It’s total crap – Fiszman.

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So after months of arguing with just about everyone on the internet that had a high opinion of themselves, we at Le Grove got it right again, we have bundles of dosh, this black hole that is Arsenal is as much of a myth as we have always said it is and now Danny Fiszman is saying it is, so who’s the real fibber in all of this? Who knows? Let’s leave it at that then shall we?

It will be interesting to read what others are saying now this has come out!

This is what Danny said with regard to our finances,

‘There is this constant thing that the Emirates is bleeding the club, that we’ve got these repayments — it’s total crap stressed Fiszman – look at our accounts and you will see our net payments are £20m and the revenue increase from the new stadium is close to £50m. Explain to me how the stadium bleeds the club if it’s producing an extra £30m a year’

Ok that’s the maths sorted out, he then went onto say,

‘It’s not our decision who he spends money on, nor will it ever be our decision. If he said to us ‘I want this guy and he’s £30 million, can I buy him?’ the answer is yes. Absolutely yes. We totally back him. It’s his decision’

So who’s the one we’ve said all along won’t spend money? You know, he knows and we know that he is determined to win something so he can say he did it without spending money, well that’s admirable to a point but when we win nothing as a result, year after year, it gets a little boring, especially when a couple of signings will do it. There’s still time, but for goodness sake if you do buy someone, make it a world class player please.

Don’t forget we got rid of 12 and brought in 4 and when you said we were short last year, what does that make us this year? You also said you were keeping the team together and no one was leaving…

The Champions league draw could have been better, but there again it could have been worse, the toughies for me are Kiev and Fernebache away, I got my wish as we get Kiev in September at least, so that takes away their winter advantage.

I watched the Twenty game again last night and was heartened, a few things, Robin is so close to getting a hatful and he brings others into the game so well, Theo was as impressive as Denilson wasn’t, but don’t you miss a lot when watching it live after a few cases of beer?

As many of you are saying, the Newcastle game will show us if the experiment will get us into the top four, but Arsene, go and spend some of our money, we really need to strengthen with some quality, and we need to do it quickly, Cana would do it, don’t say you need to find the right player, there are plenty around and you’ve had long enough.

I think if Diaby (who could be an answer) gets injured again then you need to sell him, his injuries are worse than Owen’s and Rosicky’s combined, we can’t afford a player like that, not with Robin and Tomas in the side we’re left too exposed, too often, I mean we are now, and the season has only just begun.

Have a great Friday Grovers tomorrow our season begins.


Spectator shame – Lightweights? – Ade booed… again

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Morning Grovers!

First up… a record! Well played everyone, we nailed 1000 comments!

That is a massive achievement considering all we talk about is Arsenal all day long… It wasn’t so long ago that me and Geoff were high fiving over 17 comments in a day… oh how times have changed!

So well done to Geoff for a great post and well done to the Grovers for making this site the best place to be if you are Gooner!

So, what of the game?

Well, first things first. We’ve had a pretty poor summer Arsenal wise and it was going to be interesting to see how the gates would be affected by the poor start and the exodus of players…

Well, I can shamefully tell you all that the ground was disgracefully empty. Now before anyone tells me the compere said there was 61,120 people in the stadium… Let met tell you that the figure he shares is based on tickets sold. The Grove must have been below 56,000 last night and that is a real shame (Club Level and the normal seats were equally bad).

The starting line up looked a little like this:


Sagna JD Gallas Clichy

Nasri Denilson Cesc Walcott

RvP Nik

Not a bad line up and in my eyes and all the right players had been dropped… sorry Ade/Kolo/Eboue.

The most apparent thing about our midfield was the lack of presence, they are like children out there… I originally thought it was just a height issue, but Nasri is 5ft11 apparently? I think it is more down to the lack of bulk. We don’t have and Essien or an Anderson… I hope Wenger takes that into account when signing a player.

The game went pretty much as planned… we over powered them with technical ability and held onto the ball nicely. Twente were a weak team and showed little imagination or interest in chasing the game.

There weren’t to many thrills and spills, so I’ll give you the player ratings and hopefully that will give you a good idea of where we stand.

Almunia: Had bugger all to do all day. 6

Clichy: Pretty quiet all game. He did a lovely back heel tackle in the first half which I though was pretty cool. Other than that, very muted. 6

JD: This guy attacks the ball unlike Kolo and Gallas. He has a major physical presence and a calmness on the ball Big Phil could only dream of… I really rate him and I hope he proves many doubters wrong. Solid performance and even a cheeky half volley to his name. I for one hope the partnership of Gallas and JD is a sign of things to come! 7

Gallas: Ok, I am in a minority here, but I rate him. He defended pretty well today and popped up for a goal after following in a Nikki B shot. He needs to regulate his attitude when things are going wrong, but there is no doubting his quality for me. 7

Sagna: Like his buddy Clichy, pretty quiet but with little to do… why over exert yourself? 6

Nasri: Picked the ball up outside the box, jinked inside, powered into the box and duffed it past the keeper. He also steamed into a couple of slide tackles without any regard for his safety… how unHleb like? Just what we need right! Oh… and incase you didn’t know… Hleb is struggling at Barca… mwhaha! After watching him a few times now, I can safely say this boy is going to be special. He is so much more interested in going forward than Hleb ever was. I love the way he pops up all over the park almost in a Pires like manner. 8

Denilson: Come on… do we really think this man has what it takes this year? Ok, so he set up Nik with a nice back heel… but lets not get all ‘Don’t you remember Eboue’s cross’ about this. He is not ready to take a starting berth. Maybe one day… but not now… buy someone for this century Arsene. 6

Cesc: A bit rusty today, but that is to be expected. Nice to have him back in the team… Nasri and Cesc look like brothers from afar (Geoff and I thought Cesc got the first). It is nice to have the ring master back in the team. 7

Walcott: Geoff said he was great… I said he was poor… Theo said I’ll have a goal and score it right in front of you and do it in a most Thierryesque way. Great goal, great effort and hopefully a sign of things to come. He looked hungry to prove the doubters wrong tonight and I think that goal will take a lot of pressure off his shoulders 10 (<- He is English so he gets a 10 ok?)… Just kidding. 7.5

RvP: Did a whole lot of nothing tonight. Shot wide with and open goal… hit a tame free kick… and that was about it. He didn’t get injured though! I don’t know what is up with RvP, is he trying to play in his comfort zone for protection? Is he low on confidence? Maybe he just needs a goal… come on RvP get it together man! 6

Nikki: Set up 2 goals and constantly tried to integrate himself into play. He even managed to get on the score sheet tonight after latching onto a Denilson back heel. Nik is a player that polarizes opinion… some say he is no more than a Championship player, some say he could be better than Ade. I think he is going to be a good player, lets see! 7


Ade: Came on to a chorus of boo’s/cheers… didn’t really do much in his limited minutes on the pitch. 6

Song: Played ok… got stuck in, but I’m still unsure of his role. Tonight he played in the defensive midfield role, but Arsene said he’d play CB? Lets see! 6

Eboue: Made a few nice runs, passed well and did ok by his standards. He was played out wide again… be thankful because that means the DM dream has died for Arsene. 6

So in conclusion, we played ok and got the job done. Lets remember though… we did it against a Steve Maclaren team… that is like beating an under 16′s team and bragging about it. I just hope Arsene doesn’t use this game as justification for a weak squad with a massive hole in the heart of the team.

Ade / RvP and Cesc all need to sharpen up in a speedy manner if we are to have any sort of impact on the Premiership. If Arsene signs a player, we need to pray he is a leader and a healthy leader at that.

Lots of work to be done, just be thankful we’ve banked £20million and pray Wenger spends it.

We’re back on track Grovers! Have a great day!

Peter Hill-Wood listen to this, Le Grove strikes back!

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Peter, you’re talking out of what you should be sitting on, time to shut up or move over. This is for you.

You told the Daily Star:

‘The first lesson is you don’t necessarily do everything the fans want you to do, we are very nearly there, but not quite. I think we are quite happy, we are not going to buy somebody who doesn’t improve the squad.

I keep saying money is available but I am not going to say how much. But it is enough to buy an experienced international player. We have won one match and lost one in the league and hopefully we will be in the draw for the Champions League. We didn’t play well at Fulham on Saturday but I think all this stuff about us having to buy a complete lot of new players is rubbish’

First of all, the first lesson you mention, what is it you’ve done that we the fans wanted? You bought a new stadium that incidentally we all love, in order for us to compete, then you say we’re skint?

Then you say you’re not going to buy anybody that doesn’t improve the squad, why is that then Peter? We’ve lost 11 players already this season, do you think we are stronger by losing 11 players and bringing in two injured ones, two 17 year olds – of which one isn’t even in the first team and a 21 year old that has played only in France?

All you have done is weaken the team by what, 7 players? Last season we were short anyway.

It’s also worth pointing out that since January we have only brought in (note I said brought and not bought) Nasri, Bischoff, Ramsey and Silvestre, two actually cost us money.

We have lost or sold Diarra, Flamini, Lehmann, Gilberto, Hleb, Senderos, Hoyte, Barazite, Gibbs, Traore and Gilbert.

That’s 11 out and 4 in, and two of those four are injured. We also bought Coquelin but he went into the reserves and is not in the first team squad.

If anybody from Arsenal or anywhere else can tell me how that makes us challengers, please comment today.

Being an Arsenal fan is very testing at the moment, I will of course always be a fan, no matter what you people do to my club, but I might stop funding it and I might sell my shareholding to someone else, if that’s the only way I can be heard, then maybe I’ll do it, there’s plenty of small shareholders out there and many more that pay into this black hole we call Arsenal football club.

Peter, your dad would be rolling over in Herbert Chapman’s grave after your spoilt rich boy comments, who on earth do you think you are insulting? We’re the people that pay your wages?

When I was a teenager I used to go to Arsenal and sit in the directors box with tickets supplied by Dennis Hill-Wood, your dad, a true gent, unlike his privileged son, who thinks insulting the fan base and sucking up to the manager is the way to winning silverware.

Here’s what our manager has fed us since May.

These aren’t exact quotes but it gives you the gist of what he has said.

1. We lacked something at the back from high balls at set pieces, I will rectify that.

You haven’t.

2. I won’t be signing a centre back, you can print that.

You have.

3. The most important thing is to keep this squad together, no-one else is leaving, no-one

They have.

4. If I buy in new players it will kill the young players.

Silvestre / Senderos killed…

5. I will sign 2 to 3 players, the fans won’t be disappointed.

They are.

6. I will sign a Flamini replacement before the second leg against Twente.

You haven’t.

7. I surprised you all by signing Silvestre.

You sure did Arsene.

8. We are good enough to win the ECL and the EPL.

You are kidding, right?

So this Peter is why we ask for signings, because of expectancy, it’s all part of football, signing quality players, it’s why we pay so much for our tickets, not to watch a four year work-in-progress, if you want to indulge that, fine, lower the prices, you can’t have your cake and eat it.

If you would like to further this conversation I can come and meet you, today, before the game, I’ve already met Danny Fizman, David Dein and of course your Dad. And it was because of your dad I became a real fan.

Please don’t treat this loyal fan base like they work at your house emptying bins, they don’t, many of us have been coming to games for as long as you have, sitting in the cold, queuing for refreshments, waiting for trains on cold, wet and windy platforms, many aren’t as lucky as you, to inherit a football club, so please, show some respect and read some of the blogs and their comments, we’ve had it, and if you don’t watch it, someone will come in and take it all away from you.

I can’t think of one site that doesn’t support this board, I can’t think of one site that supports Red and White, but take that for granted at your peril.

We don’t always agree with the other blogs, in fact we rarely do, but make no mistake, they are all Arsenal fans, your site is appalling, it never has its own opinion and publishes news that we’ve all been reading on other sites all day, and using the same Arsene Wenger quotes, so he must have spoken to someone, why can’t be first?

Perhaps you need to bring in a few new faces there and explain what exclusive news is.

Okay onto football, we need a big win tonight to get us back on track, so get behind the boys, sing your hearts out and let us at least qualify.

4 nil the Arsenal!