Trouble brewing?

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Happy happy Saturday! Apologies for the lack of blogging, I’m in Spain on a stag do, at an event I’m 12 years too old for. No big deal, my coolness transcends age. Well, that’s what the lady in Marks and Sparks told me when I was buying a banging pair of 3/4 lengths.

Talking of hip, how about Arsenal in Aus? Cannot believe 83,000 showed up to see Darren Burgess Performance Direct. Fair play, great to see how important our brand has become around the world and it’s positive we won both games.

BIG TALKING POINT: Giroud ignored Lacazette when he celebrated scoring.

Big deal. I like that they don’t like each other. It’s called competition. If we had a bit more of it in the squad, it’d up the levels for sure.

Wenger dropped in with the second talking point centered around M’Bappe.

SHOCK HORROR: he will not be coming to us.

‘What we know now with Mbappe it’s over £100m, after [that amount] it’s free to imagine what you want, but we’ve not made any offe

‘Too much choice, maybe. So in the end, people don’t move.’

So here’s my thing. If we were in for M’Bappe, and now we’re not, are we going in for someone else?


It’s amusing, because now we’re at the stage in the summer where holding onto players becomes the transfer wins.

Ozil and Chamberlain are going to be wins.

Then it’ll be Jack W and Chezzer.

Then we’ll take a shine to a kid tearing it up.

Like clockwork.

Anyway, a positive start to preseason. Let’s keep
Looking forward.


Political doublespeak is BACK

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Arsene Wenger – fresh off a new deal he didn’t deserve – is already talking like the seasoned slippery politician he is.

“To do well of course means to win the Premier League, hopefully to win the Champions League as well, but I think I have stayed at Arsenal for such a long time because for me a club is firstly about values, the values I hold dear.

“One is to win trophies but more important is to know who we are, and what is important to us.

“I will always try to defend what I think is important in our sport, that means the values of our game. Football is a very popular sport now all over the world and there is a big responsibility.

“I think one of the ways to face up to the responsibility is to defend the values. That is important”

I’m really sorry, all I’ve done is read up on this prezzer, but can someone please explain how this values thing works? Sounds like empty words used to explain out how being a bit shit serves some sort of higher spiritual purpose. I can’t for the life of me work out how Wenger is defending values everyday?

The values of keeping average players at the club?
Giving extended deals to crocks?
The values of having such tight control of your boss you write your own deal despite clearly not deserving it?

It’s cute when you read it, but it’s just a play on words to make you feel proud of underachievement.

He went on to say as much when pushed on winning trophies.

“One is to win trophies but more important is to know who we are, and what is important to us.”

Makes no sense. It’s weak. It tells the players they can fail providing they call their grandma and drop money in the Salvation Army charity pot.

Then he pulls us down another familiar rabbit hole. The players who failed to make top 4. The names who tanked 10-2 to an ok Bayern. The superstars who gave up for the first 3months of 2017. Are, errr, tough to replace?

Excuse me?

“I am open to getting some more signings, but it’s not easy to find the players who can strengthen our squad as we have top-quality players.

“There are two ways to improve. First, we analyse what we did well and not so well and we improve on that. The second way is to bring some new players in.”

Then my fave words.

“We’ll test many systems in pre-season. In some games we will play four at the back and some with three and at the start of the season certainly with three.”

We’ll test many systems but we are definitely playing 3 at the back.

Way to combat the ‘Arsenal are predictable’ issue.


I know, I know. I am cynical. But it’s hard not to be when you read the same press conference time and time again… and the same people who bleat that I’m wrong are once again bleating that I’m wrong.

Ground hog day, just a little more expensive.

Was also a little flat reading that Jose’s scouts dropped a scathing report on Lacazette citing a lack of pace, weakness on the ball and creating the illusion of clinical based on penalties.

I mean, Jose did sell Lukaku only to buy him back. He also moved on KDB and Luiz. He’s also starting Fellaini.

So maybe a pinch of salt.

We shall see…

Alexis Sanchez to stay? Here’s what happened the last time Wenger put his foot down

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Quick post from me this evening because not much seems to have moved in the world of Arsenal.

Chilean goal machine, Alexis ‘the real deal’ Sanchez, might not land his BIG move to Manchester City to play under Pep G. Wenger is digging his 12 inch party shoes into the Emirates turf… roped the our poor old wingers neck.

‘Tu restes toi litte poo’

… is the word on the street.