Two ways Usmanov’s shareholding could change hands

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Well, it is a damn slow news week, so this won’t be very long today.

Some excited chatter about Usmanov saying he might pass on his shares to a more interested 3rd party. If that were to happen, there are only two ways I can see it being of interest to the fans.

1) He sells to a consortium of good people who earn themselves a board seat and some sort of say at the table.

2) He sells to the fans, and we earn a fan seat in the boardroom, a little like how things operate in Germany

I’m not sure either is going to happen because both are a pain in the backside for Stan K.

The most depressing owner in the world of sport has very little interest in making us successful, and he’ll do all he can to make sure he’s protected from making good decisions at the club. Having a fan group on the board would be noisy. Having an ambitious minority shareholder on the board would also cause too much racket.

Stan just likes to buy in, and watch everyone else work to make his asset appreciate. The most soul-destroying business approach you can imagine. A billionaire happy to suck the joy out of every entity he’s involved in.

This little excerpt is about his hockey team.

The Avalanche’s awful 2016-17 season ended Sunday.


It wasn’t just awful.

It was historically awful. It was toxic. It was a dumpster fire that only could be extinguished by the schedule — the end of the schedule.

What is the point in owning teams, that millions want to enjoy, and doing nothing to make them competitive? It’s parasitic behaviour, except the host never dies.

I remember fearing a leveraged buyout, but at least when the Glazers did that at United, the success of the approach was predicated on making the club hugely successful. What hope do we have? Merely existing is good enough for Stan.

Sad thing is, the fans aren’t even asking for anything outlandish. Just a more aggressive approach to winning. Some accountability. Smarter investment. To not see us going backwards. Why wouldn’t you want to make your asset more valuable by doing the most with the tools you have at your disposal?

It’s almost perverse.

The fan ownership scheme would be appealing, but I’m not quite sure we’d be able to raised £525m. Does anyone know who the richest Arsenal fan in the world is? Dangote? Does he fancy going in on this one? How much could fans raise via a fanshare operation? Not enough, I’d suspect.

Some thoughts four ya. I won’t go into the Sanchez / Ozil talk. No one has anything informed, all the papers are guessing because web traffic is down this week.

Right, I’m off, see you tomorrow.

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