So Cesc has finally spoken and we will do better than last year.

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Been there, heard all this before and now it's beginning to worry me. Cesc tells the world Arsene Wenger is like his dad, great, I would like it if he was like his football manager, that might be more fitting.

He must be the tenth player to say Wenger is like his dad, what are we, an orphanage or a football club?

It hasn't done us much good has it, I mean we haven't won much on the back of that have we.

Cesc Fabregas should want to be here because he's an Arsenal player, not because Wenger is the second most important dad he has. So what does that mean then, all our players will walk away if Wenger goes?

This really is becoming a club where the most important person is the manager, what happened to the club being bigger than anyone?

So let's look at who we've signed and who we've let go. Let me begin this by saying that Arsene identified that defence was his priority, we've conceded way too many goals he said, since then, we have let go of 4 centre backs (2 top ones) and signed one (complete unknown). And we are going to finish above 3rd this season, err, how's that then?

And don't say Djourou, he's a perma-crock.

I assume Chamakh replaced Ade, so no change there, perhaps we didn't earn enough last year, perhaps when Wenger finally said he could compete with Chelsea, he meant because they haven't spent much either.

Ok bitch over, I'm looking forward to tomorrow and Sunday, at least we get to see some football.

I do think we look good all over the pitch but we have significantly weakened the defence, whichever way I look at it, it's weaker, I really can't see how the boss thinks we'll finish higher than last season with the same keepers and a far worse by miles defence.

And if he is to buy a couple before the season starts, how will they bed in? To save a few quid in purchases to cost us the league yet again, I feel we have been here before, I know we've been here before, if someone out there can explain how we are stronger than last season, I would love to know. Defence wise I mean.

Have a nice day Grovers, you never know...

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Cesc valued at £8.8million?

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We must be getting another player soon, unless... And how Arsenal have improved massively on last season.

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Unless of course the boss is thinking of playing Song or Nordvtveit as our spare centrebacks, it may well be the thinking as he has been trying out Frimpong as a new DM, he still has Denilson and he could save some money, we can speculate all we like, but we know what it's like in the wonderful world of Arsene's transfer windows! So don't hold your breath.

Telling the keepers there's no number one is a tad humiliating for Manuel, regardless of making him the captain, so I still expect a new keeper, the question is, will it be one that we already have? Or we we sign a new one from Primark.

The bit that does make me laugh is he seems to be saying he won't be playing the fab 3 because of injury and tiredness. Nikki B is fast becoming our new crock, so him not featuring doesn't bother me too much, Robin did play in nearly all the Holland games, so I expect him to take a while, but Cesc only seemed to play 15 minutes in the whole world cup, so I'm a little bemused as to why he needs additional time off, he's our captain, our best player and not to have him for the season opener seems a little bonkers to be honest, he played in the world cup final for goodness sake, he didn't do 3 weeks on Devils Island did he? He should be on cloud 9!

Still, all that press talk may well have worn him out. Even though it was just noise, and we have to live with that.

Celtic got battered by Portuguese titans Braga, 3 zip last night, so they ought to give us as big a test as the southern Celtic, Barnet. But the chance to see our young team beat them, will be one I look forward to, however, it's the Liverpool game that sends a shiver down my spine. The thought of watching both Gerrard and Joe Cole diving in the box against the inexperience of Koscielny and Fabianski fills me with dread, buy hey ho, we may be better than last season and we may pull off a big shock much the same as we did against Everton last term, I would have taken a draw then, wouldn't you?

Sol Campbell going to Newcastle didn't come as a major surprise, Wenger probably offered him a 1 year deal on £10k a week and no promise of first team football, and for him to favour Newcastle over us, shows me he is still one sandwich short of a picnic, so we are well rid.

The question I do have though, is if Koscielny and Djourou need time, if Frimpong and Wilshere need time, if Robin and Cesc need time , if Nikki B is still injured and if Chamakh needs 6 months to bed in and if we haven't changed our keeper, what exactly have we done to improve on last year?

Well I'll tell you where we have improved, our new kit, it's awesome, and I'm gagging for the weekend to see how it performs against Milan and Flamini.

And that my friends is it, the real reason we will concede less goals, and if that's all it takes to win the title, bring it on, I already have my new away shirt (birthday present) and the new one is on order, so I really am hopeful of some silverware this season, regardless of who we sign.

Have a great day Grovers, I'm getting confident, bring it on!