Can standing at games ever be wrong? | 3 players I demand Arsenal buy this summer

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Happy good morning to you all. Has the dust settled? Do you need a read that’ll hoover up all that misery with the force of two Dyson handhelds? I think you do.

Let’s go…

This weekend we take on Everton. Arguably our sternest test since City. Why? Well, it’s all to play for in the league with United and now Liverpool in the mix for 4th (even though they have a shocker of a run). We were run off the park by Palace, we were out played by Monaco and now we’ll go to Everton knowing what the teams around us have done the day before. Everton is a test of mental strength. The players will be embarrassed, down and tired. They have to lift themselves. They have to prove to the fans they’re a proper team.


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Arsenal embarrassed by smarter planning. Shocker.

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Last night was quite the numbing experience. I said to a friend at the time of the draw, you almost want a big team to keep Arsenal on their toes. I still have horrible memories of losing to teams like PSV when it’s almost inconceivable to do so. Arsenal have traditionally suffered in the Champions League because we don’t take care of ourselves. If it’s a big team, we don’t go with a game plan to nullify talent (aka, ‘we have no special plan for Messi’) or last night, when it appeared we had no plan to take care of a very unambitious Monaco side with a terrific defensive record.

It’s hard not to be torn about the result in a way, and look, I’m no excuse maker, but you can’t not look at the chances we had and not wistfully imagine what could have been.


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