Shut it Melchiot – Flamini penning contract soon – Wonderboy to fill the gap?

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Morning Grovers, well the Chavs got their usual easy ride and Roma did everyone a favour, so that must leave ManU as red hot favourites followed by Chelsea and Roma with us Liverpool and whoever is left last.

Make no mistake though no one will be wanting the Arsenal.

If we can repeat the Milanese performance every time, we’ll smash anyone, there is no reason we can’t, the talent is there, add RVP’s finishing and they’ll be no stopping us, and don’t forget, our kids get better every season, they haven’t even peaked yet.

The Flamster is getting closer to signing, he said this yesterday,

‘We are a new generation, we have to create a new history. I want to be part of this history, so I hope I will be here for next season. At the moment my advisers are talking with the club, so I really hope that everything will be okay’

Mario Melchiot is saying the Mancs will win the league, if not Chelsea will and Wigan will beat us, oh really you Chav reject? I thought Wigan were at the other end of the table, silly me.

Boys if you are reading this, please send out a premiership warning on Sunday, it’s so important to hammer teams like this as the Mancs don’t play, so it’s points on the board and we need to up our goal difference just in case, and the good news is the Mancs don’t get to play Newcastle any more this season.

I think with Carlos Vela coming in next season, he will put him out left to compete with Diaby and Rosicky, Theo will go right so I can’t see who he’ll bring in.

If Rosicky stays fit (which he won’t) and Vela is good, then he’ll buy no left sided players.

With Walcott and his favourite Eboue out right, I can’t see anyone coming in there either.

Still onto Wigan a 4 point lead and a Turkish delight draw in the Champions league will do just nicely.

Have a great day Grovers.

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Le Grove gets it right on the night, Arsenal 7 Milan 1

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So now we can all bask in the glory of last night’s win and know that we beat both of the San Siro/Guiseppe Meazza greats on their own doorstep with two awesome Arsenal teams, in two different Wenger eras, this time though we beat the holders, and this time we’ll win the Champions league.

Le Grove gave you the 2 nil scoreline, scientifically based on a round of golf that was taken as an omen.

Geoff Says:
March 4, 2008 at 1:29 pm edit

I’m back, I won at golf 2 up and that has to be an omen, I know I said 2-1 but my golf has to be right.

2 nil Arsenal, Senderos and RVP.

We got the scorers wrong but who cares!

Pedro did the match report, and I thought it was spot on, I also thought Diaby played better than Eboue though, not to mention one shot tipped over, one hit the crossbar and two penalties that were never given, I hope they rescind the booking of Eboue and Hleb though, but it’s not the FA and those two aren’t Fat Frank Lampard.

The thing that was different to what we’ve seen of late was the chasing down every ball, getting the tackles in like their lives depended on it and not giving the ball away as much.

Senderos still remains an enigma, if you take away his odd howler, he’s Tony Adams, Eboue for me isn’t it, he played well, but he is the weak link, both in character and technique.

Not a criticism just an opinion.

We know we’ll get the Mancs, Chavs, Real or Barcelona next but that’s life, we’ll be the team that no one wants.

I would like to get the team that beat Seville, but I’m dreaming, Chelsea or ManU will get them if they don’t get us.

On that performance, we are the best team on the planet, so if we play like that again, I don’t care who we get.

Please, oh please, play like that when you get home boys, you’ll smash anyone.

Walcott made a difference when he arrived on the scene and with Robin still to come my confidence has returned, big time.

Fantastic performance thank you Arsenal.

Two quotes, this one from Manc lover Tony Cascarino,

‘It was such a great team effort that you couldn’t pick anyone out, but Philippe Senderos was a man mountain. Kaká is tremendous but he wasn’t given any time or space to cause any damage. Of all Wenger’s players, Senderos has more captain and leadership qualities than any. He makes the odd error but as a leader you cannot fault him and that is why Wenger thinks a lot of him. He was the one dictating things at the back. It is easy to criticise those who make the odd poor decision, but he’s more of a captain than William Gallas’

And this one from Cesc

‘We don’t have 25 internationals like Chelsea so we can’t challenge for all four trophies, but we are in contention for the two that we really want. We are top of the Premier League and we are in the quarter finals of the Champions League after beating the holders at home, so why can’t we win them both?’

Why not indeed you hero! Why indeed!

Now what happens with Kolo you may well ask? Don’t! we get more injuries than an army average field hospital, we can rest players now.

This is my longest ever post and I could go on all day, in the comments section I probably will, so pin your ears back Grovers and enjoy the moment, thanks again team Arsenal, we love you!


Pascal Senderos + Zinedene Fabregas make history! Player Ratings + analysis!

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I am fucking ecstatic! Over the moon! High on life!

We just made history! The first British team to beat Milan in the San Siro!

This is bigger than Madrid, Juventus and Villareal combine… why? Because tonight, we expected.

The team lined up as expected, Theo dropped for Diaby and Eboue making up the 5th man in midfield.

The blogs oozed confidence, no one on Le Grove predicted we would lose… dangerous optimism or wise predictions?

Arsenal started off brightly, our passing was sharp and we looked hungry for success!

Diaby blazed wide after some good work from Ade, Pato fired at Almunia after Kaka set him up nicely.

Big Phil was looking pretty dodgy, he missed a cross at the near post from a corner forcing Cesc to clear off the line, then he headed a ball into the path of Inzaghi… fortunately Clichy cleared!

In a arrogant Myles Palmer style, I text Geoff,

‘Can Arsenal hold on with Pascal Senderos in defence?’

Geoff text back,

‘Or with Eboue his twin brother?’

After I text that things started to click into gear. Arsenal started knocking it around Milan. Milan started to look like the old men we knew they were!

Hleb danced his way through Milans defence, mugging the lot of them off… he was hacked down just outside the box and got a booking for his troubles! Clouds of doubt started to appear, was this going to be one of those days?

Ade breaks through on goal, opens his body in Theirry fashion… launches one at goal… TIPPED OVER…

Next up… Cesc… Ade lays off a ball after some great work on the left, he cut it back to Cesc who rifled it against the bar…

Shit… it was a great chance, how many of those will we get tonight?

Arsenal continued their dominance, the ref continued to blow up at every opportunity and I realised that everyone was slipping over on Milans new pitch.

I apologise for thinking you were a clumsy fool Senderos… even Kaka was falling over his feet!

The second half came, we were confident… how many times had we been here before? Dominating team, just waiting for that goal?

Loads of times, but why was there a nagging headline in the back of my head…

‘60% possession but Arsenal still can’t overcome clinical Milan’

I was still confident that we could pinch one… we had the better bench and we were on fire!

The second half started and Arsenal were hungry, Hleb was brilliant, Flamini was all over the park and Cesc was un-fucking-believable. He was so unselfish all night, he tracked back, marched us forward and over shadowed Kaka massively!

Big Phil was played in by Clichy and fired it into the only place the keeper could get to… his arms!

Our dominance carried on, Pato continued to look average…

Eboue was put through… surely not…no… smashed wide…

Then Cesc picked up the ball ran forward… then from 35 yards he smashed it… it bounced… Kalac flapped…


What a shot! The pub went mad! Milan had to score twice to beat us and they only had 7 minutes!

More head tennis in Arsenals area, Hleb released Walcott… He latches onto the ball, dodges a lunge… lays it across goal… BANG!


0-2 up with 2 minutes to play! Pure elation!

Have you ever seen Wenger so pleased?

Player Ratings:

Almunia: Solid and assertive all night. He must have been shitting himself but he was truly brilliant tonight… even if I did poo myself when he committed himself to a ball about 40 yards out! 8

Clichy: Nipping in to dispossess Inzaghi was crucial. He was assured when other may have dithered after a few mistakes. The best left back in the Premiership did his reputation no harm tonight. 9

Gallas: A rock all night. Calm despite some hairy moments, showed all the critics why he is a great captain! 9

Senderos: Some dodgy moments. He missed a near post corner, flicked a ball into Inzaghi’s path. Then the second half came and he turned into a rock, mopping up, winning balls in the air… what a second half he had! He nearly scored! Big Phil, I doth my cap, you were great again! 8

Sagna: Solid as usual, good going forward and great in defence… am I wrong to say his the best right back in the Prem? 8

Eboue: Not great. He made some good runs, had a few dives and gave away a few passes. Better than usual but he needed to come off. 6

Diaby: I thought he had a blinder. He occasionally held onto the ball to long, but overall he gave more to the team than he took away. He was unlucky with and early shot as well! 7

Hleb: Amazing all night. He looked like the world beater we all know he is. Troublesome, tricky and effective. Great through ball for Walcott both times! 8

Cesc: I’ve got to give him a 10 for this performance. He tracked back an put in his tackles with the dominance of Gattuso, he moved the ball forward like Kaka and he finished like Thierry! What a goal, what a performance… six minutes to go! 10

Flamini: Brilliant all night. The hungriest player on the pitch tonight, he was everywhere! Ray Parlour on acid! 9

Adebayor: I don’t know? His touch was off, his passing was off but he still caused all the usual problems and scored! So who the fuck am I to criticise? 7


Theoooo!: Came on and tore Milan a new arsehole! He nearly set Ade up as soon as he came on… then he did set Ade up! Brilliant from the little man! 8

Gilberto: Can’t remember seeing him? The truly invisible wall! 7

So through to the next round of the Champions league it’ll be an English team we get… you can bet your bottom dollar! Who cares though, we can beat anyone!

Enjoy tonight guys and understand this… If we play like that till the end of the season, the trophy Cabinet could have some new friends!

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