Is LVG being purposefully evasive about player fitness to confuse Wenger?

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Friday. It. Is. Here.

So we’ve had a bit of a press conference, which was nice. We found out many exciting things. #WELBZ is a late fitness test for tomorrow’s game, you’d have to think that whatever the result, we’ll be chucking him at the deepend beacuse now we have the back up of Olivier.


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Should players be running tactical lectures?

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Oh, and a big fat happy good morning to you!

So what have we today? Not much. Just me continuing the party, on my own, sitting in a cold flat. I clamped my hand in some grips two days ago and I’ve damaged nerves because I can’t feel my little finger anymore. All that trying to pull a rawl plug out the wall. Fear not though, you don’t need a little finger to write a blog. I’ll soldier on, for you guys.


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