RVP to Milan, Ade to Real, Vela to Hull but we won’t be buying anyone.

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I used to hang on Wenger’s every word and when my Chav or Manc mates used to tell me Wenger was always whining, I used to tell them to re-think what they had said as they were surely mistaken.

Everything the boss said had to be right as he would only ever tell the truth, I now believe he’s like so many others I deal with in life, like builders, lawyers and estate agents, he just lies first, because it’s easier to fool us.

The headline reflects the stories doing the rounds at present and whilst I don’t believe them, last year the rumours were Flamini to Milan and Hleb to Barca. The other one was ‘I’m buying no one’ he told the truth there so I’m not sure.

Yes I know he got Nasri, but he replaced Hleb and we were already 4 players short from the year before and don’t forget we sold Hoyte, Hleb, Flamini, Gilberto and Lehmann as well.

I touched on yesterday, that what gets me is the lies that both Arsene Wenger and the board tell, strong words yes, but lies none-the-less.

Edelman and Fizsman say we have up to £75 million, Wenger says he has nothing, who’s lying?

Wenger said we didn’t buy a defensive midfielder because we found no-one he wanted, yet YaYa Toure says he turned us down, Benitez said Arsenal made two 11th hour bids for Alonso and O’Neill says we enquired over Barry. So who’s lying there, Wenger or YaYa, Benitez and O’Neill?

This is serious shit people, we are being lied to and for me that is unacceptable, if you lied to the police you would be charged with obstruction.

We need to sign players in the window and we need to sign quality players, the Carling cup kids were fantastic, but they need help, look at the first team, we beat the Mancs one week and lose to Villa the next, having Gallas and Silvestre in the side doesn’t stop the midfield getting over run, we miss players like Flamini and Gilberto, the invisible wall, we need a Cana, Alonso or Barry, we need a centre back not a make weight like Song.

Who cares if they’re cup tied, with this team we’ll win nothing, at least new signings could get us the FA Cup and a top four place, yes Arsenal, I’m now concerned about the top four, out title odds dropped from 12-1 to 33-1, how does that make you feel boss? It makes me feel like shit.

We all get excited at the thought of Eduardo returning, but how good was he? I remember his awesome finishing but I also remember him not being in games for long periods, I’m not saying he’s not the dogs, I’m saying he won’t change the dynamic of the team, that needs to be done from the back.

And I think it’s time to change the keeper, mad Jens got dropped for two mistakes, rightly so, but how many has Almunia got to make before we drop him?

We have the future, it’s the present we need to address, get the cheque book out Arsene, stop making ridiculous excuses and please don’t keep lying to us, it’s getting boring.

Just one last thing before I let you loose in the comments… it’s nice to see ANR write an piece which could have been cut and paste out of any of our summer articles. Well played Myles, finally an intelligent article. Looking around the web, it’s great to see that Le Grove and it’s Grovers were talking sense this summer, give yourself a pat on the back guys.

See you in the comments.

We can bounce back by dropping the team, all of them.

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Interesting you may think, has Geoff completely lost it, 2 comments in two days because he’s having a massive sulk and he comes back and says drop the team, why? well here’s the short list.

1) Because the whole team were shite.

2) Because with the money we collect by not paying their salaries for Saturday we could buy a new team?

3) Because the first team will all be on international duty bar 4 players.

Well 1 is out because that’s too obvious, the AKB’s will say I hate the manager and I’m anti Arsenal, it’s not yet January so 2 is out so that only leaves 3,

It is indeed 3, and here’s why, I think the four players not away are Denilson, as he’s too young for Brazil to pick him, Sagna because he’s injured, Almunia because he’s shit and Song because Cameroon don’t have a game. I could be wrong about Song and if he has a game then he’s shit just like Almunia.

At the start of the season I thought Almunia could make it, but over the last month and Fernebache aside he’s been truly shocking, he himself is now admitting he was crap, so that only leaves Wenger who has an eyesight problem.

After all the good things I said about Wenger, he goes and blows it all on Saturday, why does he make wholesale changes 2 minutes before time against the spuds when we don’t need it and we end up not winning, then not make them at half time against Villa when we do need them and we end up losing?

With all the first team away we have a great opportunity to play the Carling cup team against Man City, they’ll be fresh, they’ll work hard and they’re actually better and more deserving.

Give the armband to Fabianski or better Ramsey. Ramsey for me is already miles better than Denilson and with Jackie boy in there with him and maybe even Randall we have a good engine in their.

Cesc has been rubbish and should be rested, simple, I love him, but he’s not been performing so he needs resting, you don’t become bad overnight unless your name is Manuel and Song was bad the night before so he doesn’t count.

I read somewhere that another team are thinking of making Song an offer, what ever it costs us Arsene, pay it, I’ll chip in.

Not a lot else save this amazing comment from the boss,

‘After defeat to Aston Villa, Wenger snapped, we had no player we really wanted and for now we have no regrets. You cannot explain Gael Clichy’s own goal here by the fact we haven’t an experienced player in midfield. We were not, as a team, sharp enough to dictate the pace and be dominant in the fight’

Okay if there wasn’t a player you wanted then why enquire about Barry and make offers to Alonso and Toure? If we had a midfield enforcer like any of the above or Cana then Gael Clichy wouldn’t have headed into his own goal because the ball wouldn’t got that far and if we had a decent keeper, he would have saved it.

What pisses me off is the lies from Wenger and the board, things like we have no money and there was no one we wanted are clearly lies, as we know there is money and we know he tried to buy two players.

So that’s it, that’s my return from a sulk-up, I’m still hugely depressed and I can’t shake it, and all I seem to read about is we are after another couple of youngsters, we he never learn?

Message to players: You were terrible and the boo boys let you know.

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The big question that needs to be asked is can this team transfer todays form into the minor games? It is ok motivating yourself for the big games, but if you can’t be assed against Stoke… what is the point?’

That quote was taken from the bottom of my Manchester United match report. Unlike some, I refused to get carried away with that result… I said to a Grover before that match that we’d win against the Old Trafford outfit and create a false horizon… then the cracks would appear at a later date. I must admit though, I didn’t expect us to run into trouble so soon after the last two results.

Today, without a doubt is the most disappointing result of the season. Aston Villa are a good team, I am not denying that but we are supposed to be one of the best in the country… plus, we’ve just come off the back of two decent results. The first team should have been brimming with confidence and eager to prove to the faithful that they are indeed, worthy of their places.

Sadly, there was no such determination.

I don’t think you can knock the coach. He picked the same team that beat the Champions, he made his subs fairly early in the game and we didn’t have a Champions league game in mid week. So what went wrong?

Well, for me… it all boils down to desire again. If there is no doubt about the quality and ability, it simply has to come down to attitude and desire.

I’ll list the main offenders:

Cesc: So at the start of the season we knew Cesc was playing badly and we blamed Euro 2008… then he continued to play poorly, so we blamed Denilson… Now Denilson is playing well, who the hell do we blame? He looks lost on the pitch and he doesn’t seem particularly interested in fighting for the club. As an Arsenal fan, I don’t give a rats arse what your name is… if you’re not playing well, you should be dropped in place of someone who will play well. Cesc is playing badly… and he needs to be dropped. Ramsey, regardless of his age would have put in a better performance today. British players are flawed in many ways, but there is always fight in them. I’m not seeing any fight from Cesc this season.

Nik B: I’ve been a staunch defender of the big Dane. Today I felt really let down by him… He was man marked by Davies, but he didn’t offer anything to the midfield in the game. He wasn’t looking for the ball and he didn’t challenge for anything… correct me if I am wrong, but I don’t remember him having a shot? I know the lone striker role is difficult to play at such a young age… but more often than not he had support… be it Diaby or Theo. If you are fighting for a place in the team with Adebayor… you try your bollocks off, Nik didn’t… and everyone in the stadium could see that.

Almunia: He made a great save from a penalty in the first half… but his flapping has started again. If Fabianski were selected you can bet your bottom dollar Clichy wouldn’t have turned that ball into the net… because he would have claimed it. I also think for the second goal, Gallas did everything correctly… and it was up to Almunia to keep the shot out at his near post. The shot was hardly ripped was it? A very average performance from a top 4 keeper.

Theo: Ok, so how long am I going to kid myself about Theo and his contribution? He was terrible today and for me… all this talk of a £60k a week contract is a bit premature. He is living off the back of his England performance because to be fair… he has never done that for Arsenal on a consistent basis. He was poor today… constantly running up blind alleys and making the wrong decisions. If he wants to play in the big leagues he has to start finding some consistency becuase at the moment, Arsenal aren’t getting enough from him. The one positive I will take from Theo today is that he never stop working hard for the team… unlike certain others. He is also playing out of position… but when you’ve been playing out of position for a year… you can’t really have any complaints. Thierry went from winger, to striker… back to winger. The best players adapt.

I thought there were some great performances out there today… I thought Denilson had a stormer. He was all over the park this afternoon… he tackled, he passed and he carried Cesc for large parts of the game. I thought he looked like a bit of a leader today, that of course is open to debate.

I thought the centre backs were top notch as well. Gallas and Silvestre really played well. Silvestre is your no nonsense type defender, his motto would be ‘if in doubt, boot it out’ and Gallas played in a more composed and thoughtful way. He looks calmer with Silvestre by his side.

Diaby looked pretty sparky in a crowded midfield. He is the most accomplished player on the ball in that Arsenal team… some of his on the ball skill is nothing short of outrageous. I’d be quite happy to see him pair up with Denilson in the middle of the park… with 2 inform strikers to feed, he could be a different beast.

Adebayor showed why he is Arsenal number one when he came on… his energy, power and aggression could have been utilised a bit better had he started the game. Eduardo will be fit soon… so hopefully we can find some more potency up front because from where I am sitting… we look pretty woeful at the moment.

On a more sour note… the fans started streaming out early doors tonight. The stadium was almost 3/4 empty by the time the final whistle was blown. I guess the fans think, if they can’t be fucked… why should I? There was a chorus of boos to top off a crap afternoon. I’m not a fan of that… but people are paying serious wedge to see a lot of average, ‘I don’t give a fuck’ type performances.

If you’re not happy as a fan… how else are you expected to express your displeasure? Oh… and before people start… don’t give me all this plastic fans bollocks. In Milan, if the fans are unsatisfied they turn the backs and hold a silent protest. In Spain, if Madrid or Barca fans are upset… they wave white hankeys. No one ever calls their fans plastic do they? They are just passionate about being anti-average.

Any boos yesterday shouldn’t have been directed at the coach (I don’t think they were)… they should have been directed to the players. Many of them were devoid of passion and heart yesterday… and I feel sorry for Wenger because he put his reputation on the line to back that crop of kids. Again… we know they can turn it on for the big games, but when it comes to digging out a performances against the not so glamourous teams… we are found wanting.

Booing isn’t an acceptable practice… but earning £30k a week in a recession and not giving your all for the shirt is also not acceptable. Fans are not stupid, they know effort when they see it… and they’ll always forgive a poor result if the players put there all in… I didn’t feel we saw that yesteday…. what did you think?

So… after a week of basking in the sunshine of a false horizon… we are back where we started, our title challenge is in tatters and our first team squad are not capable of giving 100%. Martin O’neil has a squad of just above average players… but he gets 110% out of them. If Wenger could work the same magic with his kids, we’d win the league. Motivating a bunch of young mercenaries must come with it’s own set of troubles though… they’ve been earning great dough since the age of 15 and they think they’ve made it.

How do you rectify that? Well… I’d kick their ego’s into touch… either by introducing a couple of the kids… or buying some serious talent in January. Nothing like a bit of competition for your place is there?

What to do, what to do….

Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments section!