Put Porto to the sword, you owe us a special performance.

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Ok a chance for early redemption, Porto at home, go take it Arsenal, you owe us a great performance, we send 56,000 to a reserve team game and it’s not cheap, so you owe it to the fans to show us we can compete on more than just the Carling cup front.

Porto will be encouraged by the woeful game against the team led by Billy the fish, they will be encouraged by Portuguese dwarf Deco’s comment about how weak we are, they’ll fancy this one, but you know what? I think we will more.

Our lions will regroup, dust themselves down and say, hey, we’re only two points are off the top, we can still win this! However, they have to stop strutting around like Peacocks and start earning the huge amounts of money they are paid.

I expect he’ll drop Denilson and Kolo and bring in Djourou and Nasri, switching Eboue from the left into midfield, he won’t drop Eboue, no comment on that.

I expect him to keep RVP and Ade up front but I would be tempted to drop them both for their profligacy in front of goal, don’t get me wrong, I rate them highly, but you can’t miss so many chances without some kind of response, the whole western world is in financial trouble but our footballers are earning shedloads, today is the time to earn it and give us, their fans something to smile about, I think they will.

I commented yesterday about Rosicky and Diaby saying that although they are great players, they are crocks and cannot be relied upon for a season so should be sold, someone said that Rosicky had an unusual injury and it was hardly his fault.

Wrong, he had a history of injuries when we bought him and that should have been picked up when he had his medical, he’s hardly kicked a ball for us in 3 seasons and that for me is unacceptable, for the money he cost and the money he’s paid we could have bought someone else.

I expect a performance tonight and a great game, we are more than capable of winning the Champions league and tonight I believe we will show the world just how good we really are, the boys will be up for this one, 3 clear goals tonight Grovers, I know I got the Hull result wrong, but I did say that Hull would score two, the problem was our forwards went missing and didn’t get the five they should have and proved me right.

Tonight we host a special team and I expect a special result, go get them Gunners, go Arsenal, go!

P.S. There are still 5 tickets available for the away game against Sunderland on Saturday… The Stadium of light is quite an experience according to rumour… drop me a mail if you are interested (tickets@le-grove.co.uk)!


Le Exchange: Tickets available for tomorrow and Saturday.

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A cheeky evening post Grovers!

As you know, we have set up an exchange service so that you the fans can buy up the unwanted spares of season ticket holders that cannot attend games for any reason.

So far we have shifted a season ticket and about 10 normal tickets!

All tickets are sold at cost… and below is an update of what we have available.

Paul: 2 spare tickets vs Porto. Face value £44 + £50 each.

Rob: 4 spare tickets vs Sunderland. Face value £33 each.

Henry: 1 spare ticket vs Sunderland. Face value £33 each.

If any take your fancy, drop me and e-mail and I’ll put you in contact with the owners of the tickets and you can do all the rest!

In other news, Arsenal.com reports that Arsene Wenger isn’t dishing out punishment for the Hull game,

“Punishment? No, you know sometimes you make changes because you consider the other team, you consider the balance of your team, sometimes because one player is not at his best,”

I would hazard a guess and say he will punish certain players, but not publicly… you don’t air your dirty laundry in public and all that!

I hope the boys are pumped for tomorrow because I’d like to get the Hull game out of the system as quickly as possible!

It sure is going to be interesting to see who he leaves on the bench… Kolo or Gallas?

Anyway… more from Geoff in the morning! Have a good one!

He’ll sign for us, Platini do your job.

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So now we finally have a superstar in the making it appears that Inter are about to make a huge money offer to land Jack Wilshere.

Some could say what goes around comes around as this is what we did with Cesc, but since then we have been ripped sideways by Platini; the Gallic hypocrite, about taking young kids and how it makes him sick, so it would be interesting to see what happens. Do your job you tosser and say the same to Inter as you did to Wenger.

I think Jacky boy will stay and all will end well, he’s been at the Arsenal since he was nine, all his mates and family are here and going to Milan will not do anything to enhance his career, if he signs for us he’ll get as much anyway.

I guess if Arsene won’t pay for ready made stars, he must have worked out how to keep the ones he grows, so I’m not worried, just irritated.

Deco, the Portuguese dwarf has finally awoken from his latest bender to say that Porto could do a Hull, well Arsenal, I hope you’re reading, learn from your mistakes and show us what you’re capable of, go and hammer Porto.

We need to get some height in the back four so stop being stubborn Arsene and stick Djourou in there, you bought him, you play him, hopefully Nasri will be back and will play on the left wing, Diaby can go in the middle with Cesc and we can drop Eboue and rest Denilson, I would think about Vela and Bendtner to show Ade and RVP they are not un-droppable, I still rate them but they need a lesson.

Only a day to go to get shot of this awful depression, please make these changes boss, we need to get back on track, oh and tie Jack the lad into some kind of pre whatever contract.

Have a great day Grovers, this could be an interesting week.