Robin Van Persie to go… if you’ll offer £30million | Theo to go… home | Carlos Vela to go for a pittance

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Theo lines up a putt

I’ve been out the game for a while and it seems nothing has really changed on the Arsenal front.

1) The same players we’ve been chasing since July 2008 are still no closer to signing.
2) The same players who we’ve had contract concerns about since July last year still haven’t put pen to paper
3) We’re still flogging good players for next to nothing
4) Ivan is on holiday
5) Wenger is running commentary at the Euros


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Yann M’Vila wants to join and Theo plays a waiting game. And what exactly is financial prudence?

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Well there’s a surprise, Theo will wait until Robin moves before he decides. If that isn’t a ringing non endorsement of everything Wenger has built over the last 8 years then I don’t know what is.

Theo I don’t blame you, Robin I would do the same and that could explain why we are not signing big names, they are all waiting to see what happens.

Sorry but Oliver Giround does not constitute a big name. I would be surprised if anyone spends big outside of the clubs with money that clearly wasn’t earned, but I wouldn’t like to just sign players for the sake of it, sign those that will make a difference or don’t bother.

Now Yann M’Vila says he wants to join us, he’ll make a difference, go and buy him but do it quick, because if the French progress, so will his price. And before anyone says he said his future will be decided after the Euros, cobblers, he said a month ago it would be after his last game in Ligue 1.

If we then lose our best players so be it, it’s far better to have a club that wins nothing and makes money than pleasing the fans that want to see silverware.

If financial prudence is that important though I would sack Gazidas and his entire team because they bring nothing, sack the manager because he brings nothing and employ someone like David Moyes, because he’ll bring nothing, but he’ll be cheaper.

And that’s financial prudence.

Now if they had any sense they would see financial prudence is also about packing the ground, winning nothing for 8 years will not only not fill the ground, it will stop young kids becoming Arsenal fans and that then screws up the future, not next year or the next, because they are already here, that’s us.

It’s the next generation and you know what? This board and Wenger don’t care about them because they won’t be around, and that my friends is not financial prudence, it’s financial incompetence. Or stupidity.

That’s what I would call the lost generation, if you want to see how that works out, ask the Greeks.

Have a nice day Grover’s, tomorrow Pedro is back.

Theo Walcott is England’s saviour and now Ukraine only need a point for England to qualify

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So after Theo Walcott became Englands saviour as has been said many times on here before, and yes I did go and check the archives. – England are very close to qualifying

At times out there watching England’s defence was like watching Arsenal’s, but if we can score more than the other side, then we will persevere.

Pedro warned me off using misleading headlines yesterday, and you’ll be amazed at how many new people cleverly told me Bastia were now a Ligue 1 side.

To those people I say, I knew that – I was being ironic! They were a Ligue 2 side, now they are in league one. If everything reported on a blog was 100% no one would read it because the headline would be like this…

Arsenal sign no one, Arsenal sell no one, Wenger is earning double bubble at the Euros and our new kit is out.

A bit on the boring side that eh? Well onto todays post and please bear in mind the headline is already written, this is the body copy.

Arsenal new boys M’Vila and West German Giround did Ok but the player that caught my eye was not them, it was Jeremy Menez

I have to say he reminds me of Edu and that is just the sort of player we have been missing, I know you shouldn’t buy players on the strength of the Euros but he has played for Monaco, Roma and PSG, so he does qualify on everything apart from the African connection, but hey 2 out of 3 isn’t bad.

I  borrowed a time machine from the Science Museum and went forward a month, yep we signed M’Vila, Giround and two others, but I will save the other two for another post. The thing about our transfers is the whole world know who we are signing, remember the days when Wenger had press conferences and players like Campbell were unveiled?

Remember the surprise we got when Silvestre was paraded in an Arsenal shirt when we nicked him for £750,000? What a super bit of financial prudence that was, up there with Park.

Back to Theo and the England game, I have often thought he performs better as the impact player, when all the nasty tackles have gone in and the other team is tiring, he showed why we should keep him yesterday, I just wish he do it more often.

On the 92 minute he burst through again and ripped in a cross that was destined for Oxo and the complete fairy tale ending, what happened? Yes, a greeting scouse nipped in for the glory and scuffed his shot, thanks Gerrard, thanks a lot.

Still at least Theo scored a blinder, he did something not encouraged at the Arsenal, he had a shot from outside the box!

Finally I hope Zlatan Abromovich (love child of someone we all know) roared his bad mouth breath at our Joe Hart after their second goal, muppet. I hope Joe paid him a visit at the end of the match and let him have it back!

Now I have said several things in todays post that are slightly incorrect but at the same time correct, name three of them and a case of Peroni is on it’s way to you, that by the way makes 4.

Ha, ha work that one out!

Have a great day Grovers only 25 shopping days left till pre-season.