Walcott doesn’t visit Eduardo, Red and White go for Blocking stake and Almunia speaks on a website

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Ok that headline is for the disgruntled blogger yesterday that was so upset I mentioned Adriano in yesterdays headline, so today I thought I would try something completely factual that doesn’t allow for any imagination and looks a bit like the mother of all blogs …Arsenal.com

He was so upset he even started telling us why at 2.30 this morning, so todays headline is for him, I hope it helps.

Ok Grovers, this is for the rest of you!

Juve go for the Flamster and Inter swoop for Diaby.

True enough Inter Milan, top of Serie ‘A’ chase well known Arsenal crock, Abou Diaby, the Arsenal youngster who recently signed a 6 year contract has attracted their attention, they haven’t seen him play as he’s always injured, but Arsene Wenger signed him so he must be worth a Punt.

Flamini is of course a free agent so any team would be after him but until he signs a new contract, this speculation will go on.

I don’t understand why it always seems to take for ever when signing a contract, how much? How long? and where do I sign? Doesn’t seem overly complicated does it?

Red and White try to increase their stake, makes you wonder what David Dein does all day, doesn’t it? he must have the easiest job in the world, what did you do at work today David?

‘Not a lot love, I did buy another share though’

Theo said that he hasn’t visited Eduardo as he wants the visiting to last so will see him later, or that’s what it said on Arsenal.com

The papers have once again written us off, saying that the goals have dried up and Eduardo’s injury is a massive loss, statement of the obvoius or what?

I think Theo will spring to life if he’s given a central role and with Rocking Robin knocking, we’re not far from salvation, I really think we’ll stuff Villa on Saturday and go on to win the league with games to spare.

John Carew worries me a tad, but I think Theo is the key as he will be trying to show he is a better player that Agbonlahor and Young.

Cracking day of comments yesterday Grovers, you make the none footballing days a pleasure!

Oh and I forgot to mention that Almunia said something interesting on Arsenal.com

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Gallas gets a bollocking, Vela lined up, Cesc rattles his sabre and is Adriano coming?

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Billy boy got a rip roaring bollocking from his team mates at the home of the leg breakers on Saturday and rightly so.

They told the Frenchman his crazy antics after Saturday’s game at Birmingham were ‘not the behaviour of a captain’. Or so says the Mirror, but I hope they did say it, as it was needed.

Vela is the man Wenger sees as Eduardo’s replacement, which is fine if he plays out wide, but I think we need a striker, and we have all season, someone to finish off these teams we have been dominating.

In fact only four times all season have we been ‘proper’ beaten, that’s Middlesbrough, Seville, the Spuds and ManU, and each time we fielded a much weakened side, so I see no reason we can’t kick on and go and win what’s left.

Stop the arguing, pass to the player in the position to score and finish teams off early doors.

We have a good team coming to the Grove this weekend, but one we should in all honesty see off with ease, get back to pinging the ball around and stop banging hopeless balls up to the big guys.

Keep the ball on the floor and we’ll get back on track.

On a lighter and more positive note we had a Mr Angry on yesterday offering to either sell or rent out his club level season tickets, 3 together at the back, they are great seats and in site of me and Pedro so for all of you who can’t get to the Grove on a regular basis, there’s an opportunity to get, at cost, your chance.

Being in Club level you get to throw prawn sandwiches, drink Dom Perignon all day, not turn up for the second half and stay in the bar after the match, so fill your boots, there’s a long waiting list.

Email Pedro, he has that covered.

Kaka is doing his usual ‘I’m injured’ so expect to see him playing at the San Siro.

We may have Rosicky back for the villa game and Diaby and Song won’t be far behind, Robin only started training this week and Wenger wants him to play a few games for the stiffs, so he won’t be back for a couple of weeks.

I really hope the Flamster signs a new contract, but in football, who knows?

I’m sure we can still sign loaners mid season, so is there anyone out there you would like? Adriano maybe, he’s available? Just a talking point and not a recommendation, but any thoughts?

Have a great day fellow Grovers.

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We’ll win it for Eduardo! All of it.

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That’s what the Flamster says, on arsenal.com – the site that never criticises anything Arsenal except us singing Spuds songs and waving flags.

‘We wanted to win the title before but now we want to win it also for him’

Well said the Flamster, now go and do it, I for one believe we will now go on and batter all in our way, especially if the boy wonder returns firing on all cylinders.

Theo would have grown a foot with his goals, with a pacey young team like Villa next up and with his England mates on show, I expect him to have his best game, he did last term, remember, we were losing, he came on and crossed to Gilberto to equalise in the first game of the season.

…I think!

I hope he goes for Ade and Theo up top in a 4-4-2 and when Robin comes back put Theo on the bench and use Rosicky and Hleb out wide.

We don’t need Eboue if those two stay fit.

The Chavs were shocking in the shit cup, and I now expect to see them dropping points, the Mancs look strong but who wouldn’t if they played Newcastle every week as they seem to, especially when they need to boost their goal difference.

We need a big score line soon, I’m not sure we’ll get that against Villa but I expect us to win comfortably.

As I said before I want the Premiership more than the Champions league, but I won’t complain too much if we win both.

It starts Saturday and you can all help by singing your hearts out.

No one commented on my Barazite thought yesterday, is that because you all don’t think he’s ready? Or because you think he’s a shoe in and didn’t think it was worth a comment.

Mike won’t be on today as he’s resting his eyes but he wants you all to know he’s there in spirit.

Onwards upwards Grovers, this is a big 2 weeks coming up, let’s see what we have in the tank!

Oh, and did the spuds win the cup that everyone other than the chavs puts their academy teams in? What is it called again? The FA youth worthless I can’t be bothered Carling cup?


Have a great day Grovers

*check out the 3 season tickets for sale in the side bar, there is only a week to secure them if you are interested!

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