So, we-are-top-of-the-league, let’s hope we stay there!

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You never know, we could after today if the results go our way, we would need the mancs to crash though, and you know what? That’s possible.

I’m writing this instead of Pedro because once again his social life get’s in the way of his one post a week, so screw the player ratings as I find that boring and you know what I’m like when doing them.

The game started well with Denilson scoring and us going one up, I couldn’t believe he didn’t start without Diaby in midfield and still can’t, no Diaby, no Nasri and no Rosicky, he did have Nasri up top but I see him as more of a midfielder.

Anyway we were cruising but lacked that final penetration that those players seem to add and before we knew where we were we had Vermaelen sent off, and for what? It wasn’t a foul, it wasn’t a goalscoring opportunity so therefore it was neither a penalty nor a sending off, a disgraceful decision from a refereee that was 30 yards away and a lino that was unsighted, I hope we appeal.

Having said that though, in a week when the FA do nothing to scouse thug Gerrard for another assault, we get a straight red and I bet they would uphold it, or even increase it.

I thought Almunia had a blinder, very solid and a brilliant penalty save that the ESPN team kept telling us was wrong because Almunia moved, what? Every keeper moves, bone heads!

I thought Eboue had another great game and is beginning to look like a better bet than Theo, what the!!! And I will give Song a special mention because when he moved to centre back I thought he look better than Gallas, no pace but a great tackler, so maybe that’s his true position. I know he prefers it.

I thought Nikki B had a quiet game and Arshavin seemed frustrated, but it was great to have Cesc back and he was combining well with Nasri.

Campbell was again a man mountain, boy am I glad we got him back, and I thought Clichy was getting back to his best.

I thought the game changed when Diaby came on, he is so talented and now he has added consistency to his armoury, so well done son, I’m putting a word in to get you off the Marmite list!.

So on what could have been a very difficult day, the boys became men, reversing what we did last week against 10 man Hull and showing the world how it’s done. Top, top result.

Fantastic to hear that Robin is back in training this week, I just hope he can get back in time to face Barca, that would be something, having him back for the spuds and northern chavs would be a major boost as well.

I also hear that Aaron Ramsey is back at the Grove and walking without his crutches, top man, maybe he’ll make the bench for the final against Bordeaux in Madrid in May! I kid you, but I always believed he would be back fighting for his place in pre season, and he seems to be on track.

So all in all, a great day for the team, the Marmites in particular, we are now showing the signs that a great team shows when they win the league against all the odds, the crowd got behind the boys yesterday and did us proud, next up Birmingham away, and we owe them one!

Come on Liverpool, come on Blackburn, who knows eh! Have a great Domingo Grovers, this could be the day the worm finally turned.

Cockney boys my ring piece, that should be our mantle, they’re from Essex.

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So a quick lesson in what is a Cockney.

Well first of all, you need to be born within the sound of the Bow bells. So the next question is where are the Bow bells?

Well as I spent 17 of the first 21 years of my life 200 yards from West ham United’s ground, I can tell you that 99% of their fans think they are in Bow, Hackney.

Wrong, the are next door to St. Pauls in Cheapside, the Bow bells are actually St Mary-le-bow.

This was because the shanty town attached to the City of London was populated by people that were considered odd by the gentry, hence the word Cockney, named after the Cockney hen, which laid an odd shaped egg, so they believed that people that lived within the sound of the bells were odd.

So if the bells could be heard from where you lived, you were considered a Cockney, now that in my book would be Shoreditch, Spitalfields, Bethnal Green, Clerkenwell, Hoxton, western Whitechapel and a bit of Islington which is where Clerkenwell is. Now Arsenal is in Islington, but Upton Park is some 8.5 miles away and that my friends would have to be some bell that could be heard that far away.

Now I was born in Bethnal Green which is 2.5 miles from Arsenal and that is why I support them, as they are my nearest team, but West Ham are in E6  (Essex) and some 8.5 miles away, that’s not local and that’s why I don’t support them.

So we need to beat the tractor boys (new name) today to go top, not always an easy task at our place, but I’m sure the boys don’t need any encouragement what with the cherry of the premiership summit cake on offer, but West Ham are also in their own fight, the one for the Championship summit, so they will try hard.

I’ve always had a soft spot for West Ham, my second team if you like, and a lot of my mates support them, but today is business and today we must try and up our goal difference, so Manuel, please take note.

5.30 kick offs are crazy as it screws up the whole evening, but a win would sort that out.

It’s all getting exciting now, our team seems to be coming back slowly and maybe the lure of playing Barca will get Robin to shake that leg, come on Robin, your team needs you.

Nikki B likes to play West Ham, I still remember that wonder pass he made at Upton Park last year to Ade the whore, the one that sealed the deal, Nikki made the difference that day, let’s hope he does again.

Go Arsenal go, this one is to go top! Have a great and rewarding day Grovers.

P.S. The weather is getting nice, t-shirt weather is upon us… so why not have a look at some of our Gooner designs here!

ManU vs Barca the dream final say the media. Dream on, it will be Arsenal vs Inter.

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So the media say the dream final would be ManU vs Barca, nice, wasn’t that the final last year? Why do they say that then? I’m guessing because fat boy is scoring a few goals and he’s flavour of the month, about time then, he only cost £28 million, and didn’t they say all this when they had Ronaldo last season?

Stuff them, I really hope they draw each other in the next round and Inter get Bayern Munich, the two French sides play each other and we get the Russians. Now we’ll all know in a few hours but if we get them and draw the winners of Bordeaux and Lyon in the semis, I can see us winning this.

The only way that will happen is if we all start to believe. So lets have a belief fest until 10.45 and see where it takes us.

Not a lot of other news out there today but Lansbury is talking about coming back to Arsenal and the press are calling him a winger. As I said yesterday, there comes a time when we have to decide if any of these kids will make it, if not then we have to sell them and move on. I’m sure the next three to step up will be Bartley, Wilshere and JET, I’m not sure about the rest though.

I think we’ll have Cesc, Rosicky and Song back for the West Ham game but I’m not sure about Gallas, and I really wish the club would speak out regarding Robin and Johan, I’m sure the return date for both was April.

So my team for tomorrow is this.


Eboue Campbell Vermaelen Clichy

Nasri Cesc Diaby

Rosicky Bendtner Arshavin

That would be my team but I’m sure he’ll play Song and not Nasri and maybe Theo instead of Rosicky. I wouldn’t mind either, but we need to win.

So the question at the moment is Gallas, but you know what? Gallas is always a question at this time of the year and the boss really ought to factor this in next year with the reported 2 year contract, I’m with Wenger on this one, yes Gallas is a good centre back but what the point in giving a 2 year contract to a player who has missed the business end for the last two seasons?

I really beleive that we have suffered in defence since we lost the famous fab four and that is the area we need to address this summer, maybe we should go after Sacko before the world cup, maybe we should have signed a Shawcross before the Ramsey affair, maybe this 18 year old Welsh kid is worth investing in, but we do need to do something sooner, rather than later.

Campbell for me is the signing of the season, he is immense, he was free and he has arrived at the right time but he he is too old for next season, Vermaelen, the other signing of the season needs  a partner, and a big one.

Anyway to win the league and the European Cup we need to get our centre forward back so I’m hoping he’s going to start training soon, come on Robin, your football club need you!

Have a great day Grovers, today is Friday and tomorrow we go top!

And don’t forget, if the bloke down the road has his curtains drawn, buys his airline tickets with cash and is always on the internet, then report him, he’s a terrorist. How on earth would you know if he bought his airline ticket with cash, those crazy ads crack me up, yes they do, don’t forget though, it’s your duty report the sucker. So get reporting!