How long would you keep Wenger on for?

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So I’ve woken up to chat from Wenger that he’s panicked about retirement. He has 2 seasons left and he’s still talking about his lack of hobbies.

“Retirement? Yes, it crosses my mind but for not longer than five seconds because I panic a bit.

“When we played at United, Ferguson met me. I said: ‘Come on, you don’t miss it?’

‘No.’ He had enough.”

Really, he should find some damn hobbies. I mean, my latest one is getting drunk and communicating on Whatsapp solely with pictures. It’s not cool, but real life emoji (means ‘picture letter’ in Japanese) is so hot right now.

Look, I’m not going to go too deep into this today, because Wenger is doing most things the right way, which is progress… but the journey has to end at some point. If he’s doing a good job, fine, I just worry he has no stop button and we’ll be wheeling him out when he’s 75.

It’s great that he loves his job. It’s brilliant that he’s committed. I just wonder when the point arrives that you say, ‘enough is enough’. I think it’s unhealthy to stay in one place for too long and I think there is definitely merit in tapping out at the top, versus being dragged out the stadium when you’ve just signed Sanogo up to a 52 year deal.

If Wenger leaves, it’d be great if it were dignified.

I have a horrible feeling it won’t be… unless Ivan makes a Bayern like decision and makes a move to bring in new blood. It’d be bold, but sometimes you have to be bold for the good of the club. It can’t always be about what Arsene wants. I think Steve Jobs nailed it when he said death was life’s greatest invention because it allowed for regeneration. I’m talking metaphorically here.

Same principles for retiring.

The Guardian are reporting that Chezzer is a done deal to Roma. My calls earlier on in the summer that he’d go, met with incredulity, have been confirmed. We won’t see him back. Hopefully he does well. I’d imagine he hasn’t been sold because his wages are so damn mega.

Anyway, good to move him on. Good for the camp and team spirit.

I tell you what, you have to hand it to Ivan. He’s had a blinder this summer. He’s shifted all the deadwood and he even managed to get a fee for Flamini! A pretty good one! Incredible commercial tekkers.

Right, post has to be short today, I’m putting out fires like the London Fire Brigade, yah get me?