Arsenal land MEGA talent… more please

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Sexy bitches

Sexy bitches

What’s going on Arsenal… what the hell is going on!


This is incredible.

We had a problem…

We addressed it…

We did it early…

This is amazing. Arsenal finally learned their lessons. Arsenal finally won a summer. Arsenal just showed the world they’re a grown up outfit.

This is what happened when I told Thomas Mueller.

What a fucking loon…

Alexis Sanchez is a proper signing. What I like about him is he’s exactly the sort of player Wenger used to sign back in the day. He’s not a superstar like Ronaldo or Messi, he’s a player on the verge of super stardom. He’s gone to Barca and has had a pretty bad time of it, now he has to find somewhere to put himself back on top.

For me, we’re the club that makes him. He’s this decades Thierry Henry. He’s on the cusp of greatness, he’ll find that greatness with us… if he works out, he’ll forever be synonymous with Arsenal. That’s why it’s so exciting. The best is yet to come, his big moments are Arsenal moments.

Arsenal just knocked it out of the park. Forget Cesc, forget Diego Costa, forget anything anyone else has done this summer… we just bought the player every Premiership fan is drooling over.

I can’t tell you how over the moon I am.

I’d been told that we were after him at the start of June. My big concern was that I’d been told similar things last summer. Were our ambitions going to be too big again? We went hard last summer and everything fell through. So it was a worry that we were doing the same thing this time around… but we’ve pulled it off this time.

Could we have done it last year? Probably not. What’s changed? Well, I think we’re a far more attractive proposition now. Ozil was the watershed moment, once we landed him, we became a brand in the eyes of great players. Then factor in the emergence of Aaron Ramsey and all of a sudden, people outside Arsene can buy into the vision and the story.

Spending money is how you build success, but spending it wisely is how you make the best impact. I think Arsene has spent £30m and he’s bought a lot of value.

How do  we kick on from here?

We need a defensive midfielder, a centre back and a keeper capable of being number one. Make that happen, let Shad Forsythe make his mark and it’s hard not to put us down as title contenders.

Incredible events…

Also, what a great day for Puma. They launched on the day Sanchez arrived to sign. There were some last minute hold ups on the deal yesterday, so it was touch and go, but what a way to intro our new number 17!

Björn Gulden, Chief Executive Officer at PUMA said, “This evening was a momentous occasion for PUMA, and one we have looked forward to for some time. Many people here have been working hard towards this moment and I’m sure Arsenal fans around the world will be excited by the kit designs, as well as the training and fanwear collections.  It is a privilege working with Arsenal, not just because of the stature of the club but also the integrity of its people.  I am absolutely sure this is the start of a long and prosperous relationship for both PUMA and Arsenal.”

Arsène Wenger, Manager of Arsenal FC added, “This is a big day for Arsenal.  It is the start of our new partnership with PUMA and everyone here is extremely happy with how things are developing.  We like the performance innovations PUMA is creating for our playing and training kits and have real confidence in the support they will give us as our technical partner.  Today is a landmark in our club’s history as we look ahead to the upcoming season.”

I missed the kit launch yesterday, but the water projection video with the back drop of the London Eye was pretty spectacular work from Ogilvy. No messing from Arsenal. I’d imagine the marketing department at Arsenal have had to sign people off with stress this week… first times they’ve had something to work with in a while!

On the kits, I love them. The blue kit is really smart with the double button down and the rest are bright, modern and too tight for people who shouldn’t be wearing football shirts.

If I was 14  years old, I’d be all over the shirt.

My dad wants one, what a joke. However, joke is on him… he wants Alexis on the back… that’s my mums name. What a total LOL. Having your wife’s name on your back. Totally hen pecked.

Also, just a quick note to all the melts who keep saying to me, ‘Arsene Wenger is so incredible for signing Sanchez’, get a grip. He’s paid £8m a year, he’s one of the highest paid managers in the world, he should be making signings like this. It’s exactly what I’ve wanted him to do for years. I’m not going to give him a round of applause and tweet #OneArseneWenger because he’s done his job properly. However, I will keep those Speedo pics under wraps. He’s made the right moves so far. He has the fans off his back if things start going wrong because he’s put effort into his squad. He’s improved us. He’s kicked on. He’s tried something different and we all love it.

Progress. It’s a beautiful thing.


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Would you make him the highest paid?

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Ban extra time I say. A totally pointless exercise in boredom and it doesn’t exactly make for a fair World Cup.

Argentina now have one less day of rest with the added ball ache of having played basically an extra half of football. All for what? 30 minutes of dreary football?


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