Wenger Budget announced – Ex Stars wax – Spending Money = Success

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Another no news day today, Wenger confirming what we were saying yesterday, and early doors too, I guess it’s a vote of confidence in his team, but boring either way, I said my piece yesterday, which was a whole day before the boss confirmed it. ‘I’m not buying anyone’

That will be interesting because by the summer I expect we will lose Lehmann and Gilberto with Diarra already gone and Eduardo out for a year and given that we are already short that will only mean more kids stepping up.

We will have Vela, but pinning our hopes on a young untested kid is unfair on him and unfair on us.

Pires and Vieira are both praising us as a team and Vieira referred to Arsenal as we, which is nice, but it really shows they wished they were here, are you reading Flamini?

Chelsea stuffed Derby and are right behind us now, so we need to start winning or we’ll end up 3rd. It’s funny, yesterday someone said you don’t win trophies buy buying big name players, no one told the Chavs or the Mancs that did they?

The good news was seeing ‘one day’ Ramos and his shower of shit go out of the European Worthington cup, ha, fucking ha and good riddance and a big thank you to Jenas for missing his spot kick.

Everton also went out, but I didn’t laugh as much, I did laugh though.

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We’ll find out our European fate tomorrow, I’ll take anyone but I hope we avoid an English team.

We need to beat Middlesbrough by a big score as goal difference may play a role and we are lagging.

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Give it a rest Arsene, your policies are beginning to bore…

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17 year old Miralem Pjanic a midfielder from Metz has told the press of our interest and he will decide at the end of the season where he will go, Madrid are apparently also interested.

I have no idea if there is any truth in this story but we need another 17 year like we need a hole in our heads.


Please, please sign some grown ups, that’s what we need, some finished products, not more young talent.

I watched Torres last night and found myself dreaming of signing a player like that, £21 mil? but that will be nothing if he wins the champions league for them will it?

I’m not saying we need him, what I’m saying is we need to sign some players that are like him, talented players that will make a difference now, not in 4 years time.

We finally have that in Flamini but we haven’t tied him to a contract, despite my prediction that he would sign by today, and as I’ve said before is madness, if we lose him someone at the club needs firing.

If we did lose him, who should we sign? That’s today’s little teaser Grovers, who will replace the Flamster? or who will we promote from the ranks?

I know we haven’t yet lost him and I’m not tempting fate, it’s just I would like to know what you all feel should that happen.

Talking of players that have left for sunnier climes it was interesting to read that Robert Pires said that TH14 was not at all happy in the dream team, was that the same Robert Pires that said Thierry should leave Arsenal and would light up La Liga? Take note Matti, take note!

Sorry about my lack of comments, it has been mentioned! but yesterday I was working as a labourer until 2.30, then I had to dash out to hand out a lesson in how to play golf. I think Pedro was on the road.

Just before I go, its new kits time and Gunnerblog have some pics, check them out and let your thoughts be known in the comments section!

Have a great day Grovers!

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Fab four solution that WILL win the league

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Okay on a day with no news I am proposing a bold new future for a starting line up for Arsenal football Club, when fit of course.

Ade and Bendtner up top, both 6’4″ and 6′ 5″ respectively a handful for any team to defend and both can head a ball.

Left wing of Rosicky or Hleb, whoever is fit and right wing of Theo or Robin the boy wonder, again whoever is fit.

Robin on the right? You may well say, but he plays there for Holland and with a front four from that six, we would be unstoppable.

Then we would win the two remaining trophies and in the summer get in two proper wingers, which is what I think we have been missing.

Cesc has again reiterated his love of Arsenal and the boss, which is always good to read and the Flamster only has 2 days in which to sign his contract to make my rash, post Milan prediction come true.

I am one of the few, that although disappointed with the Wigan result, thought we were unlucky, I think that Gilberto has come to the end and sadly it shows in his game, but the rest looked good, if a little unlucky, and don’t forget in seasons gone by we may have been defending in numbers and pinned to the wall against teams like this.

This really reminds me of the 89 season Grovers when we drew 2-2 with Wimbledon and I was suicidal, but we went on to win it and I feel a karma with that time.

So fear not Grovers we WILL prevail.

It appears Pedro is reading books about Roman wives, he’s currently on the wife of Claudius and mother of Nero, put the bastard book away and get out a copy of shoot magazine, it’s the football season and you need to get your head straight!

Have a great day Grovers, and Arsene, think about my team selection concept, it will work, it’s time to be bold.