Arsenal getting closer to signing Koscielny in £8mil shocker, this will stop Cesc bolting for Barca!

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So we are upping the stakes telling Barca we want £50mil for cesc, yes £50mil! I hear you saying that’s great, £20mil more than Barca told us we were getting, but wait, isn’t that £30mil less than we first said we wanted? Don’t be so cynical!

As I said earlier, I think Cesc will stay and Wenger has promised to bring in some world class players, well after it looks like we won’t be signing Campbell or Gallas, we have gone for Lorient superstar Laurent Koscielny (yes indeed, named after his team) who could end up costing us a whopping £8mil now, well that should be enough to keep our young Spanish hero. Good going boss.

I wish all this speculation would end, it is really getting boring, I thought we would spend the summer wondering how we would spend our huge warchest not talking about Cesc in the same way we used to with Vieira.

Anyway, I now think I know how we’ll spend that money, with the free signings of Chamakh and Joe Cole on the horizon and Koscielny coming in from 7th place Lorient all we need now is the 37 year old Schwartzer to ensure we finish outside the top four, what a summer in prospect.

This weekend was a good one if you sleep with the English, England trounced the mighty Bangladesh and got 10 wickets on the final afternoon, apparently that’s good in the cricket world and Justin Rose clattered a top class field at the Memorial and beat teen sensation Ricky whatisname, who was dressed like an Alabama convict to a pulp on the back 9.

Let’s look at the other side of the coin though, suppose this is all a smokescreen, yes a clever piece of gamesmanship from our club. Cesc to stay, Joe Cole and Gourcuff in, Subotic and Cahill, Velosa and Krasnic and Joe Hart or Buffon, now that would be something wouldn’t it? Or if Fulham are after Senderos, then him plus cash for Hangeland.

And it could still happen, Cesc would then say he never wanted to leave, Almunia and Denilson could go to barca as that’s all they can afford, we could clear out most of the reserves and bring in some money, get a new kit that we all like and have the greatest season ever under Arsene Wenger.

Well that’s what I am choosing to believe and for all those of you who said that we are only a week into the window and what’s my problem, I will now believe, I will believe that this time the boss will spend on the players we need and get shot of those we don’t. And if all else fails, don’t forget, this team has great mental strength and is still very young!

A final word for the Americans, I will be playing golf in Florida for a few days in July, I hope they clean those beaches up by then or it will ruin my trip. BP have done their bit, it’s time for the Yanks to do their’s, if they don’t we should pull out of the Gulf like George Bush’s dad did in 1991, the same year we won the league conceding just 19 goals (I think)

They get more Brits than any other nationality going there on holidays, they ought to get that Hilary Clinton over doing something useful for once instead of poking her nose in everywhere else.

How’s that for a Monday morning post then?

Have a hopeful week, keep the faith and smoke the same stuff that I obviously am!

Cole rumours hotting up and Gray believes the Cesc money will win us the league.

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So Andy Gray reckons the new bid from Barca’s Joan Oliver of £42million would be enough to see us strengthen and win the league.

So some woman at Barca has upped the offer, and before you say Joan Oliver isn’t a bird, he has a girls name so in my book he’s a bird. Sounds like that good looking one in Romancing the stone, now we know what she did with her cut, I bet Michael Douglas is glad he bought Catherine Zeta Jones with his dosh instead!

What Andy Gray doesn’t realise is that if we copped £42mil from selling Cesc, it would go into paying a bit off the never ending debt, a bit into buying another 16 year old (sorry, we already did that) and the rest will go into Arsene’s sky rocket, job done, well that 2 free transfers, Mark Schwarzer and a Polish French defender that will cost us £7million and two young boys.

Or maybe this will happen, maybe we’ll keep Cesc, get Joe Cole, buy Gourcoff, sign Cahill, Velosa and Joe Hart and we’ll be on our way!


I have to say though that Cesc is making his position untenable by the day and that’s a shame, as usual our club is screwing up a simple situation, they should report Barca, much the same as the Mancs did Madrid, forcing them to get their cheque book out, or stick him on the transfer list and sell him to the highest bidder, that would be my choice now.

If Cesc had come out and said ‘that’s it, I will see out my contract’ then all this would have gone away, I also think either we have done a deal with Cole or we haven’t, if he wants to come, then announce it now, the only reason for not doing that is if he wants to showcase himself during the world cup, if that’s the case he is whoring himself and he’s not for us. Come on Arsenal, grow some nuts.

Also we need to replace Cesc and spend the money, buy Gourcuff and Van Der Vart, get some Dutch steel in there, it seems to me that Robin is the player we need to please now so let’s waste no time, the prices will go sky high in a week and we should buy before we get the Cesc money.

Otherwise all Wenger will say is because we have money the prices go up…

Now think about what we will have in the transfer fund, we were told we had £25mil, so add that to the £40mil from Ade and Kolo and then add that to at least £50mil from Cesc and we can really tear it up this summer, that’s £115 million quid people!!!

if we don’t, then it really is time for a change, because this mob will truly have forgotton what a football club should be doing.

No one bullied me at school, I always fought back, not matter what they threatened, that’s why I hate my club being so wimpy, I think it encourages bullying, time to stand up and take your glasses off Arsenal.

Finally I got a phone call from Pedro yesterday at 11pm, so midnight in Amsterdam, he must have pressed a button accidentally as all I could hear was shrieking boys, hmmmm, either there was a football game on, or he was in a Gay club.

Have a great day grovers, maybe the Sunday papers will tell us more.

As an Arsenal fan it’s win win, it will be interesting to hear the excuses or fun to see the new and improved team.

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Well there’s not a lot to talk about, Arsenal have told Barca to sling their hook, LaPorta and his team of in debt human ticks won’t stop talking and the latest sneaky trick is suggesting Cesc could buy himself out of his contract, what filth.

Well that can’t and won’t happen, why? Well because if it did then overnight the transfer market would be over, it would mean that any player could just pay off their contracts and the good ones simply wouldn’t sign one, what would be the point, they may as well just sign 12 month deals, it would screw over teams like Barca proper, it would equalise the transfer market by taking away the advantage the big teams have.

For instance, if Cesc was worth say £80mil to Arsenal, but his contract was £25mil, you see where I’m going with this? It would mean that Fabregas’s name would go into history like Bosman, people would say he’s gone on a Fabregas. That would make Cesc proud don’t you think? Best player in the world to scumbag that screwed over the transfer market, hmmm, interesting legacy!

We could then go and buy Kaka for a similar amount.

Now the silence is deafening and I still think he’ll stay and we will buy some quality players, but to be honest, I, just like a lot of you am remembering the Paddy Vieira days of will he? won’t he and it’s beginning to irritate me.

That Madrid refused to call him a Galactico so he didn’t go, I wonder if Cesc will feel the same with the £35mil valuation they have on him?

Like I say, Wenger will have to change, whichever way this goes because if he doesn’t, he will lose the mob, and once you’ve done that, it’s curtains, boy do we need David Dein back now, he would know how to handle this situation, in fact it wouldn’t surprise me if he’s somewhere behind the scenes doing a little bit of orchestrating right now!

Whatever happens Arsenal need to move on, Arsene Wenger said unless there was an exceptional talent out there he would not be buying after the world cup, well in my book he only has a week left, why does he do this every time, we had all this rubbish at the Euro’s with Nasri, why can’t we just have a normal manager?

Still having said all that no other team in the EPL has really started buying players yet, have they?

Have a nice weekend Grovers, only a week to go till the world cup, I don’t want France to win, I sure as hell don’t want Spain now, England are just a team of overpaid nasty pussies (Joe Cole aside) so maybe I will follow Holland, they are the closest I have to Arsenal. We’ll see!