Great start for Emery, but is pace an oversight?

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A couple of days out the mixer and something massive happens, best described by Boreham Wood’s boss Luke Garrard.

“They’re the best team I have ever faced in my career. You look at the two side they put out, they’re frightening. They were here to put on a show for their new manager. Killer, ruthless – they were ready to hit us with every blow they could.”

GET IN FUTURE, here we are!


Emery working on his English as Carcedo drops some prime banter

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I’m out in Oregon at the moment, without doubt, one of the most spectacular places in America. Highly recommended if you like being outdoors.

When I was out and about today, I had a realisation… I really have no tension point to riff off at the the moment when it comes to Arsenal. I’ve had ten years of being able to smash out content about how I’ve felt wronged by Arsenal, within 6 months, we’ve gone from 1800 word thought pieces on the demise of Arsenal, to having literally nothing to complain about at all bar an unsigned Rambo contract.

Not that this isn’t a good thing, it just feels really odd to come to the internet every morning and feel excited about something new that we’ve not seen before. The club is no doubt in full propaganda mode, but it’s the good kind of propaganda. This must be how the base feel when they throw on a bit of Sean Hannity… or how my dad felt when David Beckham got caught with his pants down.

Carcedo screaming at a player for playing a Mesut Ozil pass when he’s not Mesut Ozil. Absolute classic banter from someone who has spent 2 months on the language.

Watching the coach teach one vs one defending, then showing the players how that works tactically.

Seeing Petr Cech moving the ball short as the defence and midfield practice moving the ball out the back.

Just being able to see the training sessions feels so interesting. Apparently, Emery was the same when he was at PSG. He seems to be a very open manager. I can’t wait to hear him talk about his plans for the team when he’s a few months into the job.

I like that he’s been pretty blunt about Jack Wilshere not fitting into his plans.

‘It was a tactical, technical decision,”

“The conversation with Wilshere was a very good conversation. I explained to him my opinion and how I will want to create the team and not sure [I could] say to him he’s going to play in the XI.’

“I know this player is very important for the supporters, he grew up here with Arsenal. But I don’t give for him one post in the starting XI. It’s for that he chose to leave here and I respect this.”

I think Arsenal fans have lost their head over his departure and his omission from the England squad. The semi-final didn’t need him. This is a guy who has offered up nothing but average over the last 5 years for us and Bournemouth. Emery is right, he’s seeing the move through cold eyes and he’s made the right decision.

You kind of feel some sections of the press have a draft article titled…

‘What Arsenal miss is the FIGHT of Jack Wilshere’

… ready to roll when we get buried twice in the opening two games of the season. Seems weird that anyone is still asking questions about a bit part player from last season. If he were good enough for us, he’d have moved somewhere more interesting than West Ham.

Some things never change though, regardless of who the manager is. This is Emery on the next captain.

“My first idea is to have five captains in the team,”

“But at the moment, I don’t know the names. I need to know more and also, firstly, Koscielny is the first captain now and for me, I have respect for that.

“Then, we are looking at, looking for, who are the players whose personality is the best in the dressing room. We want to keep the respect for these players and to find the captain and choose very well the best player for that.”

Sooooo, the captain is a guy who won’t start the season. Been here before, amirite? Remember Wenger in 2008?

‘I don’t believe too much in leadership,’

‘I believe more in good passing than a guy who jumps around with the hands in the air and plays the leader.’

I can’t see past Ramsey myself. He’d also suit the mixer, always injured, a contract rebel, you know the deal!

Final piece goes to Mesut, who the manager has a plan for.

“We are here to help every player,” Emery said. “For us Mesut is a very important player. We want to help to be well, fine with us.

“Last year was a difficult year for all the team, not only for Mesut,”

“They finished sixth in the Premier League – not the position we want.

“Now it’s a new way. With all the players I want to give them confidence, to give them a chance every day in their work. With quality work it is very easy to arrive at the performance, individual and collective. Mesut is on holiday and I want him to be tranquil and calm.

“We want the international players to come back quickly and start practising hard with us. But it is also important for them to have holidays because the season is very, very hard and very, very long. They need holidays to come full of energy for the start and to give us this quality and this energy in the team.”

Hopefully, this time around, we’ll land all our international players back for the first game of the season, something Chelsea and City won’t be able to do.

Arsenal have also tried to quell my chat about language issues.

“For me and for my staff also, it’s very important, the communication with all of the club,”

“With Ivan, with Raul, with Sven, with the people who are working here and then with the players. The message is very quickly [to learn] and make ourselves very clear to help the relationship together and to communicate individually.

“Am I getting better? I think so, yes!”

I’m fascinated to see if all these double sessions the team are doing will impact the team. We absolutely need to do them, because our players have a tactical IQ of a degenirate cave child and they need a lot of help to embrace the new ideas. The question is whether that impacts the injuries of the players. How will their bodies take the load? How good is the new fitness coach Darren Burgess reports into? Can those two work out a method that gives the coach what he wants without inflicting a 2010 like December collapse in energy?

We shall see… plenty to look forward to.

See you in the comment x

Brace yourself, real football is coming home

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Ahhh well, fuck it.

It was fun while it lasted. Simple fact about football is it’s really tough to succeed at the highest level if you have no creative outlet. England decided to leave the flair at home, and when it came down to it, we couldn’t create enough clear-cut chances to put Croatia to the sword.