Ex-player media coup continues to ramp up

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It’s Labor day over here. I’m in blissful ignorance over what it’s about. I think it’s the celebration of being granted working rights or something. I like it though. Gimme dem free days off.

Anyway, right into the mix. All the explayers seem to be having a pop at the great one. This time, King Kanu.

“You know the problem with Arsenal. When you need them, they let you down.

“I believe they have learned from that.

I like the way he smooths it off with Per Mertesacker’s famous, ‘we have learned from our mistakes, we hope to improve’ line.

It’s interesting watching all the old guard making a play for a bit of a media coup against Arsene Wenger. They’re all working in tandem to have some sort of impact at the club. I think it’s right, when things are going wrong and you have young energy that has taken coaching badges, played at other great clubs, you do have to wonder why Wenger is so reluctant to make them part of the mix?

Well, I do know. Wenger doesn’t really like to have people around him who can challenge his authority. Steve Bould is fine, because he’s kind of chained to the hierarchy, he missed out on the £90k a week days. Thierry was always a bit of a risk, loaded beyond belief and opionated about the game and how it’s played. I agree that you can’t be seen to kill the players on TV on Sunday, then roll in with high fives on the Monday, so bombing him off was fine.

However, I see no reason why we couldn’t bring in more of a core of explayers. If it’s talent, then fine. I just can’t help but think Patrick Vieira, Dennis Bergkamp, Martin Keown and even a Petit could offer something to the mix. Jens Lehmann would be really interesting. I mean, I say this like I know how football smart they are, and I don’t. I just look at the flatness of our bench at times and wonder why Wenger doesn’t open himself up to being challenged.

If you’re secure in who you are, surely you should always be expecting bullets to fly at you? As long as those bullets are framed correctly and there’s rationale and logic behind them, they can only be a good thing?

I mean, I guess it is what it is. I just hope the next managerial structure put in place allows for a more well rounded conversation to happen. I hope it facilitates productive discourse. I hope it involves more of the old guard who want a stake in the future of a club they love so much. It’d be great to get into a situation where we had a Barcelona like run of managers coming through the ranks, all trained in the vision of Arsenal.

So, what do we have to look forward to? An interesting run of games.

Southampton on Saturday in a 1500 kickoff, which is lovely. We the have an Ibra-less PSG in our first Champions League run out, followed by Hull and then our first major game against Chelsea.

Hull and Southampton have to be 6 points, because the Manchester Derby is going to see dropped points and we need to catch them. Chelsea will be interesting, it looks like Conte has awoken the sleeping monster that won the Premier League a couple of seasons ago. Hazard and Costa back to their devilish best, Kante and Matic looking like a very solid foundation at the back… David Luiz. Will Arsene be able to out think a very tactical manager, or will our Chelsea strife continue? A major pivot early on in the season you sense!

Right, I’m off. GUESS WHAT THOUGH. It’s birthday eve for Le Grove. 9 years old tomorrow. Who’d have thought 9 years ago, making a blog for my dad would turn into such a big community of lunatics? More on that tomorrow.