Anyway, we aren’t skint are we, so are we now going to spend some, or are we going to rebuild the Holloway road next?

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So a stirring post to start the day, a pop at the financial running of the club in the middle and now we’ll finish the day with this, 3 posts in one day who’s the lucky ones!

With the latest figures showing our debt is now just £190 million, in anyones book, that is amazing, £450 to £190mil in 5 years is fantastic, we’ve sold nearly all the flats and we are embarking on more community projects, great, now can we stop?

Can we stop telling the world and our fans we are skint, because we clearly aren’t.

It’s now time to stop re-building the Holloway road and start re-building the trophy cabinet, we have still got a 15 year mortgage and we don’t get gold stars for paying it back in record time, let’s stop making a load of average squad players wealthy and start making a decent team that can and will start stocking the trophy room again.

Let’s stop bragging how much we make on matchday because that money comes off the fans, so let’s start repaying that debt next.

At the end of the day we are a football team, not Marks & Spencers, we don’t need to appease analysts or shareholders, we need to appease the fans, now the debt is down, lets stop looking to pat ourselves on the head about how clever we all are, let’s look to start dominating football again.

We don’t need many players, just the right ones, now we have the money and very little debt let’s start using it, and go back to being a football club again, remember Arsenal?

Victory in harmony, let now have some of that back.

Have a great evening Grovers, tomorrow it’s back to being a football blog.

Gazidis exposed as financials reveal disgusting plan…

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Arsenal just released their latest financials so Geoff and I have put a few comments together about our initial thoughts on what we’ve been presented.

Key points and questions:

  • We’re £200million in debt. £130million less than last year.
  • What happened to the sponsorship money we received up front? £100million from the Emirates + whatever Nike provided.
  • How come the property sales haven’t covered off more of the debt? £95mill to develop, we’ve recouped £200+ million so far with a further 130 odd flats to go.
  • What happened to our television money? We earn £50million+  from the EPL and the Champions league.
  • What has happened to the transfer budget we never spend? We’re in the black for the last 5 years.
  • Pleading poverty when you can comfortably increase the wage bill by £17million seems a little outrageous. This is before Cesc has signed a new deal, so expect it to increase further despite no additional achievement (You know, trophies). This increase is despite losing Adebayor (80k p/w) and Kolo Toure (50k p/w).
  • The player sales of Adebayor and Kolo appear to be key to keeping us in profit, despite the fact we lumped £130million off the debt. Will are use this as a stick to beat the fans who want us to spend money?
  • Arsenal make £3million a game of of you, the fan but don’t want to give anything back for your investment.


The club are being frugal to pay off the debt quicker, but why? We have a 17 year mortgage don’t we?

Is it to be able to invest in the world class player that are currently out of our reach or is it to make the club more attractive to sell to an investor who will immediately plunge the club into debt and put us in a Manchester United/Liverpool situation.

If it’s the latter, like Geoff and I have predicted for a while… are you still happy?

More to the point,  what is the MO of Gazidis? Is it to make us a world class club or is it to clear the debt for the owner in waiting, Stan Kroenke. I wonder what the bonus scheme looks like for our master of marketing and man of the people?

Is he the trojan horse, has he been employed to use our money to fatten the wallet of a billionaire? Is this the reason Stan hasn’t taken his holding to 30% becuase he doesn’t want to buy the club till it is debt free? No wonder he doesn’t answer questions at the AGM…

Will the fan base wake up and smell the coffee now? Are the debt buster brigade still pleased to see fan money go towards making a hideously wealthy cowboy even richer?

We’re being conned and it makes me sick to the pit of my stomach.



So with Diaby, Gallas and Arshavin all out, what’s our plan B? Read on…

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Gallas, Diaby and Arshavin are all out for the game at Stoke one wonders who will get the nod. Effectively the spine of the team has gone missing.

Here’s what I’d do.


Eboue Campbell Song Vermaelen

Ramsey Cesc Nasri

Rosicky Bendtner Eduardo

Here’s what he’ll do


Sagna Campbell Vermaelen Clichy

Eboue Cesc Song

Walcott Bendtner Eduardo

To be honest I wouldn’t have a cow with either team, I would just like to experiment a bit with mine. I just hope neither team sees Denilson.

Cesc says he wants his future sorted out before the world cup so he can concentrate on Spain with no distractions, said Marca.

Sure he did! However indulge me on this one, I was trying to imagine the scenario if Cesc should choose to walk away from his 4 year contract this summer, these are the possible outcomes.

1) Gazidas would add another 10 people to his already overstaffed staff.

2) Use the money to pay off our la, la, la loan, yeah, the one that never seems to get paid off even though we make loads and spend none.

3) Pay some decent bonuses to management (see RBS).

4) Buy 5 – 17 year olds and pay them massive wages to buy their loyalty.

5) Buy a decent player or two with a minimum age of 24.

I don’t think we will sell Cesc, if we did, then Wenger would follow him out the door as project youth was built around Cesc and that would mean failure.

Me? I would say Cesc, when you signed the contract extension and received a healthy pay rise, the contract worked for you then, did it not? So that’s it then, we can talk about you leaving in another 3 years, you’ll be worth more, you would have honoured your contract and at 25 you’ll be way too old for us anyway, so everyone wins.

I don’t think he’ll go, he’s loyal and he knows what happens to players that leave the Arsenal.

What has happened to Arsenal, when playing a team like Stoke becomes a tough fixture, I could understand if they spent gazillions on players, and I could even understand if they were coached by Gus Hiddink, but they aren’t, we have Arsene Wenger, the worlds greatest scouting network, the best young players on the planet, and we are mentally strong, yet it seems getting a result against Tony Pulis and Stoke would be up there with winning the Carling Cup.

What happened to the EPL pecking order Arsene. Someone needs to put the faces of Rory Delap and Ricardo Fuller on the blackboard and say to our team, ‘are these chumps better than you’ ‘Well, are they?’

This team of clowns dumped our youth team out of the FA Cup, yes I know they beat the northern chavs, but they were down to 10 men and it did go to extra time, but blimey, are we Arsenal or are we Wigan?

This message is for you boys, rectum, a new one and tear them, put those into some sort of order and fulfill your destiny tomorrow. We need this win and we are owed this win to address the insult they laid at our door in the FA Cup, this team will soon be in the championship, let’s do our best to help them on that journey.

I’m writing this stirring post a day early as tomorrow you’ll all be too busy and too focussed, good luck men, we are depending on you.

To finish off the headline and the question was what’s our plan B? WELL THE ANSWER IS, WE DON’T HAVE ONE!

Have a great day Grovers, at least we’ll get to see the game live tomorrow and revenge is that dish best served cold.

P.S. If you’d like to see Arsenal spank Hull, I have two spares… e-mail in!