Death spiral about to hit Wenger hard | Arsenal are grief porn | Leverage power play dissected

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It’s podcast day today, and I’m hoping you’re going to enjoy this one. We’ve baked in some of the Grover comments, we’ve dissected the important issues about our play, and we’ve analysed the damaging power struggle that we’re currently witnessing at the moment. We also spoke about the fairly new twist in the saga that had the AST announcing there is no contract on the table and that all talks will be discussed at the end of the season.


Read how Arsenal’s nuclear season collapse has major benefits to our future

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It’s not often I’m lost for words, but I was yesterday.

I spent some time in a bar with Alfred (podcast Swede) on Sunday and  I said I thought we might lose yesterday. I pointed out in my prematch post that all the ‘it’s brightening up, guvnor’ nonsense after West Ham really was geared around Arsenal beating a pony team that’s been on its summer holidays since November.


Positive fandom is damaging | Crystal Palace pivot for AFC top 4 trophy run

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Crystal Palace game day. We’ve either been sold a dream of banished cobwebs, or we’re about to bear the brunt of a nasty Sam Allardyce two-footed tackle this evening. Palace have been garbage this season, but as strong as Wenger’s top 4 credentials are, it’s hard to argue Big Sam doesn’t have an equally impressive knack of never taking a team into relegation.

The saaaaarf Londoners – boasting fans that sing loudly – has dropped 4 wins in 5. One of those victories came against league leaders Chelsea. My worry with them stems from their ability to bully and hustle. We’ll have to wait and see which team comes out to play, but the fact we’ve struggled against set pieces this year and we’re always unnerved by aggressive teams that don’t let the midfield play is a concern.

Wenger has plenty of choices this evening. I really hope he doesn’t fall back to his love of Coq in the middle. Elneney offers so much more to the fluidity of our play and he can actually pass more than 5 yards. Xhaka played well against West Ham, which isn’t saying much, but we know his ability to spray the ball around with accuracy can be pretty devastating when our front three are working for the greater good.

Up front, I’m interested to see if Wenger continues with WELBZ. He’s very rusty at the moment and there’s always a fear that the love for him we have is geared around his beaming smile and our secret desire to have beer with him and offer up your sister as he looks like a nice boy who will be a good husband.

It’s hugely important we make this game count this evening. United powered past David ‘just because you’re a bird’ Moyes with ease, dropping 3 goals. Spurs demolished Watford. Liverpool clawed back from being a goal down. Even City managed to grab three points. The top 4 race is firmly on, and this is a chance to show the rest of the league we’ve entered the #WengerZone and nobody competes for imaginary trophies quite like the Frenchman.

Just a short post today, tomorrow we record a podcast, we’ll be flicking through the comments and reading out the best ones.

Finally, take a read of Honigstein’s piece on unambitious fans and how they feed into the problem of average clubs set ups. It’ll help you understand why ‘we’re not entitled to trophies’ and comments about top 4 mediocrity being some sort of unparalleled achievement are misguided and dangerous. Reminded me of how dastardly governments use atrocities to force the sheeple to beg for them to take away their liberties. Parts of our fanbase literally believe that supporting a failed regime is a positive. WRONG!

So what I’m saying here is this, actually, I’m the most positive fan on the web.

Amazing, right?

Have a great day!