Clichy and Fab man are back, Eastmond signs a long termer and Campbell wishes he never left!

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So good news all round, we now have all our kids on long term deals, well apart from Merida, Campbell says he wished he’d never have left, Cesc and Clichy are back for the Bolton game and Ade says he was naked and asked someone for a shirt and didn’t realise the shirt he put on was an XXL Arsenal one, I believe that, he never knew he was offside either. Twat.

Lets talk about the Bolton game today, I think we have a good squad to choose from but we lack height up top, all our tall players are out so I would maybe try something different for the game, mix it up a bit and see what happens.

Here’s my side for the game on Sunday.

Fabianski (not Aluminia please)

Sagna Gallas Campbell (Silvestre second half) Clichy

Nasri Cesc Vermaelen

Rosicky Diaby Arshavin

I would give Vermaelen the DM spot to see what happens, I would start with Campbell to see what he can do, he’s big and is desperate to prove himself and if he doesn’t last, then bring on Silvestre to finish.

Nasri, Cesc and Vermaelen in the middle with Rosicky and Arshavin out wide with big man Diaby up front, that way we have a target man, strength in midfield and a solid, going nowhere back four.

It’s time to drop Almunia, he can’t keep giving him chances any more than he could Lehmann when he went missing. Time to be firm and make some tough decisions.

I have always been a fan of Campbell, he is so strong and against bullies like Davies, he would be perfect. If we don’t play him, why buy him?

Why break up Gallas and Vermaelen? Well they are solid true, but we do still concede at set pieces, freeing him up to break up play could be a masterstroke, if we go at them with the same team that played Everton, they’ll know what to expect, and we won’t win.

I’m not saying replace Song, I’m saying Song isn’t here, so forget him for now, we can’t play kids against Bolton and I think Vermaelen could be what we’ve been missing. I also think Nasri could do the job, so if he doesn’t change the back four, then put Nasri in, bring Diaby back and try Thomas up front, either that or Vela.

We have all these players, they all have long contracts, so try them out, as for Merida, don’t play him again until he signs a new and extended contract, show him who’s boss.

We can win this, nay, we have to win this, we have to start showing the Premiership we are going nowhere but up, the others could drop points, but my fear isn’t those in front, it’s those behind, we should respect that and stop experimenting with the young’uns, experiment with the proven players for once.

I like Thomas and anyone who can score a hatrick against a good West Ham side deserves a run out, he’s big, awkward and very, very skillful, but he’ll never get better if he doesn’t get games, you give them to Denilson, now share it out.

I back us to beat Bolton and if he picks a team with intent, he will send out a message, no matter how many we score, we concede too many, Clichy back will add some steel, Campbell back will add some experience and against nasty sides like Bolton, that’s just what we need, so if any of you harbour a prejudice against Sol Campbell, give him a chance, this is his sort of game. And he says being back is like coming home, and I like that, welcome home Sol.

Two more days to debate, I’ve stopped speculating about new signings over the age of 8, so I won’t anymore, enjoy today, at least Cameroon lost, so Grover’s favourite Song could be back sooner than expected, I watched him give the ball away and then his uncle made a howler to let Gabon in to score, thank the good lord we didn’t sign Rigobert eh!

Rumour is new signing (if true) Samuel Galindo, will go straight into the first team squad as a left winger, hmmm, so what about new long term contract boy Vela, what happens to him? So maybe this story has no legs. Having said that another site says he will go to a Spanish club on loan as we can’t get him a work permit, meanwhile Pravda ( remain tight lipped. We’ll see!

Have a great day people, only two left to show the flat track bullies who the new Arsenal are!

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Arsenal’s best kept secret Campbell signs, but don’t be upset, we signed a 17 year old wonderboy as well, phew!

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So, Sol Campbell turned out for the rub-a-dubs last night against, fittingly, West Ham, the team against which he played his worst ever game for us, and no he didn’t walk off, he finished the game!

I have to say I am delighted, I think he’s just what we need at the back, I really do, why did it take so long though? Why could we not have announced it on Jan 1? And before anyone says we haven’t signed him, if we hadn’t, he couldn’t have played last night.

Chamakh has agreed a £25mil deal with Liverpool, you know, the team that has no money, and to think, we could have had him for £7mil, we wanted him make no mistake, if we didn’t, we wouldn’t have bid in the first place, another one bites the dust, but never fear, we have signed Samuel Galindo, the 17-year-old ‘wonder boy’ from somewhere in Bolivia, yes another young midfielder, just what we needed, and we beat Everton to his signature too, ha, ha, that’ll teach them not to offer him £25k a week.

That should solve the problem we have up front then, how? You’ll have to ask Arsene that, because I have no idea. Merida is still around as is Senderos so we thankfully still have the third highest wage bill in the EPL.

So we have Bolton twice, Stoke, Villa and Chelsea away, Man U and Liverpool at home, then after that it gets easier, oh and we get Song and Eboue back by then so we should cruise it.

Nikki B is back in training and should be ready for the Villa away game just in time to pick up his slight thigh strain, so why were we asking for another forward? Beats me, still Arsenal know what they are doing.

I watched Nigeria versus Egypt yesterday and thought that Zidan was impressive for Egypt, they blew Nigeria away and with Mikel in their side, I at least had something to smile about, again the Puma kits impressed me, they must have done a job lot at the Cup, because apart from Nigeria who were Adidas, most of what I’ve seen is theirs.

I’m trying to work out when we’ll see this Arsenal dominating the league for years to come, I hope it’s in my lifetime but the clock is ticking.

I read that the Flamster may sign for the spuds, that would upset me no end, I would love to have that kind of fighter back at the club, I know some will say he was a one season wonder, but I loved that one season he had, I remember his goal at Villa Park, we could do with some of that right now.

Also I was on his case more than I am on Song and Denilson’s so I do admit if I was wrong about a player, I still think he could be our Romford Pelé given the chance.

Maybe all this is a smokescreen, maybe Campbell was the keystone we need and they’ll be a couple of top players sneaking in through the back door, I hope so, because right now I know we aren’t after Cahill or Hangeland, we aren’t after Matuidi or Flamini and with Theo and Bendtner coming back, it doesn’t look like we are getting that Dzeko type signing, still, we are financially stable and Liverpool clearly aren’t, if they were they would sign Chamakh wouldn’t they, …oh wait, they just did! Oops.

Have a great day today Grovers, at least we beat West Ham last night! Thomas scored a hatrick, why not try him out at Bolton? When was the last time an Arsenal player scored a hatrick? I hope we keep him, I think he’ll be a great player one day.

Arshavin speaks!

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Arsenal’s film star signing Andre Arshavin says Arsenal will need a miracle if we are to win anything this season, he says that we have been plagued with injuries and if we sign anyone, it will be at the last minute.

He’s only been here a year, but I think he is becoming a Grover with his thoughts, I’m not sure how his boss will take to his latest comments but I do think he has a point!

Chelsea are looking at Ribery and Arguela, Everton are sounding out a loan deal for Ben Arfa, the Mancs are looking at Di Maria and we are looking at Saha and Campbell, says it all really, and there I will leave it, the rest is up to the boss.

I watched the Africa Cup of Nations yesterday and Coté de Ivorié looked a real shower of stools, they had a team full of stars but couldn’t beat whipping posts Burkina Faso, what was funny were the hair do’s, they had one player who looked like he had a set of curtains on his head, Gervinho, a couple of Mohawks, and Didia Drogba’s ‘borstal boy’ hair do, and that really was as entertaining as that match got, the Toure’s were both rubbish, Eboue was his usual self but the kits looked impressive, I really like the Ivory Coast’s colours, I wish we could learn from Puma with our kits, they were really smart. Algeria, our world cup group opponents got beaten 2 zip and it looked like England have a chance in June!

I did criticise the competition, but only for the timing and the fact we lose key players twice every 4 years, but I do like the fact I am watching football when we aren’t playing, so it’s not all bad.

After the Everton match I was wondering if we should give Coquelin a go, I know he’s young, but he is a real fighter, and had he gone over like Denilson did, he would have fallen on the ball with his teeth, unlike Denilson who almost gifted them a goal, I think it’s time the boss gave him a try, as I see it, we couldn’t do worse.

Maybe he should try Watt or Thomas in the middle, we really lack a tall front man to hold the ball up and we were looking one dimensional, never mind the goals we are scoring, if we had a front man, perhaps we could score even more.

I had an idea yesterday, what about trying Vermaelen as the defensive midfielder? Although he is doing really well with Billy, we still ship goals, maybe if we tried someone else in the back four, having Vermaelen protecting them may well do it. Trouble is I don’t know who to suggest going in the hole, maybe Campbell, don’t forget it’s only a stopgap, maybe try something crazy like buying a centre back, a premiership player that would slot right in, like Cahill or the Stoke boy, just a thought, for me Vermaelen may just be the answer we have been looking for, he’s tough, fast, reads the game well, heads a ball and knows where the centre backs are, or should be, don’t shout me down because of the love for Song, he’s not here and we have a bunch of make or break season games coming up.

What we had against Everton didn’t work! We are entering into that faze where games will run out, and with the oil rich chav mancs winning again, we have to protect our ECL spot, I kid you not, they are right up behind us and with the spuds, scousers and Villa behind them it wouldn’t be hard to find ourselves way down the table, in a heartbeat.

Think about it, don’t have a cow, just think about it, it could just solve the problem without costing us too much of the money we don’t appear to have.

Have a great day Grovers, plenty to debate!