Cesc and project yoof, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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I know todays post was earmarked for the chump of the year, however the Cersc Fabregas story has emerged and I can’t ignore it.


I would say no again but having said that, with the world cup coming up and the fact that Cesc is 23 and won nothing of note, (save the FA cup, the Emirates cup, a Community shield and the Amsterdam trophy) this time it could be true.

A big well done to bumbling idiot Peter Hill-Wood who said that Cesc wasn’t good enough to get in the Barca side, I bet that endeared Cesc to the Arsenal, thanks Pete, you are truly a smart guy. It is so time that we asked him to leave, he is just embarrassing.

I seriously doubt that Barca can afford to buy Cesc, Villa and Wayne Rooney all at the same time, however if this Cesc story is true, then why does Arsene keep increasing players contracts, it doesn’t get loyalty and it doesn’t increase their transfer value, all it ever does is reduce our transfer budget and make average players fabulously wealthy.

If it is true I would strip him of the captaincy and stick him in the stiffs for a season. It’s time to stand up to players, this is Arsenal football club and it has long had it’s policy dictated to it by players, time to send a message out Arsene.

On the up side though, if Cesc is sold, it will spell the end of project youth, it will finally prove that all we are, is a training facility for fancy clubs, Hleb, Flamini, Ade and now Cesc.

He is telling Wenger that he is no longer prepared to listen to the ‘I believe in this squad’ rhetoric from Arsene Wenger.

He has now to admit his youth policy has failed, we have won nothing and now we are losing our best player.

Arshavin has been saying since he arrived that we need to sign some grown ups, Robin has too, now what will they do? I wouldn’t be surprised if Wenger took this opportunity to resign if Cesc is allowed to go, then blame disgruntled fans for forcing him to abandon his doomed project.

Of course he could well say Aaron Ramsey or Samir Nasri will fill the gap and go and sign another couple of 18 year olds and pay them a kings ransom.

Ivan, time to tell the boss how it is, time to tell him we need to act more like Barca and bring in top players to play with the young ones, then we may get back to winning some trophies, you know, like Barca do. The team you claimed are the best team in Europe. That’s why, they buy world class players.

All this of course if the story is true, but losing Cesc would be a massive blow, he is after all a very good player.

I hope you stay Cesc, I really do, but if you are allowed to leave after so many extensions and pay rises, I will be disgusted, disappointed but at the same time relieved, at least it will consign project youth to the dustbin and we may get back to being a football club and not a nursery.

Oh and congratulations to arsenal.com, commenting on players we won’t buy is truly cringe making, comment on this rumour, that’s the question that needs answering.

Have a great day Grovers, maybe tomorrow we’ll get back to Chump of the year, with this ash cloud hanging over us called Cesc, maybe there will be a surprise winner.

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Chump of the season, it’s your chance to vote. Get in there.

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So we now have the chance to vent our spleen, to let the sporting world know who we think has been this seasons chump. Last season we had some great contenders, people like Ade and Phil Brown made our job very easy, this year however we may have contenders from areas we would never have guessed before, either way we will take what you say as read, we won’t decide, you will.

So still no signings, we read that Chamakh is in the capital and will sign, but as always, we know that, how boring, this is like Nasri and Vermaelen saga, what happened to the days where a Campbell or a Henry would be unveiled? Anyone remember those days?

Arsene said that we would have everyone in place by the world cup, that’s what, less than a month? Does that suggest that we won’t be signing too many, or does that suggest he knows who he wants and we will be signing a few more than we the fans think? Either way, it’s not June yet and apart from free transfers, we can’t have anyone until then.

Back to the Chump, you can have who you want, I would start my list with Peter Hill-Wood, I would have him as he has opened his gob in ways that I would make comparisons with the great Marie Antionette comment,  ‘let them eat cake.’

I would also consider Ivan for his towing the corporate line and kissing up comments. You can go the way of Ade for his cock goal celebrations, but that would elevate him to someone that bothered us, and he isn’t worth that, John Terry for his girly gaffes or William Gallas for upsetting the team, or it could be for certain players maybe leaving, if they leave that is…

You can even vote for project youth, or maybe you like project youth and you can vote for that as ‘Champ of the season’ on Thursday.

It will be interesting to see who you, the greatest bloggers on the internet think is the chump, I know who I would pick!

Anyway Grovers, have a great day, have your say, today we might just unveil a new player, but don’t hold your breath!

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Spain isn’t that good Cesc, trust me, I’m here.

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Yes, yes, before the anti irony gang come on, I know he’s from Barcelona!

So, after driving through France and Spain on a fact finding mission for the Arsenal, I can report that apart from the roads, which of course we paid for, there’s nothing worth having save the sunshine, the empty golf courses and the women before they reach the age of 25. Cesc, take my advise son and stay where you are.

The first thing Pedro and I did was to switch on the telly and what happened? Yes that’s right, we won the world cup, England beat the Aussies with embarrassing ease, we showed our cousins that we really are the best cricketing side in the history of the game by being world 20/20 champions and holders of the Ashes at the same time, and that my friends has never been done before, so a big thank you to our Antipodean chums for allowing that to happen.


It’s quite apparent that football does not dictate EU policy, and it certainly doesn’t dictate individual countries taxation policies. I am really convinced that most European countries will have to increase taxation massively to survive this recession, and then the lure of big salaries at big name clubs will disappear, so the teams that seem an attractive proposition right now, soon won’t be.

Same with the cost of living, England, though it may have its problems, is still a great place to live, so I believe we’ll keep our stars, we’ll also attract new ones when the recession starts to bite in the Eurozone countries. And that will be very soon, Greece were first, the rest will follow.

As far as Cesc is concerned, once he reads this he’ll think about it, if he should decide to go then I will be appalled, I thought he had a contract for the next 40 years, isn’t that why our manager keeps giving all our kids new and extended contracts? To keep them? This will be a big test.

As far as arsenal.com are concerned, picking up on rumours for hits is one thing, why don’t they ask the manager when Chamakh will sign? At least they would be doing their subscribers a service.

Have a great day Grovers, I’ll be on now and again, my internet is down and this is being posted via my dongle! Sorry for those that may find themselves in moderation. Of course I never get this problem in good old blighty Cesc, that’s another thing that will happen if you go to Spain, you’ll have trouble getting online!