Jagielka, Cahill or Samba will sign and that’s it says Wenger. I won’t name names but…

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So reading between the lines, Arsenal.com says one of Jagielka, Cahill or Samba will sign, Wenger doesn’t want to destabilise clubs by naming names, so he’ll use Arsenal.com to do that, I had to laugh, listening to our manager was like listening to Rupert Murdoch last week, smart once, but past his sell by date for one liners. It’s hypocrisy on an absolute staggering scale. Thing is Bolton keep telling Wenger if they want Cahill it’s £17mil come and get him, we could have done that in June, strange the way we do our transfer business isn’t it?

So that means no Mata, no Hazard and no Benzema. So we get Gervinho, and maybe hang onto to want-a-ways and do our entire budget on pay rises for two that may well be gone next term, smart.

So much for substantial investment in the market, we will soon have to add Ivan to that list of liars and in all probability do another season when more players leave than we sign, unless you include 16 year olds. In which case we can add another trophy-less season and Theo, Robin, Jack, Andre and Ramsey will want out next season. Can’t wait.

Onto today and our eagerly awaited match against German giants Cologne, I’m not sure what to expect other than another game of two halves, Our full squad minus our club captain will be there and we may see Bartley on show as he is now injury free, Diaby our perma-crock is recovering from his 14th operation but don’t worry, news is he is being handsomely paid whilst recuperating somewhere exotic.

Thank goodness we at least pay the people that are no good to us so well, it’s a sustainable model and a great way to use the transfer budget and keep the rest of the squad happy. Ask to leave, get the captaincy and regular, out of proportion pay rises. Great example to set the other players, lob your toys out of the pram and get a big bag of sweets as a reward.

I am looking for something positive to say but I’m struggling, but don’t blame our manager, that’s my fault. Hopefully we’ll se Gervinho today, it will be interesting to see where he plays, then we can watch the Grand prix qualifying, maybe there will be an African in it as Wenger has mentioned it. No offence to Africans, but our manager did draw the parallel, why? I have no idea, I would have Eto’o in a heartbeat though, but he won”t make that sort of purchase will he!

There are some great African’s out there, hopefully the one we just signed is too, we’ll see today maybe.

So in theory we will lose Eboue, Bendtner, Almunia and Denilson. I mention those as they have not featured in pre-season, well Denilson did but has now gone. Possibly Nasri and Cesc as well. But we signed Gervinho and possibly a centreback.

I’m happy with the leavers but I would be happier if he added Rosicky and Squillaci to that list, I used to love Rosicky but I think the magic has gone from him now, Squillaci is just rubbish, but he ho! Maybe Kyle Bartley will show us all what a proper centreback is today, I hope so because we sure need one.

I hope we can keep Nasri, but if he has turned down the latest offer then we must sell him and replace him, it’s madness not to, same with Cesc, using the entire transfer budget to keep them in gravy for one more season is even madder, act now Arsene, the new season starts soon and by then it will be too late.

Let’s hope for a revelation in defence today and a good strong performance from the boys, we all need cheering up! Have a great day Grovers, football’s back again!

Gervinho, Arsenal legend! Arsene, live by the sword… And Dare we sign Dann?

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First of all new boy Gervinho said this about our want-aways – ‘If the club does not manage to keep these players, they will be able to replace them’ not a bad start to his Arsenal career and one I whole heartedly agree with.

I said yesterday that Nasri should be kept, I still think he should, but only if he signs a new 5 year contract, if he won’t, then sell him and spend that money on Eden Hazard.

Sell Fabregas to Madrid because he is finished at Arsenal and buy Bastian Schweinsteiger, or swap him for Ozil and Benzema.

Or do something like that but make sure Cahill is signed for whatever he costs. I really don’t know much about Scott Dann or Jan Vertonghen but please not Jagielka, he’s too old, not tall enough and gets a lot of injuries, however if they want Bendtner, then play hardball, Jagielka although not perfect, is better than we currently have.

A contradiction I know, but Squillaci, Djourou and Koscielny are just not working.

Get Mata and a world class left back, all that will be possible with the money we get from sales and the transfer budget, but please, please don’t spunk it up the wall on a bumper pay rise for someone who doesn’t want to be at our club anymore.

The fact that Cesc is all but missing pre-season training the writing is on the wall for all but the dumbest, and for our captain that is unforgivable.

What is funny though and I hope Fabregas was watching, that they signed Sanchez for £37mil in total and they only offered £27mil for him, they won the lot last year and still go out and spend large, is there a lesson in there somewhere? You don’t see them signing 3 – 18 year olds do you???

As for the boss getting heated up with Mancini and Xavi well I’m afraid he really can’t say too much as he himself tapped up Wiltord (who threatened to go on strike) Chamakh who we got for nothing, Benzema who is a Madrid player and Eden Hazard who is a player that interests him.

Tapping up happens in football, it’s part and parcel of the game, the trick is to do some of your own, but do it before they do it to us.

Keeping someone that clearly wants out by doubling their wages isn’t clever management, it’s bribery, its not something we should be associated with and trying to keep personel to save ones ego is not good management, anyone can throw money at a problem, look at Man City and Chelsea, time to move on Arsene.

Wenger has had a few great squads in his time, sold a lot of top players and has bounced back, we lost Anelka to bully boys Madrid but got Henry, who was infinitely better, he should take heart from that and go and buy another few great players, but you can’t value Cesc at £45mil and say Cahill isn’t worth £17mil. That isn’t very smart.

You can’t sell Kolo for £15mil and say Samba isn’t worth £12mil 2 years on, I think the boss needs to look deep and stop trying to get cheap players in one end and sell them at top dollar the other. People have sussed that old Chestnut out.

He proved last year that holding out for a £2mil keeper and losing, cost us a lot more than buying him for £4mil. We pissed off the existing keepers and that showed, time to bite the bullet and re-build a new team around people that want to play for us.

If Gervinho had taught me something today, it’s that no one is bigger than the Arsenal, that includes Nasri, Cesc and Arsene Wenger.

I still believe he can win us more trophies, but for me he has to change, get the tools to do the job boss, the team will then pick itself.

Even Vieira is now saying we need to buy bigger more intimidating players, perhaps that’s why he didn’t join us, he would have given Wenger it straight, and we all know that can’t happen at ‘My way or the highway FC’ don’t we!

Sorry for the really early post, I am on my way to the airport so if anyone is caught in moderation they will have to wait until at least 2pm to get released, be patient people, I will be in the air, again I apologise!

Have a great day Grovers, next up it’s Cologne or Koln as the Germans call it! Why on earth are we playing them? Anyone?

Cesc, time to say goodbye. Arsene, time to buy what we need or you should go with him.

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So we signed Gervinho, err no we didn’t, we signed Gervais Yao Kouassi, so his name isn’t even real. He changed his name to sound like he is going to be good, I sure hope he is, me I would have preferred a centreback like Cahill, and he can speak English.

I listened to Gervinho’s first interview, in French, and we wonder why we have no grit in this team, I don’t mind French speaking players, but at least sign someone that can speak the same language as the rest of the team. (and don’t say he does!)

I watched the interview until the stock Arsenal question was asked, ‘how much of a factor was Arsene Wenger in your decision to move here’ Oh please, how much more smoke does he need blown up his bottom, every player we ever sign gets asked the same question.

What would happen if for once they said this… ... No actually, it was the money, you paid me silly money to join, it wouldn’t had mattered if Micky mouse were the manager the dosh you are paying me is unbelievable, I couldn’t say no, sorry who did you say was manager again?

That’s why Fabregas joined wasn’t it! I’ll talk about Cesc, the poor little kidnap victim from La Masia later in the post.

Ian Wright is an Arsenal record breaker and a much loved ex-player, but sometimes he doesn’t think things through when he opens his mouth.

A few seasons ago he wrote an article saying how the foreign players don’t understand the English players passion for the Spud Derby, at the time I asked if Thierry or Robert Pires were ever on the losing side? I asked if Freddie felt that way when he got sent off at the end at Shite Hart Lane once? Or if Patrick lacked the passion or if Lehman did, and even Ade loved to score against them, he thought about it and came on the post to apologise.

Next up he asked if we were becoming Man City’s feeder club, I retorted about him advising his son to go to Chelsea for the money, had he come to Arsenal, he would have been a hero, he would have been an England regular and still in our team now, he would have been the son of ‘Ian Wright’ and carried on the family business, but thanks to the fatherly advice, his career has been spent in the toilet, he has however made a shed loads of money, I wonder what those two talk about over their Sunday roast and if Cesc or Nasri come into the conversation?

That now brings me nicely onto those players, I hear much talk about loyalty from people in our team.

Let’s go onto Cesc, he has been sulking about a move to Barca for the last two years, and still is, he lets his friends from Barca diss us all the time yet says nothing.

Mate it’s time to stop letting people slag your girlfriend off and be a real man.

And by that I mean what he is letting his Barca boyfriends do to Arsenal is the equivalent of letting another bloke slag your girlfriend off in front of you and turning away with your hands over your ears, either you are a complete coward, or you don’t like your girlfriend any more.

So what is it Cesc?

If he loved them so much then why leave them in the first place, it can’t have been because he had Xavi and Iniesta ahead of him because he still has, it was for money, because Wenger offered him a lot more than Barca were paying him. Greed. No ifs or buts, greed.

Then we offered him a massive 8 year contract which put his wages on a different planet to all his team mates and tied him to the club until he was 28, he accepted, Wenger crowed. Oh, and the transfer kitty went down to pay for it, and all was well at Arsenal.

3 years into it he was so rich money didn’t matter anymore and he wanted to play for a team that won things. That by the way isn’t us.

Wenger did the only thing he knows, he bribed him further, he offered him another massive pay rise to stay and play a third of last season.

One year on and he is still bleating, and his Barca chums are still dissing this football club. Only this time kidnapping has been added to the list of wrongs, kidnapping for goodness sake!

Cesc can stop all this by telling them to cease talking on his behalf, he has a 4 year contract left, a massive salary and he is staying.

He won’t though because he is a greedy bastardo, greedy because he wants his cake, he has earned a fortune from us, now he wants to win trophies somewhere else.

And the latest on the Cesc debacle is our manager is apparently offering him £135k a week to sign yet another long term contract, this time until 2017.

What is the matter with us??? He wants out of his current long term contract and we are trying to bribe him to sign another, imagine what Barca would be like for the next 6 years!

As far as I’m concerned, offering that sort of money for someone who prefers another club and is a crock is unbelievably stupid, I just can’t believe our entire board are that stupid.

And you know what? There are others we could bring in that would move the ball quicker and not go missing in big games, Vieira never did. Screw the stats, Denilson had better stats than anyone.

Then we have Nasri, who I rate higher if he were given the central role, he wants to go not for money, but for silverware, and I don’t blame him. Had we just paid him what he wanted he would have signed a deal, it’s like Cashley all over again.

The pay rise he wants is still half of what Rooney gets, pay him and use Denilson’s salary to fund it. Talking of our 20 minute Brazilian maestro, that we have been saying is crap for 4 of his 5 years with us, he is so good that no one wants him, that says a lot for the £3.8mil we paid for him in the first place doesn’t it??? San Paulo are taking him on loan, great. Still at least he’s going.

Why we continue to play useless squad players is beyond me, why are Eboue, Rosicky, Diaby and Squillaci still there? And earning big bucks.

Ryo and Jenkinson had their moments but they are nowhere near ready yet, Frimpong already looks at the same level as Song, and the midfield of Ramsey, Wilshere and Nasri is awesome and that I applaud but what if they get injured?

Gibbs is a crock and Traore isn’t good enough, we need a left back.

Rosicky hasn’t got it anymore so we should get rid of him and bring in Mata, Chamakh offers nothing, get rid of him and bring in Benzema or Lukaku, if not then let one of our reserves have a go.

It was great to watch our boys in action again and I do like the blue kit, there were two things that we did that we learned nothing from last season, the first was defending, which we are still rubbish at, even though we played against midgets that weren’t very good, no offence.

And the second was, we passed the ball to death in front of goal, now those two things cost us dear last term, you would think Wenger would have put that right wouldn’t you???

So what we need is someone to stand up to him and be counted, the manager is saying we can defend, we clearly can’t and the world can see that. Time for Kroenke or Gazidas to be counted and tell Wenger he is very, very wrong and we need to sign a decent defender and get rid of the rubbish.

If he doesn’t, our season will be over before August has gone and we’ll all be speculating about who we’ll sign in the next window, and I for one can’t handle another year of that.

Have a great day Grovers, chew on that one.

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