We're playing for pride boys, let's pee on their parade. AKB's, should Arshavin join the chavs?

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So this is it, the game that could see the Mancs lifting the EPL, the ultimate humiliation, like watching your wife snog another bloke, well they weren't counting on Andre Arshavin were they!

This will be the perfect time for him to show the world how the world missed out on the most outrageous bargain ever in football, this piece of business even surpassed the bargain that was Thierry Henry going to Barca for £16 million.

The team has experienced a torrid few weeks, I'm sure their pride has been severely dented and they will be trying like hell to stop them winning the title in their own back yard, the noise from the dressing room if they won would be the worst experience for them in their short lives so I'm sure they will step up to the plate, also the stick their boss got the other night needs putting right.

They owe the manager and they owe us, let's hope they can do it and pee on their parade. We have Arsene Wengers favourite fans going to the game today so the atmosphere should be electric, we only have this game left then the last game at home where we'll be celebrating in style, then shortly after that hopefully we'll see why we employed Gazidas and we'll bring in some world class players sharpish. I wonder what we'll be doing with the loanees, Simpson, Traore and Senderos???

Since I wrote this post I just read the Arshavin interview, it's good to know that he shares the view of Le Grove, it's funny how someone that has only been at the club for a few months can see what we all can, so when these AKB sheep ask me if I play Championship manager, or if I know more than Wenger, or tell me I'm not a real fan, perhaps you should ask Arshavin the same question you muppets, I think we need a few ready made world class players, the people that read this blog think that and now Arshavin becomes the 3rd Arsenal player to say something, should he go and support Chelsea or do we think someone at Arsenal should listen? Ivan? Arsene? Anyone?

Have a great day today Grovers, let's hope that Andre can put a smile on all our faces today. That would at least shut up the Mancs and give us some bragging rights this summer.

Wenger you insult us, how dare you.

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So the much awaited questions and answers day when I got it wrong, happened last night. I thought the questions would be sanitised but he threw the floor open and really didn't like what he heard, I really think he thinks he is bigger than this club now.

He starts by saying this 'At the moment what this team needs is the support of the fans. I must say there is a massive difference between the away fans, who are absolutely fantastic, and the home fans'

So for all of us that go to the ground and sing our brains out, he is saying the away fans are better, how dare you, you pompous arrogant man, how dare you devalue what people like me have contributed to your ridiculous youth policy that clearly isn't working, how dare you.

Your legacy at this club could be legendary, the way you are going you will be sacked, and that is a tragedy.

All you AKB's out there, did you hear that, he said you were all shit. He said the away fans were better, he was saying in a round about way that you can not have an opinion and must love the teams he puts out.

Someone said that you should sell Adebayor and that person got applauded, you tell us he is great and has lost his confidence and that is down to us, not supporting him, poor bastard, it must be tough when you earn £80k a week to keep up your spirits. Sucking up to Milan must have sapped your strength.

What planet do you live on, you say that if this experiment doesn't work in the next two years we can blame you, so what , you want another two years on your huge salary before you are admit you're wrong?

You then say these players are wanted by all of the elite clubs, well I don't believe you, who has ever bid for Diaby, Denilson or Song? Really, tell me, who's team would they get into, no one I know who supports other clubs would have them, we get stuffed by the Mancs and you come back with they are world champions, well they are world champions because they buy decent players, that's why, and when we played them we were woeful, as someone said last night, they have no bottle and for an Arsenal side , that is a disgrace.

How the owners of this great club keep listening to your bullshit, is beyond me. You are delusional, the law of averages says you'll win something eventually, Portsmouth won the FA cup last season.

You enter the Carling Cup with no intention to win it, you say it's to see how good the kids are, Wilshere looked great, Ramsey looked great and Vela looked great, so what do you do, play them? No you keep faith with Denilson and Diaby, and please tell me why you were so pleased when you signed Silvestre, he even worse than Stepanovs, why is that, talented players don't get a look in and talentless players get games and lose them for us.

I can't think of one person in world football that thinks you are right, apart from Peter Hill Wood and Ivan Gazidas, there's a surprise.

You had a chance last night to admit you were wrong and start the recovery process, you let us down and yet again you dissed the fans, shame on you. Shame on Arsenal.

I won't stop supporting Arsenal because it's in me, same with most of the suckers that go every week, you though have insulted us once again and now you want another 2 years before you admit you have screwed up, that will make 7 years in a well paid job with nothing to show for it, you really have worked your magic on this board mate.

That's assuming you win nothing in the next 2 years of course. I'm sorry if there are those out there that think I'm wrong for feeling like this, but when a shareholder offers to put this right by paying off the stadium debt and we are told by the manager his team is good enough, everyone wants them, they do have fight and the fans are shit, I think I have the right to be annoyed.

I watched the Leeds vs Millwall game last night, you should show that to your team, at least both teams showed some fight. And the whole stadium stood up and not one pony arsed steward was there telling them to sit down, I have never experienced an atmosphere like I did against the Mancs in the semi final pasting, the reason it turned negative was because your team and your tactics were shit, don't blame us, blame yourself.

I have never in my whole life criticised an Arsenal manager like I'm criticising you, I even had some sympathy for George Graham when he got fired, but having said that, you are the first manager in my time that has criticised the fans who pay your wages and I go all the way back to Bertie Mee. Shame on you.

Is the Rioch team of 96 better than the current team?

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Good morning everyone, today we're mostly going to be comparing the past with the present.

The above question is one I feel could spark some healthy debate in what could prove to be quite a boring week.

Which players would you take from the 1996 squad if you had the choice?

I know a common myth that prevails around cyber space is that Arsenal were a shower of rubbish when the coach took over, but that is a point I've always fiercely opposed.

This question isn't about who plays the best football or who is technically superior... this is a question of preference, who would you prefer to see on the team sheet if you had the choice? What do you prefer in a footballer, technical superiority and sublime skill or hardwork, passion and heart?

If you look at the team Rioch provided, you'd be hard pushed to say it was a write off. I simply can't accept that Arsene inherited a poor team. Excluding the signings he made before he was employed... lets have a run through the pro's and cons of both teams!

So, in midfield... We've got Cesc Fabregas who has amazing vision and control of the game. We've got arguably one of the most exciting prospects since Bobby P in Arshavin and we've got a pretty talented wide man in Nasri. However, Song and Denilson seem to be struggling to adapt to the holding role. We're beautiful going forward but we totally lack a winner in the middle of the park and we don't have anyone who lives to defend/protect.

The Rioch team had a midfield that boasted Paul Merson... who was a magical player, he worked his socks off and could provide moments of brilliance from anywhere on the field. We had a youngish Ray Parlour... a solid player and a hard worker... some say he is one of the most underated Arsenal players ever... and I'd agree. We also had an ageing David Platt there to provide a bit of spark... but after that, we were in Eddie McGoldrick, Ian Selley, David Hillier territory. We didn't have much strength in the middle...

So despite our current team having the same problems and the 1996 lot, I'm tipping it in their favour due to the attacking edge. 1-0 Project Youth.

How about up front? Well... this is an interesting one.

Rioch had Ian Wright... A legend, a goal scoring machine... he was Mr Arsenal. Then we had arguably the most important signing in Arsenal's history playing off him... Mr Bergkamp. In reserve, we had fat Welsh journeyman, John Hartson. All three of those strikers were capable of 20 goals a season.

Compare them to the current crop of Nik B, Adebayor and Robin... Ade is a battering ram of a striker, capable of sticking the ball in the net if he gets enough chances, but prone to being offside (If you get the chance, pick up a copy of GQ this month and read Ade's tip for staying onside... hilarious) 5 times a game and a bit lazy. Nik B is too young to make a judgement, but his composure in front of goal is poor... he does have great control and he is a team player... but he'd have nothing on Wrighty and Bergkamp. Robin Van Persie is a bit hit and miss... he is the best of our 3 fit strikers, but I don't think anyone would say he's blown us away this year.

So, if I'm given a choice here... I'm going with Bruce's front line.

Defense is where I think we're struggling... who would you prefer?

Sagna Gallas Toure Clichy


Dixon Keown Adams Winterburn

Would it be fair to say no brainer?

Individually, you'd have to admit that the above defenders would struggle to compete technically with most of our current defence... they may even struggle to compete for pace... but there in lies the issue. Do you need to be technically perfect to be a great defender? Is this where Wenger struggles? That back 4 had passion and heart by the bucket load, they worked hard at their art and they knew each others game inside out.

They were a real unit and a legendary defense. Could we replicate that again? Well... if we bring someone in who knows how to teach defence, we employ some more defenders like Gallas who live and breath clean sheets... then there is a chance.

Now... in goal. David Seaman versus Manuel Almunia. This one for me isn't so cut and dry. I think they are pretty similar keepers... never too spectacular, but quite reliable. David Seaman gave us more magic though... but in fairness, he had a longer crack at the whip. However, Dave in a penalty shootout gives him a few extra percentage points...

Dave was prone to the odd clanger but the most disappointing thing he ever did was change his hairstyle, no one likes to see a grown man rocking a pony tail. On the flip side of the coin, one thing I can guarantee is that Dave would never roll around the streets of London with a cat on a leash... sorry Al... you've really got to man up over the summer. I'm awarding this one to big Dave.

So... overall, if we were taking best bits from both teams, this is how I'd line up.


Dixon Gallas Adams Clichy

Merson Cesc Song Arshavin

Bergkamp Wright


  • Parlour
  • Hartson
  • Robin
  • Keown
  • Nasri

How would your team line up?

See you in the comments!