Friday Digest: The case for Payet | Giroud form a worrying thing? | Banter legend to move on

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Carl Jenkinson, the banter king, Arsenal supporter as a child, posters of Theirry still on his wall… looks likely to move to Crystal Palace. He’s a hard worker, has an engine that’ll run for days and he looked like one of the nicest English players ever to grace an Arsenal shirt. I’ll never forget him looking like he’d accidentally walked into every picture ever taken of him. Good luck Carl, you’ll smash it down there.

Carl Jenkinson (Arsenal). JGs Camping on the pitch promotion. Club Day. Arsenal Training Ground. London Colney, Herts, 23/4/14. Credit : Arsenal Football Club / David Price.

Carl Jenkinson (Arsenal). JGs Camping on the pitch promotion. Club Day. Arsenal Training Ground. London Colney, Herts, 23/4/14. Credit : Arsenal Football Club / David Price.


Thursday Digest: Injury heartache? | It’s banner time again | Contract elation

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Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Controversey surrounding yet another banner from Redaction. This time, because they’re commissioning one that includes the dogs of Alexis Sanchez, Anatomical and Humberside. Fans are furious, they think this is not good banter and fans of other clubs, like West Ham, will beat us up for being pathetic.

I personally don’t give a rats backside. Talking of rats, last night, walking past a bin bag, a giant rat ran out and bumped into my shoe at full speed. Lovely. New York is so rat infested, that if you walk home at night without on music on, you can hear them fighting and rustling. SAD!

Back to the banner, I really don’t care. It’s a bit of fun. I mean, our banners are pretty boring, it really doesn’t affect anyone and I’m sure Sanchez will enjoy it.

My issue is with Redaction: Guys, get over the fucking banners. Clearly someone in the organisation has a print company and they’re raking it in. Let’s improve the atmosphere in other ways.

How about some more flags? Or some rattles? Or a hologram of players by the corners leading songs. Wouldn’t that be bad ass? How about using banner funds to invest in an Arsenal album, like they have when you go to Dortmund? I worked with Saracens and the CEO ran a song before every game that fans moaned about, but he insisted, if you build routine into anything, people will enjoy it and partake in the end. OR, how about we hire a conductor for each section that does what the hologram does. WOULD BE AMAZING.

Safestanding is not the only answer to a better atmosphere. Let’s get creative and suggest smaller more actionable items at the same time.


How about some good contract news? Kos, Coq and Giroooooooooud signed new deals with the club. Very positive. Think what you want about Giroud, he’s more effective pound for pound than Messi at the moment, contributing positively with assists or goals more regularly than the Argentine god. Laurent is a great defender who we need to keep going, lad needs a trophy before I’ll put him anywhere near the greats and Coquelin is a superb squad player and prime for that double pivot away from home against Bayern.

Now we just need to know what’s going to happen with Sanchez. I’m absolutely not fussed about Ozil. Replaceable if we modernise our system. It’s Sanchez, can we tie him down? That’d be a major coup for Arsene and Arsenal. Hopefully someone can point him in the direction of the dog banner.

Rumours online Santi had to have another operation are sad if true. We’ll have to be looking at a Pjanic or Paredes in the summer if that’s the case. Can’t be relying on someone who is going to struggle to come back at the right pace level in his thirties.

Also stories we bid £35m in the summer for Manolas. We fu*ked up not signing him when we had the carrot of Joel Campbell to sweeten the deal.

Outside that, I’ll whip up a preview for you tomorrow evening.