The Europa Cup is a waste of time, so why didn’t Fulham field an Academy team?

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So today we are being linked Simon Kjaer, Loic Remy and Mark Noble, a defender a forward and a defensive midfielder, I don’t believe it and I don’t want another French starlet wasting our time. The other two, hmmm maybe.

So many sites are hoping Gallas stays, why? I thought we had a crap defensive record this season and Gallas has been out of the business end for the last 3 seasons now, why do we want him to extend? Time to go.

Djourou I have always liked, but I hate his injury record, I think give him a go and if he gets another long term injury then he has to go as well. Let’s just sign a big old lump that can defend, if you want to know what sort of player we need, then take a look at Inter’s back line, something like that!

Ok a big well done to Fulham, getting to the final on the backs of Juventus, Wolfsburg, Shalke and Hamburg, terrific, they are beside themselves those fans and Hodgson is red hot favourite to get manager of the year, Fulham fans will have an amazing day out in May, just like the Villa and Mancs did with the league cup and just like the chavs and Pompey fans will at the FA Cup final.

Ivan, if you are reading you need to tell Wenger, we don’t care what cup, we’ll take any of them, do not disrespect us the fans or the trophies, we want what some of those fans have had, screw your stupid obsessive project, it’s a waste of time, didn’t you learn anything at Monaco? Play the best team we have, always, we don’t want to see a team of smart arse 17 year olds tearing around showing us how clever they are, and until they have a woopy-do trophy for the youngest team ever, stick with the grown ups.

I can’t take another season like the last 5. You really have the opportunity to get it right, make the signings we need, get rid of our hopeless keepers, get a top centre back and sign a DM.


Have a great day Grovers, the weather will be crap, but Monday is just around the corner and the game is televised, maybe we can win one, who knows!

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As MI5 would say, there is an awful lot of chatter going on in blogland!

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Before I begin, let me dash all the hopes of Gooners everywhere, after the ‘I am going to buy’ porkies told by Arsenal, well now we’ve renewed our season tickets, the truth comes out, this is what he just said. ‘I believe in the squad I have and if I can make an addition – two or three maximum – then we will do it’ he also said ‘we will announce one player (Chamakh) before the World Cup, but after that we will see’

Well after all the hope he filled us with at the beginning of the week, and saying he would do all his buying early so the squad can settle in, leading us to believe maybe he would finally get in the players we need, he’s now priming us not to expect many new signings.

He normally waits a few weeks before he contradicts himself, even by his standards this is quick. It’s groundhog day!

Why don’t we help him, hopefully someone at Arsenal will read this, listen to the fans, we pay your wages.

Let’s draw up a shortlist to make it easier for Mr Wenger, let’s not make the same mistakes of the last few years, let’s make a statement that Arsenal football club intend to win some trophies next season.

The number one thing for me is to get a side that has a future, or one that will help develop this team for the future, and also one that will finally deliver and now, in the present. Stop all this I believe in this team cobblers, and stop telling us they have great mental strength, they don’t Arsene, remember Wigan?

I would always try and get an anglo spine in there as the one thing I feel we are good at in Great britain is building from the back, Jack Wilshere says we have many technically gifted youngsters coming through so we are good in that department, some of the fancy dan foreign players for me go missing when it gets tough, so I would look at the following players to bring in. (and don’t quote Theo, he will come good)

Numero Uno, the keeper, forget the rest, go for Englands future number 1, Joe hart, we missed out on Given, so let’s go for the future, he has presence, size and ability. I like him a lot.

At the back I would look at Richards, he’s available, he’s a Gooner, he’s a great right back with pace and he could also make an awesome partnership with Vermaelen in the centre, if not him then Cahill or Subotic, or both.

In the middle we are Ok save the defensive side, I would love Rodwell, but I can’t see us getting him, he would cost too much, so maybe a Velosa, not Melo for me. The future could be Eastmond but he’s not ready yet. Song needs competition and as I have always said, we need two teams, Denilson though has to go.

Up front I think we need to get shot of Eduardo, he hasn’t got what he had, so let’s move on, it’s a shame because I love him, but we have to think about the future, so bring in Villa, or even a cheeky bid for Benzema.

With that little lot we would have experience and youth and the youngsters could come through in time, when they’re ready, bring Wilshere back and give him the chances that Eboue, Diaby, Denilson, Song and Flamini were afforded.

We have Chamakh coming and that is a good thing, but he needs service so maybe a winger, an out an out winger, not a forward or a midfielder. And I don’t have a clue who, perhaps you do?

That little lot would be within the budget if we used the City money, sold a few and spent the new money Wenger keeps banging on about having.

We do not need another lot of potential, we have that in spades, our defence leaks goals and that is down to the keeper and lack of confidence in the keeper, arch AKB Bob Wilson is even saying the duo we have, haven’t got what it takes, and he not only works for Arsenal, he works with those two as well.

I like all of our players, but like in business, you have to be honest with yourself and know when it’s time to move some of them on, we can’t keep throwing away the cups and the EPL, because the fans deserve better.

So in an ideal world I would sign Hart, Richards, Subotic, Rodwell and Villa. I would have said Hangeland but his stats this season are not so great and the boss believes in stats.

We only have two more games to go, but I can’t see us losing 3rd place even if we don’t win those games, because I don’t believe City and the spuds will win all of theirs.

Even if we win our last 2 games 7nil, it’s not good enough, we should have been doing that before, the chavs did didn’t they?

The final word must go to Gordon ‘the gaff’ Brown, this site is not political (unless of course Ghengis Khan came back and started up a party, then it would be!) but after a pensioner mentioned the dreaded word ‘immigration’ on Wednesday, Gordon was heard calling her a bigot, now I have been called that on occasion and it’s very hurtful, believe me, so someone dares to ask where all these immigrants are coming from and he calls her a spiteful name, now he’s sorry, ha, ha, he’s not sorry the chump, he’s just sorry he got caught, the prize plonker.

Have a nice day Grovers, we have much to look forward to this summer, that is of course if the boss finally spends the money the whole world now know he definitely has.

Transfer target list / Player purchase BS in the air? / LG advertising!

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Firstly, I have to mention that I was informed by Arsenal Addict on twitter that the AST do give Arsenal representatives a roasting at the annual Q&A. Good to hear it! I hope someone asks Gazidis about the quality of entrants to the Emirates Cup this time around. Last year was pretty weak, but at least there were some players we were interested in seeing. This year, we’ve got an ageing Milan, a diabolical Celtic team and a floundering Lyon (League wise at least).

Don’t worry though… Wenger’s probably signed up the best pub teams in Austria and Hungary for our annual tour!

That’ll soften the blow.

The coach has exclusively revealed to the match day programme that he is talking to a number of players about joining before the world cup.

Call me a cynic… but this all seems a little choreographed. I’ve been informed by numerous people that club level tickets are not selling as quickly as hoped. Arsenal are actually calling people who have freshly registered for season tickets, so that tells me that their call centre has worked a majority of the  4billion long waiting list.

Just goes to show… a name on a list doesn’t mean anything. There have been countless occasions this season when I’ve had spare tickets. We get a fair few readers these days… and I couldn’t shift 4 half price Liverpool home tickets. Demand for the Emirates ain’t what it used to be. If Arsenal want to attract corporate money, they’ll have to act like a major football team.

I’m really hoping that message has been driven home by Gazidis. He is, after all, a marketing man at heart.

So who could the players be? Well, I guess the first place to look would be the reserves of Madrid and Barca.

Potential Cast offs:

  • Gago
  • Van Der Vaart
  • Benzema
  • Metzelder
  • M.Diarra
  • L.Diarra
  • Drenthe
  • Garay
  • Krkic
  • Yaya
  • Chigrynskiy

Then I’d take a look at previous season’s near misses and strong links:

  • Matuidi
  • Hazard
  • Di Rossi (Roma are strapped)
  • Carlton Cole
  • Di Maria (To replace Arshavin)
  • Melo
  • Chamakh (Still unconfirmed)
  • Sebastian Frey
  • Axel Witsel
  • Subotic (Dortmund are always skint these days)
  • Lloris

So, if Wenger is keen to sign fresh blood to the squad, there is an abundance of players out there available if Arsenal are keen to stretch their financial muscles.

I heard on the grapevine that despite protestations of cash richness, a certain team up North is in deep trouble financially and are taking an absolute age to pay creditors. Could free us up a bit if they’re out of the running.

Did anyone manage to catch the Barca v Inter game last night? Old Jose could suck the joy out of 3 BMW adverts! You can’t knock the man. He kept Messi quiet all game, he had his players use every trick in the book and over all, you’d have to say, Inter man for man are no where near the best… but they’re in the final. That’s what counts, right?

Tactics, experience and discipline cannot be underestimated. Jose proved once again that he is one of the best in the business. He also proved that Rome can be built in a very short time which gives me great hope that with the right signings, that could be us next year.

In other news, Le Grove has finally buckled… we’re about to accept outside advertising for the first time. Don’t worry though, it’s all for a good cause!

Yep, we’ve teamed up with Comic Relief who are backing a United Against Malaria campaign. As Le Grove has a big African following and the South African World Cup is fast approaching, we thought it’d be appropriate to agree to donate advertising space the them.

Here’s the spiel…

In the 90 minutes it takes to play a football match, 180 children in Africa die from malaria.

But malaria is a preventable disease. An insecticide-treated bed net costing £5 can protect a family for up to five years.

United Against Malaria is a partnership of footballers, charities, governments and companies backed by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation who have united ahead of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa to win the fight against malaria.

Footballers including Kolo Touré (Manchester City and Ivory Coast), Landon Donovan (LA Galaxy, Everton and USA) and Patrick Vieira (Manchester City and France) are backing the campaign.

Patrick Vieira said,

“The first World Cup in Africa is helping raise awareness of some of the issues that affect Africa such as malaria. I’m pleased to support the United Against Malaria campaign. If we work together, we can end deaths from malaria in countries like Senegal, where I was born.”

United we can beat malaria.

So please, click the link below, sign up and I won’t tell everyone you’re a bad person!

See you in the comments!