Wenger tempering expectation with rules of thumb that consistently fail him

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Ok, so not much to talk about… just a lot of nothing going on. For those of you confident of a great summer, high fives all round. For those of you who know the pattern we normally follow, look at what’s going on now…

“We’ve already bought one player — Xhaka — from Monchengladbach,””So we’ve bought one midfielder and we’re still

“So we’ve bought one midfielder and we’re still on the market to buy one or two more players. But it is not easy.

“It is not just buying. We also have to keep a good balance. If you buy too many players you destabilise your team. So three is the maximum.”

It’s almost like our end of the season heroics have convinced Wenger that three more players is all he needs to compete with the best in Europe.

Destabilising a team that didn’t win shouldn’t be an issue. Destabilising a team flunked hard, really, is what you should be doing. I don’t for the life of me understand how he’s looking at that squad and firstly, not recognising that he lost 3 players on big wages, so they need replacing. Then secondly, not recognising that he didn’t have the quality to handle key injuries to players. So the squad wasn’t big enough in the first place. He never learns.

We weren’t a Xhaka from the title last year. Maybe we were a Vardy away, but that was in a fluke year… we don’t need to tweak. We need to blast at the squad to make it better. Move Theo on. Move Gibbs on. Replace Cazorla or at least bring in someone who can do the things he can. Think about moving on Chambo and think about how badly he flunked. Think about the fact Giroud isn’t good enough and Danny Welbeck is out for a year.

When you factor all that in, tell me how Wenger gets to three players?

I mean, that’s before considering we have two centre backs in their thirties and two that really aren’t cutting the mustard.

Where is the evidence that 3 players is about the max a squad can handle? It just feels like another one of those stupid mantras Wenger spouts because he’s not willing to challenge his own thinking… I mean, what exactly has the ‘no more than 3 players’ rule done for Wenger over the past 12 years? Not much. It’s like his secret recipe for failure.

Players need to be looking at Arsenal thinking they’re serious about making something happen. That’s what they’ll be thinking when they look at Liverpool, City and United. Becuase they have managers who want to win and want to evolve.

Mikki is looking at United, because Mourinho. Vardy is holding out, because, what? Money? Waiting on a better offer?

Considering how good Wenger is at marketing failure, he’s not very good at marketing an exciting project. He should be ripping up trees to make this squad something spectacular. Not tempering expectation…

Anyway, it is what it is. He is what he is. Let’s hope they get moving on the transfer front. We’re nearly in July.


New Premier League ace linked to Arsenal

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OMG, it’s my birthday. They get sadder as you get older. Right now, I’m at that age where I’d be struggling to get another contract. The only way Arsenal are indulging me with a new deal is if they’ve just been spanked 8-0 by Spurs on August 31st.

That, or they read my blog and understand my managerial vision of how to MAKE ARSENAL GREAT AGAIN.


Xhaka keeps that ball moving | Wenger smoking striker out

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Jeez, I have a bout of the ol’ writers block this morning. I watched some basketball in what felt like a pretty epic end to the finals. The clinical nature of that game under the pressure they face is quite astonishing to watch. I mean, I’m not quite sure I can buy into best of 7 for a final… but I suppose if the FA could do that and make $100m a game, they’d probably extend it out.