Usmanov worth £5.7 billion, maybe a gift called Villa would swing it.

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So the official Sunday Times rich list is out, with Alisher Usmanov worth a staggering £5,726m which is considerably more than the £2 billion we all thought he had, now that could put a different spin on things, with him the largest shareholder, he could easily give us a gift, a show of good faith if you will!

That gift could be David Villa or Benzema, go on Alisher show us how much you love Arsenal, that would be beer money to you, if you did, I for one would start warming to you.

My feeling is that Flamini and Hleb will stay and Henry will return, we may sign a center back and a third rate goalie and that will be it, disappointing, but that’s it, unless of course our Usbeck friend comes to the rescue, it’s up to you Mr Usmanov, it’s now in your hands.

Not much else to talk about other than the title is still mathematically up for grabs, so the Derby game is still hugely important, we can’t lose third place now but we can get 1st or second and like in 1989 when we thought it was all over, it’s not, so keep going boys.

So boss, no resting those well paid players, first team out there, we only have three games to go and win all of them, we may enrich our transfer kitty.

Unless of course Alisher Usmanov does it for you.

It was quite sickening to see how many footballers were on that list, and how much they get for kicking a ball about, and we didn’t have one in the top twenty, interesting that eh?

Have a great Domingo Grovers, tomorrow we start talking big!

Henry? never say never, says Wenger, Flamini stays and big Tone wants to come home.

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The boss came out after Henry said he would only come back to Arsenal, he said ‘never say never’ before you all laugh, think about it.

He could be the signing we need, a proven finisher, he won’t be captain, he’ll be very humble, and he won’t cost a fortune, he could be the 2 year gap striker that we desperately need until Theo, Nick and Ade grow up.

Flamini has been offered a new and improved contract and Wenger says he’ll stay, and I believe him.

Big Tone says he wants to come back, he is just what the defence needs, get him boss, he’ll be perfect.

Hleb I’m not sure about but if I was a gambler, I’d say he’ll stay, I’d put money on it, if he wants to go though, we’ll get a fee, so it won’t be all bad.

It seems that Gilberto will go but we won’t have any problems replacing him, there are plenty about, I just want to see us replacing big Phil with a world class big nasty centre back.

I think in this next 2 weeks, the rumour mill will go bananas but should also see how the future pans out, if we don’t bring TH14 back we should go for David Villa.

Let’s hope they (scum) draw today and we win our last three and get something out of this season, I noticed some pictures in the comments section yesterday Grovers, very creative, very colourful.

Arsenal dismiss £25mil as we chase Niko Kranjcar and N’Zogbia

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Slaven Bilic believes Niko Kranjcar will join Arsenal in the summer and media circles believe we are back in for winger Charles N’Zogbia, both are old rumours but would fit the Wenger profile, Premiership proven and cheap.

My fear here is we’ll bring in two no names like these and let go of Flamini on a free and Hleb for the £15 mil these two would cost, then buy a couple of youngsters and that’s it.

Same as last season, bring in a couple, sell a couple and bring in a few from the reserves, thus saving even more than we did last year, and weakening the squad again, so we’ll struggle on 4 fronts, sound familiar?

I would be very disappointed to see Hleb go as I think this season he became the player that Wenger splashed out on 3 years ago, Flamini looks set to go, but he may surprise us too, so who knows.

I don’t really know much about Kranjcar or N’Zogbia but if we’re going Premier league I would go for Gareth Barry to fill the Flamini role.

Arsenal dismissed the £25 million transfer kitty as pure speculation so we got that right, first, here on Le Grove, what a load of twaddle, the only worry about whatever we have is will he spend it? I’m still hoping he pulls a Kaka out of the hat. I’ve a little feeling he may just surprise us all, but that could just be me and my wishful thinking.

Resting the players playing this summer is an insult to the fans, it’s like playing a weakened side in the cups, Arsenal football club should always field it’s strongest side and go out and try to win every game, if you want to experiment, do that with the reserves, we pay to see the best possible side trying its best to win. Though I accept we need to experiment pre season.

Finally there is a lot of speculation surrounding legend, Thierry Henry and Newcastle, it won’t happen. He told this to the BBC ‘There’s only one team for me in my heart. It took me a while to understand what that club, Arsenal meant to me.’

Fine words indeed Thierry, I would have you back and put you on the wing, in a heartbeat.

Flamini, listen to me, you are good, mostly because this team makes you look good, move to Italy and play to 12,000 fans every week and you will suffer, Henry was a better player than you will ever be, and look what’s happened to him.

Lots of interesting comments on Pedro’s controversial blog yesterday, lots of divided views and a few new Grovers, but all clean and true to the no slagging mantra of the site, well done and look forward to seeing you today.

Check out the Niko Kranjcar video if you need to refresh you memory. He is quite a player by the looks of things.

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