Steve Bould is our biggest summer signing

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Nothing like a Geoff post to get people talking eh? Wow. Who knew an opinion could draw out such extreme love (250 shares from the site, I had about a thousand @ mentions on Twitter , plus 785 comments on a Sunday) and extreme angst in 70/30 (70 in favour) proportions. I didn’t agree with everything he wrote, but I never do… clearly it struck a chord with plenty though. Surely that’s the beauty about football… if you want to read bland… there are 200 other Arsenal blogs out there that do a spectacular job of covering every opinion in crowd pleasing fashion. You won’t get that here though… and god bless that fact. Football is about emotion, sometimes it goes to far, but give me a post that sparks something inside over one that leaves me wishing I’d left the computer switched off everyday of the week.

Here’s a grand idea. If you don’t like it… don’t read it. Simple as that.


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Robin, please leave, you have my blessing, oh and take Wenger with you.

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So Pedro, who went yesterday is so distraught he asked me to do the post match report. He so stuck by Wenger, believed all his lies about strengthening and renewed, sucker.

Well there will be no match report, I am using this post to ask Wenger to sod right off and take Kroenke and his highly paid management team with him. 


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Robin stays, but might not sign? | Pat Rice: Arsenal legend leaves | Frimpong, cancel that Twitter account

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A Saturday early kick off. Actually my favourite time for a game because it gives us all the rest of our day back. If we win, it also takes the pressure right off. We can watch the FA Cup final knowing we’re only one more game from finishing the season in 3rd. Talking of the FA Cup… playing it at 1715 on a Saturday? That’s a bit rough eh? Not that I care for scousers… but apparently there are only 3 trains that go back to Liverpool after the game finishes. A hotel room is about 2
months dole money… the FA just ruined the Liverpool economy for the summer. Harsh.


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