Pato-n the back for grounds keeper Willy – Keo on Theo – Zzzzzz

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Morning sports fans.

Blogger Geoff’s I.T system has failed him this morning, so I am filling in for him.

Apologies for the poor headline, its bad isn’t it?

Pato the duck is out injured for the next few weeks due to a twisted knee that he managed to pick up at Fiorentina. The guy has been on fire of late and has had a few Gooners panicking ahead of the Milan game. Now I can’t confirm that the Fiorentina grounds keeper is called Willy, probably Willisandro or something like that, but whatever his name is, we at Le Grove salute his shoddy pitchmanship! Pato will miss the first game for definite and has caused a striker crisis for Milan! Bravo Willisandro!

There are a lot of people talking about Theo this morning, Pearce had this to say,

‘I know full well if you take Theo out of Arsenal and put him in a lesser side somewhere he’ll start every week.’

‘But he’s playing for one of the top sides in the world, so he’s not going to start every week.’

A glowing reference you have to say. He is young and I think we all forget about that. When he learns to make snap decisions on the pitch instead of dithering and dinking those chipped crosses into the box, I am sure he will blossom!

Keo-wn had this to say,

‘Arsene has a great record of bringing young talent through and I’m certain that will be the case with Theo.’

‘I remember when he joined the club, I was still playing and he was terrific in training.’

‘He’s got everything you need to be a top-class player — speed, agility, and skill.’

‘I just think that he needs to grow up and learn the game though.’

‘Sometimes he tries to run at people too fast and loses the ball when really he needs to slow down and take a better option.’

I think Arsenal fans should take not that Keown and Pearce are no footballing mugs; they’ve played with the best so if they are saying he will be good, you have to believe them!

Is this week dragging for anyone yet?


20 mil bid for Quaresma in the offing and Arsenal go top

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According to libel football Barca are ready to make a 12 mil bid for Hleb and we are planning a £20 mil raid for Quaresma.

I’ve always liked Quaresma but February is a bit too early to speculate, I would like to think we could, but I’m not so sure Wenger would show his hand this early, mind you this is about the time the Rosicky rumours started so who knows, Arsene does, right?

Hleb will always be a possibility but I’m sure we will extend his 2009 contract, however, we need to do that soon and not have another Flamini situation on our hands.

We have now put some daylight between us and the chavs and 2 points with the Mancs, with some very winnable games coming up, we must not drop points again, this is our time and the boys know it.

Interesting to see Drogba yesterday copying Ade’s celebration when he scored against Guinea, possibly the worst team I have seen in the CAN so far, it was good to see Ghana win and keep potato head Essian tied up for another couple of weeks, good also to see Kolo wasn’t playing, but with the resurgence of Big Phil, we may not need him quite so badly as we did when he left, so well done Phil.

The City game was one we had to be convincing in and boy were we? an awesome display by all and a special mention to Senderos, Sagna, Ade and Eduardo.

It’s making me lick my lips at the thought of Robin Van Persie hitting form in time for the Mancs and Milan, it’s all looking good, clean and tasty as the video clip from days gone by mentioned once.

We have until next Tuesday to rest and shove a few things down big mouth Bentley’s throat before we have to play the Mancs in the cup.

Great performance boys, it’s now in your hands, get a good lead so when we have to play the enemy at their gaffs, it doesn’t matter.

Have a great week Grovers, it’s going to be a little quiet for a while.

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Arrogant Ade – Clichy had it coming – Wenger vindicated for now

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Today was a game I was never really worried about. Citeh have been out of form lately and Arsenal had just started to click again, this should have been a formality… but it wouldn’t be Arsenal if it was that simple, would it!

The game started off with a lot of promise, we were pinging the ball around nicely and had a few half chances to show for our possession. Then, Ireland beat the offside trap… ran onto a great through ball, all he had to do was dink it over Lehmann, but he took an air shoot instead… What a relief!

Then i received a message through my brother, that my phone had been ringing constantly… so I had to run back and pick up my phone… as I was on my return run, my phone rang again… it was my brother… ONE NIIIIILLLLLLL!!!!

Get in I thought, I love it when that happens (Anyone ever gone to the toilet when they don’t need to go (George, don’t even bother posting…), praying Arsenal will have scored by the time they’ve got out)! As I burst through the door, screaming and shouting I caught the replay of Sagna powering through the Citeh defence, slotting the ball back to Ade who bundled it home with about as much style as a Primark hand bag! Who cares though! ONE NIL!

The game continued with more Arsenal possession, Clichy picked up the ball out wide on the left and looped a cross in which looked over hit. Fear not though, Ade rose like an NBA superstar, defying gravity by suspending himself in mid air for about 12 seconds – he then nodded the ball back to Eduardo who controlled the ball on his chest (with his back to goal) twisted and rifled the ball into the bottom left corner! What a finish, what a goal… shame he was offside. A pity for Citeh the lino hadn’t gone to specsavers!

Just before I talk about the Citeh goal, I just need to run this scenario by you.

Have you ever been sitting in the pub with your mates who don’t support Arsenal, you say to them, ‘that Alex Hleb has an amazing touch’… Just as you say that… Hleb has the ball pinged into him and with his first touch he knocks the ball out the stadium?

I’ve been there many times before and it seems about 10 other Arsenal blogs were guilty of a similar offence yesterday.

After Goodplaya lauded Clichy as the greatest thing since sliced bread, and many other sites rightly agreed with him, Clichy goes and makes his first mistake of the season! Typical…

If you didn’t see it, Clichy tried to run the ball out of a tight spot with Corluka chasing him down, Clichy jinked, Corluka read the jink, nicked the ball off him and laid the ball back to the oncoming Fernandes who slotted home with ease.

So the game went from a walk in the park, to an uphill struggle. Citeh really picked up towards the end of the half, and the whistle couldn’t have come soon enough! Lehmann did particularly well with a one on one you’d usually fancy to end in a penalty (And a Man City medical bill).

So the second half started, and we seemed to switch our play around to counter the threat of Ireland. We continued to dominate the game with Ade and Eddy causing the Citeh defence all sorts of problems. The Flamster had a good game, Cesc was a touch off his best and Clichy seemed to make up for his mistake with some good play.

The second half was pretty free of controversy. Adebayor should have been awarded a penalty for getting bundled over in the box by two players, but Andy Gray said it wasn’t a penalty, so god had effectively spoken and overruled the whole pub.

The next goal came from some great play from Ade who was fouled by the halfway line, but the ref played the advantage… Fab and Hleb worked some great passes which allowed Fab to slot it back to Ade-two-goals! The finish was never in doubt! Get in!

3-1 and the game was safe!

So now for a few interesting things that I noted down during the game.

Do we need wingers?

Clichy and Sagna seem to do a great job of giving us width, they have started the moves for many goals this year and set up there fair share. City, seemed to suffer because of Petrov today. He is great on the ball, but my god the man is lazy! Would we be as good defensively if we didn’t have our wide players covering the full backs? I have my doubts. It just seems too simplistic to say Arsenal need wingers… In a team that scores plenty of goals already, I don’t see why we would need more at the expense of defence?

Do we need Anelka?


Adebayor exudes the arrogance of Thierry Henry at the moment, and I mean that in a good way. He looks like he is going to score every time he gets the ball, and more importantly, the team think he is going to score every time he gets the ball. He has suddenly become this massive aerial threat, his touch has improved steadily and he defends from the front. He may not be Thierry at the moment, but I don’t think this team needs a Theirry.

Qualify that comment you fool! Well ok…

Our team is made up of lots of specialists as appose to a few super players (Pires, Henry, Vieira). Eduardo finishes, Hleb dribbles, Cesc sees the pass, Flamini chases players down and drives the team, Clichy and Sagna give us solidity at the back and width up front and Diaby just does whatever the hell he feels like!

Do we need Woodgate?

Well Senderos has jointly kept 3 clean sheets, and todays freak goal and shouldn’t have happened. You can’t knock him at the moment can you? He is 3rd choice and doing exactly what you require of a 3rd choice defender, playing solid football.

I know everyone wanted us to go out and sign Kaka, Woodgate and Anelka this January transfer window but we didn’t. This is because Wenger is:

1) A tight ass.

2) Vindicated in his decision making most of the time.

So onwards and upwards Grovers! We’re top of the league at the time of writing and piecing together a nice little run!

Happy Sunday!

Update: Still top of the league!

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