Sanchez stats point to loose touch and sloppy play

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A united front from the England and France players last night. A beautiful spectacle. Players and fans alike coming together to express togetherness in the wake of a hateful attack on our freedoms.

England beat the French 2-0, but I don’t think anyone can really take anything from that game. Laurent Koscielny came out after and claimed the players didn’t really have their heads in the game. Not surprising.

Of the utmost concern of most match going football fans was the cancellation of the Germany vs Holland game based on concrete evidence of a threat. If the bastards are going to start f*cking around with our football games, I might have to jump on a plane and sign up for service…

That’d be taking things too damn far…

The job would have to be suitable, ideally something strategic, maybe on the digital front… I make nice posters?

Anyway, what else do we have? Err, some stats that point to Sanchez being the most dispossessed player in the league. I think anyone who has watched him regularly can attest to not being surprise in the slightest about that number. It’s also probably a stat Barcelona are well aware of. You have mixed feelings on it though… he who dares and all that. He’s also guilty of being in the top 5 for most unsuccessful touches… partly I’d say down to a bit of rough form, partly because he’ll try and bring down any ball as the last man.

I think losing the ball is an area that he needs to work on. If he wants to be truly world-class, he’s going to have to be smarter about the runs he goes on… because sometimes he takes on everything and it kills the flow of the team. I think Chamberlain has really bad problems there that also need addressing.

You never want to take away the spectacular nature of Sanchez. If he wasn’t trying all the time, he’d be less impactful… and I certainly don’t want to go back to the days of crab football and never having a go. However, there’s always space to improve.

In some slightly weird news, Matty Flamini believes he’s on the verge of a $30billion breakthrough in the biofuels industry.

“I was always close to nature and concerned about environmental issues, climate change and global warming.

“He was on the same wavelength. We were looking how we could make a contribution to the problem.

“After a while we found out about Levulinic Acid.

“It’s a molecule identified by the US Department of Energy as one of the 12 molecules with the potential to replace petrol in all its forms.”

“Researchers told us LA is the future and by doing research in that field we could come up with a great discovery and success.

“We financed the research by the Milan Polytechnic.

“After several months we came up with the technology of how to produce LA on an industrial scale, meaning cheaply and cost-effectively. We patented it.”

I like this story, because when you have a bucket load of money, you should be investing it in smart ideas (that save the damn planet, not Dench t-shirts). He’s done that and now he thinks he has a way of scaling his idea. It remains to be seen if it’ll happen, but you have to salute the ambition.

In even more fantastical news, Platini and Blatter have had their appeals against their bans refused meaning it’s unlikely Platini will land a crack at the biggest job in football. Great news. Who knows if there was a dodgy deal going on… but not taking payment of £1.35m for a number of years by a cash rich firm seems odd. Very odd. Let’s be honest as well, when something seems odd at FIFA, it usually is odd.

That’s me tapping out. Have a good one!