‘You try and find a world-class striker like Robin van Persie, regardless of how much money you have got’

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I didn’t say that, current Chairman Peter Hill-Wood said it, unfuckingbelievable, here we go again, I hope like hell this isn’t the preamble to our manager spending fuck all in the transfer window again.

PHW, here’s a list. Dzeko, Villa, Gervinho, Adriano, Benzema, Luca Toni, Henry, Keisling, Fabiano, Pazzini, Cassano, Ballotteli, Pato, Gignac, Saha and even Chamakh.

He then said that Wenger had said he wasn’t prepared to go out and buy a player who is not better than the ones we have got.

Here’s another list Peter.

Buffon, Akinfeev, Joe Hart, M.Diarra, G.Milito, Chiellini, Sackho, Hangeland, Toulalon, Gourcoff, Hazard, Silva, Yaya, Shawcross and about to be available Craig Bellamy, shall I go on? Or do you see how stupid that statement was. I wish he would stop making these ill timed comments, I really do.

I’ll get onto the match shortly but I have gone from feeling 100% sure Wenger had at last seen the light, to someone with that same feeling of dread that I get every season. Arsene don’t wait until we are out of it before you do something, don’t wait until we lose key players to the ACN or worse, injuries, act now, this week and for once strengthen the squad and at least let us all believe we have a chance of winning something this season.

Don’t just let Hill-Wood trot out the same old drivel, get the players in now that will give us the success we so desperately crave.

Even you saw the difference Arshavin made, you said it yourself he was the reason we qualified for the Champions league.

Now onto today and the villa game, they will be coming looking for three points, make no mistake, they fancy themselves, they did it at Old Trafford and they’ve done it before at the Grove, but in fairness to the minging mancs, they should have won that game 4-1 so if we have our finishing boots on, I have no doubt in my mind that we will stuff them full of our own special brand of Christmas cheer.

They do have some big boys up front, they have pace out wide and they have the determination of footballs ugliest player since Luke Chadwick, James Milner, as I said before, he and Young are the providers, cut them off and we will stop there supply.

I hope the boss doesn’t go 4-5-1 as a result because they aren’t that good, we need to shut them down and chase every ball like our lives depended on it, you know why? Because it does. The chavs slipped up yesterday as did the spuds, so today we just have to win, after this we can have a breather and if he does sign players, then maybe we can push on.

I have a feeling today will be the noisiest game this season, I’ll be there and singing my lungs out, we’ll be in the S&B or outside the Tavern, whichever works at the time. I reckon we’ll be there from 11am as it’s Christmas so if anyone’s around, we’ll see you there, they’ll be a bunch of us.

Enjoy the game wherever you are, let the team know you are there and if you can’t be there, then pray hard, the team will feel it!

My Villa mate read the post yesterday so I’m now into a bet that involves at least 3 clear goals, ha, ha, I have a feeling my money is safe, go on you Reee-eeeds!


Andre is saying what we are all feeling, well done son!

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So Ar, Ar, Arshavin, Arsenal’s greatest love machine, says that when he came here, he expected playing for a top team would mean easy games, but says playing the Burnley’s of this world are as tough as playing the Mancs, he said you get no time on the ball.

He also said that Arsenal have had so many chances to close the gap and have not taken them, against Villa we need to do it and I have to agree.

We need to beat Villa to close the gap, or keep the gap the same, but we also need to dent their title hopes and send out a message, the top four is an exclusive club and until the chavs lose Abramovich, they will have to wait.

A Villa mate of mine is going today with his young son, he thinks his son will start supporting the Arsenal after this game as he doesn’t have a team yet, and he’s making noises, win this one Arsene, and you’ll win us a new fan!

So tomorrow is almost upon us, the inconvenience of Santa’s birthday has now gone and we can once again think about football and the Arsenal, which to be honest is always what we were thinking about in between mouthfuls of Turkey, mince pies and copious amounts of alcohol.

My daughter bought me a fantastic personalised history of Arsenal for Christmas, it shows newspapers through the history of our great club and it has my name embossed in foil blocking on the cover, top present. My boys bought me a match day scarf and a top razor.

And my wife bought me a pair of UGG’s (boots) and yes I will be wearing them for the game tomorrow. We will be meeting in the S&B or the Ché and will be letting you all know which during the course of today, for those of you who are up for a pre-match Peroni.

It’s our Christmas do so we’ll be eating drinking and merrying, so let’s hope the boys trash the boys from the black stuff. Cesc is back, Song makes a farewell performance and he’ll want to impress if the Melo stories are to be believed, I have no opinion, I’ve only seen him once, but I’m sure this will be the last time we see this small forward line appear this season at home.

I really think we are going to send out a message tomorrow, I think we’ll get a Christmas present from the boys to warm our hearts and lift our title aspirations, tomorrow I think we’ll see the Arsenal that we had hoped we’d see last year and the year before, tomorrow is destiny day, tomorrow is the start of the back nine.

I won’t predict the score as I know some of you get nervy when I do, however, I think we’ll score 3 more than they do.

Have a fun filled boxing day Grovers, tomorrow the fun begins!

Peace on earth to all mankind. Le Grove’s Christmas message.

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First of all a very Merry Christmas to Grovers around the world, some of you are already well into Christmas day, some of you have yet to have it and some of you are just starting unwrapping your presents.

I’m not allowed to open my three gifts from Arsene until May, and looking at the shapes in the paper, I’m guessing they are the FA cup, the EPL and the ECL.

The other one looks to be 6’3″ tall and I’m hoping it’s Edin Dzeko, but I won’t find out until January!

Today is a short post and contains no real news, save to wish you all a happy and safe holiday and today is the time to put all our differences behind us, whatever your religion remember this was the day that three kings bought gifts for the baby Jesus. All scars were healed all arguments were put to one side and that’s what we should all do.

No I’m not suggesting you hug a chav, smile at a manc or converse with a spud, but we can all have a group Le Grove worldwide cyber hug.

Today I welcome all those LG haters and hold out a hand in friendship, today all Arsenal fans should be one and have a great day. Today we can hope upon hope that we stuff Villa in 2 days and we sign those we all want and need in a week.

Thanks for blogging on this royalty free site, thanks for your support, your debate and your friendship, lets wish the team well and hope upon hope that this is the year.

The year the messiah delivers!

Merry Christmas one and all!