So apparently there were no super class players out there and that’s why we signed no-one.

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The reason we only sold Lansbury, Bartley and Vela is because no one else out there thinks that Denilson, Chamakh, Park, Bentner and Squillaci are worth buying, no one of course apart from the nutter that is managing Arsenal football club.

He thinks they are world class because he paid them so much when they were at the Emirates and that seems to be the reason we can’t sell them, no one else in the football world shares his opinion.

I watched Athletico batter the chavs yesterday, oh what fun that was, I thought Turan and Falcao were quite good didn’t you? Obviously not super, super, world class as there are no super, super, world class players for sale according to Wenger, otherwise we would have bought them, I would have had a punt on either of those two wouldn’t you?

We’ve already heard Wenger tell us he could have bought Hazard, what? Ian Holloway could have bought Hazard, but he didn’t, we also could have bought Kaka, Ronaldo, and every other good player that’s out there playing for someone else.

Not to mention we’ve been asking for Hazard on here for the last 2 seasons. We didn’t need someone on what he is on to tell us how good he was.

It’s called BeckhamTerry syndrome Arsene.

We finished 19 points behind second place last season, so we know we have to improve, what does Wenger do then? He buys two average forwards and one world class midfield player. Great! Then he sells the worlds best forward, an average forward, a young defender and a holding midfielder to Barcelona.

So we sell more than we buy, we don’t even spend the budget we are given, that my friends is complete madness.

When he went out and signed Podolski, Giroud and Cazorla I was delighted and couldn’t understand why Robin wasn’t, then Wenger started to balance his bonus books and the rest is history, I bet Santi is wondering what on earth he has done, poor sod.

When I was a kid, I didn’t use to put petrol in my car until I was running on fumes, why? Because I thought I was saving money, you know what? I wasn’t. I was more often than not running out and finding myself walking 2 miles in the dark and cold to find a garage and begging for an oil can to put it in.

I also repaired nothing till it fell off and in the end it cost me more because things kept breaking as a result.

The reason Wenger doesn’t spend money is because he is obviously getting some kind of bonus, either that or he really isn’t that bright.

It’s time someone at Arsenal came clean and showed us what he really earns so we can understand this insanity. If he isn’t getting a reward for not spending, then there must be something wrong with him, why would you not at least spend what you are given???

Unless of course its because he spends it all on salaries for useless players.

If we beat Liverpool tomorrow, imagine what the score could have been if we bought a couple of good players, ditto for the previous 7 years, how long do we let this madman manage our team. How long before we have a half empty stadium, even Tottenham look good now, God help us.

Even our latest signing Cazorla said we need to buy new players with the money we got from Song and Robin, not Wenger, oh no, he won’t be told to buy. So he doesn’t, and in his press conference he pulls that stupid looking grin which is just taking the mick out of the fans.

Every season we lose our stars, next season we’ll lose Jack Wilshere and the following season Chamberlain and so on, this won’t stop until we get rid of Wenger.

How long must this go on? How long will it be before this board realise they are just fattening up the value of this once great club for a non supporting shareholder to sell to the highest bidder and we are massively in debt and back to square one.

All this is being done under our noses and no one seems to see it.

Trust me, I’m a shareholder and I haven’t had a dividend in 20 years, all our money gets wasted on salaries of players we loan out and to members of staff like Wenger and Gazidas who don’t seem bothered about winning trophies, they can’t can they?

He brags about financial prudence and he wastes money on a player that not only didn’t play a single game, but one we can’t even sell, why is Wenger not accountable for that?

Why is he not pulled up on the vast amount he plays to crap players that don’t even feature in the team?

He is untouchable and until we remove him and all the other wasters from our once great club, nothing will change.

Last summer I said this and many on here said it will all change this summer, well you know what? It didn’t did it.

I’ve said it before, this is Arsenal football team not Arsene Wenger’s plaything, I want my club back. For those of you who don’t, have another great season, I know I won’t.

Have a nice day Grovers, I am so, so disappointed this morning.

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Transfer Deadline Day is here: Essien, Dempsey or Tiote? Feeling inspired people? I’m not…

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Transfer deadline day is here and my oh my, could I not be any less excited about it. Wenger has literally crapped all over my summer dreams of having a squad strong enough to challenge for the league and if rumours are to be believed, we’re likely to finish the period making a healthy profit by turning out a £3million surplus.

Would it be safe to say that season ticket holders have been duped into buying up their £1000+ tickets with an early flurry of big name signings?


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Theo should sign or be sent to the reserves all year… make a stand Arsenal. Don’t be bullied by mediocrity.

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Artistic impression of Theo picking up the phone

‘Errr… yeah, Theo… you know that thing that I wrote  yesterday?’

‘Pedro, I understand, heat of the moment stuff, you were angry… you didn’t mean it?’

‘No Theo, I meant every word, I just didn’t want things to be awkward for us this season if you stay’

That’s how the conversation between me and Theo went this morning, short and sweet because I was riding a Boris bike at the time… but I think we’re cool.


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