Bendtner to Chelsea for £12 million, Henry finished and Arsenal should go for Messi

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That’s what the Mirror says, fellow Dane Frank Arnesen has scoured the world for talent as that’s why the Chavs signed him from top4tottenham and come up with Nikki Bendtner all the way over in North London.

Bollocks, he’s just signed a 5 year deal and is getting games for Arsenal, anyway if he went to them, he’d get even less games there.

I expect him to get a game tonight, I have a sneaky feeling Wenger may try him up top with Ade, to combat the bullying tactics that they’ll try from the off.

I think he’ll start with


Sagna Kolo Gallas Clichy

Eboue Gilberto Diarra Rosicky

Ade SuperNik

And Eduardo Denilson Theo Senderos and Fabianski on the bench.

We have lost a lot of flair in midfield but we still have the defence and they play a big role in our attacking capabilities and we also have people up front with something to prove.

That said they have Viduka and Martins, who on their day can hurt anyone, we need a Gallas and Toure road show today, that’s for sure.

So getting back to the Bendtner story, ignore it.

On a lighter, funnier note I watched Barcelona with much amusement, Thierry ‘I don’t know what a contract is’ Henry is out for the season, with a back
injury, Ronaldinho will be sold at Christmas as he’s lost his magic and he’s a fat bastard and Messi is setting the world alight and doesn’t pass to Thierry.

What happened to the dream team? Smart move Terry, I must remember to get Darren Dein, your advisor’s number, he is as canny as his well known dad.

Messi though is worth breaking the bank for, what a player, he’s the forward version of Cesc, Barca would never sell him though, mind you, who would have thought we’d sell Henry?

Now that would be something wouldn’t it.

I’m going to start a Messi to Arsenal rumour, perhaps I’ll leak it to the Mirror!

Cesc in Hleb out

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It’s increasingly difficult to work out who’s still injured and who’s coming back, but I think Cesc will be back to face fat Sam but Diaby, Robin and Hleb are out for a spell still.

I think I would play Gilberto and Cesc together, I think Gilberto will handle the Viduka threat better than Diarra and Viduka is the only one that can hurt us.

Joey Barton will be given his thug orders, so someone needs to give him a dig early, let him know we’re there, if you get my drift.

This has to be a 4-4-2 night and Eduardo should get a run out, this would also suit Bendtner, don’t forget him and Denilson scored against them in the Carling cup, or was it Diaby?

If we go for them from the off we’ll stuff them, I don’t want to be going through it like I was on Saturday evening, win early I say, or do I mean pray!

I watched ManU play Fulham last night, why can’t Fulham play like that when we play them?

Good to see the lads giving their salary to charity for the Chelsea game, I wonder if that includes their win bonus?

I just hope we have all our players back for the Chelsea game, I’m also training my booing lips for the prodigal son’s return, oh how I hate him.

I think we’ll feed off these wins and to think we’ve still only dropped 6 points all season, I think we dropped 12 last November.

Good blogging day yesterday with some worthwhile comments.

Nobody commented on Samir Nasri though, I hope we sign either Richards or a world class center back, we have enough kids and Djourou didn’t inspire me when he gave Spurs a penalty on Sunday.

One day to go!

Adebayor speaks to Le-Grove

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Adebayor answered the questions over his ability to score more often emphatically against a good Villa side.

His actions spoke louder than words, hence the headline, don’t think the players don’t read this blog site, they do!

Remember Villa were fancied by the bookies, fancied by the pundits and playing at home.

Ade showed that he can score with his head when we need it most, I did question him on Saturday and from your comments I understand he was being tongue in cheek, well that’s why we have a comments section, so keep them coming. are, as usual, behind with injury update news, all I know is Hleb got a gash from the Carew tackle and may be out for a few games but Cesc though, should be back for the Newcastle  game. Good news indeed.

I thought Diarra gave the ball away a lot and that Gilberto coming on made us more stable at the back of the midfield.

I read that robin is still not fit, which by the time he returns will be three months out, add that to 5 months last term leaves me to believe our
Robin could be the Dutch Michael Owen, brilliant but not there a lot, that being the case we need to look at our options.

I’m saying nothing other than the facts, Grover’s please have an opinion on that, am I being paranoid?

Watching Chelsea at the weekend, we could beat them with our Carling cup side, John Terry looks more and more like the ordinary player I think he is.
Bring them on!

Fat Sam looks like the bent fat bastard we all know he is and hopefully stuffing Newcastle will see him picking up his P45, so 3 points there will do us nicely.

December we know is pivotal and so far so good, trouble is, everyone else is picking up points as well, so we need to keep winning.

I read Lehmann is not only blanking Almunia he also doesn’t do the pre match warm up with him.

What is the matter with Wenger, why does he tolerate this? time to say goodbye to the mad German before he starts to undermine the team spirit.

So Ade if your reading this and I know you are, keep banging them in or I’ll rip off my shirt and be off!