Senderos is like Marmite, but could he be the key?

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So we are getting Senderos back and the chavs, Liverpool and City are chasing Le Grove target Glen Johnson for £20 million, (where do they get there money from, I thought they were skint)

Now the chavs sold Johnson to Portsmouth for £4 million and a year or so on and they may well pay £20 million to get him back. So why is he now worth so much more?

I’ll tell you, age, he’s in his mid twenties, he’s no longer a young player, much the same as Vermaelen and dare I say it…Senderos, they are both the right age and with Senderos as the big stopper and Vermaelen with the pace and good on goal we may have the makings of a Bould/Adams partnership.

Before you think I should be committed, what are our options? Silvestre is not good enough, Kolo and Gallas may be on their way and with Song and Djourou as back up, the two big strong europeans might just click.

Adams used to get donkey taunts when he was young, rarely do centrebacks get spacial awareness when young, and Senderos can head a ball so with the faster, sharper Vermaelen to back him up when he cocks up, who knows!

Sacko for me can go swivel, I don’t like what his agent said and he reminds me of Gallas with his attitude, and we need another 19 year old like we need a hole in the head.

I read with interest yesterday that Dennis Bergkamp said we need a clear out and the addition of 5 world class players, he also said that it gave the changing room a massive lift when new faces arrived, so Dennis joins the ranks of great Arsenal old boys that says we need to buy, are they all wrong?

Finally Charlie Nicholas has come out and told Robin he has no right to hold out on signing a new contract with his injury record, I’m half in and half out on that one, he still has two years left so there’s no hurry, Ade on the other hand needs to go, we should use him in a swap deal to get someone, Flamini and Pato would suit me, or Flamini and a Brioni suit, or even Flamini and cash, but definitely Flamini, he’s what we’ve been missing.

Finally, I wasn’t saying Senderos is the answer, all I’m saying is the year off and a year on he may have learned something.

Have a great Domingo Grovers, here in Ingerland it’s going to be a scorcher!

Guest post by a bird (Snigger)

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“Chants and the Man from Lower Block 7………”

Actually that’s not me, I’m a woman (aka “bird” – cheers Pedro – it’s a few years since I’ve been called that) from Lower block 7…. more about the man later.

Now most football blogs, Le Grove included, appear to be written by men about men and for men so here’s one written by a genuine “cunt”. Ghastly word, never it use in real life, but so prevalent in the impoverished vocabulary of most of the football blogworld… so I will be a hypocrite, just this once mind, if that’s what it takes to grab attention and credibility.

“Only a woman”, so therefore rarely taken seriously on football matters (most readers have probably gone to a more manly site by now) but, hey, here’s my credentials – 3rd generation Gooner for over 50 years (“OMG an old woman to boot”), season ticket holder, travelling fan, drinker in the Rocket, scarf twiddler, (out of tune) singer, owner of AW tee-shirt, marcher with the faithful. So a passionate, long time fan who loves the Arsenal, would never never ever boo one of our own and has never (and will never) leave a game early – more of that later too. So I reckon I’m as entitled to express my opinion as any other Arsenal obsessive and far more so than any blogger who refers to the “EPL” and get their (often ill-informed) crass opinions from other blogs or watching highlights! Yes, I’m a critical bitch too…

Lots of blogs are currently reviewing the season “footballistically”, so here’s some thoughts about our fans at the Emirates this season…….. ( weary sigh).

At times, and you’ll know when I mean, I have been ashamed to be associated with our so-called “supporters” this season. Ground well covered here and elsewhere. We all love the club and know (surely?) that we need to create a more positive, supportive (louder, louder and louder) atmosphere where our players feel loved, encouraged and forgiven for the odd error. It can and has been done at the “big” matches so why not every match? The travelling fans manage it. I was at the (truly dreadful) Man City away match and we were singing loud and long to the end despite it all.

So, our chants……….. frankly, is it just me, or are some of them just a bit rubbish? The self-proclaimed Red Army, just around the corner from me, are very good on a good day (but rather inclined to go quiet on a bad one to be frank). In Block 7 most of us join in (although no credit ever given here – only Block 6 ever get a mention with occasional faint praise for Block 5). But we try our best to raise the volume and lift the team. So please, Red Army/Action could we have some new/better songs next season?

Comments recently from players (Clichy, Theo, Ade to mention two (sic)) suggest they really take notice and love their songs. Ade has even been moaning that we haven’t sung his song much this year – small wonder! I guess from his cheery demeanour on the end of season lap he didn’t hear the new version sung at the Stoke game – “give him his coat and show him the door” - nasty.

Here’s a few constructive suggestions……….

Firstly, we really need a good chant for every player that the rest of the stadium can pick up easily and sing with gusto. Look how quickly the aforementioned Ade chant was picked up after it was started by the travelling fans at Fulham last year. A good chant, easily understood, and great to sing… will even get the Upper Tiers going! The chant of “Eduuuaaaardo, Eduuuaaaardo ……” at the Cardiff game was deafening, and most certainly the most moving moment of the year, nevermind the long Eduardo song (ripped off from the Liverpool’s Torres chant!).

Several of our players do not get the encouragement they deserve as no-one has come up with a good song. Some “great” players, Flamini, Hleb to mention two, never really had much of a song. Is there a lesson there? If the fans had shown their respect and appreciation perhaps they would have been more loyal when the foreign cheque books were flashed. Who knows.

So what about Arshavin – much loved by all. When he was signed someone in the Rocket got on the mike and taught us all a great song – a real new one (not one ripped off from someone else) with a great Russian “HOY” in the middle. What happened to it? Never heard it again. There have been a few lame versions “……..we bought him in the snow and he’s better than Defoe”……..purlease!

And what about Keiron Gibbs – terrific, heroic performances when suddenly elevated from the reserves. We all loved him but where were the chants – particularly when he needed a boost after his catastrophic slip.

And then we have our fabulous captain. Not his greatest season, I know, but frankly (am I alone here?) “we’ve got Cesc Fabregas…..” is a bit lame don’t you think? And it hasn’t been sung much this year either! Why? Are we taking him for granted? The Eduardo/Torres song has been sung over and over almost every match, and in the Gunners pubs pre-match, despite him not being on the pitch (or even near it). OK, it’s a good song to sing but what message is that sending out to the players who are actually playing?

So, Red Army/Action, if you are reading, please could you do some pre-season training with your ipods and come up with some new, truly original songs/anthems to turn into great chants for our boys. Ones that we can all recognise, are simple to learn and great to sing (and aren’t just copied from other teams).

And now back to the “man in Block 7” ………. you know who you are…… sit in the middle, always arrive late (both halves), go out at least once a half, and always leave early …….. please, please do not renew or just sod off somewhere else will you!

And don’t get me started on the young men a few rows in front who think it is ok to boo and give wanker signs to OUR OWN players…………… what great supporters you are. Just. Piss. Off.

Thanks for reading this old bird’s rant.

P.S. If you haven’t joined our facebook groups, I’d like to know why… (Group: Le Grove Profile: Pedro LeGrove… get joining… check our twitter as well –>).

Cesc will see out contract and I hope that Gallas does too.

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I’m sure you’ve all seen the Arsenal online TV interview where captain Cesc Fabregas says he has a contract until 2014 and intends to see it out, well done Cesc, he keeps telling us that and I think it’s high time we reported Perez to FIFA, he keeps trying to unsettle the players and that can’t be right.

I hate the way Arsenal football club always allow other clubs to push us around, it’s so weedy.

A quick look around shows us that Milan are interested in Gallas and we are interested in Bassong and Robben, well although Robben is a player I have always admired (or maybe hated) he is injury prone and has an attitude problem so I would steer well clear and Bassong I just don’t rate that much. I just saw Taylor taking a penalty for the England under 21′s against Holland and I would still give him a go.

Billy boy I do like and if we sell him I think that would be a mistake, one more season in my book. Milan if you want someone you can have one of our forwards.

I keep looking for ‘Ade’s off to Milan’ headlines, but since his shocking season no one wants him now, perhaps that will lick him into shape, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

Sometimes it’s difficult to write a post when there’s no football on and no transfers happening, so come on Arsene, get your cheque book out and give us all something to talk about!

Cricket is not one of them, what a shower of shite that was last night, it was embarrassing. Unless of course you’re South African!

I hope that the Mancs sell rat boy, so we don’t have to see him again, but I don’t look forward to seeing what red nose will do with £80 million, he won’t be buying a training ground, that’s for sure!

Have a great day Grovers, you never know…

P.S. Le Grove now have their very own facebook page! Search ‘Le Grove’ in the groups bit… or find it via ‘Pedro Le Grove’!