Send in the clowns

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Oh we did, Senderos, Gilberto and Eboue (the bad one)

When Eboue is on song he’s fantastic, but suddenly a switch goes and he becomes mentally ill, I thought Wenger had that sorted, obviously not.

We lost our first game since West Ham, but against West ham we had 29 shots and they had one, it was the biggest miscarriage of justice ever seen at a football match, but last night was shocking.

Were do I begin? A fantastic start, Eboue (the good one) through to Bendtner he crosses and in goes sniffer to put us one up, this could be the night.

Great movement follows then Senderos gets the ball, oh dear, he make’s his customary howler early, Gilberto compounds it and we’re level.

The rest is history and should be quickly forgotten.

Wenger has got to stop using his Carling cup team in the champions league. It doesn’t matter who we get next and it doesn’t matter if we play at the Grove last, we did that with PSV and lost, and lost to the easiest team in the competition, so as long as we avoid English teams we’ll be fine, we have to play the big boys at some point.

What isn’t good is losing, I know we have injuries but there are areas that need to be addressed before it’s too late.

Senderos should go I’m afraid, I like his spirit, I like him, but he’s just not good enough for this team, you can’t put it down to lack of matches because he make the same mistakes time after time, Gilberto’s heart is not in it any more and Eboue is fast becoming a liability.

Denilson will be good but he’s not there yet, Eduardo is not a winger and nor is Theo, if Wenger want wingers, he should go and buy them, he did with Pires and Overmars but since then he tries to convert full backs or center midfielders.

Toure can’t seem to play with Senderos and that’s a worry come the African cup of Nations, I think Djourou will be good enough, but I don’t think he get the nod ahead of Senderos.

Kolo did not have his best game last night he should have stopped the second goal going in, but I think that’s a confidence thing and he sees Senderos next to him and get nervous, well that’s the way I see it anyway.

We had the possession last night but how many shots? 2 on target? Not good enough, I hope he’s learned something from this or we could struggle against

I pray that Cesc is not injured and that Hleb gets back soon, we’re missing him, maybe we should buy Modric after all.

Let’s also hope that Robin, the boy wonder, returns on Saturday, there was nothing on show that made me think we could score at will last night.

This is not a Wenger rant I’m just saying we should address the problems that could cost us trophies this season, before it’s too late.

I know I’m depressed, but I hate losing, hate it, hate it.

Anyway it was Seville and it was away and we did have a second string team out so it will only get better, it’s not like we lost to Bolton is it?

I liked our kit and Bendtner played well, we’re top of the league, still in all the competitions, and the sun will still come up in the morning.

Cheer up Grovers, I just did!

Bendtner starts for Arsenal!

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So it’s confirmed, Bendtner starts tonight, what an opportunity for him, he must be the most experienced 19 year old in football, banging them in for Denmark has given him a confidence rarely seen in young players nowadays.

Let’s hope he does it tonight, I think Eduardo will partner him and Theo will be held back as an impact player, also he did get a knock against Wigan so he’ll use him sparingly.

No Gallas, so it’s King Kolo tonight, I expect Gilberto back with Cesc but I would not be surprised to see Flamini there either.

It could also be the game for Rosicky to start center midfield, we have so many options it’s frightening.

It’s going to be a tough game tonight and all we need is a draw, but with kids, with lots to prove, expect to see us go at them, and that’s why I think Flamini and Diarra will play a role this evening.

It will be great to see Cesc back and out to impress the Spanish and show them what they’ve been missing.

Don’t take any notice of their dismal form, don’t forget it’s a cup game and they’re a cup team, as the stats said, last time we played them it was fairly even, only we scored the goals, how many times has that happened to us over the years?

I expect us to be ruthless tonight and they will come at us, which suits us perfectly.

Some good late night blogging yesterday guys, the Richards and Anelka debate was going strong and good points were made by you all, unfortunately we’ll have to wait until January to see if any of you were right, or tonight (Senderos) to see if any of you were wrong!

I can’t wait for the game, I’m looking forward to the pre-match talk as much as the game, why? Because they all love Arsenal on the box at the moment and it’s been a long time coming.

Have a great night, nay a glory night Grover’s!

Chavs gutted to see Gallas score for Arsenal…again

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Chelsea must rue the day they paid us £5mil to take Captain Billy boy Gallas off their hands in exchange for our second choice left back, Cashley Cole.
Good bit of work that Kenyon, they must have also felt sick that young £2mil midfielder Diarra also had a blinder.

We were frustrated by having 11 men behind the ball against Wigan for 80 minutes, but last season that would have been a draw, or worse, Billy boy
just doesn’t give in does he? Not only that but he scored a fabulous goal again, I was one of the detractors when he made him captain, I still think
Gilberto’s treatment was shabby, but Gallas is just awesome, so I for one admit I was wro… wron… wrong, there I said it!

Big day tomorrow and expect to see a few changes, Seville lost at the weekend to a holiday resort named Mallorca.

I think he will bring Senderos, Bendtner and Eduardo to the starting line up but otherwise keep the same team that beat Wigan plus of course Cesc.

As far as transfers are concerned I can’t see him bringing anyone in, we still need a winger on the left, but who? I hope he brings in Anelka rather
than another African hopeful as I think a bit of experience will be useful for the run in, but unless he surprises us with a Kakaesque signing, I
really can’t see any movement.

I do expect Lehmann to move on and maybe Gilberto, but I hope not in Gilberto’s case, so at best he’ll sign a keeper.

I thought Green did well against Top4tottenham, but his howler against them for the goal has made me a little cooler toward him this morning.

With three tough away games coming up in the league we need Hleb, Cesc, Flamini and Robin back sooner rather than later, but I expect Cesc to star
in his native Spain.

Newcastle and Middlesbrough are very poor sides so I expect maximum points there but Villa are finding a bit of form so we need all our boys back for that one.

It’s as well we’re not playing Everton and by the time we do I expect them to be brought down to earth by someone.

Ade needs to work on his finishing but I feel that when boy wonder returns, so will Ade’s goals.

Onwards upwards Grovers.