Wenger lack of winning impacting our appeal? | Transfer round-up from Europe

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So still no movement on the Vardy story. Apparently he wants to wait a month until he has a better offer, or he has a blinder at the Euro’s so he can demand more money.

Part of me thinks this is fair play, part of me thinks this is a pretty sad indictment on the Arsene Wenger regime. Think about what is going on here… Jamie Vardy, one season wonder, is telling us to STFU and wait. I mean, that’s like being told you need to go home and put on a suit jacket before you can place an order at the local chippy.


Vardy, there’s nothing to decide | Dortmund eyeing Mkhitaryan replacement

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Rumours hot off the press suggest Jamie Vardy is having second thoughts about his move to Arsenal this summer. He’s reportedly going to decide today.

Now, I don’t want to go all elitist here, but I’m going to. When you look back on your career, winning a Premier League sure is an ace thing to tell the kids. Going from non-league to Premier League champion is almost beyond the pale. But, at 29 years old, what makes that story better is saying you moved to Arsenal, played with world cup winners, in front of 60,000 fans every week and maybe led them to their first title in their new stadium.

Imagine, you’re Jamie Vardy and you look at the Arsenal side and see that it’s missing a beastly striker who can finish the dinner it’s generously being provided by Mesut Ozil. How could you turn that down? 3 year deal, ¬£120,000 a week and a dream move to North London where you can eat rotisserie¬†sutton hoo chicken and crispy shallots at Le Coq every damn day. (more…)