Hleb goes, Ade must stay, Arshavin… Stick, Usmanov, Kroenke?

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Morning Grovers… and what a miserable one at that, on the football front and the weather front!

So… first up.

Adebayor is staying, Hillwood says that he is one of our best players, he has 3 years on his contract and that is a contract that he will not be released from.

Tough shit Ade… you’d better pray the Gooner faithful are in a forgiving mood.

Hillwood did however admit that Hlebinho would be leaving for pastures new, as reported by Le Grove last week.

“Hleb has made it clear he wants to go,”

“I think maybe he will go.”

Barcelona is Hlebs preferred destination, so let’s wait and see on that one!

The one good thing that may come out of this is that if Barca sign Hleb, it leaves that path clear for us to sign ‘2 games’ Arshavin. Apparently the Chav’s have dropped out of the race and Arsh would like his kids to learn English in London. His agent said this,

“The clubs who are following him are only just warming their engines.”
“Arshavin’s future depends on what happens with Hleb and Adebayor.” 

Exciting stuff there then! We sell a player who can’t score or assist and buy in a player for less money who can do both of those and more. What is even better about Arsh is moving to Britain would be the equivalent of a Brit moving to Spain… he is gonna love the weather! Weather he can hack it physically is a different question, but for me… his a 27 year old footballer, he’ll be alright!

Finally onto something darker… the quotes from yesterdays NoTW interview can from Agence France Presse (AFP), the worlds oldest press agency! So, unless someone comes out and denies it today, take the quotes at face value. If you read the interview, I think what is clear is that it wasn’t about Arsenal becoming a selling club… it was about player power, maybe an unintentional slip of the tongue by Arsene?

All the same, it raises the ugliest of questions… what do you want?

A) Usmanov to add us to his portfolio and catapult us to the top of the spending leagues with his dirty money.

B) Nice guy Stan to takeover as he is the favoured Billionaire. He could turn us into a big time player just like he has with his other sporting successes. Beware though… the weak dollar would probably see him levy the debt against the club.

C) Remain a selling club with the current board for 17 years because we have a long term plan.

I’ll let you decide the best option there, but one thing I will say it this…

Everyone is expecting a big implosion with football. Many people are saying the type of wages on offer cannot be sustained and people will just switch off in the end. Well, can I point you in the direction of Baseball, Basketball and NFL. They might be American sports, but I am pretty certain they don’t have the same following as the Premier League, yet the wages make the Premier Leagues look pathetic. We’ve already had a TV rights crash and we’ve come back even stronger.

Spoilt brat mercenaries are here to stay, sorry people.

There is a reason the Oligarchs and the Billionaires club are tracking only English clubs… they see a future in it and they see money in it.

Anyway, I’ll leave you to chew the fat off today’s post!

Happy blogging!


17 more years of hurt, what are you on Arsene? Hunter-on!

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So Wenger has now come out and said we would have to sell our best players every year for seventeen years to cope with a £24 million annual surplus to pay for the stadium. Wenger apparently said,


“The strategy of the club is to sell every year and to buy less expensive players.”


“We manage at Arsenal to maintain all our football ambitions — national and European —while having to free up – for 17 more years – an annual surplus of £24m to pay for our stadium.


With simple maths that makes £408 million still left to pay, given that we got £150mill from sponsors up front and £250 for the old stadium, I am puzzled as to these latest figures.


ManU have to pay three times that in interest and they still buy loads each year, then add to that what Fizman says we have to spend then either Wenger is on something or someone has a lot of explaining to do as I am really puzzled.


Yesterday was a fabulous day for us yesterday when reaching a million hits, it was soured slightly by a few of the PCB (Politically Correct Brigade), who for me are worse than any AKB’s. Let me explain, we had a little fun with Obefemi Martins age and a 3 people jumped on the race card and called me racist, no one else just 3 people


On this blog we can poke fun at whosoever we wish, if you don’t like it, head on over to another blog…


We are emerging as the new favourites to sign Arshavin, I’m not so sure he is the answer, but being as I just found out we have to sell Adebayor to balance the books I guess we’ll be buying no one.


So when he said last week Ade was going nowhere, he actually meant he was going and wouldn’t be replaced.


So why did we move stadiums? Why was that a good move, and what do we do with all the prize money? For champions league etc.


We were doing alright at Highbury, no debt, I cannot believe all this debt shit, if it’s true then anyone connected with the new stadium should be fired, many of our fan base, the board included may not even be alive in 17 years time, think about that.


And the biggest mystery is how can the spuds keep spending, Liverpool and Everton move stadiums, we make the most money, yet we will have to sell more than we buy for 17 years, this isn’t a rant, it’s a question.

So Arsenal fans, brace yourself for 17 more years of hurt cos Arsenal won’t be buying. There’s a song there somewhere!


Oh and after much deliberation the 1,000,000 comment came on the night shift and it fell in between Gnarley George and Evo, so as it was split, the Ferrari will have to stay in good old blighty! Well done to both of you, I’m glad it was a regular!


Happy Domingo Grovers, I feel like getting pissed already!


P.S. Arsenal are reportedly in for Huntelaar according to the ever reliable NOTW,


“Arsenal are keen on Huntelaar and he has confirmed he would be keen to discuss a move.”


We shall see…



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43 year Nigerian coming + Le Grove 1 million hits old today!

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OK still no news on the Ade, Hleb, Nasri, Velosa, Santa Cruz, Villa, YaYa, Silva, Richards, Eto’o, Huntelaar or Gareth Barry front, but the news you’ve all been dreading is surfacing again, yes you guessed, we’re keen on one Obefemi Martins, who even at 43 years old, still excites Wenger.

Please let this be one of those ‘we’re close to signing Robinho’ rumours, that has no chance of happening, why is it that we all want a Villa, Huntelaar or Eto’o but we know if he’s in for anyone it will be another troublesome African than sulks and talks about playing for another club all the time.

‘Arsenal is a big club that everyone wants to play for. I am thrilled and it will be nice to play for such a team’ the 23-year-old told The Sun. …Oh bollocks!

Now I’m not against Africans, Kolo is fantastic, I think Yaya would do us some good but every two years they go to the ACN just like Kolo did and cause us problems with their form on their return.

Some are also called Eboue and I won’t go there.

So stick to Europeans, or at least latino’s whose Copa Cup only gets played when our boys are building sandcastles and eating ice cream, bad analogy I know!

Onto other more interesting and far less worrying news is us, Le-Grove, it doesn’t seem that long ago when we launched with the news that we had tied Wenger down to a new and improved contract, we have met many friends since writing our witty ditto’s and debated much over the last 10 months, having our very own Arsenal family has been awesome, having someone to share the burden of being an Arsenal fan with has been a wonderful thing.

Since we wrote that first post we have found out that what the boss doesn’t spend on players gets split between the stadium mortgage and his pension fund.

Well it’s the only explanation we can find! So if it’s not true, please don’t sue us!

Anyway, sometime today will be our 1,000,000th hit, we will try and find out who that will be and of course our customery Ferrari 360 Modena will be speedily on it’s way to that lucky blogger.

We seriously thank you for blogging on our humble site and value your company, you make this site what it is – light hearted, tongue in cheek, but always Arsenal and always friendly.

Have a great weekend!


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