Great news, were getting M’Vila, or Martinez or Biglia or Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Ok so we may not be able to buy M’Vila because he will be too expensive at £22 million, so we will go after Martinez, only he has a buy out clause of £32 mil so we’ll go for Biglia who will cost a lot less.

We’ll keep Song though and with the addition of Podolski we’ll keep Robin as Wenger will persuade him to stay, I know that because he said so in his press conference. I also know he said all that last year but this year he has had persuasion lessons, so it will be different.

Last week he said the RVP situation will be sorted out before the Euros, but Robin wants to wait to see if Wenger buys some decent players, you know what Robin, don’t we all! I don’t blame you one bit.

I don’t believe we’ll sign anyone like we need, I’m not convinced with Podolski and I believe we’ll be bargain basement buying in the French leagues once again.

I would like to think that Wenger has learned his lesson, but history tells me different. We’ll find out in a few weeks though, believe me, I would love to be wrong!

Today now becomes the biggest game of the season, beat Stoke and we more or less slam the door on the chasing pack for 3rd, but beating Stoke is a big ask as we couldn’t beat QPR or Wigan recently, but we did draw with Chelsea and we did beat Newcastle so I’m confident when it comes to a really must win game, then we will win it.

Don’t forget the players, they will all want ECL football next season so they will be like terriers as well, Stoke can win nothing.

Diaby is sick again, we really need to tell him to go and sit in someone else’s infirmary because for me, he is now taking the proverbial, I don’t care how good he can be, he has zip pride when it comes to being ill.

Jesus in the old days players had an injection and got on with it.

The only way we’ll beat Stoke today is if we fly at them, use our pace and shut down their every move, keep our eye on the long throw and tell Song to stay in his own half.

I would have been delighted with a Pep swap, that won’t happen though, and he reminds me a bit of Kevin Keegan, works for 4 years then wants a rest, if only people in football worked in the real world, that would get a shock wouldn’t they? Baby’s!

Pat Rice will be off this year, we need to get someone in that isn’t a Wenger fan but actually understands defending and I don’t mean Steve Bould, I like Steve but not sure he would offer anymore than Pat Rice, I would like someone to argue with Wenger, maybe Martin Keown.

Anyway, if you are going to Stoke, wrap up and enjoy, if you aren’t enjoy anyway, I fancy us to win as without Champions League football, the board may reconsider Wenger’s power base as money to them is what life is all about.

I’m going 3nil to us.

Yann the man we need in the bag | Diaby to miss another Arsenal game | Pep for next year anyone?

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Friday here, at last… the weekend can nearly begin.

Firstly though, we have to get through this post. Top of the agenda is transfer talk. Yann M’Villa is hot on the feeds this morning. Some are reporting we’re at an advanced stage with talks, others say we have to be careful because Bayern and Inter are sniffing around. So a bit of a mixed bag! I told you months ago that we were in for a big name in France and we were in talks for that name back in early February. It sounds like Dick Law was chasing this man…


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Barca say no… | Third is the new fourth for Arsenal | Wilshere plays it sensible

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So there we have it, a Chelsea vs Bayern Munich final. Still a big ask from our classless West London neighbours… they’re missing 4 players through suspension and two through injury… but I’d fancy them against the Germans over the might of Madrid. That means that finishing third is of huge importance. We’re going to have to win all of our games now. That means the pressure is on more than ever. Can this team handle that pressure? Do we have the experience to pull ourselves through? Can we show the rest of the league that we can hack it when the heat is on?


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