Arsene brushes off pesky opinion makers…

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Errr, Arsene, Ozil has something on his mind…

“I’m one of the best players in the world in that No10 position. Fans, coaches, players and everyone knows that my best position is playmaker.

“It’s different playing on the left. Joachim Löw needed me on the left. It’s not about the individual, it’s about the team.“


Arsene not accountable if he opts out of spending

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Well, well, well… look who it is. Feeling pretty hungover? I bet you are. You absolute animal. But don’t worry, no one knows what you did in that plant pot… yet.

Onto the football!

Took part in a fun podcast last night with the guys over at Footballistcally Arsenal. Really felt like yesterday there was a lot of pent up aggression. I just can’t f*cking beleive what’s going on at Arsenal at the moment, there’s literally no justification for Arsene Wenger’s behaviour. It was interesting being on the pod with a strong Wenger supporter, because I think even he (Josh) struggled to justify what the hell is going on. So much acceptance of Wenger’s behaviour is based on past glories. Take him in the now, with no past and his inaction is unforgivable.

£20m Falcao is now apparently off to Madrid for a season. It’s not the Arsenal way to churn £20m on a loan player. It is however, the sort of thing Ferguson did to great effect when he landed Robin in his prime for that one season of glory. Where’s the ruthless Arsene? Where’s the all guns blazing approach to crowning off your final contract? Where’s the ‘winner’?

I can’t see it. Arsene is laying up on a 120 yard par 3 over water. He’s bottling it again. He has £70m left in the bank and he’s opting not to spend it because he can’t find the right player, which in itself is a major problem because we have a handsomely paid scouting network. Ultimately, the reason he’s not spending the money is because if he goes into the season with a full compliment of players, he’s accountable.

Wenger likes going in with a squad that’s a ‘little bit short’ because it means there’s always this nagging doubt over what could have been. My opinion is that even with a full squad of City like players, he’d still come up short because he’s not good enough. Great players can’t really hide old hat systems with bodged tactics. They can’t hide poor preparation. They can’t hide a terrible approach to fitness.

Wenger is hiding behind meek excuses because those excuses… well, excuse him. If you don’t believe this, tell me how he hasn’t landed a world class striker since we lost Robin Van Persie. Tell me why he hasn’t found a defensive midfielder of any sort of level since he lost Alex Song. Where is the third choice centre back?

You can lose your mind at the assertion here, but unless you can give me a logical reason why a club the size of Arsenal with one of the largest resource pools in the planet, then save your angst.

We’re going into the season with massive gaps in our squad and there’s no excuse. It can’t be a mistake people, it happens too often. He’s either losing the plot, or it’s a strategic decision, because for me… as the little old fan who knows nothing, can call this season like I have the last 6 on here. It has 4th place written all over it. We haven’t kept pace with City or Chelsea. Jury is still out on Liverpool, but at least they’ve had a go at making sure they have the players to sustain a season. We looked pretty solid for a bit, then we started selling players to balance the books and now it looks like we might end this summer spending less than the last one.

Our biggest problem is we never have a big enough squad, well, Wenger hasn’t really added anything has he? Like for like, pretty much. What is that going to do for depth?


I don’t need £8m a year to see the issues, they’re so clear… everyone in world football can see the problems.

So why can’t Arsene?

Who knows… it’s not right though, it’s really not right. Negligence, again. The whole world wrong about the ‘standing still’ approach to building a world class squad. Watch the teams above add major talent and depth in the hope of what… things won’t work out because they signed more than 3 players?

It’s bizarre. It’s crazy. It’s only acceptable because he’s still dining off past glories and he never fails hard enough to merit a response from Stan Kroenke.

Being accountable to no one is dangerous regardless of how good you are. When you’re a falling star and still no one steps in, well, sadly the only way we escape this top 4 mediocrity is if we drop out of it, because one thing is for sure, Wenger doesn’t have it in him to kick on to the next level.

That’s a sad fact of life…

Happy Friday, go and clean out that plant pot before your boss finds out.

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Sanchez the striker comes good

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My first game back in the action didn’t disappoint. Well, from a result perspective at least. Also worth noting the calibre of bar staff at The Che pre game lived up to the usual high standards.

Line up had an Ozil on the left again, a Cazorla in the middle and a Sanchez through the middle. That was good news. I’m convinced the Chilean can play through the middle.

The game wasn’t up to much. I felt the Turks were far more of a threat in the first half than we were. I didn’t feel like there was a real vision for how our team should play. We hadn’t worked out a way to play with Sanchez, still trying to ping balls at him like he was a large man.

That didn’t stop the little machine banging in our first. Some crafty work with Jack at the edge of the box allowed the ball to roll in the firing line of Sanchez where he was on hand to bang the ball him low and hard. It was a poacher’s goal and it was first time. What a relief.

The second half was a touch nervy. Besiktas had some very strong penalty shouts, we missed some absolute sitters (Chambo, what was that!) and everyone in the stadium was on edge… but, we saw the game out and cheered like absolute heroes!

So key takeaways from me…


I felt the performance was weak, well, not weak, just well out of sorts considering the style Wenger strives for. I don’t feel the lineup has a vision of how it’s supposed to play. I didn’t feel anyone looked drilled or had been given instruction on how to play. It’s just a bit samey. Besiktas are a very poor team. Didn’t really feel we imposed ourselves or gave a good account.

Sanchez centrally…

As I told you earlier in the summer, Reus or Sanchez were coming in to play centrally. Wenger confirmed that last night. He’s very short, so he’s not winning anything in the air, but he’s fast, he’s unpredictable, he has magic inside and outside the box, he’s 0.5 seconds faster than anyone in the head and powerful. There’s no reason he can’t be our Aguerro. Love him. He’s a hard worker, he’s feeling his way in and he never stops working.


Debuchy took our second red of the season for a challenge that looked really good from where we were sitting. Chambers came on and gave a great account of himself at right back. The boy has pace to burn and he loves being in the mix. I love him. Our best acquisition in a while. He’s made an impact straight away.

(ENGLAND SQUAD. Totally deserved)


Via James Olley (loadsa Gooners in that team!)


He’s really not at the races yet. Not sure about him outside purely from an exposure point of view. The side just doesn’t feel that balanced at the moment. I’d prefer to see pace out that way. Maybe he’ll get better. My issue is that he’s a number ten and we’re punting him in left midfield. Feels wrong. Like putting on your girlfriends underwear… but hey, look, after a while, it can feel right. So let’s wait and see on that one.

Jack Wilshere…

Look, the final ball was garbage and he made some very immature passes towards the end that put us under pressure. However, he was running at pace, he looked interested and he put in a really solid performance. He needs to build on that. Have a Ramsey season. Show us why you’re paid superstar wages.


Push comes to shove, we’re through, for the 17th year running. A great achievement. One worthy of a trophy. Looking forward to not playing Spursday night football.

Right, that’s me done. Have a great day!

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