Senderos to Villa? Ok we’ll have Barry then Ok? Time to step up Ivan.

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Now I like Philipe Senderos a lot, I always feel there is a defender in him somewhere and I only believe that central defenders come of age when they are in their mid to late 20′s but Senderos also has a howler in him too, so for that reason alone I would let him go, take that chance.

Apparently Villa are after him so here’s a chance to do something useful, him plus £4mil and we’ll have Gareth Barry, job done and one of our target positions filled, no fuss, both Wenger and O’Neil save face and everyone including the fans are happy, if Senderos comes good, and there is every chance of that then both sets of fans will be happy too.

Trouble is that’s all too much like common sense, so don’t expect that to happen, but that’s the sort of thing I would expect Ivan Gazidas to be doing, good business low cost. Get the salary bill down.

Old boy Mani Petit has joined the illustrious list of ex players that have urged Arsene Wenger to spend, Dixon and Wright to name but a few this week alone, the Dailly Mail even gave us a short list of centre backs yesterday with names like Lescott, Zapata, Lucio and Sakho in the mix, well I don’t know Sakho but I’d take two of the rest in a heartbeat, we could deal with any of those clubs with a player plus cash deal on the table, Kolo is simply not good enough, we need a world class defence and we don’t have one, I like Gallas a lot too, but it’s no coincidence that since he’s been on board we’ve won zippo, so maybe it’s time to move him on, put Kolo in the defensive midfield mix and buy Glen Johnson as an alternative right back, then get shot of Eboue, Johnson for Traore plus cash would do it.

That then leaves us the forward problem we have, I would really fancy playing Theo and Arshavin as a 4-4-2 with Robin, Bendtner and Eduardo as an alternative, but Adebayor has to go, I would swap him for Villa, or Pato or Gourcoff, again another deal made for Gazidas, I’m a chief executive and if I was at Arsenal, that’s what I would be doing, all of that is relatively in-expensive and not much money would change hands.

All the above deals would give us what we need, nearly all of those would mainly be swap deals and all of those would make our team solid and I believe world class. We also need to lose a couple of players that will be going to the ACN in January, that’s no reflection on our Africans, it’s common sense, we can’t afford to lose 4 first team players, ACN, get your act together.

If Gazidas wants to make his mark then he needs to look at doing deals like this and doing them in the next fortnight, take out the uncertainty and get them on board quickly so they can bed in.

Adebayor and Gallas are causing trouble and we need to address this once and for all.

The final piece of the jigsaw would be a right winger, Arshavin suggested his mate from Moscow, maybe you should listen Arsene…

Have a great day today Grovers, maybe this will be a summer to remember!

Usmanov speaks, we should listen. And I have an idea…

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So Usmanov has spoken at long last and has urged Arsenal to buy grown ups in order to compete with the top 3. At last a shareholder that talks sense.

As an aside I would put Kolo back in as a defensive midfielder, he has more pace than the other three, can tackle better and has a fierce shot. Only if the superstar we need doesn’t arrive though, Kolo is not a centre back I’m afraid, I love him, but it’s not working out.

Will the manager listen? Who knows but as the Mirror said today, so what if Wenger won two doubles, Joan Collins was a babe once. Think about that one, you can’t live off past glories forever.

I see their point, I’ve been thinking about our youngsters and what Wenger says about them when they improve, Gael Clichy and Flamini are probably the only two players to have come through after years of watching them struggle. So it may work now and again, but is it worth it, does it hold us back whilst waiting.

Arsene has played Song, Denilson and Diaby all season and arguably Song has improved, but he’s still not good enough for a title challeging team and the other two are nowhere near so I have an idea.

This is a radical solution and it goes back to the days of Graham, Clough and Paisley, it was something they lived by and was phenomenally successful.

It’s called the RESERVES, it’s a strange concept, but hear me out first and see what you think.

So you take players that aren’t good enough for the first team, players like Song, Diaby, Denilson, Ramsey, Wilshere and Fabianski. Players that aren’t far off but still not there yet. You then play them in the reserves week in week out, if there are no fixtures, then arrange them, that way they will either improve over the season or they won’t, they will be playing regularly which is good, rather than coming off the bench and getting abuse because they are having a shitter and it’s no their fault because they don’t play enough.

They then have the incentive to shine and get into the first team, that’s where players like Paul Merson and Perry Groves came from. Also use the reserves to bring back injured players. We only need our third choice keeper on the bench because they are very rarely used, Fabianski needs to play if he is to improve, sitting on the bench won’t do it, that’s for sure.

So putting those players in the reserves will leave room for at least 3 new signings, if those signings are truly world class, then we can win the league next year, we would also win the Carling cup because we would have a decent reserve side that play together on a regular basis.

Will it work, yes of course it will, how many European cups did Liverpool, and Forest win in those days eh!

Have a think Grovers, this could save Wengers blushes, give us the new players we crave and at least win us the Carling cup.

I think we needed that humiliating spanking… But will he change?

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I’m not going to dissect what was a pretty horrible result.

Just a few points, then I’ll let you guys do the rest.

Theo missed a bag full of chances today… but there is the key. He is getting in position to miss them, he is learning his role. Earlier in the year he was barely registering a shot. It wont take long for him to develop composure… training with a genius will speed up that process. I look forward to 15 goals from him next year.

Arsenal were woeful in today… the keeper, the midfield and the defence were all terrible. We need major surgery there in the summer, and I was glad to hear the coach indicate he would sign 2 experienced players. Do I think two players will be enough? No… but it’s a start right?

The fans won’t be conned this summer. We don’t want to hear that we’ve got enough quality in the side to compete next year, because most of us aren’t stupid enough to go along with that this year.I guess what is damning for Wenger and his loyal band of disciples is that even the players don’t believe in his ideology… Almunia, Toure, Adebayor, Cesc and Robin have all mentioned the need to recruit this summer. Thousands of seasons ticket holders, hundreds of Grovers, majority of bloggers, every quality newspaper, every ex-Arsenal player, every pundit, any rival manager who is asked… all say the same.

We’re not good enough to win the league, we need to recruit. Wenger says we have no money, so when he said we need to build a new stadium to compete with ManU and Chelsea, he forgot to tell us it would take another 15 years, wow some omission. Perhaps we should have stayed at Highbury, at least we had money then.

Wenger also said judge him in May… we’re now in May. So what do we think? Well, the proof is in the pudding, and the facts are, our pudding tastes distinctly average compared to what the top three are offering… we need some better ingredients… we need to get some fresh produce from quality establishments.

Life is not a dress rehearsal… if the kids aren’t cutting it, let’s recruit some men who can. Or get real world class kids in because the one’s we have are most certainly not. How many of our team would get into ManU? Cesc maybe? Would Song, Diaby or Denilson? Would Fish head? We know the answer to that don’t we!

Today’s performance was awful, the team selection was awful and the result was down right humiliating, but hey, there will be no doubt about what needs to be done when Wenger sits down with the board this summer.

The problem is the manager will do what he wants, no one will stop him, he is Arsenal, if he made changes he has to admit he failed and he won’t do that.

We have two games left, we will lose one and win one, how bad is that, that we know we go into a game with no chance, how can anyone say anything positive about yesterday? 4 years and counting, way to go Arsene.

Over to you Grovers, what do you think needs to happen?