Cesc warns Arsenal fans on Twitter we will see a new player today, but fear not!

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What? A new player and Cesc says don’t be scared! What is this all about? Wenger has already said Arsenal will not be buying a new player unless Tomas Vermaelen contracts bubonic plague.

Le Grove can tell you it’s a new Alex Song hair do, thanks goodness, not that we aren’t signing a new player, you all know my views on that, but that Song is getting rid of the worst hairdo I have seen on a human being.

I also hope the players wind up Kolo Toure on winning his first piece of silverware he left us to get, I didn’t think he was after a tear up trophy though, I wonder who won that bundle and I wonder what that was all about?

Toure – I wouldn’t have left Arsenal if I knew you were coming Elephant head

Ade – IdowhatsbestforAdebayorIwanttobelovedsobogoffbanjoarse

Yes it was all meant to be joined up, that way it sounds like Ade, still I hope he’s not playing tonight, although booing him was massive, massive fun, he is the sort of irritating git that would score against us.

I think the team will be up for it tonight and I really think we’ll win big, we will send a message out to the rest, the others have to start losing soon, maybe this is the beginning, beat the Northern chavs tonight and we are back in the top two, what a great start that would be to the new year.

This is the team I expect to see tonight.


Sagna Djourou Koscielny Clichy


Wilshere Cesc

Walcott Robin Nasri

Put this lot out and expect the same pressing game we had against the chavs and the brummies, I feel the crowd will be noisy tonight and if they give us what we want I know they will hear and feel the love back.

Pedro has a Club level ticket available for £75, you deal direct, nothing to do with us, we merely put you in touch, we are fun facilitators.

If you are going tonight, enjoy the game, if you aren’t, enjoy the game, this is a big one, isn’t it great that these days we get so many big games?

Spare a thought for all those poor sods in Rockhampton, Queensland, floods poisonous snakes and Crocodiles, still it could be worse, the could live in Tottenham, seriously though, I hope the water goes down soon, we have a lot of Australian Grovers in our worldwide family and our thoughts are with you all!

Have a great day but a better night!

City lose their flair player, so advantage Arsenal!

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The latest news is that David Silva is out of the big clash and that has to be good news for the Arsenal, if it could just be arranged to bang Tevez on the head I will be celebrating earlier than expected!

We are apparently after the 6ft 5in giant Per Mertesacker, but have offered £1.5m less than the German club’s valuation, and it’s because we are offering less than they want I believe there may be some truth to the story. He is just what we need, imagine him and Johan or him and Vermaelen, awesome. Dream on though Grovers, you know what Wenger is like at admitting he was wrong.

Barca have now turned their attention to our new star Samir Nasri, I hope that’s true because that will show Cesc their love for him was a one season wonder, Nasri wouldn’t go there, he loves us way too much, but life wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t have Barca after half our team would it!

Only one day to go to the big one, I think they were lucky to beat Blackpool and that was at home, we were unlucky not to score more at Birmingham so it promises to be a good night for the boys, I am confident we’ll stuff them, I honestly fear no team anymore, the way we’ve played with this team against the chavs and the brummies has lifted my expectations.

If anyone out there hasn’t seen the Alex Hleb clip then they need to, it’s priceless, in it he says that Cesc is his best mate and he regrets leaving Arsenal, I hope he tells Cesc that leaving to go to Barca was a massive error and not to do the same.

How strange that old red nose is praising Pulis, just before they go there to play them, is Pulis that thick he will fall for it like the Crow did with the Cheese and the Fox. (Aesop fable)

So unless Wenger surprises us with a tasty couple of signings, it’s another quiet day in Arsenal land.

Enjoy today, this is my last posting from Spain, today I fly back to Blighty!

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Arsenal’s Wellington off to Spain, back in 2 years! Just like Carlos…

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As far as I am aware Wellington Silva will have to go on loan to Spain for 2 years, I think it’s 2 and not 3 but either way it’s not going to be an exceptional talent visa that Denilson and Song got, not sure how those visas work out but I don’t understand as we are all in the EU, the Spanish work under a different set of rules though don’t they.

Thing is we waited all that time to see the incredible talents of Carlos Vela who chose us over everyone and we never see him, me I’d get him out to Bolton and give him some Jack Wilshere treatment, I like Carlos and only wish he was one of the chosen ones that get chances galore, Song, Denilson, Diaby, Eboue and Fabianski spring to mind.

The window is upon us but unless we find another 16 year old somewhere we won’t be signing anyone, as usual I see more out than in and even though we desperately need a world class centreback he won’t admit he screwed up with the ageing Squillaci and the centreback that can’t head the ball, Koscielny. I would however use him as a spare DM until Frimpong is fit again.

Years ago you bought 2 English pups, Francis Jeffers and Richard Wright, they weren’t cheap either, I think Franny was £7.5mil and Wrighty was £5mil, either way you decided soon after you made a boo-boo, you got rid of them both in a hurry, you need to do the same with your summer (French) signings, we need better, our defence is worse than last season and we can all see it, I can’t believe you can’t, study the stats Arsene, you normally do.

Big game coming up on Wednesday and I see no further injuries, fantastic, play the team that beat the chavs and the brummies Arsene and you won’t go wrong, your first team is awesome and would beat anyone (plus a world class centreback) but your spare team is very ordinary and I hope like hell you don’t put them out again all at once, Eboue is a great right back, but bad anywhere else, Diaby is a waste and the rest you all know about.

Our first team however is a joy to watch, bring them on boss! Also let’s get Aaron back into the team quickly, he is a class act, send Lansbury and JET to Bolton with Carlos, they’ll train and play together and get great EPL experience. Win, win!

Finally a question for Ade-the-whore, Ade, are you still feeling the love at shitty? You muppet!

Have a great day today Grovers, we have a big 6 pointer coming up and fortress ‘the Grove’ is becoming a fortress again, just in time eh!

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