Wenger finds another baby in the bullrushes

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Moses was sent to the mountains to think over his contract offer...

Moses was sent to the mountain to think over his contract offer...

So apparently Arsene is after another 17 year old, this time it’s Moses from the Palace, well one thing’s for sure, we ought to win the FA youth cup!

Other news on a news-less day is we are having another look at Man City’s midfielder magic Johnson, he apparently didn’t like the way Sven was treated and wants out, the problem is, as long as the boss takes to find a Flamini replacement the more bizarre players we’ll be linked with.

Gilberto says we’re still too young to win anything and every pundit has yet again written us off.

I on the other hand think we are two signings away from domination, I would quickly sign a defensive midfielder, whether that’s Barry, Veloso, Frings or Johnson and do it quickly, that way he’ll gel with the team, I would prefer EPL tested so we don’t have to risk going through the pain barrier before they leave us for Barcelona and I would sign a world class center back as that’s the area we are suffering in, even in our last two games we have been suspect there, so Zapata, Kompany, Wheater or Richards for me.

Do that and I’m confident we’ll clean up, we have the players there and with  Rosicky, Eduardo and RVP back we will have 3 new players, Nasri will be better than Hleb aand contribute a few goals, Diaby needs to start playing for me to have an opinion, but the one I have is he will be a Vieira type player this coming season.

It will soon be the start of the season and we’ll be waxing lyrical about the league leaders, they all say we got of to a flier last year, but I can remember being 1 nil down with 5 minutes to go, shit I hope they don’t put us through that again this time, it is only West Brom…

Have a happy and harmonious day Grovers.


Adebayor stays, oh well, it could have been worse!

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How I hear you say? How could it be worse keeping that ungrateful sack of shite?

Well we could have sold him and bought no-one, and the expectation level of all concerned would have hit the roof, we’d have been saying Villa, Santa Cruz, Huntelaar or Eto’o and got nobody, so at least that didn’t happen.

Also Barcelona didn’t think he was worth the wages he was demanding; join the club Barca, nor do we, now he has to slide back with his tail between his legs like a beaten dog, I hope he gets the treatment now because he deserves it, I also hope we take Barcelona and Milan to task over their part in all of this too.

I just hope he doesn’t unsettle the team with his antics, I can’t see the point in keeping him as it’s obvious he’ll end up leaving and we could have cashed in on him now as next season he’ll be worthless, but it’s good to see the boss stand up to him, like Rednose has too with the greasball, the only cowards out there are the chavs, I mean how can a 29 year old sulky fat boy be worth a 5 year contract and that much money???

Hleb has come out and said he loves Arsene like a father etc, etc, he said nothing about the fans though, he also said that Cesc is his best friend, so why did he go then?

Sadly we are fast becoming Arsene FC, what happened to the days when people were proud to wear the shirt and play for the club, all you seem to hear is ‘I wanted to play under Wenger’ and ‘he is like a father to me’

I’m a little fed up with being treated like a child by our manager, we only find out we’re getting a player on the day, they are always under 18 , we rarely hear press conferences and he never seems to spend our money, still we’ve been here before and you all know how I feel.

I think we play next Tuesday in Austria, I thought the minute we started playing we would all get pumped up, it hasn’t happened yet, still perhaps now that Kolo has malaria we’ll buy a replacement, Zapata, wheater or Lescott? yeah, sure we will.

Have a great day Grovers, at least the sun is shining.


I messed my pants after that! Damn Plasmodium…

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Okay so we didn’t lose but Jesuuuuus! It was like watching a youth cup game, none of those kids looked good enough or old enough to beat a shit Austrian team full of old boys.

Justin Hoyte will never be good enough, never, Almunia let in another easy goal, no wonder Wenger likes Senderos if he bases him on what he had out tonight! He’d be world class compared to that lot.

Theo was okay, Bendtner was okay, Wilshere and Ramsey will be great, when they reach puberty, but the rest, blimey, if that’s it, I worry for our season.

If Denilson can’t score from there, he’ll never score, if the back line ever loses Clichy and Sagna, we may as well give our Champions league spot to the Spuds right now

What on earth is Wenger looking at? Get Barry in now, sling Nasri on quick and bring back Ade, Kolo, Gallas, Cesc and RVP, because with what I saw tonight we’ll win bugger all.

The kit looked good though, very visible and very stylish, I hope he sticks with it, the important thing is to keep this kit together, it has great spirit, and don’t forget, we have the new away kit still to come back from Nike, it will be like having a new kit, we have no need to buy another, three is enough.

Sound familiar? Yes I know it’s only pre-season but we really need more than kids, from what I read yesterday other teams are now after them, the Chavs reportedly are offering Wilshere £30k a week to sign a contract when he turns 17!

On the bright side Eduardo is back in three to four weeks and Wenger maintains he’s still after a ball winner, but has no special names, that’s a little worrying, we need a special name, it’s called Gareth Barry, swap him with the other big name, Justinliability Hoyte, plus £12 million, then and only then we’ll start to look solid.

A bit of bad news… very bad news… is that Kolo has contracted Malaria which means you know who will be starting the season. So for all the big Phil lovers out there, your blind faith is either about to be dashed or rewarded… and if I was a betting man… well, I’m not, so I’ll reserve my opinion.

I would like to see Wenger bust open that dusty old cheque book and buy someone to replace Kolo because malaria can take months to recover from.

Finally, I was reading the sports section of the Times today and they have an advert for their fantasy league where they are openly mocking Wengers stingyness in the transfer market… Something along the line of ‘You have £100million to spend… look at the noughts Arsene’. When the broad sheets are mocking you… it’s time to spend! Oh, and on that note, if you haven’t signed up to our fantasy league, why the hell not? Click here to join.

Happy blogging Grovers!

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