Tonight’s the night we find out if we are ruthless enough.

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How many times last season did we say we should have finished them off in the first half, but we gave up or went to sleep, well tonight we are playing one of those sides that caused us trouble in dropping points last season, so we need to put them away in style tonight.

We can’t go the whole season with them thinking we got two lucky goals, just like that twat Hart said on Saturday,

‘If Gallas had got sent off (for a foul he didn’t commit) then he wouldn’t have scored at the other end, so therefore we would not have lost’


Why can’t teams just say ‘blimey, we got stuffed, Arsenal are such a good side’ we always seem to have controversy hanging over us, even when we drew 4-4 with Liverpool, no one said they were lucky to equalise, they all said we had four shots and scored 4 goals.

Which brings me nicely onto our little Russian playmaker, he seems to be a little quiet so far, I think it’s because he’s being played out of position, tonight perhaps he should be played in the middle where Cesc normally goes, that should free him up and maybe we can stick bendtner in the middle with Robin one side and Eduardo the other. That way maybe we’ll see Arshavin open his account in the Champions league, I hope so.

Imagine a midfield of Rosicky, Arshavin and Diaby, now that makes my lips water and with a back up of Ramsey, Denilson and Song we have plenty of strength in depth.

I say Rosicky because he’s back in training and should be as fit as a butchers dog, and a fit Rosicky is as good as it gets, so stick him in, if he gets injured again then it has to be time to think of replacing him, Cesc too seems to be picking up a fair few injuries as did Nasri (before the leg break) so maybe we need a few extra faces because we always seem to have these problems.

I expect nothing other than a romp tonight and that will set us up nicely for our next two romps up north somewhere near Scotland, the Manc twins.

Enjoy tonight Grovers, we won’t get too many nailed on games this season, let’s make the most of it and show the Celtic fans what a full ground to the end is.

4 nil the Arsenal if I was a gambling man, but as you know I’m not, as gambling is a sin.

P.S. A big congrats to Mark Groves who answered Miroslav Klose (5 goals) to our competition question. He’s now the luck owner of Sony Ericsson W995!

Will Matuidi happen and do we need more?

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Well according to Arshavin we do, according to me we do, I’m not sure Wenger will buy though, the great start to the season has strengthened project youth even more in my book.

I don’t know enough about Matuidi to make a judgement call, save to see the wonder goal he scored on the you tube clip, I am still not convinced that with Song and Denilson we have enough, Diaby has impressed me though and has done since he arrived, if he can stay un injured, I think he’ll be the one, but will he be played there as the first choice or will that just give Wenger 2 out of 3 to choose from?

I suspect that will be it, I hope he signs Matuidi and Sackho though, because I am convinced he’ll sign Numbchucks before the window closes.

Nice to see Thomas scoring for Blackpool at the weekend, let’s hope he continues to do well and we see him back at Christmas, perhaps he could convert to DM.

Great to see Liverpool doing so badly, let’s hope that continues for a while, I think tomorrow will just be a warm up game for the big one at Old Trafford this weekend, I have to smile at this new 4-3-3 system though, you would think Wenger had invented something, 4-5-1 was the most boring, unimaginative line up we have ever deployed, any system would make that look good.

Keep it up though, because what we lacked last season was the shutting the opposition down, if we can do that at the weekend, we can win.

So Arsene, so far, so good, but add to the squad whilst we can, because injuries will happen, if history has shown us anything, that is it, get in Blaise Matuidi, he’s young enough not to lose money on, oh and give Eboue another crack at right back, I think he’s played better than Sagna, and that’s what we need out there, players fighting for their position.

Have a great day today Grovers, tomorrow it’s football again.

Andre demands – Ticket networking – Road beer Update

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Good morning Grovers! What a weekend eh? The weather was stunning, the football was vintage and our goal difference ended up 2 better than anyone else despite us having played one less game than most.

My key thoughts from the Pompey game were based around Diaby, Eduardo and the 4-3-3.

I was looking for a strong performance from Diaby because this is pretty much his make or break season… if he can shift the injuries, he has to make a stake for the first team. I’ve read a lot of negative talk about his this summer… some say he’s clueless, others say he isn’t intelligent enough…etc… for me, he has always been one of the most talented players in our team… his problem looked to be not to dissimilar to Eboue’s… his lack of application could have sent that talent to waste.

However, he’s worked on his strength over the summer and he’s arrived back in a formation that suits him. His finishing was top draw at the weekend… he covered plenty of ground and he made some very good tackles. His skill levels are still outrageous… which lead to the PV04 comparisons. If Diaby can make a flump (Flamini jump) this year… we could be in for a treat.

Eduardo was again, utterly superb. His intelligence on the ball and off the ball are unrivalled up front. He has bags of skill and hidden pace that I’ve been telling everyone about all summer! His positional awareness is fantastic… and for that reason, I am fine with us not having purchased a striker this summer.

Finally… the much maligned 4-3-3. I think Wenger may have pulled a master stroke here. Firstly, because it’s working. Say what you want about the teams we’re playing… but we’ve bagged 12 goals in 3 games… if ManU had done so, we’d all be scared. Our movement is almost impossible to track if you’re the opposition, we’re using the wings to greater effect and we’re defending as a team. I saw Eduardo slot in as left back, I saw Denilson in at centre back and I’m pretty sure I saw Nik B as a right back. Somthing else that impressed… we pretty much destroyed our squad from the last game, and though we were a touch shaky at the back… we still dominated… that’s good depth there! So far, I can’t knock its introduction…

In changing the formation, Wenger has improved the squad depth. 3 strikers can be a mixture of strikers and half strikers (Diaby, Nasri, Arshavin). Three midfielders can be a mixture of defensive midfielders and attacking midfielders… there seem to be so many more options. As someone pointed out to me at the weekend… when you put 3 in midfield… everyone knows there role because it’s a lot more defined… a five man midfield can lead to a ‘it’s ok, someone else will deal with that’ type attitude.

Arshavin says we need to sign some players and it’s hard to disagree with him. I think it’s easy for everyone to get carried away with our game when the sun is shining and the Rosick list is bare… but when it’s November and the games are piling up, I’m still not sure whether our squad could deal with a Gallas hamstring injury… or a Cesc 4 weeker.

In other news… operation road beer went down a dream. Peachesgooner, Franchise and Raif enjoyed a cold Peroni all the way down Gillespie road without and bother. Viva la Road beer!

Le Exchange has been getting pretty busy recently… so I thought I’d see if I could make things easier by starting a facebook group dedicated to the exchange of tickets. Remember, this is not a touting scheme… but if you can’t shift a spare, log onto the group and post the info there… then you guys can sort it out between yourselves. If you don’t have FB… I will still happily advertise your tickets on the site. I still have some going for the Celtic game by the way, so e-mail in if you’re interested.

Lastly… continuing on from Geoff’s point about the scarves… I have to agree with him. The scarves were indeed of improved quality, but I can’t help but see the PR stunt as a touch pointless.

1) You gave us a scarf a few weeks ago in our welcome pack, why would we need another one?

2) It was 25 degrees… hardly weather conducive to wearing a scarf.

3) Scarves on seats completely covers up the fact that despite all the complaints about the atmosphere last season, the board did nothing to address it in the summer. Ok, the ‘Arsenalisation’ of the stadium is pretty… you’ve covered the concrete with nice bits of white sheet metal… but you’ve yet again missed a great opportunity get some noise going in ground… Saturdays atmosphere was flatter than usual, I hope that’s not a sign of things to come.

Have a great day Grovers, two days till our next run out, 5 days till we play the champions and 7 days till T-day… it’s going to be a very interesting week!

P.S. Nice to see there was no shame in our kids losing to Burnley… they’re taking scalps for fun at the moment… well played Mr Coyle!