If Shirty can change, so can you, no more French wonderkids and Ade’s tats.

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If Shirty can, why can't you?

If Shirty can, why can't you?

Well it’s like when two kids try and get their parents back together again after a particularly nasty split, they tell the two offending parents to meet in so and so restaurant but neither knows they’re are meeting the other, they meet and it all goes pear shaped.

It wasn’t the kids fault, they tried their best, it was the grown ups, they should have tried harder, and that my friends was what went down here on Le Grove yesterday, one backs down and the other has to leave with a comment, well that doesn’t solve Jack shit does it? So today, let’s all start again and no barbed comments, today we introduce the ‘sin bin’ like they do in rugby, no exceptions, we have to protect the majority and a few people having a dig makes it unpleasant for the others, so no favouritism, no exceptions, let’s all make an effort, I will begin by saying that I won’t talk politics. The rest is up to you.

Onto football, it seems that Eduardo has a slight hamstring problem but that’s to be expected as he’s been out for so long, so please don’t get bent out of shape, that’s what happens, he’ll be back soon.

Ashavin will be making his debut against the black Cats, I was going to say black bastards but as Roy keane has since left, I don’t hate them so much any more so black cats will do. I just hope that he doesn’t leave it until the last 20 minutes before we see him, we know what Eboue’s like, we’ve seen more than enough of him, so let’s see the player you have paid £15 million for boss, that’s why you bought him, give us a lift, you did that with Eduardo and it paid off, so let’s see him for 90 miinutes, he may well need it.

We are apparently after new French teen sensation Mamadou Sakho, he’s a 17 year old defender and we’ll be paying £4.5 million for him, well please Arsene, don’t.

He may well be the next Jack Charlton, but he might not and we have too many French players at Arsenal now and I think we’ll end up losing the backbone of the squad if we don’t watch it. Also how many of these starlets ever make it, and how much does buying them and paying their huge wages stop us signing the ready made stars, such as YaYa and co?

We already have Djourou, Nordveit and Bartlett all young hopefuls, Djourou’s good enough but he doesn’t get played, the other two are a few years off.

Look at those we’ve had and have failed, Grondin, Aliadiere, Traore, Senderos, Diawara and those we have in the stiffs such as Gilles Sunu and Coquelin, how many of these guys ever make it, I look at our academy and our reserves and see how many players we have and how many of them are nothing special and think blimey, we could get rid of half of them and it would do us no harm at all.

I mean we signed Senderos when all the top teams wanted him and even after waiting years to see him be ‘that’ centre back, he never made it, how disappointing.

We hardly ever play reserve games anyway, so it doesn’t really develop them, I reckon if we got shot of 8 of them we wouldn’t be any worse of in the squads, and maybe doing it would fund the world class centre back we need and the midfield monster we could do with.

If our kids were that good we would be dominating the FA Youth cups, but we don’t, I think the last time we won it was when Sidwell was captain (2002) and the only player that progressed from it was Cole, I could be wrong but is that worth all the money? And then the little scrote buggered off to Chelsea (no phone pun intended).

Okay we are in with a shout this year if we beat the spuds but how many of them will progress to the big boys team? when you think of all the support staff we need to run these teams and the money they cost I wonder what the point is.

Baptista even said that Arsenals weakness is it’s kids, he says we don’t blend it with the right amount of grown ups, so maybe there’s a point there somewhere.

A final comment goes to our Togo warrior, who on a you tube clip explained all of his tattoos, a few were about god and all that, but there were none that did anything to stop him getting offside or help him be a team player but the funniest one, sums him up, he said

‘I’m from Togo, in Africa so that’s why I have a Tiger’

Someone needs to explain to him you don’t actually have Tigers in Africa, that’s Asia and Siberia, they can explain that to you when they are explaining the offside rule, you still have two weeks before you come back, who knows eh! I know, I know, there’s more chance of finding Tigers in Togo than you staying onside!

So finally a big thanks to Gnarley for sending in a clip for ‘Shirty the slightly aggressive bear’, if he can change then so can you, you know who you are, there’s nothing wrong with you and I know you only get wound up because others bait you, so please, take a leaf out of Shirty’s book, if he can go a day without tearing bits off of people, then so can you, so no retorts, or it’s the sin bin, and please no competitions to see who can get in there first, we don’t want to lose any more of you fine folk.


And by the time you read this, I’ll be on the golf course so won’t be policing, that will be Pedro, and you know what he’s like, he isn’t as placid as me.

Poll Update (Pedro)

Will Alex Song make the grade at Arsenal?

Yes 47%

No 53%

Now, that result will please Geoff, but it also pleases me who now sits on the fence with regards to his development. I can’t imagine that split would have been so close 6 months ago… so it shows progression.

Happy Friday… let the jokes roll…

Bye, bye Ade, Ade goodbye. Nasri agrees with Le Grove.

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So we are being tipped to move in and get a cut price deal for Jan Klaas Huntelaar as he doesn’t want to stay at Madrid and Madrid don’t appear to rate him higher than Dolphin head, how funny is that?

I don’t think we need anymore strikers, 16 appears to be enough, think about it, we have Eduardo, Robin Van Persie, Nikki B, Adebayor, Arshavin, Carlos Vela, Theo Walcott, Homer Jay and that’s just the first team.

However if Barcelona persist with their spoilt brat way of doing football, that is to say, we want who Arsenal have every year, and Arsene continues to bend over which of course brings them back every year, we will sell him. I would prefer we swap him with Madrid, for say Huntelaar and Ramos, now that would do nicely.

I think Ade can do a good job, but I also think his head has been turned, it just remains to be seen if anyone rates him after such a shit season, we’ll see, but it’s a nice option if we have the balls, do you Gazidas? well do you?

Samir Nasri says, why do we need another midfielder? We have Arshavin, which is what I was saying yesterday, I know I have listed him as a forward (above) but I actually think he’s a midfielder, like Diaby is.

Theo apparently isn’t happy with £50k a week and like all players these days he doesn’t seem to understand that the world is in the shit, but giving an average player like Ade £85k a week kind of makes you understand why Theo wants more, I say pay it and move on, get rid of half a dozen kids we know will never make it and save some money, if you want help deciding who, I can name 4 in the first team we don’t need, one I’ve mentioned today, the other three I talked of yesterday, but I also said I wouldn’t go there again and Pedro has his poll to announce and as I don’t know that result, I’ll keep quiet.

Now I don’t know why, but last night we had some sillyness on the blog, I won’t name Ethan, Raddy or Rtist, as that makes me part of it and I wasn’t, but Pedro and I can’t police Le Grove all day and all night, so we rely on you Grovers to get on, and 99% of the time you all do, blimey you even meet up and some of you start your own blogs! But people, we need to keep it friendly, I will go back and look and the perpertrator will get sin binned for a day, if in fact there is one, we can’t call each other bad names, but sometimes the arguing gets a bit much, I hate to see regulars stomp off so I hope we can forget this and move on, the blog wouldn’t be the same without you all, but arguing stifles debate and turns people away.

My advertisers hate it and I lose money, and I need all the money I can get to buy Usmanov out.

Have a happy day todays Grovers, it will soon be Sunderland and our chance to see Arshavin!


Who is most likely to make the grade?

Denilson 83%

Eboue 1%

Song 15%

(Vote Count 1027)

Now, that result was kind of expected… the question that really needs answering is as followed:

Will Song make the grade at Arsenal?

Poll in the sidebar —>

Nik sets the records straight, Pele linked and you get to choose!

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First of all Nikki Bendtner came out and said all this ‘I should play every minute of every game’ was bollocks and I for one believe him, he was genuinely upset, saying it was tough to explain to his team mates what he did actually say, I think it’s another attempt by the British press to cause problems for the Arsenal.

I thought Nikki had an immense game against Cardiff and for me he is a far better option than Adebayor who really is up his own back passage, at least Nikki runs and runs and nearly gets the results, his goalscoring record isn’t at all bad and he is still young, I think he’ll be a great player for us and should get the nod over the Togo twat.

Press reports are suggesting we have an option on French goalkeeper Johan Pele, I don’t think we need him, we have too many French players for one and Fabianski for me is the real deal, and I feel very comfortable with him between the sticks, so let’s hope that rumour is just that, a rumour.

Much has been said about the effectiveness of Eboue, Song and Denilson, mostly by me, I think Denilson has a chance but the other two for me aren’t good enough. I also spend long periods arguing the toss with many of you and that gets boring, so today I will ask Pedro to do a ‘thingy’ where we can all have a say and vote on whether we as a group think they are good enough, whatever the result I will stand by it and not mention the three again. Hows that?

I am licking my lips at the prospects we have in team selection this weekend but have no doubt that Arshavin will feature, why spend £15 million on a player we won’t play? Question is, who will play?

I fancy this team, who do you fancy?

If fit.


Sagna Kolo Gallas Clichy

Nasri Diaby/Denilson Arshavin Vela

RVP Eduardo

When ready replace Diaby/Denilson with Cesc.

I really don’t think we need to worry about a defensive midfielder, we have enough skill in the team to keep the ball and regardless of what you think of Song, against Cardiff he hardly touched the ball, so I would stick a midfielder in there and play keep ball. I don’t know where this ‘defensive midfielder’ came from, I suspect it was started with Makelelé before that, they were just called ‘midfielders’ It’s just my opinion so please don’t start going back to the days of Tom Finney.

We should however go back to the time when we said, if you score two, we’ll score four, we played exciting football against a good Cardiff team on Monday and because we kept the ball and attacked, we made them look poor and didn’t get the credit we so rightfully deserved.

Vela should never be left out of this team again unless Rosicky is fit and Walcott can interchange with Nasri, that way we keep our team fit and fresh and we all know injuries will play a part.

I think we have sorted out out defensive woes and Kolo and Gallas look back to their imperious best, Johan is a great back up and we all know we’ll need that.

I think that Wenger can see what we need and Saturday will see us close the gap on the chavs and the Villa because I fancy a draw there, I think we’ll finish in the top 3 if not the top 2 and we’ll look back on this wobble and laugh, I think we’ll win the FA cup and the Champions league as well, because I think Monday saw the belief return.

I love the Arsenal and what has happened this season was the equivalent of seeing your wife kiss another bloke, but it was harmless, they had known each other as friends and there was nothing in it, my love has returned now and all is well. Arsenal have returned from the dark side, like Frodo did in Lord of the Rings, and don’t forget, that was a true story.

Fill out the poll and we can get on with life and start counting the trophies again. It’s at the top of the side bar —>

Have a great day Grovers, I’m not around today and won’t vote, that way I’ll remain impartial, it’s your call.