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Taste success Robin... taste it.

Morning Grove fans. How’s life treating you today? A bit miffed that the weather is more inconsistent than Wayne Rooney’s hair line? Yeah. Me too. More to the point, I’m upset we’ve still not sorted out these squad issues that are so patently obvious to the world and its dog!

Anyway, let’s crack on with the news, even though it’s some what limited this morning.


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Time for decisive action from Wenger before these two get away.

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Am I the only one that doesn’t mind the away kit? I know Pedro sort of said he liked it but I really do!

I really dislike the home kit but the away one is different. In fact the home kit has this Arsenal board obsession with navy blue that is beyond me. And you all now know I like hooped socks!

Still now that Grimandi has exposed another lie from the management that Giroud was bought to replace Robin Van Persie I can give you my  take on the situation.

Normally the lies start in August (if we sold Nasri and Cesc we would have no ambition) so at least thats something else we’ve done early this season, so I can’t complain!

I would tell Robin that he has to see out his contract with no extra money and no armband, if he doesn’t like it, tough. He won’t play like a Lemon as if he does no one will want him the season after, well not for £250k a week they won’t.

For people that say we can’t afford to lose what we’ll get for him, if we didn’t have it in the first place, we won’t miss it will we.

Its way past time we set examples here, otherwise next up will be Theo and Jack, Wenger has to man up for the first time in his life and treat his turncoat players the same way we all get treated in the real world. Its not even tough love, its called a contract.

I dreamt last night Theo agreed to do an exclusive for Le Grove, I told him he was bordering on being disloyal and even though he was starting to show his worth, we’ve seen 6 years of him stumbling around like Bambi on ice and he should be grateful, he agreed, what a dream!

I know, I know, why am I dreaming about another bloke…

Even though Robin spent most of his career in either a prison cell or a treatment table I make him right in saying he won’t renew until he sees player changes, he knows Wenger is so weak he’ll get his ticket out and once again we’ll lose our best player.

Time to show the players that the club comes first. Time to make a stand. If you want to give Robin what he wants then spend some of our money.

If we did decide to sell him then we should go out and replace him with Llorente. Right now, no messing about. Add Martinez to that and I think we will be the most feared team in the league this season. Funny thing is had Wenger done that in June we may have kept Robin, think of the forward line options we’d have then!

We do however have 7 players that will barely feature again for Arsenal and I for one cannot see why they are still here, giving some of them away would make more sense as it gets them off the payroll.

Arshavin, Bendtner, Chamakh, Djourou and Denilson are surely players we could sell. Squillaci and Park we should give away and if Diaby picks up another injury then pack him off in the January sales, I do have a glimmer of hope that if he does manage to keep fit, he will be like a new signing.

Oh and apologies to any other crap and overpaid player I may have missed off the above list.

Pre season starts tomorrow but a lot of our team will be rested, still our third choice team will see off the weekends competition and it will be nice to see if Kyle Bartley has stepped up.

I would still ask about Gotze and Vertonghen had he not already signed for Spurs but he did and we missed out, both would have been great additions but if it were just the two then Llorente and Martinez are the ones for me. I also like David Villa but I don’t think that would happen.

Have a great day Grovers, tomorrow it all kicks off again.

Steve Bould training defence… seriously | New Arsenal kit analysis | Defender promoted to first team

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Good morning best friends of the Gooner web. Today we’ll be talking about Arsenal. Just for a change.

First up. I want to say a big fat congratulations to the Arsenal retail team. I told you a few months ago that when I met the Retails Director I demanded that there be a disruption factor of 9 in the new away kit…

‘But Pedro, we’ve already gone to manufacturing with the all navy blue design’


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