What is the perfect situation for Wenger to sign players?

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Rain, gets, me, down.

I don’t think I’ve known it to consistently p*ss down like this in August, ever. Rain is rarely relentless in this town.

How dare it. How bloody dare it. DAMN YOU MOTHER NATURE.

So what do we have in Arsenal news today?

A big plate of nothing. Not even an agent trying to push a terrible client into a terrible club like Spurs.

I didn’t read Wenger bemoaning the stupid window.

‘When the season starts the window should be finished.’

‘Simple as that. It is too big an advantage for clubs that didn’t work well during the transfer window.

‘The funds are there, people know that you have the resources, but the players are not available.

‘We expect, like you, to make another signing. But at the moment, we are not close.’

I mean, when you look at our history in the window, you’d have to say we’re generally one of those clubs that rarely work well in the transfer window. Looking at the squad we have now, you’d have to say that Wenger has once again missed a trick to make sure in the window.

We’re getting to that point where clubs can’t buy in replacements. So if we’re hoping to sign mega players, well, I’d say those dreams are ones that you usually find in a pipe.

Disappointing. The manager bitched for years that money was the issue, now he has all the money, he’s bitching that it’s hard because others have money.

Can someone just find the perfect situation where there are no other clubs, there’s no window, there are no hiccups and there are no players that want more money than him.

Then we’d be in a great situation. Wenger would have his utopian dream.

He’d still find an excuse though.

I hope the CEO has put some pressure on him this season.

Wenger should put some skin in the game. If he’s confident this squad will win the league, he should say, ‘If I don’t at least form a credible challenge this season, I’ll when my deal is done’… because really, after all the bollocks we’ve faced over the years, after all the excuses, after all the ‘just get behind the team’, I felt we were on the cusp of greatness.

The manager, as it stands, hasn’t pushed the squad where it needs to go.

If it doesn’t work out. Is there a price to pay? Or is it going to be another 10 year contract at the end of the malaise? Another ‘internal investigation’ into what went wrong, when really, it all goes wrong at the start of the season when you don’t address squad deficiencies.

Man City finished 2nd last year with a Championship winning squad. They’ve just dropped £100m. Chelsea are Champions, they’ll have signed Stones and Pedro. United have spent a fortune. Liverpool have spent a fortune.

We finished 3rd. Why haven’t we spent a fortune when we have 1) glaring problems 2) problems we’ve known about for years 3) had the resources to buy 4) seen top players that were within reach go elsewhere.

It’s cray. It’s bananas. It’s fucking mental, but ever so typical.

Have a great day, enjoy the rain and smelling like a wet dog on the tube.