Does Danny Welbeck have a better haircut than Aaron Ramsey?

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Yo fool, did you say Cesc?

Aaron Ramsey has twisted his ankle and could be a doubt for the City game.

Ball ache.

I think international games are so out order fresh off the back of a greulling World Cup. The football is dull, no one can be bothered with it… I mean, I’m speaking for myself here, but something ain’t right that our £120k a week superstar is now a doubt for one of the biggest games of our season.

He really is a major loss. His engine and penchant for the spectacular really will be a massive miss. Hopefully the twist isn’t that bad… but comments form Bale on the disgraceful Andorra pitch don’t bode well.

Interesting talking around the Arsenal fanbase with regards to Welbeck. I don’t think I’ve spoken to anyone who has a bad word to say. He makes sense despite not making sense, if you get what I mean. Geoff thinks he’ll be a major, major asset to us… reckons he has it all to be something special. High praise!

I’m looking forward to seeing him play. He’s a great jigsaw fit and I hope he’s played centrally from the off. I also like his hair cut. If I could grow a WELBZ wedge, I would. It’d certainly look better than my Marco ‘sex offender’ Reus look. Question is, does Aaron have the better hairstyle? Well, maybe not… but package it with the beard and you have a tough decision on your hands.

Seen as you’re asking, I also like Simeone’s haircut… nothing says irrational violence quite like that slick operation.



What really amuses me is the reaction to the question I posed about Ivan owning the deal. All the Arsenal friendly journo’s and bloggers are so keen to stress Wenger’s involvement off the back of it… but… all missing the big question.

Why has Wenger gone on a communication blackout?

What is he up to?

Moving house?

Blocked sim card?

Holiday to a desert island?

This conspiracy is going to drag on longer than the ‘Who shot JFK’ mystery… but fear not people, we’ll unmask the truth by hook or crook.

Possibly a bad hair cut?

By the time I reach the end of the article, news has reached me that Aaron isn’t that injured.


Have a good day, get your barnet chopped like WELBZ and ponder the Wenger blackout.

Poor signal?

Self imposed technology ban in the Wenger household?

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