Is it just me seething about Arsene?

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I can’t deal with this. Still struggling to keep it all in people.

Story this morning about Welbeck being evidence of Arsenal undertaking and ‘English Policy’…

Jeez, this really gets me. The theory is version two of Arsene signing children back in the day. The idea back then was of you bring in kids, pay them a shit tonne of cash for their worth, when they came good, they’d stay loyal because of the deep bond they have with the club and their team mates.



Wenger fiddled in Rome whilst his squad burned (out later on in the season)

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Arsene is back. Back with a vengeance. Back with stubbornness. Back with the 1998 rule book. Back with an old strategy and a tactical execution plan he forgot to share.

Arsene blew the window once again. He didn’t just blow it, he flipped it the bird whilst riding around Trafalgar Square on a unicycle in a Christmas Party hat. His decision to take a trip to charity football match on the most important day of the window was quite unbelievable even for a man who spent most of the summer months posing for pictures in his speedos. Firstly, when you’re a man as wealthy as he is, you don’t piss around with Easyjet flights and hang around in the departure lounge at the busiest airport in he world. It’s f*cking stupid. Pay for private checkin, ask Stan for his Netjets card. Borrow Usmanov’s private jet.


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Falcao to United? Where were you Arsene?

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Where to start eh people?

Firstly yesterday was depressing in the extreme, secondly it’s transfer deadline day… to Arsenal fans what Christmas Day is to a Muslim child in London. Everyone else is out there unwrapping gifts and we’re sitting there being told, ‘it’s not our thing’…

Anyway, the folly of Arsene kicked into gear nice and early yesterday when he announced our line up which boasted a wide playing Ozil with Yaya Sanogo as our main striking outlet. It was going to be a tough afternoon in the final third.


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