We got Cesc Fabregas …and Santa Cruz?

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Cesc Fabregas finally finished of the cheating Italians, so well done Cesc, you revenged the Flamster and we salute you! Villa didn’t have his best game but nor did Torres so I wouldn’t read too much into that performance, the only mystery is why Cesc comes on as sub when he’s their best player.

It seems that if Adebayor goes, the replacement will be basement buy Santa Cruz, or at least that’s the way it’s looking, if Hleb goes don’t expect Arshavin as he is 27 and only 3 years off being sold to Villareal or West Ham united.

Nasri has still not signed and to be honest I’m getting a little bored and starting to think Ben Afra, perhaps it was him all along.

We welcomed a lot of new people to the site yesterday and only had two AKB’s all weekend, perhaps they’re finally getting the message, who knows!

We need a signing quickly and we need to sign at least 3 players to replace what we may be losing, then there are the players we were short of last year so that means 6, Ramsey will count for one so that leaves 5.

We need them in sharpish as pre season begins in less than a fortnight. Perhaps today? maybe tomorrow, either way it won’t stop us debating will it?

Have a good week Grovers, let’s hope Wenger does too!


Arsene Wenger or Howard Hughes? Legends play Champ Manager!

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Let me explain, you are all thinking Arsene has lost the plot and we should be employing Gus Hiddink right? And that his intransigence at being abroad commentating instead of dealing with club issues is the equivalent of Nero fiddling whilst Rome burned.


And Adebayor and Hleb must be respected if they want to leave for more money and what we want doesn’t count for shit as we’re just stupid sheep like fans.


That he said we didn’t need a centerback was the worlds biggest denial since the naked emperor paraded his birthday suit, well let me tell you why you’re all wrong.


Arsenal, the official magazine has listed 10 potential transfer targets, amongst them are Akinfeev, Van der Vaart and Ruben de la Red.


The three wise men Charlie George, Kenny Sansom and Lee Dixon have all said that Wenger has spoken of a new centerback as a priority and have named Richard Dunne and Micah Richards as targets.


Charlie even went on to say we should never have let Diarra go, so all you AKB’s out there, go and buy the Arsenal magazine, June issue and burn it, because three of my all time heroes agree with Le Grove.


Now surely the Official Arsenal magazine is like Arsenal.com and isn’t allowed to say anything without the managers say so? So it must be true, eh?


So we all agree that we need to sign at least 3 players, make an example of Hleb and Ade and stick them in the stiffs, sign Micah Richards and tell Howard Hughes that he doesn’t own our club, we do, and we are fed up with selling our crown jewels and buying babies.


It’s time to step up Arsene, no wonder Nasri hasn’t signed, he doesn’t know how many players we’ll have by the time he gets here.


Stand up to players and other clubs boss, we need you to act like the Arsenal manager and not a recluse that builds shitty aircraft that take forever and never get finished.


Don’t be a Goose, be a leader, a strong one that doesn’t take shit from all the big clubs and all the players you nurtured.


For those who haven’t a clue what I mean, the Goose was the worlds most expensive seaplane built by the worlds maddest man, it took forever, it cost billions and was never used, sound familiar?


Happy domingo Grovers, Pedro’s birthday comments were memorable yesterday, let’s hope the boss reads this. It’s last chance saloon this week to sign some decent players. 


Something to get you excited / Ade off with Hleb

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I have written a happy post below. I normally write my stuff in the morning and as it has been a no news month I thought it would be a safe bet! Well… how wrong was I!

Arsenal are rumoured to be flogging Adebayor for £23million. If this is true, you would have to think it is becuase Ade has asked for £80k… Barca have offered £23million… and Arsene doesn’t believe in him. I point you towards a quote a cannot find so I will lossely base the below comments around a real life interview I read on Arsenal.com…

‘If you’d have told me Ade would score 30 goals at the start of the seaosn, I would not have believed you. I did not think half. He has been tremedous’.

I think the fact that most Arsenal fans are happy with the sort of cash on offer says a lot. Are we becoming too dependent on long balls to Ade, does he fit in with Arsenal football, can he replicate his form, is Wenger about to mug Barca for the 5th time?

Only time will tell, but I hope this is the last of the exits and I hope the replacement is Villa/Eto’o/Somebodyworldclass… becuase Cesc is going to wonder what the hell is going on otherwise! As are the fans!

Onto my original post… enjoy and remember I wrote it yesterday!

I thought Geoff was being gross when he said he’d put Seaman in my Cake

So it’s my Birthday… yes it’s the longest day of the year (Summer solstice)… Yes my mum says I am special because of it… but you all knew that anyway right?

Just kidding.

So how can I relate this to Arsenal and make you all as happy as I am today? Well… let’s compare how we felt last year, to how we feel now!

Start every sentence with ‘A year ago…

  • I was confidently predicting Thierry Henry would not be moving clubs, he was a massive Gooner… no way would he leave! A year on… we have a new striker who has scored 30 goals who I am confidently going to predict wont leave!
  • If you’d told me Ade would score 30 goals, I would have laughed you out of town and probably called you a very bad word.
  • Usmanov sounded like a Ukrainian Left back Chelsea were going to sign for £20million. Now he is Arsenal’s biggest shareholder!
  • Dein was untouchable… Now he is the Chelsea left backs bitch.
  • Ronaldo was a Manc cunt… A year on he is a Madrid Cunt.
  • We were skint… A year on… we’re still skint.
  • Hleb was crap. Many Gooner sites wanted him out. A year on, Hlebs agent wants him out!
  • Flamini was an average player who had no chance at the first team. Now he is plying his trade as Milan’s left back.
  • We all thought Willy G would be leaving and Gilberto would be our new captain. A year later, Willy G is our Captain and Berto might be off!
  • We thought Eboue was our weak point and we would never replace Lauren. Now we have the best right back in the prem.
  • We thought Cesc was a true gooner, now we know he is!
  • We thought we’d struggle next season. Now we know we are very close!
  • We thought RvP was going to set the Prem on fire… Now we know he was planning it this season instead!
  • We doubted Clichy’s fitness. Now we know he was the only player to complete 50 games for us.
  • We didn’t really have any hope… now we have hope by the bucket load!

It’s not so bad chaps, with the right signings and a bit of luck… we could be immense this season!

Have a ripping Day!

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