Squad gaps obvious, but will Wenger fill them?

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I didn’t get to watch the Arsenal game last night, so won’t weigh in on it too hard. Firstly, it’s a preseason, secondly, we have a lot of top players missing.

It was the Thierry show before and after. I find it all a bit boring. Time to move on, he’s a legend, I love him, but it’s always the Thierry show whenever he’s involved and it a gets a bit narcissistic in my opinion.

Anyway, things we know. We’re desperately short at the back and we need a couple of centre backs (maybe one now). We also seem pretty short up top. Outside Giroud and Sanchez, we’re really lacking in quality. One of those picks up a standard injury, we really are in a world of crap. I think Arsene has opted for front three flexibility over an out and out specialist. Not sure how that’ll pan out to be honest. I think I’d feel at least 48% more confident with a Thierry in my team. Even if it wasn’t a Thierry, I’d take a Mario.

Diaby is back and fit. He’s a good player, but don’t get your hopes up. 30 games out of him this year would be magic. It’ll also be interesting to see how Shad deals with him. He’ll have a proper programme in place for him this year I’m sure. I’m also interested to see what Wenger does with Gnabry, I don’t think we’ll see him out on loan. I’ve also been told that Chambers is more for centre back cover than he is for right back. That’ll mean Jenks could be ok the way out and Bellerin could be the cover for him. A lot of youth there. Exciting or terrifying, however you want to interpret.

On the outgoing front, there could still be some exits. If bids come in for Lukas, Cazorla or as I said earlier, Jenks, expect to see them seriously considered. All players are welcome to the squad, but have their flaws and two of them are super expensive.

So next up is the Emirates cup in an very short preseason burst. Then we go, for some unknown reason, to Austria. Wenger moans about NYC which is good for the clubs bottom line and it’s fun for the players… yet he sanctions substandard Austria when London would be far more suitable. Must be a bakery he really likes there or something.

Right, have a majestical day and don’t get too upset about NYC. It’s just a preseason and we’re struggling because of all the World Cup winners we don’t have with the side!

Chambers drops for £16m… brilliant business

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Some things make me sad. You know, seeing an old lady give away all her savings to a con artist, seeing a kid give lose his sweets to the bigger kids in a playground… those are sad things right? Yeah, they are.

In the world of football, things that make me sad are those moments that the fans can do nothing about. Southampton, on a long term plan to maintain success, break into the Premier League, have a couple of seasons of success. Owner dies. Daughter takes over. Does not approve of fathers wasteful pass time. Cuts off funding. Pushes out inspirational CEO.


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Centre back nightmare…

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Now we’re over in the States, it’s become apparent what a mess our centre back situation is. We basically have one available for the opener against Palace as things stand. The priority is two centre backs. With TV looking to move because of the way he was treated last season, we have Koscielny… no Mertesacker as he’s on an extended rest… and Miquel.

This is seriously bad news. It’s bad planning again. The club could have taken Lescott on a free or at least made a move earlier than preseason tour time.


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