Unemployed? it’s Wengers fault, Rosicky’s knee bone connected to his hamstring, thigh bone connected to his…

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Arsene Wenger claims that Britain’s unemployment is his fault, the world is truly against him today, the papers are having a field day, I think ‘throw the shovel away Arsene’ we are now in siege mentality and should answer all the questions by playing football and stuffing whatever teams come at us, not whining like bitches, all that happens when you do that is we get the other teams fans and managers against us as well as the press.

Le boss is also banging on about how many times we get fouled in a season, but it turns out the Mancs and the toffees get fouled more, so I think get off that one quick and start concentrating on winning again, he also says we look sharp in training, so I hope he puts his strongest team out today and really hope he starts with Ade and Theo up front. This game is made for Theo and we need Ade to counter Carew, the last thing we want with him around, is a hapless Bendtner trying for another own goal, harsh as that may sound, he seems to do it when we defend against height.

I still like him but he hasn’t taken his chances, he will, but now is not his time, it’s Ade’s. So play Ade.

If he doesn’t do that and he rests Ade then play Bendtner with Theo, don’t go 4-5-1, yes I know there’s a contridiction in there somewhere, but Theo is the common denominator.

Fran Merida may be on his way back to the Grove as he’s not getting the games Wenger was promised under Coleman, he will be a great one day, mark my words, we should nurture him.

Rosicky apparently has another injury, just as he was coming back from his thigh injury, he gets knocked on the knee, which is of course is connected to his hamstring, so he now has a hamstring injury, trouble with that is, that’s no doubt connected to something else, there’s a song about that isn’t there?

I think we ought to cut our losses with little Mozart, he doesn’t play his music nearly enough for the team and frankly there must be someone out there we could buy that would be more reliable and less injury prone.

I’m off to the game today and really believe we can get a good result, I also believe we need one with Milan coming up, you know, for confidence, but if I had a choice, it would be the Prem, hands down.

The hub cap stealers won the Champions league 2 years ago, but are not taken seriously as they haven’t won the Premier league, which I think is the real deal now.

So, strongest team please boss and go for the jugular, have a great day Grovers, I know yesterday I said 3 nil, but today I’m going 4 nil, ‘cos I believe!!! plus, siege mentality, everyone hates the Arsenal!

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Juve say no, Robin returns and 58 game winning streak comes to an end.

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The news we all wanted to hear is that Juve are not after the Flamster, they felt their honest relationship with Arsenal should be rewarded with a statement, they duly stated that they are not after our midfield maestro.There are rumours, generated here yesterday regarding the Mancs, but the consensus was we don’t believe he’d go to the dark side, so sign the fucking contract Matti and let’s all move on, don’t turn this into the French national pastime, the ‘I’ll sign it when I’m ready contract’ – Aka Henry and Vieira, you saw what happened to them and you saw what happened to Cashley.

I believe in the curse of leaving Arsenal, so be warned!

The boy wonder is back in training and word on the blogs is he will be back on the bench for the Milan game, I think that would depend on how fit he has kept himself, but it’s very positive news for the run in.

I watched the girls lose to Everton last night and depressing though it was, they were good! Arsenal that is.

Unfortunately for them though, they were cheated by a dodgy ref, Everton wasted 9 of the last 11 minutes and got away with it, the ref only played 3 of the 4 minutes of injury time and then blew up, and we had to endure constant views of a fat ugly scouse bird in her technical area, reminiscent of watching red nose when we play the Mancs and the game is still being played.

Still a big well done to our girls, you are a credit to both football and your gender, it’s always a pleasure watching you play, sometimes more than I should say.

Okay, only one day to go before we can open our lead at the top, we must, must, win this game if we are to end up as premier league champions, we beat them away so there’s no reason we can’t beat them at home.

The Chavs have a banana skin game with West Ham and the Mancs have Fulham away so let’s hope the ‘Bull’ rises to the occasion and gets a result for us and the Cottagers.

A great days blogging yesterday Grovers, let’s finish the week on a high.

Have a go at picking the team for tomorrow, the score, and the scorers, I’ll start the ball rolling.

Sagna Phil Gallas Clichy
Hleb Cesc Flamster Diaby
Ade Theo

Arsenal 3-0

Scorers Theo, Ade and Cesc.


Walcott doesn’t visit Eduardo, Red and White go for Blocking stake and Almunia speaks on a website

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Ok that headline is for the disgruntled blogger yesterday that was so upset I mentioned Adriano in yesterdays headline, so today I thought I would try something completely factual that doesn’t allow for any imagination and looks a bit like the mother of all blogs …Arsenal.com

He was so upset he even started telling us why at 2.30 this morning, so todays headline is for him, I hope it helps.

Ok Grovers, this is for the rest of you!

Juve go for the Flamster and Inter swoop for Diaby.

True enough Inter Milan, top of Serie ‘A’ chase well known Arsenal crock, Abou Diaby, the Arsenal youngster who recently signed a 6 year contract has attracted their attention, they haven’t seen him play as he’s always injured, but Arsene Wenger signed him so he must be worth a Punt.

Flamini is of course a free agent so any team would be after him but until he signs a new contract, this speculation will go on.

I don’t understand why it always seems to take for ever when signing a contract, how much? How long? and where do I sign? Doesn’t seem overly complicated does it?

Red and White try to increase their stake, makes you wonder what David Dein does all day, doesn’t it? he must have the easiest job in the world, what did you do at work today David?

‘Not a lot love, I did buy another share though’

Theo said that he hasn’t visited Eduardo as he wants the visiting to last so will see him later, or that’s what it said on Arsenal.com

The papers have once again written us off, saying that the goals have dried up and Eduardo’s injury is a massive loss, statement of the obvoius or what?

I think Theo will spring to life if he’s given a central role and with Rocking Robin knocking, we’re not far from salvation, I really think we’ll stuff Villa on Saturday and go on to win the league with games to spare.

John Carew worries me a tad, but I think Theo is the key as he will be trying to show he is a better player that Agbonlahor and Young.

Cracking day of comments yesterday Grovers, you make the none footballing days a pleasure!

Oh and I forgot to mention that Almunia said something interesting on Arsenal.com

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