Papa Cesc speaks, so does Tomas, so does Brian.

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So Francesc Fabregas’s father says that although the whole family are Barca fans, they are now all also Arsenal fans, and whilst the Barcelona stories linking themselves with our captain are flattering, they are all bollocks, yes he actually said ‘bollocks’ so a big thank you to Mr Fabregas senior for his kind words and for being an Arsenal fan, sir, we salute you!

Tomas Rosicky says he is ready to make his reserve team debut, he says his injuries are behind him and although he thought he would never play again, he never gave in and now he’s back, he also says it’s down to the boss when he returns, I look forward to that Tomas, we need you, and you are returning at the right time.

Brian, who the hell is Brian? Well Brian is the manager of the England under 19′s, his full name is┬áBrian Eastick, Brian says that Arsenal deserve a lot of credit for supplying England with a non-stop production line of young talent, he said although his team only have Wilshere, Hoyte and Lansbury (captain) in it this weekend, the likes of past captain Fabrice Muamba, David Bentley, Steven Sidwell and Justin Hoyte have all been regulars, so Arsenal always have been big, big contributors to the England squad.

He said all the shit that went Arsene’s way from trailer trash hillbilly retard Trevor Brooking was complete and utter bollocks, yes he actually said that word, ‘bollocks’

Well said Brian, you, like the two blokes before you, are a top, top man.

Most of our squad are in action today so let’s hope they stay un-injured, unfortunately when you are blessed with such good players, they end up playing for their countries, so it goes with the territory.

Interestingly, Arsene Wenger says he is happy that Adebayor plays for Togo, perhaps he doesn’t care what happens as he knows he will only feature as a rub-a-dub for the rest of the season.

I really hope Wenger is positive in May and does a deal to bring in Villa and perhaps Albiol or Chelleini or even Hangelaand, before the season ends, like Real do, and that way prevent all the money bags teams trumping them, at least if Wenger lets Villa know he wants him then that way he will say no to the rest. Then sell Adebayor for a similar amount, regardless of his ability (which he clearly occasionally has) because although he has some ability, he also has a king size ego, he is not a team player, he is a lazy bastard and a king size cock who puts Togo before the team that pays his salary. I said he is, not he has before you all snigger!

Have a great Saturday Grovers next Saturday we’ll be watching City put to the sword!

The F.A. should have em’… the shame of the British…

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CCTV footage of Phil Brown last week.

CCTV footage of Phil Brown last week.

Let me explain my latest analogy of what is happening to our captain, Cesc Fabregas.

Picture the scene, a presentable young man is having a few drinks in mixed company, a much older bird comes on to him and suggest going back to her gaff, him being a bloke that isn’t gay and her being older and available agrees, after a few more drinks they have sex, the usual first time, not necessarily great sex, but acceptable, she wakes up in the morning and asks the bloke, ‘did we have sex?’ he say yes, she says there is a law for fuckers like you and it’s called rape.

She then went to the police and had the poor sod charged with rape, it went to court and the sad bitch lost, good, a vote for common sense, and she was a lawyer. Shame on her, she has shamed her gender.

That poor bloke has been to hell and back, he’ll always be branded a rapist and that horrible bitch walks free, she should lose her job, I bet she was a lousy shag anyway.

How many of you lot, girls as well, had been drinking the first time you had sex with your other half, it’s what we do, it’s social, dutch courage if you will, don’t get me wrong, rape is the most heinous crime, and right up there with child sex for me, but it wasn’t, and it’s set real rape cases back years, many women won’t come forward and many more may not be believed because of her, that stupid woman should be imprisoned for what she did, which brings me nicely on to Brown and Horton. Pair of lying slags.

Those pair of muppets have accused the worlds nicest young man ‘Cesc Fabregas’ of spitting. Cesc said prove it, the FA said, we need more time and I ask, why?

He either spat or he didn’t, if he did, they would have footage, there are cameras everywhere in that area, why will 5 days make a difference, if it’s down to their word against his and it can’t be proved then they should lose their jobs, because they have lied, they have cried rape in the spitting sense and they are a known pair of dirty lying northern bastards and they should pay for their vile slanderous lies.

It’s time the FA stopped sticking up for these ignorant ex footballers because they’re British and should be believed, if the FA rated them all so highly then why did they bring in Fabio Capello and his hugely expensive coaching team? And why did they not give the job to that fat slug who chews with his big fat mouth open? Why because they all know they are all lying, cheating chavs.

Dave Whelan, chairman of Wigan Athlletic has accused fat Mike Ashley for lacking class, turning up to board meetings in jeans and a Newcastle shirt and trying to be one of the boys. That coming from someone that names a stand after himself, pot and kettle spring to mind!

That same club’s manager accused refs of giving the decisions to the big clubs, always have he says, funny I don’t remember him complaining when he captained one of those big sides, especially the one that gets 20 minutes injury time when losing.

It’s funny how the worst elements of our game come from clubs and management that are British, and what, we should trust them?

Our club on the other hand is run by gentlemen who put the Arsenal first, we don’t have a Danny Fizman stand, Peter Hill Wood doesn’t wear a replica shirt and Arsene Wenger doesn’t sit under a sun bed chewing with his mouth wide open, we are a class act, so ‘the FA’ get these two arseholes out of football and exhonerate our captain, you spineless jellyfish.

Oh and the shocking headline, replace rape with spat, the drunk bit can stay, it was probably true!

I’ll do a nice football one tomorrow Grovers, have a lovely day today, it’s Friday and only 8 days to go.

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Manuel should concentrate on serving Arsenal before he waits on England.

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Ex Spanish waiter Manuel Almunia should really think about becoming the keeper we all need before he starts talking about swapping Spain for England, for me he has two chances to play for England, slim and none, if I were him I would be more concerned about Fabianski behind him than dreaming of playing for England, the 3 lions have Foster, James, Green, Kirkland and Carson ahead of him and apart from James, I would have any of the rest at Arsenal.

I think Almunia is a little error prone and needs to tighten up, when he stupidly gave away the penalty against Newcastle, he tidied up magnificently, but to be honest, he should never have given the penalty away in the first place, it was wholly unnecessary, if he sorts that out and the ability to cut out crosses, then he will make the grade, but here at Arsenal, forget England mate, it will never happen and we don’t want you getting sidetracked.

I have a sneaky feeling that Wenger has seen the impact that buying Arshavin has had on the side, and will think harder next term about bringing in the right players from the off, well I hope so anyway, but to listen to him telling the world ‘I told you so’ is a bit premature right now, win something first boss, then begin the crowing.

As I have said many times, we still need a world class centre back and a world class defensive midfielder, we don’t have those and whilst Song and Djourou are okay back ups, they aren’t the answer for a clean sweep. We need to keep our feet on the ground.

I’m hoping that Cesc will hit the ground running, and the rest he has had will make up for the rest he didn’t have after the Euros, if that happens, his return will be seamless, same I hope for the phantom they call Rosicky!

Togo say they will play Ade, and I have no problem there, if he gets injured again, so be it, if he comes back scoring, great, but whatever happens, he should be behind RVP, Bendtner and Eduardo, that to me is only fair and will ensure he comes back having to prove himself, like he did at Upton Park when he came on as sub and won the game for us.

There seems to be a lot of ‘twitter‘ about Clichy being linked with Milan (again) and Man City, I don’t believe we’ll let anyone go save Bischoff, the ingrate, but I would consider bids for two others in a heartbeat. I’m not saying whom though!

The next 10 days will be mind numbingly boring, but as each day passes we get get closer to the grand finale.

We had an email from a fan asking us to consider this song for Russian playmaker Andre Arshavin, what do you think?

Ar-sha-vin, Ar-sha-vin, Arsha-vin, Arshavin
Ar-sha-vin, Ar-sha-vin, Arsha-vin, Arshavin
Ar-sha-vin, Ar-sha-vin, Arsha-vin, Arshavin

and so on…

To the tune of ‘Kalinka‘ check out the tune here, I think it’s quite catchy!

Finally it would be remiss of me to not mention the arrival of new Grover, congratulations to Le Grove stalwart, QOS, on giving birth this week to her little bundle of joy, we wish you and your family the very best and look forward to seeing him in his first Arsenal replica kit, just not the green one!

Have a great day all catch you on the blog.