Danny W makes accidental slip count for once| #WengerComeBack is on!

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If you believe in karma or accurate journalism, you have to be laughing at Milan’s demise last night. La Gazzetta dello Sport wrote of Danny Welbeck before the first leg:

“If a player has ever summed up Arsenal itself, it’s Welbeck. He is capable of doing something really good, then falling over on his own and ending up face to the ground.”

“New drinking game: drink every time Danny Welbeck falls”  (more…)

Two managers throw hat in ring | Spitting feathers over here

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Unreal footage emanating from up north, where the fans are more salt of the earth than a whole east end pub eating jellied eels in unison to an impromptu Chas & Dave gig. Jamie Carragher, top-notch Sky Sports pundit, with a leg so enticing Thierry had to touch it live on national television, gobbed on a fan goading him through the window of his car. The man driving had his little girl in the passenger side (where the said gob flew in), was driving down the motorway at great speed, whilst videoing the whole incident on his phone. Which means he must have unlocked his phone, delicately swipped the setting to video, all whilst transporting his child.