Let’s enjoy the day, finishing 3rd is our goal, let’s give them and us a good send off.

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So this is it then, the end of a strange season, one that started with no hope, filled with injuries, then massive hope, then nothing, but we still continue to qualify for the champions league and as you saw from the spuds celebrations, it is a very much sought after tag, top four.

Rumour is that we are after Robert Green, although I would have him over what we have, I still want us to sign Hart or Buffon, we should stop trying for bargain basements buys, and Green is not a big keeper, remember when the great late Brian Clough bought Peter Shilton for £1million 400 years ago? I do, and people thought it was a lot to pay for a keeper, but as George Graham proved with David Seaman, a great goalie is worth what you pay and as Arsene Wenger has proved a cheap one will always cost you eventually.

We talked briefly yesterday about centre backs and who we should go after, inadvertently I stumbled on where I think we go wrong and what we should be after.

We seem to sign athletes that can play football, players like Gallas that try and play there way out of trouble. Our history has showed us that players like Adams, Bould and Keown were top stoppers, where having the ball in the stands was more important that threading a silky pass through 9 players, defend first, play the offside trap and everything else will fall into place.

Many great defenders started off as forwards, players like Campbell and Cole started off as centre forward and left winger respectively, so they know how to bomb forward and they know when to hoof it into row X. So my feeling is lets go for a big lump, someone who can get in the way and terrorise the forwards coming at them.

Don’t forget they used to call Tony Adams the Donkey, and he was one of the worlds best.

Onto today, the talk is that Roy Hodgson will field a weakened team, so what? So will we, I think they are dangerous no matter who they select, we need to get in their faces and score early, the longer we go without a goal the more nervous we will get, it kind of reminds me the last time we had this type of game, it was our last game at Highbury (I think) we were playing Wigan and the spuds were at Upton Park, the Boleyn ground, this was the famous Lasagnegate game, this time though we only need a draw.

I think we’ll spank them, so I am going for a 5 nil win, something to cheer us up over the summer, this will be a summer of speculation, let’s hope it not one of disappointment.

Yeah sorry, it was a prediction!

We’ll be here all summer as usual, but enjoy today, this is it until the pre season friendlies against the Austrian giants, then the Emirates Cup.

Don’t forget to take your Wenger-notes and let him know that we want him to spend some money, after all it’s ours, not his!

Have a great day Grovers, it wasn’t a great season, let’s hope the team gives us a send off to remember!

I have the answer to our problems, lets have a Coalition at the Arsenal!

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Okay lets all stop the squabbling, we have the ‘Arsene know bests’ on the left, we have the ‘Arsene’s lost it’ to the right and we have the ‘give him one more seasoners’ in the middle.

So I have a very ‘todays fashion’ idea as a solution, and we could do it all in house, tell me what you think.

Retire Pat Rice, Pat I love you mate but a change is needed, bring in Steve Bould as your new number two, he’s in your academy so it’s progression and he’s your choice, he will be more vocal and knows the younger players. We need freshening up, you and Pat are getting stale.

Bring in Keown as the defensive coach, him or Adams. Bring in Seaman as the goal keeping coach, and buy Joe Hart or Buffon, no one else will do, my choice is Hart.

If you don’t have Bould as your number two then swap that idea with Keown, he’ll be vocal and frankly that’s what you need Arsene, someone to challenge you and your autocratic way of running Arsenal football club.

As I have said many times before, a football club should be run prudently, it should work spend only what it can afford but it is not a business and should not be run as one.

A football club is more a public service, it has paying fans that give it the money, not shareholders, yes Arsenal does have shareholders but they don’t get paid a dividend, if Arsenal were a business, then it would pay a dividend, but it isn’t and it doesn’t.

Businesses don’t have 60,000 fans paying them entrance money every 2 weeks and businesses rarely sell merchandising, so I get fed up when I hear that we are a business, we are most definitely not.

So if we have a transfer budget, it is the duty of the management to spend it, that’s what it’s there for, to improve the team, to freshen up the dressing room and to give the fans something to smile about and of course to brag about.

So to sum up, a coalition could be just what Arsenal need to bring us some silverware, no one loses face, we are crap at the back and Wenger has admitted he is not a great knowledge on keepers, bring in someone that is, then and listen to what people are saying.

Tomorrow we talk about the game, Today spare a though for Pedro who is on a mountain hiking sponsored walk somewhere in the countryside, I’m meeting him and his brother tomorrow but I’m not sure what sort of shape he’ll be in after an 18 mile hike! I’m not sure what the charity is but Let’s wish him luck! Any kind of charity work is good work.

Have a great day today Grovers, tomorrow is the last game until July, let’s all enjoy it!

Theo has written an autobiography…

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Morning all!

Apologies for the post delay, I wrote one, then clicked back this morning and it was gone! A bit like Gordon Brown’s Labour seats! Sorry, that was a low blow, I just had a lot of fun this morning chuckling to myself about Jacqui Smith losing her seat. Possibly the most vulgar woman in Government. Well played to the people of Redditch!

Onto football, I don’t have much news on the transfer front. There are strong rumours about the move of hot-shot Edin Dzeko. I like the look of him and he seems like a Wenger type signing, however, with the arrival of Chamakh imminent it’s hard to see where an older version of Bendtner would fit into the squad… especially at £35million!

I spend a lot of time in the car for work and yesterday I had the pleasure of catching a 20minute Talk Sport interview with our very own Theo Walcott.

Basically he’s written some kids books in the build up to the world cup. Great idea I thought to myself. Very creative for a person of the football persuasion. The interview went on and more information was divulged.

The book is about a kid called TJ, Theo’s nickname as a kid. TJ is an aspiring footballer. TJ comes out of goal in his first match and scores a hattrick in his first ever game of football. TJ shares the same friends as Theo when he was a kid. TJ goes onto play for England in an important game and wins it for his country.

Hold on? Has Theo written an autobiography here?! The interview went on and Mike Parry joked they could he could take the story to the big screen, Theo thought about the question and said he’d definitely look into the possibility! Hilarious stuff, you have to love how up themselves footballers are!

What was interesting was Theo’s take on the season. He reckoned it disappointing and the age thing couldn’t be taken into consideration anymore as it was a tired excuse. You could tell he was itching to say we need recruits but he stopped short of saying that!

For me, Theo is in the wrong team. He should be playing for a club like Villa. I don’t think he has the same natural skill that our previous greats had. Maybe he could develop his game in a similar fashion to Freddie Ljungberg? Well timed runs and bundles of goals? I’m not sure… all I know is he needs to knock it up another gear next year or it’ll be time to start looking for a new club.

Sunday is the last game of the season, a traditional p*ss up outside the Arsenal Tavern is in the offing and you are all more than welcome to join us! The Arsenal Tavern is on the Blackstock road or out the station, turn left and follow the road to the end and it’ll be in front of you!

Come down, enjoy the sun, drink Peroni!

Have a great weekend!