Jack Wilshere to save Arsenal a shedload next season.

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Jack Wilshere has been practising his photography this weekend at a London nightclub, he apparently he is getting so good now that next season he is going to take the team picture.

So now the press are having a go at our Jack for shoving his mobile up a birds frock, well correct me if I’m wrong but he is 18 and from what I know about photography you’d only get a picture if the person’s frock you were clipping was a micro one and had they been sensibly dressed and not attention seeking in a Kensington night club next to footballers on a night out, it wouldn’t have happened.

And suddenly this bird’s name is all over the press, I bet she made sure they spelt her name right didn’t she, I’ve seen these types at clubs, and they only go there to snare a footballer, most of the are just predators, they don’t take their eyes of their target, shame on them.

Look at people like Peter Crouch, would he have a bird like that if he wasn’t a footballer, he looks like Lurch and Rooney’s wife gets masses of money just because she married him, it’s disgraceful, involvement with premiership footballers to some women is now a career.

So Jack should be hailed as a hero and gets a sex pest one instead, very unfair in my book.

Not to mention that Jack can’t give his side of the story either, my goodness the press really hate us don’t they?

We also tried to get Lloris, Given and Begovic on the last day of the window as well, so if those stories are to be believed, then that makes 4 keepers, not sure I do believe it but it’s my job to report.

In the Mail yesterday they reported on the winners and losers in the window, Almunia got a ‘winners’ tag for keeping his job and the Arsenal fans got the ‘losers’ tag because we failed to get a keeper, go figure!

I was thinking about the 56 or so under 21’s we put forward, if you add the loanees to that, it would take it past 60, add the new boys who aren’t even on there, that makes 63, plus the 20 grown ups that makes some 83 footballers at our club, now is that really necessary? And how much does that cost us? It’s like we are trying to stop everyone else buying youth.

Considering how many actually graduate, our percentages aren’t that impressive are they.

I heard that Chezzer is now going out on loan, so it looks like Almunia is it then, I’ll get behind him, of course I will, but you would think that Bob Wilson as an ex-coach would tell him what he does wrong and help him put it right, Gerry Peyton, if he’s the keeper coach, ought to be replaced, as he hasn’t done it.

Spare a thought for Cashley who will be divorced today, he really has no luck in life does he? I feel for him, I also feel for Ade, poor sod went up to Manchester to be loved and all that happens is he gets dropped.

I fancy Jack to play against Bolton, show Coyle what he learned in his time up there, I was also wondering how Jack would fare as a DM, he has vision, a ripper of a tackle, speed and intelligence, why shouldn’t a skilful player be a DM?

Just a thought. Have a great day Grovers, it’s the weekend tomorrow!

P.S. If you want read something different, check out Pedro’s article over at Tatty nut nut.

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Nasri’s back for the Bolton game, good news at last! Squads are announced too.

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Well it’s nice to start the day with some good news for once, Nasri is back in training, good, he can take Cesc’s place, just kidding, but he was playing well until his injury, in fact he was the player we all saw on youtube clip at Marseille .

There were many sites berating Wenger yesterday for his inability to sign a keeper, but I hear from one of our regulars, it was in fact the negotiating skills of Ivan and his team that messed up that one, still it does prove we went back and tried again, which in turn means that Wenger wanted someone better that what we have.

Some sites unsurprisingly backed the boss, how anyone can think the options we have is good news is beyond me, they must have low, or no expectations in life.

Still we move on, of course I will get behind any player that wears the Arsenal shirt, it doesn’t mean I have to like it though does it.

Other good news is I read we have managed to sign that 17 old Japanese kid with the broken leg, phew, thought we’d lost him, nothing like planning long term.

So Barclays announced all the squads yesterday, here’s ours, have a look at the size of our under 21’s, now we can see why our wage bill is so high, I think it’s a bit unnecessary as 90% of that lot will never see the light of day. The yes and the no bits are home grown or not.

1 Almunia, Manuel No
2 Arshavin, Andrey No
3 Bendtner, Nicklas Yes
4 Chamakh, Maroune No
5 Clichy, Gael Yes
6 Denilson, Pereka Neves Yes
7 Diaby, Vassiriki Abou No
8 Djourou-Gbadjere, Johan Danon Yes
9 Eboue, Emmanuel No
10 Fabianski, Lukasz No
11 Fabregas Soler, Francesc Yes
12 Koscielny, Laurent No
13 Mannone, Vito Yes
14 Nasri, Samir No
15 Rosicky, Tomas No
16 Sagna, Bacary No
17 Song Bilong, Alexandre Dimitri Yes
18 Van Persie, Robin No
19 Vermaelen, Thomas No
20 Squillaci, Sebastien No

Arsenal – Under 21 players (Contract and Scholars)

Afobe, Benik
Aneke, Chukwuemeka Ademola Amachi
Angha, Martin Yves
Ansah, Zak Andy
Barazite, Nacer
Bartley, Kyle
Bihmoutine, Samir
Boateng, Daniel
Botelho, Pedro Roberto Silva
Brislen-Hall, George
Bunjaku, Alban
Campbell, James Andrew
Charles-Cook, Reice Jordan
Coquelin, Francis
Cruise, Thomas Daniel
Deacon, Roarie
Eastmond, Craig Leon
Ebecilio, Kyle Stephen Joel
Edge, James Michael
Emmanuel-Thomas, Jay-Aston
Evina, Cedric David
Freeman, Luke Anthony
Frimpong, Emmanuel Yan
Galindo, Samuel
Gibbs, Kieran James Ricardo
Glasgow, Benjamin Luke
Hajrovic, Sead
Henderson, Conor Alan
Hoyte, Gavin Andrew
Lansbury, Henri George
Martinez, Damain Emiliano
McDermott, Sean
Meade, Jernade Ronnel
Miquel-Pons, Ignasi
Monakana, Jeffrey
Monteiro, Elton Almada
Murphy, Rhys Philip Elliot
Nordtveit, Havard
Oldfield Spence-Neita, Nigel Paul
Ozyakup, Oguzhan
Ramsey, Aaron James
Randall, Mark
Rees, Joshua David
Roberts, Philip James
Shea, James
Smith, Steven Robert
Sunu, Gilles
Szczesny, Wojciech Tomasz
Traore, Armand
Vela Garrido, Carlos Alberto
Walcott, Theo James
Watt, Herschel Oulio Sanchez
Webb, Callum Taylor
Wilshere, Jack Andrew
Wynter, Jordan James Cecil
Yennaris, Nicholas

Well I think that’s 56 under 21 players, goodness me, I didn’t check on the rest, but I’m guessing we’ll probably have the biggest young squad in world football, and with the 17 year old Japanese kid coming and Wellington from Brazil, it’s set to get even bigger.

I would still try the Chezzer / Mannone combo instead of the Flappy duo, I really can’t see what we’d lose, I thought against Fulham last year Mannone had the game of the season for our keepers and Chezzer for Brentford looked a class act, in fact his first action for us against Legia was a double save that neither of our first choice boys could have got near, so all is not lost.

Perhaps we’ll have a new star coming from nowhere this season, perhaps we’ll have a youth team player come good, perhaps Wilshere and Chezzer or Mannone can join the long awaited rank of Ashley Cole. I say rank because he was the only one I can think of that came through the ranks apart from Wilshere, and talking of our little hero it seems to be apparent that he was indeed the peacemaker in his incident, I hope now he cuts out the late night clubbing though, he’ll always be a target.

Have a great day Grovers, at least the speculation will now stop until Christmas and by then we could be running away with it, because however much we haven’t done, the chavs and the mancs have not moved either, the spuds and shitty though hmmmm, we’ll find out soon enough, let’s just hope he doesn’t throw the Carling Cup against Tottenham though.

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Flabbergasted, but not in the least surprised, at least his bonus is safe.

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Bargain Hunt - Starring Arsene Wenger

Even David Dickinson was shocked at the frugal one...

Before all the believers come on and start to bitch, read this, if after you have, you still think I’m being unfair, don’t bother to comment, read a blog that thinks what he’s done makes sense, you’ll be happier there, if of course you find one.

How can anybody be happy with our two keepers, even Wenger isn’t and he was the only person that could have made something happen, a good manager would have, but then Wenger isn’t, he’s a great coach, but managing isn’t his forte.

He knew in May that he wanted to get a new keeper, how do we know that? Peter Hill-Wood confirmed we had bid for Mark Schwarzer, Fulham wanted £4 million, we offered £2 million, why? Because our manager is very clever, Barca wanted Cesc for £29 million, we said you’ll need to pay £60 million. You can ask, but if what you offer is derisory then you’ll get nothing. Ask Barca!

So think about that then, we have a keeper crisis and our leader believes a keeper that is worth £58 million less (in his valuation not mine) than his captain, will do the job, hmmmm. Work that one out.

I have never been a big Schwarzer fan, but over the two we have, I would have him in a heartbeat.

So then we go back in August and bid the same paltry amount for him again, and guess what? Fulham said no, we want £4 million, if you can’t pay £4 million, then sod off, just like you told Barcelona. Fair enough in my book.

Then on the final day of the transfer window, Wenger goes back and says ‘okay, you win, here’s the £4million you wanted back in May.’ However by yesterday, their current keeper Stockdale (stand in) was injured, so Fulham said no, that’s not the fault of Mark Hughes, why would he sell Schwarzer when his other keeper is injured?

No that’s the fault of no one else other than Arsene Wenger.

If we had paid what they asked for in May instead of playing childish games of ‘look how clever I am’ we would have had a decent keeper in for pre season and would have been away. Much the same is had we offered a sensible amount last August for Chamakh, we may have won the league. We didn’t and the striker problems of last season cost us dearly, so what did we learn from that? Nothing, that’s what.

And please don’t tell me he was free, by the time you add salary to signing on bonus there is little difference, there is no such thing as a free lunch, unless of course they are over 30.

Dreadful brinkmanship that failed dismally, so for all the people that said back in June, that I should wait until the end of the window as he knows best, get back under your rock people, because here we go again, only this time, we not only have two useless keepers that regularly commit howlers, we have two keepers that know the manager wanted them out for a 37 year old who could hold the fort until prodigy Chezzers comes of age.

Still another season where the transfer budget has been well and truly saved, many more players have left or been sold so the books have been balanced, the bonus is safe and we have another season of promise that could have been to look forward to.

Arsene, the only sane thing you can do now is to get Shay Given on loan, that business can still be done, or make Chezzer the new number 1, I would sooner watch him making mistakes than the other two jokers, I’ve seen enough of their howlers in pre season. Real Madrid took a chance on a young keeper years ago, he lifted the world cup in July.

I have many mates that are AKB’s, not one of them can understand this, some of them even rate our two keepers, but none of them can understand the manager letting them know that he thinks they are crap.

If we win the league this season I will be delighted, of course I will, I love my team, we ought to eventually, the amount of games this team has played together, but think how much easier it could have been if he had signed a world class keeper, think of the games Cech and Van der Sar have won for their teams, and the worst bit is, Wenger knows it.

And just to add salt to the wound, Harry gets Van Der Vaart, great, and for £2mill less than we spent on Koscielny.

Poor old Cesc, he must have known. Have a great day Grovers, how many times have we said groundhog day before eh?

Ground Hog Day

September 1st 2009

Last year I stayed up late with the Grovers to see if we were going to sign anyone… and we didn’t. This year, I don’t know whether I’ll bother. I still think Wenger is putting the season on the line with a bare bones squad again… I think he needs a defensive midfielder and a centre back… but if he has the confidence to roll with it, we’ll just have to bite our bottom lip and hope the performances continue as they have been.

August 31st 2009

Almunia: Having a shocking opener to the season. If he were a pupil at school and I was his headmaster, I’d be on my second parent meeting of the term. I think it’s gone beyond the last chance saloon and he should be dropped. 4

September 1st 2008

I feel very let down by Arsene because once again I was lured in by his lies. That is why I have created a new term…

A Wengerism: A Wengerism is a type of deception in the form of an untruthful statement, especially with the intention to deceive others.

Do you feel deceived? Wenger has lured us in all summer with the promise of signings, the promise of players staying and the promise of being satisfied as fans. He only said this a couple of days ago,

“We are ready to stay up all night if it is needed,”

“This season it is at midnight on September 1 so you never know. We have still a long time to go.

It doesn’t matter though, because you’ve made you bed… now you must lie in it.

You will have no excuses come the end of this season because,

  1. You had the money, despite trying your best to deny it.
  2. You knew about the crocks (RvP, Denilson, Theo, Eduardo, Diaby, Song, JD…etc).
  3. You’ve had time .
  4. You knew the players were young .
  5. You publicly stated you needed experience.

September 27th 2007

I was a big advocate of signing two wingers and a centre back pre-season, still am a bit, but I tried thinking who I would buy come January? Apart from Goofy, there really isn’t anyone and we have £70mil to spend.

Being an Arsenal fan can sometimes be a bummer.