Classy Jens says goodbye, and time to get Sidders back?

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I never thought classy and Jens would be in the same headline of a piece that I had written, but yesterday Jens, you were a class act, I actually felt quite emotional, I even began to think you were treated harshly, but thats football.

You were up there with the best I’ve ever seen, you saved us on more than one occasion, you were part of the greatest team that ever played football, the Invincible’s and if it wasn’t for diabolical refereeing you would also have a Champions league medal, Jens we salute you and thanks for being an Arsenal legend.

Flamini looks like he’s off, see ya Matty, you had a good season, not bad, 1 in 4, if you have moved on, we’ll move on. I think we should bring Steven Sidwell back, he could be the perfect replacement, Parlour’esque, a great ball winner, an eye for a pass, a never say die attitude and we could pick him up for a couple of million, or get him and SWP for a firesale price, that would take care of 2 problems at once.

Don’t forget he was the captain of our last FA Youth Cup winning side, that would then free up funds for the big name players we need, like Sergio Ramos and Robinho.

My preferred choice would still be Barry, Johnson or Niko Kranjcar (in the event of Gilberto going too) but we won’t spend big, so back to Sidders for me or Kranjcar in the event of losing Silva.

I think Fabianski is a way off first team football, but he does look like our long term keeper. Nikki B looked like we could save some money with another of his trade mark ’slam dunk headers’ yesterday, don’t forget, this was a good team we played and this kid scores whenever he plays.

I left the ground up-beat and a little emotional yesterday, but a few signings like the above, would turn us from bridesmaids to brides, and it wouldn’t cost large.

Maybe with the kids coming through, our squad would be big enough with just 3 new signings. Have a pleasant and hopeful Lunes Grovers, we could still finish second!

Stadium excuses getting boring, spoilt Barca bored with new toy.

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At the time, we decided to build a stadium, which cost a lot of money. We decided to go for a policy where we could survive without buying too much. We knew the resources were short and we suffered a little bit’ This is a direct quote from Arsene.

Okay the stadiums built and we’ve been raking it in now for 2 years, not to mention International matches, conferences and concerts.

The stadium is named the Emirates because we got £100 million up front, we have 8 years of shirt sponsorship which we got £50 million up front for and when we sell the old stadium we get a further £250 million from the sale of the flats, 90% of which are sold, so the property market reversal will have no great effect on that.

I have it from an insider (Director) that at the end of the 2009 season, we will not only have paid for the stadium, we will be debt free with cash in the bank.

No other club in football can boast this.

That is all based on published knowledge, this doesn’t include matchday revenues, prize money, Premier league money and other sponsorships such as Nike etc.

We were the only club that had made money from the transfer market last year, the only club, we sold Lassana Diarra in January as well, so how on earth can we still be pleading poverty? ManU don’t and they owe £850 million with annual interest charges of £63 million.

So please boss, stop using the Stadium as the annual excuse, if you add up the money you haven’t spent compared to your peers in your tenure, you could have bought the stadium outright, we are not paupers, enough with that one, it’s getting tired.

We’ll lose Flamini through our own stupidity, I understand the wage structure, but if we can’t compete with other clubs, how can we keep players like Fabregas happy? is he content to earn less?

Barca have now tired with new toy Henry, after relentlessly chasing him for 4 years, all that time unsettling him and then last year they finally get him, now want to discard him, what a bunch of wankers, do you want him Arsenal? OK, we’ll give you Eboue and Senderos for him, good deal, now move on.

Aston Villa won’t get European football next season, so time to move for Barry, maybe Eboue again plus cash? O’Neil hates Liverpool so we’ll not get a better opportunity to get one over on them.

Everton and last day of our home season, get behind the team and hope for a 4 nil to the Arsenal, I hope Flamini stays and we can cheer him, but if he plays and goes on Monday, I will feel humiliated and cheated, so if he’s going Arsene, don’t play him.

I’m at the game today with Pedro, so please any AKB’s out there, I know you won’t be at the game, don’t show yourselves up by coming on in our absence, you’re not welcome, go to

Have a great last day Grovers, tomorrow the transfer season begins.

Official News: Star is staying

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So despite all the rumblings that Hleb can buy out his contract, Le boss has come out and said twinkle toes has 2 years left on his contract and he is not for sale. I am no expert in ‘Websters Law’ but I thought you could only invoke it it if you had 1 year left on your contract… something Wenger seems to believe.

“Alex Hleb has two years’ contract [left],”

“He is not for sale.”

Good for you Arsene, that sounds distinctly like you are telling a player he can’t go? Are you finally showing some back bone when it come to players? If so, Le Grove salutes you! A contract is a contract, end of.

In other news, the Flamster still hasn’t decided what he is doing. Le boss said,

‘The deadline moved for negotiation problems. Only he could tell you [whether he will go or not]. For me yes he stays, but does he tell me the complete truth, I don’t know.’

What a marvelous guy Flamini is, he is most likely waiting to see whether Milan make it into Europe next season before he decides… all at the expense of his current club. If he goes, I would wager some cash on him not making it. Arsenal suits his game, and only this particular team… he has never looked that great in seasons past (Centre Mid), and I would say a few other players are responsible for raising his profile.

Anyway, I’d like him to stay, but if he leaves… so be it. He has certainly shown a lack of class and respect for the fans during this contract debacle. Only at Arsenal eh?

Wenger was in bullish mood in the press conference yesterday,

‘If we won at Man United, which we could have done, we would be champions.’

‘You cannot say just these two have been good and the rest are rubbish.’

‘It was very tight between the three teams.’

I believe there is a saying that goes,

‘If your Aunty had bollocks, she’d be your Uncle.’

I agree that it has been tight this season, but at the end of the day Arsenal capitulated. We weren’t in the chasing pack all season… we led, then fell away with some costly draws.

Lets hope he has some plans for the summer, because a little tweak in the right areas could give us the extra 6 points next year.

At least now you can enjoy your breakfast safe in the knowledge only one player can leave.

Have a good day Grovers!

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