LE CHAMP OF THE YEAR DECIDED! And the players speak Arsene, are you listening?

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  1. Andre Arshavin 41%
  2. Robin Van Persie 16%
  3. Steve Bould 12%
  4. Vik Akers 8%
  5. Song 6%
  6. Kieron Gibbs 6%
  7. Almunia 4%
  8. Other 3%
  9. Eboue 2%
  10. Cesc Fabregas 2%

Votes cast: 3643

What was your reaction when Spurs asked you to sign?

What was your reaction when Spurs asked you to sign?

Ok so here it is and it’s no surprise that new signing and Russian superstar Andre Arshavin wins by a mile, what’s incredible is he only started playing for us in February, and before you start crowing and claiming the credit Arsene, think what could have happened if you had signed him last summer, well him and a few more, but I’ll come onto that.

Let me also say I was surprised no one voted for me as champ given I got 70 odd votes yesterday, so I guess our stalkers only vote on the chump issue, which explains a lot.

Onto Arsenal, as expected Francesc Fabregas denied saying what the Spanish News of The World ‘Mucka’ claimed he said, I get really pissed off when some fans get pissed off, with what Cesc supposedly said, he issues about 14,000 denials a season and yet he’s still questioned, this kid is as Arsenal as Tony Adams and will only leave when he’s not wanted, or when he gets fed up with his loyalty being questioned, so a word of warning to all who may not believe in our captain, I do.

Other great news is that Gael Clichy has said he’s going no-where which unfortunately means there’s no real room for Traore, except that is on the wing and that’s fine if he’s good enough, one thing is for sure, he’s a better left winger than Eboue, who now wants to go to a Spanish club, shame because I still think he is a quality right back, but if we have a youngster as cover, I will settle for that, I know the boss won’t sign my preferred choice which is Glen Johnson.

Jean Thissen, that well known Belgian manager of Togo has lobbed Adebayor out of his team as Adebayor started to tell him what he should be doing, really? that surprises me, Adebayor rates hmself. Arsene, take note, you were warned when he was at Monaco, he’s disruptive, he’s not that good so get rid of him.

Cesc, Dennis Bergkamp and Ian Wright all gave Denilson and Song the vote of confidence by suggesting we needed a ball winner in midfield, Cesc said in the mould of a Vieira, Gilberto or a Flamini, Berkamp went further and suggested YaYa and Ian Wright said that it must be really tough for Cesc to play alongside Denilson week in, week out, actually he said worse but I’ll leave it there. So, so much for stats eh?

If Arsene Wenger doesn’t act now, after Seaman, Smith, Dixon, Winterburn, Nicholas, DB10, Wrighty, Pires, Adams, big Frank and now his very own adopted son Cesc have all said, since the window has opened, that we need to buy a world class defensive midfielder, then I will truly despair, they surely can’t all be wrong, there has to come a time when Arsene can see it isn’t going to happen for certain players, well not now anyway, the thing is if he doesn’t act, our season will be over again by September like it’s been for 4 out of the last 5 seasons.

Enjoy today and basking in Andre Arshavin’s limelight, Andre you win a case of Peroni but you have to do an interview to claim it, it’s your call!

Have a great day Grovers, Keiran Gibbs had a good game last night and he’s next up against Spain on Thursday, tune in, he is one for the future.


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Phil Brown 36%
Wenger’s Transfer Policy 14%
Adebayor 13%
Patrice Evra 10%
Alex Hleb 8%
The board 7%
Silvestre 6%
Geoff of Le Grove 5%
The Daily Mail 2%

Votes cast: 1446

Arthur English

Phil Brown

So this is it, your votes all came in and were duly counted, I was a little narked that the blog stalkers only accounted for 5% of the votes for me, but I guess they only get one vote and there aren’t that many of them, but it does goes to show they can’t stay away from reading Le Grove, irony lost and way over their heads, and that’s what makes it so sad, they obviously like us, thanks stalkers!

So it was a close run thing in the end and not surprisingly the lying bastard from Hull, perma-tanned spiv Phil ‘the fish’ Brown won it on a massive 36% of the vote, what did surprise me was in second place ‘Wenger’s transfer policy’ came in with 14% and that was double ‘the board’ on 7% – So regardless of the season, the majority of you are still not happy with the bosses transfer policy.

Well so far we’ve bought no one and nor have the Chavs , the Mancs or the scousers, so there is still time and I’m sure they are all waiting for the other to begin, whether or not Wenger already knows who he wants is another matter, I would hate to lose out though, and I would like to get our targets in sooner rather than later so they can adapt and settle in quickly.

Maybe the boss was waiting to watch the mighty England smash the holders of the World 20/20 Cup, India, out of the competition or maybe he’s waiting to see what talent is on show at the under 21′s, that though would be dangerous, as so would every other club and that’s when the price goes up.

Well the speculation continues and until the good and the great are bought, then we are still in the mix, so keep the faith Grovers, thanks for voting and thanks for reading, the Le Chump award was made by you!

Senderos is like Marmite, but could he be the key?

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So we are getting Senderos back and the chavs, Liverpool and City are chasing Le Grove target Glen Johnson for £20 million, (where do they get there money from, I thought they were skint)

Now the chavs sold Johnson to Portsmouth for £4 million and a year or so on and they may well pay £20 million to get him back. So why is he now worth so much more?

I’ll tell you, age, he’s in his mid twenties, he’s no longer a young player, much the same as Vermaelen and dare I say it…Senderos, they are both the right age and with Senderos as the big stopper and Vermaelen with the pace and good on goal we may have the makings of a Bould/Adams partnership.

Before you think I should be committed, what are our options? Silvestre is not good enough, Kolo and Gallas may be on their way and with Song and Djourou as back up, the two big strong europeans might just click.

Adams used to get donkey taunts when he was young, rarely do centrebacks get spacial awareness when young, and Senderos can head a ball so with the faster, sharper Vermaelen to back him up when he cocks up, who knows!

Sacko for me can go swivel, I don’t like what his agent said and he reminds me of Gallas with his attitude, and we need another 19 year old like we need a hole in the head.

I read with interest yesterday that Dennis Bergkamp said we need a clear out and the addition of 5 world class players, he also said that it gave the changing room a massive lift when new faces arrived, so Dennis joins the ranks of great Arsenal old boys that says we need to buy, are they all wrong?

Finally Charlie Nicholas has come out and told Robin he has no right to hold out on signing a new contract with his injury record, I’m half in and half out on that one, he still has two years left so there’s no hurry, Ade on the other hand needs to go, we should use him in a swap deal to get someone, Flamini and Pato would suit me, or Flamini and a Brioni suit, or even Flamini and cash, but definitely Flamini, he’s what we’ve been missing.

Finally, I wasn’t saying Senderos is the answer, all I’m saying is the year off and a year on he may have learned something.

Have a great Domingo Grovers, here in Ingerland it’s going to be a scorcher!