Gooners, do you want to keep Cesc? Then tell him!

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Okay, I know what you’re all thinking, what the hell does that mean? Well as I speak fluent Spanish (I have a translator piece of software) and you mob don’t I can tell you it means ‘Hands off Cesc Fabregas’ Or at least I think it does!

Now what I’m attempting to do here is an Egypt, I’m trying blog warfare, I’m trying to start something bigger than me, Pedro and Le Grove, I’m sending this to all the other Arsenal blogs urging them to put it up so all their readers sing this song on Wednesday as loud as they can, and as often as they can, but in English and to the well known tune of ‘We got Cesc Fabregas’ only this time the words are ‘Hands off Cesc Fabregas’

I figure 50 odd thousand Gooners bellowing that out at the top of their lungs will send a message to their team, their board, their supporters and Cesc himself, that he’s loved at Arsenal far more and they can go and look elsewhere, because we have Cesc Fabregas.

We can’t compete with the Spanish media and the bully boy tactics of the top two Spanish clubs but we can let them know how passionate the Arsenal fans are and what he means to us, we all know the song, let’s just change the words for Wednesday night.

I remember growing up with the old first division, all our great players went to Italy when they got good, ask Liam Brady, I was heartbroken, why? Because our league wasn’t that good, a bit like La Liga now, all they are is a glorified SPL in the sun, if Cesc went their he would do an Henry, a Hleb, a Petit, a Vieira or a Bobby Pires, he would realise he made a king size mistake, well I think we should send a message to the Barca bullies that we think they play in a shite league with only two teams worth a rats arse, let Cesc know how much we love him and show the bastardo’s that we can sing.

Carles Rexach formerly technical director at Barca and responsible for signing a 12 year old Messi is the bloke now saying they won’t sign Cesc because they can’t afford him, also he says that they have Keita, Affellay and Mascharano there as well as a lot of young talent coming through, though how Keita and Mascharano play in Cesc’s position is a mystery to me.

Now this could be the Catalans ‘Ratner’ moment, or it could be a sneaky way of bringing this whole sorry tale up again. Either way it’s time for us to stop being Barca’s bitch, it’s time for us to take the initiative and it’s time for us to show them that although they love him because he stopped there once to get a bastard bus, he’s been with us since he was 15 years old, has grown up with us, only knows Arsenal fans as his own and above all that, we love him more, so sod off, the only thing you have in common with him is he is Spanish, so what, does that mean? Wenger should go back and manage PSG because he has French DNA?

What do you think Grovers? Let them know they can’t push us around, then after we do that, go out and stuff them, the arrogant prima donnas, let’s show them how good our team is, let’s show them that we wouldn’t swap any of our players for any of theirs, as for Lionel Messi, he’s not a patch on our Robin, Nasri is better than Iniesta, Djourou is better than Pique, Theo’s better than Villa, Cesc is better than Xabi, and Jack’s better than any of them!

Alex I include you, Kozzer, Gael, Bacari, Chezzer and Andre in that as well!

If you guys play against Barca like you did against Wolves you’ll take a 3 goal lead to Spain for the return, no doubt about that, you do your bit and we’ll do ours.

Remember people, it’s ‘Hands off Cesc Fabregas’ to the tune of ‘We’ve got Cesc Fabregas’

Let them know that nobody bullies the Arsenal!


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Arsenal and the brave 300, this team is peaking at the right time!

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Well I’m writing todays post because Pedro is still in bed so you won’t get individual reports on players.

Today was a landmark and saw Robin Van Persie get the 300th goal at the Grove, Gilberto got the first to equalise against Villa, Ade got the 100th, Theo the 200th and the boy wonder the all important 300th!

Yes I know Huntelaar scored the first ever, but I’m talking Arsenal goals.

We needed to do well in this game to keep in touch with the jammy mancs who once again fluked a victory. We were playing the team that beat them last week and they were playing the team that had no imagination and parked the bus at our gaff.

Well I watched the game and I must say we played them off the park, we were sublime from the first minute and what a relief and a joy to see Johan Djourou back to boss the defence, he really is turning into the find of the season, Jack is fast becoming the best youth product that the Arsenal have ever seen and I include Chippy and Cesc in that and Robin today for me became the best striker in World football, yes, even better than Messi.

There’s not a lot I can say about this game other than we kept our shape, we pressed well, we held a high line and we battered them, Theo missed at least a hatrick, Cesc missed a bunch and when Bendtner came on with Chamakh, we missed some more, this game could easily have reached double figures and on this performance I can see us and only us winning the English Premier League.

Other news was that Barca drew after being one nil down and them coming to the home of football on the back of that bodes well for Arsene’s army.

Alex Song for me is growing with every game, Clichy has re-found his mojo, Koscielny looks as solid as any centreback we’ve had since Keown and Theo and Arshavin are starting to torment defences, Theo’s pace yesterday was sensational.

If we get Nasri back for the Barca game we’ll be unstoppable, do you hear me? Unstoppable!

Arsene, Pat and the whole team get a 10 for that performance.

I understand that Abramovich is after Steve Rowey, that won’t happen, money can’t buy you everything Roman.

Also the whole point about buying kids is you then have to stand back and wait 5 years to see what happens, in the case of the chavs that berk can’t even wait a season before he throws players and managers away.

That’s it for the match report, we played as well as we have all season, fantastic Arsenal, fantastic!

Tomorrows post is an initiative Grovers, make sure you tune in, tomorrows post is of biblical proportions, well maybe not biblical, but think Egypt and think protest, the rest you’ll have to wait until 9am on Monday.

Enjoy you day Grovers and watch MOTD it will be worth it!

Real to swap Benzema, Canales, Benidorm and £54mil for Cesc Fabregas!

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So this is it, will it be Chelsea or Benzema, Canales and a small province in Spain? My goodness what a complete crock of horse shite! So we have what? 3 months to the transfer window and they are talking like we’ve done a deal, my goodness in the last two transfer windows we’ve sold 300 players and bought what? Two, Squillaci and Koscielny and they would have us believe we are about to sign two top ones, this far back. Sure we are…

Anyway, Cesc is going nowhere save Barcelona, and as they can’t afford him, he’ll stay with us until they can, Cesc going to the chavs orReal would be the equivalent of Thierry Henry going to the spuds, it will never happen and spending time writing about it irritates me so this is it, no more, onto today.

Wolves up and 3 points are needed, even the boss is saying this game is more important than the Barca one, good on you Arsene, because for me it is as well, the Champions League for me is a side show, a well paid side show granted, but a lottery, who you get on the day and how well you play, the Premier league and the FA Cup for me are the big ones, and of course the Carling Cup!

Well we know that Djourou is back today, thank goodness for that, I also expect a surprise cameo from Nasri as well, I think he’ll be on the bench and that will lift the crowd, whether or not he plays is another matter but I do expect a statement of intent with the Barca game up next.

It seems that Krusty the Clown will be missing from their line up on Wednesday so that makes their crap defence even crappier, which means opportunity could and should be knocking!

We beat Wolves away with a Chamakh bullet header after 45 seconds, they don’t stand a chance, don’t forget the Mancs have been rubbish this season and the result at Wolves had been coming for some time, we had our blip last week, today I expect a confidence building hammering and I reckon we’ll go past that 4 goal watershed of last week, I really do.

Come on Arsenal, give it large and bring that confidence back for at least a 2nil win on Wednesday.

Just a quick not on the 4-4 draw with the barcodes last week, if you were depressed as I indeed was, think about this, in the history of the Premier League there have been 6, 4-4 draws, and we have been in three of them! Spuds, Liverpool and Newcastle and given that 2 of those were away from home, we should actually be quiet proud of our achievement! One way of looking at it, but at least it helps lift the depression!

I wouldn’t mind Benidorm though, cheap beer, full of you know what, great nightlife and a top climate, hmmmm….

So it seems the Egyptians has finally got shot of Mubarak, Algeria look like they’re next up, I hope the Iranians get rid of that Armandinnerjacket, then maybe the world will become a safer place and we can get the Black sea back on the tourist map!

Seriously, if any of our Grovers are out there and caught up in all these protests, be careful and stay out of trouble.

Have a great day grovers, today our tough week begins and today I expect a big win!