Victory. Theo. Flamini. Raul Albi-oh-no on the radar. Ade-off?

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So I have been firmly out the loop with Arsenal for 3 days and let me tell you, it wasn’t nice.

I had about 6 text messages from my brother on Saturday, here are a few:

  • Yes! No fucking Eboue, theoooooo!
  • Theo’s been outstanding, Van Persie just hit the bar and post with a free kick
  • Theo just hit the bar
  • We won 2-0 but should have been 10, hit the post twice, hit the bar 3 times, 1 off the line and song played amazingly well.

So I don’t turn up for one sodding game and that happens!

I haven’t seen the goals or read much about it… all I know is that the boys were back to their best and Theo has given Arsene a real headache for next season.

So, we know that Flamini has about 10 more days to decide what he is doing, I understand from sources close to the club that Wenger has £14,000 set aside for a top class replacement plying his trade in the Morrocan 3rd Division. Good old Arsene!

I understand why a deadline has been set, but what if he doesn’t sign? Is he barred from the training ground? Does his locker get given to Justin Hoyte? I hear that poor chap still has to get changed outside…

I’ve also read that Gilberto may stay on for next year…. good on ya Bertie. We need all the experience we can get and he has started to show signs that he may be rekindling some of last seasons form.

We are in for Raul Albiol according to the Evening Standard.

No Comment.

Actually, yes there will be a comment. Why are we chasing after a 22 year old defender plying his trade for 16th position Valencia? If that rumour is true, I will be miffed to say the least. I don’t want to see potential, I want to see ready made world class talent at the Emirates.

Oh and Ade maybe off to Milan… this is old news rehashed. He is the younger Drogba according to reports. I would be very surprised to see Ade making his way over to Italy. Football wise, they are a spent force… this is where the cash is, this is where the best players play. Simple as that really.

We shall wait and see on both of those stories.

Anyway, I’m off for a catch up on the news.

See you in the comments


Cesc wants to stay for life, 5 star Arsenal hammer relegation Reading

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Cesc Fabregas has said ‘my future belongs to Arsenal’ great news and well said that Catalan, nice to hear someone being loyal for once. Then that twat Richard Keys asked Jamie Redknap and Paul Merson ‘what did he mean by that?’ well Richard, with your limited footballing knowledge, he meant he’s staying. You prat.

I thought we were absolutely sensational, fantastic, Robin, Cesc and Theo were different class, Robin is back to his best, Theo looked like England’s finest and Cesc looked like our new captain.

So I’m thinking maybe he will re shuffle the pack this year, drop Gallas, give it to Cesc and build the squad around him. That would be smart, but the chances we had, it should have been 10 and for me we should be burying teams like Reading, so I think we should buy, we need more depth and more experience and someone to finish those chances.

BUT I can see why he won’t, in his mind this team will only improve, and they will, BUT he needs to bring in a few, we’ll see, Cesc hinted that he needs to win trophies, so I think Wenger may pay attention this time.

Thierry is saying he wants to come back to England, good move that Thierry, the Arsenal curse strikes again, trouble is I would hate him to come to back to haunt us, you know it would happen, don’t you? however if we paid him what they say we did, £10mil in his last season, we need examining, outrageous.

So to sum up, we can still win the league!!! BUT don’t count on it, it would however be nice to go out on a high and see some of Robin before he gets injured at the Euros.

Have a great Domingo Grovers!

Eddy tells us how big Tone would have done it. Wenger on a downer… good!

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So Arsene says it was the worst week of his life, good, it was mine too, so at least he was feeling the same as we all were, difference is, he had some kind of control and we didn’t.

He kind of said that he wasn’t planning on buying Villa, but he wasn’t planning on buying anyone yet, so that could mean he may buy him.

I met with our ‘Eddy’ last night, and again a top man, he said to me that if big Tone was in the side in any of those games he would have said, you go there, you go there and you shut the fuck up! He said that Tony Adams would always shut up shop and make sure everyone else did.

On that basis we should have him back as defensive coach, either that or sign Micah and a few others.

He also hinted at the captaincy role and reviewing it but I really believe the issue is bad defending and not bad captaincy.

Anyway I think he’ll play Theo up top with Robin, and we’ll stuff them 5 zip, all us, too little, too late, but nice to see all the same!

Have a good ‘un Grovers.

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