Ade, going, going… Now is the time to have a real clear out Arsene.

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So that made me laugh yesterday, Adebayor is having a work permit meeting in Manchester, so what the hell does that mean? He didn’t have one playing for us?

On the BBC, it says Ade has asked to sleep on it overnight as he is concerned how it would go down in Togo! No thought for his beloved Arsenal then? That’s his Goose well and truly cooked.

I had to laugh at old boy Robson yesterday, saying Tevez only moved for the money, ha, ha, so £28 million each on Rooney, Ferdinand and Veron when £10 million to everyone else was a fortune had nothing to do with money then, what a complete muppet hypocrite.

The thought of losing a big lump like him to our new biggest rivals fills me with dread, but the thought of getting rid of a lazy trouble maker that loves himself and depositing £25 million in our bank account excites me more. But only if he spends the money.

I would be tempted to ask for Richards, give them Kolo and spend £28 million on newer, better players, Talk is of Hazard, I like the look of him but he really is in the Wilshere mode, one for the future, what we need to challenge next year is a world class partner for Cesc, one because that would lift the team and two because without that we will be lucky to finish in the top 4, that’s my opinion.

So who are the candidates? Matuidi, Inler and Cana as Melo has all but gone, I must confess I don’t know enough about any of them save that they run a lot, shut down and win the ball, a bit like Ray Parlour and that’s what I think has been lacking. I keep mentioning Flamini but I know a lot of you have mixed feelings, I can’t understand why the boss can never bury his pride, it smacks of sulking, we all make mistakes and if the boss was so keen to keep him in the first place, he should be just as keen to bring him back, plus he would be the cheaper option and he knows the Premiership. Graham did it to great effect with Keown and he was one of Wenger’s stalwarts.

I also like the look of Numbchucks, but he would be off the the ACN so I would steer clear of him, if Wenger sells Eboue, Kolo and Adebayor that would only leave Song in the ACN and as he is not a first choice centre back, that may work. As we wouldn’t be losing a key member of the squad when we need him the most. He also needs to decide whether we need Senderos and Djourou, I like them both but will they make it? So maybe we should be looking at another centre back like Naldo, and if we get Richards as well we will have two players in every position along the back and bring in much needed cash.

So to sum up, if we sold Eboue, Djourou, Senderos, Kolo and Ade we could easily bring in £45 million and that would comfortably bring us in a world class centre back and defensive midfielder with enough left to land Micah Richards and Eden Hazard.

And the last two both want to play for us, so that is a massive bonus. Apparently Arsenal have sent people to talk to his parents in Belgium.

We will never have a better chance to improve our squad and we haven’t done that since 2003 so it’s about time, no one can say that we don’t have the money now because we clearly do and we would be losing some high wage earners so therefore saving even more money.

Come on Arsene, do the right thing, we may have lost Villa as a rival but Man City are a different proposition. Give us all some hope because selling Ade and not making hay while the sun shines will only leave us a much weakened side.

Have a great day Grovers, something will happen today!

So Ade, if Milan were Beyoncé, what are City, Susan Boyle?

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So on the day we hear the tragic news that old boy John Hartson has cancer we also hear from the opposite end of the scale, greed.

First of all John, everyone here on Le Grove wish you well, it will be a tough fight but you’re a fighter and we are with you every step of the way, good luck mate, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Onto Ade, he whinged on that BBC interview with Garth Crooks that he can’t control what the papers say, so as he hasn’t come out and said the City rumours are untrue, we have to believe they are, if this is scotched on I will be major league pissed off, as if it were untrue then this should have been bollocksed yesterday, but it wasn’t, so here goes.

So Ade, how does it feel you are every shite wannabe team’s second choice? Milan were slightly interested when Dzeko turned them down, but they never followed up on their interest. Then Man City, after being turned down by ‘has been’ Eto’o, have also turned to you, so you have been chased by two teams that wanted someone else first, have you no pride? And City aren’t even playing Champions league football!

Don’t get me wrong, I really hope this story is true, you were trouble at Monaco, you are trouble with Togo and if we keep you, you will disrupt this side no end, I would sooner you went and we bought in a world class defensive midfielder and a winger. To be honest I would swap you for that new Taylor made R9 Driver and a box of ProV1′s, but I don’t manage Arsenal, I only play football manager so that won’t happen.

Go with our blessing Ade, enjoy your money, I hope the City fans are more tolerant of your offsides than we are, but a word of advice, don’t headbutt Micah Richards, he might headbutt you back.

Arsene take the money and spend it, don’t use it for pay rises or to pay for Ivan’s new recruits, use it to strengthen the squad, but do it with class players, not more bargain basement troublemakers, make our team get excited, like they did when you signed Arshavin.

I was quite amused when Rednose was puzzled as to how the transfer market has gone ballistic, this is after he made £80 million by selling a player to Real Madrid, he is either mentally ill or quite stupid, I suspect somewhere in between after he signed happy crock Michael Owen.

Vieira to Spurs? How funny is that! Don’t hold your breath Harry, it won’t happen, once a Gooner, always a gooner.

So after yesterday’s chat about no more speculation, Adebayor has got us all buzzing, I have always rated his ability but hated his attitude and his inability to learn as well as his work rate.

Yesterdays picks as replacements were all midfield and wingers, almost none of you wanted Numchucks which does seem to be Wengers preferred choice, but many of you fancy the idea of Jeremy Toulalan, Matuidi, Cana or Inler with Hazard on the wing, an interesting debate and one that I believe will be decided before Saturday if Ade does indeed go.

Richards for Kolo and Ade plus £28mil anyone? I would! That way we could get in Nimbchucks, Matuidi, Hangeland and Hazard and still have change. The back line would be sorted then would it not, we could even sell Eboue as we would have ample cover?

I have to say though a forward line of Robinho, Adebayor and Tevez could do some damage, And finally how does it feel Shaun? You could have been a gooner once.

But Arsenal, not a penny less than £25mil and let’s hope him and Tevez enjoy playing in the Europa cup this season.

Have a great day Grovers, it could actually be an interesting one!

It’s time to follow Chelsea’s lead and do a Maureen, it could be the answer.

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Before you tell me to scrub my mouth out with soapy water read on, there is much method in my madness.

So coming off the back of a complete no news week we have in theory one week left of the non football bit and then we begin pre season, so I guess we have a week to sign the defensive midfielder we need or go with what we have.

Last season we had Denilson and Song as our defensive midfielders, this season we have a few options but one of them isn’t Alex Song, Wenger has said he we be competing for the centre back role.

So who have we got to choose from? Well Diaby is bulking up so there’s him, Ramsey could be another and Nasri has said he could do it and of course there’s Denilson.

Denilson may have bulked up a bit and Ramsey will be a bit older but who will the boss put in there. My guess is Nasri or Diaby with Denilson and Ramsey as back up.

How will the team shape up then? These are some possible line ups.


Sagna Gallas Vermaelen Clichy

Walcott Cesc Diaby Rosicky

Arshavin Robin

Or perhaps


Sagna Senderos Kolo Vermaelen

Walcott Cesc Nasri Vela

Adebayor Robin

Or maybe even


Eboue Song Vermaelen Clichy

Nasri Cesc Arshavin Rosicky

Bendtner Eduardo

I have included Vermaelen in all the line ups not knowing what he’s like, but as the boss has just spent £10 million on him, I have to figure he will start, we do seem to have a few options in the team especially up front and strangely enough in the middle, I know that a few of the centre back pairings are both left footed but so what, many pairings in football are all right footed, and although we have a lot of midfielders we don’t have too many options in the defensive role, but when did we ever? Petit wasn’t really a defensive midfielder and nor was Edu, not in the strictest sense anyway, so maybe he’s going for the exciting attacking midfield and banking on a solid back four to …well, defend.

I know that’s a little novel, defenders defending, but what we’ll lack defending we’ll make up for winning the midfield battle and going forward, who knows maybe he has Cesc earmarked for that role as well.

What I would like to see Wenger do this season is what Maureen did so successfully in his time with the chavs, make a substitution when we need it and not on 67 minutes, when the opposition are expecting it.

I would also like to see see the boss switching the forwards at half time if it isn’t working, that way the other team will be confused and we will be resting our front line, we will also be rotating and therefore not getting players moaning about lack of playing opportunities.

It may just work and with such a long season, it could save on injuries too. We could also rotate the back four now we have a plethora of centre backs and two spare full backs.

What do you think, have we enough? I believe that with the players we have, another year on and the criticism they received last term, we may just come of age, we’ll know soon enough, I would buy that DM and I would get shot of Ade but if we don’t then at least the team will know each other, realise it’s their last chance and maybe, just maybe they’ll push on and repay the faith our manager has put in them, so today Le Grove is backing the squad to deliver.

We will soon be past the point of signings, and the time for supporting what we have will be upon us, so one last week of speculating, then that’s it.

A word of deep joy aimed at our much loved antipodean chums and how they must have felt like the mancs did after we stuffed them in the 2005 FA Cup final, and it makes up for that cheating Red Bull driver that punctured Theo’s rear tyre when he overtook the field at the first corner in the German Grand Prix, shit happens boys and so does Karma!

Have a great day Grovers, the sun is shining!