Chelsea disgrace themselves | Arsenal finally move for DM

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I understand that Jose Mourinho has this thing where he makes all the attention in the press about himself so the players don’t feel the pressure of critique, but the his behaviour of late has really brought his reputation further into the gutter than it already was.

Firstly, the attack on the wife of Rafa Benitez and the fat comments aimed at another manager were pretty grotesque. However, that sort of carry on isn’t even comparable to the carry on with their physio Eva Carneiro.

So here’s how it goes.

  • She enters the pitch to treat Eden Hazard for an injury
  • Eden Hazard is feigning injury
  • Mourinho is furious and critiques her for being naive
  • Mourinho then removes her from the bench moving forward

She’s basically had a massive part of her role removed because she wasn’t aware that Hazard was cheating on the pitch.

It’s beyond parody. You almost can’t believe that even a club like Chelsea could accept this sort of behaviour.

Sex in this matter shouldn’t matter, but for me, she’s one of most inspiring female female figures in men’s football. Roughing it in an industry not known for being progressive in anything. For her to be cast aside (along with a male counterpart) is quite unbelievable.

Not to mention, likely cause for legal recourse. Being effectively demoted for doing your footballing equivalent of civic duty.

Will the manager be lambasted for this? Will the club face intense criticism for this? I hope so. It’s just a horrendous way to treat a person trying to do their job.

Ok, so what about Arsenal? Well, I’ll tell you what’s horrendous. The nightmares I’ve been having about Arteta pinning our midfield against Chelsea when Coquelin picks up a cruciate injury in the next two games.

FEAR NOT. Arsenal have a plan and it’s Polish. Grzegorz Krychowiak; who has a name so hard to spell it should be banned, is in the firing line of the club. He has a €30m buyout clause that we could easily activate. Hopefully we make that happen. Why it took an opening day loss to ramp up interest is beyond me. However, from reports I’ve had on him, he’s pretty damn good. He’s also Polish. Those guys are fighters on the pitch. We need as many of them as we can get. The team looks a bit timid at the moment.

Tomorrow, I’ll be reporting from Spain. MoneySupermarket have sent me there to report on the importance of travel insurance. They know I’m a total liability and I absolutely adore the intricacies of insurance policies. Anyway, I’ll be there to see Bilbao vs Barca. Pretty exciting away game!

Finally, check out this from Chuba Akpom. Second in two… this one from the bench. Really love this kid, reckon he could be amazing. Reminds me of Anelka the way he glides…

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Arsenal: Those performances are Wenger standard

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Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 10.50.18

Football. You miserable beast.

What a day on Sunday. Met up with my Arsenal family. Had some good time beers. Headed to the game brimming with positivity.

Then, boom.


Realities of the season kicked in.

Now, I want to temper this with a dose of reality. I think that was a blip. I don’t think that’s representative of who Arsenal are. I’d imagine we’ll go on a long run of winning games now.

What the game did represent is that nagging feeling that Wenger has lost his ability to keep a team focused for a whole season. I know Chelsea were poor. But I just felt that sort of game is always in Wenger’s repertoire. Players shouldn’t be heading into a game with a focus so weak. You just didn’t get that feeling of invincibility looking at that line up.

You kind of feel Mourinho instills a level of fear that means players dare not drop their work rate or standards. I’m not sure I felt an urgency against West Ham. A few stray passes and it fell to pieces. The customary…

‘We’ll bounce back’ headline in The Evening Standard.

I mean, you have to counter that by saying that Petr Cech probably won’t drop clangers like that again. But I don’t think anyone who has watched Wenger teams over the last ten years could say there were any doubts that we’d not play like that again.

People highlighting that West Ham were playing competitive games before us. I mean, sure, against awful teams. I just don’t think there’s an excuse for that sort of performance in front of a buzzing home crowd. West Ham were better than us. That’s not acceptable.

I also think some other points that have been bandied around made sense.

Our midfield needs more balance. You can’t have everyone trying to Ozil. What was amazing about that line up is the lack of chances created. We needed more direct in there.

Our striking issues are pretty glaring. I appreciate there was early season rust, but when you’re not hitting the target from 8 yards, it really does push the point that we’re struggling.

Like I said, I still expect us to challenge this season, I just worry that when it comes to the crunch, we’ll always fold.

Fingers crossed that performance kicks the manager into adding a couple more before the start of the season.

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