Impressive Arsenal don’t break sweat and FREE sweeties from uncle Fester.

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The match was pretty easy with a number of rotations taking place, in came Diaby, Eduardo, Gibbs and Eboue, later we saw Bendtner, Ramsey and Merida and to be honest I thought they all did well.

Diaby does impress me with his finishing, he got two early doors and that set the tone, Almunia contrived to screw up royally by not managing to out jump a Pompey forward even though he himself can use his hands and his 6′ 4″ frame, Almunia continues to be an enigma for me, but heck we won 4-1 so I’m not complaining.

A special mention to young Aaron Ramsey, a pin point through ball from the boy wonder allowed us to see a cracking piece of composed finishing around England’s number one, David James, well done that man, sensational. A joy to watch.

I won’t give player ratings as I thought they all played well, so I’ll give the whole team 10. I would say we had a comfortable day at the office, we did what was needed, what we should do against teams like Pompey, don’t get me wrong, I think they will give many teams problems, but last season we lost to Stoke and Fulham but today we showed we have learned from that. I hope.

The Gallas incident was fine, the Portsmouth forward fell over his own leg. Hart, you need to get a pair of glasses.

The management contrived to give everyone at the ground a free scarf, well done Arsenal, if you want my advice, drop a pound off the price of a pint, that would be more use, oh and did you not think we all had our own scarves? Condescending and embarrassing I call it. Yes it looked pretty, but why?

I’m not whining, but since Gazidas and Kroenke got here we do seem to be turning into some kind of American sports franchise, what’s next, foam fingers, cheerleaders and nachos? We already have Elvis for Christ’s sake!

Why do Americans just assume the whole world loves their tat? Stan pick the phone up and ask an Arsenal fan what we like, don’t ask uncle Fester, he may well be Richie Cunningham and his new mates Potsie, Ralph and the Fonz, but this is Islington, London, not Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

We want good value snacks, reasonably priced beverages, and lower admission charges, we’d also like to be able to stand up occasionally and sing.

I quite liked the free flags at the Champions league game, which we waved for 7 and a half minutes but if you want to do something useful, give us cheaper beer and proper burgers, that’s the way to win friends and influence fans.

Well me anyway, they gave us all a free scarf with our season ticket renewals, it was the cheapest, nastiest scarf I have ever seen I wouldn’t wear it if you paid me, I’m guessing the ones they gave out yesterday were run ons from the season ticket give-aways.

Anyway back to the team, we do look slick going forward and if it wasn’t for David James we could have been 6 or 7 up at half time, Vermaelen continues to impress and at one stage he had a rasping shot that I thought was Robin’s, he even had the shot that Gallas followed up on to score, this kid was a shrewd signing so well done Arsene.

I thought Eboue looked solid and I have to say he crosses so much better than Sagna, I think that once the forwards start to click we will begin to stuff teams, and I don’t think it will be long before that happens, I hope it starts this week against Celtic and continues against the Mancs next weekend.

Three out of three and we can’t complain, I know that only two are in the league but that still makes for a great start and we are still top of the league. Numero uno, the number one, fantastic.

So I’m not complaining, I just hope that Diaby’s knock doesn’t put him out for 10 weeks. Him in the team makes us more of an attacking unit.

Eduardo looked sharp though and it’s still only August, we have Rosicky, Nasri, Theo and Djourou to return so the future looks bright, it would look even brighter if he signed a couple more though, what about Sackho and Matuidi? Anyone?

Have a great Sunday Grovers, next week is going to be huge, I wonder what they’ll leave on the seat on Tuesday???

So today we put Pompey to the sword + exclusive stadium shot of cannon.

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I can’t remember the last time Portsmouth gave us any real problems, maybe it was in 2004 when we went unbeaten, I seem to remember them giving us a close call at Fratton Park that year.

I fully expect us to start the new season at the Grove with a good old fashioned beating, I expect to see the young kids play, I hope to see Vela, Ramsey, Wilshere and Gibbs and a mixture of Arshavin, Bendtner and Eduardo up front.

It’s a shame about Theo, but if the England stories are true, then Wenger needs to remind the boy who pays his wages. I’ll give you a clue Theo, it’s not Capello.

The atmosphere should be great today with the crowd turning up for the first game of the season full of anticipation and expecting to win the league for the first time in years.

Yes I know a few weeks ago it was gloom and doom… but it’s not often we win our opening game 6-1 away and with the Celtic win, I feel like the England cricket team must feel right now, if we lose this we only have ourselves to blame.

Wenger has a squad and it’s games like this he should use it, maybe he’ll slot Djourou in alongside Vermaelen to give Gallas a breather, I would seriously consider buying Sakho or Taylor and blooding them this season, for those of you that took exception to the boy elbowing Eduardo last season, don’t, that’s just the sort of bloke this team needs, remember the Grimster?

I still think he’ll sign Numbchucks in the next 7 days but I hope upon hope he buys a defensive midfielder, and if that player is Matuidi or Diarra from Madrid then so be it, we need back up and if Song does come on, then he’ll be away in January, so we need options.

Enjoy today because next week it gets considerably tougher.

No silly predictions from me today, but I wouldn’t be surprised is one of the teams at the Grove today gets 5.

Have a great day Grovers!

P.S. Here is a picture of the new Cannon at the stadium if you haven’t seen it already (Cheers Drum4it)… apparently it was going to be Gold until they changed their mind at the last minute. Also, if you haven’t got a ticket for the game yet, I still have spare tickets going in the Exchange.

Looking good.

Looking good.

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Arsenal introduce drinks ban, is this the end of the road beer?

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So it’s official, Arsenal have introduced a no drinking zone around the ground to stop nuisance drinkers doing what they do best which is, …well drinking, so I guess that means all areas leading to the ground, which in turn eliminates the road beer we all so enjoy, so no standing, no swearing, no singing and now, no drinking, oh how I love the Arsenal.

However we have added three more highly paid Americans to Ivan’s team of well paid mates, I wonder when we the fans will see any of this reflected in what we all get, my guess? Don’t hold your breath.

Nicki B’s dad says no contract extension has been signed and it was all paper talk but he says he thinks it’s all exciting so at least he wants to stay.

Transfer gossip arose around Steven Taylor of Newcastle, I like this kid, he may not be as big as Sackho, whom I also like, but he is English and has that same fight in him I see in Vermaelen, so I hope there’s some truth in that rumour, although it was great to beat Celtic, it was pointed out by the panel that no Englishmen were involved and that does hurt a bit.

Eduardo’s back for the Pompey game and I have a feeling he’ll involve Wilshere, Ramsey and Gibbs, I believe he needs to rotate his squad to keep them fit, keen and happy, so if you’re going to do it, then do it with a team you expect to beat.

I can’t see spurs staying at the top for too long so they don’t bother me but the chavs are there early and we play them soon, so we need to keep picking up maximum points, we need to get a result when we visit Manchester twice and maybe then we can start believing.

Let’s hope we sign the 2 or 3 players we need to make us the team to beat, imagine fantasy football and resilience, it’s like combining the best of Graham with the best of Wenger.

For those of you going tomorrow, don’t forget to take a carrier bag and good luck with the road beer!

Have a great day Grovers.