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Oh my, this is embarrassing, I totally forgot Le Grove’s birthday… no present, no card… this is awkward!

7 years old today!

2,665 posts, 1.5m comments, 45million+ reads and many, many LOLs.

I just wanted to take a quick second to thank all the contributors across all the channels who make this worth writing everyday. You’re all magic, even the people who troll.

Here’s to another 7 years! Here’s to hoping there’s a little bit more to celebrate in the future. Here’s hoping that change, when it comes, will be positive.

Have a Peroni on me, see you tomorrow!

Those are my nails, what's your problem?

Those are my nails, what’s your problem? via PADIALOGUE

Homophobia: Arsenal say no with superb video

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Short post, because I was going to bomb it off today, but long term Grover @BennyDevito has a birthday today and he wants an LG fix.

Here it is.

Arsenal players have immersed themselves in a Stonewall advert about Rainbow laces. No wait, they’ve immersed themselves in the fight against homophobia, with the message that you can’t help who you are and what you look like.

No wait, I’m getting this wrong.

I can’t help that I look like Aaron Ramsey Gareth Keenan. Theo Walcott can’t help that he looks like Lewis Hamilton and Arteta can’t help that he has a first touch like Olivier Giroud.

It’s great content. It’s so much better than the shit fest that was the last Stonewall campaign in London which was something like ‘I’m gay, get over it’ all 0ver the London buses. This has way more depth and it’s caked in Arsenal, which makes me proud to be a Gooner.

Well played boys. Top effort! I’ve had my say on homophobia in the game, it’s there and it’s unacceptable. Love that the Arsenal players are onboard with it and hopefully we can stamp it out.

Also, well played to the Daily Mail. Super nice of you to put a 30 second Treseme advert over a charity campaign message. At least you’re getting paid. Was really worried about that not happening.

Anyway, have a great night, see you in about 8 hours you sexy Rainbow beauties.