Arrogant Arsenal pay the price for complacency – Theo the Elephant

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If you see someone beating around a bush, rest assured it wont be me. I’m the one indiscriminately smashing the shit out of it with a massive bat.

Todays performance was arrogant and lackluster. We dropped two points because we underestimated what Birmingham could bring to the table.

Arsenal didn’t play badly today, that is why I am so angry about the result. We just never got out of first gear. We had most of the possession but didn’t make it count. We went one nil up from a great penalty. There were a few half chances, Eduardo’s header the stand out opportunity of the game, but after that we offered very little. We perked up after they scored from a poorly defended corner but in the end it wasn’t enough. This game had last season written all over it and it was disappointing.

Going into detail would be pointless, it was just one of those days and I’m sure the manager won’t need to tell the players what went wrong.

Player Ratings:

Almunia: Distribution was excellent today, handling was ok… maybe a touch at fault for the goal? But I’ll leave that down to you guys to decide on that one because there were many at fault for that!

Sagna: Solid as usual. Good going forward, delivering a few great crosses.

Big Phil: Others were complaining about him, but i thought he did well (By his standards). He made a few great interceptions and from memory he only made one poor clearance.

Gallas: Played ok, but possible at fault for the goal. He was the first of 4 to miss the corner. He also shanked a clearance late on, very uncharacteristic (Big Phil effect perhaps?).

Clichy: Had a good game, he was unspectacular but solid. He got forward a few times but his crossing let him down.

Hleb: Not really at the races today. One cross toward the end was shocking, I think Mr Beckham should have a word if he gets the chance.

Fabregas: Distinctly average today. Birmingham did well to give him little time on the ball, but when he did get the chance he didn’t create and didn’t really shoot.

Theo: *

Flamini: I thought he was the best player on the pitch today. He was all over the place mopping up and trying desperately to create something for us.

Adebayor: Perfectly struck penalty for the goal but bar that his contribution was weak. His touch was truly awful today and he barely had a shot.

Eduardo: One of his more productive days. He won the penalty, had a header well saved and played well when he was shipped out onto the left showing some cheeky touches and some great skill.

* Myles Palmer said a couple of months ago there was a elephant in the room everyone was ignoring… Almunia. Well, if you ask me the white elephant is Theo Walcott. He was useless today. He gets the ball and does one of the following:

A) Loses it immediately as a result of a crap first touch.

B) Runs it out of play.

C) Plays a 5 yard pass sideways or backwards.

D) Dithers and fucks up the move.

Fair enough he is young, fair enough he is English and that clouds peoples judgement, but for me he has been useless… as ineffective as Big Phil. How long do we have to wait for him to show even a glimer of his talent? Anelka was scoring at 17, Cesc scored at 15, Ronaldo wasn’t bad, Rooney was scoring but £12 million Theo has done very little to justify his fee. I’m sure he will come good at some point, but maybe Wenger should have a look a Randall of Jay Simpson in that role as Theo has been doing a piss poor job this season.

Takling of Big Phil, Wenger staunchly defended him yesterday. The Observer had this to say on the matter,

Senderos’s performance, because of Toure’s absence, had been the obvious concern during the first period. After the break it cost Arsenal. ‘I don’t think so,’ was Wenger’s take. ‘I don’t believe Senderos was involved. We had three other players involved who did not jump for the ball.’ He was correct that the Swiss defender was not one of those offenders. But maybe he should have been present to deal with a corner delivered by Sebastian Larsson into the difficult area right in front of goal.

What are your thoughts? I couldn’t tell, it looked like many were at fault

I thought Muamba looked great until I realised Muamba was number 26 and the player I was looking at was Kapo who was 23. I don’t think we sold a Gem there and I’d be very surprised if Wenger begged him to stay like the Mirror claimed, he was shite as was Larson.

So Mr Wenger, you have 2 games to kick start our squad into winning ways because Arsenal fans are starting to get the February jitters from last year (Out of all the Cups in a week!).

Great support from the crowd yesterday, the red scarves being waved all game really helped the atmposhere pick up!

‘It was very frustrating,’

Wenger admitted.

‘The crowd was very good, but we were not.’

A good summary I feel!

Not much going on in tabloid world, so have yourself a happy Sunday!

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Arsenal have two English kids so technically gifted they have nothing to learn

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No I don’t mean Manuel! Which I do find strange, he just about gets the Arsenal job ahead of mad Jens, now he wants to change nationality, I hope he doesn’t go home too often!

One bit on Anelka then it’s on to pastures positive today.

The boss says that Anelka leaving was his biggest regret, then says that he is an amazing player with the best footballing years ahead of him and what a great buy Chelsea have, so why if all that’s true, didn’t he not sign him? Especially as he said he wanted to come home???? Biiiiiizarrrrre!

Ok that’s for you guys to mull over, news that we have all but signed an English kid from Gillingham called Luke Skywalker, sounds good, but I would
sooner have heard that Madrid, Barca and ManU were after him, rather than West Ham and Newcastle! Wenger said,

‘I like him, I met the boy, his personality, he looks alert. He’s a striker and at 15 years of age to play for the first team sometimes is something special.’

Wenger also had this to say about the English kids,


‘I believe once the English kids get up to the level of Europe technically they will win trophies because they have a mental side that is usually stronger. You have the same problems in England that people have everywhere in the world. You just become naturally a bit softer.’

Exciting stuff eh? The article also had this to say,

‘Wenger even said that Arsenal had two English 13-year-olds who were so gifted that “technically” they have “nothing to learn”.’

If people were a little more long sighted and took the time to investigate what Arsene is doing with his academy maybe they wouldn’t be so judgmental every time England lost a game. Catch the whole article here.

So I noticed that the comments section was a bit down in the dumps yesterday.

Read on,

  • We are top of the league
  • We are still in the Champions League
  • We are still in the Carling Cup and our reserves are unbeaten against the Spuds
  • We have solved our keeping crisis
  • We have 2 of the best creative midfielders in the World
  • Flamini is the best holding midfielder in the Premiership
  • We have the best full backs in the Premiership
  • William Gallas has been a revelation as Captain
  • We play the best football in the World
  • We have a plan B
  • We are nearly the richest club in the world
  • We are British owned for the next 5 years
  • Arsene Wenger, the best manager in world football is retiring with us

Think positive guys, things have not been better in 3 years!

Like Bud said in the comments yesterday, sing… ‘We are top of the league, say we are top of the league!’

Feeling better? I thought so!

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Gilberto wants to stay, Diarra wanted to be dropped.

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So Diarra asked to be dropped as his head wasn’t right for the spuds game??? Can you imagine saying to your boss, ‘my head isn’t right can I have the week off and keep my £30k a week salary? It’s unbelievable!

Gilberto wants to stay and fight and although I’m not too fussed, it’s admirable and it’s the Arsenal way, so well done Bertie.

Denilson is looking to break into the National side and he wants Dunga to see that him and Gilberto work, what the fuck is he smoking?

Did he not watch the Spurs game again? I did, almost every time he had the ball, he gave it away, if these guys can’t see that for most of that game they were rubbish, then we’re in big trouble for the replay.

Emperor’s clothes I think.

Gallas says it’s in our hands this season and he’s right.

Robin is a crock so we need to get someone in to play the 9 months of the year when he’s injured, sorry Robin, but it’s true.

Center back situation calls for Hoyte to show why he could do a Kolo and become our third center back.

Not a lot else happening Grovers until the pre match blog tomorrow.

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