We didn’t get Cole, but got Cesc on loan, we should be grateful, after all, we are only Arsenal.

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So that’s the story for today, we didn’t get Cole, even though he preferred us to Liverpool, why? Well because we got Cesc, and according to Xabi, we only have him on loan until he goes to them next season.

As a massive club like Barca, we should be grateful, one day we’ll be a big club like them, I applaud the tough stance taken by the boss, but only if he continues that for at least another 3 years, and only if Arsenal report them to the authorities for this disgraceful behaviour.

I hope that the boss has now learned his lesson not to poach young stars from bigger clubs that will always want to go back to where they came from when they get good, how many times does it have to happen before we finally learn?

Let’s get players in that want to make a career here, players that aren’t injury prone and maybe players that are ready to play from the off. Why is it that youngsters like Messi never want to leave? What is it about Arsenal that has seen a plethora of talent leave the club at the rate it does, sure the Mancs had Ronaldo, and they fell out with Beckham, but us, we had Vieira, Henry, Hleb, Merida, Mendez, Stepanovs, Overmars, Petit, Anelka, Flamini and now Cesc.

I wish they would tell us why they all wanted out, maybe we can learn from it. Gerrard, as much as I dislike him, and Terry, at least they stay. Blimey, we can’t even sign a 37 year old ordinary keeper from Fulham, what is it with us?

Let’s just hope they at least give Wilshere a run out, he is better than all of those I just named in my book, and he’s English, let him loose this season, pretend he’s Denilson. I think he and Ramsey will be immense, but if we added some real quality like Ozil and Schweinsteiger we wouldn’t miss the bigger players because those guys would destroy other teams.

Stop messing with average defenders and bring in some real quality at the back, George Graham built from the back and pound for pound, in the time he was in charge probably was more successful than Mr Wenger, I’d like to see those stats, RAY, DO YOUR STUFF!

Tonight sees us return to action at our money spinning training camp, tonight sees the formation of our starting line up beginning to emerge, I would like to see more of Djourou, he may be the lump we need to deal with free kicks and corners, Koscielny may have something too, so I would like to see him in action, as would Nordtveit. Maybe he sees Nordveit as a right back and Koscielny as a DM who knows what he has in mind, tonight should be fun though an I for one can’t wait.

But Arsene, please do something about Barca and their shameless pursuit of a player you have said is not for sale, either that or sell him to the highest bidder.

Or maybe even tell Cesc to say something to his adoring public, we still all love him, but patience is running thin, don’t let another Ade develop, that would be horrible. Or horriblus anus, oops, sorry Ade you horriblus anus.

Perhaps Cesc as our captain should come out and tell Xabi and his mates to stop talking on his behalf, that would be better and would put it to bed for good, what do you think?

Have a great day grovers, tonight we may see the away kit!

Suarez, Van Der Weil and Stekelenburg possibly? And Guardiola says Cesc can stay, for now.

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Gee thanks Pep, it’s kind of you to allow our captain another year at Arsenal. I am penning a thank you note to you right now, I’ll send it to you with the ashes of the Barca shirt I burned. If your debt ridden third world club was so great then why did Cesc leave it in the first place? Perhaps your hanky waving in-bred fans should ask themselves that, they all share the same DNA as you, so you’ll only have to ask one of them.

I listened to Wenger’s post match interview when he was questioned about Cesc, he was brilliant, he said enough, and you could see he was pissed off with the whole affair, well join the club boss and let’s move on.

Joe ‘I have no ambition’ Cole decided to sell his arse to Liverpool, who are in the Europa cup, I’m disappointed because he’s English and when uninjured, good, but I’m more disappointed that we got outdone by a team that is in the financial shithouse, it shows our lack of ambition, why? Because we were after him as well. And don’t think we are after Giovinco instead, because we offered Cole a contract in the first place.

I always thought it was every players dream to play under Wenger, not Hodgson, and it wasn’t money as we have far more than they do, and please, don’t tell me we have a strict pay policy because paying (a then 20 year old) Theo £60k a week, and JET (youth team player) driving a Maclaren Mercedes last year, doesn’t seem to back that up.

Or does it mean we are looking elsewhere, does it mean that we really are after Pepe Reina? Or are the Stekelenburg rumours true, are we really after that tasty trio?

I would have Stekelenburg for sure, Gregory Van Der Weil did interest me but I was also impressed with Nordtveit on Saturday in that position, however Suarez could and should be a direct replacement for Eduardo, if he is in fact on his way, and he probably should be.

Let me clear up these cheat stories that are doing the rounds about Suarez, he stopped a sure fire goal from Ghana, how is that cheating? He didn’t hand ball it into the net like Maradona did against England in 1986, and the ball didn’t accidently hit his hand twice, like it did with TH14 against Ireland in the qualifiers, he simply stopped a goal bound shot, saving his team, he then got sent off and Ghana got a penalty, he did what anyone in that situation did and was punished, it’s only cheating if you get away with it.

Cheating is what Gary Neville does when he gets a throw in and gains 30 yards before he takes it, cheating is what Drogba and Gerrard do when they get penalties for nothing, cheating is what Tiger Woods did, but Suarez just prevented a goal with his hand and got punished for it, so for me he’s no cheat and I would welcome him to the Arsenal.

Well whoever it was that said Joe Cole was joining us, needs to have a word with his source, he got that wrong, no names and no pack drill!

Time will tell if Pedro’s source comes good about the mooted calibre of the two players we’re after but my punt of Reina doesn’t look so good if the Stekelenburg rumours are to be believed, I wouldn’t mind though because I’ve gone off Reina since shirtgate so I’m not sure I could take to him, finally I have to ask the Arsenal manager why he seems to be having trouble in late July knowing if Gallas and Silvestre have gone and if Campbell is signing, surely he’s not waiting on 3 old boys before signing the defensive monster we so clearly need, our defence was shite last season, don’t forget that defence included Vemaelen, what Vermaelen needs is a big partner and a decent keeper, these are the areas Wenger needs to address quickly, and of course a defensive midfielder.

Suarez for Eduardo would be great, but only if we lose Eduardo. Van Der Weil for Sagna, not so sure but Stekelenburg for Almunia and Fabianski absolutely, bring it on.

Cole signing for Liverpool will lift the scousers in their opener with us, we need to have some signings of our own that day, or it won’t be the start we wanted, that bloke has hurt us in the past and on his debut we need to make sure he doesn’t do it again.

Have a great day Grovers, Wenger may be in Austria, but his cheque book could be in Holland, and that would make Robin a happy boy, it may even bring a smile to our captains face.


Almunia is history, Eduardo on the brink, but who is coming in?

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The exclusion of Almunia said it all, 2 months off and he gets a bug, my arse, Wenger saying we don’t yet have a number 1 has to be the biggest put down since Theo getting left out of Capello’s plans, but who will come in?

I said a few posts back that maybe we should have a cheeky bid for Reina, maybe buying Reina would keep cesc happy, it would certainly get him back for the shirt incident, but he has got a long contract with Liverpool, so time will tell. However, don’t hold your breath!

As for the Jagielka bid, Wenger wouldn’t offer £16mil for a short centre back that’s recovering from a cruciate knee ligament problem, well he may buy someone who’s recovering from a cruciate knee ligament and he may buy another short defender, but he wouldn’t spend £16mil on Kaka and Pele, let alone Jagielka, so I think that one is rubbish.

What is clear is we still need a keeper, a centre back and a DM, there’s still plenty of time and my source tells me Wenger has been told to spend money this season, again, time will tell.

Oi Platini you muppet, are you blind, stupid or both? You banned Eduardo based on a TV replay, but…

I find it amazing that all that has gone on with the Cesc saga, all the tapping up and player unsettling that has come from Barcelona, that classless whore from the third world, and UEFA have said nothing, not a word, yet the minute we get a justified penalty against Celtic, Platini bans Eduardo and calls him a cheat, it’s incredible, the hypocrisy of it all. No one can be insolvent unless of course you are Barca, the club that has debt in its DNA.

So I reckon that Cesc will have to do an awful lot of denying to get me feeling as good as I did after he scored against the spuds at home last season.

After Puyol coming out and saying that my team lacked class, because Cesc had the right to play for the best club in the world, just after he was filmed in a Barca shirt, just after his dad said he wanted to play for Barca which was just before he asked Wenger if he could leave.

Now after two presidents from Barca haven’t stopped saying how they will sign him and what, 9 Barca players have said Cesc has Barca DNA or suchlike, well we know that there is at least one Spanish official with Pique’s DNA because he gobbed at him. And Cesc found that really funny, which I found funny because when accused of spitting himself at a hated foe, Phil Brown, Cesc said he would never do such a thing, hmmmm. Not that I blame him for that, it was Phil Brown after all!

So all that and Cesc says nothing, well I have to say, this needs to be some comeback from our talisman to convince me of his love of Arsenal now.

Wenger has said after the Barnet game that Cesc will be captain this season. So that should mean he’s staying and that also means he’ll have to do some denying, I await with baited breath.

After that Barnet game, and I stress, it was only Barnet, I was lifted to see some of the kids have become men, Frimpong, JET and Wilshere looked sharp, Chamakh showed he has what we need but Koscielny looked average at best, yes I know it was only the first game, but I believe we need a monster in there next to Vermaelen otherwise we have no height, for that reason I would like to see Djourou get a run.

Don’t forget, we don’t always beat Barnet. do we? 4 zip was pretty impressive.

So far he’s not done a lot to suggest to Cesc that things will change too much, more of the same old, same old, but I don’t believe it’s over yet, I still think we’ll get Cole, I would like Taylor and I would really like a big strong DM to join us, maybe he sees Nordtveit as a DM, he did well as a right back on Saturday and he can cross a ball, we also seemed to have some height in there which was pleasing and who knows, maybe Diaby can string a few games together, it happened with the Flamster and that surprised many, me included, either way it’s crunch time, I don’t believe even the Arsenal board will allow 7 seasons to go by with nothing but promise, not now we are soon to be the world’s richest club and debt free.

We have to be very careful we don’t lose the youngsters supporting their first team, no kid wants to go to school and have the piss ripped out of them for supporting a team that wins nothing.

Finally the Eduardo to Shakhtar Donetsk  rumours are gathering pace, if it’s true, that’s another £7mil coming in and that makes 6 players gone and 2 in, so we’ll have to go some just to stand still, Eduardo I love you mate and if you go, I’m sorry we couldn’t have said goodbye properly at the home of football, he must however be replaced, and I don’t mean with a £10million wonder kid from Ipswich.

Next up, the money spinning tour to Austria, roll on Wednesday, at least we get to see that pretty new kit again eh!

Have a great day grovers, only 2 weeks to go before the Emirates cup, our Community Shield!