Arsenal out of the FA cup, thank god, I was right!!!

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That headline was for all the numbnut AKB’s out there that seem to think Le Grove are only happy when we lose. Here are some facts for you morons.


We are Arsenal fans first, whilst we are delighted to have Arsene Wenger as our manager we are fans of the club first and if we feel we need to disagree with the manger, then that’s our right as fans, if we didn’t question him, there would be no balance of the other point of view, we would all be agreeing with him and saying stuff like, who cares about the FA cup? We had a good run didn’t we? And 4-5-1 nearly pulled it off, we only lost 2-1. This team doesn’t get enough credit, loads of money but no credit. Yes I know the day cost me £250 and we lost, but I don’t care, Arsene knows.


But you know what, we’re not, I was so traumatised after my Wembley trip after my initial Saturday evening rant I haven’t read a paper, watched the sports news or entered into conversation with anyone, I didn’t even comment on my own blog yesterday, why? Because we lost? No, it was the manner in which we lost, pathetic and disrespectful to every fan that watched.

The last time we played 4-5-1 in the FA Cup we beat the Mancs, it was the last time we played an FA cup final and it was dreadful, so have we learned from that? No, not a bit.

We have been saying all season that 4-5-1 wins nothing, 4-5-1 is fine if you don’t want to lose, like an away game, but when you want to win, it’s dumb.

Wigan, Villarreal away, I could go on, everytime we play it we’re woeful, everytime we changed to 4-4-2 we are awesome, why do we always wait until the 70 something minute before we change??? Doesn’t he realise that whoever he plays against knows he’ll do that? And are ready?

When will he realise that Ade is just a lazy bastard who is only interested in moving on, running around trying to win the ball doesn’t feature with him anymore, when will he realise that Eboue is just not good enough, just as I’m beginning to see Song is adding something he takes him off, yes I know I said I rated Diaby but after the first 45 he should have seen he wasn’t cutting it and taken him off.

Why is it that our best player, the 6th best in the world, Andre Arshavin was on the bench? Did he think that the Chavs would think he had a brilliant master plan and run away, or did he think they would laugh their bollocks off.

Where is the apology for all the money us poor saps paid to see such an inept performance? Where is the ‘I got it so wrong people and I’m sorry you spent so much’. All he did was blamed the pitch, as did Ferguson, didn’t the chavs and the Toffees have to play on the same pitch? Didn’t he go and look at it beforehand, don’t England win all their games on it???

Yes we may well win the Champions league, but with a formation like that, only if they change the rules and let West Brom in the final. I was disappointed, I so looked forward to the game and he sent out a team that had little or no chance, if there are any fans out there that can defend that garbage, then you are not proper Arsenal fans, you are Arsene sheep.

Me, I know what I am, you should donate your salary to charity boss, at least let someone profit from that shocking display that aren’t Chavs.

So tomorrow we play Liverpool, I can’t get up for that just yet, but by tomorrow I’ll be there, because that’s what Arsenal fans do, they support the team, you know what Arsene, we don’t get enough credit for that, perhaps you ought to say something.

Perhaps if you’d bought Alonso and a decent centre back in the summer we would have played better, perhaps you should start listening.

As far as Fabianski is concerned he’s okay, the rest of the team should not have put him in the position where he had to come charging out, it’s the same for a lot of our young players, they are just too young, we need a few older heads, and I don’t mean as old as Silvestre, I mean a few like Arshavin and Rosicky (Yes he is still employed by Arsenal).

Have a great day Grovers, let’s just hope that we remember how to play football again before we go to Anfield, at least they aren’t as good there as they are away from home.

I wonder how many board members went home as devastated as we all did on Saturday? If any of them gave a rats arse they would have made Wenger buy some quality last summer, I have a feeling there will be some changes very soon. This can’t go on for another year surely???



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The inexperience in our first trip to Wembley shone through as powerfully as the inescapable sun did yesterday afternoon. For me, very poor team selection and a toothless attack lead to  yesterdays loss… and I find that a real shame considering our great form going into the game.

I don’t want to sit here and hammer the boss, he’s done a great job in the second half of the season, but for me he put in a 4 out of 10 performance from the touchline yesterday.

Firstly, I couldn’t understand for the life of me why our best player… who is Champions League cup tied… was left on the bench. That made little sense to me for a one off cup game. Secondly… why was Nasri also left on the bench? I’m not a fan of Diaby… I see the potential… but I also see the obvious flaws in his game. Those flaws are magnified against more powerful opposition. I also for once couldn’t believe that my all time favourite player; Alex Song, was not on the team sheet. For me, his performances of late lead me to believe his name would be first on the team sheet yesterday.

Finally… after making all those terrible decisions… why did it take until the 74th minute to change things around?

Ok, so in the main… we were beaten by an average Chav team who fluked two goals. I’d put the first goal down to day dreaming by Eboue and poor goalkeeping by Fabianski… and I’d put the final goal down to some great power play by Drogba, and some terrible keeping by the Polish number two. It was an error I expected though… that is why he isn’t ready for number one. A clear demonstration the value Almunia has given us this season… something I think he gets little recognition for.

Arsenal created little in attack all day, which amazed me. Cech is in terrible form and we only managed to test him a few times. Cesc was kept relatively quiet by Essien, Diaby was kept quiet by himself and Theo proved that his game is one dimensional and easy to play against. Ashley Cole had him in his pocket most of the afternoon.

So a disappointing day, but lets not go into hyper drive with the critique. Yes it was poor, but we were never going to win all these tough games in the next month. My hope from all this is that Wenger learns to play his best team… and that the team are not too badly affected. We’ve still got the main prize to play for… and we’ve got two more opportunities to ruin the Chav’s season if all goes to plan.

Chin up Grovers, you could be a Spud.

D Day has arrived, this is it, time to stand up and be counted

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Enjoy irresponsibly

Enjoy irresponsibly

So we finally get to Wembley and I get to start my old pre match routine which traditionally begins about now and the drinking starts at 9am. Not today I won’t, all that behaviour is behind me, I’m getting older, we are not in Cardiff and besides that, the kick off is 5.15 and this is not the final, it just feels like it is!

So I’ll be meeting my mate at Baker Street and the drinking will begin at the more sensible time of 12 noon, a few hours of that and then we make the short trip to Wembley.

I had a good lunch with my chav mates and they are very nervous, they feel Drogba will be key but strangely they don’t rate Anelka, I do and he worries me, I hope they start with Kalou and the mesmeric Malouda instead.

Enough of them, I feel I need a shower already! We have big time defensive issues so I believe this will be the line up.


Eboue Kolo Song Silvestre

Walcott Denilson Cesc Arshavin


I stress I think this will be his selection, I would play Diaby in there with Cesc and Eduardo with Robin, their defence and keeper are going through a phase and it’s vital we have players in there that can finish, I would use Bendtner and Ade as impact subs, I would also have Nasri as an impact sub should Theo tire.

We’ve already beaten the chavs, they are an ageing team and they will run out of steam, we should get at them early doors, get in their faces, they don’t like it up ‘em, if we learned anything from Villarreal it’s we are at our best in full flow.

Let’s not forget this is a big pitch, we are a young team and we have pace, they won’t fancy us today.

We may have Djourou fit and that would surprise the chavs, if he was then I would put Song next to Cesc, I feel he is getting more used to the role and this would be the game that could make him. If not then put him in at centre back and hope he takes Drogba out.

I was trying to think of an apt analogy for this game and with the rich spoilt chavs from the south (well south of us anyway) coming to Wembley with their fancy clothes and big cars it reminds me of King Philip of Spain (Abramovich) he stole all his money from the poor in his inquisition (as did Roman, allegedly), he then sent his team across the ocean to meet with Palma at Calais and invade England.

So the similarities are there for all to see and we all know who won that little armada.

What you don’t know though is what happened before that and what really defeated the Spanish.

There was a man the Spanish feared the most, the Dragon, Francis Drake, Drake was working as a freelancer for the queen, he was nicking all their gold on the Spanish main and secretly giving it to Elizabeth, we weren’t at war with them so he was seen as a pirate.

When he knew that the Spanish were building a huge armada at Cadiz he asked Elizabeth if he could go in with his young team and three ships and trash the fleet they were building, she said he could. He went into their harbour with his flags down and stayed there for 3 days hammering their penalty area.

What they had in the harbour was all the seasoned wood that was to make the barrels that held their water and salted meat, because Drake trashed it they had to use green wood which leaked, this meant that when they arrived in the channel, they were all sick, thirsty and hungry, this was the real reason we beat the Spanish, we got in their faces early, nicked a goal and wore them out.

This is what we need to do today, get in their faces, rough them up, get an early goal and watch them slowly fall apart because they are tired.

It will be tough today, they are still a good team, but if we want to dominate football, we have to win these games, if you want to be the best you have to beat the best, so let’s start today and get into our first FA cup final for four years.

Arsenal do your best, Song show me what you’re made of, I’ll be singing your name, Andre get your first hatrick and show Gus what he’s missing, Theo show Ingerland why they have a great future.

Arsenal will only be remembered if they win the cup, no one remembers the teams that lost the semi finals, Arsene we all believe we’re almost there, you believe we already are, let’s see that today, pick a team to win, go all out and attack, attack, attack, attack, attack!

4-1 to the Arsenal if predictions were my game, they aren’t of course but if they were, then this would be it.

Have a great day Grovers, stay out of trouble and stay in the ground afterwards to savour the moment!

P.S. I have 2 singles for the Liverscum game… e-mail in if you’re interested!