Aaron Ramsey out / Arturo Vidal in on the cards?

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Barcelona are back in the mix for one of our players. They want to take Aaron Ramsey for a whopping £50m. Story goes that they’ve watched him, like, 10 times this year (twice on MoTD 2). Not a patch on the 60 times Arsene Wenger watched Yaya Sanogo, but whatever.

It’s an interesting story, because on the face of it, the story makes sense. With a bit more craft, he’s certainly good enough to play for them. I think he’d suit the league, he’d bring a lot of power and purpose to their side. He’d bring goals as well. He certainly has the engine for them.


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Cup final on the mind of Arsenal players

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One of my friends invited me to sit with him yesterday.

As my #GoonerFam deserted me, it was a pretty easy decision to go and hangout in the clouds for a game. Amazing how much more of the performance you take in when you have a view higher than row 12.

Pregame was mostly littered with whisky and tequila. Anything to take the edge of the boredom I was pretty certain was coming. (more…)