Arsenal form players earning their corn | How fixture pile up can work for us

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A quick post from me today, I feel rougher than Luke Chadwick’s cheek this morning and sadly, it’s not alcohol induced!

I guess the first place to start is the superb form of Super Samir Nasri. He’s near enough matched his goal tally of the past two seasons combined and we’re not even in the new year. He’s found a new grit and determination in his game that he certainly  hasn’t demonstrated previously and he looks extremely fit. Confidence if flowing through his game and the best part is he isn’t hiding on the pitch this year.

We were in big trouble at the weekend, a draw against Fulham wouldn’t have derailed our title aspirations but it would have proved once again that we lack the consistency to put a decent run together and it could have left us chasing or worse, not capitalising on another poor Chelsea result. Nasri stepped up where last year he would have melted into the background. That’s fantastic news… lets hope he puts pen to paper on that new contract.

It’s also great that with Cesc out the side, Rosicky has come in and done a good job but the player who is really exciting me is Arshavin. He’s finding his form again. He’s taking on players and beating them, he’s showing ambition and accuracy in his passing and he’s showing that cheeky swagger he did when he first arrived at the club. He’s a dream player, we just need to see it more often!

I’m also really chuffed with the emergence of Johann Djourrou. Many people over the years have said that he’s not good enough for Arsenal and I certainly was in that bracket at the start of the season. I felt he was a bit error prone and rash in the tackle. However, since he returned to the team, bar a few shaky performances, he’s really started to find his way. He’s dominant in the air but he’s also a terrific reader of the game. He intercepts a lot of passes and he’s a no frills defender on the deck.

The most impressive aspect of his personality though is his professionalism. He’s been unfairly dropped a few times this year for the more error prone Kozzer and he hasn’t muttered any words of discontent. He’s just got his head down and waited for his chance. On Saturday he was superb and he brought a calming influence to the back line.

So next up this week is Partizan Belgrade at home. I have total confidence we’re going to smash them on Wednesday. After that it starts to get interesting as we go up to an in form Manchester United. If we can snatch 3 points there, I really will start believing. After that we play Stoke at home which I’d imagine we’ll win. Then it’s Chelsea at home, followed by Wigan, Birmingham and Manchester City.

This is a massive month for Arsenal. A pal of mine who is close to the game reckons Wigan and Birmingham in that busy 3-4 day period will suit us. There’s not enough time for them to practice playing Arsenal for a week on the training ground and clubs like those two wont be used to playing that many games in that shorter space of time. So really, the big games are City, who are very suspect this year and Chelsea… who are in a bit of a free fall at the moment internally and on the pitch.

Say it quietly, but is Lady luck on our side this year? We’ll have to wait and see!

In other news, JET will be sent out on loan if an opportunity arises. Hopefully it’ll be to a Premiership club and hopefully he’ll have a similar impact to Jack @ Bolton. He needs games under his belt and he needs to toughen up at a rough club. The Sunday Mirror also picked up on my story about Vermaelen hopefully being back before January, slow to the post eh? There’s also an interesting article about attendances over on a M** *nite* blog worth reading. On the transfer front, I’ve heard that it’s probably going to be very quiet. No secret coded messages, no reverse psychology, no reinforcements… no surprise!

See you in the comments!

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Arsenal top of the league… that’s all that matters, right?

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After not attending the game yesterday due to the icy situation, I watched the game on a stream that was all over the place with Geoff and a buddy. So I’m probably not in the best situation to tell you how amazing we were.

What I could garner from the 15 frames a minute was that we took the lead as always. Samir Nasri scored a superb solo goal after picking up a Arshavin through ball, he cut back twice and roofed his shot in WBA fashion to put us ahead.

As usual, we conceded in Charlie Chaplin fashion. From what I saw, Koscielny head butted Squillaci, Song slid into the situation, they all missed the ball allowing Fulham to slip a hopelessly simple ball through the lot of them which gave Camara the simplest of finishes.

Our game fell to pieces for a while. We all wondered if we had it in us to level it push on. Turns out we did, Robin Van Persie picked up the ball on the edge of the area, instead of rifling it he laid it off to Super Nasri who took the ball past one Fulham man, took it past the keeper, took it five yards past left post, pirouetted the wrong way and slipped the ball back across goal and buried it in spectacular fashion! An incredible winner worthy of Lionel Messi like hyperbole!

The Frenchman stole the show, Chelsea collapsed against Everton, Spurs dropped two points against the Brum and Arsenal took the advantage and heroically went top of the league!

Don’t worry about Fabianski flapping needlessly for another cross that could have cost us. Don’t worry about the performance being colder than a bag of north London slush. Forget that we panicked for 60 minutes and entertained Fulham when we shouldn’t have.

We’re top of the league, we’ve got more points than anyone else and we have time to work on our glaring problems. Some how, we’re doing better than everyone else… so let’s marvel and gloat about that because it could all change by next week!

I still think we could win the league, we just need to address a few issues like communication, keeping and defending as a team. The sooner we get Vermalen back, the better. The sooner we can figure out how to integrate Robin Van Persie the better. The sooner Cesc comes back… well, it wouldn’t be for the better because we looked more creative than we have in while without him.

Have a great day Grovers and gloat like we’d just won the Champions League of the Universe!

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Time to take our ball back, tell FIFA to swivel and start our own comp, say hello to the WFA!

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That’s right people, it’s time to kick FIFA out of football, time to rid ourselves of corruption, time to get rid of boys clubs that support bung taking, turn a blind eye to racists and dodge taxes.

It’s time we took back our ball and rowed our own boat, time to get rid of pointless fixtures and injuries to the players whose salaries we pay, it’s time to put the power into the hands of those nations who make the World Cup and not the ghastly cheating bureucrats from nations that would never get into one on their footballing abilities.

It’s time for revolution! It’s time for the World Football Association!

So here’s how it works, we tell FIFA we are grateful for them seeing our bid but not reading it, but we really don’t want to listen to them, their directives, their stupid rules or their bizarre selection processes anymore.

We start up our own World Football Association, we firstly offer membership to all previous winners of the World Cup, they would all accept because they must be as sick of them as we are. We then allocate each winner a vote, votes only go to winners and that would take out most of the corruption. Before too long, every country that had a footballing culture would be on board and FIFA would cease to exist.

Now if those countries refused to join us, then we would be alone for while, so what? A world cup without England would be like an F1 team without a car.

Now as far as the World Cup going to Qatar, it has a few people complaining, let me tell you why it makes no sense to put the worlds greatest football tournament in the desert.

1) It’s way too hot and that’s why the ACN is held in January

2) Any country that bans alcohol to it’s people shouldn’t host a world cup, it may be their culture not to drink but beer and football go hand in hand, it’s in footballs DNA, so it’s footballs culture, and they should respect that. Thing is, they all drink anyway.

We are always faffing around respecting everyone else’s culture but seem to forget to respect our own, go with the majority and the majority of fans drink beer!

3) They aren’t a footballing nation and if they loved it so much then having their own league should be mandatory before applying for qualification. Didn’t they learn from USA 94?

I’m not upset because we didn’t get it, I think lobbying is just as dodgy as trying to influence voting, sending the 3 that we did was trying to curry favour and that was as bad as whatever we are accusing the others of. And we may think the three that went are the greatest (I don’t) but winning just one vote (thanks Cameron!) shows the rest of the world don’t.

Were were hugely arrogant and paid for it, sending 3 people that have never had a proper job and are hugely privileged  was never going to do it, and saying we sent the future King of England is a joke, if the Queen dies and if Prince Charles dies he may get the job, but he could be in his 70’s before that happens.

Anyway, onto all things Arsenal, another chance to go top if we beat Fulham, we stuffed them last season 4-1 in the last game, we were there and we looked good, Arsenal did too!

I would like to see Chamakh and RVP start today, the last time we saw that was Blackburn away if memory serves me right, I think JET is knocking on the door too, but 5 minutes is nonsense, maybe he can do a half each with Robin.

I think we’ll have Song back today so I hope he drops Denilson, he doesn’t deserve another chance, against Wigan he was hopeless. I expect Fabianski will be back and he’ll have a point to prove with Schwarzer at the other end. And as he has extended his (Fulham) contract I believe that rumour will end, I still expect to see Given in January and Manuel will disappear to the lower leagues of Spain.

Anyway, I expect a win and a convincing one, so have fun wrap up and enjoy the day!

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