Arsenal sell for £25mill | We know the positions, so who are the players?

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Where to start eh? I leave the country for 2 days and nothing happens, in fact the only exciting thing I can report is that my iPad has learnt the spelling of Gervinho…

Well that’s a lie, the massive news this morning is Arsenal have killed their career in property flogging off a load of Emirates land for a bottom line profit of £25million (according the AST)! 2500 new homes will be generated at prices totally out if the reach if your average punter… But who cares, I love looking at expensive property!

This reminds me of a horrible story one of my friends told me. He sacked his girlfriend who was quite successful, they split the profit of their own property… this woman scorned did what no man would want to see… She bought an Arsenal flat with the proceeds.

Burner, I’d rather find out my ex was seeing Jermaine Jenas…

Does that mean we have enough money to make a few signings of intent? You bet! This is great news, let’s hope Wenger welcomes this as a bonus, not as a threat to his purist notion of not spending.

Talking of spending, it’s clear that Typically it takes arsenal 90% longer than anyone else to negotiate transfers. Gazidis has probably tried to use most things on his desk as sweetners… Pencil sharpeners, rulers… Cheese and onion crisps. At the end of the day, it’ll come down to Market rate and whether we’ll pay it.

If we don’t, there’s always a nutter with a cheque book ready and waiting with a 40% better offer. Kenny, I’m looking at you son! Interesting that I’ve heard in his personal life he’s tighter than an amazon gift voucher from Arsene Wenger!

This Douglas Costas offer sounds interesting… It’s very hard to know exactly wheat we’re up to… What we can decipher is that we’re after a wide man, a centre back and a forward.

I think there are many smoke screens going off at the moment… So it’s going to be hard to predict anything!

It’ll be interesting to see if we do play Vermaelen at left back, for me, that’s not a great option. You’re wasting a top centre back there. I’ve also heard he’s a horrible left back room a Grover who used to work out there.

I was told that when he was played as a DM for Belgium he was excellent. That really would be interesting! Tenacious, fast, good on the ball, mobile and super going forward. JD and Kozzer were ok at the back last year, with a bit more coaching and preparation next year I see no reason why Vermaelen can’t be given a new role.

Wenger could realise his dream of having Song as a centre back!

Talking of midfield, how would you feel about Joey Barton? Ignoring the fact he’d shank you if you jeered him in the ground, what do you think of his on pitch persona? What about his skill? For me, if he wasn’t a scum bag, he’d be at a top club… Simple as that.

Also, I heard that Sagna’s comments about Cesc that he denied ARE the comments he thinks in private. I think most of the squad expect Cesc to leave this summer. If we can pick up on that from the stands, you’d be naive to think the players aren’t picking up on that vibe from inside the club.

God bless that 8 year deal… God bless it a thousand times!

Off topic, if someone can tell me the last time an iPad crashed a Ryanair plane I’d be fascinated. The old guy sitting next to me is enraged my simless tablet is on during s flight. Muppet. What would Joey B do?

Back to soccer ball. Not much else to talk about really.

I’m really interested to see who else in Europe has the faith in the dross Arsene Wenger has had for the past 5 years. Really, they should be going to equivalent clubs in other leagues… Or at least batting around that area. Who will take Denilson and Eboue? Who will take a punt on Vela? Will anyone bid for Rocky or Squillaci? Who’d be mad enough to put Almunia in their first team?

Other managers know a good player when they see one… We’ll see just how misguided his faith was eh!

I’d also like to know if Wenger has given up on an experienced keeper? If I was him I’d have a back up and he wouldn’t be Fabianski. Thomas Sorenson would be a good signing, maybe even Schwarzer again? Not necessarily for the 1st 11 but there just in case secondseasonitis kicks in with our bolshy number one.

I really like chezzer, all I’m saying is preparation for the worst is always a great idea when dealing with kids.

Anyway Saturday is here, much Peroni is yet to be drunk!

Keep it messy and embarrassing Grover’s and know that 1 in 5 mushrooms eaten in England are Irish.


Waiver: This post was written with an iPad and a skinful under the belt. Excuse the smpelling.

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Sandro Rosell tells Cesc he’s worthless and worn out and if Nasri’s a greedy little piggy, blame management, they taught him. And the worst kept secret in fixtures? Newcastle away first up!

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Let me begin with Barca’s Rosell, he says that one year on, one year after he unsettled our skipper, he thinks he’s worth less money, or another way of saying his value has gone down and he has a years worth of mileage on his body clock.

I wonder if he feels Messi has gone down in value over the same period, what an unintelligent, dopey prat.

Cesc however should now feel that Barca don’t think he’s worth paying serious money for, because if they prod hard enough, they’ll get him cheap.

Now the real issue for me is simple, if Cesc has all that Barca DNA cobblers in him and the need to go back and play for his boyhood club, then why on earth did he leave them in the first place? Where was the love then? Where were his family and all the advice they give him now?

My guess is it wasn’t the lure of Arsenal and the great Arsene Wenger, my guess is it was something to do with money, the lack of it from Barca and the silly sums that Wenger offers kids, my theory is the reason we get all these kids is we bribe them with copious amounts to sign, how else could an 18 year old Jay Emmanuel Thomas possibly afford to get nicked driving without a license in a Maclaren Mercedes?

This of course brings me nicely onto the situation we have with Samir nasri and his need to earn £120k a week for his services, it’s the culture of money for old rope and greed that has been fostered. Remember Theo earning £60k a week before he was 21 and unproven, hell, he’s still unproven now!

So I don’t blame Nasri for wanting such a massive amount, he sees everyone else at the club earning masses for no return so why not him? (including the management)

Now don’t get me wrong, I want Cesc to stay as much as I want Nasri to re-sign but I also want this continual crap we have to suffer year in year out to cease, it rarely happens to other clubs and the minute it does, their managers nip it in the bud.

This ‘I want to leave’ nonsense has happened almost every year since Wenger won something, it’s really boring, if he reported Barca to the authorities for unsettling a player or un-sporting conduct I bet they’d stop, but he doesn’t do a thing and that for me is why they do it.

People only get bullied because they don’t fight back.

Please don’t say there is nothing we can do, I’m sure there is something in the rule book we could dig up.

Also, have you noticed it only happens to the players that are good? The average players extoll their love for the manager and when they get good, they want out.

Anyway, with luck we’ll keep our stars and buy some decent ones in, either way we need to get Nasri to commit or transfer list him, me, I would do it before August, if not then before January. We’ve been here before and it didn’t work. Once is careless, twice is dumb.

In other news there is, well none! I don’t see why it takes so long to buy a player, especially if he has a buyout clause, now if Cahill’s is £17mil, then surely £17mil for him beats what the Mancs have just paid for a 19 year old. Just do it and move on, we didn’t last year and it cost us, Ivan, go and earn your massive salary.

I am aware that the theorists think that Cahill is a smokescreen for Samba, don’t forget we should have signed Samba in January, I don’t think he’ll be hard to get, he is the big lump we need but we also need Cahill, he has pace and intelligence and for me we need them both, or two like them.

Watching England play in the under 21’s proves to me that young English players aren’t worth what they are bought for, we can’t keep investing in the future as often the future never comes, look at our record, how many years did we wait for Nordtveit, Senderos, Denilson and Vela only for them never to make it, surely it makes more sense to buy in proven talent now whilst investing in the odd bit of potential.

I can see us losing the likes of Wilshere in the coming years because we’ve won nothing, we are just 3 or 4 players short of domination and I have been saying that for years, it’s so frustrating. Every transfer window people come on here and say ‘well the chavs haven’t bought anyone’ and ‘it’s only been open for two weeks, trust him’ – Listen before we know it it will be gone and we will have missed out for another season.

We may not have won a trophy for 6 years, but even if we win this season it will have been 7 years since a trophy and 8 years since we won the league! Think about that! Blimey, we aren’t West Ham, we are Arsenal!!!

Arsene please, please move now before we lose out again. Let’s go into July full of hope and promise rather than sniffing around the bargain basement again for the likes of Squillaci and co.

How many years have we got to go down the same track, all we do is win Jack and lose our stars that we spent years waiting for to come good.

Have a great day grovers, tomorrow you get positive Pedro back, maybe by then we would have signed those players we need, after all, it is Friday!

Cesc and Nasri give it one more year and we will buy Samba, Gervinho and Cahill

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So we wake up to the news that our captain has said in Spain he is happy at Arsenal and unless he’s told otherwise he will be staying, top, top man Cesc, I love you all over again! Nasri has agreed to stay another year to see if Wenger buys what we need and we are certain to replace our two centre backs, Samba and Cahill will do for me or Vertongen if one those don’t join.

Then I will go into the season confident we can win the league. Time for Clichy to go and bring in Vermaelen at left back, before you spit out your All-Bran hear me out.

Vermaelen is a super tackler, fast and links play well, but even with him at the back we still ship goals, two of the three I mentioned are out and out centre backs, Clichy makes way too many mistakes, the reason we love him so much was because he filled the boots of Sheryl Cole, so we wanted him to do well, Vermaelen often plays at left back for Belgium and he will give us the strength to have a solid back line. Like the old days!

Time to use Nasri in the middle with Cesc, he isn’t a winger, let jack do the mopping up at the back, it’s about time we dropped the DM role as this team is so mobile we don’t need one, Jack can do that job.

Then I would have Arshavin on the wing, we only need one and with Gervihno, if he comes, we have the competition we need to put a size 10 up our Andre and options and cover on the wing.

We are also sniffing around the Brazilian Willian, I think he’s a winger but I’m not sure, he is from a tougher league than the French one but apart from a few youtube clips I can’t really offer an opinion, but any deal that involves getting shot of Denilson, I would take. And after what he said, I’m sure Wenger would too!

Also time to put Theo up front with Robin in behind and revert to 4-4-2 or 4-1-3-2 this team doesn’t need major surgery, it just needs the type of player we lacked and shipped goals, that can be solved by buying in 2 top, top centrebacks and getting a left back that let’s them know he’s there and can stay on his feet at crucial times.

Of course I would love us to buy Benzema and lose Bendtner and Chamakh but that won’t happen, Wenger will replace three tops, but I can’t see him doing more than that, well not to the starting line up anyway.

I watched the under 21’s last night and was impressed by Lansbury, he reminds me of a young Ray Parlour, not the finished article yet but plays with a passion a lot of our team lack, but he’s a year or two off, I would bring him into the squad though as he will grow.

I read with interest that Wenger sent out his scouts to watch Hazard play for Belgium, why? Don’t we know by now that he’s rather good? Does one match warrant a scout telling Wenger ‘yes boss buy him’???

All a bit odd but I want us to tie up these players early doors so they can make the want-aways feel good about next season, I want them rareing to go from pre-season and to get used to our squad and our culture.

I would also bring back Coquelin and put him in the squad, ship out Denilson and we then have Frimpong, Song and him to choose from when we want to go the DM route and I think he is already as good as we have.

I would try my team because when we deploy an out and out DM, our midfield loses a playmaker and if we want to emulate Barca, keeping the ball is a good step and frankly DM’s don’t tend to keep the ball. Well ours don’t!

If players need to protect the back 4 then the back four can’t be that good, a back four of Sagna, Samba, Cahill and Vermaelen wouldn’t let their mothers through, that back four would be tighter than George Osbourne, that back four frightens me, and I don’t frighten easily.

And SSCV would you believe is my lucky letter formation!

Get in there Arsene, this team will win the lot, this team is the team we have cried out for for years, admit the mistakes of the past, get shot of Denilson, Clichy, Squillaci and Bendtner and go back to a formation the players like.

We don’t need the marquee signings, (well Benzema would be nice but I won’t be upset if we don’t) Gervinho I’m not sure about as I haven’t seen enough of him, but after him, no more from the French league, pleeeeeease!

Whatever we do though, I hope we don’t hold out to get these players cheaper, because that can often mean we don’t get who we want, or we lose out, remember Alonso and Schwarzer?

If I had a choice though, I would prefer Ashley Young to Gervinho, he’s EPL tested, quite good, and a massive Arsenal fan, but we missed out on him at Watford and I can’t see us taking on the mancs for him, ho-hum!

I also watched Henderson yesterday and I’m glad we let King Kenny have that one, he’s not a patch on Lansbury.

Come on Arsene, we can afford them from the players you sell, but screw around and they’ll be gone. Do that and you will still get your massive pat on the back from the board as you won’t have touched the war chest, win, win.

Have a great days Grovers, this could be the team and today could be the day we sign them.


Sagna Samba Cahill Vermaelen

Wilshere Cesc Nasri  Gervinho or Arshavin

Theo Robin

Bench Ramsey, Song, Coquelin, Lansbury, Kozzer, (Benzema!) etc