Arsene and Ivan go to war?

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You’ll have to listen to the podcast to hear more. We talk about the media narrative, we hammer through Ozil and Sanchez, and we talk about the goings on with the fanbase at the moment and what it means to Wenger signing a new deal.


Oh Arsene…

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Oh my, it’s so tough to keep the attention away from Wenger. He came out and said the board hadn’t set him targets for the rest of the campaign.

“No, I tell myself to finish as high as possible.

“It is just about sticking together and continuing to fight. If we show the same spirit we showed against City [in Sunday’s 2-2 draw], we will win football games. We have played 20 games unbeaten this season, and I think it’s a good opportunity to remind people we are not fighting to not go down, we are fighting to have a positive end to the season.”

Love that, ‘hey fans, I know you’re not paying attention, but this isn’t a relegation battle.’ 

What’s he going to drop next, that it’s just a game? We should stop being so emotional. Go upstairs and read a book? Can you imagine any other manager goading fans with shit like that? Can you imagine any other manager telling the world the board don’t set him targets? What a humiliating thing to say about Ivan… maybe a retort to Sir Chips and him saying they had some power in the decision over his future.

The club should pull his contract. He’s not a winner. He doesn’t care about anyone outside himself. Now he’s actively goading a violent fanbase and he’s disrespecting the board in public. I have so much disdain for this man now. Paul Merson was right, Wenger is a squatter, breaking all the laws of the land, except his dad owns the house, so it’s not really breaking the law.

He does make it worse.

“It’s a good challenge but I think it’s perfectly possible. Certainly for 20 years I have done it and it looked always like it’s nothing. Suddenly it becomes important, so I am quite pleased that people realise that it’s not as easy as it looks and if you listen to [Pep] Guardiola, he said the other day that to achieve the top four in England is a trophy because it’s so difficult.

“Of course we have a difficult task in front of us, but I am happy as well that people realise suddenly that it’s not as easy as it looked always.”

Oh my days Arsene, to even compare yourself to Pep G is a f*cking travesty. He’s out there making CL semi finals, winning league titles, and changing the way treble winning clubs train and think. It’s a race to the bottom for Arsene. Pep G might have said top 4 is a trophy, but he’s not shooting for that, he’s shooting for the league. Also, again, just to reiterate, if he doesn’t win the league within 2 years, he’ll be off. No doubt about it.

That we have a manager who is now retroactively praising himself for his achievements over the last 12 years is beyond parody. Just when you think he can’t stoop any lower, he does.

He also won’t tell the fans about his deal. Which gives me some glimmer of hope. What’s the point in holding off the decision if you’re going to sign? Fans are already protesting. They’re camped outside Colney right now, which is hilarious. Why not just kill all their steam by signing on for another 3 years and be done with it?

Utterly shameless.

This is funny though. Wenger doesn’t understand why fans are worried about their best players leaving.

“I don’t understand that debate. Our job is to perform as long as we are here.

“I do not understand this kind of anxiety, it is absolutely denying what a professional guy is about.”

Errrrrr, Arsene, you have Sean Spicer all mixed up in spreadsheet briefings against your main man. PSG, Chelsea, and Juve lining up to take him. 18months means nothing when £50m is on the table. Your word on him staying means nothing after you told us with confidence Samir Nasri and Cesc were staying a few years back. Please don’t pretend you have any control over a man you’re scared to drop incase he throws his toys out the pram.

Tapping out guys, more tomorrow.