Perfect preseason.

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2 trophies and the season hasn’t even started!

I didn’t catch the whole of the Emirates Cup game. But the parts that I did catch made for impressive viewing.

We’ve beaten one of the best sides in Germany and we destroyed the second best team in France.

Sure preseason doesn’t account for much in the grand scheme of things, but this preseason gives us a full compliment of players to pick from heading into the Charity Shield. We’ll have some continuity of our approach that was so successful at the tail end of last summer. We’ll also have a monster truck load of confidence.

Makes me a bit nervous. It’s all going a little too well. Where’s that banana skin?

News buzzing around the airwaves is that Pep Guardiola is going to takeover at City next season. That makes me worry. He’ll get things ticking over there. So this feels like a very good season to make some heavy progress before things get really tasty. I wonder where Klopp will go?

There’s still no major news on the transfer front. Madrid haven’t done any major damage in the transfer market yet. United have chilled their beans and don’t seem to have managed a striker purchase. Chelsea haven’t done anything major for once.

Surely there’s more to come from this summer?

So will definitely have a good post for you tomorrow! Delayed because of match noise.

Tune in.