I’ll never leave Arsenal, all my mates are here, and honest love, it is 6 inches!

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Francesc Fabregas has been talking about his new best friend Tomas Rosicky, since his old best friend Igor Hleb left the Arsenal, Cesc has become closer to Tomas.

The great thing about that is, he sees how loyal Arsenal have been to him during his hellish two years enforced break, and now that Igor has come out and said he should never left us in the first place I think Cesc knows that the grass may not be greener on the other side of the ocean.

He then went on to say how Arsenal was one big happy camp and that is showing in the way the team plays, even big Frank has likened Song to the great Peter Storey, not sure about that, but Frank was one of those saying we must spend in the summer, so either he’s been got at, or he sees some improvement.

He did officially open Highbury Square this week so you make up your own mind, I really loved Peter Storey though, he was right up there with the Billy Bremner’s of his day, if Song becomes half the player Storey was, I would be delighted. Alex, take note son!

So anyhow, the great news is that Barcelona have decided to come back in for Arshavin should they fail in their bid to get Robinho from the northern chavs. Aren’t we lucky, thanks Barca!

Isn’t it funny, IF THEY FAIL in there bid for Robinho, that means they see us as a soft touch, a homer in there search for players, the Brook Street Bureaux of football, the place they always go when they need players, come on UEFA, do something, Arsenal won’t.

It’s our own fault to be honest, everytime a player wants to leave, we let them, it’s time to enforce contracts, perhaps Ivan will do that, if not, stop extending them.

So three days to go and we can start thinking about football and the greatest team the world has ever seen again, boy this has been more boring than the summer break, at least in the summer we speculate and have a little hope each day, I think this has been the worst lay off since records began, don’t you? It seems like two months already.

Still, so far so good, no injuries, let’s hope we can get through tonight and have almost a fit squad to choose from.

Fabianski and Nasri are going back into training so that’s good news, just don’t ever ask Arsene Wenger how long you’ll be out for if you crack your leg, his 6 weeks is akin to the average blokes ‘this is 6 inches’ line to birds!

Sorry Grovers, I didn’t mean you lot! Have a great day, not long now.

When is a young player not young anymore, and what do we do with the young players?

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Ok let me start by saying I have a question to ask about our long term plan which is to grow players, by bringing them in from all over the world which saves a lot of money on buying players, or at least that’s the plan.

Lets take our current team, yesterday I said a number of them are not young any more. I have no doubt I may have left a number of young stars out, but that’s because we have so many I can’t remember them all and I write posts from memory, not from Google.

Left side of midfield is a good place to start. I’m placing players where I think they should be, so please don’t say things like ‘he doesn’t play on the left, twit’

Currently our first team pick is Rosicky. He has a young star behind him in Nasri, behind him is Diaby and behind him is Carlos Vela, well I think anyway.

In the middle we have 22 year old Cesc Fabregas, behind him is Ramsey and behind him is Merida. Then we have Song and behind him is Denilson and behind him is Coquelin.

On the right we have Theo and behind him we have Wilshere and behind him we have Barazite.

At the back we have Clichy and behind him is Gibbs and behind him is Traore.

In the middle we have Vermaelen and Gallas and behind them we have Senderos, Silvestre and Djourou.

On the right we have Sagna, behind him we have Eboue and behind him Hoyte.

Now that doesn’t include the mass of young players we have in the Carling Cup team and there we have players like Bartley, Eastmond, Randall, Ayling, Gilbert, Sunu, and Watt.

And that doesn’t include the loanees like Simpson, Lansbury, Nordveit and Thomas (yes I know Hoyte is at Brighton for a month).

Now many of these super talented kids are around the 18 year old mark and they can’t all play, many that these kids will have to replace, are young themselves, players such as Cesc, Ramsey, Song, Walcott and Denilson, so how long are these kids going to wait?

Remember the likes of Bentley, Upson, Muamba, Sidwell and Diarra that Arsene let go because they didn’t get a look in and said they wanted first team football?

What about our forwards, this season we let Ade go to bring on Bendtner and Ade was only 25, yes I know there were problems with him, but do you see where I’m going with this.

We persevered with Rosicky through 2 years of injury, so what, do we let him go now because he’s past the witching hour? I think we have all been patient with bringing on the kids, but they can’t all play, and they won’t wait 8 years to get a shout, if Jack Wilshere waited for Theo to reach an age where he would sell him on, he’d be 7 years older, will Jack wait another 7 years?

We can’t say that Merida and Ramsey will replace Cesc if he goes next year because that’s saying we banked on Cesc until he was 23, and he won’t even peak until he’s 29, so I would like to know if the idea is to have a constant average age of 25, if we do we can get ready to say goodbye to the likes of Cesc, Nasri, Theo, Nikki B, Robin, Rosicky, Clichy, Gallas and Eduardo, if not then we can say goodbye to players like Merida, Wilshere, Ramsey and Watt.

I haven’t even touched on the keeper situation! So I won’t.

My point is we can’t keep them all, as they won’t all wait, but at the same time we can’t keep selling the young ones that have got to 25, because they are too old.

Conundrum eh?

What do you think? I always said we need 2 top players in every position to cope with injuries and internationals, but with all this I haven’t even metioned the Luke Freeman’s of this world.

How many young starlets have the mancs, the chavs or the scousers got?

Have a great muse today Grovers, 4 days left until we can have a meaningful discussion again!

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Ivan, if you are for real, we are on the same hymn sheet.

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I commented yesterday about Ivan ( the CEO formerly known as uncle Fester) Gazidas saying we owe the fans, football is about winning, and second, third and fourth isn’t good enough. Halle-loo-ya to that!

First of all, if he is now saying winning is what football and Arsenal is all about, he appears to be agreeing with what Le grove has always said, for all those people that have for some time been telling me (in particular) that I am the anti-Christ for suggesting silverware is what I spend my money for, and project youth and making money should be a sideline, then I applaud him, and I won’t call him uncle Fester anymore, because if he’s saying that, he’s right.

We can’t keep banging on about how young this team is anymore because it’s not, Gael Clichy is now 24, Cesc is what, 22? Rosicky and Arshavin are 29 and 28 respectively and Gallas is 30 something, this side is getting older and needs to start winning, that or go back to buying in talent. Chapman, Allison and Graham did, Ferguson and Maureen do, it’s not a crime, it’s what you need to do to get honours, Arsene has grown his squad but at some point it has to deliver, Ivan appears to be saying, Arsene, now is the time. Bravo!

All our boys have done well in the international break and Song apparently had a blinder, smacking Ade-the-whore along the way, so well done Alex, you have gone up in my estimation, Nasri is back in training and with Birmingham coming up, we have a chance for revenge, don’t forget it was them that stopped us winning the league 2 years ago, and I for one have not forgiven them, send Eduardo on in the second half to set the record straight.

I think we’ll see the real Theo this term and with the midfield we have right now, we can rip the teams apart that we used to fear, like the chavs and the mancs, and with Vermaelen and Gallas, we can stop the teams that used to hurt us, like the Stoke’s and the Bolton’s.

This could be our year, this could be the year that project youth proves it’s worth, I always thought it was a doomed project but with Arshavin and Rosicky in there to nurture, an in form Cesc, Vela, Nasri and Theo causing surprises and a fit Eduardo we have never been better equipped.

Players like Diaby and Song could step up but we should only use one of them at a time, I still believe that Eboue is a great right back, possibly better than Sagna and with Gibbs and Traore pushing Clichy, we look like we are solid at the back. Silvestre and Senderos may be enough as cover, but we still have the option as Senderos as a defensive midfielder and Song as a centre back.

So I think a fit Arsenal squad can go all the way, and with Ivan finally baring his teeth to the management, then maybe we’ve sorted out the Emperors clothes at last, and by that I mean maybe our leader finally has someone to challenge and question him, and that my fellow Gooners can only be a good thing.

Arsene making noises about Henry, Vieira, Adams, Keown and Bould as future managers, suggests to me he may bring one in next season to help him, and that would be perfect.

So I’m predicting 3-1 in trophies this year, I think we can win the FA Cup, the EPL and the Champions league, don’t shout, but I think we may come up short in the Carling cup this time, they may be a little young, but who knows eh?

Have a great day Grovers, only 5 days of boredom to go!