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Just a quick note for Kieran Gibbs.

You were taken off at half time after slipping over for the first United goal… I’m guessing that it was because you were distraught… I just wanted to say on behalf of the whole stadium and all Gooners worldwide that we’re behind you.

A mistake like that can happen to anyone… you’ll be a superstar… chin up son!

Tune in tomorrow at 0900 for my match report!

This is it, the moment we have been waiting for, TONIGHT WE WILL BE MAGNIFICENT!

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Arsene has rallied the troops, he has made his speech, he has said we will be magnificent tonight and I for one believe him. He has said this Arsenal team will play to it’s strengths, keep the ball and attack, he also hinted he feels we play better 4-4-2, fantastic, at last, I hope he leaves Ade out not because I think he’s a bad player, but because I think he is better coming off the bench hungry and also because Bendtner deserves it after a great performance against Pompey.

I also think he (Bendtner) has a hatful in him and after all the seasons misses, it’s payback time, I believe his time has come to be a superstar, Robin the boy wonder is back in and he has a great chance to show us all he is the new numero uno at Arsenal.

Theo has been talking it up as has Cesc and on the way Cesc has said his future lies at Arsenal and I fancy him for a big game as well, I thought about not going as the tenseness of the game could kill me, but to not to be there and be a part of Arsenal’s history tonight would be like not being there when we beat Liverpool against all the odds at Anfield exactly 20 years ago. And if I have to die anywhere, it may as well be at the Arsenal.

Tonight we get our reward for refusing to play Wimbledon the Tuesday after the Hillsborough tragedy, that was when the FA threatened to dock us 2 points, this is the night God gives us our reward, tonight we have God on our side and everyone knows that no one likes the Mancs.

Tonight we should play like it’s the last game of the season, because if we don’t win, it will be, so every last ounce and every sinew needs to go into this game.

Tonight is the night our youngsters show the world why Arsene Wenger has unbending faith in them, tonight is the night they come of age, tonight is the night we overcome the odds and put a shed load past the cocky northern monkeys, tonight will be the greatest night in our history, tonight we put rednose and his expensive team of drug addicts and old lady shaggers to the sword.

I hope we get in their faces from the off and get 2 quick goals, that will throw them, tonight is not about caution and biding our time, tonight is about aggression and great finishing, shoot from everywhere and anywhere but boss, please don’t play Diaby. I think he will come good, I really do, but not tonight, tonight you need to have Vela in that spot, Vela has no fear, Nasri in the middle with Cesc and Song behind them should we play 4-5-1.

Eboue played well against Portsmouth, but I think I would play Gibbs, but if Gibbs is not 100% then Eboue without hesitation, I thought he gave us something on Saturday, I thought the whole team showed the attitude that we needed at Old Trafford last week.

We have nothing to lose, as far as the world is concerned, we have already lost so Arsenal, at em from the start!

In 1812 the brash new American army decided that wanted Canada, so they invaded Canada, we had two choices, let them have it and think about next season, or smash them and march all the way to Washington and burn it to the ground, we smashed them and tonight we will burn Washington to the ground, tonight will be the greatest night in Arsenal football clubs history, tonight will be Arsene’s finest hour, tonight we fix our date to march on Rome!

No offence to our Americans friends but it was a long time ago, you were the favourites, you did re-build it and didn’t do to badly as a result.

They can’t do it alone Grovers, so tonight you must be as noisy as you’ve ever been, wherever you are sing and sing loud, we’ll hear you, your spirit will be with us.

No predictions but I wouldn’t be surprised if we score 3 more than they do, go Arsenal, go!!!

Who would you have tomorrow? 1 nil down 3-1 up.

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So one day to go, one day and ninety minutes away from the champions league final in Rome and it’s at home in front of 50 odd thousand Arsenal fans, me and Pedro included, we will never have a better chance than this, it really has 1989 written all over it doesn’t it? The anniversary, the playing the defending champions, the needing 2 goals, the drama, the fact that we are playing a team that no one gives us a chance against, it’s all there isn’t it???

So who will will play? I write this post today because it still gives the boss time to think about his selection, the only no-no’s are Eduardo, Rosicky, Gallas, fish head and Arshavin, so let’s pick our team shall we?

The team that beat Portsmouth almost got my vote, Pompey are no pushovers and that was an exciting side we had, but we will be playing the Mancs and they are better than them.

What stood out for me was the fact we looked strong at the back (mostly) and dominated the midfield. Eboue did look solid at the back, but he always does for me, but left back, that’s the first time I’ve seen him there and he was good and he made some good supportive runs as well.

Song partnered Djourou at the back and they both played well, Djourou has to be a shoe in there, maybe we should play Song just in front of them against the Mancs.

I thought Ramsey played a blinder, he really is going to be a Bryan Robson type player and I would take him over Denilson all day long, yes I know Arshavin said Denilson had a great game, but I am looking at a team to win on Tuesday and Denilson still gives the ball away too much for me.

Walcott played well and I think that Vela on the left is now a must, he gives us width and penetration and he’s not afraid to have a pop, he could be the ace in the pack.

Bendtner still has heart and can be a handful so he gets the nod for me up front and I would pick Robin, fit or not over Ade, Ade is a lazy arrogant bastard, but drop him, he may be better from the bench.

We need to win this by 2 clear or one and penalties, so we need 11 on the pitch that run their bollocks off, Ade only cares about Ade, yes he may play and score two goals, but on recent evidence he’ll be offside and do nothing, and in a match of this importance we cannot take that chance, Diaby should not get near the stadium, but apart from that, I would play the ones that want it most.


Sagna Kolo Djourou Gibbs/Eboue

Song/no one if 4-4-2

Walcott Cesc Nasri/Ramsey/Song Vela

Bendtner Robin the boy wonder

So the above depends on 4-4-2 or 4-5-1 but I would send them out to shut down every move, chase every ball, shoot on target, in short, overwhelm them, it doesn’t matter now, we have played our last game, injuries don’t count, the EPL doesn’t matter, the final is meaningless because if we don’t beat the Mancs, there won’t be one.

We can do this, we just need to send the keenest side out there, the team that beat Pompey were far better than the team that lost to the Mancs, individually they aren’t but who cares, I would sooner see us try and go out, than to play like we did with prima donna’s at Old Trafford.

Arsenal, this is it, this is our last chance for glory for another 1 year and 3 weeks.

make the most of it, do us proud.

Now Arsene, have at look at my selection and read some of the comments below, it may help!

Enjoy the holiday Grovers, tomorrow is our season in 90 minutes.