What's the plan for Ozil?

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So the leading stat from the game against Reading was that Ozil created 9 chances. He's obliterating this league. He's quite unbeleivable.

I take it all back about him. I really do.

So, now that's out in the open, you have to wonder with all this chance making whether that's the impetus to move Theo on this summer.


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So it's sealed. An Arsenal vs Aston Villa cup final. The mighty Tim Sherwood showed what a loving arm around the shoulder can do as his confident side powered past a pretty flat Liverpool side.

Ideally, based on the last 3 FA Cup games we've played at Wembley, I'd have preferred to play Liverpool. It'd be pure focus all the way and the occasion would have felt bigger. Villa should be a fairly standard win based on form this season, but Sherwood has them ticking over nicely and his turbo-charged style of management is perfect for a cup final.

Yesterday they played with a very impressive tempo and energy. Benteke looked every inch the player most knew he was, Delph was brilliant And their young boy Grealish, was very impressive on the ball... like Jack Wilshere but 4 stone lighter with tiny shin pads.

It'll be a fun day out regardless. One to look forward to, no doubt.

Fun and games in the press in Germany with suggestions in Kicker that we're going to take Klopp this summer. I can't for a minute believe that. He's a very good manager, but he's not a 'drop everyone' type of guy. Wenger is on a roll, there's no way he'd move upstairs at this stage. Especially for a manager who bombed so badly this season. There's talk of Liverpool taking him on. Again, can't help but think they'd be replacing like for like there.

We've got Arsene until the very last day of his deal. At least it looks like changes have happened and they'll continue to so we have a smooth transition when the new manager comes in.

Interesting that Dortmund took exMainz manager Tomas Tuchel. He's a very impressive character and from the same club Klopp came from.

Next up is another cup final of sorts for us. Chelsea on Sunday is a huge game for us. Arsene has never beaten Mourinho, he's been constantly taunted by him and this weekend sets the tone for next season. Chelsea nicked the game 1-0 at United in another joy-sapping set up. I think their side look very tired at the moment, so it feels like they could be there for the taking.

Winning this weekend really would cap off an exceptional second half of the season. Form is on our side, I think we have the players fit and firing to make an impact and we've rested some of our key players over the weekend. I'm a bit concerned we played 120mins, but we have a full week off to recover, so that shouldn't be too much of a problem.

It's also the last major game in the sun before the season finishes. It's when it gets to this part of the year, you start to panic that the summer has no football.

Then you get sad.

Then you start wondering about other sports?

Then you start wondering if you need to get a wife?

It all gets pretty messy. Football hasn't gone yet. Still plenty more action to go.

Right, that's your lot. Have a fabulous day.

P.S. Forgot to mention it, but one of the tweets people dig up about my past is something I wrote about Ashley Young years ago when he was a very good player. Well, interestingly, it hasn't been brought up in a while because he's keeping Di Maria out the side.

Now, point here isn't that I am right. The point is that players are good, then they play badly under a certain style of manager, then they can come good again. Same with managers.


Arsenal didn't show up

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Quite often, at away games, or games of note in the calendar... the football spoils the occasion.

Yesterday had to go down as one of those afternoons.

The 5 hour booze fest that went on before the game isn't going to allow me the clarity I'd normally need to give a view on the game, so I'll just give some topline thoughts.