No clubs have unlimited resources. …Except of course to pay our wages!

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So Ivan has come out and said a few things of interest and one of none. He said that not winning any silverware since 2005 is not good enough for Arsenal, I agree with that, he then said that we need one or two additions, I agree with that as well, but when he said ‘no club has unlimited resources’ I thought mmmm, unless of course that doesn’t include your costs and the huge costs of your newly assembled team of big hitters.

Ivan I’m not knocking you, at least you are talking us up but we are way too big to do a Leeds United and we don’t need to spend £98 million on dross, which is what O’Leary did, we need to spend about £30 mil and that can be recouped by selling 2 players we don’t even need. So really it’s no cost, if Eboue is the funny man in the dressing room and you are worried about losing him then employ Ricky Gervais and Matt lucas for pre match entertainment.

I have said on many occasions that apart from the obvious need for new world class players we need to get our PR and marketing team right, all we seem to have in that department is a bunch of yes men that tow the company line.

We are now in very real danger of dropping out of the top four, with free spending Manchester City stalking us and the three above us spending on new players we have to be very careful.

If we finish outside of that elite group we may as well be 10th, it’s like losing two semi finals, we may as well have gone out in the group stages, for me bragging about not winning the FA Cup and the Champions league makes no sense, and Arsenal seem to think that’s a benchmark, sorry Ivan, I disagree.

We have been saying on here for the last two seasons that our defensive midfielders are not good enough (yet), now the talk is we’re after one, so it’s taken two years to admit we were wrong.

Signing up players to long term contracts does little, other than making young players even richer, take Ramsey, he had 3 years left on his contract, what does improving it do? It doesn’t make us any better, it doesn’t make him worth more and it doesn’t make him loyal, Wenger has proved many times that the minute a player wants out, he lets them go.

Don’t get me wrong, I really rate Ramsey, Theo, Wilshere and Gibbs but 2 of them already had long contracts. I would sooner see that extra money go toward a couple of world class players now.

We have the third highest wage bill in the EPL but we are the only ones in the top 4 that have won nothing for 4 years. Why is that?

We have a number of players that will never make it but we keep them, why don’t we sell them? I would love Senderos to make it and be the next Jap Stam, but will he? Surely it would make more sense to bring in a Hangeland or a Lescott now, Eboue is a great right back and good cover for Sagna, but he’s not happy being cover, so why don’t we cash in on him?

We are so close to being the team we all desire, the money is on the table should we want it, why struggle through another season being nearly men? We have a great chance this season as no one has really improved their teams too much, come on Arsenal, take a chance and sign those players that will take us from being losing semi finalists to winners. We are so close.

Melo looks like he won’t happen and we don’t appear interested in Cana, Matuidi I don’t know too much about, but as he is trying to sign them, what will Song, Diaby and Denilson be thinking? I know Song is up for centreback, but he said that last season.

I like our forward line and our midfield going forward looks awesome, we have shored up a bit at the back and Manuel does a good job in goal, we are so close I can smell it, come on Arsenal take a chance.

Have a great day Grovers for the next two you’ll have Pedro posts and he doesn’t bitch like me, but he hasn’t been going as long as I have!

In Arsene I trust, ahem, really I do, read on…

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Ok Le Grove is the blog known for saying what we feel, and bitching if we aren’t happy with we what we see happening at our great football club, and that includes players, members of the board and of course the manager. No-one and nothing is sacrosanct, Arsenal is who we support, all the above come and go, the club doesn’t.

Did anyone watch the greatest film ever made, ‘Fever Pitch’? That whole film was based on bitching about formations and players, it’s healthy.

Some out there take having your own mind as being anti Arsene, rubbish, having the ability to think for yourself makes you someone who will not just stand in line and accept whatever shite comes your way.

I have been an Arsenal fan since I could first kick a ball, my whole world revolves around Arsenal, my parents weren’t Gooners, I made that decision myself, let no one tell me I don’t love this club with every sinew in my body.

There are people out there that don’t speculate, how boring, what do they do when they start their day,

‘morning all, everything’s great, the managers great, the teams great, speculating is wrong, well, night, night then’.

On Le Grove we like to speculate on who may or may not come in, whether that player is any good, whether we want them and so on, it makes our day fun and it gives our feeder blogs something to talk about, us! If they didn’t talk about Le Grove, they would have no comments, go ahead, take a look today, you’ll see what I mean.

They hate us but the funny thing is, they read us, and our comments, so today I going to give them something they can’t possibly comment on, today I am mostly becoming an AKB!

Finally, a word on the other Arsenal blogs, most of them are fabulous, they give every fan out there something to read, so well done fellow bloggers, keep it up. If you weren’t out there doing your thing we’d all get pretty bored waiting for the season to begin.

Someone said yesterday that a YouTube clip could make anyone look good, they put a clip on of Denilson to prove their point, however as I said to them, it was collated over several seasons and that’s why he looked so skilful.

Some think I don’t like Denilson, again what rubbish, he will be a great player one day, but he’s not yet and to win the league we need players in every position that are ready now, Arsene knows he made that mistake last season and he is trying to put it right this season, he has already brought in Vermaelen to shore up the back and has now turned his attention to that defensive midfield spot.

We have enquired after Melo, we have speculated over Cana and now Blaise Matuidi is begging Arsene to sign him, now I don’t know who he’ll sign and who is good enough, what I do know though is he won’t sign anyone that won’t be better than what he has got, so whoever it is, I am good with, so yes, this time in Arsene I trust!!!

I would be grateful however if he could do it quickly as I’m about to buy the new away shirt and I want to put a new players name on it, also whilst he’s doing that, could he stretch to Hangeland, I understand his love affair with Fulham has ended as they only offered him £30k a week, tight bastards!

A word about Real Madrid and 80,000 fans turning out to see Ronaldo yesterday and last week a similar amount to see Kaka, Arsene, that shows you how much the fans like to see world class signings coming in, had they paraded a 17 year old on an exceptional talent visa the only people there would have probably worked for the club.

Have a great day Grovers don’t forget you have to speculate to accumulate!

P.S. I have a handful of Grovers trying to shift on season tickets for varying reasons. I also have someone looking to do a share. If you’re interested, please e-mail in (Addresses in the side bar —>)!

£40 million for Cesc? Now that sounds like a right load of bow locks to me.

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So the Sun announced that Arsenal have slapped a £40 million price tag on Cesc Fabregas, the story goes that we have finally given in as the money is too tempting.

Arsenal mouthpiece and propaganda machine have said nothing, not that that means much as they never do until the story has been out for a week! But until I hear from the horses mouth that Cesc is for sale, I will treat it with the usual disdain.

I really hate the way the media keep picking on us, if Arsenal had even the slightest clue about marketing and PR strategies they would have sorted this out years ago, obviously they don’t. Ivan if you need help, just ask, I do this for a living.

So this is for you, you nasty, seedy, lying hack reporters.

Cesc Fabregas was the original foundation stone in Arsene Wengers ‘Project Youth’ he would no more sell him than one of his limbs, period.

If John Terry is worth £45mil, Kaka £56mil and Ronaldo £80mil then why on earth would Arsenal set a price tag on the youngest of them all at £40mil?

I’m sorry but you really are a complete bunch of clueless, unintelligent, barely literate, wankers.

Enough said let’s move swiftly on to the delusional David O’Leary, he said that he would only consider being an assistant manager at Manchester United and Arsenal, really David? Who wouldn’t! Anyway you blotted your copy book when your disgusting Leeds side went out to maim us and you celebrated like you had won the world cup, all you did was to ruin our season and get Nigel Winterburn’s nose smashed in, I never want to see you in North London again, let alone Arsenal.

It’s funny because as a manager I always liked O’Leary, I’ve played golf a few times with his brother Pearce and he really is a nice guy, but after that day, he was finished in my eyes, finished I tell you.

The Sun rumour of yesterday that we talked about here on Le Grove, was that we may swap Ade for Flamini plus £20mil, I went with that story because I so, so wanted to believe it, I know it’s probably not true as it was of course a Sun story, but as Wenger has said Ade can go if he wants to, he really should get shot of him, it’s madness to keep a player you said that about.

Finally, and again another rumour, Wenger has now offered Senderos and money for Melo, I can’t help thinking there must be some truth in the Melo story because like the Nasri, Arshavin and Vermaelen rumours, this one won’t go away.

I guess Arsenal will have to publicly diss the Cesc story, so expect something there today, but we really should report Barca and Madrid to FIFA for all their bile, they are once again trying to unsettle an Arsenal player and that really is against the rules.

Finally, yesterday was a guest post on Le Grove and a well written one too, but from next weekend anyone guesting will be asked to stay by their post for the day so they can answer the inevitable questions, it was a great post though, so well done Finestcuts.

Have a great day Grovers, I expect lots of news very soon!