No spine or character?

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Ahhh jeez, this is like, really awkward. I’ve got my full kit on, I’m wearing face paint and I’ve just sunk my second pint… Only to be told the game is on Sunday!

You see, I blame America. My pal is over from NYC and asked me to get him a ticket for TODAY. I said, it’s Sunday, he told me the game is TODAY. He lied, he let you all down.
Anyway, how are you? I went to a very fancy hotel last night and finished up in Chicken Cottage again… the crack cocaine of takeaway. I can feel the trans-fats ripping through my body as I type.
Anyway, so I blew my tactical load all over the blogosphere yesterday, so I don’t have that much on today.
Cesc… he’s back. In a BLUE SHIRT. Tears. Many tears.
… but I won’t boo him. Why would you? Arsene elected not to sign him. Arsene elected to go with Ozil. We made the decision. He moved to Chelsea because his kid is in London… fair call. The only reason Arsenal fans are so miffed is because he is SOOOOOOO good. That’s not his fault. He’s literally my favourite player outside of Arsenal. I’m gutted his gone, but let’s not whine and pine over him. We are Arsenal. Fact is, Wenger probably would have had him playing at right back anyway…
Joey Barton says we have no spine or character. Think he’s wrong there. I think we have plenty of character and we the only part of the spine that is missing is a DM. What we don’t have is a manager capable of activating the character. You need to give players a purpose and a reason to exist on the pitch. When no one knows what they’re doing individually, it’s quite tough to tell others what to do. If there was tighter management, I think you’d see a better team. ‘Do what you want’ worked 15 years ago, but it doesn’t now. I believe in the squad. It should be breezing the league. Not quite winning, but we should be up there. We’re not though and you all know the reasons as to why.
What I do find interesting is Joey thinks he had character. What, the guy who regularly threw his team under the bus. Beat his team mates. Fell out with everyone? Not sure that’s character…
Chelsea tomorrow is going to be exciting though. Have we changed? Has Arsene learned? Can we mix it in the big games?
Catch you tomorrow for my third preview!