks again for Ozil) so this could well be possible.

Final thought for today, there were some truly shocking haircuts on display last night – Messi’s homage to Kim Jong-Un, Pogba’s cosmic mess and Vidal’s GCSE-art-homework-on-a-head. It got me thinking about terrible footballer’s haircuts. There’s obviously fat Ronaldo’s 2002 World Cup travesty, Joe Cole’s purple spiral, the young Fabregas’s mullet, and anything sported by Darren Anderton or Chris Waddle throughout their careers. But which one is the absolute worst? Answers in the comments section please.

I’ll be back soon with an analysis of the season, what went right, what went wrong. In the meantime, who do you think had a good CL final? What’s your transfer wish list and why?

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Speak soon xxx

Arsenal focus on a younger DM?

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So the summer is here and the rumours are starting to spice up.

Raheem Sterling is apparently taking an interest in working under Louis Van Gaal. I love this story, because it’s like the agent of the young Liverpool forward has nothing else in his mind outside the pay deal that’s coming. I mean, United, really?