The AO Podcast: Cheeky CFC player pub story | Santi or Kante? | Wenger feeling the heat?

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Goooooood morning my darlings. I’m up late again, sitting at a laptop like one of those tech nerds except my idea is worth far less than a billion and I’m pretty sure Peter Thiel does not want a piece of this action.

This episode is a bit longer than the last one, plenty to crack through, so you might have to listen to it in two parts but hopefully you enjoy it.

We talk:

  • Amazing ALEX OXLADE CHAMBO stats from the last game
  • We talk Wenger and his never-ending tenure
  • We reveal what a Chelsea player allegedly let slip to someone at a pub
  • We talk predictions for the season run in
  • We have a go at banter, but refuse to use the word bobbins, because that word is for dickheads

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No fence sitting on The AO. ENJOY!

Working class fans shall not speak | International break announcement fears

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Rich kids Super Bowl food scourge on American society

Rich kids Super Bowl food scourge on American society via Daily Mirror

Hit up a Super Bowl party last night hoping for a spectacle, boy did we land one. The Falcons stormed to an insurmountable lead, the Patriots didn’t tolerate the idea of losing, they marched back under the incredible Tom Brady. What a result.

Responding to the mean face of adversity, playing like a real team, showcasing unbelievable feats of athleticism (Edelman catch) combined with unreal tactical nous, they prevailed. What an evening.


Baffled Arsenal board must retract Wenger contract and start acting like a real football club

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In a week that American’s celebrated Groundhog day, it was fitting that the day was bookended by two losses and that dreadful feeling of everything being over for the season.

Arsenal capitulated to Chelsea in a fashion so routine, when I spoke to a friend during the match, the phone call was eerily familiar to the one I had when Arteta was rushed back and we were tanked. The game wasn’t a disaster, we weren’t destroyed, but we were outclassed in every department, we never found a 5th gear and Chelsea cruised the victory in a casual 2nd.