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Good morning from a very wet and wintery Le Grove. The sun isn’t shining, the weather is being decietful and I’m getting ever closer to my yearly February meltdown.

However, 2011 could be different. Arsenal directly affects my emotional well being and interestingly enough, when things are going well in your club life, they start going well everywhere? Anyone else get that?

We really are in a fantastic position to make an impact in the league. I know that Arsenal were looking at Chris Samba and I know we’ve been interested in Gary Cahill before… something tells me we could be be seeing the Englishman at the Emirates shortly. We all know that Owen Coyle and Wenger are totally best friends forever, we also know Bolton are hardly cash kings, so the idea that they’d sign Wheater without selling someone is one that I don’t subscribe to.

“At the moment, I cannot come out with any name,”

“I think Gary Cahill is a very good player, but I cannot tell you more.”

Lets be honest, the coach normally gets a facial hardon when he is offered the chance to tell the press he’s not interested in a player, so the fact he’s not flatly denying his interest is very good news. Also, the fact Bolton clearly have their eye on Mexican is a good thing. I spoke to Pam the tea lady at the club the other day and she told me Carlos has no idea where he’s going at the moment… which says to me we might be negotiating with him as the bait.

TalkSport reckon Oxo-glade plugin could be signing today. It’s great we pick up these young kids, but he’s not worth getting excited about for about another 4 years. I hope he’s sent back to Southampton for some games…

I read the rags yesterday… firstly Bendtner could be off in the summer. I fear for our club should the big man leave. Far worse than that though, I read that Andrey maybe told he is surplus to requirements with Chelsea looking like a possible destination… for less than £10million! I’d be pretty gutted to see him go. He’s played out of position and Wenger really doesn’t know how to manage him. Regardless, he’s brought much enjoyment to my life and he’s reassured me that misogynistic behaviour does have a place in the life of the modern 21st century man.

Stupid women.

Talking of which, I read two superb articles about the sexism debate. One from Laura over at the Football Rascal and one from Lady Arse. Different sides of the fence, both very interesting. Just incase you’re not aware, Andy Gray and Richard Keys were caught slagging off women lino’s when they thought their mics were off.

Once again they were shown up to be a pair of clowns. Hardly news is it?

Last time their mics were left on I’m pretty certain they were trying identify the perpetrator of a rogue studio fart. Those two are about as cultured as a big fat gypsy wedding… or a dinner party with a tramp… or a night out with Gazza.

You get my jist…

That hasn’t stopped the whole sexism in football thing rising to the top of the agenda again and I can’t help but think it’s a little misguided. Sure we’ll all probably have a joke at women referees at the start, but for me, that’s just part of the game. If women want to join the party, then they’ve got to be prepared to take the banter that is and always will be part of the game.

Remember, taking the mick is inclusionary, not exclusionary… and without doubt, some of the best p*ss takers I know are women. So in short, I’m saying man up. Men have been making a hash of refereeing for years. In the words of Kevin Keegan, ‘I’d love it’, if women could shake up the shoddy standards of the refereeing old boys club.

Why anyone male or female would want to subject themselves to a job as masochistic as refereeing is beyond me!

But Karen Brady complaining about sexism is a little rich, I mean how did she end up at Birmingham in the first place? Then surprisingly at West Ham, was that because she was qualified or were other factors involved. Just a question.

Anyway I thought that EPL football was about 22 men kicking a ball, if women want to join in, then join in, but please, stop bitching about sexism, first we had racism, the we had hooligans, that was followed by respect, then kicking, kicking out of football (us) now it’s about sexism, what next?

The bold type above was written by Geoff!

Finally, Tim Payton, my new best friend at the AST told me yesterday exclusively via our pubic twitter account that he believes the customary tour to 3rd world Austria has now been shelved. I’m not sure quite how many businesses that will bankrupt, but after a quick bit of analysis, I concluded most of them. Their loss is Japan’s gain. It’ll be great to have a tour, share our culture and customs and earn some revenue.

In the main, all I hear is positive things about the team that Gazidis has assembled at Arsenal. We’ve got some seriously smart people working behind the scenes to ensure that when we’re given commercial agreement freedom, we take the corporate world by storm and secure a proper deal. A lot of that revenue will be dictatated by success on the pitch which is why it is vital we sign this defender before the end of the month.

And make no mistake, if the greedy Glazers accept the offer from the rich Arabs of £1.5billion, next season the mancs will join the chavs and shitty in buying all the talent, so let’s get in quick, before they do, grab Hazard as well, because we won’t be able to afford him in the summer, I mention this now so no one can accuse us of hindsight in 4 months!

Come on Arsene, do the right thing… make life easy for yourself for once!

Have a great day, see you in the comments!

Disclaimer: This post was written with a smiley emoticon in mind for most of the controversial bits.

P.S. There are a real lack of tickets and a real abundance of takers. If you have spares, don’t let them go to waste, let me put you in touch with people who want to go!

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Robin gets a hatrick, their keeper stopped the Arsenal getting a cricket score!

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Even Matt Le Tissier said we could have scored 10 more than we did, he also said Wigan got into our half once in the first half.

We were so good I don’t think Chezzer had a shot to save, our defence is playing with a swagger because we finally have a keeper they can trust, are you reading Arsene?

I’m doing the match report as Pedro didn’t see the game, yes he was playing golf, the melt! Kidding, every top reporter deserves some time off now and again.

We played like the team that won the double did, with verve, speed and great strength, we shut down and pressed them in every area of the pitch, the team selection was our strongest in my humble opinion, the only thing that spoilt it was Denilson coming on, that made no sense and just showed that the manager can’t admit his mistake, yes he has been dropped from the first team in favour of Wilshere, but he just can’t help picking him.

The first goal was from a Song through ball, inch perfect and turned in superbly with a first time RVP shot, how Nasri and Cesc didn’t score the next 6 between then will remain a mystery, their keeper stopped everything, but the way we were pressing you knew it wouldn’t last.

In the past I’d be waiting for them to nick a goal, but since Chezzer came along, Djourou and Kozzer have formed a partnership that doesn’t panic when they lose the ball, so what happens? That’s right, they don’t lose the ball. Bring in a Cahill to that mix and we’ll have 4 top defenders to be tactical with.

We had to wait until the second half for two things, the first yellow card, and much deserved, the dirty, filthy northern monkeys and RVP’s wonder volley, as good a goal as you’ll see all season, fabulous, shortly after, Cesc was stopped from scoring by Caldwell, who got his marching orders, the ball was given to Robin who neatly dispatched it into club level, unlucky son!

To Arsene’s credit he left Robin on and shortly after he swept in from the left and buried it into the back of the net like a professional footballer. 3 zip Robin’s first hatrick (I think) and time to bring on Chamakh, somewhere in all this he brought on spinnyhead and I don’t know why.

That really was the end of the game and the foot came off the pedal.

Both full backs were on fire and the midfield were weaving the prettiest of patterns, up front we had Nasri, Robin and Theo who all played blinders, so what to mark them, forget the individual scores, give them all a 9, yes even Song, he really is starting to look good now he has abandoned trying to emulate Lionel Messi, well done Alex, keep it up and stay in the middle.

I will say it again, Djourou has been immense, Kozzer is improving with each game but the reason for our new found confidence? Chezzer, Arsene, don’t bring Fabianski back, get Mannone on the bench.

I like Fabianski, nice bloke, but he has basic flaws that he can’t seem to kick and the defence feels it.

Bendtner and Denilson look like they don’t want to be around, Vela looks like he does but the boss has the hump with him, solution? Let them go in the window, loan Vela to Bolton and bring in Cahill.

But I think you already have that covered don’t you Arsene?

Have a great Sunday grovers, next up the Tractor boys at the Grove, an a final beckons!


Woodgate to Arsenal, or could it be Adams? Will Arsenal surprise us?

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Ha, ha, I had to laugh when I read that little pearler, Woodgate to join Arsenal on loan, what about re signing Tony Adams instead? He’s here right now and probably better, what will they write about next?

Arsene Wenger’s comments regarding Gary Cahill are more interesting though, this has to be the first time since Arshavin that he has not come out and said no, I won’t be signing Cahill.

Now that excites me because it shows intent and also that Squillaci is not the player he thought he had signed. Some admission!

I am surprised because I thought Samba and the DM at Blackburn  would be more of a Wenger signing, Cahill may not be a big name or a big England star right now, but if he played for us, he soon would be, for me he ticks all the right boxes and I have a feeling that with Vela going the other way, this could be a goer.

In other news I remember watching Cesc and Nasri being interviewed after the Leeds game, I thought wow, these two are the best in their positions in the world!

I started to think of them in a way I shouldn’t, I was just purring, and they play for us, imagine another 5 years with these two at the helm? So Barca have Xavi, Iniesta and Messi, we have Nasri, Cesc and Robin, add Theo and Chezzer to that list and my head begins to spin and I start to think about beating Barca on our way to the Champions league final, bring in a non-cup tied Gary Cahill and we start to look like an outfit that will beat anyone, Cesc won’t want to leave then will he!

I think we’ll have our best team out today and I really expect to show intent, I reckon it could be our biggest scoreline of the season, these players are now competing for places in a squad that could win 4 trophy’s, think about that!

I’m having massive internet problems today Grovers, so this is it, enjoy the game and see you in the comments!