Lacazette on the left?

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I don’t need or seek those powers.


Because I am the art of persuasion.

I’ve been forcing the concept of Theo to Everton for weeks, and it seems Ronald Koeman is taking the insincere bait.

At £30m. 

If only you could caps numbers, because that sort of figure needs to be LOUD and followed by lolololollllookool.

Imagine that?

I mean, the way they’re bulking up this summer they are certainly top 4 contenders. Koeman is a solid manager (BORING), but he’s made some good additions this year. Giroud and Theo might be interesting.

INTERESTING FOR US. Lolololljollol.

In other news, the little boy in Sanchez always wanted to win the Champions League.

Or earn £400k a week.

Either will do.

It’s getting to the point now where we need a decision. If he goes, Lacazette on the left (a move Alfred predicted), with Giroud through the middle simply won’t cut it as anything other than miserable.

Our summer is being held hostage at the moment, and it’s difficult to feel like we’re making progress with a new left back and a striker that’s split the fan base.

A big week for Arsenal. Teams around us are shaping up. We need to push the boat out and make sure this threat of a good summer is delivered upon.

Right, see you in the comments!