Add Higuain and Lacina to the list + major disappointment last night, poor show Arsenal

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First of all I have to say that to cancel the game last night, so late on was a disgrace, I live and work in the area and there were no problems with the trains, the problems we had with a bit of snow were there in the morning, Arsenal should have cancelled then, not left it until 4pm, I really felt for the poor Bolton supporters who would have either already been in London, or well on their way. Yes I really mean that, another great example of disrespecting the poor football fan that pays his way.

Not to mention all of us that had arranged to meet up for a pre-match bevvie, bad form Arsenal, you could have cancelled much earlier or not at all.

Moving on to the rumour mill, it seems that Bendtner may not be back as soon as the boss had hoped, it appears now that he will make a move in the window and the favourites are Chamakh and Carlton Cole, with Carlton Cole holding the early lead, a deal for him and cash with Wilshere going the other way on loan looks likely.

Madrid are starting the swap talk for Higuain with Fabregas rubbish, yeah right, what planet are they on? I like Higuain, but I love Cesc, and so might I add does Wenger, either way it’s Barca or Arsenal for Cesc, and if he liked Barca so much, why did he leave them in the first place? I’ll give that story a big fat zero.

Another that has serviced is Lacina Traore, he plays in Romania, is 19 and from the Ivory coast, he is the next Ade they say, so why on earth would we be interested in him? Just what we need, another trouble maker that is still in nappies and one that will leave us every 2 years to play in the African Carling Cup.

Mind you, he is 19 and that will get Wenger excited, someone that could be good in 2014 just before we sell him!

Another piece of interesting news is that Owen Coyle, Bolton’s best kept secret is set to move for Celtic’s Aiden McGeady and will need to sell centre back Cahill to fund the move, if that’s true we should move quickly to buy him, he is England’s next big stopper, and one we should not pass up, perfect to take over from Gallas should he decide to move to France on a free.

The only good thing about the Bolton match being postponed is that we should have Cesc back for that one, trouble is, we didn’t need him for that one.

I can see a lot of games coming up in March that we could well do without, especially if we are still in the cups.

Interesting times, I will forgive the Arsenal should we follow the disappointment of not playing with a couple of signings this week, I’ll take Chamakh and Cahill. I’d sooner have Dzeko or Higuain but if Cole is fit, he may do the job that Bendtner can’t right now.

We’ll see, still only 2 days to go before we can hammer Everton again, 7 nil anyone! And no, that wasn’t a prediction!!!


For you lot that chugged at my Ugs, you are mugs, cos I made it in for the suds!

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Ok cast your mind back to Christmas day and my post, I said I had been bought a pair of Ugs, all the way from Australia, I was laughed at, told only girls wear them and don’t bring them to the Villa game, I didn’t, I felt proper humiliated.

Today, London is in chaos, I woke up to 8 inches of snow and the BBC said don’t travel if you don’t have to, well we’re supposed to be going to the Grove tonight to smash Bolton, I had to, enter my Ugs, yes I wore them, I glided effortlessly into the station and made my way to work, Ugs 1, Grovers nil. And tonight I’ll get to the ground and warm up by drinking their beer, the suds!

Ok so my country cousins, fellow Grovers and no doubt Pedro will laugh at me when we meet, but I don’t care, the birds love ‘em!

So the snow was everywhere but not in London, will the game be cancelled? Probably, but I made it and you can laugh all you want, I don’t care, I have warm feet and I didn’t slip over once!

Onto tonight, I’ll be there if it’s on, I hope it’s on but in this age of politically correct cancellations for adverse weather, I suspect they’ll cancel it, it also means that Cesc, Song and Bendtner will be a game nearer returning and Wenger will jump at that chance.

He was bigging up Denilson yesterday which means he will step in for Song and not Diaby and it also means he won’t be buying a replacement, shame that, a few world class players will never go amiss.

If the Merida stories are true, it’s the first clear signs of my youth policy theory, that it’s not working, why? Let me explain. With a young midfield of Cesc, Nasri, Song, Denilson, Ramsey and Diaby all between 18 and 23 where do all the other 18-21 year olds fit in? Who’s place will Merida, Wilshere, Thomas, Frimpong, Coquelin, Eastmond or Lansbury take? When Coquelin is 23, Song will be what, 27? That’s still younger than Rosicky and Arshavin, so what will we do, get rid of Song? Unthinkable, get rid of Nasri, yeah right, so my fear is these kids, that are super, duper prospects will want to leave to fulfill their potential.

This isn’t a criticism it’s a fact, how do we keep all these great young prospects when they already have great young prospects ahead of them?

The boss ruled out Paddy coming back and I think that’s a real shame, he is still a monster and experience like that will help out the youngsters, I remember Cesc saying how much playing with Paddy and Dennis helped him improve, still it won’t happen, so we’ll leave it there.

No transfer news to report save if he does buy, he’ll buy early doors, but he seems to be waiting for the merry go round to start with City and Chelsea to get the ball rolling, me I’d go and sign Dzeko right now and get him playing soon.

I think Carlton Cole is a class act, but he’s like a fighter with a glass jaw, he’s the sort of player I would have, a cheaper Dzeko, but it would be like buying another Rosicky or an Overmars, way too risky, but the sort of gamble Wenger would take, if he worked out, and stayed injury free, he’d be a great addition and probably make the team for South Africa, but for me, it’s a big ask and a huge gamble.

We’ll see, I hope like hell the game is on, waiting 6 days between matches when all the golf couses are shut is way too long, Arsenal, I’m ready for this, get it on, if the weather stops the 4 Bolton fans for making the trip, so be it, London is clear and the trains are running.

It may be difficult for our board members to make it in their chauffeur driven cars though, so I’m not holding my breath.

Have a great day grovers, we live in hope.

Merida’s going, Tomas is staying, Cesc is longer and Nikki is shorter, but Diaby’s the man.

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So, quite a busy day and still no signing in sight! Apparently Fran has signed for Athletico Madrid on a 5 year deal, if it’s true I’m not too fussed, he has shown glimpses, but not enough to get me saying ‘oh no’ if it’s true, good luck son and may the force be with you.

Tomas Rosicky has been awarded a new 2 year contract, some may think that’s daft, but had we not signed him, he could have walked ala Campbell style at the end of the season, so it at least gives us some wiggle room, if its pay as you play, I don’t have a problem with it, if the rumours are true about Sol, again I don’t have a problem, at least it saves us from spending money in the window and we’ll have Djourou back soon.

Cesc’s injury is taking longer than expected, but if Aaron Ramsey steps up, we can survive and Bendtner is close to training once more so we may save ourselves £25 million on a new striker as well.

The big news is Diaby is ready to fill in for Song, my only question there is, what happens if he plays a blinder, will he drop Song? Hmmmm, his problem, not mine!

Tomorrow sees the return of Owen Coyle to the Grove but this time as the new Bolton manager, what a twit! Fancy going to Bolton, that’s like leaving Forest Green to manage Buckhurst Hill. I’m not too worried about new manager syndrome because Bolton aren’t that good and if we can’t beat them, we shouldn’t be thinking about winning the league, my guess is we will thump them, close the gap and do Everton on Saturday to go top. I just hope if it is true, he re-thinks the Wilshere move, because the new guy may not play him and then the move becomes pointless.

The Chavs will struggle without their four Africans and we will take full advantage, that’s my guess, I think Diaby will become the missing Paddy link and be immense, and talking of Paddy, I really hope we sign him and he doesn’t go to City, that would not be a smart way to end his career and I think he can help our team when we need it most, come back Paddy.

I still harbour hopes that the boss will sign a striker, I think Bendtner will take time to adjust and if he gets another injury, we will be screwed until the summer, so the smart money is on a signing, and as Wenger hasn’t ruled it out I think he will.

So a good result this week will see us top of the league and frankly, that’s where we should be. If we are going to keep signing Africans then we really should lobby FIFA to make them have their tournament every 4 years, like the World Cup and the Euros, I think if they don’t, clubs will be loathe to sign Africans and that can’t be good for African football in the long term.

We are also coming to that time of the year when we see our new kit appearing in exclusive contraband shots, lets hope we have white sleeves and a white collar again with red and white hooped socks, or even black and white hoped socks like we did when we had Ian Wright playing for us.

Finally let’s pray they don’t cancel tomorrow because of the snow, yes I know we have a heated pitch and warm lager, but they cancelled before because of the travel chaos.

Either way I’ll be there, so think about that Arsenal, don’t disappoint me as we have waited since the Celtic game to catch up, with the FA Cup getting in the way, I don’t want to wait until March to go top, regardless of what the chavs do!

Have a great day Grovers, tomorrow we go second! Yeeeaaah!

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