What is success? It’s to do the best you can with what you’ve got.

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Sorry Arsene, it’s not, that’s a massive kop out, in football, success is winning and landing trophies, just the answer you got from a reporter at the press conference, the one you chose to ignore.

Well I looked up Success in several dictionaries and couldn’t find your definition in any of them, maybe it means something different in France, the closest I could get was this – a favourable result, wished-for ending, good fortune.

It’s Ok to say to do the best with what you have but you seem to forget, what you have is what you bought, and frankly you bought badly, and that Mr Wenger isn’t success, that’s the opposite.

You mentioned Cesc and Nasri, but Cesc wasn’t free and Nasri was what £12million? Both fantastic talents, what about Squillaci, Denilson and Almunia, you bought them as well and they are rubbish.

The thing is Arsene you run this team with no backchat, no one is allowed to question you and if they do, like the reporter who told you success was judged by winning trophies, you ignore them, that just isn’t healthy. Come on here and let me ask you a few questions, that’s not your style though, you just won’t be questioned, you are an autocrat.

Champions league football is nice, but we’ll never win it because our players are simply not good enough and that’s why Cesc wants to leave, winning the FA cup is unimportant to you and I suspect that’s because you aren’t English, it’s important to me but yesterday you let this little gem out of the bag.

‘Trophies are one way to judge a club. They’re not overrated as it allows you to say you have won a trophy, but would you swap winning the FA Cup for playing in the Champions League? Is it a trophy or not to be in the Champions League? Is it more important to win the FA Cup?

No Arsene being in the Champions league is NOT A TROPHY and yes I would swap being in it for the FA Cup, no question, but of course no one at your press conferences are allowed to answer your questions.

You have to stop this unhealthy obsession you have with the age of the players, we don’t care and as I’ve said before there are no prizes for being young, all that seems to happen when you play them so young is they pick up a lot of injuries because their bodies haven’t developed and they aren’t strong enough.

Maybe your press conferences should be about how you intend to beat Blackpool rather that acting like a girl about how your team is so young, then I wouldn’t have to keep writing posts explaining to you how the fans are really only interested in winning stuff.

The thing that bothers me the most about this week is the fans were fighting each other over you and your policies and you haven’t said a word, now that I find amazing.

As I have said many times before, had you added the right players to the squad I believe we would have had success with this young squad and that’s what is so painful, you are being criticised because you refuse to admit you have screwed up, you can still fix it, but unfortunately not until next season, then it remains to be seen how much you want to change.

Almunia, Denilson, Diaby and Squillaci need to go, simple. Bendtner will one day be a top player but he needs to learn how to become a regular goalscorer and I think he’s a few years off, so maybe cash in on him. Chamakh, well we now know why he was free. Nice bloke and can head a ball but he’s no prolific goal scorer and that’s what this team needs. Keep one of these two but not both.

If you fixed that little lot Arsene you could be talking about winning the Champions League and not just qualifying, it’s all we need and it wouldn’t be expensive, in fact I think it would almost be self funding.

As for the importance of winning trophies I suggest you ask your captain, he seems to think it’s important and I suspect he’ll ask to leave for a team this summer that wins them regularly.

Finally I really hate this thing where some people think you can only have a worthwhile opinion if you were a top level player or have been a manager. Cobblers to that, I would love to manage a top football team, the thing with football is nepotism, same with golf, it’s all toys for the boys, hey and not to mention the crazy money you all get.

How many EPL managers work again after they get sacked, how many go down the dole office? I suspect none. They all get paid off and that’s it for life. I met a manager of football club in Essex recently, he played in the same Man City team as Rocky, he picked me up from Heathrow last year, he’s a cabby as well to pay his mortgage, EPL managers really don’t realise how lucky they and their players are, they don’t live in the real world.

I played at a high level when I kicked a ball and I am a profession fan, Alf Ramsey won the World Cup for England and I don’t think he played at a high level, and Liam Brady was a top footballer but not such a great manager.

If Gary Neville can be a commentator then anyone with a knowledge of football can manage, there are way too many dimwits in football management for them to be considered special, you are lucky to manage the Arsenal Mr Wenger so I suggest you start making the fans happy and try and win the league, starting tomorrow would be good.

Have a great day grovers, tomorrow we find out if we are still in with a shout of our last chance of a trophy.

We need to win them all now if we stand any chance, if we don’t we may only finish 4th

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That’s the reality folks, if we want to win the league, we have to win all the remaining games starting with Blackpool on Sunday.

I don’t think we will do worse than 4th but who knows? The spuds look like they are about to exit the Champions league never to return but if results go their way we may have to concentrate a bit harder. 9 points behind is losing what, 3 games? Well we have to play Liverpool and ManU at home and the spuds away so it’s possible.

On the other hand if we win all our remaining games and the Mancs lose 2 we could still win the league, so there is still all to play for.

There’s talk that if we beat Blackpool at the weekend then Ian Holloway will get sacked, now that’s what I call daft, he has a team that has over-achieved and faces the sack, managers should only get sacked if they under achieve, you know, a bit like us.

If Ian Holloway gets the sack it should be for his Worzel Gummidge accent, not because his team lose to Arsenal.

So I wonder who he’ll play up front this weekend? Maybe it’s time to try out some of the younger players that are loaned out, maybe it’s time to bring them back, or maybe he’ll surprise us and play Lehmann and Aliadiere against a team from the North West, last time he did that didn’t Aliadiere score against Liverpool?

I jest of course but with our current line up we seem incapable of scoring against anyone, a shot would be nice, the last time we played Blackpool we scored six, so we know we can!

Pedro said he’d have Ade back, I have to admit Ade against Chamakh or Bendtner is a no brainer at this point, and I never thought I’d miss him, but right now I”d take anyone over those two, whenever I watch other teams play they seem to have forwards that can score at a drop of a hat, we have two that don’t even shoot, I wonder what happens in training? It would explain why our keepers are so bad, they never get any shooting practice!

We are being linked with so many players it’s daft, it’s not even the end of the season so we can’t talk to players, I hope that when we do though we do it early, let them get bedded in and used to their surroundings, I’m more interested in who goes though, if the ones I want out stay I will be more upset than if we buy no one.

However, this is Arsene Wenger and he only does what he wants and selling the chaff will be an admission that he was wrong, and we all know he doesn’t ever admit when he’s wrong, so don’t hold your breath.

That’s it then, a big win or it’s all curtains, get the shooting practice in boys, only two days to go!

Have a good’un Grovers, the sun is out and tomorrow the weekend begins with the chance to see Arsenal score again.

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A message to Danny Fizman, all the very best from Le Grove.

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Ok let’s deal with these board room rumours, first of all my best wishes to Danny Fizman and his battle with cancer, that puts winning the league and boardroom shuffles into perspective, good luck Danny, I hope you get through this. What you have done for Arsenal is truly immense, if any statues are handed out then you are the one that should have one.

The only news we think will happen is that Usmanov and Red and White will get a seat on the board, but that doesn’t mean Dein will be back as he doesn’t work for them any more, I personally would love him to come back and deal with the monster he created but somehow can’t see the board suggesting that would be their good news.

Doctor Frankenstein didn’t get his practice back in that little Bavarian village once his creations problems were dealt with did he?

So as long as Peter Hill Wood is still around don’t expect us to bring back the only person capable of sorting out project youth. It won’t happen. I would love it to, can you imagine Gazidas and his enormous back room staff? All getting their marching orders? Ha, ha that would be a picture, imagine what that would save us on the wage bill!

Still if we have a manager that doesn’t win trophies, why should we expect a marketing team to get fantastic sponsorship deals? Unless there are deals we are doing that I haven’t heard about that don’t include ripping your own fans off with another WM club or a season ticket hike.

We hear that Vermaelen is back in training and that puts paid to the career ending rumours that have been flying about, but we have to put an end to having players that have a year off with injuries, by that I mean buy replacements should it happen again.

In recent times we’ve had RVP, Eduardo and Ramsey out for almost a year and Rosicky, Djourou, Diaby, Frimpong and Vermaelen out for a whole year. And the last five are from our current playing squad.

If we get long term injuries again, we need to replace the player and worry about what happens when they come back, when and if they come back. We have insurance, we don’t have to worry about their wages, or at least we should have. IVAN?

We also need to identify players that are becoming crocks and get rid of them, players like Song and Diaby need to be moved on, Eboue, Rosicky and Almunia likewise and then have a good look at our reserves and move on all those players we will never ever see in the first team.

I believe we could cut the wage bill in half easily. Get shot of what we should sell and we could buy a half decent team, Scott Parker has been mentioned but he is 31 and I fear too old, but if we bought Cahill we have plenty of DM options in our squad, I have often mentioned Vermaelen and been laughed at, but I was laughed at when I gave you my views on Song.

He has the bite that we lack and the pace and vision too. I also like Coquelin and Frimpong but we need some nasty stuff in there not another baby right now.

I’m not saying TV for the DM role, I’m saying as an option, for me he’s still our number one CB.

In other news Pedro tells me we are touring China and Malaysia in the pre season so there’s another source of revenue for the team.

I can’t believe the Mancs have appealed against that feral chav Rooney and his outburst to the cameras, how can you defend that unless you have had 16 pints of lager, he may have looked like he had whilst chewing on a wasp nest, but he hadn’t, so I now hope the FA add more games to his silly two match slap, cowards, just like that fat pikey granny shagger. If he did that on Hackney Marshes on a Sunday, he’d get he’s ugly head kicked in.

A final word about the state of affairs at Arsenal, whatever happens we will make changes next season, let’s just hope we still have Danny with us, he has done an awful lot for this football club and no one deserves what he has, get well soon Mr Fizman from all of us at Le Grove.

Have a great day Grovers only 3 to go until we get to show what we are capable of, again.