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Just before I kick off proceedings, I had an e-mail from Newsnow yesterday regarding a complaint about misleading headline over the weekend. Apparently someone read Sundays headline and thought we really were going to buy two of the most valuable players in the world.

My Grandma who recently wrote a letter of complaint the to the council about the closing of the local haberdashery she doesn’t use has a message for that person…

‘Get a life’

I can guess the type who’d do that but I wouldn’t want to make any accusations about how obvious it is that one of our blog stalkers has been playing dirty. Even if it was shameless hit seeking, our advertising partner is a CHARITY!

Onto something more exciting! Yep… the review of the man they like to call Aliko Dangote (If he does buy our shares, we can cocknify his name to Dan the Goat… conglomeroat sic (he owns one). Has a real Lock Stock feel to it, don’t you think?).

The previously unknown 261st richest man in the world exploded into the mindset of Gooners world-wide over the weekend when it emerged the Nigerian businessman had been identified by Blackstone as a candidate to gobble up Lady Nina’s shares.

So, what do we know about the Nigerian football fanatic?

Well, we know he’s not interested in buying Lady Nina’s shares for £15k a pop. When I heard this was what she was asking for the shares, I said to myself out loud whilst feeding the fish,

‘If he’s an astute business man, surely he’d tell lady Nina where to go with an asking price like that?’

… and sure enough he did.

Still, it’s interesting to know that he is actually an Arsenal fan as well as an enterprising business man. He started off his business after securing a loan from his Uncle in 1977, from there he began trading building materials, he then incorporated 2 companies in 1981 which he eventually rolled into one conglomerate known as the Dangote Group.

This group is like Unilever on speed, they deal in food, packaging, logistics, textiles, iron plus his latest interest… oil and gas.

He is the Golden boy of Nigerian business and he sounds like quite a good guy. He has an active interest in supporting the people. He trains young Nigerians within his business and supports groups that keep the youngsters out of crime… very noble in a country that has many social problems. He is currently employing 12,000 people, expected to rise to 24,000 inside a year.

He is all about keeping his fortune within the Country and developing his nation… This quote was interesting,

“If you give me today $5 billion, I will not invest any abroad, I will invest everything here in Nigeria. Let us put heads together and work.”

If Wenger was a business mogul, he’d say something like this,

“If you give me today $5 billion, I will not invest any abroad, I will also not invest any at home. Lets put our heads together and create some mental strength and some spirit.”

Seems farcical to think that after saying something like that he’d want to invest in the vainest of billionaire play things especially if he’s built a reputation on being a man of the people.

Owning a London football club whilst a chunk of your country sits in poverty might work for Russian Oligarchs, but judging by the noises coming out of Nigeria… probably not there.

In Africa, like many other countries, where there is money, corruption is usually not far away. Like I’ve said before, sticking a cowboy hat on and saying yee haa doesn’t mean you’ve earned your crust without treading on a few peoples toes.

Dangote has faced his fair share of allegations that I believe he has been cleared of. Still, it’s worth reporting on them because no one gave Usmanov the benefit of the doubt despite being retrospectively cleared of a rape charges.

The trouble I’ve found with digging out information on Dangote is that most of the text isn’t in a decent format so it’s hard to tell what is propaganda and what is genuine reporting. Still, if you’re interested in reading about the darker side of Dan the Goat, click here , here and here.

So, little chance of him hoovering up the shares… and probably a good thing really. The last thing we need is another billionaire vying for our beloved club, especially as he, like Kroenke, doesn’t appear to have the cash to run our club any better than we can already. I think he’s worth £1.8billion. That’s Randy Lerner cash… in billionaire terms, he’s making the tea (probably in the literal sense judging by his portfolio).

It looks like Barcelona could be ready to make a move for our second choice right back and first class Joker, Emmanuel Eboue. Yep, he’s looking to secure a move to become Barcelona’s second choice right back. I can see the logic, if you’re going to sit on a bench, best make it a warm one eh?! If he moves, I won’t shed a tear… unless of course it’s a tear of laughter because he gives his exit press conference in that tiger suite. Go on Eboue…  do it, think of your legacy!

Seriously, I’ve appreciated his effort over the last year, but when you’re 26 and still not first choice, it’s time to weigh up your options and think about yourself.

Other snippets include a £14million bid for Gary Cahill which would work nicely for us. A battled hardened defender more interested in clean sheets than sulking on the half way line when things don’t go his way. PHW has also come out to deny there have been any offers for our Spanish Maestro. You’ve got to love Barca haven’t you?

‘Err, how about £30mill becuase we’re a bit strapped?’

How about no?

As the bores are out in force this summer trying to dig out Le Grove and its un-Christian negativity, I thought I’d leave the realists with something to smile about with this quote from James B Duke who is a Professor of Behavioural Economics at Duke University.

‘Depressed people tend to show a smaller optimism bias and a more accurate perception of reality’

So George Graham, Lee Dixon, Martin Keown, Robin Van Persie, Cesc Fabregas, Charlie George, the club level phone operator, Andrey Arshavin, Dennis Bergkamp and Piers Morgan may all be a bit miserable when it comes to the Arsenal… but the harsh reality is, they’re probably going to be right.

We’re in good company Grovers!

I’m off to to listen to my Smiths CD with a very depressed, yet smug look on my face.

A bit like this…

Seriously, it's the best I could do...

Have a great day Grovers!

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We are about to 16% owned by a billionaire from Nigeria, that’ll learn ’em.

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Mr Dangote logging on for his daily dose of Le Grove

When I first started supporting Arsenal, we were owned by Dennis Hill-Wood, a proper English gent, a war hero and a good and honest man. Boy how things have changed.

The Bracewell-Smiths have been replaced and the sensible Hill-Woods are long gone, we now have his gaff strewn son, who owns a handful of shares, we have an American that doesn’t really support Arsenal and an Usbek, shrouded in mystery and intrigue, now it seems we are about to get a Nigerian billionaire, well it finally looks like Arsenal football club will be rewarded for their prudence, imagine the board meetings!

I know nothing of this chap and am making no comment about his character because I don’t know anything about him, but what a mixture we will be, how on earth will that lot agree on anything???

All the money that Usmanov and Kroenke have, why didn’t they buy Nina’s shares? You really have to question them letting 16% go to another billionaire, what a buggers muddle. Financial prudence is now about to be replaced with expensive and explosive bun fights and what will happen next is anyones guess, if someone can find a positive in that lot I’d like to hear it.

A woman’s scorn eh Nina!

The Cesc Fabregas show

It seems now that the Cesc deal won’t happen as Barcelona have no money, there’s a surprise, we are now being linked with about a 1,000 players as you would expect, but here’s my take on who we should and who we shouldn’t buy.

Keepers – Hart, Buffon, Schwarzer or no-one, I would prefer Hart as I think he will be England’s next number one, my guess, no one.

Defenders – Chiellini, Cahill, Sackho, Mertesacker, Hangeland and Taylor, I would take any of them as I think they are all better than no one and with Gallas and Silvestre sure to go we need someone. My guess, we’ll sign one.

Midfielders – Gourcuff, Melo, Silva and Arteta, well he seems to rate Melo and we do need another DM and I rate Gourcoff and Silva, me I’d have all 3 and get shot of Denilson, Arteta is 28 and a crock, leave well alone. My guess, we’ll sign one.

So as long as we sign 4 of the above I think we’ll keep Cesc and be a real threat next year, clear out the deadwood and keep the young players we know will make it. It’s time to get it right on the pitch Arsene, with the arrival of Mr Dangote to the Arsenal, I don’t think we will be the same ‘Bank of England’ club anymore, but I think the era of winning nothing will not be rewarded with new contracts either, maybe this is a good thing for us the supporters, either way, if this chap buys Nina’s shares, things won’t ever be the same again.

Have a great day Grovers, the next couple of months promise to be a roller coaster ride.

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Arsenal make a shock bid for Messi and Iniesta.

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What a headline! And maybe it will happen, if the management of Arsenal read this post, I am confident it will.

So Blackpool get promoted, and that has to be down to the influence of Jay Emmanuel Thomas, I hope you got a thank you note Jay, well done Blackpool, I am pleased for you.

Jose Moan-rinio becomes a double special one and wins the treble with Inter, I wish this club wanted to win all the trophies on offer, it must feel great being an Inter fan, cheap tickets and winning trophies, it’s kind of why we have a football team to support isn’t it?

I found this link yesterday, I clicked it and saw two of our articles on it, nice touch that, at least it goes to show that other blogs find us of interest. I thank them for that (Click here).

Still no comment from Cesc or his boss, that says it all really, because Barca are talking about it and so is Brideshead Revisted star PHW, so it’s obviously been said.

We have the biggest management team in football I believe, Barca make a derisory bid for Cesc Fabregas, and now we have a stand off, do we say he’s going nowhere to Barca and end the speculation? No, we stay silent, which is not fair on the fans and spineless as far as Barca is concerned.

Here’s an idea Ivan, make a counter offer, say we won’t sell our best players, especially when they have 5 years left on their contracts, we would however like to buy Lionel Messi and Iniesta for £40 million, we would offer more, but as you know, we are Arsenal and have no money. A bit like you.

What do you think they would say?

I’m pretty sure it would be Are you aving a tin barf, sell our best players for £40 million, do you think we are retarded? Only Arsenal sell their best players for nothing, remember TH14? We had him off you, you know the drill, bend over and grit your teeth’

We allow ourselves to be pushed around like the fat kid in the school playground, it’s time we stood up to bullying and stop pretending it’s the media, it isn’t, this is happening, so go back and show them you have balls Arsenal, it will send Barca a message, and it will send the team a message, we lose top players every year and it’s way past a joke.

Oh, and go and buy some world class players and win some trophies, if you had done that last season, your captain wouldn’t want to go and play for Barca, I don’t blame him, if I could go and support them instead I would, unfortunately I can’t change my loyalties like flicking off a light switch, I’m a Gooner for life. I wish Cesc was, he’s not though and this proves that the plan isn’t working, how many more people need to tell you Arsene, this project was built around Cesc, now he wants out because he doesn’t believe this team is good enough, time to listen to someone.

The writing is on the wall, don’t kill your legacy, stubborness doesn’t win anything, unless the ‘nothing trophy’ and qualifying for a competition we’ll never win is all that counts.

Please go and buy some quality that will keep our captain, begging him to stay one more year will do nothing for us, it didn’t with Thierry and it didn’t with Ade, this team you have will still get trashed by the mancs and the chavs next season, change tack before you lose everything.

Have a great day Grovers, it’s not far to the window and maybe he does have a plan B.

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