Eduardo saves Ingerland!

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Eduardo’s wonder move and pass to set up their second goal had Arsenal written all over it, and was the only one of the three that Calamity Carson couldn’t have saved.

So Eduardo has made it possible at last to sack the hapless, useless old woman McClaren, thereby becoming England’s saviour in the process, so a big thank you to that man.

The other two Croatian goals, well even Jens Lehmann could have saved them!

The whole team were shite, embarrassingly so, not one man amongst them, I thought Crouch took his goal well, but honestly, he couldn’t get in my
Sunday side, he’s crap. Beckham should go, he’s yesterdays man, he couldn’t wait to get in front of the cameras could he? He makes me sick, it’s like
watching his retouched wife, trying to get publicity even when England lose.

I watched the game late last night and cringed, earlier I saw Uruguay win 5-3 and it was a cracking game, it reminded me of Arsenal, now, my only

I suggest the FA commit mass suicide, led by chief muppeteer Brooking, they all had a hand in appointing McClaren and they should all go as they as as
much part of the problem as the manager.

Bring in Scolari.

Onto matters that really count, Arsenal. Hleb may be injured as he came off at half time, but hopefully that was a precaution, Flamini is injured but
that at least allows Arsene a chance to try out Diarra and hopefully Diaby in central midfield.

Denilson for me isn’t quite ready and Gilberto will be on his way back from a world cup qualifier against Venezuela, so will be rested.

At least we won’t be asking for Carson as our next goal keeper so that leaves the way clear for Green or Buffon.

I don’t fancy the Bolton keeper who name I can’t spell. Jussi something.

Please don’t buy Shaun Wright Phillips either, let’s get in some nice young foreigners, as English talent isn’t worth a rats arse, as we saw last night.

If they had Theo’s attitude fine, but most of them are up their own arses, like Beckham, Lampard and Bentley and that’s why Arsene doesn’t buy them.

Still that’s the last you’ll hear on the England team from us.

One more day of nothing, then it all begins against Wigan in earnest!

Walcott will make Euro 2008 says psycho!

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So Stuart Pearce, England under 21’s man at the helm, confidently says Theo will make the Euro 2008 team, if we qualify tonight.

Well that’s a big if! I fully expect this shower of under achievers to get a result against an already qualified Croatia team, that has played way above itself, thanks of course to new Arsenal sensation, Eduardo.

Yes it’s down to Arsenal. You knew that.

If McClaren doesn’t play ‘has been’ Beckham and completely useless fat boy ‘Mrs Robinson’ we should go through, so we at least have something to look forward to next summer, and by then we could have Richards and Green playing in the Arsenal team by then.

I hope he brings Carlos Vela back from Salamanca and Djourou back from Birmingham in January, they are both great prospects and January is when it starts getting tough, what with the FA cup, Champions league and hopefully the Carling cup still to play for.

On the blog front, yesterday we had a record number of hits, got top story on and made the top footballing story of the day, so thanks for your support, if there’s anything you would like us to add, please post and we’ll see what we can do.

On Friday we are having our first guest blog from our new best friends at so that should be fun.

We are trialling a 15 year old Brazilian wonderkid goal keeper, but like all the young ‘uns, seeing him could be a long way off, I would prefer to see a
world class prospect playing for us right now, we do it with the outfield players, I see no reason why we shouldn’t do it with a keeper.

The feeling was split on whether Richards will be joining us. One blogger suggested Richards requested an Arsenal get out clause in his new contract, I hope you’re right, he would be a welcome signing. Modric, I’m
not sure would add so much? £30 million, really?!

Velosa keeps cropping up, and I have it on good authority that although he plays in defensive midfield he prefers centre back, but it’s all speculation
and only January will tell us, and January’s not talking to November at this moment in time.

Try and enjoy tonight if you can make yourself watch.

Until tomorrow.

Eto’o in swap sensation for Robin the boy wonder

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Ok that’s what arsenalshorts are ‘tongue in cheek’ saying, first of all why would we want a Barca croc that constantly causes trouble, for one of the worlds best players? We wouldn’t, so ignore it.

Robin Van Persie, who I have to say takes the best free kicks I have ever seen, will stay at Arsenal for life.

Modric, maybe, but he does look a little small and really is the same type of player as Rosicky, then he’ll have to bed in for a year, as given that
Rosicky and Eduardo still haven’t clicked, it doesn’t really make any sense and at £30mil is way over priced.

Anyway, we have way too many midfield players in the team and coming through, so for me another dead story.

We do need an out and out winger though, possibly a centre back and of course a goal keeper.

I would expect a bit of activity with Man City, maybe Diaby for Richards could be on the cards and to be honest, that’s the only way I would handle losing him.

Ideal world for me, Richards in, Green in and a pacey winger like Robinho.

Richards to give us that bit of steel at the back and cover for the much injured Gallas, who I love by the way, but you need 4 center backs these days.

Green because he’s a better bet than Almunia and he is English and I think we do need to have a spine of English players, just so that I can start watching England games again and enjoying them.

And a winger, I know I mentioned Robinhio before but he isn’t a regular for Madrid and I think he would work well with our style of play.

Gilberto to go in a swap deal with Richards and Lehman to City.

Diaby should be played in center midfield and I expect to see him and Diarra both playing against Wigan.

Other than that we need no one and won’t in the summer, this team will just get better and better, what we don’t need is yet another central midfield player and that’s why I rule out Modric.

We’re fine up front and it was good to see Bendtner banging in another against Northern Ireland.

Theo will play more and I expect him and Robin to start threatening the Ade partnership, who again (Ade that is) is growing into the team and will always cause problems and score when you least expect it.

So team for Saturday.


Hoyte Kolo Gallas Traore

Hleb Diarra Diaby Rosicky


With Fabianski, Theo, Bendtner, Gilberto and Sagna on the bench.

These are the games he’ll experiment and try and keep players happy, we have a tough run in December and I expect by the Chelsea game he’ll know, and they’ll know the best 11 and that way they’ll be no more whinging.

We had a record number of hits yesterday so we must be doing something right in a non footballing fortnight, keep blogging Grovers, we value your opinion.