Wenger just realised his squad is fat, will the penny drop on its weaknesses?

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Carl listening to an AW interview

Carl waiting for £40,001k p/w

Ever heard of having a lifestyle business? You’re usually pretty rich, you don’t need the money, your clients are your friends, and the fruits of your labour are mere pocket money in a life that is pretty bereft of stress.

I sometimes feel that Arsene has hit that stage. He’s entered peak lifestyle coaching, and he sometimes lets his guard down, like he hasn’t been paying attention. He’s been busy pruning the Rhododendron’s, picking out this seasons napkin design… and he’s only gone and forgotten that the summer window is 3 months.

“Too much competition for places is detrimental, but not enough competition for places is detrimental as well.”

We’re off the back of our worst season in 21 years, and he’s just realised his squad is massively bloated. Like our transfers, we’ve come to the party late again, now it’s getting tough to shift on average players on obscene wages. Trouble is, now it’s August 7th, those players can taste the finished line. 3 more weeks, and it’s a 9 month holiday.

I am truly NOT amazed that heading into our season starting on Friday, we’ve basically shifted f*ck all when it comes to deadwood. We sold Chezzer for less than market rate, outside that, nothing.

Players currently attracting interest are Gabriel, Lucas Perez, and Olivier Giroud. I’m game for those boys leaving, but why do we seem to make life so easy for the hangers on? Gibbs, Wilshere, Jenkinson, Chambers, Ospina, and Debuchy should have been dropped out of Colney long ago. I mean, that’s before you even start entertaining the idea of Theo Walcott taking a hike, and maybe even Chamberlain (who I love, but he’s been disappointing for years now).

The current press narrative is we’ve dropped interest in Thomas Lemar, and we won’t sign any new names until we’ve tidied the current squad. I really don’t understand it, we’re basically not going all out to have the best players this year because we’ve once again failed to do the donkey work early in the year in shifting average players who clog up the wage bill and fuel it with averageness.

We need a creative midfielder. We need someone who can dominate in a classier way than Coquelin. We have two goalkeepers, both questionable. If we sell Giroud, are we convinced we have the fitness in our front line to cope… and do we have the goals coming off the bench?

Have we really done enough this summer to kick us onto the next level is the next level is the next level?

My fear with beating Chelsea in the Community Shield is that Wenger will quickly forget that last season was a train wreck. He doesn’t need much of an excuse to keep his pampered babies going for one more season. Then in February, sections of the fanbase will be sighing…

‘The boss has really been let down by the players’

There’s not a lot we can do now, but look, you can call me negative all you like, but the warning signs come from here every year, and every year they come to fruition.

As it stands, we’ve not done enough, but it’s being packaged up like progress.

If you don’t invest, you won’t progress. We learnt the hard way last season what sitting on your hands does in a league that’s upped it’s managerial game. We’re boarding the same boat as last year, except this time around, those fabulous coaches have invested, learnt the league and are ready to rock again.

Come on Arsene, the clock is ticking. Take your wellington boots off, put the secateurs back in the shed, and leave the napkin selection to Robert Pires. There’s work to be done.

P.S. Little Xhaka treat from the boys at BTL.

Arsene beats Conte again | The mostly highs of a very good day

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BEEEEEEEAST via @Arsenal

Listen right here friends, you’re allowed to read into the Community Shield when you win it.


I kid, I kid. Yesterday was however, a very reassuring day out. A 1-1 draw against the Champions when you finished 5th is pretty good going, especially when three starters were unavailable, two of whom are your best men.