Ozil breaks. Will heads roll?

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I don’t know the detail. I don’t know the exact methodology going on. But I know a few bits of circumstantial evidence that would suggest our summer signing of Shad Forsythe isn’t quite working out.

I said at the time of his signing I wondered how the ‘politics’ would work. This thought was reinforced at The Emirates cup when he was introduced under some ridiculous job title and ‘working with Tony Colbert’.


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Who is our international break sacrifice?

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International break lands, a day later, all news the world over stops. You know, bar the serious stuff.

These breaks are f*cking depressing. I don’t mean to be rude, xenophobic or racist… but England are playing San Marino this weekend (or Friday, who cares). What is the point? What benefit does that bring to the sport. What are we trying to achieve? I’m all for a fairer sporting world, but look, I’d feel the same if England had a baseball team.


Lose your head | Ownership purgatory | Duff decisions from top brass

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Reading through some of the aftermath of the Chelsea game yesterday and the general consensus seems to be ‘pretty good performance, standard result’…

But as Alex rightly pointed out in one of his substandard match reports, there’s no need to be down. The rest of the clubs around us are in a mess. The big question for me isn’t whether United get their shit together, it’s whether Liverpool do. I think we’ll comfortably make top four and really, that’s the sorry state of my dreams… Can we make top four in style?