We are now a financial powerhouse, Remy/Melo back on radar and Shawcross is a good lad.

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Lets start with Shawcross, I won’t spend long as way too much has already been said about the tackle.

The only real thugs in football never to be called nice lads came from another era, the days of Smith, Webb and Hunter are long gone, Hunter even had the nickname of Norman ‘bites your leg’s’ Hunter, but I don’t ever remember them breaking anyone’s legs.

Since then I have witnessed 3 horror tackles on Arsenal players, all done by nice honest working class lads that wouldn’t hurt a kitten if it were tearing their mothers apart, they couldn’t, they haven’t got it in them, there isn’t a nasty bone in their bodies.

No one deliberately sets out to break someones legs, why, because most of the are cowardly bullies that are way to squeamish, like Shawcross who went off crying like a spanked baby.

For me the blame lies with the manager, the manager that says, give him a dig (or similar), let him know you’re there, if Pulis didn’t say that, let’s hear it, he knows he did, his team knows he did, and one day it will all come out. Same with Bruce, Allardyce and the spiv from Hull, they all think they’re tough, they aren’t, they are fat and thick, it’s only their mates in the media that give them names, big Sam, what’s big about him? He’s like Jabba the hut, fat ugly Sam that can’t chew without opening bis big gob. That’ll teach kids manners, watching that slob.

I’d like to have played him in his day, I would have smacked him all over the pitch, a loud mouth bully like him only does it when there are zillions of people to protect him, I’d like to have seen him playing on Hackney Marshes, he would have spent 90 minutes being someones bitch.

One paper cited Patrick Vieira and the fact he still has the Premiership record for sendings off (8) but I don’t remember him breaking anyones leg, do you?

Enough said on that subject, the Telegraph says Arsenal are fast becoming the financial powerhouse of football, a moneymaking machine, great, well it’s great if we use some of it to spend on a team that wins stuff, that would impress me, there are no trophies out there for financial prudence, and please, Portsmouth, Leeds and Liverpool were financially negligent and took back handers, there’s a big difference between that and buying a few key players.

Arsenal remember, we are still a football club.

Talking of players, the papers say we are in for Loic Remy and Felipe Melo, but the latter will involve Clichy, RVP or Sagna plus cash, ha, ha, are they having a laugh?

I don’t mind taking him off their hands for £8mil plus Hoyte or someone but one of our first team, they must be mental, I do like the idea of Melo though because he is a tough tackler, the fact it hasn’t worked out at a sh*te Juve means squat, remember Thierry?

Someone came on yesterday and told Pedro he was out of order for trying to sell tee shirts on the back of Rambo’s injury, hmmm, you may have noticed it was one of a number of shirts for sale and it was actually a nice thing to do. Mate there’s no such thing in life as a free lunch and the closest you’ll find to that is this blog, the only one that takes no ads and no payment, but the blog is called Le Grove, not Saint Le grove and charging £15 for a tee shirt against the £40,000 plus a week our players earn is really not a sin.

Have a great day Grovers, tomorrow we’ll have a goal fest and it will no doubt be dedicated to our Aaron.



Finally… our very own kit launch + something special for Rambo!

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So, after a calamitous morning of launch day madness, I bring to you… the Le Grove range.

I’ve been working closely with a t-shirt design company called TattyNutNut and they’ve pulled out all the stops to bring you some pretty special looking t-shirts.


Do it for Rambo!

We thought the above design would be a nice touch an hopefully a memento of our first league title in 6 years.

Le Grove

This is our basic design. We wanted to create something subtle that was stylish and combined your love for the club and your affiliation to the site.


After sifting through the sites comments, it was clear the most talked about topic on Le Grove and the blogosphere were the merits of the 4 players above. The term ‘Marmites’ was coined by the site and entered into the Gooner Glossary. I asked Tatty to mock up a shirt in celebration of the players! I think, like your kids, they may irritate you, but at the end of the day, they’re all gooners and deep down, you know you love them!

The Verminator

This shirt doesn’t need much explaining. I asked for a design to represent the character of Vermaelen and I think I’ve got it! A leader, blood, guts and thunder… a power house of a man… future Gunners legend!

So, now to the boring stuff. All the shirts will be printed up on American Apparel cotton t-shirts. If you’ve never heard of the brand, trust me, they are the best on the market. Their fit is quite standard, but figure hugging, so err on the side of caution if you like your T’s to hang a bit!

The printing company that we’re using are tried and tested, so the shirts have lastability. The shirts will out wear most high street brands you’d buy and will certainly dwarf the quality of other Arsenal t-shirt on the market.

All cost £15.99 and the postage varies depending on where you are in the world, but it shouldn’t be more than a fiver! I will have the stock in by next week, so we will have the first orders out by next Thursday.

Anyway, that’s me done. I hope you like them and I hope you purchase one!

Your support will be appreciated!

So, where were we? Ah, Theo…

Body Armour / England Musings / Theo Theo Theo… / Targets

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Now the dust has began to settle on the the tragic Aaron Ramsey tackle, it’s time to see if there is anything out there on the market that could help protect out players against further assaults. My first thoughts were a more protective kit, perhaps like the one below.

Tim kindly sent me in a Nike prototype, the problem with this? Well, two fold really. Firstly it’s not going to be very easy to put an eighties slant on a medieval number, secondly, it’s not going to allow the players to move freely.

So, I decided to get out there and do a little research myself and I’ve come across a new product called D30. This product is lightweight liquid body armour that is liquid until impact, then it turns rock hard and protects it’s sports star. Thus providing a level of confidence to the player, without inhibiting their play. Sounds pretty good to me. It seems crazy that we’re in the 21st century and the best protection we can offer our players is a lump of plastic strapped to their shin with a bit of velcro securing it. If D30 are working with lacrosse, I’m sure they can team up with Addidas or Nike and help design something a little more suited to defending the body against the Stokes of this world.

In other news, I had the pleasure of watching the England game last night. It was apparent from my twitter account that most people weren’t interested in the game, so I feel it my duty as an Englander to give you low down.

John Terry was rightly booed for his disgusting behaviour. I found it amazing that the press had the cheek to suggest we weren’t helping the team by doing that. Does somebody want to tell me how the press helped John Terry by firstly uncovering the story, then running it everyday for 2 weeks as a front page story? The UK main stream take hypocrisy to new levels.

The game was a drag. Egypt were by far the superior team for the first 60 minutes. They knocked the ball around neatly and with intelligence. England resorted to parking the bus like a Stoke or Bolton side. It was sad to see so many players of quality resorting to long ball tactics. It shocked me because on paper, we have many world class players.

I think the problem is, English world class is a combinations of power and workhorse capabilities. For all Rooney’s qualities, he’s no Lionel Messi. When you put 1 quality English player in team of classier foreign players, you give that team grit and passion. When you put 11 English players in the team, you don’t have the creativity to balance out our main strengths.

Theo was awful. He shouldn’t have been picked in the first place. He was still dining out from that hat trick and last night, he failed to deliver in a big way. People can point to his injuries, but lets clear that myth up right now. Theo has been pretty much solidly available since mid-November. If he can’t cobble some form together in 3 months, there is something seriously wrong.

I listened to a reporter on Talk*hite the other day telling the nation Theo was a natural player and a superb winger. How wrong can one person be? Theo Walcott started football at 13 years old. When I was 13 years old Ryan Garry had just been snatch from my German class at school to join the rest of the Arsenal players at another school. That for me is why Theo doesn’t look natural, because he only been playing the game 7 years, compared to most 20 year old pro’s who’ve been playing the game for 14 years.

Anyway, back to the England game. Zidan looked a top player. He’s the Dortmund Striker who put the Egyptians one up. England only came back into the game when they brought Crouch on who took his two goals very well. 20 goals in 37 games for England. Superb.

Looking at that team, I’d say the only way we’ll win the world cup is through solid tactics, hard work and a large dollop of good luck! If Greece can win the Euro’s using those tactics, then England can win the world cup!

In other news, I’ve been watching a lot of football over the past few weeks. Here are some players who I think are quite good.

Veloso: Long time Geoff favourite, Mr Veloso of Sporting Lisbon. He plays in the holding role and has many similarities to Flamini, except, well, he’s a bit classier. He has the physical attributes needed for the premiership and an eye for getting into the box. He’s only young and a real possibility if we wanted him.

Moutinho: Again, of Sporting Lisbon, this tricky midfielder is like a Portuguese version of Arahvin. He’s fast, skilful and ambitious with his play. Probably not for us.

Akinfeev: Arshavin’s answer to the next best keeper in the world. Sorry Andrey, I wasn’t feeling his keeping. He looked all over the place in their last 16 game against Sevilla and spilled too many balls for me. Especially for a £30mill keeper!

Perrotta: Lionel Messi’s understudy for Argentina. A real handful for CSKA with his creativity, ability to create space and his blistering pace. Could be a handy signing for us, reminded me of a young Rosicky.

Balotelli: Looks the real deal. He lost the ball against Chelsea a few times but his power and ability to read the game really impressed me. A shame he’s such a lunatic!

I was supposed to be showcasing some new Le Grove t-shirt designs, but it appears I’ve had my very own Bill Gates/Blue screen moment.

Fear not though… I’ll be back later with the goods!

Stay tuned, see you in the comments!