Le Grove Podcast #1 – Alex Fynn talks David Dein, Arsene Wenger and the clubs future

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So here it is people, the first ever Le Grove podcast! I haven’t listened to it back, all I know is the microphones worked and I started and stopped it in the right place.

It was recorded with Alex Fynn who is co-author of Arsenal: the making of a modern superclub (the other half being Kevin Whitcher of the Online Gooner). It’s a truly fantastic read if you’re looking for clarity on the last 10 years of Arsenal. Alex counts Arsene as one of his neighbours and he’s worked around football and Arsenal for years.

We had a good chat about all sorts of stuff regarding the club. We spoke about the United game, George Graham, David Dein (his future), the commercials and the future of Arsene.

Take a listen if you get the chance and drop some constructive, praise-full feedback for me in the comments.


After 4.5 years, it’s here, please enjoy!

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‘We did not deserve to lose. The team did not get the credit it deserved for the performance in the second half.’

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The team did not deserve to lose, really, so why did they then Arsene? It was because you took off our most incisive player and replaced him with someone that has arguably been our worst.

And that Mr Wenger is why the crowd were singing in unison that you don’t know what you’re doing, anymore that is. So instead of leaving it at that you get the shovel out and start digging again, now you want the team to get a pat on the back.

‘I can live with that. I do not think about the fans’ reaction, I think about how we can win our games’

Well we know you don’t care what the fans think, that’s obvious, the people that fund your salary don’t feature with you, we’ve known that on Le Grove for the last 4 years, but if you want to think how your team can win games, stop taking off your best players and stop playing your favourites all the time.

How many goals has Chamakh scored in the last year? Isn’t that what strikers do? Score goals? What on earth are you looking at when you send him on the pitch? He’s rubbish, admit you messed up and replace him, do it with all the hopeless players, we are sick of watching people trot out earning massive salaries when they probably aren’t much better than we are.

In Chamakh’s case you tell us he’s free, well that’s a myth, because what you didn’t pay in transfer fees, you did in salary, plus signing on bonus, plus agents fees, so please don’t tell us he’s there for nothing, another porky I think.

Ok so it’s not looking good for Wilshere, a setback, this is like Djourou, Vermaelen and Rosicky all over again, it’s still January, go and buy some players, go and buy Hazard or Gourcuff, or anyone decent, by the time Jack comes back our season will be over, we’ll need whoever you sign because by then we won’t have Rosicky or Yossi.

How long do we have to listen to the fibs of he’ll be back by x, it happens every year and we end up the worse for it and he’ll blame injuries.

The last thing he said was let’s see where we are at the end of the season, is that like saying judge me in May? Because he said that 3 seasons ago, but of course no one did.

So it seems the FA Cup is our easiest route to silverware this season, let’s hope he puts out our best team tomorrow and not a weakened team, because Villa won’t.

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Have a great day Grover’s our season begins tomorrow!

Serious Jack Wilshere News – Arsenal are looking to buy – Players back in contention

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Good morning Grover’s, last night was awash with rumour and counter rumour regarding the fitness of Jack Wilshere. Well I can confirm that the stories were right, I’ve been told there were issues on Wednesday and that he’s likely to face a minimum of 3 weeks on the sidelines. No one knows the extent of the problem yet… so it could be more serious.

I mentioned last week that his return was going to be hugely complicated, now that statement has come to fruition, we’re in a spot of bother. The good news is we’re looking to bring in players now. Much like the last window, losses and issues have forced the boss and the club into a corner, so hopefully we’ll see a busy end to the month. You’d have to hope someone creative can be snared and certainly another defender has to be under consideration. Santos is back in the country, but I don’t think he’s anywhere near and return date yet.

This Jack return has all the hallmarks of the Vermaelen return last year, the only stroke of luck is that Jack broke a bone… just pray he didn’t fracture the same bone again because then we’re talking a career threatening problem.

The news isn’t all bad. We should have up to 7 players returning over the next week, I’ve heard that Arteta could be back for Sunday and our full back issue could be mostly under control the week after. Still, a week is a long time in football, so don’t get your hopes up until you see the ink on the team sheet. Sagna returning is the big one for me, we’ve missed his solidity and professionalism down the right. If we can get Gibbs in, at least we’ll have someone mobile in a position that demands it… even if he is positionally weak at times.

Sunday is looking like a massive day for us. An FA Cup would salvage our season to some degree and maybe Arsene’s career. Kenny Dalglish has been receiving lashing of over the top praise from Liverpool loving journo’s in the papers and I’d imagine calls for his head are at a premium, even if his huge outlay only returns a Carling Cup.

We need to take the competition seriously, we need to go at it with the right attitude and we need to get this club back to winning ways. Geoff and I went on a run of FA Cup finals back in the day, some of my best memories are from that competition, from Newcastle in 98, to just about everyone bar the Liverpool debacle after that!

Champions League quarter-final versus an FA Cup win? It’s FA Cup all day for me!

I recorded a podcast with Alex Fynn last night, sadly, it didn’t upload last night, which means I’ll have to sort that out this evening. Hopefully I’ll have that up for you tomorrow morning and with it, a nice offer on his book (Arsenal – Making of  Modern Superclub).

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Right, that’s all I’ve got for you today! Happy Friday!

P.S. Don’t go too crazy on the club before you know what the injury is… the return was complicated, set backs were inevitable, let’s just pray to Herbert Chapman it’s only minor. Before I go,imagine if Arsenal did this to us (Bayern)!

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