Have yourselves a very Merry Christmas!

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When Mrs Bear asked me what I really wanted for Christmas I said Green, Chelleini, Alonso and David Villa, she said to me ‘don’t be stupid, everyone knows Arsenal don’t spend money anymore’

She didn’t really, but you get my drift, I really hope that we make some signings in the window because we all know we need them and if he signs one of them it will really make my Christmas.

A short but happy festive post Grovers, whatever your religion and wherever you live let’s not forget to have fun and celebrate Santa’s birthday.

Also remember to drink sensibly and responsibly, being drunk is not big and it’s not cool and whatever else you do, don’t buy a puppy for anyone, a puppy is for life (are you listening Arsene)

Pedro and I would like to wish you all a happy Christmas and to thank you all for all your support this last two seasons, tomorrow’s a big game, win that and we’ll win the league, oh yeah and it will snow today, right!

Have a fun filled day Grovers, back to football tomorrow!

So who will it be? Someone old, someone new, someone borrowed or…

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My guess is he will put one of the youngsters in the middle to line up alongside Denilson, his choice will be Merida, Ramsey or Diaby, and my hunch is Diaby.

I’m not against it because I’ve always said Diaby is a class act in the middle and Wenger never plays him there so we’ll see.

Ramsey makes the bench and Merida doesn’t so my feeling is he won’t step up, but expect two new faces at the Grove in January, Nacer Barazite to come back from Derby and Traore to come back from Portsmouth and fill that troublesome left side of midfield.

And that is probably that my friends, no new signings, but at least Wenger will still get his no ‘spending the money’ bonus, so at least he’ll have a good Christmas, don’t forget that isn’t a fact, it’s just my opinion.

For the Villa game though I would give them a surprise, go at them from the start with pace but strangle the midfield.

This would be my line up.

Almunia (because we have no choice)

Sagna Djourou Gallas Gibbs

Nasri Ramsey (but we know it will be Song) Denilson Clichy (pace)



I think that may unhinge them, they won’t be expecting it and we may just get a result, they rely on pace and if we put Clichy on the wing it may well confuse their wide men.

Tony Adams has said he is more Graham than Wenger and wants to manage the Arsenal one day, well done Tony, I wouldn’t want another Wenger (Post 2005) in my lifetime that’s for sure.

All the rage in Milan ya?

People will like you more in this t-shirt.

Today we have a competition and the prize is a ‘T’ shirt with the worlds favourite blog emblazoned on it and a hat, courtesy of our mate Avenell. So thanks for that Avenell, it was very thoughtful of you, have a great Christmas because someone that wins your prize certainly will.

All you have to do is answer two questions, I didn’t google these so nor should you.

Who succeeded George Graham as manager?

When that manager left Arsenal which club did he manage next?

Answers on an e-mail (comp@le-grove.co.uk)! The lines close at 1300, the winner will be announced tomorrow!

Have a great Christmas Eve Grovers, tomorrow is the big one!

Real sign Dolphin head and move the transfer window to December

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The Peroni massacre of 2008...

The Peroni massacre of 2008...

Let’s start with Arsenal old boy Lassana Diarra, yesterday he signed for Real Madrid you all saw the pictures of him in their kit kicking a ball, but did anyone notice it’s still only December 22nd and not January, when of course the window is supposed to be open. …Oh sorry, I forgot, they are Real Madrid, like Chelsea and ManU they have different rules.

So Diarra left us for Portsmouth because he was behind Flamini and he wasn’t having that, now he’s behind 6 Real players, strange fish headed twit. Still we got £5mil as part of the deal, well done Arsene, I would sooner have had either the player or the £20mil that Pompey got but that’s Arsenal for you.

Sadly it looks like Cesc could be out for 3 months, so it’s now we should be buying, not in two weeks time, now, the same names are coming up Inler, Arshavin and Finnan… Finnan?! Yeah I know, that has to be a joke right? I thought that about Silvestre though.

Arshavin interests me, but he’s no Cesc replacement, more of a Rosicky type of player, but at £20mil I would sooner sign Alonso, Barry or Cana and have change. By my simple maths we should have at least £14.5mil from the sell on of Muamba, Bentley and Diarra plus a further £2mil from the sale of Hoyte and that wasn’t even from our transfer budget, it’s bunce, so we can at least buy Alonso.

So add the £25mil from the transfer kitty and we can get some real quality in, I would consider Green, Chelleini, Alonso and Arshavin if not them then Green, Upson, Cana and Villa. Whatever happens we need to spend some money, this is becoming a joke, if he thought we needed no-one before the Rosicky injury then surely with Cesc out he must see we really need some help and that only gets us back to where we were last week, pre the Cesc problem.

Other news is Bendtner for Ribery, that would be an awesome deal, so I can’t see that happening, but whoever we get, we need at least one EPL ready player, we can’t afford to wait 6 months for them to bed in, so maybe a mixture of the above.

The thought of a midfield of Diaby, Song, Denilson and Eboue makes me want to start watching the cricket. How on earth he thinks we can finish in the top four with those jokers fronting the team is totally beyond me, even the worlds maddest AKB must see that as a frightening prospect.

There comes a point in football where you begin to miss-manage a club, like Enron did, like the banks did and like Arsenal are now doing, and by management I don’t mean Wenger, I mean the board, they have now to wake up and smell the roses before we become like Tottenham, it’s not too late and we are now in the new December transfer window, so boys GET THE COMPANY CHEQUE BOOK OUT BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE.

My final point today is this, Mr Wenger says he won’t buy ‘ready made’ as he doesn’t want to kill the kids, so here’s a solution boss, why don’t you play them? I’m sure Vela, Ramsey and Wilshere are as puzzled as we all are as to how Song, Diaby and Eboue are picked ahead of them and if he’s not careful, Jackie boy might go and sign for Chelsea.

Let’s also hope that when Cesc begins his recuperation that they lock him up in a monastery to stop Barca working their evil spells on him.

Buy now Arsene, whilst we still have something to fight for.