AFC ‘insider’ claims ‘exclusive’ as Arsene trolls fans with mean jibe

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Ok, I can’t go on at full pace forever over here guys and gals… I need a rest. So this is me tapping out for a few days.

Anyway, what do you want from me? Proof that the certain segments of the mainstream media live for exclusives and access over values? That the truth is a commodity? That certain names think you’re a f*cking idiot?


Arsenal fans need to win two MAJOR battles to end the regime

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So as not to lose inevitable steam on this, I thought I’d throw some ideas out about how you can mobilise. There are a few things we’ve learnt over the years, one of them being that what people say online doesn’t usually translate to offline. However, times are changing, the culture of getting out and about to protest seems to be gripping the world in a society that’s slowly awakening to many things.

This is football not the rumblings of fascism, I get it, but trends and behaviours often transcend categories and my hope is that the death of slacktivism will penetrate Arsenal fans and WAKE them from their slumber.

Blackscarf led a few thousand to protest a few years ago, so we know there’s a hunger in pockets. Other things that warm the cockles centre around the power of the mainstream media from a TV perspective and how it is starting to diminish. There’s a reason G.Neville and co are taking aim at fan platforms, that’s because Sky fans are generally far more interested in what they have to say than what paid for pundits think. I’m pretty sure Jamie Carragher even made reference the Premier League’s dwindling ratings, not just him, but on a recent BEIN Classico, their excellent commentator Ray Hudson celebrated a Madrid goal by saying…

‘… and to all those English fans watching on a stream, we know you’re there’

Anyway, point is, TV caters to all types of fan but it’s far more inclusive than blogging. People used to care what Alan Shearer had to say, now they just laugh at it. The power now sits online and the fans are taking over. So when AFTV bust out fire opinion, it connects with everyone and it feels real. Sure, it’s a bit cartoonish at times, but at least it’s real. You don’t need to worry that these guys have gluttoness agendas, because at most, it’s a bit of pub fame, at its worst, it’s a cheeky autograph from Arsene Wenger. No one is thinking about access, no one is thinking about an interview they’d like, no one is lining up a book deal.

Le Grove has been calling for Wenger’s head for years, and we have our fans, but blogging wasn’t for the masses. However, now the everyday man in the stands is hitting the camera and saying the same thing we’ve been preaching since 2007. Now, it’s becoming more and more acceptable.

So here’s what needs to happen. You need to take back the media narrative from the press and you need to make a statement that is visible in stands and audible to the manager during match day.

One is harder than the other.

In ground protests tend to only happen at the end of the season, and they’re lacklustre. I’m thinking back to the Norwich protest, the 75th minute thing at West Brom, they’ve all kind of fallen flat. Why? I’d say because they either involve effort like a march or walk. Or they involve something unnatural like leaving earlier than the 85th minute. Which feels silly. If you want to make a visual statement, as Cesc Appeal in the comments mentioned yesterday, it needs to be easy and highly visual. Think about United’s black and gold scarf movement. What can a whole bunch of fans do that stands out, sends a message to Wenger and sends a message to the board? Green scarves? Cashley Cole wodges of fake £20 notes? Stan toupes? I don’t know. But it has to be a low barrier to entry and it has to be low effort. The Europeans wave white hankies. The Ultras in Italy turn their backs on the team. There are easy things fans can do. The aim isn’t to disrupt the game, it’s to force the commentators to speak of the event, it’s for the press to write about.

Think what you want about A4 poster man from last week, I’ve had newspapers approach me to share his story and Henry Winter used his story to kill Gary Neville’s wild misjudgement of everyday fan feeling. Journalists live to write, if you give them fodder, they will eat it up. Problem at the moment is the balance is in the power of the club, they hand out players an expros like sweets.

What are the fans offering?

The second, slightly easier method of driving home the point is the oldest PR tactic in the book. The survey. I think they call it data journalism.

  • Hold survey to large number of fans tied to an organisation of credible nature
  • Gather data, draw insights, build press release
  • Send data to journos so they can draw their own conclusions
  • Feed it out on a quiet day so you own the narrative


Now, usually the Arsenal Supporters trust has the most powerful of these surveys, but they drop it really late. Wenger will have signed by then and it’ll be over. So they’d have to decide based on member pressure whether they’d want to shoot this out early to prevent the absolute horror of an Arsene Wenger 2 year deal.

But as an active modern fan, you could sign up and join, pay the nominal fee and message Tim Payton and tell him you’d like them to pull this out early this year. He’s a staunch believer in a better Arsenal, I’ve watched him shout at Stan Kroenke during an AGM and I know plenty of very smart, rational chaps who run the show there who’d be more than happy to see the back of the Never Ending Wenger.


Not just those guys. Black Scarf have a mobilised membership of 20,000. JOIN

AISA run a survey. JOIN

Redaction seem more interested in decorating the stadium, but if they wanted to do something more beneficial that would raise the roof, boot the man who brings the doom. Their website is a bit of a hole, so much so, I’m not even sure if it’s the right one. Terrible SEO game.

Anyway, join and pressure them all to release their survey early.

Even better than that…

Why don’t they all get-together and do something? That would be a message so powerful, even the regime journalists wouldn’t be able to ignore or spin a story to dampen the resistance.

Ok, those are my thoughts. I’m merely offering ideas because I am in another country. Bit rich, but f*ck it, no one can say I didn’t support a better Arsenal before our owner continued his embarrassing relationship with Wenger.

Comments below. TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK!

#NotMyManager #Rightulism #GrabHisPen

P.S. You see the stories about Wenger moving Petr Cech on? Joe Hart linked.  The ‘WENGER PLANS SQUAD CLEAR OUT’ stories dropping early. Like clockwork eh?


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No fence sitting on The AO. ENJOY!

Arsenal fans, WAKE UP and mobilize

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So another fan favourite bites the dust, this time it’s Thierry Henry, a man who chose Barcelona over Arsenal when he was captain, in the hunt for major trophies… a man who chose £4.5m a year and the opportunity to call Giroud a donkey every week over a job at the greatest club on the planet. He’s slithered out in the press in support of Wenger.