Here Arsene, let me tell you a few signs of intelligence in life that you are sadly lacking

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First of all let me say that is probably the most condescending comment you have uttered. How arrogant you truly are to decide what is intelligent in life when you appear to do so much the footballing world sees as unintelligent.

Before some out there react, think about what he said, he insulted you for wanting decent players. Big Frank, Ray Parlour, Lee Dixon, Nigel Winterburn, Ian Wright, Patrick Vieira, Bobby Pires, Liam Brady, every journalist in the sporting world and me all say it, so what, we are all wrong?

So you know where I’m going with this, if you don’t think you’ll like it, stop reading.

Here are a few ‘intelligence in life’ points you may wish to consider.

1) Thinking that some of your players are world class but 5 of your best players want out because they don’t agree and want to win silverware.

2) Paying those same poor players crazy money and giving them long contracts so they won’t leave even when we try to sell them.

3) Playing them in the team for years when they are clearly not good enough and not seeing that.

4) Playing kids in the team and costing us points and the minute they get good they want out. What are we a creche?

5) Buying average players for big bucks instead of great players for not much more. Squillaci and Almunia as examples, and don’t say the were cheap because they are both worthless.

6) Failing constantly to play hard ball with teams that buy our players.


Cesc – Ask for Affelay and £30mil or Busquets and £15mil.

Nasri and Clichy – We’ll have Johnson and Richards.

Unhappy bunnies like Walcott – Why not play him in the middle, that’s his position, strangely he might be better and want to stay.

Then ask yourself why no-one has asked to buy Bendtner, Eboue, Almunia, Fabianski, Denilson, Diaby, Rosicky, Chamakh, Squillaci or Alex Song?

I can tell you, it’s because they aren’t good enough for big teams, they only tend to buy good players, and our good players ask to leave because they are playing with crap players, work that out Arsene, because that is intelligence.

Let’s now add selling the player you gave Ashley Cole’s place to for an undisclosed fee to our biggest rival. Smart, what does undisclosed mean? Either it was a crap deal or we the fans can’t be trusted with knowing the amount, well done Arsene, your joint poster boy for project youth is the first one to jump, back stabber or smart kid?

Add another intelligent sign Arsene, always sell your players before you replace them, oops sorry, I mean the other way around, now the footballing world can hold you to ransom, unless of course you plan on following that mistake with another and promoting one of your babies.

Arsenal would like to thank Gael for 8 years of service, Le Grove would like to thank you for dissing project youth.

And before one of your disciples leaps up and says that Clichy was going down hill and was crap, don’t forget only last week you were begging him to stay.

Amazing that Nasri and Clichy get down to the last year of their contracts yet Song, Diaby, Denilson and Bendtner all have extended ones, oh and guess who no one wants them.

And you have the temerity to tell the fans they are unintelligent! How do you continue to fool this board eh? How do you do it!

Maybe you have a bunch of replacements lined up and I will have to apologise, but you have often said buying more than two players won’t work, and if the so called players don’t leave we know you’ll pay them masses to stay another year, why? They have contracts.

Cesc needs to leave, he can’t keep telling us he loves Barca more, he gets too many injuries for me so take the highest bid, if he doesn’t want to go to Madrid then hard luck, this is Arsenal, it’s not about him.

Then use the money to get someone as good but injury free.

Personally I think selling Clichy was good news, not replacing him with a top player would be a disaster, I like Gibbs but he isn’t ready and is injury prone, Traore is not good enough.

Take on board what your own players are telling you, it’s not just Clichy, Cesc, Nasri, RVP and Theo telling you, we lost Cole, Kolo, Ade and Henry for the same reasons, open your eyes Arsene because you really don’t know best.

You now have the chance to really bring in new and better players, you have the money, but running this club with the yes men we have backing your every move is the equivalent of a Thai bride, they do anything you ask and in any position, they blow smoke up your arse non-stop and they convince you it’s not about the money.

I would hate not to be challenged, it seems to me there are few people save us that do, another fruitless season would show this club how big they are, support will dwindle, sponsors would too, if you don’t act Champions league qualification would be a thing of the past.

I have named a bunch of players that we have that are rubbish, paying them the money you do hinders us, costs us and is in your own words, is unintelligent.

Have a great day Grovers, let’s see what news we get today, oh and Gervinho doesn’t float my boat, get some real talent that will work from day one.

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Exclusive: Official leaked data on Arsenal fan opinion sourced | Transfer ins and outs

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Good morning Grover’s. A couple of days ago, some leaked data made it into the hands of Le Grove. Has Pam involved herself in some sort of break and enter scandal, I’ll leave that to the police to decide.

Anyway, here is the jist… we’ve seen a sneak preview of a YouGov/Cambridge University Poll of over 13,000 premiership club football fans – to be published next week – which tabulates the the opinions of club fans about their own team’s performance in the 2010/2011 season – creating league tables of what each team’s fans think about their own team, their manager, and each of their players.

For those that don’t know, YouGov are a hugely respected pollster whose results are often used to help shape Government policy. This survey will have been carried out to the highest standards.

Here are some of the headline grabbing bits…

The players Arsenal fans are most satisfied with at the moment are Robin Van Persie and Jack Wilshere. Two players who just got on with the job last season and put their all into everything they did. If Arsene Wenger was looking at a new captain next season, it’s to imagine he’ll look further than Robin Van Persie and it would seem that perhaps, fan sentiment would ok that decision. A player who didn’t fare so well was our current captain, Cesc Fabregas. A season of niggly injuries, poor mistakes and constant speculation have probably led to a low satisfaction score.

In satisfaction rating for overall team performance last season, Arsenal were a dreadful 16th out of 20 teams. That’s pretty awful. You’d have to imagine that much of this was down to the lack lustre performances, the huge prices we’re being forced to pay and once again, the lack of a trophy.

Considering we finished 4th in the league, that’s an incredibly low position. But don’t argue with me… this is a cross-section of fans from all over the UK partaking in this. It should also be noted that according to my leaker, this survey wasn’t taken straight after the season finished… this is fan sentiment a month after it’s all happened.

The final satisfaction poll surrounds the manager.

When I’m asked about whether Arsenal fans would like to see him sacked, I always say that’s the wrong question to ask. A better question would be to give him an approval rating. If you asked Arsenal fans on a scale of 1-10, how pleased they were with the manager, that might reflect differently than the usual, ‘he’s a legend, we could never sack him.’

Well, out of all the managers in the Premiership, Arsene Wenger was 14th for fan satisfaction. That’s pretty low considering some of the shocking managerial performances of the last season. Not surprising though. It seems all this fan angst that people keep telling me is in the minority, is, apparently not… it’s a majority opinion.

The rest of the survey will be out later on in the week, so it’ll be interesting to read who was lower than us, where Spurs finished up and how the other London clubs did comparatively.

Arsenal still seem to be lagging way behind everyone else in the transfer market. We’re doing a marvellous job of making top 4 rival Manchester City stronger. Giving them two of our starting 11 seems a bit crazy to me, but we just can’t resist the pound notes can we? We’ll no doubt be going back and forth over the transfer fee of Alvarez which appears to have alerted Inter who take a distinctly, ‘we’ll just pay it’ approach to transfers.

Arsenal will tie up a deal for Gary Cahill in the next two weeks providing no other club bids for the centre back. Once again, we’re only able to acquire players if we’re the only club involved. Other than that, there isn’t really much going on. Preseason training is due to start next week and so far, all we’ve managed to do is land one player in the shape of Gervinho… and to my knowledge, that hasn’t been officially announced.

People can keep on saying that we’re only a week into the transfer window, but I’m sure I remember Wenger telling us he’d get his business done early. Once again, that appears to be something of a lie. We’re not talking about bolstering the squad this summer are we? We’re talking about bringing in at least 3 first teamers. They’re going to need time to bed in, there is not point in bringing them in in August is there?

Still, we’ve signed Barcelona youth product Bellerin. Thank god for that. I can’t wait to see him leave for a £1million in 5 years time.

Benfica have moved for Nik B, about time too… he’s the greatest player everyone seems to have forgotten. What are his agents doing? Mind you, finding someone £50k a week when they’re the equivalent of a failed graduate must be tough going.

So while Rome is burning, Wenger is sitting there with all the clubs who are actually in poverty waiting for the others to move. The guy is ridiculous…

Still, we should be thankful for a wonderful sunny day. That always excites me. Beautiful sun!

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Samir gearing us up to leave | Should Arsenal be self sustaining?

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You always think it’s going to work, but sustaining your body on Pringle’s and beer for a night doesn’t work. My god, do I feel like a sack of crap this morning. I feel worse then David Hayes ego must do. What a shame eh? The man went to his knees more than Paris Hilton. For me, the fight reminded me of Rocky 4. I guess that’s why you shouldn’t expect any sort of sensible review, Geoff was the boxer, I’ll leave that to him.

My first port of call this morning was this delightful line Wenger dropped in earlier in the week that I failed to pick up on.

‘One sign of intelligence in life is to not always to want what you don’t have. Appreciate what you have.’

Sorry Mr Wenger, yet more digs at the fans? I haven’t heard a comment like that since I vented my jealousy at another childs Sega Mega Drive when I was 8 years old. I always thought a sign of intelligence was learning from your mistakes? Being content with what you have generally reminds me of a state of mind I like to call complacency. I look at other clubs trophies and I want what they have… isn’t that what every manager in football should be doing? Isn’t that called ambition?

What a strange old manager we have.

The Daily Mirror has us in for Stuart Downing for £20million, I really don’t know what to say about this rumour. He did well last year at points, but for me, I’ve never seen what all the hype is about. I watched him underwhelm countless times for Boro through his youth and I’ve never been impressed with him at Villa really. Still, I could be wrong, United’s Valencia was a mystery to me as well… and he turned out ok.

Samir ‘it’s not cause of the money’ Nasri has been jabbering to the NoTW. He said he earns stunning money already, so it’s more about winning things. He went on to say…

“With no titles under your belt, you can’t be in the list for the Ballon D’Or. I came to England to get trophies because I haven’t won anything in my career, apart from an Under-17 European Championship in 2004.”

Fair shout, I’ve said this countless times before, once you’re rich, you’re rich. All you want to feel is valued buy the team you’re playing for and you need to believe they’re serious about winning trophies. The only thing I feel Wenger is serious about is landing that big, fat, ‘I told you so’ before his career ends. I’d be looking at the chances of Arsenal mounting a serious challenge next year. I’d also ask myself if there was any chance of me winning the Balon D’Or when Diaby already has dibs on it. We’re the most in need out of the top 4 to bolster, we’re a month in, we’ve signed no one.

Wenger never learns. He should have 3 players wrapped up by now. Instead, we’re waiting till the end of the month when we can start playing hard ball. It’s an absolute joke and the reason we never win the summer.

The rumour mill has kicked into full effect with Theo Walcott apparently on the shopping list of AVB. Like I mentioned yesterday, he’s obviously sick of watching players like himself being given chance after chance to succeed. Him moving would kind of make sense as well. 5 years of utter, utter dross… one season of about 30 odd games and a few goals, one season where he’s started to look the part… and he’s off!

The Sunday Times runs with an interesting piece today, if you’re rich and well off like me, you may have purchased a Groupon voucher to get you past the pay wall for a pittance. There are a couple of interesting snippets in there. One is the Times insider source that says something along the lines of…

”He can afford to lose Clichy, who had a torrid time last season, and Cesc – everyone is tired of that situation. But Nasri’s a big one. That would send out the wrong message about where Arsenal are going and seriously worry other players.”

Now, I’ve heard that many of the senior players expect Cesc to go this summer, they, like us don’t think his heart is in it. I’ve also heard that no one was more aware of his own regressive performances that Clichy himself. He knew he was playing terribly. Nasri though… that would be a scary loss. Wenger doesn’t often lose players at the peak of their powers.

Tim Payton ([twitter-follow screen_name=’TimPayton’ show_count=’yes’]
) also made some interesting comments in the article as well, basically stating the self sustaining business model has made us uncompetitive with transfers and wages… he says,

‘It doesn’t seem right that fans are asked to dig ever deeper when we have two billionaires owning 95% of the club’

Bravo to that comment. Self sustaining for me is code for, ‘we stick it to the fans’. Too many people seem to have the idea that self sustaining is like solar panels for our clubs bank account. That money comes from us paying over the odds for tickets. I have no worries about a Billionaire taking over the club and running it their way. What would be the difference bar maybe less of a drive to squeeze every penny out of us? You know, and perhaps a shift in focus from the balance sheet to the starting 11? Have a listen to Tim on Talksport here

Before I go, let me know what you think of the new font. We’ll be making some changes to the site over the coming weeks, so your input is welcome. Also, make sure you tune in tomorrow, I have some exclusive information… it’s not about transfers, but it’s pretty damn interesting all the same!

Enjoy your day!

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