Ade refuses to ask for a transfer, there’s a surprise!

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So Arsene and Ade met at pre-season training and Ade refuses to slap in a transfer request, great I hear some of you saying, bollocks I hear from others.

Let me explain why Ade won’t first. If he does, he forfeits his 10% of the transfer fee, which in his case could be as much as £3mil, given that his sole aim is to top up his pension fund to help the poor kids in Togo and buy his mum a bigger house, I don’t expect him to want to lose that, he does however want his salary to reflect his standing in the team.

Here’s an idea, pay him a bonus of say £100,000 a goal, that would be an extra £3 million a year, then dock him say £50,000 for each miss, that would also be £3,000,000 a year, add to that say £50,000 for each pointless offside and that would come to £1,200,000, which out of his current salary of £1,820,000 a year would leave him £620,000, that in turn would leave him on a paltry, yes paltry £12k a week.

So Ade put your skills where your mouth is and let’s see how the season pans out, let’s bring in payments on results, you’ll be the first, if you’re so good, or at least as good as you think you are, you could in theory be the games highest earner, if on the other hand you are as useless as we all think you are, your salary will go down, which will in fact reflect your real standing.

I’m sure if Cesc or Sagna worked on tackles made and assists they would double their salaries.

I still think Barry is coming, Liverpool have put in an offer for Keane, which would end their interest and Sporting have said Velosa is going nowhere, so that leaves YaYa and given he’s African and all the problems that come with the ACN – also the Hleb transfer went through and I feel he would have been part of that if that deal was on, it only leaves Barry.

Unless of course Diaby steps up, I think he can, it’s his injury record that worries me, Denilson is just not good enough so I think Barry is the one.

I just hope it happens sooner rather than later, going to the last day serves no purpose.

I also hope that Merida figures this year, he did look good for Spain, I also would prefer Gibbs to Traore, but I would prefer Silva to either of them, Rogers may step up too, that would be interesting.

A lot to ponder on today, I wonder if Arsenal would consider my play for pay idea?

Have a great day today Grovers, yesterday was a big one, let’s make today bigger!

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YaYa or will it be Barry? Shut your gob Flem.

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Okay, so Arsene said there will be blood! well he actually said there will be a player or maybe two coming in that is 25 or over, the blood bit was the Daniel Day Lewis film I saw at the weekend and like Arsenal’s first half performance, it was crap, so don’t bother!

The rumour is YaYa or Barry, well now Liverpool seem to be going after Keane, it leaves the way open for a cut price Barry, as you all know I have been tipping Barry for some time now and one paper at the weekend said he would jump at the chance to join Arsenal, who wouldn’t frankly, he only said he wants to go to Liverpool because they were the only one’s that showed an interest, so let wait and hope.

Flem, Helb or better know as shoooooot is suggesting that Cesc could end up at his beloved Barca, my arse, he’s a gooner, shooooot needs to shut his cakehole and concentrate on not scoring for his new team, rather than recruiting for them.

Shoooooot became the 7th player that Barca have had off us since Wenger has been in power, hopefully Ade will make it 8, I think Ade will go, Wenger didn’t look convincing when talking about him and I, like most of you, hope he’ll go.

Pedro talked long and hard about some of the new talent, I only disagreed with him on Randall and he disagreed with me on Muamba so that’s fair, time will tell who was right, but like we say on Le Grove, you can disagree as long as you don’t insult the person you’re disagreeing with, unless of course you are the author, so Pedro, you’re a muppet and you should go and support the chavs.

Other news is we are fighting to hold onto Gallas and RVP, I don’t believe the RVP bit but I hope we sack Gallas and bring in Zapata.

Should we lose RVP and Ade, then we should bring in Benzema, Santa Cruz or Villa, but we won’t so that’s the end of that speculation.

I’m becoming hopeful after watching the Barnet game, I thought Simpson looked sharp and Wilshere and Ramsey I think will feature this season, could Rogers slipstream Senderos? he looked solid didn’t he.

Whatever will happen, will happen soon I feel, Wenger looked calm and like he knew something, he had that sparkle and not the look of a doomed man, so with games aplenty and the cups coming up, we should have a lot to talk about thiis next few weeks.

Have a great week Grovers, I feel good. …and don’t forget, that film was crap!

Mandingo transfer exclusive + Photos from the game!

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After hearing on good authority (The Grovers) that Arsene Wenger was scouting Sheep herding sensation Mandingo Dkembe Dkembe, I thought it was Le Grove’s responsibility to uncover his identity first.

We had a bit of trouble along the way, it was like that scene from Spartacus… so we’ll let you decide who the real Mandingo is with a pictorial montage of our adventures…

I’ve also thrown in a few pics of the game!


Mandingo is rumoured to strike the fear of god into the opposition… could he be Mandingo?

You have no idea how hard this pic was to get! The bee had a 15 year old body guard with him!

Could we be maximising Mandingo’s use to save a few pennies?

Gerry Peyton, the Arsenal Keeping Coach… tried to confuse us with his claim…

Neil Banfield, reserve team coach was trying to throw us off the scent as well!

Look to the right of the bee… that’s the body guard.

Midget boy wonder… his legs are 30 cm long… mental!

The fans behind that goal were singing nasty things about Ade… very funny.

That is the first goal…

No one had even scored there… the team spirit is just that good!

Action shot…

More action…

Some hand shaking!

So that’s your lot! A big thanks to Gerry and Neil for being great sports and to Bud for getting in there with all the big names!

If you see Mandingo out, and you can get a pic… we’ll add it to the new ‘Find Mandingo’ page… good luck!

Have a good day Grovers!