Illegal approaches, Tevez consideration and Wenger talks

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Good morning mighty Gooner fans!

This mornings post is going to be quick as the game is one of those annoying noon kick offs!

Lets get straight into it then!

What formation will Wenger opt for? A normal 4-5-1, Ade up front with Hleb sitting behind? If he goes with that tactic, will Eboue play or will he bring in Diarra like Goodplaya suggest? Or will he bring back Gilberto after his impressive performance in the week and drop the Flamster after his clanger last week?

Or will Wenger go all out 4-4-2, bringing Eduardo into the fold? Or could he opt for the in form Walcott?

Many questions will be answered shortly. But my ill-educated guess would say 4-5-1 with Ade up front. Talking of the big Togolese striker, Wenger said he is going to investigate a possible illegal approach for him by ManU through his shitbag agent, he also talks about his interest in Tevez.

Charlie Nicholas gives his opinion here, he talks about this match being as big as the Milan derby, but not as big as the Old Firm matches. Fuck of Nicholas! Its the only game of interest in Scotland, its not a great watch compared to Arsenal Vs ManU! Still, he is backing us!

Wenger, along with the bookies feels we will come out of today victorious, he is adament we will do it in style though! Arsene, I don’t care if we win playing with less style than Blackburn on a bad day… I don’t even mind if we win playing like we did in the 2005 cup final… JUST WIN PLEASE!

Clichy reckons he’s got Ronaldo in his pocket, Big Al talks about Jens and his performances so far and more good press for fan favourite Flamini!

Finally, a whooping 87% of you are going for the victory today!

I like your confidence!

How about this for tomorrows headline?

Arsenal Spank the Mancs!

Any other suggestions will be welcomed in the comments section!


We don’t stand a chance!!

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Tevez and Rooney, the partnership is really working blah, blah, blah. Yes I saw them demolish a shit Middlesbrough side with panache, but when we slaughtered a Champions league side with football from another planet, they all said, look at the opposition.

Good to hear Merson back on board today on Sky Sports news, tipping us to win 3-2, but amusing to hear the bitter Scottish ex Leeds player Mac something saying we would lose, main reasons were Van der Sar was better, Vidic and Ferdinand were, in fact all their players are better, tosser.

Well bring it on ManScrew I can’t wait, even Ade turned them down in the summer, does that mean Tevez was second choice then?

They are a good side, no doubt about that, but with the home crowd and Wes Brown I really fancy us to win, and if our chances go in, I’ll fancy a big score.

I want him to stick Theo on from the start, but the smart money says Hleb in the hole and 4-5-1. I think when we played the scousers, we got better and had more shots when we went 4-4-2 but against Inter we played Hleb in the role and looked fab, with all our free scoring midfielders, it may be the smart play.

You know, I may just trust Wenger on this one.

I hate early kick offs as it means having to start drinking at 10am instead of midday, but 3 points on the board could make all our rivals stutter later in the day.

Come on Arsenal, let’s show the world who’s in charge.

Arsenal to march on 3-1.


Late thoughts on Sheffield United victory

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Better late than never I guess?

I don’t think anyone envisaged anything other than an Arsenal victory at Brammel Lane tonight. Sheffield United had been struggling in the Championship and had no real threat other than there physicality. But that physicality undone us last year, so the question was, how would the youngsters cope?

Well, we didn’t start off particularly well, a lot of stray passes which was unusual for even the youngsters. Song reverted back to his old ways, lunging aimlessly at a few crosses and getting pulled out of position with ease.

The first goal came when Nikki B put a great through ball through to Eduardo who roasted the Sheffield defence for pace, then unleashed hell… a 69 mph thunderbolt into the top corner! I’m sure a fellow season ticket holder said he wouldn’t make it at Arsenal… That comment has been logged in the “I told you so” section of my brain.

The second goal came in the second half, Gibbs slotted a great through ball to Eduardo, who took a couple of seconds before coolly slotting the ball past the hapless keeper.

The third goal came courtesy of a mazy run by Denilson who launched a slightly deflected shot past the keeper. By my reckoning the keeper was diving the wrong way regardless of the deflection. The goal looked like it meant a lot to Denilson.

There were a few performances of note tonight. Nikki B put in a hard working Adebayor like performance. He looks like he has inherited Walcotts indecision though. I think last night showed why Ade is picked a head of him. Although he will definitely become a great player, he certainly isn’t the finished article yet.

Diarra looked lively, some people criticised his performance, he gave away a few cheap passes and often got himself into trouble. I thought he just looked like he was trying to hard. He looks like he is going to be a great player for us, his pace is fantastic and the way he plays himself powerfully out of sticky situations excites me.

Theo looked lively again and was unlucky with when his shot hit the woodwork. He definitely looks a lot freer than he has done. I am looking forward to seeing him deployed more in the central role. Wenger has been given a headache ahead of the ManU game. Eduardo was brilliant last night, and his finishing was so cool considering the lack of match practice he has. Will Wenger play one of those two up front with Ade, or will he go with the lone striker again?

Some of the passing last night was scintillating, this has got to be one of my favourite competitions these days. I’m was excited to see the real youngsters come on late in the match, Lansbury looked a bit nervous, but Wenger said before the game that Henri and Gavin Hoyte were the closest to the first team. I was also shocked at how big Barazite was, he seems to have grown since the summer. He looks very Pires-esque!

Another victory for the Arse, and the Carling cup train steams on! Who next? Chelsea I reckon…