They think it’s all over, no it’s not says Wenger, the spending will continue!

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Arsene said yesterday that It’s not over, we are still open to buy, ‘We are still on the market for another defensive player because we have the need for one more’

Well that’s the best news I have heard all summer, well done Arsene!

I had a few Mr Angry’s on here yesterday regarding my piece on Cesc, some said I didn’t speak for them, well I didn’t intend to, I speak for those Gooners I know, and I know a lot, I also speak my mind and judging by the readership, I at least get a conversation going.

And to the one person who asked me was the box my dads, no mate, my dad was a security Guard at Hedges & Butler, the box was mine. A few others called me a negative cu*t, well that’s because I felt negative, if you mate were happy with our captain asking to leave then that’s fine, I wasn’t and aren’t, if you want to write your own blog and tell the world that that sort of behaviour is acceptable, then like me, you’d better moderate your comments, because you’ll get a few on there that may not share your warped views.

Anyway, after reading what the boss said, today I am feeling happy  and full of optimism, today I can dream of who is on the shopping list.

Melo for Clichy, I don’t think so, Melo maybe, Inler better, but I’d take either, I would still like to see vermaelen in that role but I know many of you would preferred he stayed at the back.

Shaun Wright Philips, no thanks, a few years ago maybe, but not for me, Joe Cole would be nice, Jagielka would be awesome, Honda, maybe, Ozil and Schweinsteiger yes please, Hazard ditto, there are a mass of players I would have in a heartbeat, but after reading what the boss said, I’m sure he has a list and that he’s working on it.

I would welcome Cesc staying, but only if he said that what was said was bollocks and he’s seeing out his contract, and the reason he said nothing was because of the world cup and he didn’t want his bench preparations messed up.

I love Cesc and I love the talent he has, I just hate disloyalty and I saw what has happened as just that, hopefully I’m wrong, however we must buy his replacement before he goes and not after.

If I am wrong, Cesc please accept my apologies for my rather crude and unnecessary outburst.

He does however need to tell his dad to keep his gob shut.

The Gregory Van Der Weill rumours stopped, maybe because of the world cup, I like him too, I’m glad Gallas, and Silvestre have gone and we are replacing them, I would have liked to have kept Sol, but if he wants to screw his career up by playing for a team that plays in front of 5,000 people most weeks, then he should have stayed at Notts County, his call though, it’s not too late.

If we get some of these players in as well as a new keeper, then I believe we can win trophies this season, if all the teams in the EPL have 25 players, then it will level the playing field, I hope that we see Wilshere, Gibbs, Ramsey and Lansbury play more this season and that doesn’t make me a racist as two people suggested I was, I like English players because I’m English, I don’t hate anyone who’s not, I do worry we have too many French players, but with a French manager, that’s going to happen, at least those we now have are good ones.

Well if you want a more positive post than this one, you are on the wrong blog!

Have a great day grovers, after today Pedro’s in for a few, you’ll like him, he’s not the one who writes the rants.

Gilles Grimandi is Arsenal’s new manager, official!

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I always liked him, especially when he walloped Diego Simeone when we beat Inter Milan in the Champions league all those years ago, I met him and Patrick Vieira when I had a box and he really is a nice guy.

I got an inkling that he could be Arsene’s successor when he became a scout for us in France, but he now seems not only to be our only scout, but he seems to actually pick the team, so on that basis, and the same way that I said Kosienly had signed for Arsenal and will play in the number 6 shirt 2 days before Arsenal did, I am now predicting he will not only be our next manager, he really in truth already is.

Our 2 signings so far are both French and both unknown, yes I hear you say Chamakh is Morrocan, but he was born in France and has lived in France his whole life, so he’s French, no one has heard of Kosienly but he has been our number one target since the window opened, I don’t care what he’s like, buying a player who has played in a crap league for one season doesn’t do it for me. I hope you are special Laurent, because our next season hinges on how good you are, we’ve gone from Gallas and Campbell to you. Time will tell.

Bankrupt Barca are offering £30 million for a rub-a-dub, I can’t believe they can afford even that, £30 million for someone who didn’t even make 3rd sub yesterday, how funny is that, we are coveting someone who isn’t good enough to make third sub for the Spanish team. I did a straw poll on who still wants him in the boozer last night, no one, not one supporter in the pub wanted to keep Cesc and every sod was supporting the Germans, ha, ha, that’s a first, see what you’ve done for your country Cesc? No one wants you anymore and no one likes Spain.

I read we may be interested in Karim Benzema, that would be nice, I do like him, and the way we are going, we will have a team of Arabs before too long, Nasri, Chamakh and Karim Benzema, what happened to Ben Arfa, anyone?

I still like Schweinstieger and Ozil, maybe their price has gone down since last night, who knows! But all I kept hearing was Meretsacker’s name, he really was everywhere last night, but you could see how they missed Mueller, he does remind me of Randall, I would love it if Randall ended up like him, but we all know that won’t happen, maybe it’s time to have a clear out, maybe with this 25 man squad thing we can earn some money, pick up some bargains from Man City and Madrid and challenge for the title, I was pleased to see Wilshere in the training pictures, maybe we’ll finally keep him, I have a feeling that him, Gibbs and Lansbury may get a chance under Capello this season, so maybe we’ll be saved by project youth after all!

For those on here that maintain that because they never heard Cesc say he wants a move, he didn’t say it, wake up, he did, there’s no way back from that Cesc, well not and stay captain, I would be devastated if our manager kept him for one more season by throwing our hard earned at him, that would be the cowards way out and serve no purpose, Cesc has always maintained he wants to go back to Barca, screw him, he has a 5 year contract, strip him of the captaincy and whack him on the market, he won’t come back if he loses the armband and he will go to anyone that stumps up the cash.

Learn from the Ade debacle, Arsene, we are Arsenal fans and if someone doesn’t want us, then we sure as hell don’t want them.

Letting this Cesc situation fester is the equivalent of subbing the sub in the Wigan game, when that happened, Eboue got badly booed, allowing this situation to go on has just made the fans angrier and angrier, so you are either a very shrewd man, or a very naive one, my money’s on shrewd, do the right thing Arsene, Cesc has shown a complete lack of loyalty asking for a move when captain and under a 5 year contract, he has disrespected the loyal fans by saying nothing, when all around him have and frankly for someone who’s as injury prone as he is, I’d take the money and buy someone really good, they are out there. Put Fabregas on the market and end this fiasco.

Here’s a dose of reality for you boss, if your head is still in the real world, your 23 year old prodigy earns £120k a week, add sponsorship deals to that, it’s probably more like £250k a week, I’ll bet the average fan singing his name from the terraces earns no more than £15k  a year, a year! Now think about that before you think about rewarding his disloyalty with even more money.

Have a nice day Grovers, we’ll have to wait until the weekend to sell him, but at least come Monday we can move on with our lives.I wonder who Grimandi has up his sleeve next, let’s hope it’s a German!

One hand on the trophy but will the other Arsenal player make it tonight? And what happened to the Israeli wonderboy?

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And I’m talking Schweinsteiger or Ozil, not Fabregas, after his behaviour I don’t want Spain to win Jack shite, I used to like Spain, but after his display of treachery and all those slimebags begging him to leave the Arsenal, I don’t ever want to see him with the captains armband on again.

When I say treachery, I don’t mean the fact he’s asked to leave, that could galvanise Wenger into doing something, it’s the fact he’s asked to leave with 5 years left on his contract, and whilst he’s the captain of Arsenal, he didn’t object to increasing his contract for more money when he did, did he? Barca won’t break the bank for Cesc, ha, ha, they already broke the bank, they are insolvent, tossers!

First of all well done to Robin and my tip for the World cup, Holland. It’s incredible that he has played more straight games for Holland than he’s ever managed for Arsenal, is this the new fit all the time Robin? We can only hope.

Barca are losing patience with Arsenal because we aren’t prepared to let him go for nothing, how rich is that! They should be done for tapping up our player, by now he must have developed Stockholm syndrome. Rossel has said it’s now or never, well what about we already told you no, you thicko. What part of no did you not understand? So let’s take that as a never. Give the captaincy to Robin or Vermaelen and let Cesc stew for a while.

He can’t go unpunished for what he has done, we know he has done it and even the most diehardindenialCesc lover can’t say he didn’t, and yes, that is a word.

So we’ve lost Campbell, Gallas, Silvestre and Senderos. We’ve bought Koscielny, you can’t count Djourou as we’ve had him for 5 years or so and he’ll be injured before the end of July. So four first teamers out, one in, typical Arsenal, but they do need cash for all the new and improved Club level bits. So don’t be too harsh!

Do we need to sign new players though? As having Djourou, Wilshere, Rosicky, Eduardo and Ramsey back will be like having 5 new signings.

What happened to the new Messi we were going to sign from Barca on a free, the kid from the West bank, or wherever he came from, that’s all gone quiet now hasn’t it?

Who comes first boys, your club, or your country? I think I know the answer to that one.

Bendtner, although he turned up and played bravely for Denmark is now injured and out for a spell, maybe another operation, so it could be a long spell. Ramsey is recovering from a broken leg so we are in the usual position of being light and injured early doors.

We know that during the season Robin, Diaby, Djourou, Almunia, Denilson, Clichy, Arshavin, Cesc, Theo, Bendtner and Nasri will all be long term injured, so perhaps before we get to May and bemoan our atrocious luck, maybe we should at least buy as many players as we lose.

So work that one out, that lot above are almost an entire first team!

I still believe that Arsene will surprise us, and yes I know we say that every season, but we can only hope the Cesc debacle will finally prompt him to doing something, it would be strange though if we had our two best players both lining up to play each other in the World Cup final wouldn’t it!

Have a great day grovers, it will soon be at an end, we can start thinking about pre-season, and hope like hell we have a team that can compete.