I think we needed that humiliating spanking… But will he change?

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I’m not going to dissect what was a pretty horrible result.

Just a few points, then I’ll let you guys do the rest.

Theo missed a bag full of chances today… but there is the key. He is getting in position to miss them, he is learning his role. Earlier in the year he was barely registering a shot. It wont take long for him to develop composure… training with a genius will speed up that process. I look forward to 15 goals from him next year.

Arsenal were woeful in today… the keeper, the midfield and the defence were all terrible. We need major surgery there in the summer, and I was glad to hear the coach indicate he would sign 2 experienced players. Do I think two players will be enough? No… but it’s a start right?

The fans won’t be conned this summer. We don’t want to hear that we’ve got enough quality in the side to compete next year, because most of us aren’t stupid enough to go along with that this year.I guess what is damning for Wenger and his loyal band of disciples is that even the players don’t believe in his ideology… Almunia, Toure, Adebayor, Cesc and Robin have all mentioned the need to recruit this summer. Thousands of seasons ticket holders, hundreds of Grovers, majority of bloggers, every quality newspaper, every ex-Arsenal player, every pundit, any rival manager who is asked… all say the same.

We’re not good enough to win the league, we need to recruit. Wenger says we have no money, so when he said we need to build a new stadium to compete with ManU and Chelsea, he forgot to tell us it would take another 15 years, wow some omission. Perhaps we should have stayed at Highbury, at least we had money then.

Wenger also said judge him in May… we’re now in May. So what do we think? Well, the proof is in the pudding, and the facts are, our pudding tastes distinctly average compared to what the top three are offering… we need some better ingredients… we need to get some fresh produce from quality establishments.

Life is not a dress rehearsal… if the kids aren’t cutting it, let’s recruit some men who can. Or get real world class kids in because the one’s we have are most certainly not. How many of our team would get into ManU? Cesc maybe? Would Song, Diaby or Denilson? Would Fish head? We know the answer to that don’t we!

Today’s performance was awful, the team selection was awful and the result was down right humiliating, but hey, there will be no doubt about what needs to be done when Wenger sits down with the board this summer.

The problem is the manager will do what he wants, no one will stop him, he is Arsenal, if he made changes he has to admit he failed and he won’t do that.

We have two games left, we will lose one and win one, how bad is that, that we know we go into a game with no chance, how can anyone say anything positive about yesterday? 4 years and counting, way to go Arsene.

Over to you Grovers, what do you think needs to happen?


We need to win this one to qualify for not qualifying!

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If that made no sense, let me explain… it means that 3rd spot guarantees our players don’t need to come back until pre season, which normally begins at the end of July, if we get 4th, we have to pre qualify and that will mean coming back a month early.

We should have beaten them at Wembley, we did beat them at Stamford Bridge and since then we have signed Arshavin, the saviour of Arsenal and he will be playing today regardless of the viral rumours, he has what 3 games left, why wouldn’t he want to play every game.

I think the Mancs will play a weakened side, not just because they won’t want to pick up unnecessary injuries. but because they will rightly say we are shit and not capable of beating their second team, so in theory we can beat the chavs and the Mancs and with Stoke up last we could finish 3rd.

So with a summer off coming up we need to play our best football of the season and I believe they will, they must know they owe us at least a performance where we have more than one shot on target, it seems an age ago that we had 29 shots against West Ham at the Grove, unbelievably that was the first game we lost there, I would sooner see us play like that and lose than the way we bent over to the Mancs on Tuesday.

So come on Arsenal, beat these scumbags proper good, show us why we have cause for optimism with this side, show us we can tonk a team above us in the league and keep our unbeaten run going, who knows this run could surpass the 49 of the invincibles in 2004.

Have a great day Grovers and let’s finish the season with a flourish.

If you expect me to change project youth, you’re in for a long wait.

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Before I begin this post, it’s not a whinge, it’s a response to Arsene Wengers press conference and for all of you that hoped he would change his policy of recruitment. My question is, how long do you think some of our good players will want to wait?

So at his press conference (here, here and here) we got the predictable response to this season shortcomings and another trophy-less season, he said we got to the semi finals of two major competitions, we remained unbeaten in the English Premier league since November, and I spent big on Arshavin.

Well you could have read this blog yesterday and saved yourself a press conference because that’s what we all feared you would say.

You did however add the following, which I have to say I find puzzling. ‘Every player wants to play with big names because it’s re-assuring’ he also said they all want you to sign big name players. He then added, ‘If you then ask them what position, you will never get their position’

That’s like asking someone who out of all the girls out there, would you swap for your wife, and asking it when your wife in in the room at the time.

Robin Van Persie is hardly going to say, well boss, I think Diaby, Denilson and Song are complete shit and we should replace those three with Alonso, sling Fish head out and buy Chellieni or Lescott and replace that greedy bastard Adebayor with a clinical finisher like Karim Benzema or David Villa, is he???

However Arsene if you read Le Grove yesterday you would have some idea of who we and the thousands of people that commented on here would like, or don’t we count as we are just fare paying fans?

Or failing that, if you had tuned into Arsene TV last night, Stewart Robson even said we need a new centre back, a defensive midfielder and a goalscorer, so apart from your own TV station, every journalist and football pundit in the country, every living Arsenal legend an many blog sites including this one begging you to sign new players and giving you the positions that need strengthening, no one gives you names. OK.

So even getting beaten in 2 semi finals, nay hammered in one, you still don’t think you should change course, OK.

You did however leave a chink by saying you may bring in 2 experienced players in two positions, well boss that’s what we”ve been crying out for, well three actually, but two would do it if they were world class.

Tomorrow it’s the chavs and tomorrow this post will be about the game, and the task in hand of finishing 3rd and not having to pre-qualify, as this year we will probably have to face a top Italian or Spanish club and not a shit team from Holland. So third spot would be huge and it means the players get another month off.

Have a great day Grovers, the season is fast running out, let’s try and enjoy what we have left!