Will my interview with Wenger bear fruit?

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So if you read the post yesterday you would have noted it was not my happiest, it did indeed bring out the schoolboys as I expected, but it also threw up a mixed bag of points of view, and as we say on this blog, have an opinion not get one, so with this in mind I went to bed last night wishing that Arsene would tell me why he makes such strange decisions and why he stubbbornly refuses to spend our money, so I could tell you all today what the deal was.

We met in my imaginary gym, oh, and before I’m accused of a misleading headline, it was my dream and it was real, so if you feel that way, stop now and go immediately to Arsenal.com or one of our stalker blogs and get your fix from them.

I asked him why he continues to play Song and Eboue, he said that Eboue was a mistake, he thought he could do a job on the wing and as it was his mistake, he took him off and the subject was closed. Song he said, did a good job and he thought I was being unfair and said to give him at least to the end of the year before I tore into him again, I said fair enough.

He said he can’t remember reading our blog, I said so how do you know I feel that way about Song? He gave a nervous laugh and ask me to move on, I brought up transfers and money, explaining it was ours and not his and he had a duty to spend it on players that are ready now and not wasting it on youngsters that may never make it, he then said he felt his experiment would bear fuit, it’s his mistake and he would buy Alonso in the window, he also said he was thinking of buying a winger and a centre back and he is seriously considering letting Gallas go as he feels the changing room and Gallas do not get on, he said he cuts a lonely figure at the moment.

So that was it, my dream and the closest I’ll get to an interview, so was it my imagination?… …what news greets me this morning? We are back in for Alonso!

Just a mention that we had many ‘REAL FANS’ on yesterday saying how they would go to games if they could get tickets, well Pedro informed me that of the 12 tickets we had on Le Exchange last week for the Wigan game only two were taken, so to those people that said that, shame on you and think before you open your mouths, people like you talk the talk but…

Porto next up and I remember what happened the last time we played them away, we both had qualified and we played out a tame if not laughable draw, this time though we need to win the group, so expect another tame if not laughable draw!

Really I hope we get back to playing great football, Wigan hadn’t been beaten in 5 so maybe weren’t as easy as I expected but we need to hit the groove for the next two fixtures, which are tough, I expect to see Wilshere and Ramsey start this one, this game reminnds me of the pre season game against Madrid.

Let’s fly the flag boys, let’s go and show the Portuguese who the Arsenal are, let’s send a message to Europe that you don’t want to play us, let’s show them why we are known as the Manc and chav slayers, let’s show them WE ARE THE ARSENAL!

Have a great Monday Grovers, only two days to go.

Wenger has lost it I’m afraid.

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I watched the game and so wanted the Arsenal to dominate but alas it didn’t happen.

We were shit and playing Song was like being with 10 men from the start, simple, Cesc didn’t want to give him the ball, no one did, and when he got it, he gave it away, and when you thought it could get no worse you brought on your love child Eboue, and he put him on the left wing, Arsene what the fuck were you thinking? He is at best a back up right back and maybe a right sided player, but as a left winger, are you joking????

I can say no more than ‘I THINK YOU HAVE LOST IT’

End of, that was shocking, and if you think that will win anything , you are delusional my friend, that was really, really crap.

I watched you and Pat from my seat and not one word passed between you , he is safe and so are you, you don’t deserve to be, Song is dreadful and so is Eboue, the crowd told you, and if you were listening, you’d know.

I can’t say anything other than yet again you got it badly wrong and if you continue to play that team then we will win nothing. Grow up, change the team or we will be doomed to 5th place or worse.

I know this will bring out the AKB’s, but hell, what do you expect? I was there, they weren’t, I read the programme notes and Song has a feature in it like he was Dennis Bergkamp, are you all watching the same player? I sat with my mate in the middle, so we saw the whole 9 yards, I said watch every thing he touches, and apart from a one two, he was embarrassing, he only looked less bad when you brought Eboue on, right wing, are you mad? Why did you buy Ramsey? He is 10 times better, he must be thinking, fuck, I should have gone to ManU.

I started this last night after the game and I was angry, really angry, I said stop! Write this again at 4am, you’ll calm down, you’ll feel better, I’m now at the airport waiting to fly to Spain, it’s 5.58am, I thought I would be Ok, like hell, I feel like we lost, you know why? Because we should have.

Scolari is saying he’ll win fuck all if the chavs don’t buy two players, the spuds are going to sign Downing for £12 mil, Us, no, we don’t need anyone, because we believe in this team, great, everyone else is wrong, but you Arsene, are right.

Ken Friar was walking round the new CEO in Diamond club saying hello, my mate grabbed my arm and said, please don’t Geoff…

Have a nice day, I sure as hell won’t.

Cricket score please and why I wont be sitting with the riff raff today.

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Opulence defined...

Opulence defined...

First things first Robin was on Arsenal TV last night saying how important it was for the team to hammer Wigan today and to prove to the fans they can win this year, he said he knew that much was expected after the Manc win and was hugely disappointed they screwed up against Villa and the boys were determined to pay us, the fans back.

I’ll drink to that boy wonder, and I really will be drinking to that, as today I venture into the bastion that is ‘the Diamond Club’ I leave my traditional seats to go where few have, to sit where the original clock from the South bank is parked and to sit above the board, so before you ask, yes, if I’m approached by anyone with a cheque book, I shall ask!

No more cheap Fosters extra chilled at £3.50 a pint for me, today I’ll be sipping Champagne from a crystal flute. And fed grapes by dusky maidens dressed as goddesses from a Greek tragedy.

I’m going for a devastating display today, I’m also betting Nasri will have his best game to date and both our strikers will get on the score sheet, along with Cesc and Ramsey, yes, I’m going for 17 nil!

I am not one of those that goes for ‘I’ll be happy if we win one nil’ because I won’t, I go to see my team win first, score goals second and entertain third, I believe all three will happen today, I’ve said for months now that someone will be on the end of a good hiding, today I feel is that day, so come on you reds, go for the jugular, go for humiliation!

The boss is banging on about Ronaldo again today and how he wished he had seduced Ronaldo and not his mum??? Have you seen his mum boss? I think it’s time you looked forward, think not about who you could have signed, but more about who you could sign, and get out that cheque book and dust it down.

Start Ramsey with Cesc, Djourou with Kolo or Silvestre and try Vela and Nasri on the wings and then we may have a team that can ‘sting like a bee and float like a butterfly’ mmm, I like that and although it may seem a bit awkward, it could catch on, and remember, you heard it first, here on Le Grove.

It was only so long before he set up a blog...

It was only so long before he set up a blog...

Finally, we appear to be being stalked by a blog again, is it legal? I suppose if someone can write a whole post on another blog and not about Arsenal, I should be flattered, not violated, and although it’s sad, perversely I like being talked about! It shows we are doing something right. So many thanks to the sad inferior blog, that’s all you’ll get from me, sorry, you’re not that interesting.

That’s it for today, I won’t be around to police much, so you’re alone, forgive me if a few AKB’s get on, it’s normally the dysfunction blog using aliases, but what can I do?

Have a great day Grovers, I feel a big game with a cricket score coming our way!