Matuidi, Inler and Cana are left. And I worked out where the money has gone.

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So after a day when Arsene Wenger is delighted that Aaron Ramsey has signed another long term deal to stay at the Arsenal I found myself wondering what exactly it was he signed last year? Wasn’t that a contract too?

It seems to me the reason we have no money is because we keep paying our youngsters more and more to stay. It explains why Benitez said he couldn’t compete with Arsenal on signing kids from around the world.

Now I’m all for keeping our young talent, but what we seem to do is keep extending their contracts to keep them happy, why? They already had long contracts and those contracts mean nothing anyway, take Ade and Henry, they both had 3 years of their contracts left, long enough you think, but Henry left his to go to Barca and Ade had his wages trebled to keep him, surely we could have just said, sorry boys, you have three years left, a bit like Fergie did last year, if they then don’t give it their all then there must be grounds not to pay them, it seems to me we are being held to ransom by our own daft policy.

Don’t misunderstand me, I really rate Theo and Ramsey, but Ramsey is hardly a regular and Theo is a long way off to be earning £60k a week, didn’t we lose Flamini because we wouldn’t stretch to £60k a week?

Anyway, that wasn’t a rant, more of a question.

However if you add up what we pay a lot of these youngsters that aren’t regulars, and sell them on, then I’m sure we could get 2 or 3 top players that will be ready right now.

We missed out on Melo and Benzema, but Cana is available, we have now turned back to Inler and Matuidi, whom I know nothing about, I hope we do something because we still lack that bite in midfield and I would be very surprised if Denilson and Song stepped up this coming season, great if they do, and I really will applaud that, contrary to what some may think, but what if they don’t? That then means another season with nothing but potential.

Wenger said yesterday he will maintain project youth because he believes in it, but what happens when the youth get older, like RVP, Ade, Rosicky, Kolo and so on, does that mean we ditch them and bring in more 18 years olds, does that mean project youth will go on for ever?

I would go out and bring back some of those that were foolish enough to leave us at a fraction of the price, bring back Flamini, Reyes and maybe even Hleb.

Whatever you think of them leaving, they are all not playing and may come back grateful, I know a lot of you will be saying no thanks, sod off, but think about it, that’s all we’re missing an enforcer and a winger, and then all we need is a big centre back to replace Silvestre, what about this Naldo guy? Or it that just another rumour. Get that lot in and we aren’t that far off.

We have a lot of youngsters in the team that I don’t think will make it, so cut our losses, admit it, move on and win the league, or even try and win the worthless cup, it’s so frustrating seeing the same thing every season, we are so close to it, and then bring in those kids if and when we need them.

Youngsters like Vela, Ramsey, Wilshere and Bendtner for me will make it but some of the others I feel won’t, we can’t live on hope for ever, no one else in the EPL does and I’m fed up with people that support other teams taking the piss.

It’s alright Ade saying that Evra’s comment about men against babies was disrespectful but even the most ardent AKB must admit he had a big point.

It’s no use saying we almost did them at Old Trafford, because the following week they were playing Barca in the final of the European cup and didn’t want to get injuries.

Come on Arsenal, we all renewed our season tickets, you do your bit now.

Incidentally I was watching the Fernebahce game last night and in the commercials they were still advertising Highbury square as 90% sold, not 90% deposits, but 90% sold, so if it’s not true, why do they insist on keeping the lie going, they can’t have it both ways.

Have a great day grovers, maybe it will happen today, time is running out so why not!


White kit is revealed, Melo is gone enter Cana? Or will it be Nasri?

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New Kit

New Kit

Ok so it’s now official, Melo is not coming to Arsenal, but I have to say I’m pleased, I had never seen him and all I had read said he wasn’t that great, Cana has always been my first choice, outside of bringing the flamster home, but that will never happen and I know a lot of you don’t like him for jumping ship, so back to Cana.

I don’t believe in stats, I trust my eyes, as I have said many times before a player can have the most completed passes in football, but if they all go backwards, or to a player with three defenders on his back, then those stats are irrelevant, Lorik Cana is a leader, a tough tackler and one who will defend his mates with his life, we don’t have one of those and since Gilberto and Flamini went we have lacked that grit, so for me what he lacks in completed passes, assists and goal, he makes up for with the enforcer and leader tags, and we need both.

Whether or not he is on Wenger’s radar is another thing, I hope so because I’m getting bored with waiting for that Swan to arrive.

The only home ‘growner’ I would accept is if Diaby had put on a stone and learnt how to defend or if Nasri has bulked up, because I think Nasri can defend well, he tracks back a lot, I also like the thought of him and Cesc in the middle as I have often said we don’t necessarily need a DM, so Nasri would be somewhere in the middle of having one and not, if that makes any sense.

Denilson and Song though aren’t ready yet, so Cana is still my preferred choice to partner Cesc.

Talking of Swans, Arsenal have unveiled the new third kit, which I have to say I quite like, well initially anyway, if the club are going to rip me off some more, it may as well be for a shirt that doesn’t make me look like a thug, or more of a thug whichever way you look at it! (kidding by the way)

Not quite sure I understand the logic of a third kit as we didn’t use one at all last season, well not that I can remember anyway.

So we finally got shot of the gamble that was Bischcoff, what a waste of time that was, who suggested we brought him over, who told Wenger he was talented??? He was okay, but to be bought injured? Go figure!

I think we have a large squad now, we just lack some key players, hopefully he will sign Cana and a defender, but hopefully he will sell problem child Adebayor, I really cannot understand why he is acting like a victim and Wenger is siding with him. He says we shouldn’t believe what the papers say and it’s not his fault Milan were after him. Oh and of course the mandatory ‘ I love this club’

Bollocks, you love yourself, we saw the Sky interview where you were pledging loyalty one minute and saying you would talk to Milan the next, then you demanded a huge rise and you got it. Then you have a shit season, mmm, perhaps there’s something in why the fans don’t like you anymore. And I will never forget you headbutting a young Bendtner, you horrible arrogant bully, that was cowardly, headbutting is like spitting. How’s this for a new song them -

‘Adebayor, Adebayor, we’ve had enough, so show him the door’

So to sum up, you are no victim, you have brought this upon yourself, there is no place for you in our hearts anymore, so go.

If we could get anywhere near £25mil for him, then we could add £5mil and sign Arsenal lover Benzema, that would be awesome and Arsene, the fans would love you even more for it, that combined with buying Cana would show real intent, it would show teams like ManU that money isn’t everything and your footballing philosophy counts for something, him and Robin would be so exciting to watch going at goal.

I had someone come on yesterday asking me why I didn’t post his comment, well this was his previous comment so I thought I would share it with you.

This site is bare shit!!!
You’re a mug mate!!!

And he even put Shitty in caps! And then they wonder why I put them into moderation, odd aren’t they??? Even more pathetic is the fact that the poster of this comment owns their own site that posts 15 rehashed stories a day.

Anyway I have a feeling we will sell big Phil, but if we don’t replace him with a big monster of a centre half I would keep him and sell Silvestre. I would still go for swapping Eboue for Sakho plus cash because we know that next year if Sackho steps up Madrid will have him for £25mil. That and Wenger has Eboue down next year as a right winger again and we all know that doesn’t work.

We are now in July and have what, 17 shopping days left to Christmas, well Christmas to us of course because the 18th sees the return of pre-season, I can’t wait, go on Santa, get us some quality presents now, please!

Have a great day Grovers.


Take a pinch of white man wrap it up in black skin add a touch of blue blood and a little bitty bit of red indian boy

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That was an old motown song by Blue Mink I think, but if we added 2 or 3 of the above it may just work for us this season, our choice is a Brazilian, an Albanian, a French Algerian and a black Englishmen for our ‘great big a melting pot’ sorry about the play on words but today is the last day of June so we still have nearly a month to go until pre-season begins.

However, we are getting closer to that point where we need to say, this it it, this is our squad, so who is yet to climb aboard the project youth bandwagon?

Well the rumours gather pace about Melo, Gilberto entered the debate by saying ‘He is exactly what they need – a powerful player with quality. If they got him it would be great because he is a player they need at the moment’

He then said ‘We heard rumours and he asked me, I said it’s a fantastic club and if he’s interested he should go without thinking’

Well I am glad Gilberto still has a fondness toward us because I believe we treated him appallingly, so bad I was embarrassed, he should have stepped straight into the captaincy instead he was dumped, I still think he’s better than what we have and that’s two years on, no matter, back to Melo.

We have heard nothing other than speculation, so at this point it is still a rumour, however I wouldn’t say no, nor would I say no to Cana, in fact I think Cana may still be the better option and with Marseille saying he’s available, why not put in a bid?

I watched the Porto game last night and Denilson played Ok as did Ade, in fact the whole team looked good so I still think even with no signings we will be stronger next term, add Vermaelen and Arshavin to the mix, then a little bit of Eduardo and Rosicky and we may well have enough, but if Song, Denilson and Diaby don’t crack it early doors, we will be in for another season like the last one.

But get this, I do see Wengers point, really I do!!! With Ramsey and Wilshere on the bench, JET and Simpson knocking, we do have a lot of players at the club, so my solution would be if we buy a Cana or a Melo then we need to sell a few as well. Don’t keep too many players or dissent will creep in.

As far as Ade is concerned, he has an attitude problem, he has lost the fans so he really needs to move on, he’ll never get it back, he blew it not us, and Arsene, never underestimate the mob.

So if Ade’s pride will let him go to AC Milan as second choice, then we should sell him, I have a feeling he’ll give us all that ‘I love Arsenal’ shit and stay, but if we can sell him for £25 million then add to that and bring in Benzema, no screwing about, just do it.

We would then have a squad that would send shivers down the spine of the EPL and ECL and I for one would be licking my lips. I still think we need another centre back and I still think Richards could do a job, even with the pony show I watched last night, he stood head and shoulders above the rest, and yes, that includes Theo, who was woeful last night and I am his number one fan.

So dare I say it, we are almost there, we don’t need much, but we do need something, bringing in Benzema and getting shot of Ade would go a long way to making the fans happy and giving us belief, bringing in the DM would give us the bite we need and a centre back of epic proportions would seal the deal, then sell a few to get back the balance.

Other funnier news was reading that David O’Leary basically said that Tony Adams was thick, and when he was Pompey manager, a leading journo was interviewing him, but big Tone was more interested in talking to his dog. Well David, that’s a bit like Susan Boyle telling Elephant man his suit makes him look scruffy, don’t you think?

Have a great day today Grovers, it’s going to be a scorcher today!