Arsenal should have signed Van Der Vaart say Robin the boy wonder.

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Rafael Van Der Vaart, someone who I said would have been a great addition to our team has now been endorsed by none other than Robin Van Persie, our fragile but talented forward.

‘I’d rather he was at Arsenal. I indicated a couple of times that Rafael would be useful for Arsenal but that advice was not followed.’

That’s what Robin said, after he scored 7 goals this season he’s looking like a great investment, considering he was £4mil less than Koscielny and only £4mil more than Denilson, it does make you wonder what on earth goes on in the transfer room at the Arsenal.

What makes it worse that not only did Robin ask Arsenal to sign him, he himself wanted to join, I wonder what Arsene was doing in the summer, oops, shouldn’t have brought that up should I!

Anyway, it matters not, not everyone rates him, and he plays for the spuds and comes to the Grove as an enemy this weekend so I’m sorry to say although I rate him, I also hate him!

Bacary Sagna urges us to not boo Gallas because he said he was very professional in his career at Arsenal, Bacary mate, did you spend the last 2 years with your head up your arse? The sit down at Birmingham, the spat with Kolo and the joining the spuds, you think that was professional?

Jeeesuus! I hope he gets booed more that Cole, in fact if it wasn’t for Gallas we may still have Cole. At least Cole only left us for the chavs and shoved a mobile phone somewhere dark and dingy.

Other news is Gilles Sunu wants to leave as he’s getting no first team opportunities, hmmm, that could be because he’s not very good couldn’t it? No chance Gilles, Arsene would never sell any of his vast collection of kids, anyway, I’m sure you signed a long term contract.

We are getting closer to the big one, not only could we go top, we will stretch our lead to 10 points, who-hoo! It could be our worse month of the season ends up our best ever November, get in there boys and show them no respect, they aren’t that good, and you know what? We are!

Have a great day grovers, tomorrow we fight in the shade!

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Who will be fit and ready when Arsenal beat Spurs to go top?

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As far as I can see all the boys made it through without injuries, though Cesc hurt his pride somewhat against Portugal! Aside from Vermaelen, Ramsey and Diaby i think all our team is fit, oh and of course Koscielny is banned.

I believe that having Djourou in again will be good as they do have some height in there assuming Defoe isn’t playing and Crouch is, I also believe that the chance to go top will see the likes of Cesc and Nasri taking no prisoners in the midfield battle, they of course will have chav reject Gallas playing for them and I hope we give him a welcome he won’t forget, give him a welcome that thanks him for his petulant displays that cost us the league title on more than one occasion.

I hope we go at them fast, like we did at shite hart lane in the cup, they flatter to deceive, they beat us in the spring for the first time in 11 years and we need to address that, we haven’t been top for a while and beating them to do that doesn’t get much better, we have been shocking at home this term and this game gives the team the chance to pay us back.

I believe the team should look like this.


Sagna Squillaci Djourou Gibbs


Wilshere Cesc


Walcott Chamakh

With RVP Bendtner Rosicky and Arshavin on the bench, there are many ways we can cut the cake here, but from that lot to choose from, I can only see a thumping result for the boys in red and white. I went to the grove for a meeting, nothing to do with Arsenal, I bought a gym shirt, a new gym rucksack, a tin of mints and the latest Arsenal magazine.

The feature was on Diaby and I read it eagerly hoping I could get excited, he said the WBA result would not be repeated again this season, I expect this was written before we played the barcodes, oh well, at least he was talking it up, he said that once we win one trophy, the floodgates will open, and that I will agree with him on.

It’s crap teams like the spuds that we need to beat, yes they are crap and if we don’t hammer them, I for one will be disappointed and may consider returning the sugar free mints, yes I ate one but who cares.

If Diaby were fit, I would include him because regardless of how bad he can be, because he can also be awesome, I know a lot of you won’t agree but we are all different.

Theo has to be included because he can keep Bale quiet by running him ragged, show Bale what real speed is Theo!

So I am going for a resounding victory, then we’ll go top and then the chavs will collapse.

Have a great day Grovers, not long now for our young team to fulfill its destiny, I won’t predict a score, but I will predict a win, a resounding one too 3nil.

Okay, I lied!

Arsenal A vs Arsenal B tonight, why Djourou’s the man and wingers are suddenly like London buses.

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Let’s begin with why I will be watching the England game tonight on the telly, first of all it will be the first time in a long time we will be watching possibly 3 Arsenal players starting, that’s if Jack is fit, the possibilities of seeing him tee it up with Theo and Gibbsy fills me with hope, the possibility of seeing them face off against Nasri, Clichy and Sagna fills me with love, yes love, love of the Arsenal, it will be like watching a practice game, I can’t wait.

With lady in waiting Andy Carrol playing, we may even be seeing 4 Arsenal players playing for England and seven on the night. Why do I say lady in waiting? Well I have a feeling Wenger may be looking at a player swap plus cash for him, he seems to like him, he’s young and with Bendtner whinging like a bitch, then maybe this is the time to do a bit of crafty business. I don’t mean cash and Bendtner, he’ll go abroad, I mean maybe a few loanees, like JET and Lansbury plus £15mil, I think that would tempt Hughton.

Moving on, if we keep Lansbury we may have just found that keeper we wanted, he may not be world class but we don’t like world class keepers at the Arsenal anyway, do we!

I was watching the Everton game again, I think if Johan Djourou is given a run, he could be that big fu-k off centre back we’ve been crying out for, for years, him and Vermaelen could be the real deal, if Vermaelen ever comes back that is!

He is beginning to remind me of our Tone, he reads the game well and has that Adams trade mark high side foot away movement, he also hoofs it into row X if needed and gets up high on set pieces, I would like to see him get more time and be the constant in the team, not Koscielny and Squillaci, pair him with whoever is fit and not banned.

So we’ve been crying out for a winger for years and now suddenly two come along at the same time, just like London buses! Who am I talking about? Ashley Young and Adam Johnson, Johnson is unhappy at City and Young refuses to sign a contract and his real love is the Arsenal. Me? I’d take a punt on Young, I’ve always liked him, he could really blossom like Pires did at a top team like Arsenal. Gérard Houllier’s his mate too so maybe a Pires / Young swap plus £12mil?

Then we could have 5 English players in the team, how about that then!

The thing is, there isn’t a lot a cash around in the footballing world just now so maybe a deal is on the cards somewhere, we still need a DM in my opinion but judging from Wenger’s selections he still believes he has those in abundance.

One last thing, can someone tell me how if Defoe made it back for the game, he will be a threat (as often happens) yet Robin comes back and is shit because he hasn’t played for ages, how does that work? It will be the same as Rooney and the Manc game, if he makes it back he’ll have a blinder (yes I know Defoe is out by the way).

Interesting debate on here yesterday, I won’t revisit it, but Darren (Anderton) you can come on today, you’ll be safe!

Have a great day grovers, enjoy watching the Arsenal team tonight and pray Gareth Bale sprains his wrist!

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