I’m moving because I want to win trophies. Said Adebayor

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That’s strange because Arsene Wenger said you moved because the fans drove you out.

We understand you wanting to move to win trophies, so do we, but did you mention that to your old boss on the way out, because he thinks we have enough to win trophies!

Interesting take that, Adebayor courted every club with money last season and won himself a massive pay rise as a reward.

We the fans didn’t like it but gave him the benefit of the doubt, he played like he didn’t give a toss, we dared to object, then our manager decides it was our fault he wanted to leave.

Funny that as I thought our manager gave him a new 4 year contract for his pay rise, so how was he allowed to leave, I thought he had 3 years left?

If contracts don’t work, why then have we just agreed new long term deals with Ramsey, Walcott and RVP?

Ok I’ll leave that there, however we still have £25mil from the transfer, oops sorry no, we have an undisclosed sum, wonder who we’ll buy? Don’t hold your breath, this is Arsenal and we have new signings Rosicky and Eduardo to come in.

One question then, if they are like new signings, why did we not replace them when they were missing for a season?

Ok I can’t be arsed to argue the logic of Arsenal football club anymore, after all I’m just a fan and I was responsible for Ade leaving, it really is a shame I can’t be as responsible for the manager spending some money though, I’d like to take the credit for that.

Still enough on Ade.

Yesterday we saw Vermaelen’s debut and Rosicky’s return, Vermaelen did okay but needs to work on his jumping and Rosicky looked great, and I agree he will be like having a new signing, but we all agreed last year we needed 5, so maybe this is the start.

Please not Martins though. Great goal by Barazite and nice to see Thomas and Watt step up, we drew 2-2 and that’s about it.

Yesterday proved we need some height at the back so please boss, go and find someone who can defend at set pieces, that was Barnet yesterday, we’ll be playing Everton away in a couple of weeks, then the Mancs and then Man City, let’s just hope that doesn’t bite us in the arse because we did nothing about the defence and gave them Ade.

I banned the word racist yesterday so anyone using it will go straight into moderation.

Have a fun day speculating what we’ll do with an undisclosed amount today, I’m guessing nothing, as usual.

Adebayor, you’re the most disliked Arsenal player ever in our history, good riddance.

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So someone who tries to get sold to AC Milan one season, gets his wages trebled and his contract extended as a reward, the following season he plays like shite, compares Milan to Beyoncé and says the Arsenal fans are unfair as it’s not his fault what the papers write and he didn’t court Milan, gets sold to ManCity in a double his wages deal and now he wants a loyalty bonus, fuck me! So Monaco hate him, Togo hate him and now we hate him, some record eh? I hope you are proud of yourself you greedy ingrate.

Who writes these contracts at Arsenal? Someone’s 9 year old kid? Look he either has it in his contract or he doesn’t, if he does, we have to pay it, if he doesn’t we don’t, simple really. And if he does, whoever gave it to him should be fired, on the spot.

I have to go back to the days of Keown, Adams and Bergkamp to find the last players that honoured contracts, get shot of him and buy someone decent where we need it and stop bringing in potential Arsenal, we have plenty of that in the reserves. Go out and spend every penny of that £25 mil, plus the £3mil you had left from the Vermaelen deal and buy a centre back and a holding midfielder and go and win the league.

If you get stuck, bring back Flamini, he loves Arsenal and Cesc loves him, win, win. Don’t let the scousers have him, please.

No excuses this time, you have enough money to buy the best, please don’t blow it. Either that or promote someone from the reserves and give us season ticket holders a rebate, because if anyone needs the money we do, your recession proof footballers earn plenty, especially if they are dirty disloyal scumbags like Adebayor, good riddance to bad rubbish, you’ll be remembered for being Arsenal’s most disliked player ever. EVER! Think about that you useless, dimwitted, disloyal, muppet.

Arsene it’s time you did psychological tests on the players you buy, I think we all knew he was trouble at Monaco. Just like his cousin Anelka.

Onto today, the first day of the pre season, Barnet! Ordinarily the only thing that excites me about these days is the fact it’s the end, of the end, of the no more football, if that makes any sense, this time though we welcome back Tomas Rosicky, some of you that are old enough may remember him from the distant past, he was a great player, welcome back Tomas! Arshavin is also back and we get to see Vermaelen, I hope he gets 90 minutes so we can see some defensive combinations involving him.

I really can’t see the point in fielding players like Randall, Cruise, Eastmond and Ayling as they won’t feature for the first team next season, save the Carling Cup but players like Coquelin, Wilshere, Thomas and Watt will so that should be fun, I wonder why no Ramsey though?

Anyway I know a number of you are going, Pedro will be there but I won’t, hacking round the M25 with the road widening is no fun and I did that last week, so I’ll give it a miss and watch a live feed, so anyone with a good link, please send it in.

Have a great day Grovers, the season begins today, whoohoo!

Two new signings imminent – Ade stalling – all new FANTASY GROVE!

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Morning Grovers! I thought as it’s the third day of nothingness… a post from me might be due!

So, the City/Ade saga rumbles on in the same manner every transfer Arsenal get involved with does. However, my concern isn’t with Ade, it’s with the fans running scared… phoning into talksport like little girls,

‘Oh Wrighty, I’m so worried that unless Arsenal spend £200million we’ll finish 9th and City will win the league.’

My opinion is that City have not bought well and I think it’s going to end trophyless and Champions leagueless this year.

The spending spree City have embarked on is unacceptable, vulgar and a touch embarrassing (Did anyone see Gary Cook hugging Tevez like he’d just resurrected a 23 yr old George Best? Scroll to 1.13 here)?

The sums of money being spent seem ludicrous coming from people who pass themselves off as businessmen. If I had a million pounds in my bank account and Tesco tried to charge me £15 for a loaf of bread, I’d go to another shop… it appears the Sheiks have learned nothing from Abramovich’s demise into a public hate figure.

Here is what I think of their signings and potential buys:

Barry: Not good enough to keep Villa in 4th place, has no pedigree or track record.

Tevez: His goal tally speaks for itself… piss poor. A Headless chicken who can nick the odd goal… there is a reason Ferguson didn’t resign him and after bringing in £80mill, I suspect it wasn’t money.

Terry: If Chelsea don’t bite Cities hand off for the £45million, they are even more inept than I thought. Terry is a trouble maker and he’s past it. I read that Mourinho didn’t want to sanction an 8 year deal because he thought JT was past his prime… an opinion that eventually resulted in a P45. Terry is a classic nouveau riche signing… the lottery winning equivalent of buying a hot tub, a hummer limo or Versace wallpaper

Adebayor: I’ve read a few stories about the real reason behind the move… some think it’s because Manchester is a pleasant place to live this days, others say he over heard Phil Brown say Tigers were based up there… However, others believe something more sinister has has been brewing… that perhaps the Arsenal fans lack of appreciation for the world class talent that is Adebayor has diminished to unbearable lows…

£170K p/w

… and this is an important point that needs to be raised, because at the end of the day, Ade is a human being with feelings… once you’ve looked past the poor first touch, the constant straying offside and the farcical arrogance, you’ll see a timid boy from the wrong side of the tracks whose just trying to make enough corn to feed his 20 strong entourage and half his village back home.

Take a moment to think about that next time you feel the need to slag him off.

Anyway… he’ll score a few goals, most at the start of the year to make us worry that we’ve let Pele go, but then it’ll tail off and city will have another bad, over paid egg to contend with…

So, the blues have people running scared… for me though, money isn’t scary unless it’s spent well. You can spend your entire war chest on the best swords money can buy, but if the people you are fighting have guns… they’re going to trounce you… the way I see it, City are buying everyone else’s swords… and the top 4 will spend that cash on more guns… leaving City in a pretty embarrassing situation next summer… yes… gunless with crocked swords.

There you have it, I’ve put it out there, this could be a real egg on face moment, but I really don’t believe City have spent well enough to displace any of the top 4.

In other news, we’re close to signings a couple of 15 years olds… what a way to kick start your weekend eh! One is English and he’s called Jamie Edge… some say he has the best name since Tom Cruise, others believe his talent will allow him to surpass Nacer Barazite, so watch out guys. The second guys is Batrovic… we’ll all be drooling over by the summer of 2015… he’s been dubbed the new Messi, but after watching him on youtube, I’d liken him to the next Van Den Berg… let the good times roll I say…

I’ve also gotten word from my trusted sources at the BBC, who have been tipped off by their trusted sources at the daily star, who made up that Arsenal were tempting Hangeland to Emirates using Big Phil as giant cumbersome bait… Now there’s a deal that makes sense.

Fulham get a semi decent player looking to resurrect his career in a rigid defensive system, Arsenal get a player who is the Captain of Norway and has revitailised Fulham who is now looking to make the jump… I’ve been personally scouting this guy for a while, he might not be Linford Christie out of the starting blocks, but he reads the game well and he is a no nonsense style defender who wont break down and cry after a bad game, he’s also got a great track record and he is young enough to kick onto the next level.

Let me just tell you how good that track record is. His signing in Jan 2009 helped Fulham narrowly avoid relegation. This season he was a major cog for the 4th best defence in the league, conceding only 34 goals (Compared to our 37). If we are judging him on the facts, those are exceptional facts… and lets be fair, he’s playing in a tougher league than Vermaelen and for a weaker side.

Just before I go, I thought I’d tell you that I was walking through a cemetary a little earlier and I saw weird man hiding behind a gravestone. I said, ‘Morning!’ He replied, ‘No, just having a shit’.

I hope I just made your life with that one… Happy Friday Grovers!

P.S. It’s that time of the year again where we all get a bit macho and talk up our chances of winning the Fantasy Grove!

If you were in it last year, you’ll need to go back in and select your team again. We had over 300 people in the league last year and apparently it was won by a Chav… so the cap and case of Peroni roll over a for another year.

Here is the link to sign up: Fantasy Premier League

Here is the league pin: 244411-61733