Romford Pele loves Le Grove (Picture exclusive – no joke!)

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I bet you thought we were trying to lure you in with a misleading headlines to line our fat pockets with more advertising revenue!

Not the case today people!

Romford Pele, or Sir Ray Parlour as many refer to him – pledged his allegiance to Le Grove on Friday during birthday drinks in Billericay!

Who is that fine looking man with Ray you ask? Well the guy with the tash is Ray’s mate, but the other guy is one time blogger and regular Grover, Bud! If anyone doesn’t like the cut of his jib, you have a pic and a location!

Stalk away my friends, stalk away.

Apparently Ray quipped,

” I hope this ain’t a porn site, otherwise that’s is marriage number 2 down the pan!’

Nice one Ray, you’re a legend, oh, and Happy Birthday! The 7th of March will forever be known as Ray day on Le Grove!


Ray Love Le Grove!


Well played Bud, you go straight in as Le Champ of the week! Anyone who carries an ‘I Love Le Grove’ placard around with them deserves it!

Geoff’s Analysis of Wigan

Not a lot to add to yesterdays game analysis other than it’s their title to lose and if they don’t win it, they only have themselves to blame.

Next up is Middlesbrough so we can only hope that we do better then.

I feel very alone this morning, very empty, I felt sure we would win 4 nil, and frankly we should have done, I refuse to blame the pitch, we have the talent to play anywhere and Wigan also have to play there, so it’s the same for them.

It was good to see Robin back, if he gets injured again we’ll have to replace him, we can’t afford to wait this long for his return again.

Positives? Ok we didn’t get any injuries, having said that, they’re not home yet so we’ll have to wait and see.

At least we played Ok, didn’t we?

Still a good picture to start the week on!

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Lifes a pitch but you knew after 47 seconds – Put it in their contracts and FINE them!

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I’m gutted we couldn’t put 4 points between us and the Mancs.

The pitch was worse than Barnsleys, it was absolutely atrocious.

For me, if TV Companies are kind enough to give teams £30 million a season, then teams should be kind enough to lay a decent pitch. Teams should be contractually bound to have a suitable playing surface otherwise face a fine or the game being played at a neutral ground. Steve Bruce knew the score,

‘We all know a bad pitch produces a leveller’

Does a comment like that not intimate cheating? If you scratch a ball in cricket to get more spin its cheating, if you take drugs to enhance your performance its cheating so why is leaving a pitch that bad to reduce a teams ability to play not cheating?

If Augusta was in the same condition as your local pitch and putt, the Masters would be moved. Football is a multi-million pound industry, so why is the quality of the pitch not paramount? It takes away from the spectacle, it devalues the game by lowering the skill level.

Still, moaning about the pitch never won any points right?

I’ve played over Hackney marshes with broken bottles and condoms strewn across the pitch! It still didn’t stop us scoring and we were shite!

When Ade broke through one on one after about 47 seconds and banged it into Kirklands legs, I knew it was going to be a tough day and perhaps that was the best opportunity we’d get.

I can’t be arsed to write a full review, the game was that shite.

All I’ll say is that our recent league form has not been that of title winners. Today reminded me of Bolton a few years back when we lost the league after getting battered and drawing.

What Wenger said after the game summed it up for me.

‘We’ve dropped two points here, but we gave everything, fought very hard and the poor pitch did the rest.’

I want to put a positive spin on the day though, here it is…

Its still in our hands!


If we win the rest of our games, we still win the league. Simple as that chaps!

So cheer the flip up ya?

To quote a character in Adam Sandlers Masterpiece, the Waterboy,

You can DO IT! Cut his fucking head off!

The last part of the quote bares no relevance to anything… but its how I felt about the Wigan Groundsman. Sorry… I digress!

Take the first part of the message and say it ten times to an Arsenal poster! I WANT YOU TO SCREAM AT THAT POSTER!

Did that feel better? Do you believe in Cesc! Do you believe in the TEAM! Say you believe! Praise the GOOD LORD ARSENE WENGER!

Ok I went too far, but hopefully you feel better and you’re ready for the next 2 and a bit months! The time for moping is over!

Lets get a grip and realise that all is to play for!


Time to up our game and make this season count.

Till tomorrow grovers.

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Barca Academy become official Arsenal feeder club, 2 join the double race + who needs money?

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Super kid defender Ignasi Miquel will join us from Cornella in September when he turns 16, following in the footsteps of Cesc he comes via the Barca academy, also known as Arsenal’s feeder club. This story was brought to you in late Feb by Le Grove, but its now official!

Great idea really, they supply us the kids and we supply them the oldies out the other end, now that’s co-operation!

We beat the Mancs and Chavs to this one, so a sweet deal all round and it shows the kid is intelligent, unusual for a defender. (John Terry/Rio Ferdinand)

The Mancs and chavs are also late entrants in the race for the double, the Chavs, who 3 weeks ago were being tipped to win the quadruple by potato head Michael Essien (who can’t even get a game) were humbled by Barnsley whilst the Mancs were dumped by Arsenal old boys, Portsmouth.

We go to Wigan today to play on a dodgy pitch but who cares? They have to play on it as well don’t they? With Robin back, we look good again.

Why we had to play against Colorado Rapids is beyond me, and we picked up 2 injuries as a result.

Wenger is already saying he doesn’t need money as he believes in his team, yawn, yawn, here we go again, long boring summer here we come.

The word on the street is Arsenal are going to leave an envelope stuffed with cash on every seat at the Grove as a big thank you to the fans.

Well they obviously don’t need it do they?

Hold the line today boys as Maximus Meridius Decimus would say, we need patience if we are to get the four goals I have predicted, don’t let me down boys, it’s not often we get to beat the European champions away and go 4 points clear in the Premier league in the same week!

Finally after our blog on Ian Wright and Talk Sport, we had a late, late comment in the awaiting approval box from ‘Ian Wright’ it simply said ‘sorry boys’ I didn’t publish it as I couldn’t be sure it was from the man himself, if it was, good on you Ian, if it wasn’t, there you go.

Have a happy Sunday Grovers!

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