Bentley a comedian but Eto’o for 40mil even funnier

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Well the dust has settled on our spectacular win, the papers are waxing over us again and predicting a Chelsea Arsenal final again and transfer speculation gets silly.

First of all a big well done to Paul Merson, who slapped spoilt brat Bentley in the head by telling him that Arsenal smile after they’ve won a game and
not in training, so if you’re reading this Bentley, get a life, you left Arsenal a long time ago, get over it, do a Blackburn story instead, oh but no one’s interested are they?

Sportingo link us with a £40 million bid for Et’o and the diss it, all in one paragraph, so no change there.

Interesting day of comments yesterday and incredible that one or two weren’t very complimentary about goals coring hero Adebayor? But 99% of you were so well done Grovers.

Big game tomorrow so it will be interesting to see who plays, and who plays up front, I can’t wait for the game, but I’m unbelievably nervous, please, please don’t lose to them, not even with our academy.

Sagna Hoyte Senderos Traore
Walcott Denilson Hleb Diaby
Bendtner Eduardo

Subs: Randle Lansbury Ade Gavin Hoyte Lehmann

What do you think?

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Adebayor – thank god he doesn’t play for a good team.

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If Togo qualified for the Cup of African Nations we wouldn’t have won 3 nil yesterday that’s for sure.

I watched it live, and I thought, at last! That’s the Arsenal that I was watching before Christmas and now they’re back, fantastic, at last!

Ade is beginning to show why Arsene bought him, two goals that we wouldn’t have scored if he wasn’t there, and Rosicky’s goal was a peach.

Fab was, well fab! and he was unlucky not to be on the end of goal of the season.

I watched it again this morning and it was just as good so I look forward to some positive comments today Grovers.

Spurs up next, play the same team Arsene and we’ll go through…please!


Theo not good enough – Van not a crock – Elephant not Signing – Pato problem

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Good morning Grovers!

Mr Wenger had plenty to say yesterday in hihs press conference, answering many question we have all had over the longest non footballing week since preseason!

Wenger admitted he rushed RVP back from injury and takes the blame for his reoccurence. He is confident he wont be a long term crock and the rumour is he will be unleashed against Milan.

“Maybe we made a mistake to play him in the Carling Cup, because we wanted to rush him a little bit back after the muscular problems and were not cautious enough maybe on the night,”

This might be a good counter measure as I have been reading a lot about this Pato chap of late and apparently Ancellotti believes he is the secret Weapon,

“As for Pato, he can score 10 goals in the next six months. I have never seen a player so young and already so talented. I can say that without a shadow of doubt.”


All I’ll say is I hope Toure and Gallas are back for that one!

Wenger also mentioned that Theo is not where he wants him to be at the moment and thinks confidence could be the issue,

‘He will get where I expect him to be. At the moment he is not. But I’m not worried personally,’

So for all you guys who slated me for complaining about Theo in the week, there it is, from the boss. I think we can take it that Theo will not be playing today.

Wenger didn’t really add much to what was already printed yesterday about Diarra. Just that he was impatient and he wished him the best of luck.

Our interest in the “The elephant” seems to have been fabricated as Dimitriev knows nothing about the interest and the Agent heard about the interest from a European agent?

“At the moment we are talking about a prior interest from Arsenal,”

Oh, prior interest? I can understand how you would get that mixed up with him actually signing for us!

So Fulham today, three goals and three points is what I heard was on the menu!

Come on you reds!

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