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Spent the day in a place they used to mine uranium called, Uravan. In 1921, the mined ore would fetch $71,000 a gram. They used it to make military watch dials glow, to harden steal, then they used it in bombs. What a town. I mean, until people started getting cancer and they closed the whole place down. Regardless, what a day.

Anyway, I was pretty hacked off the Arsenal Opinion boys pulled together a show in my absence that was really good and funny and they didn’t really miss me. Fuckers. Tune in to hear for yourself, details at the bottom of the post.


The latest on M’Bappe | The Sanchez dilemma | Arsenal Opinion Awards

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via @Arsenal instagram

via @Arsenal instagram

A massively short blog entry from me because I’m away in a place so remote, you have to use a satellite phone to make contact with people.

Today’s offering is the verbal sort. The podcast has Matt, Alfred and Dan discussing all things Arsenal. It’s a corker, enjoy, leave a comment, rate us with a 5* if you so desire!

See you on the other side…

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Wenger rolls out more excuses as it becomes clear that big changes aren’t  coming

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A quick post from me because I am sneaking one in before bed.

I thought this was interesting from Wenger when talking about his future.

“It’s not, ‘is it me or not me,’ but not to know do I go or do I stay… The uncertainty creates a problem.”

“I must say in hindsight, today looking back at the season, my situation had an impact. I don’t know how big it was but it had an impact because of the lack of clarity.”

… the man is an absolute excuse machine. I mean, maybe the players were impacted by the absolute horror of big papa bear leaving the nest. I’m just not sure I quite buy into that narrative. What happened last season when Wenger was locked into at least one more season? I mean, we were taken down by Claudio Ranieri of all people. What happened the season before that when Jose Mourinho rolled into Chelsea and bossed the league again?

The more you listen to Wenger in the press, the more difficult it is to accept him as an elite football coach.

A lot of people were upset the other day when I said he wasn’t serious about winning, despite no one being able to offer me up any real examples of Wenger going all out to win things. So when you read that Wenger’s analysis of the season is we’re 3 players away from winning it all, and actually, it was his contract that caused the problems last year… you can see him carefully curating a marble path of smooth excuses that remove him from any sort of culpability or accountability.

It’s not even just these excuses. He’s blamed mystery incidents he won’t share with us, he’s blamed the fans, he’s blamed a once in a lifetime blip… he’s even blamed the CL on the fact that there are 4 halves in a last 16 game.

He’ll never get to the core of what the problem is. He won’t detail tactics, attitude, fitness or player quality. Why do I think that is? Because he doesn’t know what the problem is.

He’ll never tell the fans what they want to hear… that is, a vision of what the future looks like. An acceptance he’s had it horribly wrong for years. A promise to fix things.

It’s crazy.

Anyway, that’s me done for the evening. I’ll be back tomorrow with some ideas on how to fix the future.