Jose back in town?

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So the Premier League just took a sharp turn of interest. Jose Mourinho will shortly takeover as the manager of FA cup winner Manchester United.

A pretty desperate move if you ask me. LVG and Jose are cut from the same cloth. Jose learned his tricks from LVG. It’s surprising United would go with a nasty brand of manager. He has little respect for people, he cares almost zero for developing young players and he has to spend all his money on his super agents players.

I mean, he wins, but do we expect him to bring United back to the top after what he did to Chelsea? Maybe. You spend enough money anywhere you can win things. I just no one thing for sure, it’ll end in a mess in 3 years time.

Does ramp up the need for Arsenal to move fast this summer. Lots of players, lots of cash everywhere and a Euro Championships / Copa America underway.

Granit Xhaka is in. That’s great news. We have a solid midfield shaping up there. The big on is the striker move and also with rumours of Chambers being loaned to Everton, also a centre back. Striker chat is quiet. I have no idea what we’re thinking. People are speaking about Sturridge, who is a super talent… but are we really going to entertain a player who is being shipped on by a manager who complains he’s a bit of a wimp when it comes to his body?

We want fighters. I don’t see many of those floating about in the striker role. I guess that’s what scouts are for. Morata is a classy player, but there’s a reason Juve are shifting on someone so young and gifted and I’d guess looking at his goal haul might indicate why. You need goals. He’s been passed up by Madrid and he’s a Spaniard and he’s lasted two years in Italy.

Give me the next Hig… not a striker you have to have a seminar on to get what he does.

Very limited today. SEE YOU TOMORROW!

Xhaka at Colney? On a plane? Hanging with Rowley? | Morata for £54m!

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SO SO SO SO… what do we have tomorrow? What did I miss? What would you LIKE to read?

Ok, so hot af rumours are that the striker we’re chasing down this summer is none other than Alvaro Morata. He’s the player we were interested in a couple of seasons ago, but he ended up going to Juventus and getting them to a Champions League final. He’s a very good player, but this season, he hardly torn up the trees in Italy… and it’s mooted that he may well be off in a £50m deal… to us.


Midfield overhaul that relegates the British core to the sidelines?

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My how the week has passed in the most fastest of manners.

Hung out with my old man in America yesterday. He treated me up by taking me golf on Bethpage Black, the hardest course you could imagine for someone a year out the game. What made it worse was being paired with two scratch golfers. Hitting their stupid balls in the air every time, making pars and birdies all over the place. Dick heads.

ANYWAY, what’s moved in the world of Arsenal?

Wenger first up: