It’s okay to laugh, it was special, the impossible dream, could it be magic?

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Wow, there’s a few songs in that headline!

So let’s start with the chavs and the special night, when we got beaten by the chavs at the Grove last year, I had a text from a chav friend of mine that said ‘are you one of those leaving early’ How funny was that he must have thought.

Only this bloke could send a text like that on 89 minutes, most people would have left it, not this bloke, so guess what I did last night on 89 minutes? Ha, ha, ha, yes you got it, what goes round… I bet I ruined his night more than Inter did, and what makes it all worthwhile is I know he’ll be reading this post!

I bet he wished he never stopped supporting Leicester, because as you know, most chavs supported other teams before the money came in.

How funny was that when Drogba got sent off and Terry was whinging like a bitch at the end, so the chavs have shown the world what you get when you spend gazillions, let the Arsenal now show what can be won when you spend nothing, let the games begin.

So what has happened this week? The spiv gets kicked out of Hull City, Beckham gets (finally) kicked out of the England team and Theo goes to the world Cup and the dirty cheating chavs get kicked out of the European cup, the one they wanted most, add that to Cashley’s old lady leaving him for an Ann Summers gift set and this year is fast turning into the impossible dream, the perfect storm, this has to be our year, it’s too silly not to be.

All we need now is to get Cesc, Robin, Billy, Rosicky and Djourou back and the world will be at our feet.

So we are apparently interested in signing Adam Matthews from Cardiff, if that’s true and he is good, then we should have a big advantage with Ramsey already here. However, do we need another young’un?

We have Bartley, Nordtveit and Djourou to join the squad next year, is one of them going to step up? As I said yesterday, if they aren’t then we should move on and buy someone who’s ready, with an ageing centre back population we need to do something.

I was drooling at Inter Milan’s back four last night, even older than ours, but top, top players, there’s nowt wrong with experience, but if they are good enough, they are old enough, look no further than the 17 year old Tony Adams.

So back to the Champions league, we need to avoid ManU, Barca, Inter, Munich and Lyon, in that order, I’d take any of the rest, wouldn’t you?

Although the chavs now have less games to play, the max they would have had in the ECL was 3, the fact that their confidence would now be battered should help us more, lose to Blackburn at the weekend they could and should fold like a pack of cards. The should go down quicker than a Russian hooker and no team deserves it more, their players have the morals of ally cats, they are run on dodgy money and now it’s all coming home to roost, ha, ha, ha.

You are getting exactly what you deserve Chelsea…  …nothing.

Have a great day Grovers, spring is in the air!


Irony, karma, schardenfruede or justice, call it what you like, I think it’s funny!

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So there you have it, for the dim yellow character that was copied from Mo the bartender in the Simpsons, the same one that had the temerity to call our captian a spitter and a liar and said our manager refused to shake his wet and clammy hand, the one, the only, Phil ‘the spiv’ Brown, has been tin-tacked from the Championships lady in waiting, Hull City.

Ha, ha, ha, you got what your capabilities deserved, nothing but the dole queue, you disgusting seedy little man. More on him later, but it was very fitting that their Chairman threw him out as a direct result of getting hammered by the team that got him the headlines last season, so what goes round, really does come round, I bet Arsene was rolling all over his very expensive carpet at that news, I know I was…

David Beckham’s surgeon says if he goes to the world cup it will only be as a mascot, so maybe if he does go, the spiv can carry his bags. So they are already talking of him playing in the next Euro qualifiers, give it up people, he’s 34, slow and just because the FA want him to break Shilton’s well earned record, doesn’t mean he has to. Beckham hasn’t earned a cap in 2 years (I said EARNED) so move on, otherwise winning an England cap will become completely meaningless.

I read last night that Arsenal have some 13 players out on loan, blimey, if we need to loan out that many, then perhaps we have to start realising we have way too many young players. And that doesn’t include players on the fringes or those that are injured. Surely 13 out on loan is way too many.

Steve Bould’s academy team went 11 points clear last night by beating the MK Dons 4 zip, but I was a little surprised to see the team sheet.

McDermott, Angha, Bihmoutine, Yennaris, Boateng, Obed, Edge, Ozyakup, Afobe, Ansah and Aneke

Now I’m betting not too many of them are local boys, please don’t tell me they are all English, they may be! That though is not my point, now I’m all for scouring the world for young talent but it does explain why we have so many loanees.

So how many of our current squad have been out on loan and made it, don’t forget I said current squad.

None of Cesc, Clichy, Gibbs, Eboue, Ramsey, Diaby, Denilson, Walcott, Eastmond or Fabianski went out on loan although Bendtner, Vela, and Song did. Vela’s was enforced because of work permit issues and he’s hardly in our squad is he? And only Eastmond was in the Academy team, I think Cesc went straight into the reserves, I could be wrong there though.

So my question is, do we need so many young kids in our teams? Do we get something if we win the Academy league? Or the reserves? I don’t think so, I am trying to think of how many young kids come through the academy, through the loan bit, and actually make it. And don’t say Wilshere, he hasn’t yet.

Cole was one, and Bendtner the other, but you can’t count the likes of Song, Diaby or Vela because they were never in the academy teams and you can’t count Cesc because he never went out on loan so is 2 players in 13 years a good return? And is it worth having such a lot of money invested when the return is so poor?

Please don’t tell me how much we make on them because I doubt it covers the investment.

So todays question is do we put too much faith in the Academy system, and if we don’t and you feel the balance is right, do we make a turn on our investment. (yes I said turn)

This is in no way a criticism it’s a discussion piece and a series of questions for you all, it’s something to do and it’s better than work.

Anyway I would be remiss if I didn’t leave the last question for Hull City’s Mo Sislack, their ex manager. When you stuck up for Horton at the home of football and accused our leader of gobbing at him, did you think it would buy you loyalty? Well take a look behind you muppet, he’s now got your job! Ha, ha, ha!

Have a great day Grovers, after that news, I know I will!


A poke in the eye with a sharp stick should do it, and Oh no, Beckham won’t be at the world cup.

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So Nikki B told Boateng he needed to be fair and a poke in the eye when the ref isn’t looking was scummy, or words to that effect anyway. Boateng didn’t agree so went after Bacary Sagna and got sent off, for me the FA should now go after him for the off the ball incident, dirty git. And relegate Hull for the spivs comments that he did no wrong and the tackle was Ok.

So Nikki B, top goading mate, that did the trick!

Anyway, we won and we are still in the mix, the chavs and the mancs can’t play every game at home and they will soon play each other, one thing is for sure, providing we keep winning, we’ll make up ground on one of them, if not both.

I have always been more concerned about the chasing pack, but the way it’s going, that threat is getting less by the day, I fancy us against West ham and see the danger game as the brummies, the spuds and the northern chavs don’t seem that good any more so with a little luck, like we had against Hull winning that one should see us over the line, I still don’t know when Robin and Johan are back, but it can’t be long now.

Piers Morgan wrote a great piece on Beckham at the weekend, if you haven’t read it, I recommend you do, it’s what I’ve been saying for years, that Beckham only cares about Beckham, with his latest injury, it should mean that we will take those who deserve it to the world cup and that to me is fair, not the fact that the FA give him undeserved caps, now Theo will go and maybe Johnson will get in there over Lennon or SWP’s, either of them is more deserving, so good piece Piers and justice is now done.

Denilson got the assist and that was about all he did, Song will be back now and he again is more deserving, I get the feeling that Merida will be going so I can’t understand why he keeps making the bench, sign a contract Fran, or sod off.

We have a way to go but we’ve won the last 5 straight and there’s no reason we can’t win the last eight, if we can get an easy draw in the next round of the ECL, who knows where we can go, getting Robin back could give us that edge in both comps and I for one can’t wait.

Get in there Arsenal, it’s in your hands, oh and Nikki, great finish son!

Have a great day Grovers, I am beginning to believe.