Theo and Rosicky on their way back? What about Nasri? And great news about Djourou!

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According to Wenger Theo and Rosicky are on their way back, but by my reckoning, Nasri’s 6 weeks is up about now. That will make for an interesting line up against Man City this weekend.

In theory we should be back to our best starting 11 against Man City, but what is our best starting 11? His intent seems to be a midfield of Cesc, Denilson, Diaby and Song, with a smattering of Eboue in there somewhere, my midfield would be a bit of both.

I would go for Nasri, Cesc and one of Denilson or Song, with Arshavin, Robin and Rosicky up top, then I would then alternate Bendtner, Walcott and Eduardo and I would do that every game, mix it up.

That way we would have our plan B with 3 new faces every time, that would be difficult to play against because then you almost have two different teams, I sure wouldn’t wait till the 70th minute, unless of course we were comfortably winning.

Some will say we were unlucky against the Mancs, so if that is true, then we ought to beat City, we do seem more solid and gritty in the middle this year, but I think that’s more down to playing 4-3-3 and chasing the ball down than with any kind of transformation in the players ability department.

I am looking forward to seeing what formation we have against the new biggest spenders, but if we go at them from the off, we could take them apart, they seem to have had a few games where they’ve been hanging on this season and if we can get ahead early doors, we could do an Everton, everyone has to concentrate though and everyone needs to turn up.

In Arshavin, Nasri, Diaby and Rosicky we do have players that can hit the ball from distance so they will be a tad defensive, I can see them putting Beyonce up front on her own and we all know how much that bitch hates that, don’t we!

Let’s hope Kolo comes out swinging, it would be nice to see him getting us a penalty for once. Shay Given is a good goalie but the rest of them aren’t as good as we are, I fully expect us to win this one, we seem to have the players coming back and that at least gives us options.

Great news is that although Djourou is out until next April, Wenger thinks he’ll be back early, like March, I sure hope so, he’ll make such a difference.

Yes, I was being sarcastic!

Have a great day Grovers, who would you pick!


Superstar possibly on radar / Defender misery… / Takeover nearing!

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Morning Grovers! So a weekend where I managed to avoid the chore of international football… well, bar the Wayne Rooney incident. I find it amazing that so many people are surprised the English media don’t report heavily on diving incidents committed by our own players… well people, let me enlighten you…

Slagging your own off doesn’t sell papers

It’s not racism or xenophobia… it’s marketing.

Graham Poll makes a weak point about Rooney… ‘don’t label him a diver before a World Cup because refs might take that into account when making a decision’… is the jist of his article. Graham, you’ve got to nail the problem at the root cause… don’t dive and people wont label.

So more injury disasters for JD… he’s out for six months after complaining of a knee injury last month. I’m a bit shocked that we didn’t sign an emergency defender before the window closed becasue I’m sure our medical staff were aware of the ramifications if the Swiss centre back was lost to a cartilage operation. We’re now in a situation where if we lose one of our main men, we’re looking at pulling a player out of a position he’s doing well in, to play him in a position we have no idea how well he’ll do in. Or alternatively, sticking Senderos or Silvestre in as back up… not title contending options really.

In other news, Arsene Wenger has expressed his admiration for Ballotelli… the extremely talented Italian youngster. He has had attitude problems at Inter Milan and nearly went on loan to West Ham for the season… maybe there will be a bid launched at some time in the future if he doesn’t settle in under Jose. Arsene seems to specialise in calming players with a poor attitude to the game.

I was reading about Chavski’s failing youth set up yesterday on the train. They’ve spent something in the region of £62million in the last few season luring top talent from around the world in the hope they can produce a John Terry type player… can you believe that sum? Spending that much money defeats the object of a youth set up for me. I reckon if you spent that much money buying players from the championship you’d have more luck unearthing a gem. I do wonder why Arsenal never look down there for players… Shawcross, Turner and Lescott have all done pretty well in the Premiership and all cost minimal money in fees. Sometimes I think we miss a trick…

Before I go, a story which received minimal coverage last week was the one about Usmanov being very near a full take over of the club. Who takes over the club bothers me little… no one made a billion being a nice guy and no one takes over a club with a view to destroying it. The only way you make a return on £400million is by maximising revenue… the only way to do that in football is by making your club the most successful one… interesting times ahead I feel!

Anyway… have a great Monday, see you in the comments!

Eduardo was banned for deceiving the ref, next up Rooney?

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So Eduardo was banned by UEFA for deceiving the referee and winning a penalty, not for diving, which incidentally he didn’t do, he went down, however deceiving the ref means conning the ref and getting a penalty for something that clearly wasn’t.

We said it was a minefield, a bag of worms, a Pandoras box. Would they listen? Would they fuck.

So here we are one week on and up steps granny shagger and dim witted scouser turned manc, one Wayne Rooney. Into the box, loses the ball, kicks Cesar so hard that Cesar will miss the next game, goes down untouched, put his arms up in the air in appeal (Eduardo did not) and wins a penalty, then gets up and smiles at fat Frank who although looking sheepish, scores.

Agreed by the commentary team and the national press that it was never in a million years a penalty, so what now? Over to you Mr Platini, that was deceiving the referee if I ever saw it, he fouled the player, went down without being touched, appealed for and got awarded a penalty, clear cut, now lets see what happens.

A clean cut foreigner, who leads a wholesome life and is faithful to he wife or a fat, uncouth, granny shagging, ASBO owning, ugly, bald, inarticulate, scouse prick, mmm I wonder.

Did someone say Eduardo wasn’t English???

See where me and UEFA are going with that one? Ivan, get your pen out, take notes and go and see Platini with this post, earn your money.

Other news is this, Djourou is out injured for 6 months, so does this look like we have another Ledley King on our hands? he has been injured since he joined, is it Arsenals training methods? And why on earth did the manager not buy a replacement, we needed another centre back anyway, we need two now, Senderos won’t be it as Wenger has twice now tried to sell him, well let’s just hope we don’t have Gallas or Vermaelen get injured now, Kolo and Djourou out leaves only fish head as cover and that’s a worry.

Of course you can’t count Song as he appears to be the world class defensive midfielder you all wanted, so unless one of the kids step up, we are in deep shit.

Don’t forget, 6 months means next March, which means at least April until you see him play again, which is the whole season and by then Bartley and Nordveit will step up and save us money.

The Freddie story is complete bollocks, he was going down hill at West Ham, has been a crock for the last 4 years, so where that rumour came from is beyond me, the Paddy story got me a little damp, but that one, peeeerlease!

The impressive news is that Le Grove is 2 years old today, some say we are the anti-site, some swear by us, either way we are here to stay until you don’t want us any more, but with over 5,000,000 hits and 400,000 comments so far, we think we’ll be around for a bit longer.

40% growth in a recession is impressive by anyone’s standards, all down to you people, so thanks for blogging, this could be the year we finally land the Champions league, the Premiership, the FA Cup and yes, the Carling Cup and the one I personally want the most.

It seems all our boys came through the first round of internationals in good shape, let’s keep them crossed that the same thing happens on Wednesday, barely into September and we have this many injuries, still Arsene knows and I’m sure he has that covered, after all if he didn’t, he would have bought someone right?

Have a great Sunday Grovers, tomorrow is the beginning of the week where we show that greedy bastard Adebayor why we sold him, and he’ll show the City fans why we all laughed when we did!