Theo could win us the league, inadvertently.

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He really could, I have been quite depressed about Theo’s dislocation and how it could ruin his career, I mean this is what, the third time? and he’s only 19, it doesn’t bode well does it?

So you may ask, how does that help us win the league, miracle cure? Homoeopathy? Acupuncture? No, a Wengerism is what could happen.

I think we could put Jackie boy or Ramsey in there or even Nasri and switch the other two over, but I could ‘as well’ see Wenger using this as the excuse he needs to buy the midfield player we all know we need and he can now do it without losing face.

He won’t be pressured into a signing because he’s so ‘silly stubborn’ but with Theo out for so long he can say he had no choice and go and get Alonso or Cana or someone good.

Either that or he’ll put Bitchslap in there and save our money! I have a sneaky suspicion though this could be it, so without Theo knowing, he could be the reason we win the league, he may even shock us all and buy an out and out winger from somewhere. There is probably a centre half somewhere that he can convert.

He may even buy Veloso so that when Theo’s back we have the mobile centre back we also desperately need.

I’m hoping he now realises that the treasured top 4 spot is seriously under threat and will act fast to shore up the side, and with December only a week or so away it’s not a long time until we reach the January sales, so maybe we should start speculating, or at least draw up a short list of talent we’d like to see at the Grove, we know he reads this blog so maybe a suggestion or two would not be a bad thing.

Of course Eboue plays there and Song probably does but with the injury to Sagna and the injury to Eboue that area is hopefully covered.

Good to see an Arsenal old boy scoring for England last night, another one we let get away eh? I rarely watch England anymore but when I knew Beckham wasn’t going to get yet another wasted cap I found a bar to watch it in, I hope that Capello remembers the players that mysteriously got injured and sees if they play for their clubs this weekend, and if they do says, that’s your lot son, you won’t be playing for me again.

Gutless wimps.

Arsene’s prudence means the only pot we’ll win will be an Uzbek.

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Here’s the deal, we charge more than any other club in the world to see a football match, fact. We have won nothing for 3 seasons, fact.

By the end of next season we could be debt free, fact. Will the fans be happy? No. Will more people sell their shares, yes. Usmanov already has 149 more than he had a month ago according to reports yesterday.

So no matter what Wenger does after this season, he can’t stop Usmanov becoming the majority Arsenal shareholder, fact. Even the lockdown can’t stop people like me selling their shares to the rotund Uzbek.

So then what could happen? This could happen. He could come in and loan us £300 million with the remit of win everything, if you don’t want to buy players Arsene I’ll employ Maureen and he will, your choice.

Then we’ll be the most successful club in the world that owns its own stadium, but has a huge debt, will you the fan care? Probably not, will he care? No.

So that’s the future Arsene and the current board, you may well be ‘not buying’ your way into a takeover through your ‘stinginess’ and ‘lack of success’ and how many people out there that support this great club will give a rats arse? Probably none, and that includes the players.

Sure, maybe Cesc will go, because he wants an excuse to go home anyway, Song will go because anyone coming in will realise how useless he is and let him go, so be warned Arsenal, the writing is on the wall, and after Saturday do I care? No quite frankly, I don’t.

You summed it up yesterday by deeming it more important to sell me ‘Jumbo Christmas cards’ than to tell me you will be reinforcing this great club in January because your experiment isn’t ready yet.

Arsenal’s mantra is to skin the fans first and worry about winning stuff second.

And you know what though, all this will happen and we’ll have a Kenyon installed because Dein has split with Red and White, so not even a silver cloud.

Unless someone from Arsenal wants to tell me any different?

AKB’s do with that as you will, I’m an Arsenal fan are you?

You want our advice the board? Go make up with Dein, get your cheque book out and tell Wenger to start acting like he’s in the Premiership, not the conference, oh and stop lying to us, that’s not so cool.

Update: Theo is out for up to 3 months after dislocating his shoulder. Theo is just as injury prone as Rosicky… we really are heading up shit creek at the moment…

RVP to Milan, Ade to Real, Vela to Hull but we won’t be buying anyone.

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I used to hang on Wenger’s every word and when my Chav or Manc mates used to tell me Wenger was always whining, I used to tell them to re-think what they had said as they were surely mistaken.

Everything the boss said had to be right as he would only ever tell the truth, I now believe he’s like so many others I deal with in life, like builders, lawyers and estate agents, he just lies first, because it’s easier to fool us.

The headline reflects the stories doing the rounds at present and whilst I don’t believe them, last year the rumours were Flamini to Milan and Hleb to Barca. The other one was ‘I’m buying no one’ he told the truth there so I’m not sure.

Yes I know he got Nasri, but he replaced Hleb and we were already 4 players short from the year before and don’t forget we sold Hoyte, Hleb, Flamini, Gilberto and Lehmann as well.

I touched on yesterday, that what gets me is the lies that both Arsene Wenger and the board tell, strong words yes, but lies none-the-less.

Edelman and Fizsman say we have up to £75 million, Wenger says he has nothing, who’s lying?

Wenger said we didn’t buy a defensive midfielder because we found no-one he wanted, yet YaYa Toure says he turned us down, Benitez said Arsenal made two 11th hour bids for Alonso and O’Neill says we enquired over Barry. So who’s lying there, Wenger or YaYa, Benitez and O’Neill?

This is serious shit people, we are being lied to and for me that is unacceptable, if you lied to the police you would be charged with obstruction.

We need to sign players in the window and we need to sign quality players, the Carling cup kids were fantastic, but they need help, look at the first team, we beat the Mancs one week and lose to Villa the next, having Gallas and Silvestre in the side doesn’t stop the midfield getting over run, we miss players like Flamini and Gilberto, the invisible wall, we need a Cana, Alonso or Barry, we need a centre back not a make weight like Song.

Who cares if they’re cup tied, with this team we’ll win nothing, at least new signings could get us the FA Cup and a top four place, yes Arsenal, I’m now concerned about the top four, out title odds dropped from 12-1 to 33-1, how does that make you feel boss? It makes me feel like shit.

We all get excited at the thought of Eduardo returning, but how good was he? I remember his awesome finishing but I also remember him not being in games for long periods, I’m not saying he’s not the dogs, I’m saying he won’t change the dynamic of the team, that needs to be done from the back.

And I think it’s time to change the keeper, mad Jens got dropped for two mistakes, rightly so, but how many has Almunia got to make before we drop him?

We have the future, it’s the present we need to address, get the cheque book out Arsene, stop making ridiculous excuses and please don’t keep lying to us, it’s getting boring.

Just one last thing before I let you loose in the comments… it’s nice to see ANR write an piece which could have been cut and paste out of any of our summer articles. Well played Myles, finally an intelligent article. Looking around the web, it’s great to see that Le Grove and it’s Grovers were talking sense this summer, give yourself a pat on the back guys.

See you in the comments.