A new keeper is a must today Arsene, for so many reasons it's a must.

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Barcelona unsettled Cesc so badly this summer that the player himself was in two minds, the reason he'll be back to his best is because both Barca and Arsenal wanted him, so in effect he had two birds fighting over him, only our bird had him tied down to a 5 year contract, so the old slapper from Spain lost out.

All the pundits were giving their reasons as to why he should go or stay but all agreed he was up there with the worlds best, giving the assist in the world cup final merely put the Cherry on the cake.

Now let's move on to our two keepers, Almunia and Fabianski, they have been bandied about by the press all summer as hapless and guilty of costing us points in many games, we have made 2 bids for Fulham's keeper and had them rejected, Wenger said in pre season, he didn't know who his number one was and admitted he was after another keeper, all this will tell even the most stupid of people they are not considered good enough for this team and one would suspect the captain has given his opinion and that Almunia knows it as well.

So what we have achieved is to unsettle three keepers, two of ours and Fulham's, he can't now go back to them and have any kind of relationship with their fans, Almunia will always know he wasn't wanted and isn't rated, so for many, many reasons we have to get a new keeper today. Giving him the armband doesn't made it or him better.

What we have done is not professional and that's not Arsenal, yes we may get a cheap keeper with these tactics but if we don't, we'll screw up two careers and for me that's as bad as Barca and their tactics.

Come on Arsenal, we are better than that, do the right thing and spend that extra £500k, he could win us the EPL and the ECL, maybe even the FA Cup and the Carling, don't lose out again.

One last thing, let's put out a proper team against the spuds, I would hate to lose out to them again in this cup, it means a lot to us fans to win a trophy, it means every bit as much to us to beat the scum.


Have a great day grovers, we are half a million quid away from having a great team, now we signed Squillaci I am happier at the back, we aren't far off, getting cover up front would be good, getting cover at DM would be better, but getting a new keeper now, is an absolute must.


Jack's a witness, Cesc is miserable because he's not playing great and Robin's Ok. Expect Schwarzer to sign today.

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Let's first of all clear up this Wilshere incident, someone was attacking a bird in Kensington, he stepped in to save her and now the police want to use him as a witness, he is a hero, so I wish the press will stop the rabid dog headlines and leave him alone, I would make him champ of the week but the way Theo has started, that wouldn't be fair.


Cesc is playing badly by his standards, so when the boss took him off, it was understandable he was fed up, he is our captain, he doesn't want to go off, let's not forget he stopped us going one down though, once the window closes he'll step up, don't worry about that.

What did amaze me was he handed the armband to Song, who handed it to Vermaelen, who handed it to Almunia, that to me is humiliating him, he has twice tried to replace him, giving him the armband is taking the mick and I wish he would stop doing it.

Pedro said yesterday that our defence was all over the place again, he is right, I wouldn't say it was Koscielny's fault, yes he was skinned, but Sagna should have been there, the real issue is that for me he is not the centreback we need, he is too much like Vermaelen and even he is not the Tony Adams type we need, maybe Kozzer will end up as a DM, either way it's not working at the back. Arsene, you have 2 days, don't mess about again, go and get a keeper and a centre back and do it today.

I expect Schwarzer to sign today, he has told Hughes he wants away and Given was managed by Hughes, so providing City let Given go, then the merry-go-round will begin. Squillaci has signed already, but I'd like another one. Big strong, no nonsense centre back plus a decent keeper and I'll be happy.

Other than the same old problem at the back, I thought we looked so much stronger in the middle, all bigger and stronger and less likely to get knocked off the ball by the EPL bullies.

I am concerned about Robin though, is he brittle or unlucky? I now think he is brittle, and when you add Bendtner to that I don't think we have enough up front, we could do with a forward, we have no one coming through so we need to bring someone in, Adebayor anyone? He can't get a game at the moment, ha, ha, oh and I am kidding!

The good news is that Robin only twisted his ankle, so he'll be back, and Chamakh is an able replacement so I'm not too fussed, but we are only in August and I am concerned.

Well no football for a few weeks but I have no doubts we will be glued to the internet until late Tuesday evening, have a great day Grovers, it will soon be over.


Massive result, but I have some big concerns... Ratings + Review

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It doesn't seem to matter when we go up to Blackburn, the heavens open regardless and the conditions conspire against us. Yesterday was no exception as the rain poured down in the middle of August. We fielded a very strong looking team going with the usual back 4, sticking Cesc Fabregas in the middle of the park and going with Robin in the middle relegating Chamakh to the bench.

Blackburn started off as we expected them to, firing long balls into the box. Almunia came and claimed the first one with confidence, you could almost hear the sigh of relief from the away crowd. This was going to be a long day for the beleaguered Spaniard, he needed to impress.

Song was back in his favoured position sporting a new blonde hair cut, he was helping the midfield tick along with his short passing and physical presence. Not long into the game, Diaby lashed a shot at the Blackburn goal after some penalty box ping pong. Shortly after that, Theo was adjudged to be offside after he stylishly chipped the keeper from 20 yards.

The game was surprisingly open considering who we were playing, it was real end to end stuff. Blackburn's tactics were long balls powered into the box from set plays and throw ins, but they were really focusing in on hitting our flanks and whipping dangerous balls into the box.  Something they were having frightening success with... especially down the left.

Cesc had to clear a powerful header off our line and moments later Almunia had to scramble across his goal to tip a floated header wide. A super save, very worrying that the Northerners were able to beat us to many of these balls.

Our defending was nothing short of shambolic, we were positionally naive and there was clearly no leadership at the back.

Our first chance came when Song found some space in the middle of the park, he made a short pass to Arshavin who tapped through to RvP who laid off a superb pass into the feet of Theo... who absolutely buried it into the bottom corner. He hit it so hard he literally pierced the net! A great finish reminiscent of Mark Overmars.

Our advantage was short lived. A speculative long ball was played out wide, Kozzer just needed to shepherd Diouf outwide, instead, he was muscled out the way then he didn't have the pace to recover... the Blackburn wide man powered into the box, picked out Diouf MKII and we were level again. A very poor piece of defending and a reminder that I was right when I told you weight and experience matter when you're a top class defender.

Robin went off with an injury. We now know it not to be serious, but it's still a shame that we know yet again, we're probably not going to be able to rely on his services for anymore than 30 games this season. He's a walking crockbomb and we've just got to get used to it. When you throw in the news that Nik B might be out for 2010, all of a sudden, we've got a striking crisis at the club! Lets hope Chamakh is made of the same stuff Vermaelen is!

I was confident we'd win the game in the second half but our lack of directness worried me in the second half. For all our possession, we really didn't seem to work Paul Robinson. We fear the shot, which seems to be something that's crept into our game over the past few years.

Our second came when Sagna worked hard to keep the ball in play, he flew into the box , picked out Cesc who smashed his ball into a crowd of players rebounding off Theo I think. Arshavin was there to pick up the pieces and he slotted it expertly into the bottom corner. We were winning now... could we hold onto the lead?

Well, our full backs weren't helping us, Blackburn continued to get the ball in from out wide and sloppy mistakes were creaping in. Vermaelen played Kalinic in with a poor clearance and Sagna had to put his body on the line to block a Diouf shot. Dunn was also given a chance to level the score after more shoddy defending...

Theo managed to have a second goal disallowed for a handball, we weren't getting luck of the draw going forward. Jack Wilshere nearly scored down the other end, it wasn't to be, the ref blew up, it was a super win for the boys in red and white!


Almunia: Under the circumstances, I'd say he did very well. He was assertive and he was a safe pair of hands today. I'm going to grade him a point higher than I normally would because of the added pressure. However, I'm not changing my opinion. People forget he's there to play like that week in week out and we know that over the past 3 years, he hasn't been able to do that. It's time for a change, time for some quality, time to accept he'll never be any more than a 2nd string keeper for us. 8

Clichy: I wasn't impressed with our left back today. He let Blackburn in far too many times for my liking and I thought he was sloppy. It's not going to be long before Gibbs is taking his place in the team because his performances have been weak for the best part of a year now! He wasn't in position for the first goal, but you've got to expect that when you want your left back to attack. 5

Sagna: A more solid performance than Clichy and a super assist. He seems to have worked hard on his crossing in the preseason because they're certainly a lot better than they were last year! He's a good defender, I'd just like to see a bit more discipline in game when the tactic of the opposition is to hit wide positions. 6.5

Vermaelen: I can't work out what the problem is here... is it that 23 year old Vermaelen isn't experienced enough to lead the line and his performances are going to be erratic next to less experienced players, or was it just a one off? He made some poor errors today and he didn't lead particularly well. 6

Kozzer: I felt sorry for him. It's not his fault is it? He's not ready for first team in the Premiership. He isn't up to speed and he isn't used to playing in our defence. His weakness is clearly aerial balls and strikers are going to take advantage of his slight frame. If he's getting into this much of a mess against Blackburn, how is he expected to deal with the Drogba test? He was at fault for the first goal and he was responsible for a host of other errors. Still, why should we expect him to come in and be a world beater? He's come in from a weak club and he's only had one year of semi decent football. He's got something about him... but it'll take time to adjust and bed in. Keep them crossed Squillaci can be the answer... Kozzer isn't at the moment. 5

Song: Well, we certainly weren't opened up down the middle today and there was no bully boy tactics going on from Blackburns side of things. I thought he passed well and he pushed danger down the channels. Hopefully he can maintain last seasons consistency and keep his fitness up to standard. 7

Diaby: Not good enough for me. I don't care what his passing stats were, he doesn't do enough for me. He makes wrong decision after wrong decision and he doesn't really add too much to our game defensively or attacking wise. He's the type of player who if he were to make the jump, could be immense... it just seems that jump is taking an age to happen. I'd prefer 6.5 in there... sorry, I mean Rosicky! 6

Cesc: Looked pretty moody yesterday. Who wouldn't after a coach ride to Blackburn? He's still a cut above anyone else in the Premiership for speed of thought and ability to find space. I thought he looked uncomfortable on the pitch, whether that was fitness or not being in Spain... hopefully he'll perk up as the season progresses. 6.5

Robin Van Persie: Created the first goal for Theo with a super pass, bar that, I can't remember him doing too much else bar fall to the ground in a typical crumpled heap. Thankfully it's only ten days out and he'll miss international duty. 6.5

Theo: The man is on a mission to become the player we all hoped he would. He had fire in his belly, he has Premiership swagger about his game and his finishing has transformed. He scored a great goal and he had two disallowed. I'm hoping he can score 15 goals this season, if he does, I reckon we could be in with a shout come the end of the season. 8.5

Arshavin: I thought he had a solid game today. For one so short, he sure packs some power. He's creative and he has that selfish streak our team sometimes lacks. He finished well this afternoon and he worked hard down his wing.  A good showing. 7

Chamakh: I'm not sure why Wenger didn't have our aerial supremo on from the start. He would have done a better job defending corners than Diaby and he'd give us a physical presence up top. He came on, linked in well and was unlucky with a few chances. 7

Rosicky: I'll just give him a 9 and leave it at that. I know how you sensitive souls get about player  ratings. I appreciate he was probably on the bench this week because of last weeks score! 9

Jack Wilshere: Only on for 8 minutes. 6