Superstar keeper says no to new deal |Exciting wide player holds off new deal for Arsenal?

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It’s my sisters wedding day, and I’m kind of pent up with emotion. I literally just read Thomas Lemar is holding out on signing a new deal for Monaco because he’s waiting out on Arsenal’s interest. 14 goals, 14 assists from out left. He’s super fit as well. Alexis who?

… sorry, it’s not a tear, it’s just joy water.

What a signing that’d be.

It does make me a little sad. I mean, Monaco were such an incredible team last season, and they’re being desecrated at a rate of knots. I don’t understand why they’re being so weak. Put a foot down, tell the babies their time to leave will come, and make sure the exit strategy is planned so the first team can handle it.

Damn rich vultures killing great poor teams one player at a time!

BIG NEWS IN MILAN, their 18 year old hero of a keeper – Donnarumma – will not renew with the Rossoneri. Amazing slap in the face for a club going through a massive rebuild. Milan aren’t used to that, I mean, they are of late, but you have to say, a surprising move. Arsenal should take a look. Drop a few pennies on him now and that’ll pay back over the years. He looks to have a strong future ahead of him. Would be a very big show of the guns from us.

Jordan Pickford looks to be off to Everton. That’s a good signing for them, but I’m not sure that’d fly with Arsenal. Everton are a club in transition and they need a keeper. Pickford is a risk at that price, but he’ll have the chance to flourish over there in a way I think he’d not have at Arsenal. Too hostile at our place in my opinion.

Right, that’s me done!