A minutes silence for the poor people that lost their lives in India.

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We are not a political blog, but we must all unite against the senseless killing of innocent people the world over and we have a lot of Grovers from India and Pakistan who I feel sure must feel sick and worried today, my friends our hands go across the water.

Football unites us here and the proof of that is on this blog, nothing and no cause is worth dying for.

Today I go to lunch with two chavs so I hope you all understand what I’ll be going through, I’m just sorry it’s not Monday, when I’ll be doing some serious bragging after taking those unsupported rich kids to the cleaners.

Last night I watched our reserves play Milan, a few ex/current Arsenal players were on show with Kanu, Traore, Flamini and Senderos, and it could have been Diarra, Lauren and Campbell too, so including Adams that’s almost a team and a manager. Kanu scored a great second, it was just like watching Arsenal.

How does it feel Flamini? Hey Phil, now you’re playing for a truly world class team, is it better? I bet you aren’t for much longer though, after watching your assist for the first, it made me realise how glad I was you went to Italy!

When I saw the players that Milan had I thought how on earth can they afford them, playing to massive crowds of 10,000 week in and week out, they are constantly linked with the worlds finest, having Goofy, Kaka, Sheva, Pato and Inzaghi in their ranks made me a little envious but when you saw them struggle against Pompey, it made me realise how lucky we are to have the EPL.

Tony Adams looked like the sort of manager we need next to Wenger, no offence Pat but he does shout a lot and I think that’s what we need.

So how can they afford those salaries and transfer fees and we can’t???

All the shit we get from Arsenal about sitting down, keeping quiet, watch the language, all I heard on their PA system was ‘please don’t invade the pitch’ – go figure, and we wonder why they make a noise and we don’t!

Onto us and the weekend, it looks like we’ll have all our regulars back in the shappe of Nasri, Sagna and Ade, I think the key will be the midfield battle and how best they protect the back four, please, please don’t start with Song, I think Cesc and Ramsey or Denilson should be the midfield with Nasri and Vela out wide.

I believe the key to beating them will be wide play and feeding Ade and Robin, Robin has to click soon and this could be the day, a RVP hatrick and Ade to get a brace, with Nasri and Cesc getting one a piece, you do the maths!

Robin came on as a sub at the Grove last time and could have had a hatrick, I really believe the boys will step up and lets face it, on Sunday, they have to, lose this one and it’s all over.

Chelsea against the unknown French side were shocking, even Milan could have beaten them on Wednesday.

Playing at the Bridge is not far from being a home game and we’ll have more supporters there than they will so it will be very vocal, I won’t be going this year so you’ll have to do it alone Grovers.

This really is for England for Harry and St. George boys, go get us three points.

I love you Arsenal I doooo!


Send on the clowns, we’ll never have a better chance to smash their record..

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So Maureen says he wasn’t at the Drogba meeting, lying bastard, but interestingly the President of Inter says Drogba is too old and he is the one initiating the whole deal.

I think it’s time that FIFA banned that horrible little scrote, he did this with Cashley, lied and got away with it and now he’s doing it again, I understand that before when he was a chav he could do what he wanted because Abramovich has money and the FA take it up the arse for that, but to do it again is taking the piss.

I think it’s great that the chavs, once a footballers magnet are the team no one wants anymore, now everyone else has money, the chavs have gone back to their old unsupported team in the Kings road that Peter Osgood used to play for.

Now the Russian isn’t the richest owner anymore I think he’ll find something else to piss his money away on, last night they were shit, and if it wasn’t for Arsenal reject Nikki Anelka, they’d have lost that game too.

So we go there with 9 players out, but I still think we can beat them, in what looks like Gallas’s last chav game before he goes in the window, I think if he plays a team that includes Ramsey, Vela, Nasri and Cesc in the midfield and Wilshere lurking somewhere close, we can pass them off the pitch, providing Wenger remembers to send Song on holiday, we won’t be giving them the ball and that means they won’t score.

Did anybody notice Cech’s king size twitch yesterday? How funny was that? No wonder he lets in simple goals these days, he can’t see them coming!

I read that all our young kids are supporting the appointment of Cesc and that has to make Gallas feel like a whore in church, he said what he said and that’s done and dusted, but he referred to ‘the 25 year old’ and made out Nasri being young was a crime.

Now he has to take his orders from a baby, so I just can’t see that happening, and whilst I like Billy boy and rate him as a player, now would be a good time to cash in and replace him with that monster we all want.

Veloso overtook Cana as the defensive midfielder we need and I’m happy with that, I really don’t see the point in appointing a new CEO that deals with player signings, if we aren’t going to sign a few in the window. So expect something to happen soon.

Carlos Tevez looks set to cost West Ham £36mil as they have now lost their right to go to arbitration, so bringing Matty Upson home looks a real possibility, and for those of you who say Arsene doesn’t bring players back, remember when he said he was tracking Sidwell and said he wouldn’t hesitate to bring him back? Graham did it with Keown so we do have a history there.

Upson wasn’t sold because he was shit, he was sold because he was a crock, he seems to have put that behind him now in much the same way that Gael Clichy did and Tomas Rosicky will.

On that note when will he and Eduardo return? they could be like two new signings, but then again they may come back as half the players they were, so Arsenal need to have something as back up, in case we do go all the way in the cup comps and get back in the title race.

Sunday is a must win game so thank god we’re playing the chavs, at least they’ll come out to play and the last team that did that were the Mancs, we should have Ade back and hopefully Nasri and Sagna, so in theory the chavs unbeaten home record of 2 league games will be smashed.

My apologies to Paul yesterday for getting bent out of shape regarding club level, I got the wrong end of the stick, which shows that even super genius journo’s like me get it get it wrong occasionally, but being man enough to admit that you did, is what makes you a real man.

Haven’t changed my mind on Song though so don’t hold your breath!

Have a great day Grovers, we qualified for Europe on Tuesday, Sunday we need to qualify for the Premier league.

Unsporting behaviour just made the spectacle even more enjoyable.

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A buddhist monk witnessed returning from the Bergkamp testimonial.

A Buddhist monk witnessed returning from the Bergkamp testimonial.

There is a concept originating out of ancient India known as Karma:

‘Through the law of karma, the effects of all deeds actively create past, present, and future experiences, thus making one responsible for one’s own life.’

A great example of Karma in action would be, say, if a Dynamo player went down injured in open play… looked up… saw that his team were attacking… then got up immediately and joined the attack.

The karma would kick in when later in the game, after Kiev fail to roll the ball out of play with an Arsenal player down injured (for real this time), a drop ball is awarded, the Kiev players expect the ball to be rolled back to the keeper… but instead, Cesc fires a 50 yard ball into the path of a player who is wearing pink boots… then that player scores to win the game.

Oh, and then the cheating Dynamo player gets sent off for foul and abusive language after complaining about the righteous path Karma has led him down.

That my friends is what happened last night… don’t feel ashamed, just respect Karma and the effects it can have on your life.

I’m not going to give player ratings today.The game was pretty dull if truth be told and I don’t think anyone excelled/decelled (<- why not?) enough to merit an 11 man write up.

Arsenal’s line up was what we had all been calling for, bar Alex Song.


JD Silvestre Gallas Clichy

Denilson Cesc Song Rambo

Vela RvP

I still for the life of me can’t understand why Wenger persists with Song in that position. I guess Denilson does a better job out wide than Diaby…

It was a strong team considering the injuries we have been suffering at the moment, and the game kicked off in promising fashion. The players looked comfortable on the ball, without ever over exerting themselves. We played in a contained manner… never really looking under threat. There was a lot of pretty passing, but very little penetration. I’m struggling to remember too many chances we had in the first half and I am struggling to think of many stand out players.

RvP went close with a couple of good freekicks. The first was fizzed into the box, only for the keeper to punch it away. The second from a similar position, about 35 yards out to the left, was superbly kneed over the bar by Silvestre. It’s a shame nobody told him he didn’t need to defend down the other end as well!

Song didn’t have his best game… but hey, when does he ever? People keep on saying he is lazy because he jogs around the pitch. Sorry guys, I have bad news for you… Song isn’t being lazy… he is just incredibly slow. That jog… is Song sprinting. Song is the only player in the Arsenal team who couldn’t out pace a sit down lawn mower…

What was interesting watching the game from home was the rows of empty seats… actually, that wasn’t what was interesting… what was interesting was the noise coming from the fans despite this. We could really hear the singing from home… and we even noticed a few songs for Willy G! Well played guys… he looked a happy player out there tonight. Geoff informs me that club level has returned to normal… stand up and face ejection. Well… that little experiment didn’t last long did it? Geoff asked me to make a special mention to stewards, Angela and Dwaine Djourrou. Apparently they stepped in to calm things down when an overly officious member of their work force tried to step in.

Back to football… Gallas had a mixed bag. His first clanger was Clichyesque (Birmingham)… but luckily the Kiev chap smashed his shot at the post. Then later on, he managed to flick a Song header into the net with his back to goal… only to be flagged offside. Then in the second half, after a goal mouth scramble… RvP drilled a shot in low and hard at goal… with Gallas there ready to defend the shot.

Someone really needs to tell our defenders they only need to defend up one end! Overall though, I thought Gallas had a great game. He made a superbly timed interception just before our first… so well played that man! Whatever you think of him, he is our best defender. So do your best to grit your teeth and support him… because if we want a trophy this year… he’ll be at the heart of it.

I’d also like to highlight the crucial save Almunia made in the second half. Kiev floated a superb ball into the path of their striker who found himself one on one, but Almunia came rushing out to block his shot. A superb save and a clean sheet to boot. At 0-0, that really was a crucial stop… so a big thumbs up to Al!

A quick mention for the new boys to the team tonight:

Rambo: Not his best performance for Arsenal… but for a 17 year old, he played pretty damn well. His passing was ok and he is certainly more adept at handling the wing than Diaby. It’s a real shame he isn’t a few years older… because we wouldn’t need to go out purchase a new centre mid if he was 20.

Vela: He struggled to make the same impact he usually does. I think at times he held onto the ball for too long… but he is only 19 and he is just finding his feet. One thing that is apparent… he has the same sort of pace and trickery Theirry did… you have no idea what he is going to do next!

Wilshere: You can’t help but get excited over this lad. He is special… there is no doubt about it. His body movement, his pace, his vision and his superb passing make him one of the best young talents to come out of this academy program. He came on… looked a little small for mens football… but he still danced around the Kiev players. The only thing I worry about is a jealous player taking him out to prove a point. You do feel that if Jack was a vase, he’d be one of those Ming dynasty ones… valuable, but fragile… and perhaps only for display on special occasions. He was good, and I think all gooners are united in thinking he should be given a few more cameo appearances this season.

Finally, a word for the great Dane. I have been a constant defender of Nik B’s talent this season… and I’ve come in for a lot of flak because of it. I wrote some pretty strong comments about Nik in my last post… mostly about his fairy boots and his attitude. I suggested Carlos should play ahead of him.

Well, he did… and when Nik came one… minus the hair gel… he proved a point with a sublime take down of a 40 yard pass and a superb finish. That is why I rate him… most of his issues this year can be attributed to confidence… lets see where this goal can take him now. Hopefully he will prove a few of the, ‘he’s a championship player’ doubters wrong in the coming weeks.

So, overall… Kiev were a weak team… but they had an impressive away record and we contained them. I remember years gone by when the invincibles would have given their right pink boot for a ground out performance like that. How many times did we have face up to morning headlines of,

‘Arsenal get suckered after dominating <insert eastern european team>’.

That was a professional performance. A win is a win… lets take it and move onto the next game where I predict we will win again. Don’t ask me why I think that… but I had the same vibe before the ManU game!

Let your thoughts be known in the comments… oh, and remember… wearing pink is cool.

P.S. I had an e-mail from the President of the Le Grove appreciation society Canterbury Christ Church Student Union yesterday checking that Le Grove do not have ill feelings towards students… Liam, Le Grove and it’s authors (One an ex-student) do not have ill feelings towards any group, and definitely not students!

Every group is welcome… well, you know… almost every group!