Rumours, gossip and transfer snippets!

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I love the summer… especially when I know the best manager in the world has a mini war chest at his disposal.

Too many party poopers frequent the net lambasting any transfer rumour as idle tittle tattle, or the work of evil hacks.

Hacks apparently split their time between torturing small puppies and devising the next best way to anger Arsenal fans.

Simon NoTW: Gerry, I think what you’re doing there is pretty out of order…

Jon Daily Mail: What, you think the washing up liquid in the eyes is over kill?

Simon NoTW: No Gerry, I mean the rumour you just put on newsnow… getting Arsenal fans hopes up over a £20million transfer is quite frankly disgusting… but the evilness is unparalleled… mwhahaha!

Personally, I love the roller coaster ride of the summer when we know there is a good chance that some of the players touted could be heading our way. Who knew about Felipe Melo before the hacks announced him on the scene? Not many I bet… I wonder how many people subsequently tuned into the Confederations cup to perform an armchair scouting report after? A fair few I reckon! I’m sure that is what football is all about… Idle gossip never killed anyone… well, maybe Dr David Kelly… but in the footballing sense… all I see it doing is enhancing the global brand of football.

For 2 months, it diverts our inward looking selves away from the Premiership and gives us a chance to survey what’s going on elsewhere in the world, it gives crap websites the chance to up their hit ratings and it give the Grovers plenty to chew over!

Transfer speculation is part and parcel of the modern game; if the internet was about way back when, I’m sure people would have enjoyed it just as much. All the people who can’t stand to read a bit of idle speculation and try to suck the joy out of everyone else’s summer by constantly moaning about it need to lighten up and stop taking themselves so seriously. Enjoying a rumour isn’t a sin… you’ve not been fooled if you get excited about a player joining… no one is laughing at you, I promise. If you still want to bury your head in the sand and base your whole summer around what are saying… enjoy yourself, I know I was desperate to find out what Nasri’s moment of the season was… Zzzzz!

Long live speculation, long live the 40 goal a season sensation from Mozambique and long live warm summer days stuck in an office clicking refresh on the newsnow feed!

I wouldn’t change it for the world!

Have a great day Grovers!


Melo in, Ade out, and Robin to sign, why so happy?

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I speak to you today having decided to play ‘Championship Manager’ for once, as I’m often being accused of it, today I decided to play it, what do you think?

Melo is the latest hot rumour, apart from a you tube snippet and a reasonable showing in FIFA’s version of the Worthless cup how many of you Grovers had ever seen or even heard of Melo? If I’m being honest, I hadn’t.

Why then are so many of you happy that we are on the verge of signing him? Why, I’ll tell you why, it’s because deep down you all know that what we currently have in that position is simply not good enough, but many don’t want to say it for fear of saying the manager (not me) has come up short with his belief in a few young ‘uns.

As I am now the expert in the game, ‘Championship Manager’ I can speak with some authority and a degree of clarity.

My question is, if we have been tracking him since his Almeria days (Almeria is where they make the Spaghetti westerns) then why did we wait until he was worth £15 million before we got interested, yes I know we tried in January, but even then he was being touted at £15 million.

Okay, I believe we need an enforcer and at 6′ tall and playing for Brazil alongside the great Gilberto he does seem to fit the bill, the ones he will be replacing will be good back up and if not we should at least get our money back on them should we choose to.

If it’s not Melo, then maybe Cana, Diarra or Inler, but frankly anyone that can do the holding job will do me, it’s the one thing we desperately need to push on, now that we have a decent defender anyway.

Diaby is putting in the extra hours in the gym to bulk up and that I applaud, why then don’t Denilson and Song do likewise, or why doesn’t Ade go to offside and finishing school?

Better news is we are close to agreeing a new deal for the boy wonder and that pleases me, well done Robin, we need you, you will be a star in the years to come, after all the Mancs wanted you, so you can’t be all bad!

I was really impressed with Gibbs last night and can see that maybe now we have a potential left winger in the making, so we are blessed on that flank with Traore, Vela and Rosicky all queueing up.

Getting Melo in the middle we also have the protector we so need and with Nasri, Cesc and Diaby there too we have plenty in reserve, Theo out wide still needs some help and if Eboue goes then we do need to bring in an out and out winger on the right. With Ramsey and Wilshere also in there we now have many options in midfield.

Ade now has Roma after him him and that’s good news, I get the feeling he is disruptive and I would have Nikki B over him all day long, plus he would fund Melo and that winger.

Sakho in for Eboue and the money we get from Senderos, and we have the makings of a championship winning side, and as an expert in ‘Championship Manager’ I really should know!

Finally I really believe that fringe players like Denilson, Song, Wilshere and Ramsey would all improve having such good players in there to learn from, I also think they would not have the pressure on their young shoulders when drafted in to do a job, leaving them in there for 40 games a season cannot be good for them or their confidence, signing Melo and Vermaelen is a shrewd move as they are older and better than what we currently have, but don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, we need to keep either Gallas or Kolo, but we can get shot of Silvestre, Eboue and Adebayor.

I get the feeling that once the under 21′s and the Confederation cup have finished, we will conclude our business, but signing Hitzelwhateverhisnameis is buying for the sake of buying, him for me would serve no purpose other than to bring in yet another average midfielder and at the moment we are well stocked in that department.

Build from the back boss, the rest will take care of itself, our attacking midfielders and our forwards for me are the best in the world.

And that my friends concludes my masterclass into the game they call ‘Championship Manager’

Have a great day, tomorrow Pedro posts!

What about a little bit of swapping? Makes sense and costs nothing.

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First of all a big thank you to Gunner8 for taking us down memory lane with his guest post yesterday, Gunner8 I expected you to be on more, it was your post!

Onto today, so now we have Vermaelen on board there goes the supposed budget, I don’t believe it for one minute, but for the sake of this post, let’s say it’s true, so is that the end of it then? How about this for a great way around the problems.

Eboue wants out and PSG are interested, so why not swap him plus a little cash for Sakho?

Toure wants out and Man City want him so what about a straight swap with Richards, he hasn’t spoken to Hughes for 3 months, they hate each other, we need a centre back and he’s an Arsenal fan, happy days.

Adebayor has Chelsea after him, why not swap him for John Obi Mikel and Alex?

Senderos wants to play in Italy and we want Melo, so why not swap him plus cash? That would work.

Gallas is wanted by Marseille and we want Cana, same deal.

We could then sell the fringe players like Randall, Simpson and a few others and pick up the shortfall, we still have £3 million left from the Vermaelen purchase. Now in that little lot we have at least two of our problem positions taken care of and no real money would change hands so why wouldn’t we consider it? That’s just the sort of thing that Gazidas could do and the mentioned players we could out would all get their wishes, there’s no point in keeping players that want to go and we would have the squad we have been dreaming about.

I’m not saying buy them all, but two from that lot would be easy peasy. Or am I doing the wishful thinking bit?

We would also be saving a bunch off the wage bill as three of those players are well paid, no one loses faith and we keep players like Robin and Cesc happy, hey who knows, we may even win the league with that line up!

Finally Jose Antonio Reyes is being dumped by Benfica, Athletico don’t want him back and he’s going for €6.5mil, perhaps we should have him back, he was a classy winger and he did get on well with Cesc, any takers???

Have a great day Grovers, we need to move fast now as there are only a couple of weeks left until we re assemble our squad for pre-season and we know how important it is to integrate them early.