Stoke time…

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Missing Stoke today. First and only 3 o’clock of the season. Real shame that. The Beer weather is what I’d call optimal.
Big game today. Post breaks are always tricky. Stoke are missing Affellay and Charlie Adams. Which means we have a better chance of smashing them I’d guess?
We need a fast start. None of this easing in nonsense. We need a showing today. This is a good chance to kick the season off properly. We have some hard games this term and Champions League drops back into the mix which will make things decidedly trickier.
Wenger has been bantering with media about the soft upbringing of kids in the modern era. Interesting that most people I speak to in the game tell me Arsenal are beyond over the top compared to others. We pamper the players to the max!
If you want tougher kids, beast them or make them work for their living. Happens everywhere else. Also, stop buying in middle class kids and get a bit of working class slaaaaaag in there. That’d shake it up a bit.
Truth is, if you’re good enough, you make it regardless of what you train on. Reverting back to the good old days is a bit twee. It’s the defence of someone who has run out of ideas. Or someone who is tired. When you control the environment and how players are trained, you should do something about soft players. Funny, if that comment came from Fat Sam we’d all be recoiling at the comment.
Wenger also went on the build press around a lack of options in the striking department, citing Spain and Germany as examples of successful teams succeeding without a specialist striker. He also made the bold claim that people questioned his faith in Nic Anelka and Thierry.
Not sure I remember that ever being they buzz. On striker was so electric Wenger has to drop his senior counterpart. He was literally the most exciting thing in the Premier League from day one. Same with Thierry. The boy was a young World Cup winner. Hardly a massive story that we were playing him. Pace, movement and pure unadulterated talent.
Anyway, Wenger said he’d prefer a spread of scorers. Which is fine. But let’s get them scoring ASAP!
Right, that’s me done. See you tomorrow.