I am responsible for United defeat says Arsene Wenger

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Yeah we know Arsene, who’s fault did you think we thought it was? Pat Rice’s? Anyway if that’s your way of saying sorry, I accept, what I don’t accept however is this statement…

‘It’s very important that we win something, we’re here to win trophies, but it depends on what you call trophies, Is it the Champions League, the Premier League, the League Cup? If you win the League Cup you cannot say you win trophies for me’

Well at least he’s finally admitting he doesn’t recognise the league cup, something I have been saying now for a very long time, perhaps some of the sycophants will now believe it, as he’s finally admitted why he fields a youth team, that hasn’t a hope in hell of winning it.

What was more sinister though was this outrageous comment…

‘Of course [finishing third is better than winning a domestic cup]. It’s much more difficult’

So after reading this on Pravda, he has now finally got round to telling us, he isn’t interested in the FA Cup either and qualifying for the Champions league is his target, and why? It’s because he gets a huge bonus for qualification and the club earns good money.

I know that  4th place also qualifies but only for the qualifying rounds and not straight in.

So there you have it, from the horses mouth, Arsene and the board are only interested in the continuance of the gravy train, the Champions league shilling. At last it’s out and the doggedness of Le Grove sticking to our guns against all the abuse from certain quarters, that our leader won’t spend money on building a great team because he and his board are just not interested in silverware, it all about making money.

Onto today and our trip to Stamford Bridge, a big well done to Fabio Capello for being man enough to rid the country of that lout Terry from the England captaincy.

That turgid little arse kisser Pearce tried to tell the world, knocking up your best mates bird has nothing to do with football, Stuart, I bet your wife is proud of you mate, what a nice bloke you are, and another great example of celebrity loving, broken Britain.

Fabio, all I want to know is why it took 12 minutes, was it because you laughing yourself silly for 11 minutes and 50 seconds after you tin-tacked the mug and he was begging you to phone his bint?

Well let’s just hope as you are reading this that Cashley has been revealed by the News  of The World as being the 5th man, I’d be surprised, as I always suspected that wasn’t really his thing, girls that is.

So I was offered the chance to sit in the directors box at the Bridge, by a very good friend, I declined his kind offer because it’s a long way back and I wasn’t that confident, that was however before we heard all the news about their shagging, I’m now hoping that will serve to distract them and we’ll get a result, well that and the way they played against Hull.

Mind you, I did say that last week. If he drops the hapless Denilson, we may have a better shape, if the team mans up and act like they want to win then we may have a chance of getting a result.

With the Mancs starting to play football again, we need to win to stay in the race, and with the scousers winning again, we really need to look over our shoulder, so a win will take away some of the pain and maintain a healthy gap in the table.

We absolutely have to play Bendtner and Diaby today to have any chance, I also hope we don’t see Eboue on the wing.

So this is my guess for the team, well it is if we want to show the chavs we mean business, please don’t make them laugh as hard as Fergie must have last week when he saw that team sheet Arsene.

Anyone but Almunia

Eboue Gallas Vermaelen Clichy

Song Cesc Diaby

Rosicky Bendtner Arshavin

I have never in my footballing life heard any manager, let alone an Arsenal one say that finishing third is more important than winning a trophy, so Arsene, let’s at least do that then, and start by winning today.

So the player we tried to sign was Sorenson, if that’s true he needs to drop Almunia, today, but the final word belongs to Cesc, we are offering him a new 5 year contract to stay, why? He already has one to 2014 doesn’t he??? What is the matter with us, that’s 4 years!

Have a great day Grovers, this is a must not lose game.

Wengers PreZzz conference / I know the mystery player! / Dissent threatened

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“I believe we have the unity, the desire, the spirit and I know that before this game there will be a lot of scepticism around us but I believe in my players and in their spirit. We will show that.”

Like counting sheep, Arsene's press conferences have become repetitive

Sometimes, I do wish Arsene would think of something fresh to tell us at his press conferences.

“I believe we should be more relaxed at this time because at the start of the season nobody expected us in the top four or in the title race,”

Comments like the above just enrage fans further. If no one thought we’d compete at the start of the season because of his poor transfer policy, does that mean we should be ok with the fact that we’re out of two competitions and struggling in the Premier League race?

If you didn’t think you’d land that dream job at the start because there were 100 others applying, you got through to the final three and lost out because you forgot to wear a tie and a pair of clean shoes, would you be ok with it because you didn’t expect to get that far? No way. You’d wish you sorted out your problems when you could. Our dirty shoes and missing tie are a striker and midfield cover.

The expectation should always be that we’re going to compete… challenging when you’re Arsenal should never be a bonus.

We’ve got the only PR firm that is so useless they can’t detect a story that contains a conflicting message.

‘Yes, we did try to sign someone’ —- followed by —–> ‘In England, it seems all the problems are sorted out by buying players. I don’t believe that.’

Sorry Arsene? You don’t believe in signing players to solve a problem yet you just admitted tried to sign a player, and we know that you were in for Smalling. Are you completely off your rocker?

I don’t want to hear…

We were very, very close to a new signing.

I’ve heard the player was Thomas Sorenson, others believe it was Loic Remy. I reckon he’s having us on, he probably shared a taxi with Spurs new signing Gudjohnson, he’s got us on a technicality! Regardless of who it was, we didn’t get them. A failure of Gazidis and a failure of Arsene Wenger to do the right thing and purchase at the start of the window.

If you’re hoping for some action in the summer, forget about it, Wenger’s favourite excuse is there for the taking this year… THE WORLD CUP! You know how prices go up in the summer, don’t you!

So, here is the full list of excuses –

  1. World Cup
  2. Euro Championships
  3. Inflated transfer market
  4. Having to wait for City, United or Chavski to buy players
  5. Killing the career of a youngster
  6. Giving money to other teams strengthens them
  7. The solution isn’t always to buy
  8. My bonus will shrink
  9. Recession
  10. Our budget includes wages as well as transfers, plus, despite record profits and player sales, we’re skint.

George, if the press conference was a person, how would gesture to it?

Couldn’t have put it better myself. I believe that finger was also the one Fabio Capello raised to John Terry as he removed his captaincy. Oh, and the one he raised to Jason ‘Being a scumbag is ok as long as you’re a footballer’ Cundy.

I love being lectured on morals by the sanctimonious bunch of scoundrels they have running talk s*ite. It’s akin to being taught financial prudence by a stock broker or having your marriage counseled by Tiger Woods.

So, onto team news. Diaby is facing a late fitness test which means Denilson will probably retain his place in the team. I’m keeping every digit crossed he’ll be ok, as a precaution I’ve taken up 6 religions and I’ve prayed to all their gods.  Nik B didn’t get a mention, so he should start which means Arshavin will be allowed to devastate on the wing. Below is the team that will take the Chav’s apart!


Sagna Gallas Vermaelen Clichy

Song Cesc Diaby

Rosicky Bendtner Arshavin

Seriously, I truly believe we’ll turn Chelsea over. I think the revelations of sl*t-gate have cast a large grey cloud over the Chelsea dressing room. Last week JT came out fighting because he had something to save, this week, he’s lost his captaincy, he’ll feel deflated more than anything. Wenger reckons the influence of the captain is overplayed, says the man whose last proper captain that won trophies will be turning out for City this weekend. Wenger thinks the English have an obsession with Captaincy because we’re a warrior nation. Spot on Arsene, there’s your problem, we have very few warriors in our team. Would Nelson have allowed one of his men to be out run by a ref on the pitch? No way… he’d have been given 20 lashes! That point tells us a lot about how out of touch you’ve become.

Where were we? Ahh, a depressed, untrustworthy leader in charge at the Bridge, lovely!

I think we’ll nick it by one and we’ll keep a clean sheet. I just can’t see us losing, this season is too crazy for the obvious the happen.

I feel in a world of confidence… I hope you do too!

Onto something of a more serious nature. Now, I’m not one for bringing my politics to the blog, but after the whole climate-gate fiasco which was pretty much entirely exposed by the bloggers of the world, the ruling elite are looking to put an end to web anonymity by making all site owners register their details with their Government and apply for a license. You may think I’m talking rubbish here, but it doesn’t take long to find mainstream reviews of the idea in Time magazine and the NYT (Both authors unsurprisingly backing the idea).

Just to put the proposal in perspective. The Chinese tried to implement a similar thing but it was deemed too draconian even for a communist Government!

The big corporate media sites want the web back due to plummeting web traffic and weak hard copy sales. Government want to be able to get on with their own agenda without having to debate the reality of their lies and they need a strong main stream media for maximum effect.

Why should this matter to you?

Well, if you’re here, you like to get your news from blogs who will cut through the crap. Sadly, blogging will be a target. It’s easy to silence a dissenting voice if you can easily access their personal details. Say, for example, a corporation didn’t like what you were saying about them, they could file a costly law suit against you and force you to shut down because you couldn’t battle the case without bankrupting yourself… regardless of whether you were speaking the truth. Dissent would become easily manged.

So, the reason I’m highlighting this issue is because unless you share this info, web licensing will probably creep through the back door. So when you read stories about how hate websites are fueling the next generation of terrorists and you demand a solution… just be aware of the consequences when the solution put forward is a ‘web license’.

Thanks for reading, I appreciate it’s a little off topic but Le Grove was founded as a dissenting voice. Though we’re not performing a crucial role in society, many other sites are. Web anonymity and the free flow of information has helped create a true online democracy, one of the last bastions of free speech.

I’d hate to see that freedom eroded.

Have a marvelous Saturday! Remember, if there’s a God, I’ve prayed to him… bases covered.

Click to sign your name!

P.S. If you’re a British national, it’s your duty to sign the above petition! They’re up to 600 signatures, which means an MP must address it, so thanks to everyone who made that possible! Just click the picture!

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Arsenal need the bullies back and the wizard to hit form / BACK NEWSNOW!

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Given our track record against the two above us this season I should have no hope whatsoever, however being the eternal optimist and trusting in the talent we have to realise at some point this season, I think I have the answer.

We need to bully them a bit at the back, to do that we need some height, to get that we need Diaby back in the middle and Bendtner back to his best.

Those two can be a handful and if he plays Diaby in midfield we can push them through the pitch, leave Song to take care of potato head and we have them through the middle, if not then play them both up front (Bendtner/Diaby) and surprise them, either would work.

Now I suggested the other day he puts Vermaelen into the midfield alongside Cesc and Song and drop Campbell next to Gallas at the back, that’s still my first option, we all know he won’t do that though.

So let me try a team that he is more likely to go with, it cannot include Denilson, he is simply a liability, yes maybe one day he’ll come good, after all Song did, but we can’t afford to carry anyone on Sunday, and given that all three goals were down to him, it’s time to man up and drop him for a couple of seasons, hey, send him out on loan.

This isn’t my choice, it’s my suggestion mixed with what I know he’ll do, so 50/50.


Sagna Gallas Vermaelen Clichy (wrong mix)

Song Cesc Diaby

Rosicky Bendtner Arshavin

Then use Ramsey as the alternative midfielder and Nasri and Theo up top. As I said Vermaelen could go into midfield with Diaby behind the front line, and Campbell would slot in at the back, the balance would be better then and we could protect the inconsistency of our wandering full backs.

I would also consider Theo for impact, he’s way too good to be bad and he will be back, he is my wizard and one day he will light up and score 5 in one match, I went through the same patch Theo, Ian Rush and I had both gone 10 games without a goal, we both scored on the same day and after that, normal service was resumed, Ok, Rush did his at Anfield, but my back heel at Wanstead flats was every bit as good.

Wellington still does not appear to have signed for us according to some reports, odd that, he must be on the longest trial period in history, I think he has signed, he must have spoken to Denilson who would have said join mate, you get paid when you play rubbish and you never ever lose your place! Do that silly head wobble, like a halfwit, Wenger really likes that, I do it all the time, like a court Jester, it creases him up!

We still have a way to go until we play the chavs so we’ll no doubt talk more, for any of you that are feeling a bit left out for being the only people in football not to have slept with that bird of Terry’s, …I don’t believe you!

Let’s just hope the 5th chav players is Cashley and his old woman dumps him and his mobile phone for a better more faithful model, that has morals.

Have a great day Grovers, only 5 to go before we can start dreaming of winning guaranteed points again!

P.S. Pedro is going write a little bit about internet freedom of speech online tomorrow, but before he does, I’d appreciate it if you could put your weight behind the Newsnow petition about the right to link.

The Sun, the Times, NoTW and a few others have banned newsnow from linking their stories in their news feeds because they wont pay to syndicate their links (not content). Newsnow is one of the most successful websites in the UK and has had a big hand in making Le Grove the site it was today. Stage one in Newsnows campaign is to stop other sites back linking their content without a charge… that could have serious implications for free content on the web and it could affect how blogs like ours operate.

Click this LINK and put your name down on the petition today, get your friends to as well. Bloggers, commenters, twitterers, facebookers, stalkers, we need to unite for the good of the net. Do something now to fight this process… because before you know it, we’ll be blessing the good old days of the internet because we failed to act.

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