Win machine clunking into gear as 3rd place opens up

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Morning folks and happy Sunday to you all. James here, covering for Pedro who is manscaping himself today.

Yesterday was one of those games where we displayed qualities that Arsenal sides are often accused of not possessing. Save for a couple of champagne moments, we were poor. The midfield struggled to retain possession, which is reflected by us only having 47% of the ball, which is becoming a more regular occurrence for us in away games. We won the game based on tireless work, good defending and several portions of good fortune.


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Worst pundits in the game, name them

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Hello it’s Alex here, it’s Saturday and I’m drunk. Well it’s actually Thursday night as I’m writing but you’re reading it on Saturday. Weird huh?

So I thought I’d better have my two cents on this racism nonsense. I mean let’s just get this out early doors – those Chelsea fans on the Paris metro, what a bunch of unbelievable pricks.



Brooklyn Beckham promotion soured, badly

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Happy Friday to ya’ll. Some heated debate on yesterday’s post, but largely civil and interesting. One apology I have to make is for missing the victim in all this. Obviously a shocking incident for any person to have to deal with. Yob fans are scary, when they’re targeting you, even scarier. That was a brave man right there. I’d have most certainly have tried another carriage. His principled multiple attempts to board the carriage were, well, brilliant.

It seems the cowards involved are being picked off. Chelsea have banned three members already. One of the guys picked out yesterday has been suspended by his work. I mean, he’s going to get a come uppance deserved or not. My point does still stand from yesterday. I don’t believe the internet should be judge and jury in cases like this. This financier has been found guilty by association. He’s and easy target, rich, good looking with an Instagram picture of himself with Nigel Farage. All of those elements lead to his guilt despite little evidence he was doing anything.