One major name WON’T be coming | Right side of midfield SORTED | 10 points about our summer

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Well, the Mahrez story looks like it probably just died a death. That’s the Thai owner of Leicester and the caption reads, ‘YOU NOT FOR SALE’, and that picture doesn’t look like Mahrez is under duress.

My Leicester insider (my pal who supports Leicester) reckons Vardy and Kante were both offered £100k and Mahrez was only offered £80k. So it looks like the ‘angling for Arsenal’ game was more to push his salary up than any real desire.


Arsenal leak story to pressure manager to spend

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So, this summer is either going to end with something interesting, or it’s going to be a series of… ‘but we tried’ moments.

Big clubs are in the process of doing their business right now. Arsenal really don’t appear to be up to much.

The Lacazette story is bubbling away in the background. Arsene Wenger probably knows he’s not really elite which is why he’s struggling to muster the guts to go £40m. Remember, that’s a fee he baulked at for genuine goal scoring talent a few years ago when we could have had the Hig. That’s also £10m more than he was going to pay for the Premier League’s top goal scorer. Last season, Lacazette couldn’t outperform Ibrahimovic at 35. The season before, when he banged in 27 goals, I think 8 were penalties. The risk is… is he being held back because he plays in an average team? (more…)