The defining moment has arrived! You’re on your own.

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So Arsene Wenger has said his team cannot be regarded as kids anymore and it’s time to show what they can do against the likes of the chavs, he said last years mauling was the nightmare week of the season, well has a year made a difference? We’ll soon find out, what will he do if we lose, give up the experiment?

The thing that worries me after that comment, is we sold two top players and bought in an unknown, yes he is world class, our very own Martin Keown again, but considering we were already 2 players short, it was an odd decision, because in my book and DB10′s book, we are still 2 players short.

Ok forget that because I think this team will win, I just hope we do it by playing football and not by matching their kicking lumps out of us, I also hope we do it in style and make them look like the mugs they are, it’s time someone put the bully boys from west London in their places.

Not sure what the team will be, but I’m going to have a guess here.


Sagna Gallas Vermaelen Eboue

Rosicky Song Cesc

Walcott Eduardo Arshavin



Sagna Silvestre Vermaelen Traore

Nasri Song Cesc

Walcott Arshavin Rosicky

Let me say this would be the team that I would pick (the first one), and I put Song in there because I think we need the aggressive type of player in midfield, and as far as he’s concerned, the players he’s up against are the real enemy, Ghana and Ivory coast, he will have an African point to prove and I’m backing him to do it, this is where we will all see how he matches up against Essien, I think he will want to prove something here.

I have a feeling though we’ll see the same midfield as we did midweek and Denilson will be in there. The opportunity for Wenger to play Song, Denilson and Eboue all at the same time may be too overwhelming.

It’s also time for the forward line to prove just how good they are, Walcott was supposed to be the saviour of England, now’s the time to prove it Theo, don’t forget your first ever Arsenal goal came against this shower of shit, we need to get down the wings and open them up, something we didn’t do against Sunderland or Liege, I’m surprised Wenger didn’t tell them that at the time.

Tomorrow they’ll be no hiding place, tomorrow we show how good we are, or far behind we are, tomorrow he’ll either see he has enough to win the league or not enough and has to buy.

The great Dennis Bergkamp has said two new players would do it, that’s all many of us have ever said, still if we beat the Chavs with the team that the boss believes are good enough, then I will start believing, and indeed consume a few helpings of humble pie, and I really hope I have to.

Alex, I’ve picked you ahead of Nasri and Ramsey who are flair players and Denilson, who for me is a defensive midfielder, I hope you show me why I was wrong to doubt you, I hope you kick lumps out of Essien, but save a few for Drogba, don’t forget a bit of African pride here!

Only a day to go Grovers, let’s hope the Villa get a draw against the spuds.

If Lump-hard is fit from a thigh strain how come Billy’s not?

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This is the bit I can never figure, a week ago fat Frank had a thigh strain, he was out of the England squad and out of the Arsenal game, then Robin gets injured and decides to go in for horse placenta treatment, then Fat boy does likewise and now he’s back for the Arsenal game, Gallas gets a black eye and he’s doubtful.

If that’s true then it’s unbelievable, how can he be doubtful for a black eye??? Well I hope it’s not true because he will be up for this game and his partnership with Vermaelen is looking awesome, to play this without our forward line is slightly dodgy, to play it without our defence is suicidal.

What is it about Arsenal and injured players? It’s like every game something happens, new boot technology can’t have made all our footballers weeds, they are far fitter than they used to be, why are they always out?

Why does it only ever seem to be Arsenal players?

Anyway we have home advantage, we have the crowd, we have a 100% record this season, and we need to win this to stay in the race, 11 points down in December I think will be a bridge to far, we need to win, win well, and send a message out to the Premiership that they aren’t as good as Sky Sports are telling everyone, and to be honest the Mancs were the better team.

Considering we were better than the Mancs at their gaff, we ought to beat the chavs, I don’t think giving Drogba a dig in the ribs would be the worst idea, and I’d love to see him having a fit again, that was truly pathetic. When I did my ribs, I just got up and poured myself a lager, what a wimp he is.

Well Anelka returns to the Grove this weekend and I for one so wish we had signed him, we could have had him for half of what we sold the whore for, I still think he’s one of the top 5 in the world, ho-hum.

News today is that Dubai is on the brink of titsupness, they want to delay their £35 billion debt on their world development that many EPL footballers invested in, twats, anyone could see that would never fly, still the question I have is will that affect us? The money they paid was up front, so we’re okay there, what chance though we can slide out of it and rebrand ourselves the Coors Light stadium and finally pay off the stadium debt?

Something to think about, have a great day Grovers, today I’m playing golf!

Fear not, we are about to make a big signing!

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Yes you heard right we are about to sign QPR wonderkid Raheem Sterling, he’s 14 years old but if you live that long it’s great news. I remember when Henri Lansbury was captain of the England under 17′s, they said he was the heartbeat of the team, now we are debating whether or not to renew his contract, I guess we would if he wasn’t English, oops!

The press say we have made enquiries about horse face from Madrid, hmmmm, not a bad move I have to say, as cover, though I would still prefer Numbchucks, and Dennis is after a coaching role in England, Arsene, I think Pat is after retiring, could be a great move, think about it and call me if you want a chat.

Drogba and Fat Frank are back for the game on Sunday but so will William Gallas be, so I have no fear, I really think we’ll beat them, why? Because I think we are by far the better team.

Now we need to clear up the Song issue, let me tell you all that I don’t have a problem with him, we spend far too long debating him  and we ought to move on, he’s in the team, he’s first choice and I fully support him, so let’s forget about it and talk about the real issues.

Denilson made a lively start by scoring his second goal of the season, yes his second goal of the season, we had a number of people on yesterday correcting Pedro on him scoring a goal, Pedro said it was his first, but he forgot his pearler against Everton, you know what, it’s not an offence, sometimes we get it wrong, I apologise to all those that remembered the first goal, let’s hope it’s not his last. The goal I meant, not the mistake!

What was funny though was Wenger almost annoyed that he had a shot from distance, Standard Liege had two that hit the post, maybe we should do it a bit more, you never know we may score more if we do and we may even get the fans behind us and staying in their seats in anticipation.

We need to be at our best to beat the chavs, but we need to be at our best against anyone, including Sunderland, that’s what you have to do to win things, play each game like it counts, why? Because it does, every game between now and the end of the season needs to be played like a cup final, if there’s anything to be learned from the loss at the weekend, it’s that.

I read that the spuds are in for Micah Riichards, you know what? We should be in for him, he’s a gooner, he’s versatile and he’s what we need, yes he’s a party boy, but we can sort that out in a heartbeat, we need big strong players at the back and he could be perfect, don’t lets lose another good player to the spuds, who did we lose you ask, Niko Kranjcar, for me he would have been a good signing.

We need ready made players, signing another 14 year old is just bollocks, however good he is, I remember signing Pennant, look what happened there.

Sunday is a long way away, but I have to tell you, I’m feeling confident, I think they will come thinking they’re playing the team that lost to Sunderland, I’m thinking they’ll meet the team that beat Wolves.

The final word must go to Andre Arshavin, he got riid of Hiiddink says the press, well done son, now go to work on Ancelotti, but try and do it before Sunday.

Have a great day Grovers, not long now, if we win this one, we’ll be sending out a message. We’re going to win the league!