This week is the biggest week of Wenger’s tenure, it’s a must win.

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With Villa winning yesterday, albeit to a lucky own goal, we have to start winning or we will be in serious trouble. Whatever Arsenal say about Champions league and it’s importance, it’s important for bragging rights and attracting top class players.

Ok forget the top class players as that won’t happen, but the bragging rights are still hugely important to us, the fans.

If we lose to Liverpool and Villa this week we will end the year 7 points behind Villa and 14 points behind Liverpool if results go against us, and if we don’t qualify for Europe, Cesc will go, Wenger will go and I suspect half the team will go, so Arsene work whatever magic you have, because this week we need you like we have never needed you before.

If we can get to Christmas winning and get the much needed fresh faces in, then we have a chance to salvage our season, but we need to win and we need to drop Song, if he’s in the line up the scousers will be rubbing their hands together, Arsene, please, please, please don’t play him.

The latest rumours are that we are after Arshavin and Tevez, well I don’t really want Tevez but I’d take Arshavin, he’s a proper winger, but at the price they’re asking I can’t see it, if we sign him though, expect to see him replacing Sagna.

Out of interest for the so called real fans out there, not the corporate monkeys, the real un-plastic ones and you know who you are because you are always coming on here saying if you could get tickets you would in a heart beat, well we have had two tickets for the Liverpool game available all week and had no takers, unbelievable!

That isn’t aimed at our Grovers, it’s aimed at the fans that come on accusing people of not being real fans, you know who you are, so if you want those tickets email us, they’re here and available.

The only bindipper player that worries me today is that cheating spiv Gerrard, well him and Keane, if he plays, as Keane loves to score against us. I fancy they will be defensive though and play a 5 man midfield with Kuyt alone up front and Gerrard in the hole, so we’ll have to bring our passing game. This could be the day to play Wilshere on the right, twinkle toes could dazzle Liverpool and their carthorse style of play.

I would play Diaby next to Cesc or Ramsey, a bit of steel in the middle with Nasri on the left, if we don’t play Nasri then Vela and a back four of Clichy, Gallas, Djourou and Sagna.

So my team would be


Sagna Djourou Galla Clichy

Wilshere Cesc Diaby Nasri


However this will be the Arsene Wenger line up, and I’d have money on it.


Sagna Djourou Gallas Clichy

Eboue Cesc Song/Denilson Nasri


I’m sorry to suggest a negative midfield but you just know he’ll sacrifice talent for his obsession of his two love children.

We need to win today and we need to win at Villa Park or our season in the EPL and the top 4 is over, yes I know it’s only half way and I know Villa have picked all their teams from 14 players so far and they will have injuries, but we are also suspect, he needs to buy in the window because we have 3 players that will never make the grade and are holding us back, until he admits that to himself we will never be at the races.

Come on Arsene, this season so far is a blip, get it back on track, it’s not to late and we still love you, you still have time, please give us a decent Christmas present and something nice in the January sales.

We’ll be singing loud today, it’s our annual Arsenal Christmas drink up, so we’ll be loud, and two of you can join us if you take the tickets on offer, have a great day Grovers and a successful week, go on you reeeeeds!

Transfer Special: 10 players that could make a difference.

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‘No, I have not found anyone special yet and I have not seen anyone special yet’

Now Arsene, we’ve heard that little pearler before, and instead of arguing it… most of us just accept it as gospel.

My brother used to do a similar thing when trying to find a job way back when…

‘You found a job John?’

‘No Mum, there aren’t any about…’

Football over the park on weekdays and free board had nothing to do with the lack of job opportunities…!

I feel the Arsenal recruitment situation is similar. Wenger tells us he is looking for players, because it is what we want to hear… if he doesn’t sign anyone he can tell us he tried but there wasn’t anyone special enough. How laughable is that? That is like telling your partner you didn’t get them a Christmas present because you couldn’t find a gift special enough!

Well my friends, I can take this poppycock no longer!

I’ve decided to take on the might of Arsenal’s 400 strong scouting network using only my laptop (standard issue) and googles very own search engine…

Task: Find players that could make a difference to the current setup.

Limitations: They must be attainable.

I now bring you the results of my 2 hour and 14 minute study:

One to watch, Santacroce

One to watch, Santacroce

Fabiano Santacroce: Never heard of him? Well… you never seem to with Italian players until they are lining up in a feared defence. This guys name has been doing to rounds on the Italian forums for a while now… he is of Brazilian heritage, 22 years old and he is playing for Napoli. Some sites have described him as a monster, others a beast… those are terms I like to hear when talking about a defender. He is on the radar of all the big Italian clubs… so why not nip in their and sign him from under their noses?



Brede Hangeland: Fulham’s big centre back has been attracting interest from some of Europe’s elite clubs this season. At 27 he is the right age to make a winning career move. He ain’t winning awards for his beautiful passing moves, but he’ll put his head on anything and he knows how to defend a set piece. Brede was an inspired signing by Roy Hodgson back in January and he helped keep Fulham up… he is the Norway team captain and he scored against us earlier in the year. I think he could solidify our defence in January and lessen the impact of Gallas leaving… he could even compliment Gallas if he decided to stay… I doubt the money asked for him would be out of our range and he isn’t cup tied.

A 6ft 5 defender in our ranks for a relative pittance… we can but dream!



Xavi: Tough tackling Barca allround super midfielder Xavi is currently stalling on a new deal with Barca (I haven’t read anything to the contrary). At 28 he feels he is not being treated with enough respect by the Barca hierarchy and has threatened to leave if his demands are not met. His contract expires in 2010 and if this issue lingers any longer… Barca maybe forced into a quick fire sale. The signing of a player like Xavi would lift the fans and the players… he could really help push Arsenal onto another level… at his age, surely its the perfect time to have a crack at a foreign league?

So good he's still on a free!

So good he's still on a free!

Stephen Appiah: The guy just can’t seem to get a deal… but as the captain of Ghana, there must be some quality there… He is 28 years old and a bit of a journey man, but he knows his position well and he is pretty athletic. Surely he can’t be worse than Song?



Diarra: No, not dolphin head… I am talking about the Beast of Mali… Mahamadou Diarra. He has lost his place this season to young upstart Gago. This has pretty much left him surplus to requirements and with Ramos looking to sign his Pompey namesake… could it be a good time to make an enquiry? You don’t suddenly become a bad £26million player do you (Veron excluded)? The guy is 27, 6ft tall and a winner… he is also injured at the moment… but that would only make him more appealing, right Arsene?

Forgotten man?

Forgotten man?

Yoann Gourcuff: Ok, this guy tore Chelsea a new arsene hole a few weeks ago and is currently on the books with Milan. I don’t think Milan will want to keep him and I am not sure he has the ability to break into their team with the current talent they boast. He is a 6ft 1 attacking midfielder who can play out wide on the left or down the middle… he can shoot with both feet, and boy does he have a shot! He has been attracting the interest of Bayern… he will decide his future in May and if rumours are to be believed, we’ve always shown an interest in the man they call, ‘Petit Zizou’. Hey… who was the last 20 something failure we picked up from Milan on the cheap…?



Lukas Podolski: The stocky, powerful Bayern Munich winger is available for about £10million this winter. He is a proven goal scorer and we’ve apparently been in for him before plus… he will be hungry to prove to Bayern that they were wrong to let him go. A German with a point to prove… I like the sound of that!

Owen at any point in the last 5 years

Owen at any point in the last 5 years

Owen: Once, he was the most feared striker in Europe. His pace and eye for goal marked him out for stardom from an early age. Owen has slightly tarnished his reputation by moving to a second rate club but one thing is for sure… his finishing is still there and he is a big name. Would Wenger take a risk on Owen if there was no fee involved… well, he took a risk on Franny Jeffers for £10million and he was a crock…

A handsome devil

A handsome devil

Ivica Olic: This guy was officially the fastest player at the Euro’s this summer. He can play up front or out wide on the left. He is 27 years old and he is available on a free transfer this summer. His goal record is pretty impressive as well, he has bagged 25 goals in 66 games for Hamburg. He is fast, skillful and very aggressive. I think he has many of the credentials Arsene looks for in a player. Bayern Munich, Liverpool and Juve are all rumoured to be interested in his signature this summer.

… and finally…

Funny, yet talented

Funny, yet talented

Antonio Cassano: The guy has had his ups and downs with his weight and discipline, but one thing that can’t be denied is his talent. Wenger is an expert at dealing with naughty footballers and if there was one footballer on the planet worth taming (Bar Adriano) it is this guy. Ok, so I don’t really believe much of what I just wrote in that last paragraph, I just wanted you to read this story here.

“Sex plus food: a perfect night”

What a line.

So, there is the list my nights work produced… a list of players that are available, that possess enough quality to play for Arsenal and that are all pretty much within our price range. If I can do that in a couple of hours… surely the 400 scouts on Arsenal’s books can come up with 2 players worth purchasing or that at least merit the tag, ‘special’.

So, what do you think? Who are your suggestions? Let us know in the comments section!

Tomorrow, Geoff will be delivering the match preview!

Merry Saturday Grovers!

P.S. I have 2 club level tickets available for tomorrows Liverpool game… drop me a mail if you are interested in the pair (£210).


Hell hath no fury like a Nina scorned, be careful, be very careful.

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What were they thinking? Nina was red and white to the core, her family has been associated with Arsenal for a million years, are they mad?

Next season the sponsors will be gone, Barclays have already said ‘see ya’, who’s next? How can Sky afford to throw obscene amounts at football? I’m in the Ad business and every client I have is cutting back, most of the corporates that Arsenal have, have either gone tits up or their salaries have, the Grove could be like Gordon Brown’s money box next season if things keep going like this, but you know what, if we were winning trophies, people would find a way to get there.

Buying a few players is one way to achieve success and harmony, forcing a takeover isn’t and to me, destroying the lock down is madness, so onto the theme of today’s post, a woman scorned, we’ve all been there, you know what I mean…

A glimpse into the future for Danny boys rabbit, floppsy.

A glimpse into the future for Danny boys pet rabbit, flopsy.

Well If I wasn’t shocked by the initial loss of ‘our Nina’ from the board, I am now, reports say she was treated abysmally by them and ousted for no reason, I have to believe they know what they are doing because even they can’t be that stupid when they had a lock down in place until 2012. Nina is now not part of that lock down and her 16% if bought by ‘Stan the man’ or ‘Usmanov the Usbek’ will mean we are in foreign ownership, in effect, the takeover we all feared.

Now before I may well have been interested in buying a few more shares, but in this climate, they wouldn’t be the gold mine they once were, so I won’t!

I think we are in real danger of killing the Goose that laid the golden egg, I know for a fact many box owners will not renew their options once this 3 year spell is up at the end of the season, I will also have money that Diamond club is savaged by people walking away from their 11 year leases and I suspect that many, many season ticket holders will be so worried about the next few years, they may well not renew.

There are of course some 58,000 on the waiting list, but again, how many of them will be parting with a couple of grand when they may not be able to afford to pay their mortgages next year, still that does leave a big hole that the ‘real fans’ can fill, yeah right! We’ll see how many so called ‘real fans’ put their money where their big mouths are next term.

I have been called negative by a few blogs for saying what I feel about the team selections and the lack of investment into world class players, I have been pilloried by some for saying that fans will turn their backs on watching our stubborn manager buying kids that aren’t good enough, yet we are still being asked to cough up more than teams that do buy players and do re-invest.

We’ll see over the coming weeks whether fans are prepared to spend shed loads on another unsuccessful year because our manager is determined to see out his bizzare experiment, and the next couple of months is when the renewals go out.

Yesterday he said the Alexandre Song was his most improved player, if he believes that, then we are deeper in the do-do than I ever imagined, Song, most improved, are you watching the same team as we are boss?

Barca are now after Robin Van Persie, so how can they keep spending and still stay afloat? The myth is we don’t spend, we do, but we spend it all on huge wages for players that will never make the grade, so Arsene get rid of a few of these kids and bring in some class, it would probably cost the same in the long run anyway.

I will still be buying my season because you know what? I am a real fan, one that keeps filling this bottomless pit called Arsenal and getting nothing back, but I’ll be there next term, how many others will?

I have a good mate that has a box that takes 15, a season back, he had people fighting for a ticket, now he struggles to fill it, when I was in the Diamond club for the Wigan game it was half empty, the jumbo screen said 59,000, I doubt there was 49,000, the warning signs are there Arsenal, ignore it at you peril, you have a month to show us how much you really care, then you’ll see how much we do.

The sycophants at said only about a 1,000 fans were booing, bollocks, most of the ground were and if the manager hadn’t subbed the sacrificial lamb, I suspect the booing would have been aimed at him, I thought that was a betrayal of his own player and that is worse than the booing that took place, but no one can say that can they.

Liverpool up next and we should have a full team, they aren’t that good and we ought to beat them, if we don’t our season in the EPL comes to an abrupt end, how far have we come as a team when you can say that the week before Christmas?

Today the concerned post, tomorrow the rallying cry. Have a great day my friends.

P.S. Many thanks to Avenell for sending us a great t-shirt and cap, he has kindly agreed to put a set up for a Christmas competition, so stay tuned for that on!