Blog wars? Here’s a message from Le Grove…

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Slagging us is the sincerest form of flattery.

OK Grovers, on the one day that Pedro and I weren’t around to moderate, a number of other more established Arsenal blogs were attacking this one, here’s a message to the guilty ones.

Talk about Arsenal not us, they’re the reason you exist, not us, yes I do find it flattering, but you really must get a life and move on, I won’t pump you up by mentioning this again, I don’t read your sites, the Grovers do and yesterday it bothered some of our people, but please, stick to Arsenal, we do.

There is not a lot of news around Grovers and that’s why people are writing about us, so expect some more today, you should feel good really, as the friendliest blog out there, there is a little bit of envy involved, so don’t get annoyed.

Onto all things Arsenal, Freddie is the latest player to come out and bad mouth the Arsenal (I know how you feel Arsene) by saying the minute you get injured, the boss blanks you etc, and that’s why he left, to get the chance to play against us and prove he was still the best. Are West Ham not the club that’s trying to offload you because you are permanently injured, you Swedish bjork?

Jens has signed for Stuttgart so we won’t hear from him again, until he wants to slag the boss off, Wenger is talking about Nasri like he already plays for us, so maybe the deal is more done than we think and the Ramsey deal is hotting up, I don’t expect him to arrive as ManU are offering him back on loan for a year and Liverpool are offering players in exchange

They have the footballers classic on here at the moment and yesterday we had a session with the Sheffield United Chairman and their manager, nice blokes but they had no more news on the Arsenal, which was all I was interested in, they did say they loved the way we played though which was nice to hear, if I get any gossip today I will of course pass it on.

Have a stress free day Grovers, and ignore the muppets, we will.

De La Red to become a Super Red?

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I’m a firm believer in fate, our illustrious leader ‘Arsene’ manages the Arsenal, so to have a De La Red become a Super Red makes sense, even if he is no good! however by all accounts he is, and he’s only 22, and could be bought from Real, and the last time a starlet was signed from a big Spanish club he turned into Cesc.

Trouble is though, we better move now, before the Euros begin as I think he’s in their squad, the Spanish one that is.

If we’re not going to sign 2 Saints from Barca in a Hleb deal, then perhaps we should swap him for Robinho and De La Red, go on boss test their resolve.

You may well ask why would the Euros be a major factor in player movement? well Real last year hoovered out most of the Dutch squad from the under 21’s even though they hardly play them and Liverpool signed Babel, we of course signed none of them, but rest assured all the big boys will be sharpening their pencils and readying their cheque books this time.

I read that Bolton are lining up a bid for Fabrice Muamba who refuses to sign a new deal at Birmingham, I still wish we had kept him, Diaby like without the injuries, if we had kept these guys, we wouldn’t be scouring the world looking for replacements for Flamini, and had we given them more opportunities, like we gave that disloyal toerag they may have become the real deal, still too late for that, but a trip down memory lane was on the cards when I read that one.

I also read that we are looking at a German Pole dancer, or a German with Polish descent, anyway he’ll be at the Euros and his name is Piotr Trochowski, it sounds like a Wenger signing, industrious, hard working, no one’s ever heard of him and he’s young, so we’ll watch that one with interest.

I go back to what we’re all upset about, the fact that he said (the boss) we’ll be happy with what he has lined up, I think this time he will sign some stars because I think he knows that some players will be off if he doesn’t, so he may just do it when we least expect it, like today maybe!

Whatever happens, we’ll have fun debating it, well most of us will, we had someone on yesterday that accused us of making bold claims and spreading hysteria, well as I’ve said before mate, if you don’t like it, don’t come on, you know who you are.

Have a great day spreading hysteria Grovers, if you don’t, I will!

Screw Real Madrid – this board has balls! Was this Wenger?

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No sadly not, this was the Glazers, yes that’s right it takes two balding and rather ugly Americans to show Arsenal how to react to teams bullying us, not the usual ‘you have to respect the player’ crap we have to endure.

Ferguson says,

‘They have balls, (Ronaldo) they will sit him in the stands before they let him go’

Well said Fergie, if our mob had that attitude our players would think twice before they start issuing their demands.

That said and still no news on new signings, what is it with Arsenal? We have now come out and said we are after Nasri and he will sign after the Euros, a month away.

That is, if Chelsea, ManU, Real , Barca or Milan don’t want him first, good going boss, secret negotiations and let the player know from the off how tough we are with everything, here’s some advice…

Nasri, do you want to play for Arsenal?

What, you want to wait a month before making up your mind?

Here is how it is, you have 24 hours or we go elsewhere. We are Arsenal. Take it or leave it.

Try that Arsene, Dein would have, now every club knows our intentions and Nasri has already shown how much he wants to be an Arsenal player, so go after someone else. Barry would bite your hand off.

We have been linked with Real Mallorca’s 27-year-old Dani Guiza. Why? We have enough strikers, if we want a new one then sign Benzema, or one that wants to come like Villa, otherwise go after a new midfielder like Barry, plus a winger and a centerback.

I wonder what our club has been doing this last 3 weeks, how difficult is it to sign players? Perhaps Wenger should ask Ramos how it’s done, I know the top 2 haven’t gone shopping yet, but they hardly need to do they? We’ve lost 2, maybe three already and our leader is drinking carrot juice in a French Spa trying to sign a 20 year old that clearly doesn’t want to join us.

I’m getting fed up with saying this Grovers, but maybe today is the day eh? …yeah right!

Keep the faith, you never know, it could be a smoke screen and up pops Goofy.

I know he’s not French, but you never know!

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