We could have had Berbatov but opted for Eduardo the Fox, official!

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Arsene Wenger has now publicly stated he looked at Berbatov before the Spuds signed him but always wanted Eduardo, 14 starts and 11 goals, he says you can’t argue with that and you can’t, well done boss, great signing.

Berbatov has all the silky skills of a Thierry but isn’t as prolific a goal scorer, how many games did we dominate without scoring like West Ham last year? That one was 29 shots, no goals, Eduardo only needs one chance and it’s game over.

With the ‘demolition Dane‘ and Eduardo ‘the Fox’ beginning to form a deadly duo partnership, tonight looks good for the boys in red and white.

Also with Boy wonder and Theo coming on from the bench we have plenty of goals in us.

Midfield should see Diarra (Not if this is to be believed), Diaby and one of Cesc, Gilberto or Flamini with Hleb out wide and a back four of Hoyte, Djourou, Senderos and Traore to hold them back and Fabulous Fabianski in goal, promising to do the business tonight.

My only concern is do we have enough at the back? We’ll soon find out I guess.

Make no mistake, the spuds will be up for it from the off, with Ledley King back in defence they’ll be tough and don’t forget it may well be their only chance for glory tonight.

Pedro has introduced a ‘le chump’ and a ‘le champ section’ it’s on the blog so please take a look, and e-mail or post your suggestions!

Racist pencil dicks are not invited so any morons looking in, understand we’ll get your IP address and pass you on to the boys in blue, you are NOT WELCOME on Le Grove.

Cracking days blogging yesterday Grovers, but no one answered my question (save big Johan) about the team tonight, so feel free.

Finally people, remember you will always get the odd Pratt trying to cause trouble on your site, to get bent out of shape merely fuels them, so, should we get any in the future, try and ignore them, we’ll sort them out and they will get fed up without an audience, a bit like a petulant stupid child vying for attention from it’s even more stupid parent.

Have a great day, enjoy the new toys on the site and revel in the tonking we’re about to hand out to the scum up the road.

3-1, I reckon, with Robin and Theo to do something special.

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Van Den Berg off, Anelka in? Larson Loves Wenger and Eduardo promises goals tomorrow!

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Ok I promised a ‘Wenger and Cesc to leave Arsenal’ headline to get some interest, but I couldn’t bring myself to write such heresy for a few extra hits! So this will have to do.

Some interesting things today, Van Den Berg, the promising youngster from Holland has gone back to his homeland on loan, which should be good for his development, so good luck to him.

Anelka could re join Arsenal for £14 million? sorry guys I can’t see it, with Bendtner and Eduardo on fire, Adebayor top scorer, boy wonder back this weekend and Theo knocking on the door, I can’t see where he would fit in and I certainly couldn’t see the boss spending that sort of money on anyone, so that story I think, is a dead duck.

Larson has heaped masses of praise on Wenger and says it was him and Muamba that asked to leave, so I take back what I said about those two and of course the boss.

We need to win in style tomorrow and now that Berbatov has said he is staying (tosser) expect a fired up Spurs at the Grove.

I wouldn’t fancy going to Shite Hart lane needing to win, though we do seem to play better at their gaff, than our own.

I think that Cesc should play with Diarra or Flamini in the middle, but his FA cup selection did puzzle me a tad, he seemed to play his Carling cup side which could mean the first team for the semi.

Odd one that because he always maintains his kids will always play in the Carling cup.

What do you think the team will be?

The Diarra question that Pedro put yesterday stirred up a big reaction, but I think on the whole you all wanted him to stay, after a good bitch slapping of course.

I can’t see Wenger letting him go unless he has a swap plus cash deal in mind for say …Richards! now that would make sense and neither side would lose face.

I know we have Senderos and Djourou but Richards is more like Kolo and would fit in well.

I really can’t see the boss getting shot of Diarra unless he has a cunning plan though.

We have a reasonable January and early February fixtures wise, so I think the kids can hold the fort, I do however feel there is a Wenger sting in the tail this month.

Great days comments yesterday Grovers, our best yet, you are a good crowd so please keep it up.

Oh and don’t worry about Pedro, I fired him yesterday, Prince, what next!

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Jens going, Diarra gone… Oh and we beat Burnley!

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Good morning my free thinking Grover Chums! A busy old morning for Arsenal news so lets get started on today’s action packed Le Grove match report!

The first noticeable thing about the Arsenal line up was that there was no Lassana Diarra. This means one of two things:

1) He is negotiating a move away from the club with Man City or the Spuds.

2) He is being rested (I know… its the best second option I could muster!) for the Spuds.

I’m going to have a wild guess here but I’m thinking if Jens was playing and he is rumoured to be off, Diarra must be missing because he is involved in Option 1.

Me and Geoff had a bit of a to do over the whole situation. My view is that he has only been here 3 months and should respect that the Flamster is playing a blinder – Geoff’s view is that Diarra should be rotated with Flamini like the Strikers are. Its a toughy and one that can only be decided in the comments section with a word battle between the warring factions…

Jens played possibly his last game for the Ars, and what a faultless performance he had (Yeah, I stole that line from Wenger). The cross bar did all the hard work for him, which must have been nice in his last game! Still, if he is off, well played Jens, we loved ya…!

The game was a pretty dull affair if truth be told. Burnley were never really a threat although; as Geoff pointed out… If you were a Burnley season ticket holder you’d be pretty pissed they don’t play like that every week.

The first goal came from Kolo jinking past a defender in the centre circle, dashing forward, then playing a sublime chip (The type of chipped pass that normally infuriates me) into the path of Eduardo who waited, and waited and wait… bang! The Purple rain singer had put us one up!

Eduardo goads Burnley fans after first goal.

The rest of the half went on in mundane fashion, they had a few chance but never really troubled us. I thought big Phil played ok despite a few shaky clearances!

The second half came and we had to soak up more pressure. Diaby’s passing was off, as was the fluency of the team in general. Traore was having a torrid time at left back and was taken off and replaced by Hoyte. Gilberto was lunged at studs showing and their player saw red. He couldn’t really complain although it did look like he turned his leg to avoid the crunch… tough shit I say.

The red card galvanized Burnley who continued to press without any end product. One particularly hairy moment was a cross that was fizzed in from the left, but it was knocked out of the path of their on coming striker by Big Phil.

The second goal came against the run of play when Eduardo received the ball about twenty yards past the centre circle, he held the ball and threaded a ‘Hleb’ like pass between three Burnley players, Nikki Big Bollocks latched onto it, took it past Kiraly and buried it in the bottom corner!

Game over, you fought hard but game over.

So that was that, a boring fiddly game but we won. Did anyone else get pissed off by the commentators?

“You’d have to agree with the Burnley texter, one down but the better team.”

What a bunch of Arsenal hating cunts the BBC are! Can we ask for a rebate on our T.V licenses?

So we’re still in all the cups and going strong, happy days!

Just a quick thanks to Mike (The Neighbour) for pointing out that if you type ‘spuds’ into google you get ‘Special People Under Doctors Supervision’, I’ll say no more!

See you in the comments section!

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