We need to talk about David Ospina

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Morning Gooners – James here with some Tuesday morning cheer to help your corn flakes down. Summery Monday evenings are fantastic, aren’t they? I met some friends for drinks and food at the Duchess of Kent, which I would heartily recommend. We enjoyed a leisurely stroll in the sun, full of optimism and relative calm. Ahhh – idyllic. To now be sat at home five hours later (I’m writing this last night – serious time travel shiz) and be as happy as someone who got served dog poo in a bap, is mightily irritating.

Firstly, I don’t think we were THAT bad. Defensively we were completely untroubled all evening and a lot of our build up play was fine. It was the final third where we were found wanting and it brought into stark focus the gaps in our squad. When the line-ups came out I was somewhat surprised to see an unchanged team, as I felt this was a good opportunity to get some game time for the likes of Wilshere, whilst giving some well-earned rest to Alexis, for instance. I get the importance of momentum, but with the impending visit to Old Trafford on Sunday, some rotation wouldn’t have gone amiss.


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Theo, as a striker?

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Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 09.31.39Just a quick post today, because it’s Sunday and the weather outside means you’re probably not reading this. Or reading it through squinted eyes on your mobile. Or reading it whilst driving. If you’re driving, please don’t read this.

Right, Thierry is now whoring himself out to the papers as well. Love this line.