Rezzers Ratings – My top 3 for the first team

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Morning Grovers!

Here are my thoughts after getting involved in some VIP treatment at Barnet yesterday!

Here was the first half team:

Sagna – Nordtveit – J.Hoyte – Clichy (c)
Lansbury – Denilson – Ramsey – Traore
Walcott – Bendtner

Key Players:

Nordveit: First thing to note is that he is very classy on the ball, he makes a lot of time for himself and he defends quite stylishly. The second thing that strikes you is that he is tiny in build… he needs to put on another 10kg before he can be considered as a serious option in defence because he will get eaten alive by Drogba and Co.

Lansbury: I was looking forward to seeing this chap playing… he certainly looks the part, but that was as far as it went yesterday. His control wasn’t particularly tight and he didn’t really get involved with the play which was a shame.

Ramsey: Ok, I didn’t think he set the world alight but I liked what I saw. He is quite a big boy and he loves to get stuck in. He has vision as well… he was spraying passes round with ease. I think he may need some ‘Arsenal’ beaten into him… a lot of his passes were in the long ball shape of things… but regardless, he looked special.

Just before I move over to the second half… It is worth mentioning that Justin Hoyte looks like he has bulked up a bit over the summer… I thought he had a pretty solid performance.

Ogogo – G.Hoyte – Rodgers – Steer
Wilshere – Randall (c) – Coquelin – Barazite
Simpson – Fonte

The second half was spent mainly going… ‘Who’, ‘Where is he from’… ‘Is that Robert Pires?’

Key Players:

Rodgers: Like Like Like! He is big, composed and he likes to bomb forward. I’ve heard many good things about this lad and it would be nice if a youth teamer from England could break into the first team! Let us hope this man can do it!

Randall: Ok, I think I have my new player no one else likes, but I do! His passing was a bit crap yesterday, but I thought the fact he kept going back for more was reassuring. He is tall, elegant and I see a lot of potential in him… I really think he could be good for us and I’d take him over Eboue any day of the week!

Coquelin: This guy didn’t show up on the team sheet, so we did wonder who the hell this imposter was… but overall he was pretty good. He was strong in the tackle and comfortable with the short pass. Clearly the best million Euro’s we spent last week!

Bobby Pires: If you want me to tell you the name of a player who will be spending more time on the first team bench than anyone else next year, I’d say Barazite. He is big old lump, he is skillful, he loves a shot and he managed to bang on in yesterday. He looks good and he looks ready.

Jack Wilshere: Ok… important thing to remember, he is only 16. Does that stop me telling you that the boy is a flipping class act? No way! He is a little genius on the ball… he makes space out of nothing, he is tough, he has crazy skills and vision and he is all ours! This boy is breaking through like cesc… he is going to be shit hot, so believe the hype because I’ve never seen a 16 year old play like that before. I think he set up 2 of the goals (Started the moves) yesterday… I couldn’t tell though because I couldn’t see the Barnet Jumbotron from our seat?

So all in all, it was a good day, and there is some food for thought heading into the new season.

Wenger needs signings though… the kids ain’t ready by a long shot, but it is nice to know that my childrens future Arsenal viewing has been preserved!

Tune in later for a pictorial update… and the shock news of Mandingo Aloiscious Dkembe Dkembe!

Happy Sunday

*red indicates first team likelihood.

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Coq-au-vin signs up! Factual round-up for the moaners…

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OK Grovers, my hot tip of yesterday didn’t come to fruition …yet.

Don’t give up on it regardless of what you read in the red tops, if he was going to Liverpool, I would have thought he would be gone by now.

Still as a way of making up for the sin of speculation, today I will give the two angry commenters of yesterday what they want, a factual post, with no speculation in it.

We’ll see if you like it and if it’s a success I will do it with more regularity and be like and some of the other blogs, it’s your call Grovers, so here it is.

Arsenal signed a French 17 year old called Coquelin and thinks he will be good, Lyon and Nantes were also after him.

Aaron Ramsey could be the answer to our central midfield woes, even though he is only 17, Wenger thinks he can do the job this season.

We haven’t bought Gareth Barry, Miguel Veloso or Xabi Alonso.

We won’t be buying a center back as Arsene Wenger believes we’re okay in that area, so no Richards, Lescott, Kompany or Zapata.

Arsene Wenger doesn’t want to KILL the youngsters by bringing in new and established stars, so we won’t be bringing in new and established stars. Killing Gilberto and Pires was okay though as they had reached 30 years of age and when you get to that age you smell like wet newspaper and it upsets the kids.

Arsenal will have sold more players than we bought, like last year so we will again have a budget surplus.

Season tickets unfortunately have gone up due to market forces and the cost of the new stadium we moved to in order to compete with the big boys, so hard luck, and please keep spending.

Robin Van Persie is injured again, but we are renegotiating his contract to keep him at the Emirates, so please don’t worry and keep them crossed he can manage 3 consecutive pre-season games.

I didn’t mention Rosicky though as by the time he’s fit he’ll be 30 and we’ll sell him.

One question that was asked but no answer was forthcoming was …if we can lose Hleb and Flamini and not replace them, why did we have them in the first place?

Please don’t forget to buy the new away kit as soon as possible, continue to hate Usmanov and Dein but you can like Kroenke, he signed the lock down and will now do what he’s told.

We owe everything to Arsene Wenger, we were a small club before he arrived and don’t forget, we are Emirates cup and Amsterdam trophy holders and we are determined to keep them in our otherwise empty silverware cabinet.

I hope you all found this informative and respectful, I hope you enjoy watching the game on Setanta sports or Arsenal TV today, we could win if our teams parents allow them out to play today, are they allowed competitive football at 17? I don’t know what the rule is!

None of this was meant to sound sarcastic by the way, I am only reporting the facts. Okay, okay, the Rosicky one was down to me, the rest was straight out of

Have a great day Grovers, tomorrow the season begins and we will have a school report, sorry I meant a match report!

Barry to sign today and Carson with the loose change.

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That’s my prediction, Gareth Barry will sign today, I had inside information from  a Grover last night that Barry’s agent was at the training ground yesterday and that can only mean one thing, he will sign.

Wenger will offer £12 million plus Justin Hoyte and O’Neill will bite his hand off, everyone wins, we get experience, class and the next England captain, Villa save face and get a replacement right back, and there aren’t that many on the market, so it’s win, win.

Barry has premiership experience and we really need that, we have Nasri, Vela and Bitchslap who have none and Ramsey is just a kid, albeit a good one so this could be the experienced player Wenger was talking about, my guess is, it was always going to be Alonso or Barry, I like Alonso a lot, but he does pick up injuries and Barry doesn’t.

The players need a lift, the fans need a lift and today would be a good day to do it, so Arsene, get your cheque book out.

I watched the Vela and Nasri interviews yesterday and apart from the inability to speak English, I really liked what they said and dare I say it, I’m getting rather excited, I know, I know, two young boys, me getting excited, sounds like worry-o’clock, fear not it’s only football excitement!

If we make this signing I will feel confident for the season, Zapata would be great, but maybe one of these kids he’s selected for the Barnet game can step up, who knows…

Finally I think he’ll do a last minute August deadline day thing, like he did with Gallas and Diarra but you know what, I’d have Carson, a great prospect and Premiership (not Croatia) proven, for £3.5 million, a steal.

Another great day in the comment section ladies and gentleman, boy! What happens when the season kicks off? We are turning from a blog site to a chat room, hey that’s unique, a blogsitechatroom and it rhymes!

Have a great day Grovers, here’s to hope and a fantastic end to the week!

P.S. Remember to sign up to the Fantasy Grove league, 75+ have joined the fun already!

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