Mario Balotelli – He would always get into the first team under me.

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That was what Wenger said in the press, or that’s what they said he said. Is he that good? I honestly can only say I have seen him once, but what I have heard is he’s a cross between Ade-the-whore and Eto’o, from a sulky point of view, he’s also possibly from Ghana and that’s mean ACN problems and he’s still 19, and frankly we have a plethora of them (19 year olds) so for me it’s a no no. I say possibly, because he also possibly Italian!

Having said that, anyone considered world class would suit me, and there are a number of them that we could get. This crap about no one being available in January is so much shit, where do people get this from, even those that are cup tied put money first, I mean does Numbchucks actually think Bordeaux have a chance to win the ECL, course he doesn’t, he’d jump ship in a heartbeat, as would they all.

Blimey, come the summer transfer window the world cup will be on us, then they’ll be two excuses, the first will be from the player, I don’t want to go until my value doubles at the end of the world cup, then the second will be from the managers, his value has doubled since the world cup and I’m not paying that.

So what I’m saying is there is never a good or a bad time to buy a player. Maybe if our manager just concentrated on buying players when we needed them, we wouldn’t be in this creek, on a boat with no paddle and the smell of shit in the air.

Yesterday saw most blogs at the end of their ‘Arsene knows best tether’ some blogs called those blogs portents of doom, well I can’t fathom how those blogs can be happy to just muddle along with no prospect of winning or competing, they must be very content in life and have zip when it comes to ambition.

Me, I’m a winner, always have been, and when I can’t win I try my nuts off, the one thing I have never done in my entire life, is turn up for something knowing I can’t win, that’s what losers do, and what we turned up with against shitty showed the level of our ambition and how much we don’t care about winning.

If someone can convince me that bringing in a bunch of kids to get humiliated by another team is good for them, I would be delighted to hear how, if we want to see how good these kids are and how they react to situations, play them in the reserves, or give them some time in the first team, if they aren’t good enough for that, they shouldn’t be playing. And tell me why we bother playing in a reserve league if we learn more from the annual 3 match run in the Carling cup.

A few games in the Carling cup shows absolutely nothing, save we can beat the West Brom’s with our youth team but get smashed by Man shitty, well that will do them the power of good won’t it, they’ll have their heads in the air for months.

I wonder if the away fans will get their money back, they must have whistled all the way back home at the manner of our defeat, I expect they were thrilled to spend their money that way.

Any blog out there that sees no wrong with what’s happening at our club, cannot have any real winners commenting on them, they can’t have because winners want to win, not blow smoke up the arses of people that won’t listen.

Why settle for a Cortina when you can have an Aston, why settle for a flat when you can have a mansion, why settle for  4th place when you can win the league, see where I’m going with this?

The only thing that can get our season back on track is if the powers that be address the real issues, fix the defence by buying what we need, fix the midfield by buying and enforcer and fix the forward line by buying a proven goalscorer.

Don’t put this down to bad luck because we always get injuries, don’t put this on Robin because a few weeks ago we had 15 different goal scorers, the problem is the depth of quality in the squad, we have too many ordinary players on obscenely big contracts.

Constantly standing by the management doesn’t make you a better Arsenal fan, it makes you a whipping boy, challenging opinion is healthy, if we didn’t do that, we would still be living in caves, Arsenal football club was formed in 1886, not 1996, some of those followers would do well to remember that, two things in life are sure, the sun will come up in the morning and Arsenal football club will still be around long after Arsene isn’t.

Finally the handshake that wasn’t, that was just plain daft, it just made the manager look like a bad loser, if Hughes called him names, so what, £6 million a year should make that pain go away, it doesn’t create a siege mentality it just sets us up to get the piss taken out of us by other fans for having a petulant manager.

I had a day of it yesterday and I had no defence. Thanks boss.

January is still a month away, we have to work with what we have, tomorrow should be a breeze because it’s Stoke, if we can’t beat them at home then we are in more trouble than I thought, I expect a big win and will talk more about that tomorrow, I needed to get this week out of my system first.

Have a great day Grovers, it’s time to move on!


Wenger, accept your failings and change… or move on.

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Comfort food time…

It felt bad last night, this morning, it feels even worse.

I watched the game on my own in a pub in Leicester last night. The first thing I saw when I walked in was Adebayor hugging some of the kids. A very transparent attempt at restoring the Ade-brand that I think was only ever about as reputable as that of an Asbestos salesman.

My pre match thoughts were:

  • I was deeply concerned that our coach is arrogant enough to decide what he will and will not take seriously as a competition. I’d understand if he’d been delivering us consistent silverware over the past 3 seasons, but let’s be honest, our trophy cabinet is emptier than Dubai building site. Beggars can’t be choosers and lets not kid ourselves, we’re beggars.
  • I was not expecting the kids to beat a very strong team full of proven professionals. The power and experience on offer from Man City was always going to be too much for our boys.

Arsenal knocked it around sweetly for the first few minutes. That play was interrupted when Ade secured first foul of the game after ploughing into Traore. Rocky was looking younger than his 29 years, spraying the ball round like a finely honed sprinkler system.

It didn’t take long for Ade to get the first free header of the night after poor marking from Song. The Togan was being heckled by the away support as expected.

Shortly after the header, Song mistimed a slide tackle that allowed Tevez in. There was a lack of organisation at the back and most of it was down to Song and Eboue.

The kids were resorting to long ball football early on which was interesting. Long ball football is usually the by-product of panic football, or a lack of creativity.

Rambo had the first dig for Arsenal, straight into the legs of Bridge. Shortly after Traore fizzed a cross in that was headed back for the corner. It was nice to know that some of the full backs at our club can cross.

The defence was looking very sloppy, Bellamy hit the post after Traore was easily dispossessed on our byline. Very weak defending. The crazy thing was Silvestre looked our most assured defender.

Eastmond demonstrated why he’s not first choice as Tevez held him off like an older brother holding the head of his younger sibling as the he swings wildly to no avail. This is why young footballers take so long to break into the first team, because of the power difference. I really don’t understand why they don’t go to the gym to bulk up?

Eboue went close after Jack slid him in, he cut it back to avoid the incoming Lescott tackle but meekly shot into Given’s arms.

Song took the ball off the head off Lescott from a good City set piece. The next corner flew in and ans something happened…our keeper came for it despite it being a tough ball! Madness… Keepers can claim the ball outside their six yard box!

Kolo handled a Vela cross. Vela was never going to get the penalty… It’d be like God rolling into Richard Dawkin’s local, and expecting a free packet of crisps with his pint.

Song continued to drop clangers as the half went on. The technique of breaking a few dishes whilst washing up sprang to mind! Surely he’s not going to be happy about being dropped back to 3rd choice defender?

Just before the second half kicked off, the camera cut to Ade patting Eboue on the back, Eboue defiantly shook his head, eyes transfixed on the floor. Fair play Eboue, fair play.

Tevez opened the scoring after Rosicky lost the ball out wide, the Argentine bombed into the box, breezed past Eboue who didn’t get in tight enough, waltzed past the Song who weakly dived in and buried the ball in the top corner. Too easy, far too easy. Our defence was ridiculously deep at times last night.

I knew things were going to go wrong when 4 alchoholics came and joined me in the bar I was in. I’m like a retard magnet when I’m having a bad day…

Arsenal continued to plug away. Vela did well to play Rambo in, shame about the lack of composure from the Welshman as he blasted over.

City broke unexpectedly, Song stood rooted, Fabianski did well to put Ade off. My Sunday League team would have reacted quicker. Die for the cause mentality loses its meaning when the coach fucks the competition off as a development exam.

Merida floated a half volley cross, Rambo was unlucky to head wide.

City’s second goal came when SWP flw down the wing, cut inside and unleashed an amazing outside of the boot spectacular into the top corner. A fabulous goal, but to be expected when you’re playing at the highest level and you give top players too much time on the ball.

The final nail in the coffin came when some Eastern European player turned in a cross. By this point, I was so disinterested, I couldn’t be bothered to write his name down.

A disappointing game from a selection point of view, but not unexpected. Did Wenger really think his kids would head into that game with any sort of belief? They were sacrificed in some sort of defiant showing by a coach who is so single minded, it’s embarrassing. If getting spanked by better players is good for your development, then last night was a resounding success. All last night proved to me is that Arsenal don’t have a winning mentality and our kids aren’t that amazing.

If you don’t want to read a rant, look away now.

Arsene-al football club appear to have lost their way over the past few years. They seem to have forgotten who has allowed them to develop the club into a hugely profitable organisation… the fans. We’re the ones who put a high percentage of our cash into the club, more than any other fans, yet we’re only afforded two competitions as a priority.

Football is there for the fans, like it not, we’re the mugs who power the merry-go-round. Arsenal is not there to grease the pockets of young men, their agents and the hierarchy. If the development of a player is in conflict with the winning of a trophy… screw the player. Do you think I care, as one of the 90 percent of the population on sub 50k a year whether or not a player makes it after 3 years?

Do I fuck.

If I don’t deliver after 6 months in my role, I’m out on my ass. Do I get 3 years to develop? Not a chance. Theo does though, he doesn’t deliver and he gets a new 60k a week deal for 5 years based on what he might do.

The whole youth set up is a farce… the model is grossly flawed and I’m sick of it. It’s not even about the money… If someone earns 60k a week and they deliver me success, I’m happy. We’re dishing out 100million a year to serial under achievers. Put that number in perspective, that’d employ you 4348 people on an average 23k a year salary. Or 8872 people on minimum wage. That’s a hell of a lot of money funding something which from a sporting perspective is not working.

It’s time we took back our club, demanded value for money and got over our obsession for a coach who has clearly become complacent in the extreme.

Arsene, time to accept that your old policy of spending money was a good one. Time to accept that every player from the invincibles was a purchase bar Cole and Parlour. Time to think about something other than the clubs profit margins, and your hideously inadequate ideology. Time to grow up when you get out played and stop acting like a petulant child. It’s not Mark Hughes fault he took the game seriously.

Arsene, for an intelligent man, you’re incredibly reactionary. Why don’t we ever make a proactive signing? Why don’t we ever replace players like for like? Why have we now given up on replacing players full stop?

I’ll make a prediction. When Gallas or Vermaelen get injured, we’re going to be in alsorts of trouble because the cover isn’t adequate, just like it hasn’t been for the last 4 seasons. Why doesn’t out coach address that? We’ll all be sitting here in July blaming injuries to one of those two for our demise in February when in actual fact, we should be blaming our manager for not making the correct decisions with his squad. He has the money, there is no excuse for oversights that are so glaringly obvious, 90% of the fanbase can see them.

Grovers, I don’t like writing stuff like this, but seeing us piss away another trophy that the coach had not right to dismiss hurts. The fans who travelled up there should be refunded for that display and the coach should apologise.

The only people who seem to be getting any value out of the club are the staff. Bloated long-term contracts for accepted mediocrity that the fans are supposed to be thankful for! Lovely…

All I ask is that we compete. We’ve not managed to sustain a Premiership challenge past March for years. Not good enough. As Mourinho once said, how many managers could deliver so little success and still be safe in their job?

A total lack of respect for the fans seems to be running through the club at the moment and I’m not happy.

This is our club and I want it back.


Kolo is struggling with his form and they hope to get Ade’s back as well, sound familiar?

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How funny is that then! The £40 million Hughes has spent on two of our rejects have both lost their form and it’s not even Christmas yet! Serves the bastard right. He says they have both lost their form but he hopes it will return tonight, now where have we heard that before???

He also said ‘Some clubs won’t go into the market and spend £5million on an 18-year-old. Arsenal have done that on many occasions. They spend significant amounts of money on young talent and, at times, the experience of the so-called youngsters is greater than you would think’

Wenger is often lauded for his frugal transfer dealings, but Hughes insists that a massive amount of money is instead spent by the north Londoners on acquiring young players from around the world.

Well thats what I’ve been saying for two years, so he’s right there, he claims Arsene says he doesn’t spend on big players because he likes to bring on the youngsters, but it’s a false economy because by the time they get good, we could have bought a ready made that would have worked years ago.

Take Theo, Ramsey and Denilson, between them they cost £16.5 million, add the money they have cost in salaries and then you can work out how much they have really cost, and none of them are regulars, we could have signed 3 world class players and got change out of that and they would have been ready to go 4 years ago. And yes, that included the £4mil discount Southampton gave us.

Anyway, lets hope the kids do us proud tonight and that the rejects have another shit game. Wenger also claims the experience the kids get from the Carling Cup is invaluable, he cites Fabregas, Bendtner, Song and Theo as examples of how that benefits the team, I’m not sure what benefit we got on Sunday, I’m not sure what benefit the kids get from playing 3 games in a cup they eventually get knocked out of, but there you go.

I can’t see how bringing them into the first team occasionally is any different, at least if the first team played in the Carling Cup, we would possibly win something, the Chavs will field their top team, shitty will tonight, the Mancs will by the time the final comes, but we won’t and I cannot see how getting beaten eventually will help our youth players develop.

Still let’s hope they go out tonight and stuff the northern chavs, let’s hope they show the first team what a bunch of losers they were against the southern chavs, and let’s hope we see someone in there, that can can step up, because what we have in the first team is not enough to win anything this season.

Go the kids, good luck, you have the hope of a nation on your young shoulders!

Have a great day Grovers and let’s hope we have a great evening as well! I could do with something to smile about!