Arsenal look to batter the Orient and keep up the competition for competitions.

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What Arsene Wenger said was the problem with no competition, is players get in the comfort zone and that’s bad, the problem with too much competition is players get demotivated and that’s also bad, so he feels we are in a good place right now.

That’s all well and good if the players you have are great players, well we have a few that are not so great, we also have a few that are often injured and I believe that is as bad as the previous paragraph.

He also said this. ‘The attitude and the commitment of the team to deliver is sensational. I said that in September when everybody questioned us, absolutely everyone. It is important we keep this commitment and desire in every training session. The real pride will be when we look at each other at the end of the season and we have given absolutely everything to go as far as we can. I am confident this team will do it’

Arsene, I am still questioning it, there’s no doubt we have talented players, Cesc, Wilshere, Arshavin, Theo and Nasri were all sought after when we bought them, that’s no surprise, players like Sagna, Clichy and Djourou were real finds, Chezzer in goal has been the keeper we have wanted for years (and we’ve been telling you that all season), and Song has improved no end, but had we added a few decent players in the summer we could have been 12 points clear and you know what? It wouldn’t have killed us. The time for crowing boss will be in May, not now.

Anyway I have to admit I was very wrong about Kozzer, when he joined  I said on the blog that I hoped he would be the new Keown, he was rubbish for half a season but since Christmas has been a revalation, what to do when Vermaelen comes back? No problem, that’s the time for rotation, either could step into the DM role as well, so we at last have options.

We also have Frimpong and Coquelin to return in the summer and I rate both highly, I really do.

A few have said that Wenger didn’t get many prizes for tactics against Barca, Arsene and Pat, brilliant, you got the tactics spot on and made 2 great substitutions against Guardiola and we applaud you both, it was also the first time I’ve seen Pat Rice get out of his seat and shout, well done Pat, it was great to see and took me back.

I feel we need a big win today to give the boss more options in the coming weeks, it’s time to see if Denilson, Rosicky, Bendtner and Squillaci are worth keeping, today they ought to be fighting for their Arsenal careers, I hope they have blinders, I really do, I want to see every Arsenal player do well, though why Lansbury is out on loan is beyond me, his goal celebration yesterday was as good as it gets. Time to bring him and Ramsey back.

So enjoy today, I hope we score 6, but don’t forget it’s the FA Cup, don’t forget Crawley yesterday and spare a thought for the chavs, they’re out, I wonder how many of them start supporting Man City now!

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Orient tomorrow, let’s turn on the style Arsenal, pot a few reds!

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That witty little quip was of course aimed at Barry Hearn, the Orient Chairman, a very nice man I have to add, with a very dodgy handicap, yes I have played golf with him, I gave him 5 strokes and he shot a 79 on a very tough course, I’ll stop short of name calling, but dubious for sure. And yes, he did win.

He is though one of life’s nice guys, so I hope we put them out of their misery quickly, both for his sake and of course mine, after the Barca game, I’m not sure I can go through another 90 minutes of that, my ticker won’t have it!

The Orient skipper Scott McGleish, who despite his name was born in North London and is a Gooner, in fact both his sons are Gooners as well, so it will be a mixed day for them, but at 37 he will have his work cut out.

I hear Djourou is going to play after his back recovery, but Diaby has a thigh strain, I don’t want to be negative but he signed at the same time as Theo and Adebayor and has spent most of that time in the treatment room, now forget his ability, but there does come a time when you have to call it a day, we could have a half decent player in there that would be an asset, instead of waiting for one that may be one day if he could stay fit and un-suspended.

I think Wenger needs to bring back some of our loanees, we are still in four competitions and we are getting thin on the ground so I would bring back Lansbury, Ramsey, Thomas and Afobe, then we can see what they’ve got.

Well we should be out of one competition soon anyway, the Carling Cup is just around the corner and after that a much needed rest.

This will be the team tomorrow, although I wouldn’t play it, I think he will.


Sagna Djourou Squillaci Gibbs

Denilson Fabregas Rosicky

Bendtner Chamakh Arshavin

I would try and keep the nucleus of the first team, winning breeds confidence and familiarity fosters togetherness and too many changes can screw all that up, he will make changes though because we have some tough fixtures coming up but we shouldn’t take this game lightly, they will be at home and we don’t need a replay, remember Ipswich, Leeds and Huddersfield? We had trouble with all of them.

Go for the jugular Arsene and put this one to bed early, get a 4 goal lead so we can all relax!

Have a great day Grovers tomorrow should be a hoot!

Now the fuss has died down, get a life Arsenal fans, it was only Barcelona

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Ha, ha think about that, Barca Wednesday, followed by Leyton Orient, Stoke City and the Carling Cup final, wow, this is what it’s all about, playing our best team got us to the final, playing our best team beat Barcelona, playing our best team available should see off Orient.

We were outplayed in periods on Wednesday, but we outplayed Chelsea at the bridge and lost 2 nil, we outplay almost everyone we come up against but don’t always win, that’s football, but if you weighed up our scoring chances against them, I think we had more.

I read a stat yesterday that they had 700 odd passes against our 300, well when you see Pique do a 6 yard pass to Pedro, who passes it to Busquets, who passes it back to Pique and they have moved 3 inches, it’s no surprise they pass the ball a lot.

Me, I prefer this sort of passing, Clichy to Van Persie, Van Persie to back of net, oops, goal! Or Cesc to Nasri, Nasri to Arshavin, Arshavin to back of the net, oops sorry another goal!

Imagine how long they take to get out the shower? Oi Xavi, pass the soap on a rope you dope, Si-si senor, Xavi to Pedro, Pedro to Iniesta, Iniesta to Messi, see where I’m going! What was Pedro doing in the Barcelona shower you may ask, ha, ha good question that!

As you all know I didn’t go to the game as I was driving to Spain, the plan was to watch the game on TV, then drive to Folkestone, sleep on the channel train then drive south until I was tired, stop the night somewhere and carry on the next day, well after beating Barca Pedro called me and we talked the game through, then Pedro got stuck outside of Arsenal station for 40 minutes queueing, then I got on the train, trouble was, I was so wired I couldn’t sleep, I got Talk shite coverage right up to the Pyrenees, how funny was that.

I’m listening to a fat Jocko drunk who seemed devastated that Arsenal beat Barca, like it wasn’t fair, same with his bitch sidekick Nasser Irani, both of them were gutted, that kept me going for another few hours then Pedro woke up and called me on his way to work, well I got to my destination 2,000 kilometres away in one go, so I got on it large last night 21 hours after we beat Barca! I went to a bar opening and Gordon Strachan was there, I was thinking, I bet you’re gutted as well, but I kept my smugness to myself and drank instead!

Yes I know his name isn’t Nasser, I’m being detrimental.

So next up the Orient on Sunday, I guess he’ll have to use Denilson and Diaby again, shame he can’t bring Ramsey back, he got booed by the Cardiff fans last time out, so he can’t be happy there.

Finally I would like to talk about Alex Song, you all know I have warmed to him of late but against barca he was out of his depth, he was slow, late in the tackle and that I could have forgiven, but he should have been sent off at least twice and that is something we can’t afford if we want to be the best in the world. Busquets made 105 passes to Song’s 21 and 6 tackles to Song’s 1 and that my friends is a gulf to far.

We need a quick big player if we are to face the big teams and win, yes we beat Barca and that’s awesome, but we do have to go back and it is only half time, what to do, we can’t buy?

Here are the options, Denilson, no. Diaby? Maybe. Push Jack deeper, bring Arshavin in and push Nasri forward maybe. Get Ramsey back in the team, now you’re talking, but in three weeks? The only other option would be when Vermaelen comes back, put him there, or push Koscielny forward and Vermaelen back.

And before any of you tell me those two can’t play DM, remember how many of you shouted me down and beat me with a big stick (with nails in) when I suggested Jack Wilshere as a DM? No? I do!

Either way we need to do something, they will target him and I don’t blame them, this is where tactics come in and I for one hope the boss shoves aside sentiment, we are so close now I can taste it!

Have a great day today grovers, next up the Super O’s! The rightful heirs to the Olympic Stadium.

P.S. UEFA took down Pedro’s video yesterday, what value have they got out of that? Going after the PAYING fan… almost as classy as charging £150-300 for a Champions League final ticket.

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