Galatasaray? – Whose career is over? – lets all laugh at Spurs!

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You bet we will, them or Dynamo Moscow. We have 20 odd other teams that will be piss easy, but I bet we get the toughy, wouldn’t that be embarrassing to not even qualify.

Anyway a great weekend coming up where we’ll be meeting top opposition and then we’ll really see what we have in the tank.

I think that we may be sniffing around Veloso, he’s a defensive midfield player and a proven centre back, a Wenger type if there ever was one, young, adaptable and a class act.

Barry I wanted but it doesn’t look like it will now happen, and Kranjcar doesn’t look like he’s much better than what we have, but I haven’t seen a lot of him so I don’t know enough about him to drool really.

Bitchslap baffles me, how can Wenger know him and why is he any better than say Randall, Lansbury or Muamba? At least that mob weren’t injured, I think this is a weird one Arsene.

A big thanks you for the spuds wasting £17 million on an ego that was once rejected by the Arsenal, and thanks a lot for the £7 million that’s coming our way via Tottenham and Blackburn.

I would like to think we’ll put that to good use, but I know we won’t.

Oh and David, enjoy the Fairs cup, though I thought you said you were leaving for Champions league football, let me know what games you want to see and you can come with me, I have two tickets. Keep your gob shut though or you may go over the balcony, but it’s the only way you’ll be getting European Champions League football this season, you tosser.

They rate you so highly they gave you the number 5, knowing they still have someone coming in to wear your favourite number 10, how’s that for your ego, you twerp?

Well let’s keep ’em crossed with the draw, keep ’em crossed for that signing and keep ’em crossed for the Emirates Cup.

Have a pleasant day Grovers.

P.S. Looks like the Kieth Wyness to Mallorca move fell through… did you know he is quite friendly with a member of the Carr family?


3 stars are born and Nikki B shows us why we don’t need Ade

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Well when I saw the starting line up I said ‘Oh no, Eboue and Denilson’ there was no Diaby, no Cesc and Eboue slots into his new role as defensive midfield, how many chances does this guy get?

Well he didn’t disappoint, as he was well, disappointing! As usual… Why we don’t just use him as back up to Sagna is beyond me, Denilson had a better game, but he’s not ready I’m afraid.

Nasri looked better than Hleb straight off, but the revelations were Wilshere, Vela and Nikki big balls, simply awesome, Clichy just gets better and better, Theo looks sharp as a tack as did Robin and Ramsey, but Ade was hopeless, usual first touch and always offside, what do they talk about in training?

Djourou partnered Gallas and that looked OK, Hoyte – not good enough, but Hoyte the younger could be a good bet for the future, Randall and Lansbury need another year in the stiffs but the passage of play was sweet Arsenal, and if we get a defensive midfielder and a center back I can see us scooping the lot this coming season, I really can, these kids are fantastic, but we need a couple of older heads in there and quick.

With another £7 mil coming our way for Bentley, plus the Hleb and Diarra dosh, minus the £12mill for Nasri and the £5mil for Ramsey we should have at least £32 million left to spend, that could still get us Veloso, Alonso or Barry plus Zapata or Kompany, really that’s all we need.

I didn’t even mention the salaries we’ve saved from the big earners, that would add up to a few bob.

I was really, really impressed.

All that and a weekend fest on it’s way, have a great day Grovers and a hopeful one, with the Bentley deal happening and the team returning, it could be moving day.

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Shock CEO link…

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Morning Grovers!

Geoff is away at a golf day, so I thought I’d tell you an interesting story.

A couple of days ago Geoff and I were discussing the vacant CEO role at Arsenal. Out of the blue, Geoff said that he was a bit worried that Keith Wyness was going to pop up at Arsenal as the new Chief Exec. Keith is an old business associate of Geoff and I don’t mean they met once, they know each other very well.

So today, I opened up the Sky Sports website to read:

Wyness leaves Everton

I was shocked! Geoff had no insider knowledge about this, just a gut feel that Keith is the type of guy who could pull something like this off. Sky Sports are saying he is looking to take up a position at Real Mallorca… Now, I don’t know anything about the man, bar he is ambitious. Would Real Mallorca not be a bit of a step down at this stage in his career?

Who knows, all I’ll say Grovers is watch this space!