Diaby, Denilson or twist?

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Depending what you read, Denilson says he can save Arsenal mucho dinero as he’ll make the step up and Rosicky says that Diaby can fill the void as he’s like playing against Patrick Vieira and he’ll be the one, me , I’d twist.

I really don’t think Denilson is that good, I want to, and as we paid £3.4mil for him so he ought to be, but I have seen nothing from him so far that makes me feel all warm inside, Wilshere on the other hand does.

Diaby though does look the part and if he can stay out of the injury office then he may well step up, but that’s a big shout, we do however need a replacement for Flamini, Gilberto and Diarra.

Pedro did a list yesterday of people that said we need to buy, here it is.

Seaman, Winterburn, Wright, Hleb, Flamini, Charlie George, Stuart Robson, George Graham, Gilberto, Lehmann and Frank McClintock who by the way has a box at the Grove.

The point here is they can’t all be wrong can they, we’ve been saying it all year, they all say it, so Arsene it’s down to you, take a chance, maybe, just maybe, we’re all right this time.

I won’t hold my breath, but I will keep my fingers crossed, and as it’s my birthday it would be appropriate!

Enjoy the game Grovers, we should at least begin to see a side out tonight that will resemble our starting line up.

Big Phil shocker (The real big Phil)

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Big Phil's reaction to finding out Kolo had Malaria.

Big Phil's reaction to finding out Kolo had Malaria.

So Newcastle have put a bid in for Philippe Senderos, thank god for that you may be saying, but I’m not so sure, why you may ask? Well I think another likeable squad member going again will cause more problems for the team than it will solve.

I would swap Phil for a Big Mac and a diet coke in a heartbeat normally, but Wenger won’t bring in a Zapata, he’ll promote a Rogers and centre backs don’t really get good until they’re at least 25, so maybe this season is Big Phils.

I know I’ve been his biggest critic over the years but if they want to sell someone, sell Eboue and Adebayor at least Phil is a nice guy and very loyal.

Still it was the Daily Mail! Didn’t they also say RVP was away to Juventus?

The Fabregas to Madrid story is not worth a comment, so we’ll leave it there, but the Moses story won’t go away, but I can’t get excited by another long term prospect, so I won’t.

Cesc did go public yesterday by saying that we need experience in midfield so let’s hope his dad, Arsene, listens, but we’re running out of time as I’m convinced he will buy this week, it serves no purpose to wait until the end of the window.

At least we can look forward to a game tomorrow and then they start coming thick and fast.

Have a great day Grovers and if you go to church, pray for a signing that’s old enough to drink.

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Forget fantasy football, try fantasy swap shop!

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Nikki B is talking the talk, but can he walk the walk? I have mixed feelings when it comes to our big Dane, he has that touch of arrogance that I don’t like, but he’s big and strong, is a powerful header of the ball and if he can add a bit of skill, he could be the one to replace the Togo Twat, I hope so, but we’ll have to see.

I also hope that Diaby steps up, but as I haven’t seen him yet this pre-season, I’m already worried about his injuries and if indeed he can sustain a season without any.

Veloso seems to be moving ahead as the special one in the speculation stakes but probably because he can fill in as centre back and that would be the cheaper option for Wenger, plus he’s young and won’t cost as much in wages.

My thinking now is any new signing won’t take place until we get back for the Emirates cup, then that person will be unvieled there and make his debut to a home crowd fanfare.

Any speculation regarding Henry is bollocks, he would never go to another EPL team, he already regrets going to Barca.

It’s been said that DB10 wants to take some of our young’uns on loan, good idea, what about us having one of theirs for a season, say …Huntelaar?

Anyone? We could try before we buy, if he’s a Baptista, we save money, if he’s an Henry, he be worth the money plus Lansbury and Randall get schooled by a great side and by two of the finest footballers ever seen.

So fantasy swap shop could be a winner!

A final point, on Scolari, many are tipping him for greatness, but the team he won the world cup with your Aunt Edna could have won the world cup, and why is it that footballers insist on calling themselves big this or big that, Scolari’s not big, he’s fat, like Lampard, so from this day forth, he shall be known as Fat Phil Scolari, or fat Phil.

Not a lot of other news Grovers, all the fun seems to be in the comments section, so have a happy chatting Saturday.

Oh, and on the topic of Fantasy football, I trust you’ve joined up to our fantasy league this season? 151 people competing for a crate of Peroni and a Cap (Cheers finest)? Sounds like fun to me (CLICK HERE TO JOIN)!