Mario Gomez, YaYa and Kompany in mix for Wengers war cry.

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Mario Gomez, 22, plays for Stuttgart, is Germany’s player of the year, scores lots of goals and is being talked about to play for the Arsenal, YaYa Toure and Belgium defender Vincent Kompany have also been linked, add that to Barry, Veloso, Ben Arfa, Benzema, Diego, Mertesaker and two girls from the double winning Arsenal ladies team and we really have a mouth watering list to choose from.

Arsene says he will start today and have deals tied up within 3 weeks. I know we spent all weekend speculating on the why’s and the wherefore’s but to be honest all of them tick the boxes for me, though I can’t see him signing a striker, unless of course one goes, and if you count Hleb as a striker it’s a possibility.

What we desperately need is a world class centre back, a strong midfielder and a winger, if we sign those we should be okay, but we do need to bolster the squad.

The kids did great yesterday, yes I know it was Sunderland, but we only just beat them at the Grove and they must have fancied their chances against our third team, it was ‘the Sunderland’s’ that cost us the title, so the big question today is, are our kids ready to step up and make our squad bigger, rather than bringing in 5 new players.

Randall, Djourou and Theo were pretty good by all accounts yesterday, Theo I think will be like a new signing next term.

Gibbs and Vela will step up on the wings but are they ready? I’m not so sure, but I won’t say no, Wenger’s confident that’s for sure, one thing is apparent though, we can’t go another season without a pot, and he needs to have a squad that can realistically compete for all four trophies.

Other news is it looks like Milan won’t qualify for the Champions league, so ha, ha, ha, you greedy git Flamini, he won’t be meeting us in the Final next year.

I would like to ask Jenas how he expects Top4tottenham to finish above us when they finished 11th and 37 points behind us, and I think they over achieved as well. What a dipstick!

We will be doing player analysis over the next few weeks and Pedro is offering an email service for those of you who can’t get Le-Grove from your PC’s at work, or in me and Pedro’s case, Macs.

Any suggestions you have for making the time go by through the summer will be gratefully received, this is your blog as well as ours so we appreciate your input.

I took a bet yesterday from Wrighty7 that Theo would score 15 goals or more in the League and Carling cup, I think I’m onto a winner.

If we can sign a winger, a good solid midfielder and an animal at the back we can score a lot more than we did this season, and that was a lot.

It was a great debut season for Le Grove and we’ll be here all summer, so you won’t get bored at work anymore.

Have a great week, this could be an interesting few days.

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220 players on the way? Wenger says we’ll be reassured.

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His words not mine this time, Arsene has finally come out and said what we all wanted to hear, new players on the way and we should not be disappointed.

He also said that he would prefer them from the premier league but that would cost more, we know that and now speculation starts, your fault Arsene, not ours, a premier league player and maybe two from abroad, so who would they be?

The following are players that have been muted that we don’t want, or at least I don’t, you Grovers may have other ideas, I will list those we do and those we don’t want and you can pick the bones from that carcass.

Richard Dunne a workmanlike defender, but not big enough or imposing enough for me but at £1million would fit our budget. Nzogbia and Obefemi Martins – no comment and no thanks. Kranjcar, I’m not sure what he will add but with a great team could be a surprise, look at what happened with Flamini.

Those we do want are Ben Arfa – mobile tricky and can score, very probable, Robinho the same, but too much money, Pjanic is the right age for a Wenger signing and I would be happy with him. Villa or Benzema are break the bank signings and given our injury history would not go amiss, I’d have one of them.

Velosa, comfortable as a center back or a defensive midfielder, big and imposing, another I would have in a heartbeat.

Gareth Barry I would have as well, I think he would work a treat with Cesc, but I have a feeling that’s Diaby spot next term, wrong in my book, not because he isn’t good enough, but because he’s injury prone. Mertesacker I would look at as well as Kompany, Mexes and Lescott.

Finally forget Gerrard have a look at Ronaldinho, you don’t become a bad player overnight and he could be that John Barnes type player we’ve always needed and will hold the fort until young Jack Wilshere comes of age, as far as money is concerned, I’m sure he’ll take a cut, he’ll learn from his mates Ronaldo and Adriano.

I also think clubs are looking hard at what they pay players, yesterday Keegan was told Owen needs to cut his salary if he wants to stay, maybe a new trend at last?

I know the spelling is all over the place but everywhere you read their names, the spelling is different.

Yesterday we retracted an Ade story, we even apologised, Ade was in the morning papers and we reacted badly, that afternoon he denied it on, a little late but at least he came out, which is more than Hleb did, we then used the next days post to apologise.

That brought the AKB’s out, well that and school holidays, I even got this piece of priceless advice from a boy named Sue, who has been on before to give me pearls of wisdom. This was it.

‘Don’t believe a word unless it’s on or you hear it straight from the Professor’s mouth’

Well Sue if we did that life would be boring wouldn’t it? No need for blogs, fanzines, sport pages in newspapers or television, just Arsenal TV and what a perfect world that would be for Arsenal incorporated.

If you truly believed that, why on earth were you reading Le Grove? I’m resting my case and we move on, but please any AKB’s out there, unless you have something we are remotely interested in, don’t come on our site, take the boy named Sue’s advice and go on – you know it makes sense.

Last game today so expect a youth team out there, he won’t risk Flamini and upset his new team AC Milan, so I would think he’ll put Denilson in that spot, it would be nice to see Diaby have a go, but I’m guessing he’ll be injured again.

Randall’s another possibility, but he, like Song, for me are a way off, I would think Sunderland want to win this one so will be out there with their strongest line up, don’t forget what happened the last time we played them at the end of the season …Diaby got crunched.

I hope that we’ll end the season on a high and ManU win the double, boy I never thought I’d say that!

We’ve been asked whether or not we’ll be blogging during the summer, YES is the answer, I think we’ll do Monday to Friday and not the weekend, Pedro thinks we should do both, we could do every other day, I hate the weekend because all the arseholes come out of the woodwork and I have to police the site, and more often than not I’m at the game and can’t.

My fear is having enough to talk about, so, what the hell! you Grovers tell us what you want. We’ll play it by ear regardless, I think we have a good thing going here and it keeps us off the street, away from drugs and out of gangs, so it makes sense.

See you in the comments section and good luck today.

Ade we apologise, Have we signed Arfa and is Nasri the chosen one?

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First things first, Ade if you’re reading this we apologise for ripping into you yesterday after we all read the Daily Mail back page.

We said, if it wasn’t true, go on and say so, you did, a little late mind, but you did, so Arsenal, go sue the shit out of the Daily Mail, maybe the money we get would fund a player!

Shame Hleb hadn’t the same class as Adebayor, unless he does something soon I think he should be shoved in the stiffs for a season, greedy bastard, just like Flamini, shit for 3 years, 1 good season and he wants out.

The Sun says we’ve signed Ben Arfa for £16 million and we have been alerted over Richards as he ponders his future, well after yesterdays debacle, I’ll wait and see what say about that.

Top four Tottenham joker Jenas says they can finish above Arsenal next season, they say that every season don’t they? they can’t even finish in the top ten yet they still tell the press they can finish above us, what a complete bunch of talentless wankers, enough time spent on them, that’s probably more than’s been said than all the blog sites in Tottenham this week, both of them!

There is a chance that someone can get Samir Nasri from LOM for £12 million, please let it be us, he is just what we need, Hleb like but with an end product, bring him in and sling Hleb out, or at least give him some competition.

Have Ben Arfa out wide and Ramos at center back and we’d do anyone, that would have me licking my lips, that’s for sure.

A word on 80’s muppet ‘SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER’S’ very own, Kevin Keegan, he tells the world that to break into the top 4 would take £150 million, whilst south coast’s ‘dodgy’ muppet backed him up, and he’s spent zillions himself, as well as benefiting hugely from our benevolence.

Funny that, I thought Newcastle had spent as much as the Mancs and the scousers over the Premiership years, Kev son, do your homework before you open your gob, you twat.

Same of course could be said of us over Ade (get the facts first) but as soon as we found out it was rubbish, we retracted, and that’s the way professions handle situations, know when you’ve made a huge mistake and do something about it, are you reading Arsenal???