Most missed player back in contention. FINALLY

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Oh good evening to you all!

Sorry for the delayed-ness of this. When things went to sh*t in England, I’d post in the afternoon, over here, different beast… because you don’t get it until late.

It’s just me and you America. Just me and you.


Chelsea sold Ramires to China for £25m.

Here are my thoughts. Wouldn’t he have been good for us? I mean, doubtful they’d sell him after gifting us the god of all keepers. However, I do struggle to come to terms with this move.

Lots of Arsenal fans saying he’s not at the level we need, whilst praising the astute signing of a player we’ve not seen yet. On Ramires, I absolutely disagree he is not at the right level. He was a beast a few seasons ago. He can run all day. He can play a disciplined role. My thing with him, or other options in the league, is that they have NOW capabilities. Wenger is a specialist at signing players in January that he doesn’t use until the next season. We’ve needed a DM all month. We have one, but he’s not ready. Why didn’t we just raid this league?

… but more to the point, what the hell is a 28 year old Premier League player doing going over to China?

‘Ramires, it’s the police. We have your hard drive. Could you pop down to the police station for chat’

That’s all I can think of. Anyway, what about Chelsea selling their cast offs for mega money again? Bruce Buck is quite the dealmaker.


We have Coq back in contention. That is so big. We’ve missed him badly. At least this time he returns into the side and we have an Egyptian who can drop in when he is tired.

How good is that? Very good.

More good news. Danny WELBZ is back in training. About bloody time right? If he can work on his composure, he’ll be a massive gift to the run in. That height combined with the speed is going to give us some nice options. It’ll no doubt kick Theo up the backside.

I just hope we don’t get the usual… return to action of 3, lose 4 the next week.

Sam Allardyce said this on Debuchy moving.

“I am not sure he wants to leave Arsenal or that Arsene Wenger would sell him.”

Not sure I’d want to move to Sunderland either. We should absolutely be keeping him at the club if we don’t have a back up organised. I’ve no doubt Bellerin will get injured at some point. We have to have someone ready to muck in if that’s the case. Kind of feel like Wenger should be rotating the full backs though. We pile games on Monreal and Bellerin… which is fine, but it doesn’t do much of the motivation of the backups. Then when they’re called upon, they’re rusty as fuck and a little bit hurt (remember when we needed Vermaelen a few years back?).

Anyway, just my two pennies.



Martin Keown would be good right now | See Mesut doing god like things

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How’s it going there?


Marvellous news.

My day is snow filled. I like sharing updates on my Facebook about the snow. It makes me happy. It also makes other English people happy to see what snow looks like. We’re simple like that.

So, what’s hot off the press today?

News of Mesut’s contract has been leaked by a football site called… Football Leaks. It’s a bit like WikiLeaks, except it’s not really doing anything to free the world from tyranny.

Anyway, the contract is interesting. We actually paid £36m upfront. We pay a little bit extra for Champions League qualifications for a few years, totalling £3m or something. The interesting part is 1) Madrid whacked in a buy back clause. So if Barca move for him, they have first dibs. 2) If we sell him for £38m, they get a chunk for the sell on.

So basically, it’s not really worth our while to sell him.

News, but not news.

I love Mesut. Do you? Oh right, when he pulls his finger out in big games? I like that too.



Anyway, that’s what his deal looks like. I’d link to the site, but there’s some weird PDF sharer thing that’s probably just stolen my credit card details and sent e-mails to my nearest and dearest asking for money to bail me out of a kidnapping.

Still feeling pretty upset about what happened at the weekend. Another loss against Chelsea. I really don’t understand how Wenger allows himself to get his teams into ruts like the one we have against Chelsea.

Does there come a point where you just lose your tactical mind and do something mental?

‘Right, we’re going to play a slightly different game, here’s what we’re going to do… kick the sh*t out of them, all ninety minutes, like madmen.’

I mean, how many games do we have to watch ourselves get bullied by the same old characters? I don’t think we’ve had a side since 2004 that actually goes to war. We have players who have more fight, for sure. But we don’t have a warrior mentality. When was the last time you heard Arsenal described as bully boys? Or dirty? Or too physical?

It’s a familiar missing ingredient when you rack up the… ‘what went wrong?’… excuses for the season. We just need some nasty. We don’t even have it in Gabriel. I mean, he had it all to be a madman. But he actually seems quite nice and very focused on being a good guy.

Give me a bastard. Please. Someone who will take his boot off and smash someone occasionally (my pal did that once, total banter in the 8th minutes). Ok, maybe not that extreme. But you get what I mean. We don’t have any loose cannons out there.

NFL has plenty of them. I watched a player for the Bengals use his head as a weapon to such effect, I thought he actually broke the guys neck. We don’t really have that in our blood. Not that I like it. But where is Martin Keown when you need him?

Where are people that care about winning so much, they’ll comfortably take things WAY too far.


Dortmund want £100m for Pierre-Erick. Maybe not this week.

Right, that’s your lot. HAVE A GOOD DAY X