Breathtaking, simply breathtaking, 10 out of 10.

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So I am doing the match report because Pedro went to the dark side, yes that’s right, he went to Twickenham, I said on here before he was beginning to worry me, what next, cricket?

Okay you all know what happens when I do match reports, I lay into the bad ones, praise the good ones and rip the team selection. Today will be very different!

After a nervy start and an huge flappy shirt tugging screw up from Almunia, he redeemed himself by saving a well placed penalty from Martins and the whole team that started went on to play beautiful football, granted it could have been a different score at half time but if it wasn’t for Taylor and Harper they would most certainly have been 4 down.

We then transformed into that butterfly we all know and love and tore them apart, the goals were all contenders for goal of the month, especially Diaby’s. He may have his faults, but composure in front of goal isn’t one of them, he also hit the post in the dying minutes which makes 16 times and the Premiership record for woodwork strikes.

Nothing more to add other than thank you Arsenal for making my last two weeks so memorable, it’s almost like we’ve won something, I feel like a man again, I feel complete, yes Arsenal, it’s true, you complete me.

Other news is Theo is now okay, the scans showed a little blood but no major problem and he’ll be back in 10 to 12 days, which in my book means the Man City game, which is great, so him, Ade and Cesc to return and Rosicky soon after, that’s of course if he actually exists! Rosicky that is.

To be honest though I wonder if we need Ade to start, will he upset the balance? Is his attitude right, should we think about swapping him for a new kit bag at the end of the season, ( The red Nike one, not the own brand) because as far as I can see we’ve played so much better since he went off at Shite Hart lane, the arrogance has gone.

Nikki B is beginning to look the player we had hoped for and Robin had a hand in two of the goals, some think he is selfish, but that’s what strikers should be and his running off the ball creates so much, Ade on the other hand is just a lazy sod that postures a lot.

Arshavin is something else, if only Wenger had stuck his hand in his pocket in August, we may be fighting for the title right now, oh well, we are still in the cups but more importantly we are looking good.

With the Chavs and Mancs slipping up and not looking so invincible any more I think we have a real chance in both cup comps, if Liverpool draw today we put a gap in between us and Villa and we stay in touch with the top three.

We pulled away on Everton yesterday so plan ‘B’ is coming to fruition.

Oh finally we got the close up of red nose Robson, fat boy Ashley and the pikey crowd before kick off, then they did the usual this crowd is the best in football crap and there are 50,000 of them here today, well did you all notice that 10 minutes from the end those fanatical half wits had all buggered off to get their black pudding and tripe butties early? When we have a few leave early, we are a shit crowd, their whole stadium emptied and nothing is said, wankers, ha, ha, ha, I hope you and your fickle fans get relegated with Hull.

Have a great day today Grovers, I know I will.

Walcott shocker but who cares we have Eboue

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Losing fragile Theo is devastating, he is one player that excites me, he runs at teams and they fear him, losing him takes away the fear factor, we have no other player like him and with the run we have coming up we will lose our secret weapon, but will we? After all we still have Eboue…

Anyway the good news is that Cesc is due back in time for the City game at home and that will be crucial, it means Wenger has to make a decision on who slots in alongside him from Song, Denilson or Diaby, my guess is it will be Denilson, but at least we are starting to get options.

For the EPL and FA cup games I would favour a line up that had Arshavin Cesc Denilson/Diaby Nasri, for the Champions league I expect he will swap Nasri with Arshavin and bring in Eboue, I would sooner leave Nasri out wide and play Vela left but he won’t do that.

Another option would be to put Ade up top alone and play Robin out wide like he does for Holland, I have to say I’m looking at any option that doesn’t include Eboue, not because I don’t rate Eboue, I do, but only as a right back.

Newcastle today and another must win game, if Villa and Liverpool draw, we have the chance to pull away from Villa and catch the scousers, we need to win these games as we’ll have to play Liverpool away at some point, the problem there is we play them after the semi final of the FA cup with Chelsea and that will be dodgy.

So today we need to get three points, no defensive line up, today we need to start like we finished against Hull, I expect the team to get some stick following Brown’s outburst but we need to attack their soft underbelly, I would play Diaby as we need some height and strength in there.

Nothing short of a win Arsenal, show those dirty northern bastards what your made of, go forth and multiply, go and win three points and humiliate them.

3 nil the Arsenal today, close the gap and increase it at the same time.

Have a great day Grovers and enjoy tonight because after we take care of them, they’ll be nothing until City, and that’s a long time to wait.


Cesc sends out the rallying cry

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Spitting Cesc Fabregas warned Arsenal not to get complacent at Newcastle; he said we are in pole position and not to undo all the hard work.

‘We are back in fourth place now and need to take care of what we have. We must realise that now we have got it back, we can’t lose it again easily’

‘We know how hard we have been working for it, and now it would be a big mistake to ease off’

He also said he would spit in the eye of any bastard out there that had a shit game! Well maybe I made that one up, but I bet that’s what he means anyway metaphorically speaking.

He was pilloried for the look on his face by the press, thing is no one twigged that was his fist pumping face, big Tone did that his whole career, I can’t wait for him to come back, I suspect that will be against City. He and his style will carry us through, then we’ll get Ade and Tomas back and be unstoppable again.

Today we get the Champions league draw and I hope we avoid all the English clubs, I don’t mind who we get, I don’t even mind Barca, I think they are made to look good because all the other teams in Spain are so poor, look at what Liverpool did against Madrid.

Porto, Munich, Villa Real, Barca, bring em on, on our day we can beat anyone.

Someone came on last night and asked me if my neck hurt on my 180 degree turn on Wenger and the team, well listen up pencil dick, Pedro and I are Arsenal fans, we love our team and our manager, what we don’t do is worship them, if we don’t agree with team selection or we don’t rate a player, we comment, our Grovers then debate, we don’t all agree, but we all get on because we are all Arsenal fans, and that my friend is why we don’t let mugs like you on, because you don’t and you’re not.

Short post today Grovers but a great day ahead, we get to know our fate in the Champions league, I hope we go somewhere hot for the away game, and I don’t mean Old Trafford!

P.S. A Friday joke to get you going…

What’s great and empty?

Le Exchange…

If you have spare tickets, don’t let the go to waste because 95% of the time, Le Grove will find a gooner to take them off your hands!