Which Arsenal superstars wife did Le Grove meet in the bar…?

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So this new sensation is apparently destined for Arsenal, well my opinion is it’s a no deal situation. So worth no comment, so I won’t.

Big Phil’s dad is saying he’ll bounce back from fucking up at Liverpool, which is nice as it only cost us the Champions league and I’d hate to see him upset. So good luck in your rehabilitation Phil.

So last night, I’m in a bar and in pops Eddy McGoldrick, has a ding dong with his wife and leaves her in the bar with me and my mate, well, what a nice lady, she then tells me that Eddy is still a mad gooner, so Eddy, forgive me you are a star, I thought you were a Palace fan, and your wife is a real lady, so go and make up with her, it’s rare to meet a bird that talks Arsenal as much as me.

Sorry I was off line yesterday, I missed all the comments, I’m still away but I’ll be back somewhat today.

So today we wait for the fall out re the Manc game, I have a feeling he’ll try some of the kids, what do you think?

I would like to think he’ll play the Norwegian kid, but we all know he won’t!

Have a great day Grovers.


Do we kid ourselves about the brat pack? £25mill Brazilian striker linked!

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Sorry for the delayed post, I’ve been experiencing technical difficulties over in Spain!

Well, yesterdays ‘come and get me’ plea from David Villa certainly raised the spirits but at the same time there wasn’t a Grover out there that really believed it would happen, though, never say never.

The last time the sun carried a ‘come and get me’ headline to Arsenal was when George Graham was in Charge and a certain John Barnes, who played for Watford, begged George to take him. George didn’t think the risk was worth it and John went to Liverpool where he went on to become the worlds best player for me he was better than Ronaldo, he really could change a game. George also had two youngsters, Andy Cole and Kevin Campbell; he sold Andy Cole because he thought was Kevin Campbell was the better prospect. So thanks for that George!

The moral of the story Arsene, is when a great player comes knocking, open the door, learn from the ‘Barnes’ mistake.

I thought Torres might struggle over here; he hasn’t, so that will tell you something about Villa, Huntelaar maybe like a Kuyt signing, so if I had to, it would be Villa. I think if we’d have had Torres in the side we would have won the Carling Cup and still been in the other 3. I don’t think Phil will become the player we want and Eboue is not a winger, Rosicky is a great player but his medical record is worse than Darren Anderton’s, so I would get shot of those three.

Lehmann has to go as his attitude to his own team is both appalling and damaging, so that’s 4 players, we need to buy replacements because we don’t have enough coming through the ranks and we were woefully short this season.

A lot has been made of the reserves and the talent coming through, but it wasn’t us contesting the final of the youth cup was it. I do find it confusing, academy, under 17’s, under 18’s, and reserve, but the two who stood out for me were Murphy and Wilshere, I wonder how long they’ll take to filter through, I mean they didn’t hang about with Cesc did they.

Finally, we are being linked with 17 goal striker, Amauri. He has a £25million price tag and it is rumoured Madrid, Liverpool and Juve are also interested. Apparently we have made it clear we will pay him £3.2 million a year. I’ll leave you guys to chew the fat off that one!

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£100 million man to Arsenal! Who else could be arriving this summer?

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In the Times yesterday they talked about the shortcomings of Arsenal football club this season, the captaincy and of course, what might have been, they also talked about who was available that would make us a title winning team again, mostly I agree, but I’ve made a few additions, what do you think?

Zapata is a big centre back that does look good, I think we should think about this kid, Senderos is not the answer, he’ll never add pace to his game and his one customary howler per game has now become two, he has to go.

With the constant debate over strikers, we would do no worse than sign David Villa (He has a £100million buyout clause!), he would cost more than Benzema but looks the ticket already, Eduardo may never be the same and Bendtner may not make it, Robin is a liability so that leaves Ade and Theo, I believe every top side should have 4 top strikers to win the league and be able to compete for all trophies. David Villa says we are his choice as he loves our one touch passing game, the other option is Sergio Aguero who at 19 would be the right age for Wenger, but Villa is ready now, so a possibility.

Midfield, even if we keep Flamini I believe we need to add to our midfield, but we have enough young talent already plus the ressurgent Gilberto to cope, so add to those Diaby, Hleb, Cesc, Denilson and Song it should be enough, but we do need Wingers, I think two but I’d settle for one.

That one has to be an out and out winger, Robinho would be my choice but Ben Arfa would do me just fine as well. Rosicky won’t make it and if he does, he won’t last, so we shouldn’t put our eggs in his basket, he’s not a real winger anyway, another possibility is Wright Philips, Chelsea are having a clear out so he could go, he’s an Arsenal fan and he’s 200 times better than everyone’s favourite hate figure, Eboue. Another great option is Quaresma, I like him but I’m sure the big spenders already have him lined up.

We need a goalie, a world class goalie and Almunia isn’t it, Fabianski is way too young and Lehmann has done far too much slagging to be in this team, he also is prone to howlers so he needs to go. We should try for Buffon, perhaps now he’d come now he realises that Italian football is lagging.

Luka Modric looks too slight to me and if we have players like Lansbury and Wilshire in the production line we don’t need to spend huge sums on big time Charlies when we are adequately covered in that department. However if Diego came available he would be worth a gamble.

Which ever way you look at it we have to challenge for all the trophies this year, if we do, he needs to spend and this shopping list would go a long, long way towards it.

If he doesn’t want to seriously compete for four trophies next season, then he needs to tell the board they should rebate the season tickets holders for not even attempting to deliver what we pay for.

As I said yesterday, West Ham play pretty football and win nothing, but West Ham fans don’t expect to, so the West Ham board charge them accordingly, Arsenal fans on the other hand get charged more than any other fans in world football, that’s right, more than ANY OTHER FANS IN WORLD FOOTBALL.

So Arsenal, make your mind up, we’ll pay it if you deliver, you can”t have it both ways.

Finally, if you persist in stiffing us the fans and not spending money on players, you’ll switch young kids away from Arsenal and you’ll be open season for a takeover as the fans will begin to dislike you, so far you have the mob, but it won’t last.