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Ok, so, this is my SECOND preview of the game because I didn’t pay attention yesterday.

Now, I don’t usually post PR stories, but these stats read really well. Pierre has the best goals per minute ratio of all our past players. Sure, he’s played in way less games, but let’s take the W’s where we can.


What, you want more pictures?

With the Puma deal with Arsenal coming to a close next summer, and Puma dropping a mint-f*ck-you kit, it’s clear a new sponsor is looming. So why not speculate about it being Adidas, and why not share the sweetness of some of the STUNNING designs of @SteveSinyard.


THAT is how you design a kit. Someone sign that guy up and make him head of kit design at our next kit maker.

In yet MORE exciting news, Jack Wilshere is rumoured to be on the verge of signing up to a pay-as-you-play type deal that flexes from £90-110k per week. Jeremy Wilson revealed talks are progressing well, and he’ll likely put pen to paper. But what about Aaron, Mr Wenger?

“I’m positive because I want Jack to stay. I do the maximum I can to make him happy”

“He is a little bit different, with less time constraints than with Jack. With Jack it is now. With Aaron, do we lose two weeks or three weeks, it doesn’t matter much. I want him to stay as well. Especially if he starts to score hat-tricks!”

Yeah, get it, let’s play Aaron’s contract nice and casual, we have the time in th…


Bit of a weird comment. On paper, it’s like he’s been caught lying and he’s covering his tracks. Read the back half of that comment with a nervous laugh and a sweaty brow. Maybe I’m sleuthing too hard. I just think Wenger goes BIG on Jack and wanting to make him a happy camper… and it’s a bit tepid on Aaron.

We shall see.

There’s quite a lot of negativity surrounding Arsenal in the press build up to the Spurs game. I mean, it’s kind of grounding. I think I’ve gotten so carried away with an acceptable trasnfer window, I’ve lost sight of my pragmatism. Jonathan Wilson put me straight.

A rare mood of optimism seems to have settled over the Emirates Stadium, although there have been plenty of those that have gone nowhere over the past decade. It’s likely anyway to be challenged at Wembley on Saturday by a Tottenham side who lie four points above them in the Premier League table and who offer a reminder of their younger selves.

Spurs are youthful and thrusting, blessed with an innovative and likable manager who likes to develop his own talent, and excited by the prospect of a move to a new stadium – just as Arsenal were a decade ago. That should both concern Spurs, for whom their neighbours serve as a warning of the consequences of endlessly deferred fulfilment, and terrify Arsenal, who risk seeing their rivals achieve success with their blueprint.

He even went there… you know, the Ozil place you simply don’t go.

“Whether they are what Arsenal needed is a very different issue. Equally, while the retention of Mesut Özil has been presented as a coup, it may just as well be asked why no other club was prepared to meet the wage demands of a player who would have been available on a free transfer in the summer.”

But, here’s the thing. You can be as pragmatic as you like, but the reality is Spurs/AFC isn’t usually a form game. It’s a battle. Anyone could win the game, so it’s fair to be confident. It’s 50/50. Especially as the hype around Spurs doesn’t tally up with a miserly 4 point lead they have over a team that’s been in absolute freefall this year.

Wenger has a point on Poch. He’s won more. Outperformed him bar last season. Yet his job is under question and the Poch is being linked with Madrid.

Again, I’m getting carried away. Poch is developing players, he’s working on £100m a year less than Wenger, and he is totally worthy of the hype.

I’m just trying to give Wenger some credit before tomorrow.

Right, that’s me done. Last chance for the podcast.

Tomorrow, we dine in hell! 🔴

NEW KIT LEAK OH MY NO | Wenger wants less emotion and some points

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Bruised Banana COULD have been coming our way.

Nike: This could have been you but you Puma



YES. Yes I am.

The great thing about these games over the years is it doesn’t matter how good your form is… it’s a bucket of madness every time.

It’s cliche to say, but form really goes out the dog flap.

Tomorrow’s game has gone from absolute dread, to slightly intriguing.


Box-2-box rumblings point toward a confusing direction

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Double hard.

Double hard.

It’s rude to talk about politics, sex and Ramsey over dinner. He’s quite the fire starter when it comes to conversation.

I am being a touch provocative when I speak of him, I think he’s a very good player. His engine is seconded by none, he has great movement and his game is very positive. I just struggle to correlate the gung-ho ‘extra man’ forward play with an advantage. Anyone can play like a second striker, the skill is in making sure you don’t expose the team in the process. He should be carrying Arsenal at his age, with his reputation, just like Cesc was.