The boys are all back for the big one, as predicted!

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Ok, so it’s now official, Clichy, Kolo, Gallas and Sagna at the back, Cesc and the Flamster in the middle and Ade and Eduardo up top, which makes our prediction of last week correct, so all the doubting Thomas’s, eat humble pie.

My guess will be Hleb and Theo out wide, but he may surprise us and bring back Diaby, who knows.

Gilberto or Eboue may also feature and Gilberto could rise to the occasion as it’s his mate Kaka out there, but I would sooner Walcott, or if fit, Diaby, Eboue doesn’t deserve a place and if he got one I expect Gattuso to target him for 90 minutes.

The atmosphere should be electric and I for one will be singing my lungs out, so the team can’t ask for more.

The scousers beat the harder (so they say) of the two Milan’s last night with the worst goal I have ever seen, is Gerrard lucky or what? I think that ball bounced three times before it dribbled over the line, if only we got that luck. Barnsley must be ruing their league position!

We have to win and we have to win in style if we are to justify Saturdays capitulation.

You would think Red nose would shut his trap after a 4-0 win wouldn’t you?

Enough said on that twat.

Arsenal enter the race for Benzema? If he would prefer to play in Spain or Italy as he supposedly said, leave him Arsene, we don’t want another Reyes.

I’ll keep today’s blog brief as I’m sure we’ll all have much to debate.

Have a great night Grovers, games like this come along rarely and it will be the first time I would have seen us beat Milan, well the red side anyway, Kieran Gibbs tore the blue part a new arsehole in pre season, if only we had boy wonder back for this one, still he’ll be back for the return, I hope???

Sing hard if you’re there, pray hard if you’re not!

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Sagna, Kolo, Gallas and Clichy back and Cesc asks for Eto’o at the Grove.

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Well there’s a surprise eh? the first choice back four all fit and raring to go.

Credit to Sagner as he has had a family tragedy and he returns to help out the team, well done that man.

Cesc was asked by the Telegraph that if he could have only one player at Arsenal who would it be? He says Eto’o and he thinks he would form a lethal partnership with Adebayor.

I wonder if that will put a rocket up sick notes arse and get him back a little sooner? But there again, isn’t Eto’o a bit of a sick note as well?

Perhaps there’s method in his madness, as long as they’re not both injured at the same time, or does he mean forming a lethal partnership with Robin?

Gallas escapes a ban for toeing Nani goat up the arse but nobody at the FA mentions the disgusting chants of the Manc crowd, so no change there.

No racist chanting and no anti semetic chanting, all punishable with banishment and death, but Paedophile chanting is not only allowed by the BBC and the FA, but by doing nothing, it’s actually encouraged. Don’t misunderstand me here all the above is unacceptable, but the last one is worse, ask anyone with children.

Gallas explains the reason for our defeat, forget it Billy, you were all shit and half the team were not and never will be good enough, draw a line under it and go beat Milan.

People are talking about Milan like they are a shitty team of old boys, correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t they the current Champions league holders?

I had an interesting email from a Mr Kupelian who was so incensed by earlier Manc chanting he wrote to David Gill, and surprise, surprise, never got a reply, so this week he has written to the Commander of the Stretford Divisional Area of Greater Manchester Police.

Nice one Mr Kupelian but don’t hold your breath, they can do no wrong up there.

So one more day to go and we can erase the result at Old Trafford, at least I hope we can!

Go 4-4-2 and give them everything you got boys, this game is so, so, important in our quest to win the Premier league, it will set us on our way.

Lose it at your peril!

Have a great day Grovers, strangely it feels like the day before the European Cup final in Paris did! let’s hope the result is better.

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BBC television, you’re disgusting arse kissers to a team with no morals.

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Let me start with the Match of the day commentary team that hears no evil, sees no evil and speaks no evil …to Manchester United that is.

The Red nose drunk wants Gallas banned the day after our reserves get tonked by his ‘in debt club’s’ hugely expensive team of night club tart shaggers.

Moral men ManU and most of them married, but they are good at 1 minute silences.

Last week we all had the biggest laugh of the season when Man City beat the famous ManU at Old Trafford, we all had to sit through days and days of Munich heroes, blah, blah and how the fans should respect the minutes silence before kick off.

Then we hear how their wonderful fans united together to show respect for the Munich disaster and the men who died in it. Good going I don’t have a problem with that.

Touching, then we watch Lineker, Shearer and fellow muppet Hansen ignore the foul mouth Mancs calling our manager a paedophile, over and over again, and those tossers sit there and tell the world how badly we’re playing and how good the Mancs are, that was the important thing to talk about, hypocrites.

The following day ‘Sarah’s’ law’ gets passed, Sarah, in case they didn’t know was a victim of a real paedophile, they disgust me. And the BBC say nothing, they obviously think the Gallas kick was worse than the filth that comes from their inbred foul mouths, and broadcast it around the world.

It really isn’t entertainment to sing about paedophiles, especially when Arsene Wenger is a family man with a child of his own, they are all wicked beyond belief, I hope they are proud of themselves for ignoring what they heard. Well done Gary Lineker, Alan Hanson and Alan Shearer all good family men themselves, no doubt.

So now I’ve thanked the 3 monkeys from the BBC, I can talk about Arsenal.

Milan next up, minus a keeper so that’s something, if we’re right we should have a team something like this tomorrow.

Toure Senderos Gallas Clichy
Hleb Cesc Flamini Rosicky
Eduardo Adebayor

The other option at right back would be Eboue, but I’m not sure if his ban extends to Europe, I hope it does though.

I expect us to run at them from the off, knowing they will tire at some point it’s important not to let them score first and sit back on it.

It’s important not to let them score at all, we all know about away goals in this competition.

I think we’ll be back to our best because I think the team would have been stung by the criticism and can’t possibly be that bad again.

I won’t make the obvious statements like ‘the fans need to get behind the team’ because the fans get behind the team even when we’re being spanked 4 nil or 5-1 but we may have to be patient, this is a wily old team and they know how to score two goals in injury time.

So let’s hope the ‘injuries’ clear up, the team has dusted itself down and they are ready for the game of their lives.

If they can’t get up for this one, they probably need to do something else.

Great day yesterday Grovers, record comments for both Saturday and Sunday, keep ‘em coming.

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