This Arsenal side has no spine

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Injury List so far :-


So the chickens appear to be coming home to roost… we’re in March and important players are dropping off the team sheet like nobodies business.

The spine of our team is disappearing faster than Charlie Sheen’s sanity.

Shockingly, Thomas Vermaelen is under no pressure to return from injury. Wenger is already playing the, ‘it’ll take him a while to become competitive’ card. Funny how the coach never highlights that when the transfer window is open?

I wouldn’t have minded that if the Wenger had had the decency to admit that Vermaelen was extremely unlikely to make an appearance this season when he pretty much knew the deal in January. Now we’re in a situation where Koscielny is hamstrung and we’re only ever one bad tackle away from Squillaci at centre back for all the major crunch ties we have coming up.

That for me is Wenger all over. He never gives the squad the tools it needs to succeed. He’d rather take a risk on 100% full fitness of his key players all season. Which using the methods of training he does is an impossibility.

The next major concern is Alex Song. He picked up a knee injury in the Carling Cup final and Wenger reckons he is out for Sunderland… major concern… and he reckons he is doubtful for Barcelona away. That is more than a huge concern, it’s an absolute disaster.

Imagine that, Denilson, the slowest player since Eric Cantona made a testimonial appearance aged 42, trying to boss the zippiest team in Europe in their own back yard. That is an embarrassing prospect and again, a prospect we all knew could become a reality when we were mulling over our options in the January transfer window.

Wenger also seems reluctant to give Cesc’s appearance in the Champions League game his full backing. So as you can see, the spine of our team is disintegrating with each game which greatly lowers our prospect of winning a trophy.

So what are the solutions?

Well, I guess it’s about Wenger being bold or returning to type and sticking in the players he knows are hopeless.

Losing Robin Van Persie is once again a prime example of why we need to buy a world class striker this summer. It is absolutely no good having a player of his calibre for 15 games a season, regardless of his goals to minute ratio. He is a crock, he’ll always be a crock and as long as he’s our main man up front we’re always going to struggle in the quest for trophies. We need a decent back up who is capable of top class football for at least 45 games a season.

Now, Nik Bendtner could come in and do us all proud. He reckons he is fit, he’s just banged in a hattrick and last season he popped up with 9 goals in 11 when we were struggling for options in the league. I’m really interested to see if he can turn in a similar goal tally this time around because we’ve got some top class teams coming up. Firstly, we’ll need him to bully Sunderland, then we’ll need him to be clinical against Barca, then we’ve got the big one at United away.

Notice I’m not including Chamakh in this equation? His head isn’t straight and I’ve gone off him since he complained he was tired. Save those comments for your team mates, not a Sky Sports News presenter.

Quotes like his encourage people to want English players in the squad. Has anyone heard the 18-year-old Jack Wilshere complain about tiredness this season?

Midfield really is going to be a tough decision. He could opt for Denilson to take over from Song, or he could be brave and ask Jack Wilshere to play the more defensive role, he could ask Diaby to play the second midfielder and he could slip Nasri into the main creative role. That would leave a front three of Arshavin, Bendtner and Chamakh / Rosicky.

If we can get through the next two games, I’m pretty sure Rambo will be back. However, I’m reticent to see him thrown in at the deepend as the saviour of Arsenal because regardless of how fit he is, he’ll not be ready to boss a midfield against United or Barcelona.

Yeah, it’s a bold selection, but for me, I’d rather take a punt on an unknown, than take a punt on a player or a line up we know we’re just feeding to the Wolves.

Wenger has done reasonably well with injuries so far this season. The only time he’s had to field a second string is when certain players kick off in the dressing room (Wigan). His hand hasn’t really been forced this year. Now we’re approaching crunch time, these players he’s been champing as his best squad ever are going to have to step up and prove Wenger right because if they don’t and we end up potless, the coach is going to look a very silly man…. again.

This Premier League title is ours for the taking, it’s in our hands and I think it’s time for the players to stop mouthing off in the media about how they are men and start to deliver the results on the pitch.

The fans are bored of the false dawns, bored of the future and bored of having a squad that isn’t equipped.

Time to prove us wrong Wenger, make sure there aren’t any slip ups tomorrow.

Keep em’ crossed Grovers…

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Also, I have two spares going for tomorrow, £70 each, club level.

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Easy peasy lemon squeezy Arsenal, next up the Mancs.

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So we had Ignasi Miquel again and we had newcomer Henderson on the left wing, not sure why as he’s a midfielder, but there you have it, the interesting way we pick a team.

I like Miquel and think he’ll make it, he looks like a proper centre back.

We scored early on when Rosicky went on a run down the left, accidently passed it through the legs of the Orient defender and Chamakh slid it in the left corner.

A goal is a goal and hopefully Chamakh can now push on.

The second came shortly after, Gibbs crossed and Bendtner headed high and it looped into the back of the net, great finish as the cross was more of a lob and he got a lot on it.

The third just before half time was a mistake seized upon by Bendtner and he turned inside and hit one, it bounced twice as it bent into the far right hand corner.

He celebrated like he’d scored two against a first division side at home as a third choice striker who’s leaving at the first opportunity, need I say more, one of the few players that can score a goal and not look like he cares a shite.

Why on earth Manuel Almunia is captain when Rosicky was on Sunday is a mystery, but Eboue and Denilson are truly crap, at least Almunia plucked a corner out of the air like we always hoped he would, better late than never Manuel!

Diaby made some good runs and it’s nice to see him before he has a thigh strain and goes missing for a few weeks, bless, he does look tired.

There were massive gaps all over the ground, it was good of the announcer tell the crowd there are 60,180 of them watching.

The second half began the same as the first, on top, Denilson showed his two sides early on, the first his shite side, the gormless no idea what to do side, then he had a shot, the other side, he can hit the ball and I don’t know why he doesn’t do that more often, oh it was easily saved by the way.

Soon after Diaby goes round three players and misses an open goal, ho hum!

Gibbs went around 2 players and landed a penalty as Nasri comes on for Rosicky, you never saw a player hit it so quick! He thought Nasri was going to have it! Well done Nikki B, first Arsenal hatrick since Ian Wright against Yeovil in 1993, 18 years ago, wow, the year we won the FA Cup! Omen??? Still at least it made the big Dane smile.

He sure as hell wasn’t when Chamakh scored the first! So Wilshere and Clichy on for Diaby and Bendtner, Diaby though made 69 passes that all found an Arsenal player.

Why does this ill educated bell end of a commentator keep calling Miquel Miguel?

Still can’t work out why he took Bendtner off and left Chamakh on, after all Bendtner got the hatrick didn’t he?

Well the 5th goal was scored by Gael Clichy, a rocket from 20 yards, was that his first goal? No, I’m just reminded his first was in 2008 against Stoke City.

We won and I’m delighted, but we ought to have won, it was Leyton Orient, had I had the choice I would have taken the Carling Cup on Sunday, as I said it was great, a big win and we are through, but winning tonight doesn’t feel as good as Sunday felt bad, and still does.

I don’t think they has a single shot in 90 minutes. Sorry, 90 minutes 40 seconds Almunia had his first shot and tipped it around the post.

Have a great day Grovers, next up in the cup, the Mancs away, easy peasy lemon squeezy!

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Mancs open the door but will injuries to Arsenal prevent us walking through it?

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The news that Robin Van Persie is injured again should come as no surprise, although he is super talented and fab to watch, he is a crock, probably up there with the most crocked in world football. No the surprise here is we have no one to step up and fill his boots, the early season promise of our free player Chamakh has gone down the toilet and Nikki B continues to be ordinary, Theo has stepped up but he is almost as much of a crock as Robin.

So that leaves only Nasri, I love that guy but I’m still not sure what his best position is, he’s not really a striker and like Arshavin although he scores goals, he’s not a leader of the line in the mould of Henry, Ade or Robin.

So big cup game tonight that Barry Hearn has revised his predicted score down from 27 nil to 11 nil, thanks Barry, but I would be happy with a win, at least 5, but a win. Even with our second string we should clean up, this will be the team I think provided they are all uninjured and available.


Eboue Squillaci JD Gibbs

Diaby Wilshere Ramsey (not Denilson)

Bendtner Chamakh Arshavin

I didn’t say I liked it, I just figure that will be the team. If we can’t beat this lot, we may as well pack it in, 18-1 are this morning odds.

Anyway if we play the Mancs like we did Birmingham I would sooner go out tonight, it will be one less game and our tired athletes will get a rest.

I did watch the chavs last night and thought it was hilarious when all the cameras could do was pick out Luiz and his body check on Rooney, the fat ugly dirtbag cheat. They completely left out the dirty challenges he made, conveniently ignored the karma involved and forgot to mention the fact he was rolling around clutching his ugly mug when it was his body that was clippped.

The only thing that was funnier was watching red nose jumping up and down like Homer Simpson outside of the Springfield fair wanting his free beer. And when he said bad referreeing decisions change games, no one pointed out the irony of his stupid comment! Ha, ha, and then Luiz not getting carded made the night complete, well that and the non exsistent penalty awarded.

Someone on Sky news when talking about the Cole shooting incident said what would the headline and the reaction from Ancelotti be if the kid had shot Cole with an air rifle? Good point . Would Ancelotti be saying ‘it was just a mistake and only god doesn’t make mistakes’

He obviously forgot about our manager then!

So if we win our game in hand we go one point behind and if they draw at Anfield we could go top against West Brom away on the 19th, sweet.

Have we the squad to do it though? There is little point in banging on about signings we didn’t make, we always get injuries and we never learn so best leave that alone, we do have the players though so maybe we should bring back the loanees.

This is what the team could look like tonight if he did.


Eboue JD Miquel Gibbs

Lansbury Ramsey Diaby

JET Bendtner or Chamakh Arshavin

Thing is we can, they are our players, I would sooner see that line up than whatever we put out tonight. Then again I’m not the manager and I expect Denilson to figure along with Eboue and Song, you know, the Marmites.

We play barca next week without Robin and Theo, the two main tormenters in the first leg, but we do have Nasri back and maybe putting in a Bendtner or a Chamakh would allow us to sling in some crosses as they won’t have Pique or Krusty.

Why it takes 3 weeks to recover from a sprained ankle is beyond me, and what ever happened to Vermaelen and he’ll be back in 3 weeks, what was that 7 weeks ago I think.

In some ways I wouldn’t be fussed if we crashed out, Wenger now has the excuses, injuries, at least that way we can concentrate on the EPL whilst watching the spuds progress. (kidding)

Whatever happens I think we should bring back those players, what’s the point in having them if we can’t use them when we need them? Loan out Denilson if you want to, we don’t need him do we!

Enjoy the game tonight Grovers, no rallying cry from me, it was a waste of space on Sunday, and to think I wrote that on a plane and didn’t finish it until 2.30am on the day of the match.

I expect a resounding win tonight, but I won’t be going, I’ve done enough travelling this week. Anyway, they’ll be the usual 60,000 there, you’ll see and if your eyes don’t believe it, the stadium announcer will make your ears take note.

Enjoy the game Grovers and expect a resounding win.

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