Arsenal vs West Brom Match Preview

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via @t0wey (instagram)

via @t0wey (instagram)

We’ll start the day with a quote from Arsene Wenger.

“I’ve been long enough in the job to put that into perspective as people who love the club, who are really disappointed on Monday morning and get their frustration out. We have to live with that.


Merry Christmas + WBA talk

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Merry Christmas one and all!

I hope you’re all having a terrific day and that you all enjoy your family time.

Just a few quick points to race through today, the first one being that Arsene Wenger has defended his main man Ozil, as expected.

“He is a guy who works much harder than people think and his body language goes a bit against him sometimes. We are a team who win the ball back high up the pitch very well, which means he and Alexis do their part of the job very well. We had a deficit in winning the ball back in the middle of the pitch at Manchester City.”

Stats point to him winning the ball the second most highest up the pitch. Which would make sense as he tends to play like a second striker. I understand he can’t be everything to everyone, but it was clear against City and Everton he wasn’t at the races and that goes beyond simply him looking miserable.

I thought we looked tired and Wenger danced into that issue delicately.

“We have suffered a little bit physically in the last two games. We were twice 1-0 up and started the game well. I felt we have given a lot in Europe, in the Premier League. We were a bit less fresh mentally to absorb the pressure of two big away games having just come back from Europe.”

For me, claiming that as an excuse when you have our squad is unforgivable. Wenger knew the games that were coming up, he’s seen the impact of not rotating, yet he went ahead as usual. Bad form in my opinion and a big reason we failed in those two games and a real shame at that.

We’ve had a bit more of a rest for tomorrow’s game. Great thing about this next run is that for once it’s not just us that’s playing 3 games a week, it’s everyone. Expect smaller teams to struggle and hope that our form and depth can prevail. I’m a bit nervous Palace will find that Sam Allardyce special sauce against us, but what can you do? Max points is an absolute must and I think we should achieve that.

Finally, Danny W is back in training. Wenger went further than offering him up as a new signing, he said this is like a new career for him. Don’t expect to see him for a while, but great to have him back regardless.

Right, that’s your lot, have an incredible Christmas and enjoy those around you!


3 issues of concern at Arsenal right now

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Man, intense welcome back to the UK so apologies for the slowdown. I was looking at an ad for loneliness at Christmas, the line read…

‘Silent night, silent day.’

Next to an image of a sad old lady. I was thinking, geez, I’d take some of that right now. Anyway, not like there’s much festive cheer around the club after back to back losses… but hey, it’s fine. Kind of…

Well, not for me. Firstly, horrifying news now gathering at a pace about Wenger signing on for another 2 years. Could not be less interested in seeing him stay on. He has no value anymore. Totally past it. If he really has signed on now, just before we inevitably crash to our usual 4th place he really is absolutely shameless. Stan K is too, no backbone when it comes to making ambitious sporting decisions.

Second bit of bad news in The Sun is that Sanchez has been complaining about the pace of life in London. I mean, what can you say here? Last week it was ambition, now London is not for him. It’s not looking good is it?

3rd bit of weird news is that Draxler has the choice of us or PSG this January. I mean, he’s a talent, no doubt. Just feels an odd one to me. He comes with some personal baggage as well, but remember, so did Pires, Hleb, Kanu and RVP. He’s an effective wide player and he’s fairly young. I’m never against hiring in talent.

That’s about all I have for you today, hopefully a bit more cheer tomorrow!