Agbonlahor to Arsenal!!!

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No thanks, well at least I don’t think so but I’ll come to that later.

Firstly let me comment on the back pages today which have McClaren saying ‘I will survive, and even if England don’t qualify, I won’t resign’ great news Stevie boy, is it me, or is it with the exception of Robson and Venables, England managers apart from being useless have no pride whatsoever.

Moving on for the last time to the quota boys, sports minister Sutcliffe has now joined in the debate, calling for quotas, not content with his early release from a life sentence Sutcliffe feels that too many foreigners are holding back our superstar celebrities and the chances of young celebrities breaking through and becoming overpaid real celebrities.

The English Premier league is the best, the biggest, the richest, the most watched and has the world’s greatest players on show, week in, week out.

Do they think for one minute, it would be any of that if we restricted the flow of overseas players? In their fucking dreams it would, they all need to grow up and engage brain.

Remember the old first division? Shitty pitches, no training facilities, £400 transfer budgets, Ian Selley and Tommy Caton and we got to watching games days later on ‘The Big Match’ or ‘Match of the day’ no live ones, no sports channels, nothing, the good old days, see where I’m coming from here?

Do those delusional twats think for one minute we would get that kind of money if we had quotas, would we fuck.

McClaren decided he needed to go to Hollywood again to see ex Captain ‘won nothing Beckham’, why? Does he not know what he plays like by now? He should do, he sacked him didn’t he?

It’s all part of the celeb shit we have to endure, it’s all part of the stitch up to get Beckham his hundredth cap, we should be blooding youngsters, like Walcott and Young, we know what Beckham does…his bastard hair.

What exactly did we win under him? Nothing, in all his time playing for England he did nothing, apart from an equaliser against Greece.

He also lost us the World Cup when he got sent off against Argentina, jumped out of a tackle against Brazil and scuffed a penalty against Portugal. So why on earth bring him back for a friendly?

If they want to introduce quotas, do it with managers, that’s where we need young talent, that way Ferguson can fuck off back to Scotland and help their football and the last time I looked, that was in the shitter, so Fergie, go do it in your own back yard and leave ours to the English.

Final point on quotas

Fabianski, Clichy, Toure, Eboue, Traore, Cesc, Diaby, Denilson, Merida, Bendtner, Senderos and Djourou are all academy kids and would fall outside of quotas, so we would have the same team.

So the whole argument is floored.


I’m not sure we need another youngster and I’m not sure he’s good enough and Villa are rich and probably wouldn’t sell unless… a deal has been done with Hoyte, I hope not but if not I’ll put that one down to paper talk.

Sorry I went on today and this is the last on quotas and England.

Next week it’s all Arsenal!

Krusty the clown joins the hate Arsenal debate!

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Krusty, otherwise known as Steven Gerrard, the inarticulate muppet from up north somewhere, has added his irritating squeaky voice to the ‘jump on the bandwagon and have a go at Arsenal’ debate.

He follows every four words with an eeeeeeh, which as an ambassador for the English team, I find embarrassing, it’s like he never went to school, and he never smiles either, what a twat.

Liverpool have bought more oversees players than anyone, there manager and assistant manager are foreign and they are owned by a yank, so ‘pot and kettle’ spring to mind, message to Krusty, shut the fuck up and mind your own business.

When Liverpool were dominating in the 80’s they had the like of Rush (Welsh) Dalglish (Scottish) Molby (Danish) Wark (Scottish) Nichol (Scottish) Grobbleaar (Rhodesian) Belgian (Irish) Rosenthall (Israeli) how many local boys?

How many English kids since Gerrard have come through? …none, that’s how many.

It’s funny that when we were 300 points behind ManU last season and out of all the cups, no one said a word, now we’re top, 27 games unbeaten in all competitions, top of our Champions league group and playing football that’s never been seen before, they all start complaining.

When Liverpool were dominant in the 80’s and ManU in the 90’s and Chelsea for two years, most of their teams had overseas players and the authorities loved it, they said how great was our league, we dominate the European Cup and attract the best players from around the world.

Arsenal do it without bringing in stars, with kids from around the globe, that could have all ended up useless, didn’t and now every one is moaning.

When ManU took the best young talent in the world did anyone complain? Where did Beckam come from, Ince? Both were from London but ManU were a draw, and probably paid them shed loads to join, now we have the best, there’s uproar.

Can you imagine if we stocked our league with David Batty’s and David Hillier’s? The Sky money would disappear in a heart beat.

If the English boys are good enough, they’ll play, if they’re not they won’t. Maybe if young English players shared the same attitude as young Cesc, the national team would be a little more motivated?

Make a judgement in 5 years time, then they’ll complain that Arsenal get all the young English talent because they are the worlds richest club!

That’s why we fill our ground every week, that’s why people pay to go on a 15 year waiting list, because we play great football.

Why don’t we say we’ll only screen British made films so that we develop our film industry, why don’t we ban all the overseas corporations from the UK because they’re damaging British business, why don’t we only sell British cars and tell the Germans and the Japanese to fuck off, we don’t, why? Because we are democratic and believe in a free market, the best will sell, if you want to be there, work harder and be as good.

That’s what makes the world go round.

Oh and a message for Krusty, go and play for a team that’s owned by English people if you’re so patriotic, you twat.

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Kitson signs for Arsenal

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It’s true Readings Dave Kitson, formers Spurs fan says we are the best team on the planet etc, etc.

I know every blog site will report on this today so I won’t elaborate, but as he is now an official Arsenal columnist I had to mention the contrast between his twat racist manager who says Wenger is ruining English football and his comments, that we should win tons of silverware because our football deserves it. Well done that man.

It’s funny when every decent player on the planet went to Italy Brady, Rush, Platt, Ronaldo, Gullit, Zidane and latterly Viera, Kaka and Figo, no one including Platini, Ferguson, Moanrinho or Coppell said a word, when Madrid and Barca did likewise in this century, again no one said a word.

Now Arsenal who haven’t bought any well know stars to the Grove but scoured the world for young unknown talent and because of managerial skill have turned them into the ‘best footballing team on the planet’ Kitson’s words not mine, there’s uproar!

So no English players they cry, well suck on this one, Gavin Hoyte, Henri Lansbury, Jay Simpson, Rhys Murphy, Kyle Bartley, Matthew Connolly, Kerrea Gilbert, Mark Randall, Justin Hoyte and of course Theo Walcott.

I make that 10 and all playing for England, not to mention the ones we sold Bentley, Muamba, Pennant and Upson, again all capped by their country at some level.

I left out Gibbs as I think he may have played for Ireland, but I’m not sure.

So that’s not just 10 English kids, that’s 10 kids that have played for England, plus 4 more England players we sold. Total of 14 currently on the scene, who else can boast that?

So to the knob head gang of 4 racists that have been having a dig for how we have ruined English football, do your homework, wankers.

The problem with England and it’s players is they’re overpaid, tactically inept, and boring, and surprise, surprise, Gerrard sticks up for Maclaren, you know, the twat who picks him.

I remember the players sticking up for Sven, and the Chavs sticking up for the special sacked one, it’s funny how they always stick up for the person that picks them.

Back to Arsenal, I have never watched our team, expecting them to win away games every time, I’m looking at the December fixtures and see no reason why we can’t win them all, heck we could go all season unbeaten again, why not? This team is better than the Invincibles.

No football for two weeks but we’ll think of something to keep you all going.