Jackie boy says we can go all the way, Wenger strikes back?

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Jack Wilshere is targeting the quarter final game against shitty as his come back game, he hopes they will field their strongest side as he believes we can go on and win the Carling Cup.

I wonder how Kolo and Ade the whore will feel trotting out knowing we only field our babies in this one, how will they feel when they get stuffed by them? The last time Ade played in this cup was the time he head butted a team mate for daring to challenge him, let's hope he does that this time, he'll get a smack in the mouth if he did it to the Welsh runt Bellamy, now that would be funny!

I would love Arsene to go through our players and tell us which position he sees them in, so Vela and Nasri on the left, Rosicky, Wilshere and Theo on the right, and so on, just so we could wonder amongst ourselves who might play where.

Suffice to say, I can't wait for this one, it smacks of that time our kids tonked the scousers 6-3, with Aliadiere and the Beast getting on the scoresheet.

Other news is Wenger is tracking Barcelona winger 18 year old Israeli Gai Assuilin. He is one of their finest young talents, and that would be sweet, sweet, justice for them talking to one of our young kids, Karma if you like.

Get in there Arsenal, that's what you should be doing.

I don't know who he'll pick for the Carling Cup game, and I don't know if Eastmond will have a better game again, but I would like to see him, Wilshere, Vela, Ramsey, Watt and Coquelin feature along with Eduardo, Eboue and Rosicky for experience, maybe even playing Theo up front with Watt.

We sure do have options, but I want to win this one, what do you think Grovers?

Have a great day debating, I'll be on later.



Will we move for Numbchuks now Bendtners is out, or will Watt step up?

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Interesting thought, Bendtner is out for at least 2 months, by the time you add the Theo factor, then maybe even 3. The Theo factor is you get injured and are out for a month, then you take another month getting fit before your come back, at which you get injured again, stopping along the way to buy your girlfriend a brand new Ferrari.

Don't have a cow, I'm not suggesting Nikki B will buy his girlfriend a brand new Ferrari, what I'm saying is they always seem to take twice as long to come back from an injury, so maybe it's time we made a premptive strike and worried about having too many players, when we have too many players.

I also love Theo, I really do, but he does seem to spend a large part of the season in the treatment room, perhaps it's the treatment room that's the problem, perhaps it's the training, either way it happens more to us than anyone, and we can't keep putting it down to co-incidence.

The YaYa rumour has started up again but it's all bollocks, we will never sign someone that turned us down, he wants to play with his brother and the 300 midfielders at shitty and we need another African like we need a hole in the head.

Now before you African's spit your cornflakes out, hear me out, we have nothing but admiration for Africans, many of you on this site are indeed from the big continent, however the ACN is on every 2 years and that is ridiculous, we need cover for Song because he is going there to play in it, so why on earth would we sign his replacement if he too were going, we wouldn't, so that's it, it's all bollocks.

The squad replacement for Eboue is sorted but the squad replacement's for Song are a little too young, that's if it were Eastmond or Coquelin, Diaby is no good in that position so that only leaves Djourou or Senderos, ...get the chequebook out Arsene!

So I think we should get two in, in the window, both as cover, I would look at Matuidi and Chamakh, the run in will be tough, and yes I know there will be a bit of cup-tied-ness in there, but they wouldn't cost much and we could always have a clear out in the summer.

Let's hope Liverpool get pilloried like we did for a dive that was shameful, let's see Platini say something, yes I know it's the FA's job, but they never act, unless of course it's us in the dock.

The other option up top is Watt, but like Coquelin and Eastmond, I think he's too young, but I do like him,  another thought is to bring back Homer J Simpson, but I just get the feeling Wenger doesn't have him in his plans.

Have fun today Grovers, only ten more to go until we overcome that fat manc loving ingrate from the stadium of shite. I mean when did rednose ever supply him with half his squad?



I hope Cashley makes it, so I can boo him for 90 minutes.

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Cesc Fabregas says that the William Gallas spat last season is now behind the boys, though Arshavin says no-one is allowed to sit near him on the team bus, he really is a complex character is our Billy, but I think he's having his best ever season in football, which I think proves my point that centre backs don't come of age until they reach their late 20's, so in theory we have got many years left of watching Vermaelen.

The centre back situation is a little worrying, as we only have Senderos and fish head to come back, I'm not sure when Djourou will be ready but I think he will make it, so we have him, but the young guns are too young, so should we have a little look see in the window?

I would have said maybe he would put Song in there if needed, but I don't think he'll move him from the midfield in my lifetime, the one thing that cost us last year was losing Gallas, I think we missed him more than we missed Cesc.

I also think Cesc this season is a different player, I believe adding scoring to his game has given him a new dimension, remember Hleb? When we had him, how frustrating was the team to watch when no one had a shot, we're a bit different now, what with Vermaelen having a pop from anywhere and Arshavin and Robin doing their thing, I think we only have three outfield players that haven't scored. Happy days!

So the chavs beat the mancs, well we spanked the mancs so we have nothing to worry about, if the mancs had a goalscorer in their team they would have been 4 up at half time, next up for us, Sunderland, next up for the chavs, Wolves, and John Terry says it's a tough game. We'll see.

On the Ashley Cole injury, I'm hoping he's out for the game, but then at the same time, I'm looking forward to booing his every touch, tough decision that!

Have a great day Grovers, it's strange being talked of as a contender again, let's hope that lasts eh!