What Klopp to City would mean for Arsenal

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It’s over for me. I’m officially not capable of going hard on the booze front midweek.

Take my beer badges, I’ll leave my bottle opener at the door… it’s time to get into yoga andthere probiotic smoothies.


I can write for you today.

So, what do we have?

Klopp is leaving Dortmund. He’s not going on a sabbatical. He’s going to move to Manchester City. Well, that’s what I reckon.

That’s pretty scary. He has vision, he’s charming and he loves to play attacking expansive football.

He’s delivered a poor job there this season. He’s either been rumbled, or he’s just been at the same role for too long.

Can he reinvent himself at a new place? I reckon so. But he’s a risk for whoever he takes on.

… and, the great thing, is it leaves the door open for us to nab Pep when he leaves Bayern.

United will have LVG.

Mourinho ain’t going nowhere.

Klopp at City would be a long term thing.

Perfect, right?

Who cares if Coquelin was an accident?

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Big news yesterday swirled around Henry Winter pointing out that Coquelin has been our turning point this season and his emergence cannot be credited to Arsene.

Half of that is true. Half isn’t. The manager purchased the Frenchman, so there was intent there at some point. What is true is his inclusion in the squad was down to a car crash of injuries that forced Coquelin into the squad. The young Frenchman has reacted well. Incredibly well. So well, you fear he’s hit peak DM and he’ll never hit the same heights again.