A question for the Chairman, greedy players or greedy club?

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Let me begin by saying had our club signed a player or two I wouldn’t be writing this, idle thumbs and all that, but listening to comments made this last week when Peter Hill Wood, our chairman, accused footballers of being greedy and said all but 4 of our squad are disloyal, it got me thinking. Is it the player or is it the clubs fault. Is this a clear case of don’t do as I do, do as I say?

A few years ago that same chairman said that Arsenal football club were responsible and understood that parents in particular couldn’t afford to buy their kids new kits every year, so unlike other clubs, they would only replace our kit every 2 years. Good, sensible , loyal and certainly not greedy.

So every other year, we had a new kit, meaning every year there would be a new kit for sale, good compromise and fair on the fans after all it would be boring waiting for two years to see a new kit.

Then they introduced a third kit, which means every year we now have two new kits, so what does that mean?

It means we change our kits every season times two, no difference to anyone else, only being the crafty bastards they are, they’ve done it under the radar, very sneaky Mr Hill Wood.

So last year the home kit remained unchanged, but a new white kit was introduced and the Barca with hoops third kit came in, I’m trying to remember how many times that kit was used, I think I remember once against Blackburn in the worthless cup and once against Seville away in the Champions league, it was probably more, but enough to warrant over £49? I’m not so sure, then of course we have the shorts and the socks to add.

I’m not sure which one, but one of those two kits will disappear this summer, so the shirt is out of date already.

So this year we’ll have a new home kit and a new away one and next season two new away kits and so on, so how different is that Mr Chairman to the players constantly asking for more money? They have the best teachers showing them what greed really is… …you lot.

The other thing you said was, in effect, Arsene Wenger is forced to buy young talents because they are cheap, and would no doubt be grateful to be playing in the first team, cracking message that Pete, boy does that punch all the right buttons for any talent out there, add that to the fact that when they hit 29 (unless they’re French and sulk a lot) they get slung out, any wonder then that Hleb is getting twitchy? he saw how well Gilberto was treated, second top goalscorer and vice captain to bench warmer in 3 months, hero to zero. mmh, I think I’ll stay for another 4 years, I’ll be 31 and captain… …I think not.

This brings me onto Diarra, we said here on Le Grove in December, don’t sell Diarra, let him rot in the stiffs, then in January when it became apparent that he would be sold we said, don’t sell him to Harry, loan him, as he’ll be worth double that at the end of the season, what happened? We sold him for £5.5 million and surprise, surprise, Tottenham have now offered £10 million. Harry of course will bite his hand off.

We seem to be a sugar daddy to Portsmouth these days, is it because Harry is a Gooner?

My question is sir, who makes these decisions? Christ you are supposed to be running a world class football club and you make errors that any idiot could tell you were unbelievably dumb, we told you time and again and we get berated by the AKB’s for daring to question your wisdom. Some wisdom!

You build a stadium that we can’t get out of after a match and on a cold night at a midweek Champions league game that’s a real bastard, I know a lot of blog authors don’t live anywhere near London and don’t actually go to Arsenal games, so don’t understand leaving early or why, but many on this site do attend, so why did you not give the Mayor of London the £10 million you promised him to put escalators in Holloway road tube station? Do you have any idea how long it takes people to get home? I bet it doesn’t take you long and I bet you don’t go to Arsenal station either, so why would you care a monkeys about our journey?

I stay in the ground for 45 minutes to let the crowds go and I still have to queue for 20 minutes to get a train.

Finally we know the stadium is being paid for out of property sales, sponsorship and matchday income, so at the very least we have the £30 mil we get from the Sky, plus the EPL and Champions league money so we have at least £50 million, we were told we have £70 million later revised to £25 million and we can’t even spend that, why is it so difficult Peter?

Thing is the players and directors can afford all these little luxuries, but the average fan, the working class man or women can’t, especially in this climate.

Please come on here and explain the above to your fans, we know you read our site. We support our board, the manager and we certainly support the club, but sometimes we just don’t understand the strange decisions.

I look forward to seeing you in the comments section, or email me and I’ll publish it.

Have a great weekend Grovers and enjoy the Euros, we may just buy some of the players on show, if of course we can afford them.

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Exclusive: Giant German wants to sign for Arsenal!

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Sorry for the misleading headline, I just wanted to get you here…

Just kidding.

Thanks to the vigilant blogger who goes by the name of Gooner02… we have our first decent defender link of the summer!

Per Mertesacker, the 6ft 6 German international defender has revealed on his own personal website that his dream club is Arsenal, don’t believe me?

‘Arsenal ist mein Lieblingsverein in England. Es ist sicherlich ein Traum, dort mal zu spielen.’

Don’t speak German? Buffoons! Here’s a translation.

‘Arsenal is my favourite club in England. It is certainly a dream to play there some time. ‘

I like the cut of this boys jib!

What did you think when you heard about Cashley and Jermaine?

Anyway, that is good news right? He is what we need? A beast in the air, a German international (43 caps), Champions league experience, 23 years old, played 41 games last season… sign him up Arsene, you’ll love him! Look at his hobbies for Christ sake!

‘If I have spare time, then I go to the cinema. I like to meet with friends.’

Isn’t that sweet? Can you imagine John Terry’s hobby list reading like that?

We don’t need Zapata, he’s the same size as what we have, we need an animal in there, also we need players that want to come, Villa and now this boy, not little shits we have to beg, like you know who, don’t get me wrong, I rate Nasri, but we are Arsenal and shouldn’t have to beg anyone.

We seem to be entering into a period of player power, Hleb, Henry and now Ronaldo, they want to go, and they get their wish, we need to clamp down on this, before it kills the game.

Anyway on the subject of Germans and all that is German, how about this for interesting.

  • The Germans have the most profitable league in the world. Fact.
  • The Bundesliga has the most players going to Euro 2008. Fact.
  • Bayern Munich spent a shed load of money in the summer to get back to the top, and it worked. Fact.

Do you know what else Bayern do? They fuse corporate with hardcore. No I don’t mean a sophisticated porn movie, I am talking about fans.

Arsenal, take note.

The average season ticket in Germany costs 600 Euros, very affordable to most middle class people. The Germans though, understand that a lot of football fans are working class, so they subsidise their certain tickets and put them in the ‘Hardcore’ end of the ground (Behind the goals). The reduced rate of the ticket is subsidised by the corporate companies who sign up for hospitality.

What a good idea! Corporates, families and working class fans all getting along at a successful club!

Could that work at Arsenal? Could this format ‘Bring back the noise’?

Let me know in the comments section!

Happy Friday Grovers!

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They are all greedy. Loyal? I couldn’t name them on one hand.

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Arsenal Chairman Peter Hill Wood yesterday came out and said,

‘Nowadays, a lot of people sign four year contracts and you heave a sigh of relief. Six months later they come marching in saying they want double the wages.’

‘The only answer is to tell them they are on that contract and that’s it. Unless you do that, the game will become chaotic and descend into anarchy.’

‘I think there are very few people who have really got the tradition of the club at heart. You can name them on one hand. Actually I can’t name them on one hand and that’s a great pity’

Pretty hard hitting stuff that Peter, but unless you get the other clubs to dig in with you and say no to these players, we’ll miss out and that’s a fact.

He also forgets to mention the club are raking in £3million a match, plus £30 million a year from the FA, £25 a year from Uefa etc, etc.

Whilst I agree that players are greedy and selfish, there’s nothing you can do about it, he goes on to say, that’s why Arsene buys them young, they may only stay for 5 years but what can you do? That was a clear swipe at Flamini no doubt, but had he been on a contract that wouldn’t have been an issue.

So Arsene says he was building the best young team in the world and he believes in them, and PHW says he’s doing it because it’s cheap.

Interesting. It goes on to say we’ve never spent more than the £13 million we spent on Wiltord all those years ago, I question why Hill Wood stays in football then, that’s the game now isn’t it?

And as I have said before, if he feels that way, why do we get charged more than anyone else to watch our team, you can’t have it both ways Peter. You can’t call the players greedy and then charge the fans more to watch than any club in the world, that’s having your cake and eating it.

I really do agree with you, but there you have the dilemma, you will now be seen by any potential signing as cheap, tight and the place to be when you’re starting out, but when you want a pay rise, you move on, that could be dangerous.

What do you think?

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