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Well good morning to you absolute wonders. This is me, posting up at 1230am because I have no idea how to edit stuff.

Anyway, things you need to know:

  • This podcast feels a bit more on track
  • The sound is pretty damn good thanks to a major tech company who can afford nice things
  • It was fun to edit, so I’m hoping it’s enjoyable and maximally wow times to listen to.

Feedback welcome in the comments.

Pete, Alfred and Matt. x

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Wenger embarrassingly cites preparation as the issue, again. Are the board listening?

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via @t0wey (instagram)

via @t0wey (instagram)

It’s hard to be particularly angry when Arsenal do this. The motions we go through are so familiar by now, that if you truly jumped on the hope bandwagon, you’re a hopeless optimist or you’re just not paying attention. Wenger said after our 2-1 loss at home, his team weren’t at the races.

“Mentally, we were not ready for the [physical] challenges. When you play at home, in our position, that is not normal. Everybody in the Premier League is strong physically and [to give] 90% is not enough.”


Away day treat in the FA Cup | Fixture run-in looking positive | Will Wenger change it up for Chelsea tonight?

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Finally a bit of good fortune swings our way. Not only are we basically injury free at the end of January, we have a very decent squad and very little to complain about. So obviously, the FA Cup and a bad bout of team ebola were top of mind heading into yesterday’s draw… but lucky for us, we drew Sutton away.

Why is that great? Well, firstly, they’re non-league so we should absolutely destroy them. We really should be tanking them. 16th in the National League after 28 games. We’re just far too good to succumb to such a small team, and I’m not even being arrogant here. Wenger likes the FA Cup, our players are better at every single level, we’re not suffering as much mental fragility this season and we’ll be far, far fitter than them.

It’s also great because it means the usual fixture pile up we have to deal with here isn’t quite as severe. We play Watford while Cheslea play Liverpool away, which is advantage us. Then we play a mildly resurgent, wildly inconsistent Hull at home who have just sold their best player before we fly out to Germany for our first round against a Bayern team that’s won their last 7 games… and get this, you have to go back 8 games to get to their last loss against Dortmund. From December 10th, we’ve played 10 games, they’ve play 5.

No wonder British teams struggle against the those lazy freeloading Euro types. Anyway, JOKES aside, I watched them versus Werder at the weekend and they looked far from comfortable against a side that has been pretty pony this year. Fast direct football had them all in a fluster… so you never know. After we play them, it’s a rest at Sutton. Then it’s international break.

*Wenger signs new deal, Le Grove finishes on a suicide note*

Then we play Liverpool after the break, which is great, because Klopp likes to prepare, Wenger doesn’t… perfection. We rattle 3 past them because they have a nasty, nasty run… hopefully, Mane has a tropical disease that’ll heal right after we play him. Then it’s Bayern, followed by Leicester at home.

The fixture list is being kinder to us a poor performing player in contract negotiations with Arsene Wenger. Let’s see how it pans out, eh?

First up is Watford. We’re all glossing over that rabble like it’s 3 points in the bag. It is most certainly not and as an avid fan, you know the drill, if we’re going to balls up a game, it’ll be this then we’ll nick the Chelsea game 1-0 at the weekend.

Will Rambo and Coquelin shake off rumoured niggles? Will Wenger give Chambo another go in the centre of the park? Will Giroud come back into the side, or will Wenger warm into the Chelsea game offering up a daring front three of Perez, Sanchez and Theo? So many questions will be answered, but it’s all very exciting.

All we can pray for is a focused efficient performance, and keep them double crossed for injuries.

Right, we’ll be recording a podcast on Wednesday. If anyone has anything really smart to share, we’ll likely read out some of the BEST comments, because I think you guys are on fire at the moment. Really enjoying your insights and I hope you see that sometimes I repurpose them as my own because I AM THE ALL MIGHTY POWER OF THE COMMENTS.

Right, see you there shortly. x