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Morning sports fans!

Geoff is flying today and I completely forgot! So I must prevail with this mornings blog, no real news, no time to put together a super amazing editorial… probably not too may people reading!

I will crack on anyway!

Self publicist Moanrinho has been out of the lime light all of 2 minutes and he wants back in, he comically said this,

‘I still feel Chelsea is part of me, part of my heart forever.’

Then in the same breath,

‘I told them I hope we play against them in the Champions League next season, I will want to kill them.’

I wouldn’t be pleased to read that if I was a Chav! He then turned his attention to Arsene Wenger and his lack of trophies,

‘Arsenal is a unique team”

“Their coach hasn’t won anything for years and is still an idol. There is no pressure at Arsenal.’

‘But do not say he is growing young players into talents. What he does is take young players who are jewels and polishes them.’

Can I just settle this argument right now.

Coaching for me is not a major part of becoming a good footballer when you are younger. Coaching of course helps, but you don’t create talent…

I could have been coached by Fergie, Wenger and Capello from the age of four and it is still pretty unlikely I would have made it as a professional footballer. People I played football with were good because they were naturals, not because of superior coaching over the park!

Wenger takes the best talent out there and gives it the tools and skills to progress and the rest is up to them.

Unlike Mourinho who buys the best players out there and stifles them. Mourinho took diamonds, tied them to the back of his SUV and dragged them for a lap around the M25.

Del Horno, Kalou, Wright Phillips, Sidwell, Kezman, Duff… just some of the flops under Jose’s reign…

So please Mourinho, don’t give it the big one about your coaching abilities. Making £100 million worth of talent play boring ‘Bolton’ football to win the league wasn’t an achievement. Even at Porto you had access to the best pool of talent in the country. Lets see how ‘special’ you’d be at Newcastle.

Wenger summed the man up beautifully,

‘I know people who have won trophies and I don’t rate them at all. I can give you examples of people who have won 100-metre medals in the Olympic Games and they have cheated. I know people in football who have done exactly the same, you look at the history of football.’

Its not difficult to read between the lines is it?

Wigan tomorrow, and a full match preview!

Enjoy a restful Saturday, just like the boys!

Come on you Gooners!

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Ian Wright, Wright, Wright, talking sh*te, sh*te, sh*te!

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Sorry to end the week on a downer but to coin the words of a former Arsenal player, listening to Talk Shite last night, I almost ran my Aston off the road.

Coming back from visiting my very sick dad in his nursing home, I was a bit fragile, but when I turned on the wireless and listened to Muppet Adrian Durham asking Ian Wright if Arsenal fans would feel prouder if the team that won in Milan had more English players I was aghast.

I know this is heresy Grovers, after all it’s Wrighty, but read on please, no one is bigger than Arsenal football club.

Ian Wright, you should have immediately called him a Xenophobic racist twat, but you didn’t, then you actually started reminiscing about your Rocky Rocastle, Micky Thomas and Tony Adams days, then you said the Spuds game was the biggest, and it’s not the same for the foreign boys.

Are you insane? Are you a racist and a xenophobe as well your stupid mate Adrian?

Foreigners eh? Why don’t we get rid of our team of young talent, why don’t we get rid of Wenger, he’s foreign, why don’t we have a passport check at the turnstiles to see if any of our fans are foreign.

Bergkamp and Henry will always been seen as legends, unlike the opinion of a selected turd that phoned you up.

Fabregas, Gallas, Kolo, Ade, Flamini have every bit as much passion as the teams from the 80’s and 90’s the fact that they are challenging for the Premier league and Champions league shows that, the teams that you played for were mid table, Cup teams. You could get pshyced up for one game but sustaining it was a different kettle of fish.


You may not have noticed on Tuesday, but Theo was playing for us! We would all like to see some English talent, but Chelsea and ManU bought it all, Chelsea are bankrolled with dodgy ‘foreign’ money and ManU are £850 million in debt.

I watched your entire career from a box, so contributed to your wages, I can remember you playing under 2 English managers in George Graham  (British) and Bruce Rioch, I won’t count the caretakers, how exciting was that? David Hillier, Eddy McGoldrick, Ian Selley, hey I could go on but I’m already falling asleep.

Since Wenger has been here and brought in young foreign talent, I have never enjoyed my football so much, and I, like Wenger, don’t see a passport, I see an Arsenal player.

Of course most Chelsea and ManU players are foreign anyway, but Talk Shite don’t consider Irish, Welsh or Scots foreign for some reason, but they need reminding it’s the English Premier league, not the Great British and Irish premier league.

Finally one player we did want was SWP but you advised him to go to Chelsea and sit on the bench, so please don’t tell us we don’t try for English players.

Thierry Henry hated Spurs and was never on the losing side, Freddie got so wound up he got sent off at Shite Hart lane.

No one is bigger than Arsenal Ian, don’t try and make out any of us give a rats arse about nationalities, we don’t, we’re Arsenal fans.

Ian I loved you when you played for us and I still do, it’s in my blood, but yesterday you disappointed me.

Onto a couple of lighter notes, congratulations to Bud and the gang for taking over the Telegraph comments section yesterday, your comments kept many people amused last night! Check out the link. Most of the comments were from Grovers pretending to be Spuds, very amusing.

Finally, Stupid from the comments found this link yesterday, click on it and you could be the proud owner of a commemorative Spud Carling cup watch worth a staggering £125! I wonder if they’ll do another one for getting beaten by a weakened PSV?

Are you kidding?

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Shut it Melchiot – Flamini penning contract soon – Wonderboy to fill the gap?

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Morning Grovers, well the Chavs got their usual easy ride and Roma did everyone a favour, so that must leave ManU as red hot favourites followed by Chelsea and Roma with us Liverpool and whoever is left last.

Make no mistake though no one will be wanting the Arsenal.

If we can repeat the Milanese performance every time, we’ll smash anyone, there is no reason we can’t, the talent is there, add RVP’s finishing and they’ll be no stopping us, and don’t forget, our kids get better every season, they haven’t even peaked yet.

The Flamster is getting closer to signing, he said this yesterday,

‘We are a new generation, we have to create a new history. I want to be part of this history, so I hope I will be here for next season. At the moment my advisers are talking with the club, so I really hope that everything will be okay’

Mario Melchiot is saying the Mancs will win the league, if not Chelsea will and Wigan will beat us, oh really you Chav reject? I thought Wigan were at the other end of the table, silly me.

Boys if you are reading this, please send out a premiership warning on Sunday, it’s so important to hammer teams like this as the Mancs don’t play, so it’s points on the board and we need to up our goal difference just in case, and the good news is the Mancs don’t get to play Newcastle any more this season.

I think with Carlos Vela coming in next season, he will put him out left to compete with Diaby and Rosicky, Theo will go right so I can’t see who he’ll bring in.

If Rosicky stays fit (which he won’t) and Vela is good, then he’ll buy no left sided players.

With Walcott and his favourite Eboue out right, I can’t see anyone coming in there either.

Still onto Wigan a 4 point lead and a Turkish delight draw in the Champions league will do just nicely.

Have a great day Grovers.

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