Two in / three out | Miquel and JD a disaster | Brand awareness tour no good for Arsenal defence

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The manager unnerves me... is he bleaching his eyebrows?

Good morning Grovers, last morning (Why can’t I say last morning?) was one of the first preseason games I’ve had the pleasure of in full. It wasn’t much of  pleasure if I’m honest. It was a turgid performance in the main and we were made to look second best on many occasions by a rank amateur team on what looked to be a very balmy day in Hong Kong.

… so balmy, Chamakh’s wet look gel gave up on him.


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Victor Wanyama: The cut price M’Vila | Sahin and Cazorla would be amazing | Kitchee game on now!

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Victor Wanyama looks like Essien. Which means he's good...

Morning Gooners! Apologies for the late post, it’s Sunday, I’m still recovering from watching a lot of womens volley ball last night. My gosh, aren’t those girls athletic? So, so athletic. Oh, and technically athletic… sorry, I mean gifted.


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We only lost 2 nil, but we played well. And it was City. Get a life doomers.

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So there we have it, we only got beaten by Man City 2 nil, but Arsene learned a lot from his team.

He learned that like last years team this one also has no chance of winning the league.

Still at least we hit the post, and if anyone says ‘aah but we didn’t have our full team out’ then I have to ask why? Isn’t that the whole idea of pre-season?

If you want to see how well your reserves play, go and watch the reserves, I thought the whole idea of pre-season was integration and fitness.

Anyway, if that doesn’t prove that we need to buy players to keep up with the Mancini’s then I don’t know what will.

And don’t try and say it doesn’t matter what happens in pre-season, it does, ask Mancini.

This is perfect though to a person who does take note, this shows we need a spark in midfield and a proper DM, it’s not to late, we can still do it.

We are still no further in resolving the RVP issue but I hope that we hold him to his contract and don’t increase his salary, well not unless he agrees a new deal that is.

For me a message needs to go out like the one Spurs sent to Modric last year, that’s the only way we are going to preserve the integrity of this club and protect it from being held to ransom for the next 10 years by want away players.

I’m glad we kept Koscielny but to increase his salary after two years is nuts, a year ago after his first shocking season we were talking about him being a mistake, then after a good season we double his salary, where do we go from here? What do we offer him next time.

That of course is the trouble with keep increasing salaries before they are due, Robin’s deal isn’t up until next season so we should wait until then, if we can only get £15mil now, what will he be worth next season?

It’s time to stand up to the salary bullies, it’s time to stop paying ordinary players big bucks and it’s time to recognise if we have superstars, then pay them accordingly otherwise they will leave.

Pick the bones out of that lot then, there are plenty of contradictions in there!

To finish off on Robin, Wenger says no offers have been received for him, Ferguson says Arsenal went public with theirs, someone is lying, I wonder who? Wenger also lost it when questioned on the said player as he was fed up with it, so are we Arsene, so are we!

I still believe that if we made two solid signings we would challenge next season, I don’t care who as long as we get a spark in midfield and a rock to protect the back four, there are plenty of players available, it seems only the chavs are spending and they can’t get everyone.

The Arabs are beginning to see the Mancs are having them over and no matter how much of their money they spend that the Northern people will never like them. Spending money only makes you everyones best mate until the money runs out, ask any lottery winner.

Or cast your mind back to when you were a kid and the most popular person in the group was the one who got the most pocket money, but in truth no one liked him did they?

So Arsene, this really is your last chance to put it right, come up empty this season and you will run out of mates.

I do believe a lot of the kids we have are looking good this season, players like Bartley and Miquel certainly look far more comfortable and bigger, as does Oxo, but they need help, you can do it, and I believe you will.

Do the right thing Arsene, I have to say though I don’t understand why we still have players like Arshavin and Bendtner on the payroll as if they are so good you would think pride would see them go, obviously our big mouthed players have no pride.

Talking of pride, did anyone see Beckham yesterday? Has that bloke no humility? He has nothing to do with athletics and he can’t keep his face out can he? Even when Steve Redgrave dipped his torch, Beckham had to get hold of it.

What has he ever achieved except for himself? Oh and 25 cheap England caps.

What an embarrassment that bloke is, it reminded me of when Milan played ManU and when ManU scored, someone said they half expected Beckham to jump on the United player to get in the picture. Sums him up in my book.

Finally on him, he claims the Olympics are in his manor, well Stratford isn’t Leyton and how can he claim that when he’s spent most of his life in Manchester. Where was that ‘I’m from Essex’ crap when he’s always said he could never play for another team in the EPL but ManU?

To finish on Arsenal, I hope Arsene’s and his amazing ability to judge people’s character’s doesn’t make the mistakes of Bendtner, Denilson and Arshavin with his next crop of talented young players. And is a bit more choosy before he lavishes riches on them.

Have a great day Grover’s, today is the beginning of the 30th Olympiad which all started in 7th century BC ancient Britain, Bethnal Green to be precise and today is July 28th, on of Britain’s most memorable days.