Arsenal’s Cesc Fabregas’s vile tirade at the ref was disgusting…

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… did we forget to mention it wasn’t at the ref?

So now we have the real version of Cesc’s disgraceful and foul mouth tirade at the ref, it’s easy to see how Arsene Wenger said there’s no way our captain confronted the ref in the tunnel.

That’s because he didn’t you ginger muppet!

Yesterday I called for the truth to out, I said there’s no way they could all be telling the truth, well obviously David Moyes read the article because he came out and said that Cesc’s foul mouth outburst was in fact calm, it contained no foul language and it wasn’t even to the ref, it was to the 4th official, and it wasn’t even a tirade, Cesc apparently asked the said official if he was paid by Everton, good question and to my knowledge that question wasn’t actually answered.

If David Moyes got upset with that comment, he has led a sheltered life and he quite obviously didn’t hear what I was saying about their offside goal! What a complete wa*ker, perhaps if he is so perfect then perhaps he should tell us all why they got rid of their Chief executive without an explanation? Now that would be interesting.

So today we face Newcastle without Andy Caroll and the other guy that sounds like a disease, Shola Amoeba. Well Andy Caroll wouldn’t have played anyway, still it would have been nice to see the most overrated player in the history of football play today!

A lot of people blame Koscielny for their goal last year, me I blamed Fabianski, he was on the wrong side of Caroll and at 6’4″ tall plus 3′ arms on top of that, he really should have cleared the long ball, he didn’t, his fault. Anyway, today gives the team a great opportunity to set the record straight, after all love is never having to say sorry.

We need to keep winning if we want to win the Premier league, there is no better way of showing that than in fact winning today, so I expect nothing other than a win, Diaby and Arshavin to get the first two and Robin to score the third, so yes, 3 nil to the good guys.

This should be the line up today.


Sagna Djourou Kozzer Clichy

Wilshere Cesc Diaby

Walcott RVP Arshavin

So a good day for the travelling fans should be on the cards, Arsenal, I still haven’t forgotten the shabby way you have treated us with this so called ballot and I’m still waiting for the email telling me why my £5k didn’t warrant me getting a cup final ticket.

On my desk by Monday morning please Ivan…

Have a great day Grovers, we need to keep the pressure up, nothing less than a win will do today!

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Arsene Wenger is influenced by the fans, it’s official and the ballot. What a joke Arsenal.

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So read the above story and see why Arsene is at last listening to the fans, not that I haven’t been saying for years playing the youth team will not only win nothing, it will kill their confidence, also winning any type of trophy will send a massive boost through the squad.

Now Mr Wenger is saying the squad need a trophy and it will be great for confidence and once we win one, we’ll win another, how funny is that, about turn, well done Arsene, all we need now is a centreback and a DM. Oh and maybe you can tell me I was right all along, because I was.

I have never ever doubted Arsene Wenger’s ability as a coach, his teams play great football and if we can keep hold of Cesc, Samir, Robin, Ramsey, Theo, Wilshere and Vermaelen we will go far.

What I have always doubted is his philosophy of investing in youth at all costs and dissing trophies, I also questioned his bonus scheme but now that Ivan has refuted that I will believe him, so on that one I was wrong and apologise, but I was right about winning trophies and what it does for a teams confidence.

I also hope I was right about Koscielny and if he continues to improve then maybe we only need one more centreback as Johan and Vermaelen are good enough.

However you aren’t right about Denilson, Squillaci, Eboue or Almunia and they have to go with at least 10 reserves. That should finance a couple of world class stars.

Now onto something more important, the Carling Cup final, Oh how long we have waited to go back to Wembley, 1998! To be fair we did go to Cardiff a few times but to be back at Wembley is just the bollocks, then I start reading that people with seasons are going into a ballot and only getting one ticket instead of two or in some cases, none at all.


Now me, I have Platinum membership, so no problems, there’s only 8,000 of us so out of an allowance of 32,000, no problem. So I got in touch with Arsenal and they said sorry, you missed the ballot, no tickets for you. WHAT? WHEN DID YOU TELL ME I HAD TO SEND IN A REQUEST? You send me a million season ticket renewal reminders and not one for the Carling Cup final, so that’s it, you rotten bastards, 6 years wait and I get sod all.

Fortunately for me I have a great mate who has 15 coming his way so I am going but what an absolute joke. Thanks a lot Arsenal.

Onto the Cesc debacle and Moyes the madman from north of the border, either Cesc is lying, Wenger is, or Moyes is, they can’t all be telling the truth can they, now if Wenger and Cesc are telling the truth, they should take Moyes to court for defamation and subpoena the officials, I’m fed up with all the lies in football. Time to make an example.

Next up Newcastle, and a Newcastle team without their star £35million player, Andy Caroll, and another example of lying, he says he was forced out, Ashley and Pardew say the complete opposite, someone is lying, mind you, what a mug Dalglish is, Caroll is like a combination of Peter Crouch and Niklas Bendtner, I’m looking forward to playing them at the Grove, happy days, enjoy today, tomorrow we get to collect another 3 points!

Last thing, Samir Nasri got injured last weekend and after the game the manager said depending on the severity of the injury, he could be out for 3 weeks, well a week  on and the manager says he’ll be out for… …3 weeks, hmmm, this sounds like a Rosicky/Vermaelen thing, I hope not! Gell well soon Samir, your football club needs you!

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Exclusive: Record Arsenal profits to disappear + Wenger’s contract clarified

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So, two days into February and I’m already treating you up to some exclusive information I’ve weened from my new best friend Tim over at the Arsenal Supporters Trust. We’ve batted a few e-mails back and forth over the past few weeks and one of the topics of discussion was whether Arsene Wenger is financially incentivised to earn profit for the club.

This topic of discussion came about after Wenger said this in late January 2009 in an interview with the Guardian

‘”I am on a very good contract. I am one of the few managers who makes money for my club every year. That is the most important. I tell you something, if I would not make money for the club, I would not be on a very good contract.”‘

Was Arsene Wenger’s new-found obsession with youth and saving money driven by personal gain? Had Arsenal incentivised him to post profits during the tight years in a bid to keep the ship afloat? An entirely feasible possibility… but would we ever find out the truth?

Well, Tim has only gone and flat-out asked Ivan Gazidis as part of a round of questioning for the AST, so here’s the gossip.

“Arsenal have confirmed to the AST that Arsene Wenger does not receive any bonus or financial reward linked to Arsenal’s commercial activity or profits the club makes. His contract is related to football success only. Additionally, I raised some ownership issues with Arsene last year when promoting and he said that he had never bought, or taken shares offered, in Arsenal as he felt to do so would conflict with his role as manager. His case was that he might then be motivated by the share price and not the football performance. So that should clear up the debate”

So that settles that one then. Any decisions Arsene Wenger makes on signing players is entirely based on his gut feel and penchant for a bargain. Basically, he’s Ingvar Kamprad, founder of IKEA, guardian of £15.7billion, driver of a clapped out 15 year old Volvo.

The man loves to save, he loves the balance sheet and he gets off on sensible numbers. Regardless of whether he’s right or wrong, at least we know he only has the clubs best interests at heart.

If you think that’s all the goss we were told, you’d be wrong… Tim also had this to say…

“It is also the case that Arsene is one of the very few managers in football who attends all of his club’s Board meetings and contributes to the overall strategy including its financial direction. He is committed to the self-sustainability principle and is clearly respected and trusted by the Board for this approach which of course relates to why they choose to remunerate him extremely well and allow him autonomy over the football side of the club. So while he correctly isn’t incentivised by financial performance he is totally committed to and sets the club’s objectives in this area”

Good news.

Onto the not so good news and a point that hasn’t really been picked up by too many people.

Last summer was the first time in an absolute age that we didn’t sell a major player. Whether this was by luck or by design is very much open for debate, but I can exclusively reveal to you that this years financials will NOT be receiving the usual open top bus parade.

We will not be posting record profits and there are, according to the AST, a number of reasons for this.

1.       It’s the first year (ever) that we haven’t sold any major players

2.       The Property at Highbury Square is now almost done, so there are few sales coming through and Queensland Road not sold yet (It’ll be worth about 1 Andy Carroll when it is)

3.       The wage bill has risen (17 new contracts) as have the various bonuses and signing on fees and as Geoff keeps pointing out, we have a very large squad

4.       Commercial deals still locked into low revenues

So perhaps Wenger’s reticence to touch the £40million war chest is related to worry about where the next batch of money is coming from? Or maybe he just didn’t fancy anyone this particular window.

Does this mean we’ll look to shed the dead wood around the squad? Or does it merely suggest that we’re now on a stable footing going forward and that we’ll just have to wait it out until we can renegotiate our dismal commercial deals (2014)? It’s going to be an interesting few years on that front and it’ll be interesting to see exactly how low profits will be.

Remember, Gazidis himself said that now all the urgent debts have been taken care of, profit can be used purely for squad strengthening. However, if we’re kicking around the £6-7million area, that leaves us sniffing around the bargain basement players or resorting to selling before we can buy.

My big worry is that the AST worked out there was roughly £40million to spend on players this transfer window. That’s about the amount of money we received for Adebayor and Toure.

Are we only posting profits when we’re selling houses or important players?

The information we’ve received from the AST is more about clarification opposed to them gushing about how amazing Arsenal’s corporate team are at running things. For me, that’s quite important, it’s good to know that we have a supporters body that is challenging the accepted practice at the club… like disrespecting trophies etc. They went to the effort of identifying that we had around £40million available for players this window and keep it on the down low, but I think Tim and a number of the AST members were just as keen as we were to see a centre back arrive.

Keep that quiet though.

Finally, for those who say that complaining on the internet has no impact on the club, well, apparently, you are wrong.

The AST held an online survey about the club, which you can read here. Section D is about winning trophies and one of the main AST member gripes last season was that Arsenal were not focused enough on winning them. Apparently this document was passed around at board level and to Arsene Wenger. The conclusion, factoring in what the marketing team also read on the blogs, was that this year, things needed to change and so they have.

The power of the web and the power of a fan collective put to fantastic use. We’re looking extremely good now for a possible cup double. That gets the monkey of Wenger’s back, it gives the supporters something to cheer about and most importantly, it teaches the kids what it feels like to win a trophy!

I thought that was a pretty damn interesting read, I want to say a big thanks to Tim for sharing the information with me and I’d like to thank the AST as well.

If you’re lucky, we might find some more exclusives heading our way as the month goes on (some based on questions asked in the Le Grove comments), so keep posting your thoughts because rest assured, they’re important to Arsenal and I’m pretty certain some of them are read by people in high places (yes, maybe even God).

Have a great day, I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments!

P.S. If you want to use any of this for your own site, feel free but please backlink us and the AST, it’s common courtesy even if you’re not a fan of LG.

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