Arsene Wenger, that was a disgrace and you should be ashamed.

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Okay, I just got back to my Islington office, and no I have not been drinking.

When I saw Denilson and Song in the same line up I knew what was coming. Having to suffer Koscielny, Fabianski and Squillaci was bad enough but watching the other two clowns was just a joke.

We went one up through a penalty, phew, but it wasn’t too long before our first howler and their goal.

Arshavin and most of our team were bad, but to not sub those two was a farce, the people behind me were referring to Denilson as Forrest Gump, harsh on Mr Gump.

I got back to my local (next door) and they were laughing, they all agreed we deserved to go out.

I should get my money back Wenger and you should go back to Japan, that was terrible, the team selection was terrible and if you think we don’t need to buy new players then you my son are…

The announcer said 59,000, rubbish, if their were 40,000 my arse is a kipper.

But the record books will show a win, the board will blow smoke up Wenger’s arse and no doubt Song will be man of the match. An utter disgrace.


Tonight should be a banker, then it gets tough, tonight we have to sort out the defence for the Christmas period.

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Well we get to play the easiest game to date so far, we beat them away and if Braga get a result tonight then we can still top the group (I think). We know we can score, so that’s not the issue, we can’t defend though and that makes the whole team nervous, so we have tonight to sort out who we play for the tough Christmas fixtures of the chavs and mancs.

Is it time to throw on Ignasi Miguel as he is playing so well for the rubadubs? Can we do worse? I don’t know much about him other than he is big, mobile and may just click with Djourou, and both can jump, can it get much worse? The trouble with our defence is we panic when the oppo comes at us, it’s not the conceding that bothers me, it’s the goals scored against the chances they get that scares the life out of me.

But as Djourou is out tonight on account Wenger said so in his press conference it’s irrelevant.

When we had decent defences, I never worried when we were attacked, I was massively pissed off when we bought 50 goal Clive Allen from QPR and sold him before the season started, we swapped him with Palace for Kenny Sansom, I thought what on earth is Terry thinking, he said you need to build from the back, you know what? He was right!

I believe that Djourou is our best centre back, Wenger doesn’t, if he did he would play him more, tonight he has no choice as he’s out, but Monday he has, so maybe it’s time to bring in another option and partner him with that other option, just a thought.

The rest of the team are playing great football so tonight this would be my team.


Sagna Squillaci Koscielny Gibbs

Song (sit back) Nasri Wilshere

RVP Chamkh Arshavin

If Song starts going forward and passing to the opposition then bring on Rosicky and not Denilson, as scoring more than they do will be what we need to do.

Watching the spuds go through topping the group made me want to vomit, I just hope that whoever we get in the next round we beat, and get another crack at them, I also hope that Arsene can see what the whole world can and buys himself another keeper and another centreback, in an ideal world a top defensive midfielder as well, but buying 3 players when it means dissing his favourites is just too much to ask.

So we need to attack from the off and bury them, hope that Braga win and see who we get next, with Nasri on fire and Robin looking sharp again I can only see us hammering them tonight, Partizan wouldn’t be any better than a Championship side so I’m not worried about the result, I just hope we are better than the boring game I last saw against a shocking Wigan.

Come on Arsenal, about time to show Europe we are contenders.

6-1 Arsenal, I’m feeling good, have a great night Grovers, and remember to wrap up, it will be colder out there than in the Adelaide home teams changing room!

Nikki B in demand, time for Arsenal to prove Arsene Wenger’s project youth can work?

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How so? Some of our more cynical readers may say, and something penned by the Bear? What’s the catch? Well now it emerges our talented frontman Nicklas Bendtner has also attracted interest from Ajax should they lose Suarez, earlier the Bayern president said he would have him in a flash, well I would have Schweinsteiger in a heartbeat or Suarez in a swap deal anyday for our highly rated Dane.

Now as far as I’m concerned Cesc will eventually go, of that there is no doubt and everytime he goes away with the Spanish squad or whenever he goes on holiday these Cesc to Barca rumours will persist, just like they used to with Paddy, and that was really tedious, he’s also started to get injured a lot so maybe it’s time to cash in on project youth and make it pay off.

We would get at least £50mil for Cesc, Schweinsteiger could easily replace him, Suarez would replace Bendtner and we could do all that and still have money in the bank.

Keep Cesc and we could still do great business in any kind of Bendtner swap, so why am I touting Bendtner? Well because I’m fed up with his leaving threats, if he was a top striker I could understand, maybe somewhere else he would flourish, but I think his Arsenal days are numbered, so cash in.

I have to have a little chuckle when I read that Nasri is proof that certain policies are paying dividends, I hate to burst that little bubble but he was only £2mil off our record signing, we paid £11mil for a teenager and this season we are seeing it pay off, but we all saw the youtube clips when he was at Marseille and he was called the new Zidane, so it really shouldn’t be a massive surprise should it. We didn’t discover an 8 year old in La Paz working in a copper mine and pay 6 Pesos for him did we!

Samir I’ve always loved you, keep it up son, you really are shaping up to be our very own Zidane.

The bit written on Alex Song by Arsene worries the life out of me, if we let him roam up front at random next Monday, we’ll get murdered, keep him at the back defending the hapless defence Arsene or we will be punished. If Squillaci could head the ball towards the oppositions goal like he headed Koscielny, he would be a real goal threat, until he does, I’m dreaming of a Vermaelen Djourou pairing sooner rather than later, having a Subotic or a Sakho would turn us from hopefuls to nailed-ons but that won’t happen because the boss won’t admit he bought two pups in the summer.

I still think he’ll move Almunia out and Given in though, I know he said he wouldn’t be buying unless he loses someone, but I think he chose his words carefully and if Vermaelen doesn’t make it back soon, then he may be tempted to go for someone else at the back as well, but as I said, I won’t hold my breath.

And don’t forget folks, we still have Ramsey and Diaby to return from injury, Oh and Diaby is the tall French guy that got injured against Sunderland 4 years ago!

There is a small part of me that doesn’t care what happens in the ECL, that part is the part that will allow us to concentrate on the league and domestic cups, if Wenger doesn’t think we are favourites to win our own league, what chance does he think we’ll have against the rest of Europe?

I’m a little bleary eyed this morning as I stayed up to watch England humiliate the Aussies in the second test, so my sympathies go out to all our Australian cousins, bad luck old chaps and better luck next time, and by that I mean the next time the Ashes are played for, because this series has long gone!

Have a great day Grovers, tomorrow we have a little housekeeping to take care of.