Arsene’s X1 well, well, well

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Okay no surprise that Arsene left Lehmann out so good for him for standing by Almunia, good call.

Wenger gets Barclays manager of the month and Cesc gets player of the month, so no surprise there either, well done men.

However Arsenal are releasing Arsene’s X1 on Monday, which is a DVD that gives our leader’s all time greatest 11 players, of which I have to say amazed me, really blew me away, and I’m sure will fuel much debate over pre-match cocktails today.

So, no Adams, Dixon or Winterburn, I guess no real surprise (except Adams maybe) but the big surprise was no Clichy, Lehman or Cesc (gasp!), that’s right no room for Arsene’s son, Cesc!

What shocked me even more was the inclusion of the money grabbing slut Cole, whom Wenger says will remain red and white all his life (don’t make me laugh) Seaman, Keown and Parlour!

I’m not surprised with Keown, but I was with Parlour, so he’s picked Parlour over his love child, don’t get me wrong here, I loved Romford’s Pele, I just though Wenger may have picked one of his foreign legion, good for him he didn’t.

I wonder how he’ll explain that one to his dressing room today?

I always think it’s dangerous to ask someone who their best mate is, which girlfriend did you like best or who their favourite left back is, they’re all good and from different era’s, Wenger’s choice I find rather strange, and to include Smeagle (Cole) is very odd.

I don’t think he’s as good as Clichy or Traore and for what that little lowlife did to both the club and the fans, he should never, ever, ever be considered for anything other than ‘worst piece of greedy, money grabbing, disloyal, sub-human piece of shit to ever have played for Arsenal’

He should be erased from the records, what’s the point of being given hate if you can’t use it???

Hopefully tomorrow will be a good news day, with England bringing home the Webb Ellis, Theo winning the F1 title and Arsenal stretching their lead to 5 points over ManU, 9 over Liverpool, 10 over the Chavs and 18 over top4ottenham!, yes that’s right 18 after 9 games, ha, ha, ha.

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Door closes, window opens, Chairman Wenger and a tonking on the way!

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While the devastating news that Robin joins Le List for a month is not what we’d want, it is countered by the opportunities for super Crozilian Eduardo or the Viking Bendtner, I don’t see that as a bad thing as the chances that the latter pair would begin to get irritated at their lack of first team opportunities, coupled with the fact they only have four games to show what they have, I can see nothing other than long term benefits for the team.

The news that the club will not be sold for at least 4 years will mean the redtops have to pick on someone else now, which will again take the pressure off. Arsene being touted as the next chairman will allow him time to bring in DB10 and TH14 as the dream team management pairing in 2012, so all in all, a pretty good week I suggest.

With Captain Willy back to shore up the defensive frailties of late, we now look pretty solid, if we can get through to the year end without any more back four problems we’ll be Ok, by then we should have Djourou back and have the opportunity to buy a new center back, with Richards dire performance at right back for England, his price may have gone down a tad, which could see Lehman going and Robert Green arriving, add that to our 10 point lead in January the future’s looking rosy.

And don’t forget, you read it here first!

Denilson signing a new long term contract would be good news…if long term contracts meant anything, and as we all know, they don’t, but at least he’s signed one, which is better than not signing one.

I expect the boys to come out of the traps against Bolton, we owe them a good hiding, after that, it starts to get tough, but after watching Gerrard make himself look like a donkey, and Rafa not knowing how to pick a side, I’m more confident than I was a month ago.

The ManU game is always tough, but our football is anything other than predictable these days, we now have plans A,B, and C.

I think the Grove is fast becoming a fortress and the atmosphere is becoming like a cup final game, week in week out, so for those of you that are going on Saturday, sing your lungs out, for those of you who aren’t, Karma!

For the next few months we’ll be able to talk about football again, which is what we all want, apart from England winning the World cup on Saturday and Lewis Hamilton (Theo in disguise) winning the F1 Championship on Sunday!

Not too much to ask is it!

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Le List pile up, Chairman Wenger + Fennin transfer talk with video

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Good morning Grovelings!

If Thursday is the new Friday, why do I not have that Friday feeling?

Maybe its because I am a little despondent about England? Or maybe I don’t care about that because Steve McClaren is so under qualified as an England Manager its embarrassing. As embarrassing as his woeful comb over… give it up Steve, we can see you’ve lost your hair!

Anyway, we have more important things to worry about than Steve McClarens comb over.

First big worry of the day.


First big Phil busts his back, and now it looks like RVP has ruined his knee in Holland’s game last night. I don’t need to tell you what a blow this will be for us going into the Christmas period. Its especially upsetting considering how important his goals have been of late.

Here’s hoping he was just faking so he could preserve himself for Bolton at the weekend.

Jens Lehmann is at it again in the press. It seems to be all “me, me, me” from him of late. Today he tells us how perfect he is. Laughable or what? He must have forgotten they have camera’s at all the games these days. Jens is clearly looking to make a career in stand up after he hangs up his gloves. Muppet.

PHW confirms that he has spoke to Lady Nina of the Gunners and she won’t be selling up any time soon,


‘I can only tell you what she has told me – that she has no intention of selling her stake, and that she is in it for the long term’

Good news you have to say! PHW also puts Wenger forward as a possible Chairman. How about Jens Lehmann? He is an all round talent apparently?

The Mirror have a story about Vela coming back in January. They seem to run this story all the time? I can’t see it myself. He might be a good player, but whose position would he take? We seem a touch oversubscribed in the striker department at the moment, with King Ade not going to the ACN, and Bendtner having Maradona like qualities I think his chances would be limited.

In transfer news, the Italian press are linking us with a Czech striker called Martin Fennin. Apparently he had a storming under-20 Championships. Liverpool are also hot on his trail. Check out his goal against Argentina here. What a goal!

If you are really bored today, here is a run down of the players away on international duty.

Its AGM time today, so hopefully we’ll have some good news to report on tomorrow! I was offered a ticket by blogger Geoff, but work commitments prevented my attendance. Its a bit of a shame, I wanted to show Usmanov my new picture! Maybe next year…

See you in the comments section!

Update: Arsenal enter into new lockdown agreement.

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