Sign whichever keeper City don't want plus Cahill or Tasci - No more French players - Arsenal win it for England!

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I would have Hart personally, though I suspect Mancini will want Hart because he is now the new England keeper so if that's the case then I would go for Given.

I would buy for Cahill for his EPL experience or Tasci because he's good and German. The reason I say no more Frenchman is because the dressing room balance would be too Gallic and that won't be a good thing. Sagna, Clichy, Traore, Nasri, Koscielny, Song, Vermaelen and Wenger are all French speakers. So we have enough. Get those guys and I honestly think we will win the league.

The gossip today is that Schwarzer is on his way to us and Almunia is off to Villa, and that we are after Sakho, hmmmm, even though he is French I would still have him, but I would prefer the above, time will tell.

So Mr Capello says he won't be needing Beckham anymore, he's too old. Well footballing wise, that's the best news I've heard all year, Fabio has finally had the balls to get rid of David Beckham, for him to be wheeled out for so many 2 minute caps he hasn't deserved for over 4 years has been a national disgrace and an insult to Bobby Moore and all the other England greats who's record he surpassed because the FA were milking his marketability.

If he had had any pride he would have walked away, I'll never forget the way he told the world not to blame David Seaman in Japan, when it was him who was to blame, and by highlighting that fact, Seaman got blamed, very cynical, he would deny it of course, but he would deny that he always jumped on a goalscorers back just to get his boatrace in the picture.

Anyway, at least I won't have to watch him taking away Peter Shilton's record, which could has been out of sight if it wasn't for Ray Clemence and of course the shameless FA.

All of this is only my opinion and not that of Le-Grove, I know some of you like him but I remember the tackle he jumped out of which lost us that quarter final in the world cup.

The reason that no one booed England was because all the real fans stayed away, it was full of kids and Hungarian waiters.

Well Theo was most certainly man of the match in the first half but after he gave way to Ashley Young in the second, Keiran Gibbs became man of the match, he gave the assist for the equaliser but was miles better than Cashley Cole was in the first.

Two things I realised, the first is I don't want Jagielka and the second, I don't want Adam Johnson either. I hope Gerrard doesn't have another game like that on Sunday, because he was good, but I won't forgive him for the 'don't give a rats arse' performances in Africa his team gave.

Gibbs though should get the nod over Clichy, his time has come Arsene, stop looking at their passports.

With ten minutes to go, on comes my third man of the match, Jack Wilshere, although he wasn't on for long he replaced Gerrard, and for that he deserves much credit, big ask. His first touch resulted in a Hungarian getting under Jack's boot, which in my book is cheating. And on 89 minutes the way Jack positioned himself on the near post for their last corner was simply masterful, well done Jack!

And to think Jack spent the previous night in hospital with stomach pains, think what he'd be like if he wasn't ill!

You really have to question Capello's decision not to have taken these three wonderkids to the world cup, but reading the papers and listening to the media you would think we had lost, I thought the team played well and if Theo plays like that on Sunday, he'll be on the winning side, well done England and well done the Arsenal boys.

England will only get better if this is the nucleus of the team, and Arsenal will too if they play Wilshere more often, I'm surprised that Frimpong didn't get called up and if we don't watch it, he'll be off to Ghana to replace Chelsea old boy Essien, get in there Fabio, you made one good call, now make another, Frimpong is the next big thing.

You may think I'm a little biased when reading this report today, but I really thing the Arsenal boys made the difference and that bodes well for us this season, if the boss just gets a centre back and a keeper from the list I supplied above, we have a great chance this season, but you must play those kids more Arsene.


If he does buy those players, I wonder if they'll play on Sunday? Have a hopeful day Grovers, this could be what we've all been waiting for at last!

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Keeper on his way? - Superstar decline - Why we should buy big!

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Good morning Grovers! I hope you all took time out to read El Tel's early morning rant, superb effort there, I hope you'll all agree!

Onto today!

First up, it appears Carvahlo has moved to Madrid for a reported £6million. Jose's first signing from England this term and a nice piece of business considering the defence they have over in Madrid. I mention this because it has a three-fold meaning.

Firstly, just because a player is over 30, it doesn't mean you have to release them for a free transfer. Arsenal seem to be very keen to control every penny when buying a player, but when releasing a player who has earned staggering wages over the length of their career, we're shouldn't be so happy to let them go for a free.  Pires, Sol Campbell and William Gallas all spring to mind when I think of players we've let go for nothing out of love.

Secondly, it's exciting to see that Chelsea do appear to be falling apart. They've lost nearly all of their pre-season games and now they've arguably let their best defender go, not to mention their captain has lost all his pace and confidence. I'd love to think it's over for them, but they've got deep pockets and no doubt a £20million signing will come in.

Also, as one of the Grovers pointed out last night. Chelsea bought him for £20million, sold him for £6million and had 6 seasons out of a player who brought them huge success. All for £14million. That's a good deal and shows you that buying top quality for a large fee can bring rewards.

Man up Arsene and take the plunge with a great keeper like Reina, you seriously can't lose.

Our squad is looking exciting in a tragic kind of way for the Liverpool game. For the life of me I can't understand how Wenger can have any justification for leaving Robin out of the Liverpool squad when he had nearly the whole of last season to rest and catch up with his friends and family.

Though Cesc had more of a season, he still had March and May to recover when he wasn't playing for Arsenal. Factor in he played about 26minutes during the world cup. I can't for the life of me understand the logic in risking the opening game of the season by fielding a HUGELY inexperienced side.

For starters the psychological blow would be terrible and kicking off a league campaign with a loss against a hungry Liverpool side isn't going to do us any long term favours, especially when confidence is clearly so fragile in this group of players.

There are big worries about Frimpong in the Le Grove comments section. People who've watched him regularly for the youth team believe he has great potential but they have zero trust in his ability to stay disciplined, to control Liverpool's attacks and to make accurate passes. This was news to me, but the Legia Warsaw game hardly filled me with confidence. Roy Hodgson is doubtful to field a team capable of conceding five... us on the other hand, well, you just never know!

With only a few days before the season kicks off, I thought I'd draw you a to an interesting point that kind of rams home a something Geoff and I have tried to communicate over the past few seasons.

People talk about the 'bigger picture' when trying to justify our lack of spending and investment in the first team. I understand we've got debt to pay off, but the fans were never told the intention was to pay the mortgage of in 6-7 years so the board could make maximum revenue when selling the club.

Le Grove isn't fussed about how much money the shareholders make despite Geoff owning some shares. What we're worried about is the long-term revenue streams of our club. More specifically, the revenue you make from your future fans. How draw these people in?

Well, firstly, you ensure all new fathers have the guts to force their children into supporting the mighty Arse. I know that was my fate. No Christmas presents was the threat... the confiscation of food and water is probably the tipping point.

What about the dad's with no gumption? What about couples where football isn't a priority, you know, scrabble on a Saturday afternoon types? What about the dreaded dads who support 'football', or like...  * Who are their kids going to support? I'll tell you who... whichever team is winning the most. Whichever team has the most exciting players. Whichever team all the other kids are supporting in the playground.

You might say we don't want those types of fans. Well, I'd tell you to grow up with that kind of attitude. There is a reason that kids like crappy pop music, it allows them to fit in and gives them an easy ride at school. At the moment, I can assure you, kids who support Arsenal will probably be getting a ribbing. My girlfriend knows nothing about football, bar Arsenal don't win anything... she gets a right hander everytime she says it, but that's besides the point (Jokes...).

If you want to secure future revenue streams, you have to invest in something other than 17 year old kids. Making superstars shouldn't be a 5 year process. It should be a 1 season process like it used to be. Just back up this point, I found article on shirt sales and I'll give you the headline figures.

2007-08 - Adebayor, Robin Van Persie, Cesc Fabregas

2008-09 - Fabregas, Walcott, Robin Van Persie

2009-10 - Arshavin, Fabregas

So what does this tell you? Well, it tells you that this is the first season out of five that we've lost a bit of pulling power with the youngsters. We've never been a team renowned for shirt sales, but I'd bet you a fiver we had more in that top ten back when we had great players all over the pitch. It tells you that regardless of what you think of Arshavin, the guy is a superstar and kids love him. It tells you that the Walcott kids books don't do him any favours even with a world cup coming and that £6ok a week hasn't seen the expected return.

Kids are fickle, I mean, having Adebayor on your shirt after one good season despite his lack of talent shows you what a top striker can do for your shirt sales. Is it any wonder that in a season where none of our forwards scored more than 15 goals, we don't manage to have a striker in the top 10 for shirt sale? That says that kids don't buy shirts on potential (Theo shirt sales exploded on the back of the Croatia hattrick)...

So what's the on cost of Wenger not spending? Why doesn't anyone see the bigger picture there? Why is a team that boasts the 2nd most exciting brand of football in the world not more represented with shirt name sales and shirt sales in general?

Are the people looking at the bigger picture actually looking at the smaller picture?

P.S. Schwarzer has put in a transfer request. No source, but it wouldn't surprise me!


George Graham: How F*cking dare you...

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A quick warm up post from a resident Grover over the past few years, El Tel. He's an Arsenal steward, an ultra passionate fan and someone I can say we have had to ban from the LG comments section on occasions for taking the passion a bit too far! Anyway, this rant was too good not to share with the masses, ear muffs for those who are against blue language! Enjoy...

I get the f*cking hump when I read kids on multiple domains dismissing GG and what he gave to Arsenal.

George Graham was then what Maureen is now, yet the kids hero-worship the flash c*nt?

GG was a great tactician who inherited another great tactician's youngsters (Don Howe).

I hear the average players being mentioned when reminiscing about George's reign but I don’t see too many people mentioning the greats? Well, for the benefit of those who weren't around to remember, here are a few...

  • David Seaman
  • Lee Dixon
  • Steve Bould
  • Alan Smudger Smith
  • Nigel Winterburn
  • John Jensen (Yes he was good)
  • Stefan Schwarz
  • Martin Keown (Re signed)
  • Ian Wright
  • Kevin Richardson
  • Brian Marwood
  • Anders Limpar
  • John Hartson

I guess these were average were they? There are more but I am too angry to think.

He also helped great players like Rocky Rocastle, Mickey Thomas, Paul Davis, Tony Adams, Paul Merson, David O’Leary,  John Lukic enjoy great careers, again there are more, but I'm too angry to remember.

The Mancs play with average players even today Brown, O’Shea, Fletcher etc yet they are lauded as great. They win things because they cheat FACT. The Manc c*nts drink and smoke (Rooney) yet that's ok is it?

F*ck off all you GG haters, the man has ARSENAL in his blood man and boy. He still loves us even after being hung out to dry regarding the money scandal.

We would have won lots more with GG as Manager even if the style of football doesn't correlate with what you're being served up today.

We are becoming the Spuds of yesteryear playing great football but winning f*ck all.

GG did sign some duds but not as many as Uncle Arsene has.

Diawara some dodgy forward, Garde, Grimandi, Vivas, Stepanovs, Cygan, Almunia, Flappy, Denilson, R.Wright, The fox in the box.  Shall I go on, becuase I assure you I could.

GG also came a gnats away from going unbeaten with an unlucky 2-1 loss at Stamford Bridge, something else we all tend to forget.

The Children who think football started in the Wenger years should buy a book or a DVD called the History of Arsenal. You might then realise what a great great club you actually support.

Liverpool next week, let's see who is more scared! How is Roy f*cking Hodgson all of a sudden a great manager?

F*cking hilarious, that's all they could afford!

Anyway, up The Gunners. Come on you Reds!

Pedro will be back at 0900 with today's post!

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