Don’t block ads, it’s selfish | Wounded Chelsea are going to be horrible

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Courtesy of @the_cros

Courtesy of @the_cros

Happy good morning to one and all.

Gown start with a moan.

iOS9 launched the other day. The hottest new app is an ad blocker.

HOORAY I hear you say. Nasty bastard advertisers polluting your experience, tracking your behaviour, possibly to build a case against you and your secret latina marshmallow fetish.

Totally understand this viewpoint. However, listen to the perspective of a publisher.

We either create for free (HIYA) or we create for a pretty pitiful return. Creation is a passion. Not many do it for the millions. Because, let’s be honest, there aren’t many jobs going in publishing that get you the millions.

So your Vice writers, your Guardian journalists, your 4-4-2 guys and gals… they’re not earning a mint nor are their holding companies (in most cases anyway, Vice might be an exception).

So you, as a reader, potter around the internet expecting free content. It’s your right. But someone spent time creating that.

The minimum you can do, is either pay for it (I pay for The Guardian and The Economist), or take a momentary second to ingest an advert and buy a fucking Nissan Sedan.

Blocking off adverts is blocking the lifeblood of important institutions that we should cherish. Institutions that uncover fraud, highlight unjust suffering and bring us closer to the truth behind big money transfer stories.

If we block, we surrender to Apple or Facebook’s walled garden, content will either have to be walled off into apps, or the industry will shrink to the point where the only publishers that will survive will be the ones that have billionaire owners interests at heart.

Think before you block. It’s the ultimate act of digital selfishness in a world that doesn’t consider how their online enjoyment came to be, or the consequences of ill thought out actions.


I bloody love days like this. It’s a big game. We’re starting to become a team that thrives on the big games.

Ok, that was too far. We’ve won a couple of big games so we’re in with a chance for once.

The prevailing fear is that we have a lot of players out of form at the moment.

The worry is that Jose Mourinho is hurt. His team are wounded. They are a team of big game players. This is a big stage. Jose hates Wenger. The scene is set for a hideous spoiler of a day.

I think  Jose is going to try to beat Ozil out of the game today.  I think he’ll look to close the space and interrupt our movement with systematic fouling. I think this is going to be horrendous.

I think our plan will be based around speed terror. Chelsea’s back four looked like they hung out with an ice cream tub of polonium this summer. They’re weak. They’re lacking confidence. They look old.

Theo Walcott, Aaron Ramsey and Alexis Sanchez are going to be sent out on a seek and destroy mission. Our role today is to batter through a deep lying defence. We need to stretch them, we need to pull them out of position… and most importantly, we need to take our chances.

This isn’t a day for spooning over from 3 years. This isn’t the day for a lack of concentration. We have to win this.

For me, the rhetoric in the dressing room should be around shutting Jose up and burying their title winning aspirations. We need to seek revenge for the deluge of embarrassments that man has handed out personally and on the pitch to Arsene Wenger.

There can be no excuses.

The chat after the game, if the worst happens will be geared around that £220m pot (worth rereadings this) of cash that’s sitting in the accounts. If the manager has faith in the squad, he showcases why he has that faith by beating the Champions today.

I’m cautious about the game, but excited. This is what it’s all about. Let’s have a big game from the boys and a vocal day from the away fans!

Enjoy, see you on the other side.

P.S. Sweet article on managerial performance from Matt Scott (here)

Redemption Weekend

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Happy Friday to each and everyone of you.

So good morning for me, I went to the US embassay, landed myself a VISA.

Then, to make the day even better, I was given a FREE coffee in Pret.

I mean, jeez… I am winning on all fronts here.

Reality is hitting home though… bad times for my footballing experience. No more live games. No more Saturday football baneter… well, it’ll be a different sort.

But hey, tis life…

Anyway, what have we this morning?

I read an article in the Evening Standard that slated Wenger for rotating.

Really disappointing read. Wenger rotating that many players was exactly what a good manager would be doing. You need fresh players for the weekend. We need our fast players for the weekend. We need them in peak form. Wenger had no choice.

If you want to critique the manager, you hit him with his weak squad. You say, Arsene, 3 years ago, Arteta was destroyed by Chelsea and picked out as a tactical opportunity because of his lack of mobility.

What made you think he’d be a suitable back up to Coquelin this season?

That’s how I’d be hitting him up.

Why can’t out second team take care of Zagreb?

I mean, I still think we have a very good squad. But games like that chip away at my confidence. It makes me wonder about how Wenger motivates. Ferguson used to do a great job back in the day of keeping his players hungry. Does Wenger do the same? I’m not so sure. He’s not mastered rotation yet, because it’s new. Hopefully he can inject a bit more hunger into the players who aren’t usually starters.

This post is short because I have work.

See you in the morning for a mega Cheslea preview.