England star to the Arse… + How are you feeling about things?

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So after a baseless Joe Cole to Manchester United story in the Sun yesterday, the Guardian have kindly cleared up that the skint ones from up North have no interest in signing him.

I believe we’re back in the game.

Funny how many people came here yesterday to gloat he wasn’t coming to Arsenal? Why would you gloat about losing out on a good player? Very odd…

Just as a side note, I’m still hearing very positive things about the move… it’s a done deal providing Madrid or someone of that ilk don’t gazump us.

Yesterdays World Cup games ended in a bit of a horror show for Arsenal players old, new and linked. Diaby was partly responsible for the first goal after Hugo Lloris comically flapped at a cross… our man was beaten in the air at the back post which was particularly shoddy. Later on, he failed to track and Clichy couldn’t do anything to stop South Africa bundling the ball into the net. Diaby was particularly awful for France, which was disappointing, but not surprising. He can pop up with a good game every now and then, but showing any sort of consistency seems to be an impossible hurdle for my ex-best friend to jump.

Still… watching France go out was fun. I hope Platini was watching.

Later in the evening, we were served up Bolton like performance from Greece. They were man handling Messi in very rough and ready fashion and I personally thought Argentina were shown up defensively. I’m rarely impressed by Aguerro. I know he is a youtube god, but whenever I’ve watched him live it’s always been a bit deflating. The Argies eventually found a way round the Greeks and took the win.

Nigerian striker Yakubu was guilty of a miss that would have made Ade blush against South Korea… and as a result, they’re out!

The World Cup continues to disappoint, my imagination is still waiting to be captured, however, England are playing tonight… I’m sure Slovenia can turn it on and inject a bit of excitement!

Jokes aside, listening to the press on the radio this morning was comical. They’re now talking about Roy Hodgson like he’s the answer! Why not give Capello a chance before you start talking about the next manager you want to build up and demolish? I’m staggered that some writers can condone Terry’s behaviour as acceptable because he was right… when is it ever right to stage a power grab during a world cup that alienates half the team? Capello has managed superior players, won more trophies and has more intelligence than all our boys combined. The players should let him get on with and concentrate on playing like a team instead of bitching like a group of girls.

I think we’ll do alright in this world cup, despite the mess we’re in.

Arsenal still haven’t confirmed the Franco/Pole deal yet, if we do and our summer transfers looked like this, how would you feel?


  • Chamakh
  • J.Cole
  • Koscielny
  • Rob Green


  • Merida
  • Silvestre
  • Sol Campbell
  • Almunia (Assume he’ll be on his way if we’ve already bid for Schwarzer)

Yep… we’d be back where we started again. I don’t want to start complaining before pre-season has started, but I can see the above outcome happening.

Would the above scenario be enough to over turn Chelsea, Man U and Barca? Would those players send shockwaves round europe and signal our intent? Would they make 33,000 gooners feel good about handing over £66million of their hard earned to watch Arsenal compete in 2 trophies again… because if we don’t increase the depth of our squad, I’m pretty sure that’s all we’ll be competing for again.

I just don’t feel like there’s any intent from Wenger to sort out the squad this summer. I’m not denying the quality of Cole and Chamakh… but is that what we need? Or do we need to buy a proper keeper and a world class defender who will be ready from the off?

A better question… would we have signed Joe Cole and Chamakh if they were up for full price? If you were a top class football manager, would you be signing an unknown quantity to plug your defensive ills when you’re supposed to be under pressure?

Like I said… I don’t want to start the moaning early, but it’s not like Wenger doesn’t have previous when it comes to broken transfer promises. I thought we were 3 players short last season, that’d mean we’d need to sign 7 to get back on track.

I’d say that scenario is about as likely as my girlfriend believing me when I tell her I only use the in-private browser function when I’m shopping for her ‘birthday gifts’ online.

Call me old fashioned, but when your team has had a shocking end of season like our one has, perhaps you should be spending a little less time commentating in South Africa and a little more time doing some deals. You know… in the same way that if you’ve made a few mistakes at work, you cut down on the lunch time boozing for a few weeks…

Our season finished on the 9th May, Wenger had 25 days off (standard in the UK) before the World Cup started. Now he’s in South Africa on a paid up shin dig when for me, he should be sorting our club out.

Does it matter that other clubs haven’t done much business yet? Can’t we set our own rules? What happened to getting our business done early?

Maybe there are some other major club European managers doing the same thing and I’m not aware of them… and hey, I wouldn’t mind if I had any faith he’d come back and hit the ground running… but by then it’ll be all about the pre-season, then it’ll be about the new signings we already have, then it’ll be about the growth of the players, then world cup inflation will have scuppered at least 3 moves he’ll tell us fell through in 5 years time… then he’ll be satisfied with his squad and he’ll tell us God came to him in a dream and told him Denilson was the man to lead the title charge… then we’ll be fu*ked.

The joys of being a Gooner eh?!

Come on Ennnnngerrrrrland!

P.S. Heard on the grapevine that we should expect Aaron Ramsey firing on all cylinders by October… it’s lovely getting a new signing when the window is shut!

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John Terry has no friends / Russian linked / JC no go? / Rob Green to Arsenal…

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I didn’t have all the info to hand before yesterday’s post, so I’m going to briefly touch on the John Terry saga, because that man is everything I hate in a footballer and everything I hate in a person.

Who gave him the right to firstly set up some sort of coup to undermine the manager and secondly, nominate himself as the spokesman? You lost that right when you knocked up your best mates ex-girlfriend and sold tours for cash.

John Terry isn’t looking out for the best interests of England, he’s looking out for himself… like he always does.

Now I’m not sitting here defending some of the odd selections Capello’s made during this world cup, but John Terry using under hand deceitful tactics to pull off some sort of Machiavellian one one-upmanship over a manager who, in JT’s mind, dissed him. Trying to screw over one of the most successful manager of all time because the players want to deflect blame from themselves is disgusting.

The Barking born scumbag saw his position as invincible and decided he’d use his sway amongst the dressing room to try and takeover. He’s so out of touch he thought the country would back that stance but more embarrassingly, he thought he’s mates would back him. Thankfully, he was wrong on both counts!

Capello is now talking about his ex-captains ‘big mistake’… that’s fighting talk Fabio… I hope you’re going to do the right thing and drop him. I don’t care about how desperate we are at the back there should be no room for a scum bag like Terry in our set up.

Do I even need to mention how pathetic it is to hear that he is bored and the players are upset they have to go three weeks without a beer?

Hopefully JT’s legacy will, in footballing terms, be remembered with all the fondness Tony Blairs stint in government was.

Onto the Arsenal news…

We’re all now aware why Arsenal have gone after Kocielny with such vigour… there’s a youth deal tied to it! Marvellous.

I like the look of him, can’t comment on his ability, but he’s tall, which is good. Hopefully he’ll have a bit of Eastern European grit mixed with a some French flair. If he turns out to be a great signing, Wenger will be the King maker again… if he flops, you’d have to say, the risk was pretty huge.

That’s what I don’t understand about Arsene Wenger. He’s about to put £8million on the line for an unknown quantity, yet he wouldn’t weigh out £14million for Alonso. Which represents the greater risk? The Spanish international, or a player that if you get it wrong, you’ll probably look at getting 10% of his value back (Or zero if you look at Phil Senderos).

Still, the Grimster wouldn’t recommend a flop would he?

Onto Spain… No Cesc… again.

Do I care much for his plight? No. He can rot on the bench for all I care, if he has half a brain, he’ll realise that’s where he’ll be sitting for Barca next season. Have a think about it Cesc… do you believe Iniesta and Xavi would be welcoming your move if they saw you as a threat?

One of the our Eastern Bloc Grovers told us about this left back Arsenal are tracking yesterday. Renat Yanbaev of Lokomotiv Moscow is interesting Arsenal probably because he is looking for a new club. Word on the street is that Clichy could be off and this man could step in despite not satisfying work permit rules.

26? What are they putting in the water in Russia these days?

The Joe Cole stories have been few and far between over the last few days so the Metro thought it fitting to predict he was now going to United this summer. Like I said before, if Arsenal can’t persuade a London boy to join them when he’s just started a new family… there is something seriously wrong with our seduction tactics. Maybe we don’t give them a shirt like we used to?

Murmurings in the comments section are once again pointing to Rob Green joining us after the world cup. You don’t become a bad keeper after one shocking mistake… David Seaman made plenty of errors through his career… the question is, can he take the pressure of playing for a world class club like Arsenal?

Finally, before I leave you, I have to comment on that James Corden ITV show… is it not one of the least funny things you’ve ever seen on TV? I cringe every time I watch him suck up to the players. Can’t we have someone on the box who’ll tell it like it is instead of pandering to the England players like they are messiah’s? What is a WAG sitting on the panel? Who cares what her opinion on football is? Who cares what Peter Crouch ate for breakfast?

TV in this country really is pitiful at times and very boring…

See you in the comments!

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Arsenal linked to a defender who ticks all the boxes…

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Another quick post from me as I’m visiting a company who sell wholesale electrical fittings… yep, trust those b*stards to be located in Wrexham…!

On with the post…

We’ve been tenuously linked with Algerian superstar, Madjid Bougherra, for about £5 million. He managed to keep England at bay the other night with ease and to be fair, he did have a blinder. Can you buy a player based on one game? Of course not, unless they are Freddie Ljungberg! Is his agent using Arsenal to push the value of his player up… highly likely. So probably not the best story to report on. However, it’s a more interesting story than the Cesc one doing the rounds and if we bought him, turned him into a success and Madrid came knocking, I could bust out this headline.

Madjid to Madrid

Wouldn’t that be a cool headline?

One player whose name has been bandied about for two years is Subotic. Apparently he could be on the way out of Dortmund for a massive fee this summer. That massive fee should be enough to cancel his transfer to us, however, if Manchester United can afford to be in the running, I see no reason why we shouldn’t be. The guy is a bit of  a beast and young enough to represent value for money, I don’t think the giant defender will have too many issues in the air either and he has a good grasp of the English language. We’ll wait and see on that one…

Arsene Wenger has been cracking more jokes than Emmanuel Eboue at an open mic this week… he’s been joking about England fans falling asleep and Peter Crouch being very tall… however, he was in no mood to joke when it came to questions about his captain!

This annoys me a little touch… why isn’t Wenger backing Cesc to stay 100%? Is he thinking about the bigger picture… about what he could do to his squad with £40million? Or has he run out of material when it comes to his own players? Who knows… but I’d prefer him to retort to that type of question with witty one liners about us signing Messi for £5 million.

So, it’s my birthday today and I thought I’d take some time out to thank you guys!

Another year has passed and according to the statistics, our daily following has grown another 30%. Is that down to the superior writing Geoff and I put together on a daily basis… or is it because the community created over here is so superior to any other site?

I’m going with the latter (Although if you’d like to disagree, please feel free)!

Le Grove is the place to thrash out all things Arsenal in a respectful manner and I can’t thank you all enough for allowing that to happen… the comments section here is the exception, not the rule. Over the last year we’ve seen sites pop up off the back of Le Grove and we’ve seen sites try to capture traffic by stalking us in a very public way… both are extremely complimentary and what I find really fascinating when I tell people I write for Le Grove is that they all have their favourite characters from the comments section.

So basically, this is a big fat thank you for continuing to accept that the best way to talk about football is the way you’d talk about it with your friends down the pub and for continuing to come by everyday!

Long may all that nonsense continue and long may our love for the club supercede the powers that be!

It’s been a great crack and if I was feeling emotional, I might have left you with a joke and a cyber voucher for a crate of Peroni. Sadly, we still haven’t set up that sort of advertising deal with Peroni and my jokes make people sad.

Anyway, have a great day, see you in the comments!

P.S. Couldn’t resist:

My granddad has just been told he has arthritis in both his wrists, so we’ve nicknamed him Anelka.

Useless w*nker.