Ade dropped at last, Wenger hints at spending and records broken at Le Grove!

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Ok Grovers, Adebayor gets rested, Wenger speak for ‘I’m dropping him as he hasn’t scored in a long while and Bendtner has’ so he gets his chance with Robin.

Good call boss, it’s been a long time coming, we all agree here, it had to be done, and with the Pool games coming up, could be the toe up the arse our young African needs, not to mention what it could do for Bendtner’s confidence.

This kind of game is perfect for a big lump like super Nick, so Nick, if you’re reading, make the most of it son, step up to the plate and do us all proud.

I don’t think Bolton are the dirty bastards they used to be under the fat mannerless bung taking scumbag, and without Gardner and Nolan, they have lost a lot of testosterone, so I expect us to get back on track.

To be honest I think most of us have written the title off this year, so anything now and we’re in bonus territory, I looked at the table today and Liverpool are only 8 behind with Everton 2 behind them, now whilst that is a long way, don’t forget we have dropped 11 points in 5 games, so a win against Bolton is a must.

Wenger says he wants Flamini’s future sorted out by April so he’ll know who and what he needs to buy, that’s a little hint I think, but I hope the people that are responsible for this season long debacle learn from this, it cannot happen again, that’s 4 years of will he? won’t he? and as a fan it’s totally unacceptable.

It would be remiss of me to not thank all you Grovers for the record breaking day on the comments yesterday, a whopping 326, and all top banter so well done and keep it up, I think we can start pushing Arsenal now for what we want at the Grove, we represent a huge part of the stadium so will be putting together a plan with other sites to do something about the atmosphere, and we have a steward in our camp as well so we can get our point across through him with regards to slack cutting on match days, we will of course keep you informed.

This site is independent and takes no money from advertisers, it’s a love thing. We do this as Arsenal fans for Arsenal fans, so thanks for blogging and have a great day.

I’m going for 5 nil, bold I know, but some team, sometime are going to be on the end of the rogering we keep threatening, so why not today eh!

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Miralem Pjanic looks on – Larsson no chance

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Metz super kid Miralem Pjanic is being strongly linked with us by their manager, he is quick and pacey, passes well and scores goals, Metz for the record is where Bobby Pires and Adebayor began their careers (Petr Cech as well), although only 17, this kid, like Ben Arfa, looks like he would do well at Arsenal.

However that’s the 4th 17 year old we’ve been linked with this week and as I said before I wish we’d go for a grown up.

We had a Palace fan on late last night telling us how good Scannell is and what a good signing he’d be so there maybe some truth in that one.

There was a lot of Ade bashing going on yesterday but I think all the guy needs is some competition and maybe a toe up the arse by leaving him out, I think he’ll be a top player, remember Flamini? He used to come on and get booked within 5 minutes, at least Ade can score goals, give him time I say, but Arsene, drop him occasionally for his own good as well as ours.

Seb Larsson has been mentioned as a possible new recruit, sorry Seb, you’re not good enough and we don’t like how you acted when Eduardo got butchered.

Sagna is out for between 3 and 5 weeks, so that could be his season over but I’m comfortable with Eboue and Hoyte, we also have Kolo and Song who can play there so I’m not too worried.

I read yesterday that our own Henri Lansbury, is being compared to Beckham and Gerrard but is also becoming a bit of a party animal, if the comparison with Gerrard and Beckham are his footballing skills then okay, or is it because Gerrard and Beckham are thick? I hope it’s the former, but Henri, knock the partying son or Wenger with let you go and you could end up like Pennant.

I hope it’s not true though as we’re all looking forward to seeing in the first team next season and he Grovers could be the Flamini replacement.

One more day to go before we can talk football again and I hope we can return to our winning ways.

Enjoy today Grovers for tomorrow we dine in Hell.

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Scannell, is he the pacey winger we need? Hats off to Gilberto

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Rumours abound regarding us signing Sean Scannell, the Palace wonderkid, I’ve not seen him but people (Blogs) say he is the next big Irish (Born in Croydon?) hope, is he too young for us or is he a perfect Wenger signing? Time will tell I guess, but we all know we need a winger.

Vela is playing on the wing but I think he’s a forward so this rumour may have some substance.

Gilberto came out and said that Billy Gallas has the support of the dressing room, if that’s true, I’m glad, we need unity and if it’s true then Gilberto has gone way up in my estimation for saying that about the player that replaced him as captain, so a big well done to Gilberto (yes I know he wasn’t captain but he was captain elect).

All the players are saying we need to win our seven remaining games, so at least it shows they can add up, but it does show they are still trying, let’s not forget that this time last year we were chasing 4th and out of all the cups and we could still do the double, we can but dream, but that’s what football is all about.

I am amazed that Rosicky had the nerve to join his national squad this week, when he hasn’t played for the team that pays his wages for months, if someone can shed some light on that I would be appreciative.

Big Nick scored for Denmark yesterday and Arsenal hopeful Franck Ribery done for England, I watched a bit of it but to be honest, if it’s not Arsenal, I’m not interested.

I’m wondering if the boss will blood some youngsters, like Barazite at Bolton, see if they have it for next season, I can’t see Wenger signing any big players, but you never know, he may surprise us all.

I expect big Phil to play at the weekend and maybe he’ll rest Gallas, we have a huge week coming up and I would think he’ll be looking ahead, Rosicky normally plays well against Liverpool, maybe he’s thinking about bringing him back for that one, I wonder if the Czechs will release him, we can only hope eh?

Good days blogging yesterday and some interesting viewpoints on managers past, I still have a big soft spot for Georgie, at least he doesn’t slag us off when he’s on TV.

A note for new Grovers certain words aren’t allowed on this site let me refresh you on what we don’t comment on, peoples religion or peoples race, we have a world wide audience and we welcome anyone who supports Arsenal, any nasty comments get binned.

Finally, a big happy birthday to I hope you have a great day Mr Spanish Fry!

Happy blogging Grovers!

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