So now thats out the way what next? Who do we bring in?

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So now the dust is beginning to settle and we’ve done the Sunday and Monday papers what next? First of all, I don’t want to discuss that filthy cockroach who’s name I won’t say again, I hope he slides back up the unwashed rectum of whoever abused him in Togo with the same speed and gusto as he slid toward our fans on Saturday, I wish him nothing but bad luck throughout his career and pray that all nuetral fans will dislike the piece of infected dog shit as much as I know we all do.

Before you smug northern monkeys start crowing in the stadium you never actually paid for, he did it to Togo, he did it to Monaco, he did it to us and he’ll do it to you, the difference is, we got £25 million of your grubby sand stained pound notes for the worthless sack of leeches shit, I hope someone sets his head on fire before they shove up your managers arse to put it out. Blistered, yes, both the head and the arse.

Okay so now what, what does the manager do next? Who will he bring in, will it be Coquelin, Merida, even Senderos, no, it will be the same old, same old I fear, we won’t see Merida appear until we sell Cesc to Barcelona next season as we replace him with the £40 million we get as a fee, we will see Denilson, Diaby, Eboue, Song and Almunia appear for the next 8 games, and as they are all winnable we will then be told how good they are, what the new average age of the team is and I believe in this group of players. I would even give Senderos a go as a defensive midfielder, I really would, it can’t get worse can it.

My theory on why we won’t see Arshavin, Rosicky and Eduardo too much together is it fucks up the average age he loves to talk about so much. If we are going to play these young kids, at least let’s play those that clearly have talent, like Coquelin, Wilshere, Merida and Ramsey. Why, when we have players like Barazite that can play out wide, do we play 6’3″ players like Bendtner and Diaby? It makes no sense to me, it’s a bit embarrassing to be honest.

I can’t think of anything good to say because I feel like shit, and no doubt I’ll be getting all those stupid emails and texts today, the great thing is I don’t know any City fans, well to be honest, who does, doesn’t everyone up north support United?

Anyway, the great thing about being in the borough of Islington is everyone is a Gooner, so we are all sharing the pain. We were the better side, but as so often, also the most tactically inept.

Anyway tomorrows post will be a positive one because we have a game coming up and more importantly Pedro will be back, and he is far less irritable about shit results and poor selections than me.

Have a great day Grovers, it has to be better than Sunday!

We were given a lesson in buying players, thanks Arsene.

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I am absolutely devastated this morning, I have a hollow feeling inside me that I thought I would never have again, the problem is that unlike Charlton Athletic who can’t get the best, we can and didn’t, again.

We don’t have the sort of money that Mark Hughes has at City, granted, but we did have the £40 million he gave us, but the manager in his wisdom decided that what we had was good enough.

This time last year when we got beaten by Fulham, I wrote a post called ‘The Emperor has no clothes on’ well 12 months on and nothings has changed, he still persists with players in the team that are just not good enough. One, Denilson can’t even speak English, how does that work then.

This team isn’t let down by the players that aren’t good enough, it’s let down by the man who seems to own Arsenal football club, and that hurts. I said don’t get carried away when we blitzed hapless Everton, then we played ManU and lost, now we played their half witted cousins and lost again, yest I know we didn’t have our best players playing but that will happen all season, thank goodness Man City had the same problem or it could have been a cricket score.

Our second string players should be better, there is no excuse, we had at least £40 million to spend and even though we knew we had lost Djourou for the season, chose not to.

Arshavin, Eduardo and Rosicky will be injured a lot, we should plan for that, we didn’t and through the belligerence of our manager we will now have a season of great one minute and shit the next.

I chose to write this today as yesterday I was very, very angry, today I am just fed up. I wont mark the whole team, but I will single our my men of the match.

Almunia 0 – He is simply a clown, never has and never will be good enough for the team, Jens had him right, why do we persist with such a hapless keeper.

Denilson 0 – Just not good enough for a team like Arsenal, can’t be arsed to learn English and that says enough for me.

Song 5 – Takes the credit for their second goal, I know he tries but again, he’s not good enough to be in this team. He makes too many mistakes where it counts just like Senderos did.

Diaby 3 – Another that flatters to deceive, one good game, 3 bad ones and at this level it’s not good enough.

Eboue 3 – An adequate right back but that’s all, too often a makeweight in midfield because the manager likes him, not good enough.

Clichy 5 – Bad game but so did Cesc, I think he’s a class act but too often his errors cost us goals, Wenger needs to have a word, or give the job to Gibbs.

I know a lot of our players didn’t turn up, a lot did and Rosicky had a blinder, but project youth has failed and it’s too late to do anything now.

Wenger has too much power at this football club, he’s a great coach, but someone needs to tell him to buy some decent players, because the ones he has are simply not good enough, I am getting too old to go through yet another season watching us compete for nothing.

I am still numb, I have been kind today, I will let the 3 people I yellow carded back on today but please understand we don’t want to be lectured to, come on and have fun, don’t come on and look for a row.

Have a nice Sunday Grovers, my weekend has been ruined.

You lying sack of rat shite Barn door, you are mentally ill, I didn’t hate you, I do now.

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Adebayor said this yesterday…

‘I hadn’t done or said anything about leaving Arsenal but the fans had made up their minds’ he told that to The Guardian.

Today in the Mail he says the hate from the Arsenal fans will live with him for life and he doesn’t know why.

To set the record straight you moron, you told the world on Sky Sports News you wanted to talk to Milan, those words came out of your own stupid mouth you retarded twat, stop lying, stop making us the scapegoats for you greed, you were caught on film and that’s why we hate you and will now hate you even more than we hated you yesterday.

I call upon all travelling fans to laugh at him everytime he touches the ball, don’t boo, he wants that, just laugh, it’s never been done before, it will humiliate him, if any of your mates are going call them and pass this message on, a Le Grove tactic to show him how we all feel.

He talks of how badly we treated him, what? I never heard all this hate he talks of when I go to watch the Arsenal, I tell you what though, I hate him now. I really, really hate him now.

I don’t understand why the City fans like him, especially as he tried to get Man U to sign him and Chelsea and that was after he agreed terms with them, he really is a half witted lying prick and I hope he get the same from City fans as he will get from us from now on in.

That is the last I will talk about him.

Lets hope we give the chavs of the north a good spanking today, lets really turn it on and show them that money can’t buy you success, that all money can buy you is two Arsenal rejects.

I’m going for 4-1 Arsenal, I think Bendtner will play and score, I hope we have a forward line of Robin, Bendtner and Eduardo and they all score a hatrick.

Finally I hope Ade’s head explodes up Mark Hughes’s arsehole, and that a every Arsenal fan at the game laughs at the bastard.

Have a great day Grovers and Arsenal, it’s time to show what you’re made of.