Burnley know how to work 30% | Jack angling for game time, or a move

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Look, I know I’m not one for finding excuses that show Wenger is progressing his thinking, especially after we’ve just lost away to the worst team in the Bundesliga, but once again, our manager is using words that mean something in a pregame interview.

“Every game gives you a different problem to sort out, for you to find a strategic solution to be efficient. Against Burnley, that will be different. They are a team who maybe play a bit deeper than Tottenham because they have a strong defensive efficiency.


Familiar lack of focus infects second stringers in away leg shocker

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Look, look, look… leave my second stringers be. You know the deal. They’re the foot soldiers protecting our title charge. They’ve already qualified for the Europa League next round. The job is done.

Sure, we should be beating Köln with our under 19s. There’s no excuse for losing away from home against a team more bereft of confidence than the Tory front bench. Especially when you dominate in a first half with such swagger.

But therein lies the problem with Arsene Wenger teams. They don’t have the discipline, motivation or guts to drill out the results when the pressure is off. For every Spurs game, there’s a Köln away. That’s why we don’t hit the heights. Wenger isn’t a ruthless killer, he’s a socialist playboy who is happy with mediocre. He doesn’t have the guts to keep his players on edge, and there will be no repercussions after an embarrassingly soft performance from players who should be busting a gut to prove they have what it takes. (more…)