Arsene to stay on | Cryptic keeper digs from the Captain

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… and a big fat Monday morning hello to you! How was your weekend? Mine was excellent. I found a secret canal bar in North London, with a buzzer to get in. Secret and special, because the bar bill for 6 was £63 for a whole afternoon of drinking.

Anyway, secret places aside, what a game of football we saw at Anfield yesterday. Liverpool came out of the traps like a sea of really fast footballers. They broke City’s record of not conceding inside 15 minutes. They then conceded another inside half hour. Liverpool were too hot to handle. Not just that, the emotion of the day looked to have given them an extra 5%. Second half was a bit different. Liverpool were spent, and City’s class allowed them back into the game until Kompany slides a clearance allowing Coutinho to smash home first time.


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Failed success.

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I’m giving you the chance to tap out of this early. Why? Because I’m struggling with emotions today. It might be because I locked myself out of my house before the game because I went for a run and took the wrong key out with me. It might be because when I finally did get to the Greenman Pub I couldn’t find my family for 2 hours, it might be because when I did meet them, my cousin spilt a pint in my lap… or it might be because I’ve got myself so wrapped up in the details of the club over the past few years that seeing a performance like that against a very average side simply flatlines me because I, like many other fans, can see what the wider implications are.


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Wembley, we’re gunning for you

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Yes we are people. me, you and some. We’re playing at 1700 this evening, which means an extended amount of booze time. We’re going to all be totally lashed by the time the game kicks off… which… I’m hoping… means the shackles of singing insecurity will be loosened and we’ll all sing our hearts out.


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