The Premiership is like the Championship | Oh do shut up Nik… | Arsenal preview

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This post was written yesterday when life was far less hungover, so apologies if something has happened in the mean time that I’m unaware of!

First off, Nikki Big Bo*locks has well and truly landed again. He’s piped up in the media about his lack of playing time and how he might leave if his chances don’t improve. Now Nik, I’m pleased you think you’re good enough to merit a start, but lets get a bit of perspective here, you haven’t exactly set the world alight with the limited time you’ve had so far this season. If you’re going to whine and moan everytime you’re benched, maybe you shouldn’t get injured so much and maybe you should concentrated a little more when you’re on the pitch?

You’ve got no more or no less right to the first team than anyone else. Wind your neck in and concentrate on improving because you’re a long way off where you think you are as a footballer.

Everton is the game tomorrow, all the way up in the North West at a cold, wet and very scouse Goodison Park. The game is going to be a tough one. I watched Everton play against the Spuds and they’ve definitely got a solid team and a few players in there who can damage us. The main one to watch out for is going to be Tim Cahill, he’s incredible in the air for one so small and he’s got a good finish. Felliani isn’t playing, great news indeed!

There is no new injury news. Gibbs returns to the squad, hopefully to put a bit of pressure on Clichy. We let you know first via @Arsenal_Legrove that there was still no movement on the Vermaelen mystery. I think it’s a real shame he’s picked up this problem, he clearly loves being on the pitch more than most and now he’s stuck with a problem that has ruled him out¬†indefinitely.

I’d imagine the team will line up in the same way it did against Wolves. Now, I didn’t catch the whole of that game, but here are a few observations…

1) Our defence looked incredibly weak considering the relatively meek attacking prowess Wolves have. We need to do better against Everton becuase they are far more likely to punish us especially if Saha lands a start.

2) Arshavin looked as though he found a bit of spark again. We need him making a nuisance of himself and we need him having a pop every now and then. He’s lethal when he has his head on the game and it’s about time he delivered a blistering 90minute performance. Football can be a bit like golf. Sometimes you’re out on the course and you forget how to play, but a couple of good shots later, you remember what a good swing feels like. I’m hoping that can happen to Arshavin can pump some feel back into his game.

3) Chamakh needs to get the right type of service… in the air. There’s no point signing a heading maestro and feeding him duff crosses. The Song ball against Wolves was early and pinpoint the other night and Chamakh nodded home. Our Morrocan is a top player in my opininon and he’s only going to improve. I’d like to see him show a bit more ambition with his goals tally… we’ve got too many selfless players in the team at the moment and that can sometimes lead to us firing blanks. It’s like being at the Christmas table when there’s one roast potato left and no one wants to take it… someone just needs to introduce some greed and wolf that bad boy down!

I’m confident that we can kick on from our disappointments so far this season. I’m confident because that’s what we do right? Sure Fabianski could cock up again, Clichy could slip over and JD could lose his man inside… but I’m not going to think about that. The Premier League has become like the Championship, no one it seems can guarantee a result against anyone and everyone seems to be dropping points. Did anyone notice relegation fodder Liverpool are now on the same points as Spurs in 6th?

As quick as you’re down, you’re straight back up in this league which is why beating the top 4 teams this year will probably have a massive impact in the final resting place for the 2010-11 Premiership trophy.

Let’s have a big game tomorrow boys, I’m predicting a 2-0 victory to the boys in¬†red and white, with red socks of course.

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Transfer rumours at the Arsenal, true or false? JET, is he worth it? You bet he is!

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There’s a whole bunch of rumours out there at the moment and whilst I like them, the question is, do I believe them?

Let’s look at the first one, Andy Carroll, the 6’4″ striker is a big lump alright, in fact he’s not a bad player, but is he much different to Bendtner or Chamakh? Yes he scored against us, but that was more a goal keeping howler than a well worked goal, so for me this rumour is a rumour and it’s not going to happen.
He’s also about to go to prison, if there is still a law against beating women up that is.

Now the other bit of gossip is the bit about Gary Cahill, big strong centreback with pace and presence, yes is the answer, I’d have him. Do we need him? Yes, you bet we do, I know we have Squillaci, Koscielny and Djourou but they aren’t the real deal like Vermaelen, and he may be out for the whole season.

So as far as I’m concerned, Koscielny isn’t good enough, Squillaci is okay and maybe Djourou will come good, but none of them are solid enough and we are still very suspect at the back, so yes, in a heartbeat.

Good news is Gibbs is back in training and possibly back in the squad for the Everton game, Diaby has responded well in tests but you have to ask the manager, why are we persevering with him, he’s always broken, he’s certainly not intelligent (as Wenger likes to say) and he’ll be forever standing in the way of buying a player that would make a difference, like a Shweinsteiger.

I’d now like to move onto JET, who is scoring amazing goals for fun in the rub-a-dubs, when Flamini, Song and Denilson arrived they went straight into the team and got game after game, often to the annoyance of us the fans, we’ve started to play Wilshere on a regular basis so why not start giving JET playing time? He’s already better than Bendtner, maybe he could play in the hole, like Diaby would if he was fit.

What would we have to lose eh? I’d give him a go, shove him on against Everton, we could do with a bit of height in there.
That’s it for today, that’s about as positive as I can be right now, a win against Everton would be amazing, maybe this is the time to try plan B.

Have a great day Grovers, tomorrow is the weekend and the love will return.


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Arsenal back on track with hard fought win against a tough, tough team. Well done Arsenal!

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Ok a win is a win and to be honest I didn’t expect a win at Wolves any more than I expected a loss against the barcodes. We are still behind the chavs, have closed the gap on the mancs and have stretched our lead over the spuds to 7 points, so the smart-dim balance has been restored! And I am delighted.

It wasn’t a win that suggested 2 nil, but I’ll take it, Fabianski pulled off two blinding saves to deny them and he now seems to be Wengers number one, there is no chance we’ll see Almunia back in between the sticks and I suspect he’ll be gone in the window, he’ll then officially give the number two spot to Chezzer, who signed a new deal yesterday because he was told he’ll get his chance the minute Fabianski is injured or commits a howler, I expect one of the those to happen at some point, but not a new keeper, and to be honest, I’m Ok with that.

Don’t forget we told you yesterday that Chezzer signed a new deal, you heard it hear first on Le grove, the site for exclusives!

Great to see Cesc battling for the ball again and good to see when one of our players gashes someones leg with a late miss-timed, dirty tackle, that the boss sees it as accidental, well done Arsene! And well done to their manager for accepting Wenger’s apology with good grace. I had dinner with Mick once, he’s a good bloke.

I’ve been reading with aghast that we were going to loan Ramsey out to Fulham, I thought WHAT? To the same tosser that wouldn’t sell us his ageing keeper, the same miserable sod that we sold Adebayor and Toure to and wouldn’t do us the same courtesy back, why would we do that? And why would we loan our best defensive midfielder out and not play him in our team, was I smelling an Eduardo all over again?

Thankfully the boss has come out and said absofuckinglutely not, thank goodness for that. I see Ramsey in my line up with Cesc, Nasri and Wilshere, now there’s a mouth watering prospect! I really can’t wait for that to happen, skill combined with aggression, what a line up, and it’s coming our way this season!

Ok so next up is Everton away this Sunday on Sky Sports, that will be a tough one but the last time we went there we won 6-1 so happy memories indeed, that’s followed by the spuds at home and the chance to go 10 points clear and that should end their chances before the end of the month of finishing above us this season!

So that win last night was important, they will take points of off the top teams this season, in fact they already have, so that was a massive, massive win, we are back on track, the mancs and the chavs are far from convincing and we are doing all this without Ramsey, RVP, Ramsey and a world class defence, so maybe the boss will start concentrating on buying players in the window, at least once he’s sorted his personal life out anyway.

Not a lot more to say save that if we score early, it makes for less tension for the fans and the team, and with a shot stopper like Fabianski in the side, they were never going to get back in it, PHEW!

Have a great day Grovers, great win! great attitude and back on track!