Diarra to leave Portsmouth, sick note out …again

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So we finally sold Diarra, and he’s already told the press he’ll leave when a big club comes in for him, what a wanker, we now find out why Chelsea sold him.

No problem as Flamini has just signed a 25 year contract and Denilson will improve massively over the next 2 weeks.

Robin ‘boy wonder’ Van Persie is injured again and will be out for a few weeks, there’s a surprise!

He should never be allowed to play for Holland again, ever, ever, ever, my question is, will he ever be injury free? Players get injuries, but it’s normally late in their careers, he worries me a lot.

Can you imagine what would happen to your job if you had that much sick time? You’d be fired, simple as that.

I’m not suggesting that RVP be fired as I’ve already said he is the best forward I have ever seen, and that includes Henry and Anelka, but we really need to find a forward that can bang them in, and one that doesn’t get injured every 3 minutes.

I know we have Eduardo and Bendtner but are they prolific? (for us) for me if you can’t score against a team like Birmingham, you’re in trouble.

Maybe I’m over reacting here but we have one game to get back our shape and goal scoring touch, then it’s Spurs in the semi’s and Newcastle in the FA cup with Keegan at the helm, and we know what happens with new manager syndrome.

We could fuck up half our season in the space of a week.

Against Newcastle, Middlesbrough, Spurs and Birmingham we were woeful, so we need to get back in the groove against Fulham or our season will start to slide.

That’s why I think we need an injection.

I know everyone’s banging on about Vela next season, but if it takes 10 years to adapt to the premiership, why don’t we sign someone now?

Wenger talks about Rosicky coming back, but I’m not sure about him either, I would sooner we signed a winger, but we won’t.

Finally as Pedro said yesterday, we are letting in soft goals, as Wenger is the only person who can’t see how bad Senderos is, I can’t see that changing, I would love him to sign a world class center back, love it! (sorry Kevin) but he won’t so I hope he gives Hoyte a crack, but he won’t, so I don’t know why I bothered with this paragraph.

One more day to go and we’ll be talking about Fulham and their new manager so until then this is your last chance to bitch, look I have!

Have a great day Grovers for tomorrow we unleash hell!


Spreading the fixture congestion and who said Diarra had gone?

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Many thanks to Geoff this morning for handing me the blog when there is nothing to write about. The equivalent allowing me to borrow his car without giving me the keys!

Ermm, what shall we talk about today?

Oh how about Diarra?

The weirdest transfer saga I have encountered in years. No quotes from Pompey, no quotes from Diarra and no quotes for Arsenal, yet the insistence from Sky and other websites that he has in fact been sold? I am still unsure whether Arsenal have the depth to sell him. Denilson is not yet ready to take over the reigns in the event of an injury and Gilberto has been struggling this season. Its a very bad move for a very poorly advised player.

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer is the phrase. So metaphorically speaking, in the French side Flamini is his enemy. Makelele wont last much longer in the holding position for France and somone must replace him. Ideally, Diarra thought that position would be his but with the emergence of Flattuso that seemless handover of the reigns is looking in doubt.

If I was advising Diarra I would tell him that if he leaves for an average club, he will be out of the Champions League spot light and will be over shadowed by Flamini who will have no competition for his place at Arsenal. If he stays at Arsenal, waits for Flamini to get injured, wins his place ahead of Flamini with some sterling performances in Prem and Champs league, there will be no doubts in his homeland about who the better player is – becuase both holding midfielders play for the same club.

Will he listen to me? Doubtful, he is greedy, short sighted, characterless cunt.

What is amazing is he left Chelsea because he couldn’t displace the 34 year old Claude Makelele, then moved to Arsenal where he now cannot displace Flamini. What is the boy going to do when he can’t displace Sully Muntari and Bouba Diop (Note to Diarra’s agent… QPR have got some wedge these days!)!?

So, maybe we will be saying good bye to ‘Nicholas Diarra’ today, may you have a long and unsuccessful career you bottler.

Doesn’t it feel like an age between games? Could we not have crammed some of the Christmas games into January… you know… spread the congestion a bit? We played 9 games in December (7 in the Prem) and this month we are playing 8 games with only 4 in the Prem. In 3 of the Cup games we have fielded our reserves! If we’d gone out of the Carling cup and the FA Cup in December and the Start of January respectively, we would only have had 5 games this month – and if we apply the same logic to Feb, we would only be playing 3 games in the Prem and one in the Champions League!

Its amazing that all the managers complain about the congestion, yet no one has suggested we just spread out the fixtures? Why is there a need for a winter break? Is it TV companies that put the pressure on December? Or is it just poor management by the FA? I’ll leave you guys to educate me on that one!

Happy Thursday Grovers!


As I thought would happen, Diarra has come out and made me look a tit saying:

‘My choice will shock and surprise people. Portsmouth; it is not Arsenal and it is not Chelsea. I gave myself to the large clubs,’

‘I know the trainer of Portsmouth and I know that he will play me.’

The question is, will Raymond?

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Transfer madness – Dmitriev, Arshavin, Dimitrov, Caceres and Ayew all tipped to sign!

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Dmitriev is a 17 year old Russian defender so believe it (Nick named the Elephant – Maybe he could play with the Donkey?), Arshavin a 26 year old striker so no way, Dimitrov is the 19 year old Bulgarian winger and Grant is sniffing so a possibility, Caceres is the £10 mil defender from Villa Real so forget it but top tipster from Le Grove ‘Phobia’ and Ayew’s best mate says he’s coming, I believe it and Phobia says he’s the best player Ghana have produced so let’s hope it happens.

He’s a left winger and we need one of those and if he doesn’t work out we finally have someone to blame, Phobia!

Other news says Flamini’s off to Juventus, which I don’t believe and Diarra’s off to Portsmouth, which I do believe, what a twat!

Still as I’ve said before, the boss should wait before selling him just in case Flamini does do the unthinkable.

Bad luck last night with the scousers and spuds both winning but I cannot believe we can play another poor, misfiring game and all will come good starting this weekend and next week in the cup.

As many have said already, we’re not in the bottom three are we?

Onwards upwards Grovers.

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