Usmanov to up Arsenal stake, What the hell is the Golden boy award? And no go Bendtner.

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Usmanov has said he may increase his share to rival reclusive American Stanley Kroenke, shares are now valued at £11.5k a pop and Balotelli disses Jack Wilshere.

What a day, so Turin, a village in Northern Italy has a newspaper, the Turin Recorder, it has an award called Golden Boys, it’s for anyone under the age of 21 in Europe and guess what, an Italian won it, surprise, surprise, then the twat claims he doesn’t know who Jack Wilshere is, what a tosser, no wonder no-one in Italy liked him, well no one apart from his mum and the Turin Recorder, I expect Jack will lose a bunch of sleep over that!

Usmanov has talked about buying up more shares and says his investment is safe as Arsenal are a well run club, with a great stadium and a top coach, well I agree with all that, and if the coach goes back to coaching and Usmanov and his money men start to handle the other side of the business, then great, I’ll back that idea.

Niklas Bendtner is going nowhere says the coach, fine, then prove you are worth keeping son, Chamakh wasn’t so great at Old Trafford so you should play against the chavs, if you do, seize your chance, we want you to be a great, we really do, the only one who’s not doing it is you, some of what you showed at City will do, good luck if you’re picked!

We had a situation on here yesterday where I binned someone, let me just tell you what the deal is. This is a blog where you can have an opinion, not get one, you can disagree all you like, that’s what makes this blog so much fun, but you can’t keep dissing the stories, that’s disrespectful, Pedro and I don’t take all this time to write stories to have people telling us they are rubbish, it’s really that simple.

Anyone is welcome and any opinion is, but the minute a fellow Grover is slagged off that line is crossed. Someone said it’s a free world, well that’s true, so if people don’t like what I write, they are free to blog somewhere else.

It’s also very difficullt to keep writing stories when we aren’t playing, we write about what is said, if our manager gives interviews to Arab TV stations that don’t make any sense, then we will comment on them, much the same way that had we trounced the Mancs 10 nil, we would have been praising the manager all week, we didn’t, so guess what? We didn’t!

Let’s move on, the next big game is the chavs, we finally have Vermaelen and Diaby back in training so with luck we’ll have a full squad to pick from, then we’ll be a very different team, someone suggested Djourou as a DM, I wouldn’t say no to that, but I don’t think it will happen.

I hope we get Ramsey back in January as I don’t believe we will sell or buy, so I will suggest the team we will have to play the chavs on the 27th.


Sagna Djourou Vermaelen Clichy

Diaby Cesc Nasri

Robin Bendtner Arshavin

So I’ve gone for height, grit and skill, we’ll find out soon enough.

Someone said we were the only team still in all four competitions, let’s see if we can win a few then eh? Let be United for the festive season and see where it takes us, a win over Christmas will put us right up there and give us huge levels of confidence, lets pray for Vermaelen, we need him back, a fit and firing Diaby gets the nod over Song and Denilson for me, but if not then I would go for Jack in there.

Not a lot I can add to that save a few signings, but I can’t see that happening so without risking boring some, I won’t speculate any further, as for those I bin, they are all welcome back, just respect the blog and your fellow bloggers, if you can’t do that, go elsewhere and join the disaffected Grovers on the other sites.

Enjoy your day and if you are having your Christmas party, be careful, drink in moderation and sensibly, and mind your language, swearing isn’t big and it’s not clever and we don’t want you missing the Chelsea game, it could be a defining moment in our season!

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Arsenal still second, but it has nothing to do with City losing.

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Morning all! Yes the great news is we are still second, and is it because of the others playing badly or is it because we have improved, you bet it’s because we have improved, are you lot Arsenal fans? Then you had better believe it, we are there on merit and this is the best squad Arsene has ever had.

Well Arsene gave an interview on Al Jazeera the other day and it was an interesting one, I thought I would pick out the bits I felt needed addressing.

He still talks about this team being very young like it’s interesting, it’s only interesting if like the Manc team of the 90’s those youngsters go onto to dominate the EPL and Europe, sadly a lot of our youngsters are in their mid 20’s now and don’t look like world beaters, in short being young is not a badge of honour as they aren’t that young anymore, in fact they aren’t even the youngest team in the premiership, Sunderland are.

Then he was asked why he doesn’t sign big name stars anymore, he said this…

‘You look at the clubs who lose £100 or £150 million, and if we do that then we go bust. We pay what we can afford. I’m amazed that people are amazed that we do that’

Well Arsene, I’m amazed you said that, why does spending your (given) transfer budget on top players equate to £150million and going bust? Why not spend what we have and dominate world football instead, then we’d earn shed loads in prize money and broadcasting rights.

Also signing top players does amazing things for other players confidence, this is what Ian Wright did when we signed Bergkamp…

When he heard about the Dutchman’s £7.5million signing, Ian Wright was so excited he jumped into his car and drove straight to Highbury to meet him.

Wenger then said, If necessary I will buy in January. But this is the problem. People want me to develop young players like Jack Wilshere, Kieran Gibbs, Theo Walcott and also buy players.

Yes we do Arsene, but we want you to buy better centrebacks and get a DM and maybe a keeper, we’re ok at left back and midfield. You can’t keep using the killing Wilshere argument, as for Gibbs he’s already good enough, his problems are injuries.

He also said we got into a Champions league final with this young team, no we didn’t Arsene, we had Lehmann, Gilberto, Cole, Ljungberg, Pires, Campbell, Henry, Hleb, Reyes and we even had Dennis on the bench, hardly a young team.

Turin sources say Juve have made contact with us about taking Bendtner on-loan in January and Arsene is currently mulling over the proposal. Good move and it may help us long term, take Benzema from Madrid at the same time.

Barca are believed to be weighing up a £10 million move for Denilson as they believe Cesc is too expensive, Hmmm, bollocks, they spend £67mil on a Swede, and Denilson and Cesc don’t even share positions, I think Denilson’s agent is talking him up, me, I’d let him go on a free.

As for clubs going bust please! Top clubs don’t go bust, it really is stupidity to suggest they do.

Pompey and Leeds, fair enough. But you know what? They are still playing football.

Liverpool, massive debt, now owned by a rich American, looking at a new stadium and about to spend even more money on players.

Chelsea, 2 weeks from going tits up and along came Abromovich, you know the rest.

The mancs, £800mil in debt, can’t stop winning trophies and beating us, do they care? Along comes the Kingdom of Qatar or someone, away goes their debt and in comes another massive transfer fund.

Barca, £450mil in debt and can’t pay the wages, about to double bid for Torres and Fabregas just after buying David Villa, who can’t stop scoring.

Going bust, who’s going bust, what top club ever went bust and ceased to exist? These are all top, top brands, they’ll never go bust, why doesn’t anyone question him when he comes out with that tosh?

I don’t know why Arsenal don’t go out now and buy up some land to develop more flats, it’s a good time, property will not get cheaper and by the time whatever they build is finished, the recession will be over and the market will pick up. Screw football, what’s the point?

They have the cash because we the fans generate it, good move that, it will make more than we do as a football club and Arsene can keep us in Europe, at least that’s what he’s been doing, after all, trophies aren’t as important are they, who said that? He did.

Have a great day grovers, only a week to go, oh and an Arsenal fan sent this little animation over yesterday, it’s quite sweet, I particularly liked Petre Cech! I didn’t however like the chavs scoring! Enjoy.

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Cesc wins BBC Sports Personality of the Year / Exploding the Barca Youth myth

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Twas a day I felt proud to be a Gooner, seeing Cesc up there with his hands on the BBC Sports Personality of the Year trophy… I didn’t care that he was only presenting it, in my mind he had won it!

The Ryder Cup team won team of the year and Colin Montgomerie got captain of the year, oh and Beckham got a lifetime achievment award, I must have missed England winning something then? I expect his next appearance will be best man at his new friends wedding in the summer, move over Harry.

Well the latest rumour is we are going to let Denilson go in the window to Wolfsburg (and Barca!) and use the £10million to bring in out of favour Jolean Lescott from City.

First of all I would pay £10mil to get shot of spinning head but it won’t happen, Wenger loves him way too much and it will be admitting he was wrong, as for Lescott, he is miles better than the two we got from France in the summer, but not good enough for us. I think it’s all just a press frenzied rumour though and it won’t happen.

Interesting debate on here yesterday about Barca’s fantastic youth policy and how they have proved it works, and that’s why we should continue. I said if their youth policy was so good why are they £450mil in debt? Anyhow, as the debate went on, I thought I would do some research.

Danni Alves, David Villa, Seydou Keita, Gabriel Milito, Eric Abidal, Jose Pinto, Adriano Claro, Maxwell, Javier Mascerano, and Victor Valdes all came from other clubs for money, even Pique did 3 years at ManU and one at Zaragoza. So 11 out of the current squad of 19 (their website) are not from their youth set up, hmmm some policy, then you add the kids they signed after they were 16 and there’s even less, how many came as boys? Well 3 actually, Messi, Iniesta and Xavi were the only ones that didn’t join from other clubs. And they only got Messi because they can get South Americans at that age and we can’t. So that leaves 2, the same as us, Wilshere and JET.

Oh and for the record, one player they tried to get and couldn’t, is Benik Afobe, who Steve Bould reckons is the best young player in the country! Whoohoo and up yours Barca!!!

Enough said about them and how wonderful they are, if you add to that the players of ours they took, Overmars, Petit, Van Bronkhurst, Henry and Hleb and if they go ahead and buy Cesc and Torres in the summer, the rubbish talked about their youth system policy, will be even more rubbished.

Swiftly on to us and what could happen this year, apparently we are considering a bid for the next Theo Walcott, one Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, the son of former England player Mark. So what does that mean, we’ll pay him £60k a week to under-perform? Or does that mean he is super talented?

I believe Theo will be great one day, but he should be a forward, now if this kid Chamberlain comes in as an attacking midfielder and Wenger plays him in goal, it will be a waste of time, so why bother? Anyway we have an army of kids that may never make it, so should be concentrating on what quality there is in the window that we can bring in and help us push on.

Remember the days when we bought Gilberto and Hleb for little? And Petit and Kanu? Surely he remembers those days, and surely there must be players out there that are of that age and are good enough?

We’ll see and don’t call me Shirley!

As there were no games this weekend we can only speculate as to what, if anything we’ll do in the window, it’s a week until we play the chavs so we can hope that Everton beat the Northern chavs tonight and don’t go above us in the league.

Good luck Everton!

Have a great day grovers, it’s going to be a slow week and we’ll be speculating, so other than talking about the snow covered pitch, that will be the theme!

Watch out for snow leopards

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