My wish list for Arsene Klaus…

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Looking good!

The news (or rumour today) is that Hleb has agreed a deal with Barca, and that Ade will not be too far behind, I hope it’s true but I have a feeling Ade had really pissed Wenger off and he’ll be going nowhere, if it were my call they would both be gone, it’s not so I’m doing a wish list in the hope the boss may read it and take notice of this fans wishes, so here goes, the list…

I want David Bentley, N’Zogbia and Obefemi Martins, with Pascal Cygan brought back to shore up the defence with big Phil. Give Eboue a pay rise and play him out wide instead of Theo.

OK that was for the AKB’s and to ensure some of you would be throwing up in your shreddies! This is the real list!

David Seaman says 6′ 4″ Almunia is good enough, so that’s good enough for me. Bring in Barry for Flamini and bring Diaby in to deputise, we won’t get Villa as that will cost too much so at 6′ 3″ I would go for Santa Cruz in place of spiderman Adebayor.

Arshavin for Hleb won’t happen so I’ll stick with Nasri and maybe the cameo role from Wilshere as back up.

I would get a centre back but I really can’t see that happening as he came out and said a flat out no.

Maybe big Phil or Djourou will step up, don’t forget centre backs come on late in life and those two are still babies.

I think we have enough forward options in Theo, Vela, Eduardo, RVP and Bendtner so a swap with Ade for the big guy should do it, don’t forget we almost did it last term, the kids are no longer kids, we do have a team spirit and Nasri for me will be a revelation, so three in and three out plus Vela may be enough, but he needs to bring in Barry, who in my opinion will be like having a young Lampard, English and stylish and can tackle.

It would also be nice to watch England with a few Arsenal boys in the team for a change. Also nice to stick one on the scousers too.

O’Neill hates Benitez and really likes Hoyte so it wouldn’t be too expensive, if we can’t get Barry then maybe YaYa for Ade plus cash.

It has to be this week so let’s keep ’em crossed, one more week of this shit and we get to doing match reports again, so get ready.

A big thank you to all you Grovers yesterday who got back on track being mates, so well done, we had twice as many new people as AKB’s so that was neat too, let’s just hope we can do the South Africans today and start the week off on a positive note.

Have a hopeful and fruitful week Grovers, this is the countdown!


Half price my arse, say something Arsene!

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So being an Arsenal fan in the summer continues to be torturous, reading the morning papers is depressing.

The Spuds are in for Arse shavin and Luis Garcia and all we have to look forward to is reading that Song is off to the Olympics in August, that’s repaying Wenger’s faith and he’s not even in the team yet, get rid of him, he has Ade written all over him, twice in one year!

Yesterday we were after Barry and I was on cloud 9, today we’re giving Ade away at half price, I wish the boss would come out and say it’s all bollocks, it seems to me that agents and players are running football these days, why on earth would we say £35 mil one minute and £16 the next? it’s too stupid for words, it makes my blood boil that we just sit there and say nothing, say something Arsenal, we are having the piss ripped out of us as fans.

Adebayor is allowing it and should be sold or left to rot, we have to make a stand against these arrogant pricks, we have to. Ronaldo thinks he’s a slave, someone ought to make him read a book on slavery, the moron probably can’t read though, who do these twats think they are?

We’ll have to wait until next week to see who we are finally going to sign, but we have to do it before pre-season otherwise I doubt it will happen and pre-season begins next week.

Okay onto a bit of sillyness now, yesterday we had a few ding dongs, a few of you made up but a few came on and wanted to continue, well doing that just makes it unpleasant for others and will ultimately stop the majority coming on, don’t forget our mantra ‘have an opinion not get one’ and calling people names is not on.

So if it continues I’ll have to edit the offenders and if that doesn’t stop it, I’ll have to moderate in order to protect the integrity of the site and the majority of Grovers.

You know who you are and you are all good people, I don’t want this site to be like the other moronic ones, we are getting between 4 and 500 comments a day and that’s more than anyone, I don’t want that to stop, because if it does Pedro and I will ride into the sunset.

We don’t spend all our time doing this to get in between the few that want a tear up, if that’s what you want send us your email addresses and we’ll send them to your adversaries and you can rip each other in private

So come on Grovers, let’s get back on track, have a happy Domingo!


Barry in Hoyte out, Huntelaar in Ade out.

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Northern monkey tabloids are reporting that Arsenal have made an 11th hour bid to get Gareth Barry and are using Hoyte plus cash as a lure.

O’Neill hates the scousers, as we all do, he likes Hoyte, so I can smell a way out for all of us here, we on Le Grove have always rated Barry and I would be super confident for next year if we signed him to.

Ade off would be great as I’m fed up with him big time and Huntelaar in, that would make the boy wonder happy and that’s a good thing too, finally Hleb out and YaYa in plus cash would complete it, stick a couple of young’uns into the mix and we’re looking at mopping up next year.

I always hoped that the Nasri deal would start the ball rolling so expect thing to happen at a pace from here on in.

Have a great Saturday Grovers.

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