Danny says we have the money and Arsene can spend it …if he wants.

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So Danny Fizman has come out and said exactly what we said yesterday and have in fact been saying for months.

Fiszman, the power broker on the Arsenal board, said:

‘We’ve never said no to Arsene, so I’m sure that whoever he wishes to bring in, he will be fully supported’

‘There’s no set amount. But as I said we’ve always supported Arsene, we’ve never said no to him and have no intention of saying no to him’

‘I think Arsene said it’s not a big name we’re after, it’s a big talent. I think it’s about big talents and committed players’

We spent a whole day yesterday rubbishing talk that we were skint, we had 4 AKB’s telling us we were wrong, but Danny boy’s come out and said it’s there if he wants it. So to all those who knew better, have a nice day, go stew!

He also said it’s not about big names it’s about talent, well here on Le Grove we’ve never asked for Ronaldo, we’ve have however asked for Ben Arfa, Barry, Diego, Benzema, a big center back and Nasri, hardly big names, but certainly big talents.

Yeah I know we cheekily ask for Goofy and Kaka but that’s more tounge-in-cheek.

He also said our wage bill was up there with the Mancs and substantially more than the scousers, so that dispels all this wage structure nonsense we argue with the AKB’s.

At last we are hearing from the top what we’ve been asking for, spend our money! I don’t think Fizman would be telling ATVO this if something were not afoot, so brace yourselves Grovers, it’s about to happen.

We had a great bank holiday Monday, with many of you chosing to spend yout day chatting, well done and don’t stop, someone out there is obviously listening.

It’s not wrong to question, it’s not wrong to speculate, and it’s not wrong to want silverware!

I still believe it will happen over the next two weeks and we’ll all be watching the Euros and our new ‘big talent’ signings, I for one am getting excited, so a big thanks to Danny Fizman.

You sure did stick it to the people who have been saying we’re skint…because we’re not!

I was listening to the news this morning that Pompey fans were complaining about having to pay £700 for a season ticket, Sunderland were moaning about a whopping £450, they don’t know they’re born, do they???

Bentley has turned down a new contract offer from Blackburn, you’re not thinking what I’m thinking are you?…

Have a smug Tuesday Grovers, you earned it!

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Latest Forbes Club Rankings revealed! Also included today, tons of speculation!

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I mentioned that one of the most respected magazines in the financial world, Forbes, wrote a four page center spread on the finances of Arsenal Football club, it also asked Usmanov and Kroenke to comment and both refused, so that added even more credibility to the story in my opinion.

A lot of toot is written about clubs and how rich they are, what defines riches, turnover (revenue) or income (profit)? here are a few facts about our finances, you make up your own mind.

During 2006/7 Arsenal match day revenue was $150 million against $82million in the last year at Highbury, that included tickets, merchandise, concessions and hospitality sales, that’s $6 million a game and $1 million a matchday more than Manchester United. Arsenal posted $77 million in operating profit, that’s earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization. Against a turnover of $329 million.

That makes us the 4th richest club in the world in profitability behind Real who made $112 million, ManU ($111) and Barcelona ($92) but ranks us 3rd in value at $1200 million, behind ManU at $1,800 and Real at $1,285.

The estimated worth of Arsenal includes our current debt, so even our value will soon rocket, once the 724 luxury apartments are released that debt should fast disappear and we’ll be in the black, current estimates, the end of season 2009.

So whichever way you look at it we have more cash available than Liverpool, both Milan’s, Juventus, Munich, Newcastle and Top4tottenham.

The only clubs that have more than that are ManU, Madrid and Barca, the Chavs and ManCity have sugar daddies so they could outspend us too, but that’s it, so we are not skint, we are in fact very, very rich.

So why are we not acting like it? Why did we spend less than anyone last season? I would love to have someone from Arsenal on here, to tell me why we seem to be a feeder club for the so called big boys, why players such as Anelka, Viera, Edu, Henry, Overmars, Petit, Flamini and now Hleb all go on to other clubs and then earn more money.

One AKB site yesterday reminded us that Wenger could speak 10 languages and Graham signed no-one, well a Tunisian beach boy can speak 10 languages so what was that point? And Ian Wright for me was one of our best ever signings and that was a George Graham buy, so to that ‘Inanimate’ blog site, good point, thanks

I didn’t read it by the way, it was brought to my attention. I wouldn’t give sites like that the time of day but that comment was sadly funny, in a Homer Simpson type of way, so I wanted to share it with you all, give you all a bank holiday laugh!

It has just come to my attention that an overseas Arsenal blog site today was wondering if sites like us could keep speculating for 92 days, well yes actually, we’re a blog site and we’re supposed to speculate, it’s obvious that writing about us is all these sites have to do this summer, we prefer to talk Arsenal, and no I didn’t read that one either, Pedro told me.

We move on swiftly, we were 2 or 3 players short this season, Wenger’s words, not mine, then we lost Diarra, Lehmann, Flamini and probably Hleb, so that must mean we’re signing 6 or 7 players, assuming that we’ll bring in Vela and Diaby with one from Randall, Lansbury, Wilshere or Denilson from the stiffs, does that mean 3 or 4 new buys?

If it does then I would go for Barry, Diego and Nasri. We urged Wenger to sign Nasri last summer and he didn’t, if he doesn’t do it by the Euro’s, his value will double, we also said that Diego would be worth a punt and given that he won’t sign Arfa and Nasri, then that would be my choice.

Though swapping Hleb for Goofy or Kaka and cash would make me respect Arsenal more, I expect we won’t though so I won’t labour the point.

All I am is an Arsenal fan trying to make other Arsenal fans happy, speculating about signing world class players and winning a few trophies is one way, watching John Terry and Nickolas Anelka take penalties is another, the latter won’t happen again for at least another year, though the former could happen tomorrow!

Here’s to mañana and have a happy holiday today Grovers.


I believe in this kit, it is young and has great spirit, I want to keep it together.

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Words we have heard much this season, the boss believes in this team and wants to keep it together, unless of course they want to leave to earn more money, then they can go, because you have to respect that.

What a load of bollocks, why do we have to respect a greedy toe rag that is shit for years, then good for one and wants more money, breaking contracts is low and deserves nothing but contempt and Wenger should dig in and let Hleb rot in the reserves.

Before anyone says he can buy out his last 2 years, don’t believe it, it’s very complicated and he wouldn’t be playing football for months.

Let’s move on to the kit shall we? I quite like out home kit, apply the same logic as Wenger does with the team, keep it together for another year, believe in it, it has spirit.

Well he won’t will he, why? Because you, the fan who may only earn £5 an hour not £60,000 a week, will pay for it, because you are a fan, and because that’s what we do, we buy the latest kit. Doing that allows us to pay wankers like Flamini and Hleb £55,000 a week, to then stick two fingers up and bugger off to Milan for more.

So Arsene can keep faith with a team that screws him and we get no silverware for 3 years, but you the stupid fan get to buy a new kit, year in and year out.

See where I’m going with this one Grovers? I think it’s time to show us some respect boss and get your cheque book out, it’s not your money, it’s ours, go out sign what we need and then win something.

You maintain this philosophy about respecting players who earn huge amounts, but you’re okay with another kit change and watching your fans once again cough up when you give us nothing back, even Gilberto is telling you to spend now. We may be stupid, but if we can see what Gilberto can, maybe you should listen.

At least sign Nasri and give us something to look forward to during the Euros.

Have a great Domingo Grovers!

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