You get £50k a week Hleb, it’s time to respect the fans.

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So we keep hearing about respecting the players wishes etc, etc, well they earn more in a week than most of our fans do in a year, think about that before anyone gets angry, that’s a month and they have a house, 4 months and they have the fancy villa on a golf course in Spain and another 4 and they have the big yacht in a fancy marina, and we’re supposed to respect them!

Alex Hleb last night came out and said he said nothing about leaving and he loves Arsene and Arsenal, well mate you have a funny way of showing it, for all the fans that are glued to the internet, waiting for signings and waiting and praying that their best players don’t leave, we have all been through hell in this last few weeks, not to mention the piss taking from other fans that are too stupid to support our beloved Arsenal.

When you go home at night after a hard days training Alex, does your wife cheer you and sing your name for and hour and a half? No, does she give you a £5 note, which is what I reckon we contribute to your salary every week, (based on 25 players and divided by 20 and based on my season ticket price) I think the answer is also no.

So whether you’re staying or going, spare a thought for us, show some respect. If you want to do something positive, sack your twat of an agent, he’s an arsehole.

It’s like John Terry (£150k a week) he scuffed his penalty against the Mancs, which could have won them the Cup, and then dedicated his England goal in a meaningless match against a poor team (sorry USA no offence) to the chav fans, oh gee thanks John, we so appreciate that.

Sometimes I wonder what planet these players are on.

I remember the games in the 70’s and 80’s when the players got paid the same as the workers did, had a testimonial and maybe got themselves a pub to retire to, long gone are those days, they still get their tax free testimonials though, do you? I mean do you the fans get anything tax free? NO YOU DON’T.

Mind you how many players will stay at the same club for ten years these days is another matter.

Will Hleb stay? Who knows, I think he’s a great player, but if I could I’d sell him and bring in Goofy, Robinho or Dos Santos, I would, and use the bargaining power we’ll have for whoever wants him.

The great news is that Cesc has vowed to stay, Blatter’s idea has been blasted out of the water and Djourou says he can do Flamini’s job.

It seems the Nasri deal is done and we are sniffing around Veloso, Mexes didn’t make the French team so who knows, but the really, really funny news is Flamini won’t feature in the Euros or the Champions league, so the Arsenal curse seems to be working overtime, well done that curse.

We love Arsenal, but there are times that the so called players need to get a reality check, ManU, Chelsea, Milan and Madrid can’t buy everyone, so Robin, you should watch what you say, you should be paying your salary back. We stood by you when you were charged with rape, when you got injured and now it’s time to show us some respect instead of carping on about what you don’t earn, even if you were talking about others, I know what a veiled threat is.

Today is moving day Grovers, well according to our leader it is, so sit tight and brace yourselves, today could be all about good news, we’re owed it.

Another great day yesterday, we sure do put the world to rights don’t we?


Dos Santos in Hleb out? Do we feel lucky today?

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Ok it’s now apparent that Hleb is off, Arsenal football club are about to demonstrate how they play hardball with football’s elite, much like ManU did yesterday when they reported Madrid for unsettling their player, Madrid immediately apologised and that’s the end of that story.

Anyone wants our players and it seems they can have them, we rarely complain, or when we do it’s all bark and no bite.

I read that Spurs are in for Dos Santos, why on earth would Barcelona sell him? If it’s the case then sign him before it’s too late, I know I prefer older players, but this kid is class, why would he want to go to Spurs when he could come to us.

Nasri and Ben Arfa were on display last night with Nasri looking a bit ordinary (according to some in the comments section), let’s hope that was an off day, I’ve seen him play and he looks fab, but hey, who knows who we’re after, we got linked with Santa Cruz yesterday as well, please let that be a rumour.

I also read that David Dein’s son is Cesc’s new agent, amazing that, a little bit of nepotism there or what? Is Darren really that good, would he be Cesc’s agent if his last name were Smith?

Still the Dein’s are all Arsenal fans and him being English should want to see him stay with us here in good old Blightey. I wouldn’t be too worried about him going anywhere, but with our record in getting tough on players, I wouldn’t be surprised who stayed here anymore.

There is still a big possibility that Diaby or even Djourou will fill in for Flamini and we won’t see a Gareth Barry come in, well with Sepp Blatter determined to push through this overseas player rule, Arsene really should be buying some English players, I think that overseas talent costs as much as English talent these days, but we’ll know soon enough.

Other news was Danny’s interview, which confirmed yesterdays blog and it was heartening to see that, all we need now is for the boss to go forth and multiply, over to you Arsene!

Great day again yesterday Grovers, you certainly put the com into comment, that’s for sure.

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Danny says we have the money and Arsene can spend it …if he wants.

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So Danny Fizman has come out and said exactly what we said yesterday and have in fact been saying for months.

Fiszman, the power broker on the Arsenal board, said:

‘We’ve never said no to Arsene, so I’m sure that whoever he wishes to bring in, he will be fully supported’

‘There’s no set amount. But as I said we’ve always supported Arsene, we’ve never said no to him and have no intention of saying no to him’

‘I think Arsene said it’s not a big name we’re after, it’s a big talent. I think it’s about big talents and committed players’

We spent a whole day yesterday rubbishing talk that we were skint, we had 4 AKB’s telling us we were wrong, but Danny boy’s come out and said it’s there if he wants it. So to all those who knew better, have a nice day, go stew!

He also said it’s not about big names it’s about talent, well here on Le Grove we’ve never asked for Ronaldo, we’ve have however asked for Ben Arfa, Barry, Diego, Benzema, a big center back and Nasri, hardly big names, but certainly big talents.

Yeah I know we cheekily ask for Goofy and Kaka but that’s more tounge-in-cheek.

He also said our wage bill was up there with the Mancs and substantially more than the scousers, so that dispels all this wage structure nonsense we argue with the AKB’s.

At last we are hearing from the top what we’ve been asking for, spend our money! I don’t think Fizman would be telling ATVO this if something were not afoot, so brace yourselves Grovers, it’s about to happen.

We had a great bank holiday Monday, with many of you chosing to spend yout day chatting, well done and don’t stop, someone out there is obviously listening.

It’s not wrong to question, it’s not wrong to speculate, and it’s not wrong to want silverware!

I still believe it will happen over the next two weeks and we’ll all be watching the Euros and our new ‘big talent’ signings, I for one am getting excited, so a big thanks to Danny Fizman.

You sure did stick it to the people who have been saying we’re skint…because we’re not!

I was listening to the news this morning that Pompey fans were complaining about having to pay £700 for a season ticket, Sunderland were moaning about a whopping £450, they don’t know they’re born, do they???

Bentley has turned down a new contract offer from Blackburn, you’re not thinking what I’m thinking are you?…

Have a smug Tuesday Grovers, you earned it!

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