Peace on earth to all mankind. Le Grove's Christmas message.

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First of all a very Merry Christmas to Grovers around the world, some of you are already well into Christmas day, some of you have yet to have it and some of you are just starting unwrapping your presents.

I'm not allowed to open my three gifts from Arsene until May, and looking at the shapes in the paper, I'm guessing they are the FA cup, the EPL and the ECL.

The other one looks to be 6'3" tall and I'm hoping it's Edin Dzeko, but I won't find out until January!

Today is a short post and contains no real news, save to wish you all a happy and safe holiday and today is the time to put all our differences behind us, whatever your religion remember this was the day that three kings bought gifts for the baby Jesus. All scars were healed all arguments were put to one side and that's what we should all do.

No I'm not suggesting you hug a chav, smile at a manc or converse with a spud, but we can all have a group Le Grove worldwide cyber hug.

Today I welcome all those LG haters and hold out a hand in friendship, today all Arsenal fans should be one and have a great day. Today we can hope upon hope that we stuff Villa in 2 days and we sign those we all want and need in a week.

Thanks for blogging on this royalty free site, thanks for your support, your debate and your friendship, lets wish the team well and hope upon hope that this is the year.

The year the messiah delivers!

Merry Christmas one and all!

Songs Swansong and Cesc Fabulous will see us over the line.

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First of all, massive credit for the clever play on words. You won’t but I will, I am occasionally narcissic and patting myself on the back for a positive headline is acceptable.

So I’m thinking the Villa game will be Song’s last at the Grove before he jets off to Africa, add that to Cesc’s return against a team that we haven’t beaten for a long while and that spells an emphatic win in a 6 pointer that’s long overdue.

Villa are a tall team so our defence will need to be at it’s best to keep them out, but last season Barry orchestrated them and he’s not around this time, we have to shackle Milner and Young as those two are the providers, so stop them and we cut off their supply.

I think this game will be about pace, Dunne who I rate is not the fastest and I think if we used Vela or Theo to get past them, we can hit them on the break.

This is also the last game for the strike force to show Wenger he doesn’t need to spend big, however, I think he will, not on a massive name, but one that will add to our team, and that’s why I think it will be Dzeko. If he offered £5mil for Numbchucks they would bite his hand off, but something went off there and it went off in French, so I don’t think he’ll be joining, I would have either though.

One thing is for sure is I believe he has already done a deal and someone will be in early doors, so maybe by the next home game we’ll have someone new to cheer on.

Don’t forget tomorrow is Christmas, we will post but it won’t be busy, I hope you’ve all put 3 players on your Christmas list and if you haven’t been naughty, you may just get your wish.

Have a great day Grovers and stay out of trouble!


Hazard, Moses, Dzeko, Sakho on my Christmas list but what about Reyes?

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Okay settle down, wipe up the cornflakes, this is my wish list and I will go through them, but what about José Antonio Reyes? Word has it Everton are about to make a loan move, yes I know he was a homesick pikey, yes I know he only had eyes fro Real Madrid, but like Flamini he made a king size cock up.

I remember watching him on his debut at Highbury, he had something, I would love him back in the team, he could resurrect his career, and don't forget he was a member of the invincibles, he was a great winger, you don't lose that, I would have him and Flamini back in a heartbeat.

Onto my more realistic list, first up Eden Hazard, we could have had him last summer for 3 shillings and sixpence, his price has now gone up, but you know what, it will continue to go up, make a move now, yeah, yeah I know he's only 18, and I hate project youth, but if we could have signed Ronaldo, Kaka or Messi at 18 we'd be laughing now wouldn't we!

Moses, Ok I'm not really sure where he plays, on the wing? attacking midfield? up front? either way he's on the radar and at £5mil, we could do worse, so I'd have a punt. Dzeko would be cup tied but like Numchucks, he's the type of player that would fit right in, so again, worth the money and finally, Sakho, a big imposing lump, but a lump with not only skill, but a footballing brain and pace, which is a big plus for a centre back, again, we could get him at a good price, after the world cup, his value will go up, if of course he plays.

Don't forget we have at least £40mil we got from our new benefactor Sheik Mark Hughes, before he was so cruelly tin-tacked, and reports are we have already made £45mil from this years Champions league (true including beverage and broadcasting rights) but £40 should do some of that comfortably.

So I have mentioned midfield, the front men and a centre back but not a keeper, why not? well we won't be dumping Almunia anytime soon, the boss made that clear when he trotted out as captain against Hull, he won't replace Song either and we now have Diaby who has thrown his hat into the defensive midfield ring.

I think he coulld do it, I really do, he's certainly big enough, if he could learn to defend, he could be the answer, and don't forget until Flamini had his wonder season, Diaby was going in there, had he not be injured, he most certainly would have been our DM.

I'm in a positive mood today, I'm thinking if Santa brings us the above signings, it would add to the squad, it would give us cover and we may have 2 starlets for the future that could change our game plan a bit, give us some width and trickery without changing the way we play, there would be no ego's to contend with and it may just kick us on, and with the business end coming up, it could be at the right time. Don't forget we have to look over our shoulder this season more than ever before.

I would also blood Jay Emmanuel Thomas, see if he has what it takes to play at the highest level. I would use the transfer window to clear out some dead wood. It's a shame really because I saw big Phil sitting next to Cesc at the Hull game, I thought, top man, not even in the squad and there he is, watching the team, if only he could play.

One last thought there, what about him as the defensive midfielder? Just an out loud thought, if he made his usual once a game howler, Vermaelen would be there to pick up the pieces, he is solid, he is big and he can head the ball, hmmmm.

That's it for today and as we are getting closer to Christmas, my posts will become cheerier and more festive, I will give an amnesty to all the people that have been nasty to me over the years and let them on, goodwill to all mankind and all that.

Arsene if you're reading, and I know you are, climb aboard and let us know what you think to my suggestions, you always liked Reyes, in fact you once broke the bank for him, and I know you like Senderos, and I like his grit.

Have a great day Grovers, today I'm out for another lunch, the last one of the week, and like the BBC we will be broadcasting on Christmas day as we always do, so take your PC's and Macs somewhere where you can blog in secret, I know we will!.