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Morning Grovers,

Bennydevito here on a guest post tip, in what hopefully won’t be quite as long-winded as my Emirates Cup escapade!

A lot of you have probably seen the sad news that ex 80’s Arsenal Captain; Kenny Sansom, is back on the sauce after falling on hard times. This sadly coming after a really positive 5 months sober.  Some of you may not have heard the news and the younger Grovers may not even know who he is. (more…)

God has a plan for our top 4 dreams | This Arsene stuff, no biggie, right?

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So a pretty damn fine day of football for Arsenal fans yesterday (or today if you’re reading it on a Sunday).

United stumbled at Leicester as they shipped a one-goal lead within about 9 minutes of taking it. Interesting watching United at the moment, they have a lot of pace in their set up, Lindegaard and Martial are quite the pairing. Shame they still play ‘lob it to the tall one who’s a bit average’ tactics, but whatever. Good news is it looks like LVG will be staying there next season. Hilarious for poor old Mourinho.

City took a major spanking away at Southampton, very Arsenal like. They rested 8 players in preparation for their Madrid semi (unArsenal) and paid the price. Always great to Samir hacking it out with the second stringers (LOLOLOLOL). Can’t wait to see what Pep thinks of him. (more…)

Arsenal fan protest was a success if you frame it fairly

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A lot of crowing during and after the game yesterday about the protest (from the usual suspects). I’m not sure why. It was a success if you give it context and fair expectations.

Most people in the media have framed the protest under the expectations that the whole stadium would be waving Wenger Out banners. Pretty sure the people who ran the protests were aware of what Arsenal fans are like and fairly muted with their expectations.