Another lie from the Arsenal over season tickets? Or just economical with the truth?

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Hey when I was a kid, I was economical with the truth all the time, at least that’s what I called it, but I don’t expect it from the club I support and love.

Let me first explain that before I renewed my season tickets yet again, I wanted to be sure that the boss would be buying some much needed talent and that me like all the other season ticket holders would not be funding project youth again for yet another year, Arsene made all the right noises about how he needs to strengthen and that two or three players would be coming in. Great, at last!

People have often said why would Arsenal lie, the fact that we pay the most in world football for our tickets should at least guarantee us a few signings but no, every season we seem to sell more than we buy, but this season would be different, the boss said NO-ONE WOULD BE LEAVING and we would be buying, he said that not me.

Arsenal said there was a waiting list for tickets and that Club level was to be capped at a 1,000. So the inference is, hurry up boys or we’ll give them to someone else. In fact they said this…

…Be first in line for Club Level seats in Season 2009/2010
The Club Level Waiting List capped at 1,000 members to ensure that as many Waiting List members as possible are given the opportunity to purchase season tickets for the following season.

So you know what? With the promise of not selling, and the statement of buying in areas we need strengthening, I renewed, as did many others.

Hey, and guess what? This week I received a letter from Arsenal, from Russell Bodycomb, head of hospitality, that a small number of Club level tickets have been released and if I bought one or introduced a friend, they would give me a FREE meal in the buffet for each ticket sold. Wow, a FREE meal!

So what about the waiting list then? It would also explain the huge amount of empty seats I see at the ground, it’s not just club level, it’s all over, yet again another great example of Arsenal and the economy with the truth. Get us to sign up and then spend nothing.

Please don’t tell me we bought Vermaelen, he was out of the so called £13 million budget for transfers, Arshavin was out of last seasons Hleb money and since then we sold Kolo and Adebayor.

Arsene said he would only buy if the player he bought was better than what we have, so in that case, by definition, we must have the best players in the world then.

Enough said, I just wanted to share that latest little fib with you all.

Yes I know we have had a great start, but one swallow doesn’t make a summer, and yes 4-3-3 is proving a big hit, so why didn’t he think of that one last year, we had over 60 games to try it.

Anyway I move on, I mentioned Faye White yesterday and saying how she broke her jaw against Holland, my mistake, it was against Finland, however the final starts tonight against Germany at 5pm on BBC2, the Germans have already booked their winners party, I hope you all join me in watching and cheering the girls on to victory.

Cesc scored yesterday and Andre had a blinder, no one from Arsenal played for England so I have no idea what happened in that game, save Eduardo scored, but Robin had a nice little square up with manc thug Darren Fletcher, he was probably telling him he wasn’t going to South Africa, ha, ha! Justice for our little Croatian done in Scotland.

Tomas Rosicky joined us in 2006, since he joined he has played a massive 44 games for us, that’s 5 less than Denilson played last season, however you’ll be pleased to know Tomas managed to play an hour for the Czech national side last night in their game against San Marino, now I expect to see Tomas affording the club that have paid his wages for the last 3 years the same respect. I expect to see Tomas starting against Man City.

That’s about it today, not a bitch fest, but just another example of the fans being deceived by the club we all love, but we’ll keep paying because it’s our team, it’s just a shame they feel the need to keep having us over. Remember last season? We just asked for clarity and honesty, ho, hum.

Have a great day Grovers, I’m in and out and Pedro’s off to some concert, so if you’re new please be patient, I’ll get to you, I promise.

Faye you are a heroine, if only you played in the mens team, you are just what we need.

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Ok I thought I’d start today with some great news for England, no I don’t mean the Croatia game tonight, I can’t be arsed to watch a team that brings Beckham on for 45 second cap cameos, I mean the women, on Thursday we play Germany in the final of the ladies Euro 09. After an unfortunate start against Italy when we were down to 10 ladies, the girls have fought back valiantly and by beating Holland in the semis, they play Germany in the final, imagine, the old enemy in the final.

Ladies captain Faye White had her jaw broken and dislocated in a clash against the said Dutch, ouch, I saw the game and it was a real wack, so what does she do? She has a mask made and says she is going to lead England out, what a star, did she make the headlines in the national press today, you know like David Beckham did in Japan when he unveiled his new haircut? No, okay then did she at least make Er, no, Robin got that for talking about his favourite children’s book.

Can you imagine if it had been one of our first team (Eduardo excluded) they would have had a year off, never mind play in the next game, so Faye, I salute you, I’ll be watching on Thursday at 4.30 on BBC2 and I’ll be cheering you on.

Personally I think you’re better than Fish head and would have you in the men’s team, but that’s not my call. Good luck to the girls.

Other news is Arshavin faces Wenger’s wrath by playing for Russia tonight. Why? Blimey, I think Wenger should be more pissed off with Cesc, who missed our last game injured, yet played for Spain and Rosicky, who’s missed the last 2 years and goes off with the Czech Republic before he plays for us, good luck tonight Andre, I hope you score.

Finally, someone posted a funny clip yesterday of honest granny shagger Rooney’s greatest dives, all Wenger needs to do is put that in his bag, add it to Pedro’s dive watch and take it to the UEFA hearing and ask for those players to also get retrospective bans. Conning the ref was the charge, not diving, that also goes for corners, fake injuries, throw ons and free kicks, I bet you could get 100 examples a week in the Premier league alone, and that my friends is how Gazidas should approach it, not with lawyers, go in with a compilation and ask how many players will you ban now please.

To make sure you get your point across, get rid of your silly fake American accent and use a Scottish one, that seems to work on Platini.

Finally, Hughes has made Arsenal reject Kolo Toure captain, sucker! I always loved Kolo so I hope the travelling fans give him a big round of applause, but I hope they boo Ade for the whole game.

Have a great day Grovers.

Theo and Rosicky on their way back? What about Nasri? And great news about Djourou!

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According to Wenger Theo and Rosicky are on their way back, but by my reckoning, Nasri’s 6 weeks is up about now. That will make for an interesting line up against Man City this weekend.

In theory we should be back to our best starting 11 against Man City, but what is our best starting 11? His intent seems to be a midfield of Cesc, Denilson, Diaby and Song, with a smattering of Eboue in there somewhere, my midfield would be a bit of both.

I would go for Nasri, Cesc and one of Denilson or Song, with Arshavin, Robin and Rosicky up top, then I would then alternate Bendtner, Walcott and Eduardo and I would do that every game, mix it up.

That way we would have our plan B with 3 new faces every time, that would be difficult to play against because then you almost have two different teams, I sure wouldn’t wait till the 70th minute, unless of course we were comfortably winning.

Some will say we were unlucky against the Mancs, so if that is true, then we ought to beat City, we do seem more solid and gritty in the middle this year, but I think that’s more down to playing 4-3-3 and chasing the ball down than with any kind of transformation in the players ability department.

I am looking forward to seeing what formation we have against the new biggest spenders, but if we go at them from the off, we could take them apart, they seem to have had a few games where they’ve been hanging on this season and if we can get ahead early doors, we could do an Everton, everyone has to concentrate though and everyone needs to turn up.

In Arshavin, Nasri, Diaby and Rosicky we do have players that can hit the ball from distance so they will be a tad defensive, I can see them putting Beyonce up front on her own and we all know how much that bitch hates that, don’t we!

Let’s hope Kolo comes out swinging, it would be nice to see him getting us a penalty for once. Shay Given is a good goalie but the rest of them aren’t as good as we are, I fully expect us to win this one, we seem to have the players coming back and that at least gives us options.

Great news is that although Djourou is out until next April, Wenger thinks he’ll be back early, like March, I sure hope so, he’ll make such a difference.

Yes, I was being sarcastic!

Have a great day Grovers, who would you pick!