Arsenal could win the title tonight!

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After watching the ManU game, which was so funny, I was kind of hoping for a Chav loss, but to be in a position where we could open a 5 and 8 point gap over our competition is like being handed the title keys 3 months early.

No I’m not getting cocky, but if it were the other way around, especially when you see the run ins, I would have written our chances off.

So boys, it’s in your hands, tonight begins your destiny, please seize the opportunity with both hands, it doesn’t happen often.

Muppet commentator Andy Gray said that the Chelsea players coming back would have more impact on the chavs than Kolo and Eboue returning for Arsenal, what about boy wonder then? when he returns it will be like having another team, he’s never partnered an on fire Ade has he?

That’s not to denigrate Eduardo’s contribution either, he’s been amazing too.

3 points tonight, then we can start fantasizing about the 2 cups.

Have a great night Grovers.

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Give Hoyte a chance against Bentleyburn Rovers

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Ok It’s Sunday and most blogs say there is nothing to talk about, well maybe not on their blogs but here is where it all happens!

Today should see the Mancs win comfortably, I mean we beat City 3-1 at their own ground, so I would think 3 or 4 to the Mancs today.

Liverpool on the other hand I expect to nick a point or better, the Chavs have flattered to deceive this term and they may well get found out one of these days, hopefully today will be that day.

We had some interesting comments yesterday and one in particular that thought we were threatened by Uncle Hillary (sorry Sam) and their impending domination of world football, sad bastard.

Ok, I gave that the time it warranted and gave you all the chance to have an early laugh.

We also had a couple of knobbers on but I have their details and will publish them should they reappear, purely for you Grovers to contact them directly so you can chat to them and share your views on their personal email.

The boss talks lovingly about David Bentley, I wish he wouldn’t do that, Bentley slags us off whenever the Daily Mail has no story to run, Wenger should treat him with the disdain we all feel.

Either that or he should have kept him. I personally would have kept Bobby Pires, he’s still good enough, although I didn’t see him for the Yellow Submarines last night.

I did however see Quincy play against Ivory Coast and he scored a sizzler, where was that when he played for us and was Dutch?

I didn’t see Kolo though and that has to be good news for us on Monday.

If not I would like to see Justin Hoyte given the nod, as I thought he played well when he last played in that position.

Tomorrow we play Bentlyburn Rovers (re-named to accommodate David’s massive ego, by his mum) and will no doubt reclaim any lost ground from today.

Have a great Sunday Grovers, I’m off to Church to pray for Rafa and an away win for the scousers.

9 new players join squad for the Champions league

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Let’s start with this playing English Premier league games around the world first.

I think It’s a stupid idea because.

1) The Premier league is an English league not a travelling freak show.

2) It will prolong the season, and Wenger has been saying for years we play too many games.

3) It will be injury plagued and all the players will have fatigue, just like after a European game.

4) It will damage our chances in Europe as they’ll all be cream crackered.

5) Why are we always trying to please Americans? They don’t even like football, we gave them a world cup because we said it would catch on and it didn’t, we gave them Best, Pele, Moore, Marsh and Beckenbauer and it didn’t work, so fuck them, start thinking about our own fans, who pay week in week out.

If they want to do it, then do it in countries that love football.

Before anyone says I’m anti American, I’m not but they have had a world cup, more Olympic games than anyone else, 3 out of 4 of golf’s majors and control of our armed forces, but they can’t have our league, if they want that, get on a plane and fly to England.

The only reason the Premier league is so rich and has the best players, is because of the vast amount of money that Sky put in, take that out and we’ll be like the Italian league, getting 5-10,000 at a match watching a boring game.

We are in danger of disappearing up our own arses, they’ll say the NFL did it in England, true, but who gave a rats arse?.

Even Gordon Brown told the league to listen to the fans, and if they make a lot of money, then use that to bring down prices, noble thought Gordon, but if they make money it will be for themselves first, followed by the overpaid players.

Hey, you Grovers may like the idea, I certainly don’t, so let’s hear your views.

Onto what we love, the Arsenal. Gilberto cannot understand why Wenger has treated him so badly, VC last season and second top scorer, to rub-a-dub this season and poor form, he says he only knew he wasn’t VC anymore from the redtops.

Gilberto, I agree, you have been treated badly, I think you should go, not because I want it, but because you have been dumped by Wenger and I think badly. Poor form that, poor form, you have been a great and noble servant, and I for one won’t forget your contribution.

Onto injuries, as I said yesterday we only have ourselves to blame, we had a chance to buy and didn’t, we let several players go that weren’t replaced, so Arsene you can’t complain.

Now the new Champions league team sheet has a few new additions.

Vito Mannone
HÃ¥vard Nordtveit
Johan Djourou
James Dunne
Kerrea Gilbert
Gavin Hoyte
Abu Ogogo
Rene Steer
Henri Lansbury

With names like Dunne, Ogogo and Steer in the squad I’ll bet Milan are starting to get worried!

Not a lot else going on this weekend so enjoy the lay off, next week they come thick and fast.

Have a great weekend Grovers.