Kos chiel knee off the mark and Wengers learns from last years problems

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Learns bugger all that is, what an absolute joke defence we have, Koscielny adds what exactly? Apart from opening his goal scoring account, shame it was in his own net though.

Chamakh’s nickname was the plank in France, I’m guessing we’ll be giving that one to Fabianski after this game.

What this game showed us is that Fabianski is even worse than we thought he was, if we play Liverpool with that team we’ll get hammered.

Nasri looked great as did Chamakh, when Chamakh got the score back to 1-3 he held of four players, laid it off to Nasri, who whipped it back in the box for a Chamakh header, superb.

Chezzer came on for the second half and it only took our woeful defence 3 minutes for him to show how good he really is, in fact he’s as good as Fabianski’s bad, he pulled off a fantastic double save, awesome. Kept us in the game, no doubt.

No wonder they nicknamed him ‘The wall’

Shortly after that, a Vela free kick saw Eboue of all people, nick in behind the keeper to head in, 2-3.

54 minutes and a Clichy howler let in Manu who was bearing down on goal before Vermaelen hacked him down, no penalty, what a let off, we should have been 4-2 down and with only 10 men left on the pitch, lucky, lucky Arsenal.

Well Eboue scores a blinder, on 60 minutes he receives from Wilshere and waits for the keeper to move, then he lets rip 3-3, see you Theo I’m afraid.

2 minutes later and Legia start defending like us, a ball over the top sees Gibbs rap one in the roof of the net from the left wing.

76 minutes and Koscielny’s ball watching allows them an equaliser, Arsene, whoever recommended this bloke, you need to sack, was it the same scout who suggested you bought Stepanovs?

80 minutes and a flick on sees JET hold off their full back and smash the ball in 4-5 to the good guys.

83 minutes and Nasri is rewarded for his performance with a low well hit free kick, 4-6 maybe their keeper is as bad as Fabianski.

An injury time Lansbury cock up sees our shocking defence let in another, 5-6

This is Legia Warsaw people, what happens when we play a Premiership team? We let in 5 goals for Christ’s sake, 5 goals, what exactly did Wenger learn then from our poor defending last year?

There is no way he had been tracking Koscielny, no way, I bet he bought him sight unseen on the recomendation of his mate Grimandi. He really isn’t the answer, if anything we are worse than last season, we saw the cracks against Celtic, Arsene, you have a week to sort this out, you let 4 defenders leave and replaced them with one who isn’t as good as Senderos.

Even the most die hard AKB can see that we need a keeper and a proper old fashioned centre back, if they can’t, then they can’t like Arsenal as much as I do.

I write a positive post on Friday and then watch this game, stop being so tight, go and spend the money or you will be throwing away another season, what must Cesc be thinking?

I know that Vermaelen was rubbish last pre-season and to be honest wasn’t great yesterday, I may be unfair on Koscienly but the reason is, he’s another Vermaelen, we don’t need two, that’s like having two Keowns, we need a big lump in there that can out jump everyone, we’ve needed that for years.

It’s just disappointing to see we have learned little from last year, 1 week to go and we still haven’t decided which one of our awful keepers we are going with, 1 week to go and we are still crap at defending, perhaps our manager should have spent the summer sorting that out and not commentating.

Still at least Wilshere and Gibbs have been called up by England, I wonder if we’ll keep Jack now, it’s Fabianski and Almunia he should be loaning out, no one would want them though, would they?

Have a great Sunday Grovers, enjoy the Community Shield, we’ll get to see how far they have come!

£20mill Reina bid revealed + the move they didn’t tell you about!

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Well after weeks of keeping my mouth shut, finally I can reveal the names of goalkeeper and defensive midfielder I was told we were in for.

The Sun has forced my hand by getting hold of the Reina story which was my first name, this isn’t new, the phone call actually happened weeks ago when we were telling Barca where to go (June). So I can confirm that despite the massive sums of money involved, the story is bang on. What the Sun failed to mention that we enquired after Javier Mascharano as well.

Geoff alluded to these players numerous times in his posts to give you clues, but to be honest, he, like me, had given up on the story going anywhere so we thought it’d be best to stay quiet.

That’s why generally I’ve kept calm this summer because I was sure we were going after top names.The Spahic rumour flew in the face of everything I’d heard. I thought, how can we be in for world class players one minute… this guy the next? I assumed we’d done the usual and bid £2million for the pair and offered a years subscription to ATVO to sweeten the deal.

My initial theory was that we’d buy Reina for a princely sum allowing Schwarzer to go to Liverpool which would in turn allow them to buy some defensive reinforcements. I didn’t quite realise we’d be lumping out that much money for him, I thought it’d be a £25mill for the Argentinian and £15mill for Reina.

I’m sure that we’d all forgive the joker Reina for his misgivings if he signed up for the Arse and if a signing ever was going to get the fans going, it would be this one. It would probably be the most effective signing of Wenger’s reign. I’d liken it to walking through the desert for 5 year, living off beetles and lizards… then turning the corner and finding a 3 course meal that Gordon Ramsay had just prepared! You’d pleased because it’s food first and foremost… but damn, that is a great way to end your starvation!

The Spaniard in an Arsenal shirt would be an amazing coup and would satisfy our need for a quality keeper ten fold!

I’m not sure what’s going to happen with Javier, I know he wants to go to Inter, but last year he wanted to go to Barcelona and then Madrid last season. He wants to play in an attacking line up and he wants Champions League football. Remember that Wenger has been in for him before when £7.5million was the touted price. I think he’d be a superb signing for us and he’d give our midfield real strength in depth. The guy has that little bit of nasty in him I feel we sometimes miss. He’s also a bit mad… I like that.

This could be a superb week and if it’s all true, it proves that we’ve now got money, that world-class players can be the future and that we could be the big guns once again!

I told you the two players we were in for wouldn’t disappoint… let me know if I was right in the comments!

Have a great Saturday!


Arsenal, show us a bit of respect!

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This is an article from one of our more regular guest posters, Old Bird.  Apparently the Members day wasn’t an enjoyable affair for all, read on…

Dear Le Grove,

I’m glad you had a great day in the shareholders area yesterday. We lesser mortals were left standing outside for well over an hour as gates opened much later than planned.  I then had a lot of hassle getting in as the administrative masterminds had deactivated my season ticket from last year as we are moving seats.  Fair enough but they hadn’t issued my new one yet. Great.  I rang to check this yesterday and was told my old ticket would still work. Well it didn’t.

Thank you Arsenal Box Office.

Next, as we were “lucky enough” to be given tickets for the players Q and A, we had to leave the stadium to queue, as firmly instructed, at 1:15 at the Club Level entrance as the session would start promptly at 1:45. We therefore missed the pen shoot out, hit the cross bar, ball kicking etc as we were politely waiting to get into this event.

We were finally let in at out about 2:30.  The players (RVP, Arsh, Tommy R and Eboue) arrived just after 3, so I am told, but as I had to leave at 3 to catch the last cheapday return train home I missed them.  Brilliant.

I find it really depressing that despite the money we all spend as a dedicated supporters the club treat us with so little respect.  How difficult is it to run to time?  If I had organised an event in my job so badly I would be sacked.  What a waste of a day.

There were some good moments. Let me think. Seeing Cesc in red/white looking happy *hopeful face*.  Meeting up with my best Arsemate.  A free coffee when finally allowed in.   Whoopie do.

Oh, but I had an interesting chat with Dan Roebuck about the return (or not!) of Arsenal TV.  How about Gooner fans unite and start a campaign to get it back?

All the other big clubs have their channels and watching online is just rubbish…

Best Regards

Old Bird

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