Ok boys, one last push for Arsene, one giant leap for mankind.

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Come on boys, don’t let the carpet baggers win the league again, either of them, we still have a chance and if you beat the Mancs, it’s all up for grabs again.

Ok I decided to use today to be positive and talk about how we can beat the Mancs, watch the Chavs draw with Wigan then lose to Everton and be right back in it when the Chavs draw with the Mancs the week after.

So that’s how it will happen, we’ll win the league and be happy again. Then we’ll have the summer months to ponder the transfer news and which special player we’ll sign.

Firstly though to make any of this fantasy happen we have to do part one, which is beating the Mancs.

We can do that if we play like we did at Liverpool, but without conceding, how you may ask, will that happen, if we play Philipe Senderos? I don’t know, I have to be honest, but I think he’ll go back to a back four of Eboue, Kolo, Gallas and Clichy, with a midfield of Hleb, Cesc, Gilberto and Theo, with Robin and Ade up front.

He may well put Song in the midfield or Djourou at the back, but I really don’t know how fit they are.

Does make you wonder though, if I’m struggling to find a team, how we can be signing just one player.

So, at them from the off, like we did at Liverpool and Chelsea, fight for every ball, shut them down, but this time try not to concede. If we can do that, we may well upset the apple cart, and go on and surprise the fuck out of everyone this season.

I would love to see the looks on the BBC muppets faces on Match of the day if we won the league.

Have a great Saturday Grovers, there’s lots to ponder


Flamini blow could see Gilberto back at Old Trafford

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Strangely enough the loss of the Flamster could well see the re emergence of Gilberto, he could get his chance in central midfield alongside Cesc Fabregas, or he could play Hleb there.

I’ll be surprised if he puts Diaby there, as he has been suspended!

I would play Theo up front with Ade, I would do that as he does seem to cause (Ade) the Mancs problems.

Capello hails Theo as incredible, as do most of us, so come on boss, play him and see what happens.

I would put Hleb out left and Robin out right, like he does when he plays for Holland (just before he normally gets injured).

My back line would be Clichy Gallas Kolo Eboue

Almunia would be the goalie and Jens would be sacked, for what he said to the German magazine about the boss and Manuel, it has to make the atmosphere in the dressing room horrible.

We have nothing to fear from the outcome of this game as we’ll get 4th place regardless so we may as well go for it and throw caution to the wind, show the world what we all know we can do.

It’s tough to call this but with Vidic out we’ll have a punchers chance, I don’t, however think we’ll get stuffed like in the FA Cup.

So I’m going for a narrow win.

I get really fed up with saying this but I’m going to say it one more time, we welcome ALL bloggers to this site, we only block people that use racist, bigoted or insulting language to our bloggers, as you would in your house, office or pub. We welcome debate what we don’t welcome are people that just want to argue for the hell of it.

As far a we are concerned all Arsenal blogs are just that, Arsenal blogs, full of Arsenal fans, just like we are, we got another blog bent out of shape yesterday and now he using his site to bad mouth us, we’ve had 975 comments in two days against this guys 19 in three, so I rest my case. We must be doing something right and something our supporters like.

I even let him back on this morning as he had a sensible, reasoned comment.

I’m not going to lower the integrity of Le Grove and name him, that’s not what blog sites are for, and I’m not in a pissing contest, suffice to say if you didn’t like us, we wouldn’t be here, so a big thank you to our regulars, don’t forget blogs sites are supposed to be fun.

Anyone is welcome at Le Grove if you are a disgruntled blogger and you want to ask us a question, do it, but please, in a reasoned way, we love Arsenal too, but if they do stuff that makes us unhappy we’ll debate it.

I read some interesting stats today that showed the Mancs had 565 shots. 70 goals and 6,175 passes, we had 450 shots, 63 goals and 6,705 passes.

It shows our shots to goals ratio is better, our amount of shots is lower but we have way more passes than they do to score, that says to me, less passes and more shots are needed and I think we can all agree on that.

I still think we can win this (EPL) but we need to do the Mancs on Sunday, throw on Theo and Gilberto in Central midfield and see where it takes us Arsenal. Have a great day Grovers, this weekend is our whole season, after that as Ade says, it’s time to go on holiday!

2-1 Arsenal and lets rain on red nose’s parade.

Diego Capel and Zapata yes but no to Huntelaar.

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Three players have suddenly become linked to Arsenal, two of them, Diego Capel a young Spanish winger who would fit in well and is tricky and Zapata who is a good solid center back and would be a great addition, also they are both the age that Wenger favours but for once it wouldn’t bother me, Senderos is not good enough and we don’t have a right winger.

Huntelaar ha been linked with us since he scored the first goal at the Grove at Dennis Bergkamp’s testimonial, I wouldn’t have him though, he is not quick like Theo and scoring in Holland is no guarantee of scoring in England. Talking of Dennis Bergkamp, he is taking his coaching badge at Arsenal and I think that could mean he’s being groomed, also his advice may not be a bad thing.

Cesc has said he needs to start winning trophies or…. so I see that as a good thing, a wake up call if you will.

I won’t talk about Sunday’s game yet as I’m still hurting from last night, I’ll leave that until tomorrow.

Record day’s commenting yesterday Grovers 428 and counting, which I think is cracking and some great stuff on there as well, which makes the fact that when we say something like ‘Arsene has got it wrong’ or ‘we’re really pissed off at winning no trophies’ why do we get so many nutters on saying we’re glory hunters, or we should support Chelsea.

Well when I say so many, I mean about 6 out of 428 so if I let them on that would have been 434. Pedro likes to give them a chance and we had a couple of odd ones on yesterday, heck we even had a boy named Sue!

If I see anyone that’s about to abuse any of you, they don’t even get a look in and their crap goes straight to trash, I don’t even see them anymore, so apologies for the few that actually got through, they won’t again.

And for those that do, don’t bother, they don’t even get read, so in effect they are talking to themselves, which in itself is no bad thing.

Can you imagine a real Arsenal fan being happy with this season and no silverware, I have a theory, I don’t think they are real fans, I think they’re spuds pretending to be gooners, or other blogs, I know two of them are, that’s a fact.

Having said that we also get a bunch of regulars that write other blogs and they are great guys and of course welcome.

So the next few months will be full of speculation about signings, I hope if he does, he does it before Euro 2008 otherwise we’ll never buy anyone. Tomorrow we talk ManU.

Have another fun day Grovers.

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