Adebayor. …not the sharpest tool in the box is he?

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So after a month of rumour and speculation Adebayor finally came out and said what we all wanted to hear, that he was staying, then in the same interview he said many other clubs were after him and he will decide where he goes next week. He’ll decide!!!

Many have been upset by this behaviour, indeed many are just plain angry, what he did was to raise everyones hopes, then dash them in the next breath, Togonator or Togotwat?

I’m going for the bit that ended in twat so here’s my view, I think he’s easily led, why? Because he has never had to learn how to behave or what to say to an adoring public, that he doesn’t really understand what a contract means, he really isn’t that bright, I also think the interviewer led him to say what he said, that said I don’t want to see the greedy arrogant tosser in an Arsenal shirt again, I would like to see Arsene stop pandering to these mercenaries and send out a message.

Ade had one good season in a team that created more chances than any other, see what he’s like at another team, he wasn’t that impressive at Monaco was he? How many of you got excited when we signed him?

Cesc loves the club and tells us he’s staying, Ade and Hleb clearly don’t, so should either rot in the stiffs or be sold for the max and be done with it.

I had enough of them, bring in someone that would want to play for the Arsenal, go after Micah Richards, he supports the Arsenal, he would love it if we bought him and so would we.

Yesterdays behaviour was cruel and uneccessary and even if he stays I will never like him again, or Hleb.

Onto better and happier news, Theo has been given the untouchable number 14, fantastic news, if anyone can do that proud, it’s Theo, I really, really rate this kid and think he will be a revelation this season, I hope Thierry comes out and says something, that would be a nice touch.

So just when we thought the speculation would stop, it begins again. This does nothing other than make our club look stupid and when rotten apples do that, they have to be discarded before it affects the whole barrel.

However he will need to bring in better or the team will be affected and I really don’t want another season like we just had, so I hope the boss has something in mind other than Ramsey.

Gilberto is a legend and should be kept, at the end of the season I think he was back to his best, but his loyalty is appreciated and should be rewarded. It seems to be a rarity these days at the Arsenal.

David Dein pops up again to say we need Usmanov’s money and we’re being left behind by the top 3 and Tottenham because we don’t or won’t spend, I wonder what his best mate Wenger says to him when they go out for a couple of pints.


DD – ‘Arsene you need to spend £70 million on star players’

AW – ‘No I don’t’

That would be a short and interesting conversation wouldn’t it?



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Thanks to Minsk Gunner for providing the link… (In Russian!)

We thought we’d get this out early… so a rare night post from Le Grove!

Read on!

Tell me straight, why do you want to leave Arsenal? After all, they are a great club, always the leaders, this year they were the strongest in the league until they capitulated in the Premier League.

Is it only money that is the problem? Is working for a club that pays crap money the problem?

In life, everything changes. I believe that in world football there is 10 top clubs, and when a couple of those clubs are interested in you and they offer better terms, you have to listen. But Arsenal have helped me, I am grateful to Wenger for what he did for me.

Alexander, what club will you play for next season?

I still do not know myself yet. I am in Negotiations with 2 clubs. In the near future, everything must decide. I commend the “Barcelona” offer.

How do you feel about head coach, Arsene Wenger?

I talked with Arsene twice before the end of the season. I am also not so easy to shy away from this club, because for me it is home. I think he is upset. Although you better ask him, suddenly he was less than pleased.

How do you feel about Inter and the Russians?

Honestly, I would not like to talk critically about Inter. I do not know what happened. The chances have increased for all Belarussian players. If we are coming into contact with World Cup, the chances increase many times over. Russians have been great – they spent two cool games (with Sweden and Holland) and now all the players have a lot of offers from foreign clubs. Therefore, I repeat, everything depends on us.

Do you have a deteriorated personal relationship with Wenger after you spoke in Milan?

There was not nothing. It is not all so bleak. This is all nonsense… Some ice cream was eaten…. Basically, I just gave them tickets, because my son Nicholas Shpilevskogo agent arrived at the game, I passed through these people and gave my friends tickets. This does not mean I have been offered to Inter.  I have a normal relationship with Wenger.

Maybe if Arsenal sell Adebayor, and buy Arshavin, you will stay?

He is a very cool and talented football player. He has all the ingredients to become great. I would advise “Arsenal” not to sell. Arshavin has so many proposals. I always liked watching him. Sometimes he did not know how good he was, I had a feeling that he would shine… I think that every club will want him which is good. Players with such class should be in the Premiership. Maybe we will find them in one of our clubs this season. This is possible. Let’s see.

Already this year Arsenal are in a strong position, they are a forward-looking team aspiring to much greatness, but they remain without a trophy, what’s the reason?

This season “Arsenal” lacked confidence, or something. A recession. Even though it is hard to explain. After Eduardo broken leg and had a fracture, we lost the advantage.

Who is your idol?

I have one Idol – Zidane. Since he ended his career, I have two players that I liked very much, Messi and Fabregas.

I think this is still a very young team and they lacked the class.

Make of that what you will… but the comment, ‘What he did for me’ says a lot!

Enjoy your evening!



Never mind greaseball, Cesc is the best player on the planet

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Anyone watching last nights game were witnessing the emergence of the new best player on the planet, he changed the game, he worked his magic like no-one has in this championships, he was simply awesome.

Well done Cesc, you made us proud and very glad you play for the Arsenal. Arse shavin on the other hand did his best to get his transfer value down, I had to check to see if he was still on the pitch.

I expect Cesc will get a long break and may well miss the early pre season, just as well we don’t have any Germans or any more Spanish players in our team.

Pay him what he wants boss, but having said that, you probably already do, but don’t give Ade any more, he agreed a deal last year, make him understand what a contract is or sell him, I wonder if Robin or Tomas offered to pay Arsenal back any money for their inactivity? We know the answer of course, but that’s why we have contracts, if you happen to play well you can’t go back for more – any more than you can do the opposite should you have a shit season.

Players must respect contracts, if they don’t we’ll have football’s version of anarchy, if of course we don’t already.

A lot has been written on Ade and should we replace him if he leaves, but I don’t think Wenger will, he has Vela and that I think will be enough for him.

My fear is the centerback situation, I think we are in dire need of a good centre half if not two and Wenger’s stubborness is worrying, if we strengthened up at the back, we’d beat anyone, a fit Robin up top will tear the chavs and the mancs a new arsehole, but with Phil and Gallas at the back we always run the risk of conceding a soft goal, so I’m going to be controversial today and say we don’t necessarily need to replace Ade but we do need to shore up at the back.

I would replace Ade by the way, I’m just saying I don’t think he will, I just hope if he does it’s a Podolski or a Benzema and not a Martens or a Crouch.

I know you don’t always listen to us Arsene, but I think you should on the defensive worries.

If there is any justice in football then a big win for the Spanish is on the cards, but as we all know at Arsenal, it doesn’t always work out like that, does it?