Why is anyone surprised RVP hasn’t signed a new contract with Arsenal?

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As PHW said, he is a decent chap and will sign in the summer, about the same time the big boys are hovering and he becomes 29 and is only worth a one year deal, unless of course he is French (Squillaci) or he is a panic buy (Arteta)

And anyway, by then he’ll probably be injured and we will be clamouring for Park to sign an extended contract as he’ll be the new superstar.

I have always loved Robin but he has always been a crock and to be honest I have often questioned his worth, I still do because as sure as eggs are eggs he has a three month injury in him somewhere, and as much as I adore watching him, I know it will never be for a whole season, so do I want him to sign a new contract? You bet I do, am I in a hurry? No way, let it wait until we need to, he owes us that at the very least.

Oxo, the future had a good game for England last night but he is still just a boy and at least 3 years off being ready to make a start, Jack on the other hand is closing in on fitness but the really great news is Abou Diaby is almost ready for his next injury.

I do wonder when Wenger will stop telling us he is on his way back and will make a big impact, I have said many times on here Diaby is a top player that can make the difference (either way) in games, but I have also said he is injured far more often than he is fit, and how long does one keep paying him £60k a week to sit on his arse? Me I would give him till Christmas, then I would sell him and bring in someone like M’vila, no more, he has had his chances.

Don’t forget he signed at the same time as Adebayor and Theo, think about that!

I  rate him highly though, but like Robin, you have to make a decision.

Just to get back to the Van Persie situation and how calm Arsenal are about him signing a new contract, I seem to remember the same rhetoric about Nasri last season, then the old lame excuse about how great Wenger was getting £25mil for him as he was after all in his last year, hmmmm, isn’t that the same as RVP now? Or is that just me being a silly Billy?

Had he sold Nasri last Christmas, that £25mil could have been £40mil.

Anyway Grover’s, have a fine day, it may be cloudy but Spring will soon be upon us and the sunshine will pop out again, if I’m wrong, then judge me in May.

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Coquelin and Arshavin warn play me or I’m off, don’t hold your breath Franny!

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The first thing Franny needs to learn is you can’t dislodge a Wenger poster boy, and he has at least one of those ahead of him, stick in there boy, your chance will come. Though I would like to see him feature more, last season we only had Denilson as competition to the mercurial Song, now we have two, Frimpong and Coquelin, so at least it’s competition.

Arshavin on the other hand has dropped down the pecking order because of poor form, he’s right when he says that he knows he’ll come off or on between 67 and 74 minutes because that’s when Mr creature of habit Arsene Wenger makes his substitutions, not when he needs them, but when he always makes them, that’s what makes us so predictable.

If Arshavin played with a bit more consistancy then he may get more playing time, try playing him in the hole boss, you may find that if you play your expensive players where they are good, you could get more out of them, not a criticism, I’m just putting it out there.

Jenkinson gets lavish praise and I have to agree that his game has picked up so let’s hope he can keep up the good work until Sagna gets back.

Santos is growing on me, I like his attitude more than his defending, but I like him, he has a bit of the Horse in him.

I wonder why Squillaci hasn’t threatened to leave? I wonder if it’s because he knows where his bread is buttered and getting paid shed loads for being useless is better than playing for Seville, well if he hasn’t, he probably should.

I asked a mate of mine who supports West ham what he thought of our current number 1 Manuel Almunia? Flipping useless he said, and beleive me, he really didn’t say ‘Flipping’

Makes you wonder why we still have Bendtner, Almunia and Denilson on our books doesn’t it, I expect it’s a combination of them being overpaid and completely hopeless, so why on earth have they played so many games for us eh?

Anyway, another boring week when the most exciting thing to happen was the argument over Poppies, the FA should just tell FIFA to swivel, funny that, we told the Kaiser and Hitler to get stuffed, but we do what Sepp Blatter and his corrupt FIFA officials tell us, shame on you the FA, shame on you.

I know they said yes to armbands, but not to shirts and that is an insult to the millions who lost their lives in two World wars, on both sides.

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Have a great day Grovers, only a week to go!


Kreus / Großkreutz / German supermarkets / Points comparisons and plenty more Arsenal gossip inside!

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What? Things are quiet…

Not good enough?

Ok… Well, all the papers are rehashing transfer stories that are 3 days old. The Independent has us in for Marco Reus off the back of a Mad Jens recommendation. The coach said Wenger called him and he told him the German lad was good but he didn’t want to lose him. Jeez… smart move there!

Reus, or Nik B's ginger cousin?

It seems Wenger has found a new super market to shop in. He’s done with CarreFour and its over priced goods. He’s discovered Aldi and he can’t stop bragging about the award winning / low cost German product he’s discovered.

I’m surprised it’s taken so long for clubs to look to the German league, the Bundasliga is often the most represented at the International tournaments. The league has a high level of technical ability and German teams are no push overs when it comes to the Champions League.

We’re still scouting Gotze. I’m really struggling with this one. The youngster doesn’t want to leave, we’re highly unlikely to have £35mill to splash on one player and we have Jack and Rambo? I’d say it’s more likely we’re scouting Dortmund as a whole. Why would you need to keep scouting the best young player in Germany? It’d be like scouting Jack Wilshere. The extended rumour here is we’re looking at his mate as well… Kevin Großkreutz. The wideman is already my hero, there’s no videos of his footballing ability, but there is a German video titled, ‘so pi*sed he puked‘.

I love that. You should too. Let’s set up a petition to sign him.

Grosskreuz...Nik B's special cousin?

Also in the news is the story that Frimpong will be sent out on loan to Norwich or Swansea. Great idea. Let him learn to keep his cool and refine his passing elsewhere. Finally, we appear to be learning. Love the boys passion but you can’t have a liability in your squad.

There were rumblings from Spain that M’Villa might be moving in the next window. Now if there was a move that made sense, it’s this one. As far as I’m aware, Song hasn’t opened talks with the club, he’s 24 years old, the nearest competitor to his position is a 20 year old who  has played 1 Premiership game. We need to bolster the middle of the Park Chu-Young sharpish because although we’re all praising the importance of keeping Robin fit, I’d say keeping the man from Cameroon fit almost as important.

Chair trouble…

Someone e-mailed me anonymously about their concerns over the stability of the chairs at Arsenal. Don’t worry, they’re very robust and very wide, don’t let that put you off buying a ticket if you’re reading!


I’ve been reading around some of the sites and I’m not sure whether it’s just a reaction to the run compared to where we were, but certain sections of the fanbase seem to be jumping on the vindication band wagon like we’re out the woods and everything is ok. This pattern has emerged plenty over the past few years. Some sites were celebrating winning the league in January last year. We’re doing well, but be aware, our squad is still very fragile and our potency up front still hangs very much on one man.

I don’t want to dampen the excitement, but a little too much unjustified ‘we’ve got 4th in the bag is going on.

La Liga…

Interesting to read the thoughts of the Barca President. He reckons he’d never sell Barca to one person and criticised the British model of single owner ownership.

Fair point, but being part of a model where 2 clubs take 60% of the TV revenue is hardly a bragging point. La Liga will look at the issue in maybe 5 years, but only if the league is reduced to 16. Greed is greed however you package it!

Happy thoughts…!

Finally, I’ll leave you with the below table… a nice, positive, happy note I was sent by a Grover who goes by the name of Jim.

With all the gloom (me included) that enmeshed our club pre season and early season I was minded to compare last season’s results, to date, game for game, with this season’s results.The only adjustment I had to make was to include the home fixture against Blackpool, last season, to set against the Swansea fixture this season.

The outcome will surprise many,I believe.

Here it is:


Last Season: Played 11, Goals for 23, Goals against 16,Goal difference +7,Points gained 16.

This Season: Played 11, Goals for 23, Goals against 21,Goal difference 2, Points gained 19.

3 points better off this season!

Goal difference 5 worse which can largely put down to the Home Blackpool/Swansea score lines, which account for a 5 goal differential.

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Happy days!

P.S. Sue Ryder, the charity, are organising a Charity football tournament you can enter. Nigel Winterburn is there, take a look here.