Theo, Bends and Nasri steal show! Jack Wilshere sickens me…

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Friday night turned into Saturday morning, so excuse me if this post is a little hazy…

I wont give you the normal blow by blow account of the action, but I’ll give you the jist of the match and let you lot dissect the rest like you normally do!

The opening goal came from a magical piece of Samir Nasri ingenuity and a superb piece of finishing from our main man. Nasri was about 10 yards from the edge of the area surveying the blockade of Burnley players for an opening, he ended up playing one of those chipped passes I normally despise, up and over the Burnley back line where Cesc was on hand to half volley between Jensen’s legs… absolutely magical.

The next goal came from an Arsenal defensive brain freeze. The ball was cleared, our defense bombed forward, Burnley headed straight back, the ball managed to sail past the whole defence, Nugent chipped into the top corner. Completely against the run of play, yet typical of our defending this year.

Arsenal proceeded to batter the Jensen’s goal, the Dane continued his long run of excellent form against us. He hadn’t banked on Theo finding his shooting boots… he ran at the Burnley goal, cut inside and slotted the ball into the far corner with his left foot! Superb play and well deserved. Not sure what the celebration was all about… I’m sure the match of the dayers will be able to tell me!

The game felt like it was on tenterhooks despite Burnley rarely threatening our supremacy. Our fears were eased when Arshavin took it upon himself to beat a couple of men and bury the ball neatly inside the beasts near post.

Arsenal took the three points everyone expected them to and the quest for the title was kept alive.

There will be a lot of talk about Nik’s finishing today… it was appalling, but a few things need to be taken into account. His scoring record has been pretty good recently, he hit the target plenty of times today and he worked really hard. Today was one of those days, I’m pleased he’s making more intelligent runs, I’m pleased the crowd backed him the whole way and I’m pleased he’s playing for us. He’ll be a player and a half, mark my words.

Theo Walcott displayed the best parts of his game and the worst. He scored a great goal and far more of a goal threat today… he used his pace and played with far more decisiveness than usual, but there were still plenty of shocking decisions and very poor passes. If Theo is to become a legend, he has to work far harder than someone like Thierry, because he’s not naturally as gifted. Still, if Lennon can become a player, so can Theo. Hopefully he’ll make the world cup squad. Loved watching him kick off with the Burnley player who slid in rashley… more of the same Theo!

Samir Nasri looked the business today, he was all over the park and really stepped up after Cesc went off. Diaby also played superbly, he really is starting to deliver on his massive potential. Denilson didn’t have much to do, what he did do was sloppy and poorly executed. I don’t like to pick on players, but his form has been very poor in the second half of this season.

Manchester United wobbled against Wolves and were out of sorts. Unheard of in seasons past. They never normally stutter, so great news for us. We continued to beat weak opposition which is arguably the key ingredient to winning the league. It’s also worth noting that potential banana skin, Birmingham City slumped to a loss against Pompey. If we can take Spurs and City, we could make this one of the most memorable Championships ever.

Keep em’ crossed for Cesc’s hammy!

Overall, a great day out. Bring on the next game. I believe, I hope you do to!

P.S. A big well done to Jack Wilshere on scoring his first goal for the Trotters. I can’t tell you how pleased I am you have contributed to Bolton’s Premiership survival (Do I have to put some sort of wink there to indicate jest?). Oh, and a big thanks to all those I met before the game, a pleasure as always!

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I love you Theo, but at this rate, you won’t be on the bus, maybe today?

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Even after Theo Walcott’s stop start season, I have been backing him wholeheartedly as I have always believed he will be an England and Arsenal legend one day.

He has been injury plagued since his arrival and as you know, I put a lot of that down to a slight frame, still growing and playing against big boys. The same happened to Owen and look at him him, but many people say it didn’t happen to Rooney, however, he was and is a big lump so getting kicked wouldn’t affect him.

I think Theo needs to start improving ot he will miss the bus to South Africa, he has had the ability to shoot taken out of him, it seems to be an Arsenal trait, don’t you dare shoot, pass.

When Theo was at Southampton he shot quicker than he could think, that was his trademark, as was Nasri’s and Arshavin’s, the Arsenal way is stopping Theo from becoming a legend, he’s played out of position and doesn’t shoot anymore.

If he goes with England it will be as a winger, so it will be two of Phillips, Lennon, Beckham or Theo. Theo son, get your dribbling and shooting boots back on, today would be a good time, easy opposition, Aaron to be avenged, points to be won and Capello to impress.

Diaby is back today and so I expect is the hapless Denilson, shame, I would give Eastmond a go or even experiment with Vermaelen. Whatever happens I would play Campbell at the back, I think he will only get fitter and stronger.

I’m going for a big score today and hope that we see Bendtner continuing to improve, Arshavin to partner him up front with Theo out wide is my guess.


Eboue Campbell Vermaelen Clichy

Rosicky Cesc Diaby

Walcott Bendtner Arshavin

So no predicting as usual but I see us scoring 4 more than them.

So we are being linked with German midfielder Ozil, good player, but he’s in the Cesc mould isn’t he? So do we need him, or is something happening we don’t know about?

I’ll sign off now, but before I do, spare a thought for Shaun Wright-Phillips, can you image having a step dad like Ian Wright? His boy doesn’t get picked so he’s now added Mancini to the list of managers he’s had a go at, Sven, McClaren, 3 chavs managers and Capello, Ian, do you not think there is a common denominator? It’s you, or it’s Shaun, they can’t all be wrong!

Have a great weekend Grovers, this is me signing off.


We are now a financial powerhouse, Remy/Melo back on radar and Shawcross is a good lad.

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Lets start with Shawcross, I won’t spend long as way too much has already been said about the tackle.

The only real thugs in football never to be called nice lads came from another era, the days of Smith, Webb and Hunter are long gone, Hunter even had the nickname of Norman ‘bites your leg’s’ Hunter, but I don’t ever remember them breaking anyone’s legs.

Since then I have witnessed 3 horror tackles on Arsenal players, all done by nice honest working class lads that wouldn’t hurt a kitten if it were tearing their mothers apart, they couldn’t, they haven’t got it in them, there isn’t a nasty bone in their bodies.

No one deliberately sets out to break someones legs, why, because most of the are cowardly bullies that are way to squeamish, like Shawcross who went off crying like a spanked baby.

For me the blame lies with the manager, the manager that says, give him a dig (or similar), let him know you’re there, if Pulis didn’t say that, let’s hear it, he knows he did, his team knows he did, and one day it will all come out. Same with Bruce, Allardyce and the spiv from Hull, they all think they’re tough, they aren’t, they are fat and thick, it’s only their mates in the media that give them names, big Sam, what’s big about him? He’s like Jabba the hut, fat ugly Sam that can’t chew without opening bis big gob. That’ll teach kids manners, watching that slob.

I’d like to have played him in his day, I would have smacked him all over the pitch, a loud mouth bully like him only does it when there are zillions of people to protect him, I’d like to have seen him playing on Hackney Marshes, he would have spent 90 minutes being someones bitch.

One paper cited Patrick Vieira and the fact he still has the Premiership record for sendings off (8) but I don’t remember him breaking anyones leg, do you?

Enough said on that subject, the Telegraph says Arsenal are fast becoming the financial powerhouse of football, a moneymaking machine, great, well it’s great if we use some of it to spend on a team that wins stuff, that would impress me, there are no trophies out there for financial prudence, and please, Portsmouth, Leeds and Liverpool were financially negligent and took back handers, there’s a big difference between that and buying a few key players.

Arsenal remember, we are still a football club.

Talking of players, the papers say we are in for Loic Remy and Felipe Melo, but the latter will involve Clichy, RVP or Sagna plus cash, ha, ha, are they having a laugh?

I don’t mind taking him off their hands for £8mil plus Hoyte or someone but one of our first team, they must be mental, I do like the idea of Melo though because he is a tough tackler, the fact it hasn’t worked out at a sh*te Juve means squat, remember Thierry?

Someone came on yesterday and told Pedro he was out of order for trying to sell tee shirts on the back of Rambo’s injury, hmmm, you may have noticed it was one of a number of shirts for sale and it was actually a nice thing to do. Mate there’s no such thing in life as a free lunch and the closest you’ll find to that is this blog, the only one that takes no ads and no payment, but the blog is called Le Grove, not Saint Le grove and charging £15 for a tee shirt against the £40,000 plus a week our players earn is really not a sin.

Have a great day Grovers, tomorrow we’ll have a goal fest and it will no doubt be dedicated to our Aaron.


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