Replica shirts? Grow up…

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Man, you wake up, look to the left, there’s no female, look to the right, there’s an empty box of fried chicken. Not a successful night, but hey, I’ll always have my phone. So I log on, to see what all my Twitter best friends have been talking about and bugger me sideways… they’re losing their minds over the new Arsenal shirt.


I know. Why indeed. Why would grown men even consider buying a full replica shirt. This people, is a question for another day, but the angst, well that’s about the tiered soccer shirt system. You can buy a replica shirt, or you can buy the player issue shirt which will likely retail at £90.


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Rambo back

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Not much adventure going on in the world of Arsenal today, so this will brief.

Martinez is hot on the tongues of the press. He’s hot property in managerial circles, taking Everton close to hitting 4th spot. Apparently, his substitutions this year have earned Everton an additional 13 points. Not bad eh? He has a great repuation in the game and he has all the ingredients Wenger lacks with regards to modern management.

I think when Wenger eventually leaves, it’ll be between Martinez, Klopp and Steve Bould. So it’ll be interesting to see what happens tomorrow. Arsene was quite short about Martinez, what was great to hear is that the manager said he’d have nothing to do with appointing his successor!


What is important tomorrow is that we show Martinez who is boss. I’m sick of and his Everton side. We need to put 4th place to bed. I mean, even if it goes tits up tomorrow, Everton still have a load of tough games, so I’m still confident we’ll make Champions League. Issues is, we shouldn’t be chasing 4th, we should chasing the title.

It is what it is…


Aaron could be back in the squad tomorrow. Happy days. A bit of energy in our midfield. Also, the added mental boost you get when you know your best players is coming back into the line up!

Right, that’s me done today. I have nothing in the locker. See you tomorrow. Enjoy the sun!